2016-06-24 In That Moment

From Transformers: Lost and Found

In That Moment
Date 2016/06/24
Location Delta - Velocitron
Participants Air Raid, Riptide
Summary Just some bro time.

Air Raid has been a brooding mess lately. This time he's feeling rotten for kicking around that little charming freak of a Combaticon. So he's planet-side this evening, Delta landing pad again, having spent the last few hours tearing through the skyscape for fun. Gotta' get flying in while he can. At some point he'd attempted to comm Riptide in hopes of wrangling some company. It's several minutes after a cheery exchange that Raid realizes he'd summoned the... close friend of the 'con he'd beat up. "Slaggit."

Air Raid is perched precariously on the edge of the railing as the city chugs along. The sky is dark, the stars marred with heavy clouds. Even the breeze that comes with altitude can't cut through the humidity.

Riptide is iffy about Delta. It's hot and stuffy and these mechs talk way too fast for him. But when Raid calls he has no complaints with coming on down, a chipper air about him when walking up on the flier. "What up, loser." He teases, giving the mech's helm a brief ruffle before he drops down to sit beside him, legs swinging as they hang over the edge.

By how happy he is to see Air Raid, it's clear he hasn't heard of what happened between him and Vortex. This is probably a good thing for now. "You've been kinda scarce around the hab. You feeling alright?" He smirks and tilts his helm at him, giving Raid a friendly nudge with his elbow.

Air Raid brightens. Riptide seems chill. Good sign. Chuffing happily as he's teased, the jet draws an arm around Riptide's shoulder and vents steadily. "I'm good! Sorry, just been... uh, soaking up the sights here. Thinking about heading over to one of the other cities before we leave." He pauses, the distant churning of the city's mechanisms heard just over the howling wind of the barren landscape. There's a few shuttles across the tarmac, but it seems to be just Air Raid and Riptide up here.

"How's you and Tex?" he eventually asks. There's no edge to his words, at least none that can be detected. His lopsided smile denotes genuine curiosity.

Riptide beams when he's drawn in, the rudders on his back giving a little wiggle when leaning into him and resting the side of his helm briefly atop Raid's. He enjoys bro time. "That'd be cool. Velocitron's not really my speed, unfortunately. ...Mostly because everyone's faster than me." He snorts at his own little jab at himself.

Quieting after, he enjoys the moment of silence, save the background noise, until Raid questions him. Oh. He glances over and sits more upright, the smile upon him a tad sheepish when looking at his lap next. "We're.. good." And that's the truth, Riptide looking a little dreamy until he looks back and anxiousness crawls around the edges. "I like him a lot. But sometimes I wonder where he wants to go with it..? I..I'm not really sure myself." He looks down again, shoulders drooping and a sigh leaving him. "Sometimes I feel like I dunno what I'm doing..."

"Aw buddy." Air Raid gives one rudder a little pinch. "It's okay to not know what you're doing. Or know what's gonna' happen in the future." He takes a beat to consider. These are complex topics, see. "I guess we try to look ahead to aim ourselves in the right direction but... there's only so much you can do. People tell me you're supposed to enjoy the present." His gaze hardens a bit. "Just make sure he doesn't touch Skydive again, th' fragger."

"And c'mon, you're plenty fast! You go a billion knarls or whatever they're called. Knuts?"

Riptide has to pull lips in to try and stifle the little snerk that rises at the rudder pinch, the offended kibble piece fluttering in response. "H-Hey, easy with that!" He puffs, though isn't at all upset. He just doesn't wanna start laughing like last time... Back to the topic at hand, he rubs the back of his neck and sighs again. "I guess you're right.. All I can really do is just enjoy it while it's happening and see where it goes. Heh, you're pretty smart, Raid." He smiles weakly to his friend and leans back on him.

He stays here even when Skydive is mentioned, though his posture wilts some, head hanging a little closer to Raid's. "I.. I'm sorry about all that, Raid. That was super shitty of him to do. I've been wanting to mention that to him, but I haven't had a moment." He wants to say more, trying to be serious, but there goes the Aerialbot changing up the subject like usual. To this he chuckles, a smile showing, as he hooks an arm around Raid's head and drags him in for a noogie. "Knots, yah clod! What your head's full of!"

Air Raid can't help his subject hopping, try as he might. Though he does tend to circle back here and there. "Me, smart? You're the wiseguy." He flicks Riptide's headfin with a -twang- and hops off the railing. "S'alright. I uh. I sorted things out with him." His posture mirrors Riptide's now, guilt pooling in his tanks. "Mech, how's that thing going with Rung? The... the energon thing? Chomp chomp? Workin' through that? Slag I'm still sorry about stickin' that barrel in your neck. I get... coiled up. Uh. Reactive." He gestures uselessly with his hands.

"Psh, I only know good comebacks. Doesn't make me smart." Riptide knows he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. As for the fin flick, the poor mech gives a little yelp and almost falls off the rail and onto the deck, his cheeks shifting a shade pinker as he shuts an optic and holds his fin. It's sensitive! "Hn.. That's good, though. I'd hate for you guys to be fighting." He doesn't connect the dots.

What Raid brings up next is something he kind of wished wouldn't ever be brought up again. But then that's just wishful thinking. Freezing, a moment of panic crosses his face, first for the memory, then for the sight of Air Raid upset. "Hey hey hey." He interrupts and moves from the railing, instinct driving him as he steps up to the flier and sets hands on both his shoulders. "Look at me.." Should he, Raid will be met with an expression consisting of nothing of kindness and understanding, smile soft around the edges and brows only giving the slightest knit of concern.

"Don't ever be sorry about that to me, okay? I would have done the exact same thing. I'm just..." His smile falters, guilt streaking his face as optics dim and he leans down to set his forehead against Raid's, his fingers curling only a hair tighter. "I'm sorry you had to see that. That you had to find out about me in the worst way possible. In that moment I.. honestly kinda wished you did go through with it.."

Air Raid avoids Riptide's optics for a solid minute, even when he comes over to palm his shoulders. "You're a teammate. A friend. The way I acted wasn't very Autobot-ly," he mumbles, allowing the press against his brow. He listens, grudgingly, as Riptide tries to absolve Raid's self-proclaimed fault. Then jerks his head up, drawing back a little. "Don't say that! Ripper, you just have a little condition, that's all! We all have stuff that makes us kinda' messed up, h-heh!" Look at Vortex for fuck's sake.

The weary jet finally rubs his face, and draws Riptide in for a tight embrace. "I need you around. Who else is gonna' tolerate rooming with me!"

Riptide will say that Raid is one of the few mechs he's this comfortable getting so physical with, so the hug is met well. "Heh, I know, I know.." He says softly, a little smile returning when curling down into the Aerialbot, arms wrapping him up and face rubbing into his helm. "Rung's helpin' me out, though, don't worry."

As for his next statement, Riptide gives a coy snicker and pinches a wingtip hard. "I know, right? You're one of the worst people on the ship, primus!" Grinning now, he gives a laugh and tries to backpedal should Raid try to retaliate.

"Okay, good. I'm proud of ya'. Tacklin' your issues and all that." Air Raid could learn a thing or two from sharkboat. He lingers there until Ripper slings his insult and lights up the entirety of his left wing. "Yowch!" Riptide shan't get away with it, as Raid is quick to dart after him when he twists away. "Why does everyone always go for the wings!" Okay, well Riptide DOES get away with it, when lazy Raid stops his pursuit to slump. "C'mon ya' punk let's go soak up some celebrity attention while we can. And get drunk."

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