2016-06-24 Budding Friendship

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-06-24 Budding Friendship
Date 2016/06/25
Location Mirage and Beachcomber's Habsuite
Participants Torque, Mirage
Summary Torque thanks Mirage for the gift he left her and thensome.

The door to Mirage's hab suite is wide open, inviting curious glances and passerby; although, the suffocating scent of incense that emanates from the room makes it difficult to stay there for any length of time. The scout seems oblivious to it all. He stands with his back to the door, facing the altar set against the far wall, and watches the delicate, decorative flurishes of the mural painted on the wall. While there is no visible, outward signs that Mirage is in the middle of anything special, the solemn silence in the room hints that he is lost in the moment.

He tilts his helm slightly as he hears more footsteps walking by in the hall, but he does not acknowledge them. His silent prayer is almost finished, after all, and he would like to see it ended properly. A few muttered words, a quick gesture of his hands, and he finally dares a glance. "Hello, can I help you?" he asks, before he sees who it is.

Torque is still thrown for a loop, even some time after discovering the gifts laid out for her so neatly and carefully in the Body shop. Upon first seeing it she was rather confused, wondering if someone had forgotten their things, but.. after reading the simple, unsigned note, it was easy to guess who had left them.

Only when she found a break in her work schedule would she seek out the scout's room, one of the datapads detailing Ibexian literature held to her chest. The closer the medic gets to his open door, the harder she finds it to put each foot before the other, a tightness of anxiousness befalling her spark and some heat forming across her cheeks. But she strides onward, determined, and finally stops outside his doorway.

A hand raises to knock, but ends up halting partway when gaze is filled with the religious intricacy that is the mural and ethereal wisps of incense wash over her senses. It's.. stunning. Arresting. Beautiful. Torque is left staring, amber hues wide and bright, dazzled, until Mirage addresses her. She almost jumps to attention, antennas flicking upright, and forces herself to look to him. Her posture is hesitant, but she makes herself stay put and speak up, a warm smile greeting him. "Sorry, I hope I'm not disturbing you. I just came by to.. well.." Brows knit upwards slightly and she looks to the datapad against her. "That was.. beyond sweet of you to do, Mirage. I wanted to come by and thank you. Properly."

"Not at all," Mirage says, offering up a small smile. "I was just airing out the room. It can get a little stuffy in here after Beachcomber's burned some of his incense."

The scout flicks his hand towards the wisps of smoke still curling from the altar; while they do add a certain impact to the whole scene, Mirage has different ways of expressing his own piety. Not that he particularly minds sharing the space. With time, both roommates have gotten used to it and found ways to make it work.

"I'm certain the mecha out in the hallway aren't very appreciative, but it's not as if I can open windows in space."

He gestures that she is welcome to come in, finally turning away from the altar and giving his full attention to his guest. His yellow optics flash mischievously. "But on to the topic at hand. You'll have to excuse me, but I'm not entirely certain what you're talking about."

"Heh, I think it smells nice." Torque comments softly, a flick of her antennas stirring a few trails that linger around her face. The invitation is well met and she crosses the threshold, though her steps are somewhat hesitant. But of course once she's inside she feels oddly.. relaxed. The aesthetic of the room is quite pleasing, helping ease what tension remains. C'mon, Torque, you shouldn't be so nervous about this...

And naturally, Mirage doesn't help with that play of ignorance, her brows pinching ever so slightly and vision shifting away from his face for a brief moment. He's going to make her elaborate. Damnit.. "The things you left in the shop... The holo, the datapads, the engex." The smiling face that meets him when looking back is thankful and happy, yet there's a sliver of confusion at the edges. "How you managed to even get that is just... I'm not ungrateful. That probably one of the nicest things someone's done for me, but.. all I did was buff you." Question lingers in her tone. Why give her something so nice when she did something so small?

Mirage taps a digit against his lip components, wondering if he is going to feign ignorance for a moment longer. He cannot lie and say he does not enjoy having his graciousness recounted to him. Also, her flustered remarks are fair revenge. Not to mention the fact they're becoming, and a welcome relief from their last encounter. At least she is not holding that embarrassing moment at Swerve's against him.

But maybe he should not give her reason to bring that up. And so, reluctantly, he smiles. "Oh, that," he says. "I'm a mecha of my word. If I say I mean to repay you, it is the truth. Besides, that was a pittance in comparison to the cost of your services as we are both aware. It was nothing, really."

Torque honestly wouldn't have made fun of anything he drank to that night. They all had their reasons for what they did and there wasn't any shame in it. "It wasn't nothing.." She says, voice suddenly much quieter with the glow of her optics dimming some and a more thoughtful air overtaking her. "It was.. kind. And meaningful. Almost anyone else would've just taken me to Swerve's for a drink, but you took the time to put something together and actually surprise me.."

A larger compartment panel on her chest opens suddenly and she stores the datapad inside before removing something else. It's a box, unmarked and able to fit comfortable in both palms, namely Mirage's when she hands it to him with an affectionate smile. "So I took my time to put something together for you."

Upon opening, Mirage will find what appears to be a closed flower bud, the glass petals a pure, translucent white akin to milk glass. "Twist the bottom.." She instructs. Upon activation the petals blossom open into a lotus flower while its center casts a soft illumination with the wisp of yellow energy nestled within.

Intentional or not, Torque is stroking Mirage's ego. The scout's armor flares like a peacock on display, and he can't help smiling again. "Well, I suppose I can't argue with that. I did try to put some thought into it, considering..." he trails off. Well, she didn't need to know he hadn't the resources to pay her back directly.

Waving a hand, he dismisses his unfinished remark.

"But now that we're eve-Oh," he pauses in the middle of his comment when she withdraws the new gift. Mirage cannot hide the look of surprise that flashes across his faceplates. "Oh."

Perhaps they're not so even as he thought. Reaching out, he takes the gift and examines it closely, doing as instructed as Torque explains. The scout exvents with a deep whoosh, and he turns to look at Torque with his golden optics. "You made this?"

Torque waits, patient and polite with hands folding neatly at her front. She isn't hanging on the edge of her seat, waiting to drink up his reaction. All she does is stand there and watch, her expression nothing but a calm little smile.

Finally, when he questions her, she meets his gaze with her own squinting up from growing smile as she nods. "I did." A pause, one hand lifting to show him with a waggle of digits. "I like to make things. I.. hope it's alright." A trace of worry begins to mar otherwise friendly expression. "It just seemed.. right for you."

Mirage falls silent and glances at the flower again, seemingly as transfixed by the it as he had been by the altar just moments before. The look that dances across his faceplates is indecipherable, and gone as quickly as it appears, before it gives away to mute astonishment. He twists the small object over in his hand again and again, delicately tracing the edge of one of the petals with his thumb and forefinger. "It's..." he trails off.

"It's beautiful," he finally finishes. What he wants to say: it's difficult to find mecha with the inclination to create instead of destroy, that being gifted something that took time and passion means more than he can put to words. But that's what makes it impossible. The mecha who lives for words has none.

"I'm... flattered," he mutters, his turn to pale with embarrassment. Why is it so hard to speak?

If Mirage is listening closely enough he'll likely hear the faint exvent of relief that escape Torque at his approval. There's always that moment of doubt when gifting something, just hoping the other likes it. And he does, which makes her almost melt with shoulders dropping and posture bowing just a fraction while a half smile graces her face weakly. "I'm glad."

Then, a thought crosses her mind. ..Should she? Would it even be appropriate? It's.. hard to say with a mech like Mirage, but Torque finds the urge to be too strong and goes forward with it anyway. Her step is tentative, only taking one towards him to make the small gap between them that much smaller. The memory of his retreat back of the body shop flickers across her mind and instead of take liberties and go for it, the medic simply stands there with arms extending out slightly in gesture, asking... For a hug.

As transfixed as Mirage is, it takes him a moment to notice Torque's gesture. "Oh," he murmurs. "Oh." That seems to be the only word he is capable of saying today.

His optics dance between Torque and the still-open door, shifting uncomfortably at the thought of anyone walking by being privy to these vulnerable moments. His hand closes around Torque's gift and he tucks it against his side like a secret. For a moment he remains indecisive. It is not that he isn't inclined, just... unused to such things. But, after everything, it's the least he can do. With a nervous chuckle, he surrenders, "Oh, alright."

He steps forwards as if to move into the hug, but not before he grabs her hand with his free one. Lifting it to his faceplates, he places a fleeting kiss to the top. "But of course. It would be my honor," he mutters against the armor of her hand.

Torque is just about to give up on the gesture, seeing his unsure body language, but he eventually gives in and agrees. Success! She's all too happy to move into him and wrap arms around his frame. ..And she would have were it not for him stopping her in her tracks by taking her hand in his own and raising it to brush lips against the black metal. It's such a small thing. So simple. Yet it leaves her frozen and staring with those big optics, shocked. Digits twitch in his grasp and a shiver races up her spinal strut, the air caught in her vents as face heats up in a rosy hue. Damnit, Mirage..

Torque probably would have been stuck like this all day if she were allowed, succumbing to his chivalrous act. It's a moment or two before she can think or move again, optics falling halfway and lips quirking upwards in a gentle expression as her hand turns in his and dares to brush fingertips across his cheek. "You're too sweet.." She murmurs back just before her smile widens a bit and that ghosting hand slips behind his helm to pull him in against her where she coils other arm around his middle and squeezes him with an all too happy embrace.

Mirage chuckles lightly into her audial when she pulls him into a hug. "You have a habit of saying things I can't argue with," he says.

After that, he allows himself a brief moment to enjoy their proximity. Unlike before, this isn't just business. The gentle teasing has eased out of his expression and bearing, and it is more than enough just to have this moment. There's no thought of what is or was. Just closeness: nothing more, nothing less. His own arms wrap around Torque's midsection and he holds her close as long as he can.

Which isn't nearly long enough. When he is on the knife's edge of holding on too long, he finally pulls away. He may enjoy the moment, but he also has no reason to rush or force anything. When he glances at Torque now, there is a new strength and certainty in his expression that was lacking before.

Uncurling his digits from around the flower still crushed in his grip, he adds, "You'll have to show me how you made this. I would like to learn."

Torque imagined his reciprocation to be quick, but Mirage surprises her when he holds on far longer and with more dedication than she would have expected. It's nice. Comforting. It draws her in and breaks her down, face nestling into his shoulder and frame relaxing in his arms. Very nice..

She wants it to last just a bit longer, but Mirage retracts just before it reaches awkward levels. Of course this is impossible with Torque, but she understands. Finally apart, she looks to him cheerily and leans in just enough to press her forehead to his for but a second, smiling as bright as the sun as she does. "I will, promise."

Rocking back on her heels, she's looking ten times more relaxed than when she first approached his room, all her anxiety and worries completely dissipated. "I'm really glad you like it, though. I'd stay, but my shift in the medibay starts soon, so I gotta get ready." That said, she gives a friendly flourish of her digits in a little wave while baking up out the door. It's in the doorway that she hangs when she gets there, not really wanting to go, but she has to and offers a lingering smile. "..I'll catch yah later, Raj." And with that, she slips out.

And like all moments, it slips away all too fast. He shouldn't be surprised at how quickly Torque turns to leave, considering what her function is, but that doesn't make it any less disappointing. "Yes, of course. I'll see you later," he parrots back, watching her retreating form. The last thing he sees is her hand waving back at him from the open doorway.

Once again, he finds himself momentarily transfixed. Unlike many, it is not a medics' hand that he sees (with all the rumors and myths attached). No, those are the hands of an artist, and he finds himself pondering what he can create with them. But that is a question for another time. With a reluctant sigh, he turns his back strut to the door.

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