2016-06-24 Practicals Day

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-06-24 Practicals Day
Date 2016/06/24
Location Body Shop
Participants Torque, Vortex
Summary Practicals day! A day to practice new stuff on your coworker. Torque gets new teeth and Vortex gets some flashy paint.

The Body Shop is closed. Not because there's no one on shift working there. No, all the lights are on and there's a warm hum coming from inside. But anyone who stops by will be sad to see the doors are locked and that they can do no more than try to listen and peer in with a pout. For today is Pracitcals Day! The day where modders and painters and anyone else working at the Body Shop must do their thing on a co-worker to show that they can, in fact, do as advertised. For now, it's just two but hey, never know when another will join.

Vortex sits on a table, watching Torque do... Cleaning? Organizing? Gathering? He's not paying enough attention to be sure. Nah, too busy weighing his two formerly-twisted rotors in his servos. Still no fully straight but that's why he has them out. Torque has them stronk servos for straightening. But they feel weighted right. "So, who's gonna go first?" A nonchalant question as he quietly brews over how to approach her with Swindle's proposal. Hmm, he needs the perfect opening... Maybe an ambush...

Torque is actually preparing for her own little practical that she's planned, currently calibrating the paint machine as Vortex watches. And yes, she plans to straighten his rotors out, but that's best done when they're finished. At his question she stops and glances up, a little smirk about her. "Well how about I go first? I've got some designs in my head and I wanna see how they look in person instead of on a datapad. Heh, I'm glad you suggested this, you're gonna look great."

Twirling the paint gun like a pistol, she straightens and motions to the paint room. "Ready to look fabulous?"

Vortex's visor narrows a bit skeptically. He prides himself in being able to read a bot but Torque... He can't tell if it's sincere excitement or perhaps something a bit more malicious. Buuuuut, he did suggest this, it's true! Hey, why is the Decepticon and ex-torturer suggesting proper procedures? Post-War shit be confusing. The rotary hops to his pedes, sticking the rotors back into place. "I always look fabulous!" His rotors spin and fan like a bird flaunting its tailfeathers.

With a bounce in his step, unafraid like he is with everything, he heads on into the paint room. "Okay, tell me what to do! I'm a clueless client, not knowing the different between a piston and a pistol." Vortex laughs, turning to look at his partner. "You don't mind a bit of role-playing, hmmm? I just want to make sure you know how to treat a mech." He shutters his visor in a wink.

Torque is a mystery, Vortex, just ask Mirage! That said, she follows after him, smiling wide, and seals the door behind them before the ventilation system starts up. The room is decently sized, certainly big enough for some of the larger altmodes on the ship. To Vortex she chuckles softly and shakes her head. "Not really much for a customer to do in here but hold still and move around when I tell 'em. But, heh, I guess I could explain. First.." She picks up a rotary sander alongside two facemasks, one of which goes on her. "We gotta sand down the old paint to make a clean slate for the new one."

Stepping up, she turns it on and offers him the other mask. "Dunno if your facemask filters. If not, use this. Anyway, this won't hurt at all." She grins behind her mask and sets to work once he's ready, the sander likely feeling like the equivalent of a massager mixed with an exfoliator to a mech.

"Wait, facemasks can do that?" Does his do that? Does Blast Off's? Huh... Vortex's own facemask snaps back so he can put on the filterable one. He turns his helm, watching the sander move as his rotors tremble. "Ahhhh, that feels gooooood~" He really doesn't have a lot of paint to sand off, he's mostly gray. "But- ooo!- no changin' the biolights, Torque. I like, ahhhh, the piiiiiink." His visor halves, just enjoying it. The sander brings a lot of sensation and it spins. It spins so fast, you guys. "I'd pay just to have this done, ahhh."

Gray or not, he's going to have to be clean for the colors she wants. "Some do, I guess." Torque shrugs and continues, smiling wide in amusement at the positive reaction she gets. Adorable! "Heh, don't worry! Biolights stay, I'm just gonna give you some paint today. Besides, the pink will look nice with what I've got in mind." Thankfully Tex is rather small, so it doesn't take too long for her to scour him of his paint, leaving him more or less naked of color and nice and smooth. A brief blow from an airgun removes any remaining paint dust before she gets to the main event.

"First, a primer.." Which is a quick process without much grace, Torque giving him a base coat to ensure the main one sticks. She gives it a minute to dry once applied, loving those quich dry versions, and is now grinning excitedly when taking up the paintgun. "Now we work. Hold still." The first color to come out, surprisingly, is a rather bright, sky blue that she covers his frame with. Afterwards she begins layering on other colors, such as a soft purple-ish blue at his helm and legs, though the latter gets a little feathering. On top of that she accents with stripes of bright orange upon the legs and hips while more sweeping fuschia ones brighten up his torso, his helm getting a spot of orange as well just to frame his face better. And if he thinks his rotors were safe, well they'll get a spray of white along with fuchsia bands near the ends.

Vortex's optics don't move from the sander, always watching. Like a laser pointer to a cat... Although, laser pointers work on him too. "Will it now?" Interesting, very interesting. Now what colors go with pink? Shoot, that's a lot of colors. He gives himself a shake, rotors quivering as the airgun roves over his body. "Woo! Look at me! I look like a new build all over again, hah!" And he decided just to stay gray from there. No reason to complicate your life when everything feels wrong.

"Still, got it!" Vortex can do still! He can totally to still! WATCH HIM BE STILL! ... Okay, so he's not still exactly but.. He doesn't move whatever Torque is working on but he does wiggle any other part of him, watching with rapt focus. Blue, blue... Orange?? Okay, magenta works. Still trying to get... "I cannot believe you're putting orange on me... And stripes? Primus, I'm gonna look like- EEEII!" COLD. COLD WET. He bites down to try and keep the rotors from flying and possibly taking something off Torque. Or worse, messing up the pain job. A shiver runs up his armor plating. "Give a mech a warning! Geez... You weren't kidding about having designs in mind."

Torque is glad Vortex doesn't move and lop her hand off, but the shriek still startles her, the medic almost falling backwards as she steps back. "Er! Yeesh, give me a spark attack, why don't yah!" It was surprising, but she still laughs, tittering at his shaking and shiver from the sensation. "Sorry, sorry, that was my bad." Sorry, yes, but not about to stop. She only really has one other step, which is the top, glossy, clear coat once the paint dries. When you're giant robots with super technology, you make pretty fast drying paint, okay.

The clear coat offers a nice glimmer to him, the colors popping nicely against each other once she applies the last layer. "Aaaand done. There, have a look." She motions to the one-way mirror that serves as a viewing window for customers to watch. "And try out your altmode. If I lined up the patterns right, it should look really good."

His rotors are brimming with sensors, which syncs up with his already heightened sensory net. Which just means the cold and wet and sudden... It was just very shocking but not exactly unpleasant. "It was your bad but it's alright! I'm a big boy, I can handle a little shock. Almost felt like energon. Dries waaaaay to fast though, tch." He gives his shoulders one more shake before looking over his arms, after the gloss. "Whoa... Shiny..."

Vortex wasts no time to strut on over to look himself. He stares for a solid five minutes, turning and just looking. He's just so... So bright! And colorful! And shiny- his brothers are going to be so damn jealous. "I look amazing." The rotary preens, rotors pree- wait! He takes off the filtered mask- and back to preening! "Yes, yes, this is good. Here, let me juuuuust..." The sound of transformation echoes and he teeters on his landing gear, rotors turning slowly. "Look just as nice like this, ehhhh? Compliments are wanted! Plus, its your work so its like a pat on the back." Vehicular preening ensues.

Torque has to put a hand over her mouth after taking off the mask when Vortex goes about lavishing over himself in the mirror, trying to stifle the laugh that bubbles up. "I'm glad you like it! It looks a lot better in person than in my head." She steps up, carefully ducking under his rotors once he transforms, and traces fingertips along a stripe or two to observe them. Want straight lines? Medic hands. "You're gonna have all the heads turnin' once we're out of here." She compliments amusedly and steps back to put her tools in a neater order.

"Wear it however long yah want, though. I won't be offended if you go back to your old scheme tomorrow, since this is just a test run, heh. Speaking of, what'd you have in mind for me?" Does she even want to ask? Knowing Tex it's probably something crazy.

"I never would have ever imagined orange but I think it works well." He looks so good. So good. Vortex gives his rotors a whirl, air whipping up all around before he transforms again, legs sweeping dramatically. Every motion seems to scream LOOK AT ME. I AM GORGEOUS. GIMME ATTENTION. It's... It's really not all that different from the usual. He grins at Torque, visor sparking. "Ah, yesssss... It's your turn, now isn't it?"

Vortex's predatory grin is suddenly hidden by his own facemask as he marches out of the room. "Sit on a table! We're going to give you an award-winning smile!" He laughs, going to gather his supplies. Need that and that and that... His rotors all twitch as he rolls a cart over to Torque. "Hrm, wait..." He nabs a stool to stand on. There we go. "You ready? First, open up real wide."

There's a slight twang of regret that runs through Torque when she sees that smile from him. Shit...

But she doesn't complain, even if there's a nag at the back of her mind that says this is a bad idea. She agreed to it! That said, the medic shuffles on out of the paint room and gets herself comfortable on a work table, mouth fixing in a slightly tighter line as she watches Vortex go about collecting things. "..You're not gonna give me Riptide teeth, are you? I don't need every patient running out of the medibay when I smile." He gives him a little huff at the order, but does as told and opens her mouth as much as she comfortably can. Nothing special about the inside. Standard tongue and standard teeth.

"Now there's an idea... But no, I'll keep those teeth all to myself. And Riptide, I guess too." Vortex peeks into her mouth with a little hum before filling some sort of bite guard with... Gunk. He could maybe scan the inside of her mouth OR he could make her bite down and keep her in forced silence for a few minutes as the cast sets. HE slides it into her mouth. "Might taste bitter but bite down and don't even think about stopping, got it? Need this to get your mouth shape."

He waits for her to bite down. And once she is, she's stuck. Stuck in silence. AMBUSH TIME. Vortex clears his vocalizer. "Soooo, Torque... I ran some numbers... Actually, I had Swindle run some numbers and you've been giving things away for free. A lot of things." He levels her with a look. "Why do you not like getting paid? And don't deny it! I see mechs sparkling or with nice paint but nothing in the books! Hrmph... Well, lucky for you, I did go to Swindle. AND! He's going to invest in us! Neat, right?" He pauses to double-check on her silence.

It does indeed taste bitter, Torque recoiling a hair and making a wrinkled face when the mold is forced into her mouth and she's made to bite on it. Yuck. But fine, she'll just stay like this. It won't take that long, sure. ......WAIT WHAT.

Vortex plans his sneak attack perfectly and surprises her, antennas ratcheting upwards and optics almost bugging. "Shwndle??" Talking through a full mouth on top of keeping your teeth firmly closed doesn't help one's speech much as her words are hard to make out. And the more he tells her the more intense she stares at him, a slight dent working into the side of the table where her hands grip it. "Wht y' mhn? Esh m' bshnsh, eh cn d' wht eh wnt!" Antennas lay back, expression doubly sour with this and the bitter taste.

Vortex turns his helm, leaning forward a bit as if he's trying to hear some whisperin the wind. "Sorry? I thought I heard something..." He bounces on his pedes, setting a servo on a hip. "Yeah, yeah. Well, 'your' business isn't going to last! Not with how you're running it. I talked to my brother and he wants to help! Look, if there's one thing Swinner knows, its business. Wanna know about some art piece? Go to Blasty. Wanna know how to beat Soundwave at chess? Go to Onsy. Need financial advice? Swindle is your mech! So yeah, he wants to invest in all of... This!" He makes a gesture all around them.

"He's offered equipment, supplies, raw material- no more working around other divisions... And NO dependency or debt to the ship or some other bleeding spark Autobot. He wrote up a proposal and everything! Hold on..." Vortex reaches into subspace to pull out a datapad he'd transferred the proposal to. "Here! Read it over. Also, you're good now. Open up." And he'll now prep up her new dental mold now that he has her mouth shape.

Torque just stares. And grumbles. She's not happy about this at all. Less for the fact that he consulted Swindle, a reported sleazy mech, but that he did it behind her back. She's tempted to punch him, the itch is there, but she suppresses it and just huffs roughly before giving audible disgust with a 'bleh' as he removes the mold.

Working her jaw, Torque takes the datapad and overlooks it, expression becoming a little less angry the further she reads. "Hn. This is..impressive." She admits in that grousing way, giving him a glance. "This business was never about makin' money, you know. I.. have my reasons for doing what I do. But I'll..consider this. And next time, talk to me first, yeah?"

"Oh, you make it sound like I agreed and signed over a contract in your name or something. No one comes when I'm on shift, Torque. Well, few and far between... I get bored and so I ran some reports and just asked Swin a few questions when I visited him. I didn't seek him out for it." Vortex sits on the stool, getting to work. He already cast the dental mold as soon as they scheduled Practical Day. So its just a matter of carefully manipulating the dentae cast intot he right shape so it aligns perfectly with Torque's jaw.

"And you may not care about getting paid but things cost money. This paint you just covered me in? Money. Your new dentae? Money. Also, you may be happy with being broke but I'm never being broke again. And I'm getting close to that." Vortex makes sure to block all view of the dentae from Torque. Nope. Its a surprise. "Mouth open again, gotta remove your boring teeth. And, I suppose, I gotta ask if you want that numb stuff." The stuff on Unicron.

Torque understands that, but.. Ergh, guess there isn't much that can be done now except look this over in depth. Swindle certainly has a mind for money, she'll give him that.. Looking up, she gives him a flat look at the mention of being poor, optics narrowing a hair. She can feel the words forming behind her lips, to argue, but she relents, not seeing the point at the moment. Maybe another time.

"Fine fine. Like I said, I'll look at it." She gruffs and leaves it at that. Back to the matter at hand, her hands fidget when he talks of having to take her teeth out. Oh jeez.. "Numb stuff, please." Sorry, Tex, she's not that into pain.

"You're no fun." But Vortex does as expected. It's like someone asked him to shoot a puppy... Okay, he'd do that happily so... It's like... Some asked him to give up his rotors? Yeah, he looks like someone is forcing him to relent his rotors! But really, he just applies the local anesthetics. With that done, he moves in to remove them. Good thing is that Torque has standard dentae. Super, super standard. When means they're basically a single slab in vague teethish form. Disgustening. "Watch the glossa, hate to slice it open." He does not sound like he'd hate that turn of events. He does manage to remove the detae without incident, dropping those into the trash- WHOOPS! He means, 'container.' That's just a container, he's not throwing them out later, no.

"Done with that, now for installation. Hold still, this comes in ten pieces. It's a set. Like proper teeth, you heathen." The back is where he starts. Its a combination of intense adhesive, soldering, and locking everyhting. He doesn't hesitate to growl at the slightest movements or press down on her glossa to keep it where it is. No fun causing damage no one can feel, anyways. Slowly but surely, he works his way to the front and, at last, he's down. "Don't bite down yet, five ita minute, that still needs to set- don't want crooked fangs, right?" Subtle fangs and nothing too sharp. Really, he based them off of feline teeth. He hopes Torque is feeline fine with them. Heheh... "But here, take a look." Wiping his servos, he passes over a mirror.

"Uh huh." Torque gives that vague hum of 'yeah, right' at the glossa comment. Of course Tex wouldn't want that! But beyond that, she complies and lets him work, which is... Well, it's not painful, but she's still able to feel a sort of pressure as he removes her dental slab, her expression twisting in a very uncomfortable way as hands curl against the table. Weirdweirdweird.

Once they're out it's even more bizarre, Torque taking the moment between him getting the other teeth to run her tongue over the free space. There've been plenty of times where she had cracks or just plain chunks broken off from fights, but to has them gone is disturbing. Or well, not as disturbing as the set he brings up and promptly starts to install without pause, her optics narrowing and expression twitching as a few noises of displeasure leave her. Screw your growls, not everyone is used to this!

The payoff is worth it, at least. When he finishes Torque gives a relieved vent and stoops forward slightly. Her mouth feels.. a lot more full now and she can tell she's sporting something more predatory when tongue glosses over the new set cautiously. Only when he hands her a mirror does she fully appreciate the work, lips drawing back to flash fancy new teeth and quite the stunned expression befalling her when she sees them. She looks like Tau!

"Whoa! ..Tex, these look amazing! I look like--Ngh!" The medic is utterly amused at her own reflection, looking this way and that...until her her teeth catch her tongue and nip it, Tongue wincing and holding her hand to her mouth. "Gah.." That hurt.

Vortex's rotors fan as he preens once more. Yes! He did a lovely, beautiful job! You look much better than before, Torque! "Haha, careful. That's how I lost my... My, hrmmmm... Last three- oh, four glossas. Won't tell you about the other six." He chuckles, setting the mirror down to pick a few things up. "Okay, now I'm going to seal up some gaps and make it look like all nice. Then a polish and you're done!" He beams at her before taking her chin between thumb and forefinger to open up Torque's mouth once more.

The sealant requires application and then treatment with UV Light. Which means Torque's mouth is pretty damn full of tools claws. Vortex hums to himself, working at a methodical pace. "This is nice. I like being able to do this! And you look so cool! I can't believe you let me do this, you know... Like, no one would ever let me... No one..." His visor flickers a bit. "Yeah... This just, hmmm..." His voice trails off, his work slowly dwindling to a stop before pulling out. "I'm done now, I just..." He tilts his helm, setting the tools down and servos lifting to her face again.

"Hold still." Vortex's claws ghost over her lips and then up Torque's cheeks to stroke her antennae. "No one lets me do that. No would ever. Never ever, never ever." He rubs the antennae with his thumbs before pulling back, visor dims as he looks over his servos. His fingers flex and turn unsurely. Then claws sink deep into his palms and he relaxes, energon welling. "Mmm... Yeah, you're good now. All done."

"I'm really hoping that doesn't happen. I kinda like this one." Torque speaks more carefully so as not to bite herself again. Her speech sounds a bit stilted, still, not used to having to speaking around more teeth than usual. Lips purse when her chin is taken, optics dimming a shade as a faint huff leaves her and mouth opens once more for him. At least this part will be easier.

Torque will admit, seeing him enjoying himself is quite a treat. And not that creepy sort of way, instead doing something he likes. She wishes she could reply, but her mouth is a bit full at the moment so she can only offer an increasing amount of concern when his ministrations dwindle and finally cease with hands withdrawing. "Tex..?" She questions, tone relaying traces of confusion and unsureness as he reaches in.

His touch is met with the slightest tilt backwards, not knowing what he's doing, but as hands travel across her face she begins to relax. Optics dim further and a brush of pink begins to warm her face finally when he takes antennas in hand and rubs across the gently, iliciting minute twitches from them and drawing her in a little. So nice...

It's a shame the moment is so brief, because she's left rather wanting for more when he retracts, Torque hanging there a few seconds before she realizes and returns to reality. And what she does next is something without hesitation or doubt.

Her own hand reaches to cover one of his now bleeding fists, firm and comforting as her head ducks slightly to look him more directly in the face. "Tex.." A calm, easy smile brimming with affection greets him should he look to her, thumb smoothing across a knuckle. "Would I have let you do this if I thought you'd do anything else? I'm not afraid. Not of you." A pause, gaze flicking down briefly in thought until she looks back and her smile warms further. "Don't get me wrong, I'm afraid of what you did, what you're capable of.. but I'm not afraid of you." If Vortex doesn't pull back he'll find her free hand coiling around him and pulling him against her in a tight, reassuring hug.

Hmmm, his energon is a nice shade today. Hmm, could be a hint more magenta. He should have some coolant later, then. Help to- Vortex's helm lifts up as one of his servos is covered. Hrm... He's about to tease Torque. Not afraid of him? Who isn't a little afraid of him? Well, except his brothers. They wouldn't be afraid. Should be afraid at least... He doesn't get the chance to tease because Torque quickly clarifies. 'Clarify' is a bad word for this because Vortex feels a lot more confused now. In fact, his confused expression- it can be gleaned by the tilt of his visor- doesn't drop as he lets himself get dragged into a hug. He's not going to deny a hug. There's a pause before he moves and tucks his helm under her chin.

"That doesn't make sense. That's being afraid of me. Like everyone else. It's alright though, used to it." Vortex's rotors twitch. "And that's not- I was just commenting! I always prick myself, its no big deal. But hey, now you got this winning smile! Oh! Let me see it again. Do you really like it?"

Torque 's optics shutter to half-mast when he nestles in, remaining there until she tilts face down to rest lips upon the top of his helm. Not a kiss, just simply pressing into him. "It does in my head." She muses softly with a slight quirk of her lips. Yet again that bleeding spark chooses to see past the bad and focus on the traces of good underneath. The only way she can rationalize it is that she herself is capable of much, with the strength she harbors, yet people choose to not be afraid of her despite that.

Either way she doesn't argue the point, just allowing him to digest while changing the subject. Her face brightening, Torque looks down to him, staying close to his face, and bares those sharp little teeth in a wide grin. Her optics squint with delight and jaw gives a soft click of her new dentae. "I really do, you did an awesome job. Heh, hopefully everyone else likes them, 'cause I'm eager to try these out for a while. Thanks, Tex... Glad I hired you, you do good work."

Vortex's rotors twitter and then fold back in satisfaction. Ah, hugs make things feels so good. The only thing that could keep him still is a nice touch. Or, you know, trying to surgically remove a bit of someone's insides and not kill them. He tilts his helm up to see her smile and those teeth. Nice little fangs, heh. And so sparkly. "Thanks!" He chirps, seeming to have moved on from whatever mood he had previously. "I never half ass my work, ya know. So! Any other practicals you need to work on?"

Torque is glad to see him back in good spirits, her smile sharpening into a smirk at the question. In response she reaches up and gives his helm a rough ruffle before standing, tongue momentarily running over her teeth again. Damnit, she's going to be doing that for days now. "I think maybe that's enough for today. I think any other ideas can wait for next time, 'cause I'm eager to go show these babies off." And for Tex to flaunt his new colors. "I noticed piercings are starting to come back into style now that someone won't rip 'em out, heh. Maybe we can do that for next practicals." She's thinking maybe something with her nose, or maybe her tongue.

Vortex perks at the mention of piercings. "Oh! Yes! I'll see if I can find a rivet gun!" He laughs and finally moving to put a few more things back on the cart and just... He'll clean it up tomorrow. And the energon dripping on the floor. Clean that too. "But don't forget about that proposal. Also, don't forget to make people pay. You actually get bots to come in while you work, so I'm counting on you for that. You won't let me down, will you?" He looks back up at Torque, visor bright. Look at this puppy dog look. Don't disappoint him, friend.

Torque chuckles softly at that. "Maybe we can mod it so it doesn't blast too big of a hole in someone's face." She wants to talk further, but there he goes, bringing up the proposal again. To this she sends him a sour look of narrow optics and pouting lips, but.. Ugh, damnit, not the puppy dog look! Argh!

With an exaggerated sigh and head hanging back, Torque gives a defeated moan. "It's a sin for you to be able to look so stupidly cute." She grumbles in a good natured tone, smiling back down to him and clapping a hand in a playful way at the back of his neck when walking by, leading him out and subspacing the datapad that she'd set beside her. "I won't let you down, promise. Now let's go, I wanna flaunt you around!" Yes, look at the pretty!

Vortex's rotors twitter and he bounces on his pedes. Sucker. He giggles a little, skipping on out with Torque. "I like to flaunt!" He likes attention. And now his colors screamed for attention. Also the bleeding palms but he's pretty sure that'll stop... Soonish. Soon enough. But yes! Let's go flaunting!

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