2016-06-24 Touch Bait

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-06-24 Touch Bait
Date 2016/06/24
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - Rung's Office
Participants Rung, Vortex
Summary Rung tries something a little new to make his session with Vortex less... exasperating. It has varying degrees of success.

Its just another quiet evening in Rung's office, or it would be if the Psychiatrist wasn't hurrying around the space rearranging things. Today Rung is scheduled for an appointment with Vortex, a mech Rung quickly discovered was quite.... touchy. It only took one meeting with the former Decepticon for Rung to realize this fact. So now he goes around rearranging the office to try and test a theory.

Along his desk Rung has placed an assortment of small knick knacks and items that will hopefully keep Vortex's attention and make him more amicable to conversation. Perhaps allowing the other to use his hands will relax him. He can't let the other know the reason for these objects, though, so he continues trying to move them into positions that look like they aren't meant to be touch bait until Vortex arrives.

Vortex loathes going to see Rung. He doesn't need to see Rung! Obviously. Plus, he's decently sure Rung is nothing more than an interrogator that uses smiles and ... And Rung will get nothing from him! NOTHING. He's unbreakable. The rotary doesn't bother knocking. He just tromps on in, rotors twittering. He looks... Different. Bright blues with stripes of oranges and magenta. He's like a tropical bird. And despite how bright he looks, he levels Rung with a very... Distant look. "You." He greets, visor now sweeping over the office.

Call Vortex predictable but the very grabby object immediately catch his attention. Nonchalantly, he saunters forward, taking one of the bait objects to turn over in his servos. Hmmmm... "Okay, You, let's get this over with." He snatches one more object- AH! THIS ONE LIGHT UP AHHHHH- and hops onto the couch. Or whatever it is. He makes sure to sprawl out in a non-conservative fashion. Look at him, so flexible. This isn't uncomfortable at all. His optics flick to Rung, thumb rubbing one object. Come, let's go.

Rung is a bit startled by Vortex's sudden appearance. He is about to respond when Vortex immediately falls for the bait, going straight for the objects carefully arranged along his desk. Careful to not like his amusement show, Rung merely smiles and sits across from Vortex- that... can't be a comfortable position to sit in- before speaking, "Good afternoon Vortex, how are you doing today?" Keeping his tone light and conversational, Rung buckles down for the probably very stressful appointment this is bound to be, "My your new paint job is lovely!" He actually is a rather nice shade of purple, but Rung cannot say he is overly fond of the blue.

You got a problem with blue? Blue is a GREAT COLOR! HIS FAVORITE, ACTUALLY! Well, he doesn't like orange, Rung. Take that. Vortex is rolls his helm in a 'I'm rolling my eyes' motion. "Oh, yes. Compliment. Butter me up, be my buddy. We're all friends here, right? Tch, can't tell you how many bots talk with that routine. Rrrr! Try again!" The rotary laughs, its a sharp and haughty bark as his attention turns towards his toys. He messes with the light up one. It changes colors too, aaaaaaah.

Part of Vortex's paint job is orange, though... Rung is confused about what a human food item could have to do with their session but instead of asking he just tilts his head slightly to the side, "Routine? Vortex I have told you before, I am not trying to make you do anything, nor am I trying to 'weasel' secrets out of you. I want to help you adjust to the best of my abilities but I cannot do that unless you allow me at least some small amount of trust." He is frowning in clear concern, but still feels a hint of satisfaction that Vortex is clearly somewhat distracted by the toys in his hands.

"Sure, sure. Repetition. And its got nothing to do with secrets. If you want secrets..." Vortex chuckles darkly, optics flicking up to Rung for just a moment. "I got secrets that'll peel your paint, hehe... No, no. I just don't care for second-rate interrogations." After a klik, the rotary shifts to a more comfortable position. "Why should I trust you, anyways. I saw you the other night- with Riptide. Well, that's not going to work either, just so you know. Can't use him against me."

Rung seems to pause for a moment, why would Vortex care about- oh... Oh.. OH! Oh no, Vortex can't possibly think that he was- Rung would never even consider manipulating someone against another. Rung's eyebrows near each other as his expression grows more dour. "Vortex I would never attempt to use another mech against someone. Riptide asked me to dance in the spirit of the party and I accepted, there was no malice intended towards anyone." He leans back in his chair, racking his mind to figure out how to begin going about speaking to his patient, "I am not asking for you to completely trust me, just enough to let me help you. I will assure you again anything spoken of in this office does not leave the room."

Vortex's visor seems to narrow. Right, of course he's not. "Hmph..." Is all he has to say about that. He takes one of the toys, the non-light up one, and places it on his knee. Gentle shifts and it precariously balances on its edge as he takes the other toy to place on top. "Tch, like you don't record sessions... I don't need help- I've told you this. I'm coming here so everyone gets happy and I can get on Security. I'm using you." He looks back at Rung, watching him closely. He always tries to turn the session around at least once or twice.

Rung watches him play with the objects, immediately catching Vortex's attempt to bait him into some sort of reaction. Suddenly, he releases a small vent, taking off his glasses so he can rub at his temples, "..... Alright. If that is what you wish to call it then that is what we can call it. If I am going to be... of use though," Rung knows he is probably going to regret this but he doesn't think his normal tactics will work on Vortex, "Then you will have to work with me. If you are attempting to get in on Security, does that not mean you need me to give you a pass? I cannot in any professional sense pass your mental health when you refuse to speak to me. Let me help you."

<FS3> Rung rolls Psychiatry: Success. (6 6 4 4 5 6 7 1 6 3 2 6 5 1)

Oh, he either touched a nerve or... Really annoyed Rung. Oh ho! And the glasses come off? Really, really annoyed him then! Exasperated is a good word. Fastest time yet. Vortex's rotors tremble smuggly and then still. Hrnnn... He goes back to trying to balance the light up bait on top of the other toy. "Blackmail, then," he mutters quietly, thinking. He does need the pass, though... "My mental health is- I'm perfectly fine. I don't need help. But I want on Security so let's get through it." He sweeps one arm, motioning to go on already. He leans back a little, proud at the two toys balanced atop each other on his knees. Hehehe... Taking this so serious. SO SERIOUSLY.

Rung was right, he already regrets everything about this. The fact he has been through this enough with Vortex in the past to get to this point truly shows just how to the end of his rope Rung is getting (he needs a vacation). Returning his glasses to his face Rung is quick to regain his cheerful demeanor, as if nothing happened at all, "Alright then. I would like you to tell me a bit about what the war was like for you. What is the thing you remember most or left the biggest impression on you?"

Vortex doesn't answer right away. He seems to be too busy watching the objects teeter and then still. Teeter then still. Teeter. Still. And then he moves his legs and the toys fall, which he quickly snatches up again. "The war... Well, there was a lot of fighting. Shooting and stabbing at them, at me. Not different from anyone else. Except... Well, my job made things a little different. You don't get secrets from dead bodies... But we weren't even there the whole time- haha! Naw, we left, did our thing. Got bought back in and just never left- business as usual." He looks straight at Rung. "Dirty business but it had to be done." Vortex is quite good at talking without saying much.

Rung's expression doesn't change as he digests the whole lot of nothing he was just told, he is pretty sure he can guess what Vortex is implying but implications Rung isn't satisfied with, "Can you expand upon that for me? I would like you to explain what you mean by 'dirty business'."

Vortex stares at Rung before slowly looking back at his toys, spinning them and messing with them. "Ah, now that's something everyone wants to know but no one wants to listen to. But I suppose, since we do have this little understanding... A little tidbit couldn't hurt." Vortex sighs and starts to stack the toys on his other knee. "Bots like to think they won't cave in. But they're just glass- you just hit the right points and they crack. The challenging ones you really have to hit, and they shatter. One time, I removed a mech's optics and reconnected them to some video feeds so he could watch the remnants of his squad have a go with me. Got what I needed and that was that." He shrugs nonchalantly. "Business is business and I got the job done."

"I assure you," Rung's voice is even as always, "I am willing to listen to anything you wish to confide in me." He doesn't seem surprised or even the least bit concerned by Vortex's casual statement, "I see. Does that mean you were on some form of interrogation squad?"

Vortex snorts derisively. "No. I mean, I was, something like that. But I'm a Combaticon- I'm Onslaught's interrogator." He glances at Rung. Oh, he has a strong stomach, eh? He'd try to test that limit but its something of a rule of his not to confide certain details about his interrogations to others. Unless his brothers were watching, he didn't tell them either.

Rung notices the fact Vortex refers to himself as Onslaught's Interrogator, not Megatron's. Which brings up a lot of questions.. but ones Rung is not willing to push for currently. If he tries to push too hard then, like many of his patients, Vortex will try to push back. He goes for a more disarming tactic to wind down the session. Bringing the cheerful tone back to the forefront, Rung smiles, "Well I think that is enough hard questioning for now, What are your plans for the rest of today?"

Vortex grabs both of the toys. Mine. Rung is not getting these back. Especially not the light up on. "Uh-huh..." He sounds skeptical. Those weren't hard questions... What did Rung see? Or hear? He's sure he didn't do anything, hng. His rotors twitch in irritation. "I dunno, what're your plans for today?"

Rung keeps smiling, happily replying, "I do not have any specific plans for today but likely I will return to my habsuite and work on repairing some of my model ships for a few hours before heading to recharge." With a hint of amusement he decides to address Vortex's obvious attachment to the toys, "If you like.. you may keep those, Vortex." He just happens not to mention they were explicitly placed there for him.

WELL GREAT! Now he can't keep them! Vortex obviously looks put off by the sudden generosity. And even suspicious... But finally he grumbles, "Didn't ask if I could have them..." But he holds them close. Fine, he'll keep them. He doesn't have a lot of possessions anyways. "So, this mean you gonna pass me?"

Rung pauses, as if in consideration, "I am afraid I cannot give you a pass after one session. That would be highly unprofessional and negligent since I cannot properly evaluate you," The because you will not cooperate is left hanging, implied but not said. "Why don't we continue to work towards that? In the meantime I think you should go spend time with your fellow crewmates." With Riptide, for example.

Vortex hisses, not satisfied. He murmurs a 'why don't we work toward that?' in a mocking imitation of Rung. Tch... He'll get that pass! Then they can't keep him from the job! "Feh... Fine. See you same time next week. Same time. Same slag. Try not to ask me boring stuff, hrmph." Vortex stand and, toys in hand, walks right on out. He's not even through the doorway before trying to balance the toys on his head. Brawl used to love this trick.

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