2016-06-24 A Ticklish Practice

From Transformers: Lost and Found

A Ticklish Practice
Date 2016/06/24
Location Lost Light Recreation- Practice Rooms
Participants Bulkhead, Deluge, Lieutenant
Summary In which Deluge hears a laugh, looks at Bulkhead and goes 'You know what we must do.' Lieutenant, on the other hand, thinks they mustn't.

The practice rooms aren't an uncommon place to see two bots sparring, and Bulkhead does enjoy it. When he's not getting his aft handed to him by his nemesis, anyway. The current spar he's involved in is much different than the last the rooms saw involving him; Bulk had commed Deluge to see if he wanted to hang out and get in a little fun match, and was pleased when the firetruck agreed. Which is what they're doing now, grappling in one of the rooms made for combat, Bulk grinning as he events heavily.

"Thanks fer agreein' ta this," Bulkhead says for what is probably the fourth time, narrowly avoiding a headlock from Deluge. "It's good ta have a friend ta spar with." He at least considers them friends, anyway. Which is why when Deluge catches him and flips him onto the mat, Bulkhead is laughing from where he lies on his back. "Nice one!" He holds a servo out, absolutely expecting Del to reach down and help him back up. The security truck's got some moves.

"As if I'd ever deny a chance to kick your ass." Deluge growls good naturedly in response as he goes for Bulkhead's helm, almost having his thick arm around it before the green mech wiggles away. Huffing a gout of steam through a sharp smirk, his systems hot from the workout, the giant makes another go for Bulk as he retreats and catches him by the arm. With a hard grunt and utilizing the momentum of pulling the mech back, Deluge hauls up Bulk overhead and lets him flip over his shoulder to hit the mat.

Straightening up after his throw, the security mech chuckles alongside his friend and rolls his shoulders before clasping outstretching hand and pulling him back up to his feet. "You gotta watch your back there, bud." He teases and dusts off Bulkhead a little. "Lucky for us we're too big for most folks to throw like that, though."

Lieutenant does not frequent the practice rooms, especially not for sparring purposes. (Bar that one time Vortex nearly slaughtered him.) Nevertheless, the only reason he even bother to look in today is because his seismic sense picks up on Deluge locked in combat with Bulkhead. Sure he should be heading to the library, but it's not like he actually has to clock in at a certain time. A brief watch of a match wouldn't hurt. Besides, the flier hasn't really seen Deluge fight before. The Syk bust didn't count because the fire truck got his after handed to him by a tiny druggie.

The avian stands near the back on one of the walls, a good distance from the ongoing match. Perhaps it's the fact that the war is over and the two baras do enjoy throwing each other around that makes it pleasing to watch. They're heavy hitters but Bulkhead seems to have some agility on his side more so the Deluge. Still when the fire truck flips the other on his back, Lieutenant can feel his spark jump in what might be known as excitement. Although he doesn't show it in expression, he is secretly enjoying this show more than he probably should.

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Sports: Good Success. (1 5 6 7 1 7 7 3 3 5)

Bulkhead hasn't noticed Lieutenant yet. He's too busy having fun wrasslin' with Deluge. When the firemech helps him up, Bulkhead gives him a quick, grateful clap on the shoulder. "Arcee says that ta me all the time," he agrees, knowing it's a flaw he's had for a while. Mostly because Deluge is right - most mechs aren't big enough to toss him like that, and when he gets into Wrecker Mode (heh) it's hard to stop the juggernaut charge that follows. Unless we're Breakdown, but let's not dwell on that.

As they get back into position, Bulk is still smiling when they lock forearms again. "But I ain't always that easy ta take down," he quips, even as he - lets go and drops, leg sweeping out to catch Deluge's and drag them out from under the larger mech.

Deluge also hasn't noticed Lieutenant just yet. For such a tall mech he sure is sneaky. "Tch, I dunno, mech, it was pretty easy befo--Agh!" Deluge is too busy focusing on locking with Bulkhead that he's too slow to react to the mech dropping away from him. Before he knows it one of his legs are being swept out from under him and, with the sudden shift in balance, he's falling backwards onto the back.

Here he lays for a moment, stunned and blinking, until he busts out laughing. "Guess I'm the one that needs to pay attention." He drops his head back and chances a glance towards the wall, finally spotting the avian silently watching. "Lieu!" The big mech grins wide in greeting and sits up, a tinge of embarrassment lighting his face while rubbing his neck. "He caught me off guard. Totally." This won't save you, Deluge.

The avian is perfectly content watching the two from where he is. The sensation Lieutenant gets from every time someone hits the floor is trembling to him, but he remains planted. He enjoys being able to 'see' where one is going with a certain move and how the other anticipates. Fortunately, Deluge doesn't hit the ground as hard as Bulkhead did so the floor doesn't vibrate as sharply as before. Also it doesn't look as bad, just that Deluge, as he said, wasn't paying attention.

He finally peels himself off the wall to come towards the two. "Totally." Lieutenant nods flatly, mimicking his partner's word. "Nothing about delayed reaction, or loss of focus. No, of course not." Despite having a near constant monotone voice, he might actually be teasing the firetruck.

If it were anyone but Lieutenant, Bulkhead would have bristled on his friend's behalf. However, he's pretty sure he's seen the avian around enough to get a gander on the type of bot he is, and therefore is pretty sure Lieutenant isn't malevolent being rude to Deluge. Pretty sure. Plus it's not unlike two bots in a relationship to rib each other like this. So Bulk beams as Lieutenant steps closer, reaching down to help the firemech off his back this time.

"Ey, LT! Good ta see ya. And thanks fer the other night, that was fun." He means the 'never have i ever', which he started out playing and then ended up getting pretty quiet. It was nice sometimes to sit back and people-watch. And he was glad how the night had ended; Beachcomber was a good snuggler. "How's it goin'?"

"Exactly." Deluge nods with a sure smile. He knows Lieu is teasing him, but he doesn't allow him the satisfaction and just agrees. It's his own way of getting back. Bulk's offer to help him up is taken without hesitation, the big guy giving a little huff as he's pulled to his feet.

Once he's dusted himself off enough, Deluge steps over to the avian. "Thought you'd be at the library by now." His brash tone softening considerably, he offers the mech a little smirk and leans down what little distance is between them to press a brief smooch to the top of his helm. Not a fan of obscene displays of affection, the mech gets it in where he can.

Straightening back up, his wide smile returns and he works a shoulder. "You come to join in, or just oggle us from afar?"

First rule of drinking games should be 'don't ever bring them up around those who weren't there.' Lieutenant's fins raise up slightly, but that's about the most reaction Bulkhead gets out of him for that. "Fine." the avian responds to the fellow green mech automatically.

Of course then Deluge comes in and kisses the avian on the helm which makes his face rapidly grow warm. He tugs his visor a bit lower to hide his bashful look. He's expressionless, emotionless, and yet Deluge can undo all of that in a single act. The avian's voice lowers quietly as he glances at anywhere but his partner, "Er, not a good fighter but I did come to see you... Deluge." Just because he can. No special reason at all other than he sensed him in here so he wanted to see him. Primus, even being 'official' Lieutenant still feels like he's just crushing on the larger mech.

Hrm. Bulkhead hesitates momentarily. Did he say something wrong? Ah, well, he decides when they start distracting him by being really fragging cute. Bulkhead's optics are practically glittering. If he was Drift he'd be imagining Sakura petals falling around the two of them. But he's not, thank Primus, so the two of them are spared that particular thought.

He does hang back for a klik, letting them have their moment. Unfortunately for Lieu, Bulk won't stand around being a third wheel while they're over there being super gay, so after a little bit he does move forward.

"Maybe the two a ya should come here more together, I'm sure Del can teach ya a thing or two 'bout fighting." He was too far away to hear the quiet aside when it came, he's just speculating, rightly so, that Lieu isn't one to be seen in this area of the ship very often. Bulk, being Bulk, even gives Lieu a friendly little poke in the side at the suggestion.

Deluge well never get tired of being able to make Lieutenant crumble with the smallest gesture, even at inconvenient times. "Ah, well, sorry I couldn't put on a better show for you." He admits, if he'd known Lieu was there he probably would have put some more flair into his moves. ..Or actually paid attention.

At Bulk's suggestion, a breathy little laugh leaves and he sends Lieu a playful wag of brows. "Not a bad idea. Just means I can get my hands on yah more than usual." To this he barks a laugh, clearly teasing him.

Lieutenant takes a moment to regain his calm demeanor, "I am sure he ca-AHAN!" The avian jumps back from Bulkhead and wraps his arms around his middle protectively. "Very funny.." he mutters straightening back up as the pink hues on his cheeks begins to show. "You should really work on your reaction, agility, and focus though. I may not be a good fighter but I still could surpass you in those areas." Lieutenant folds his arms, "In other words, you would have catch me first before you are able to touch."

Bulkhead chuckles at Deluge's assessment, sure the firemech would love nothing less than that, when - oho, what was that reaction? Bulk's optic ridges go waaaay up, and his face is a little too delighted. He knows exactly what that sound means, and he gives Deluge a little look. He slowly slides around the other side of Lieutenant. He might be trying to trap the avian between the two of them. "Yeah, good idea," he says to Lieutenant, not exactly sure what the other green mech said and trying not to give away his intentions. He's not the most subtle but sometimes he can be, just enough.

Oh my god, did Lieutenant just laugh? Deluge just stops at this. Dead stops and stares. Oh how devilish the smile that suddenly crawls across his face is... "You're absolutely right." Deluge concedes as he steps around Lieu, remaining opposite Bulkhead, remaining casual. "If you're that quick, I couldn't possibly be able to catch you on my own.." Stopping, his smile widens to something wholly wicked and he turns to Lieu. "Which is why I have help." He beams and nods to Bulk, giving the cue before he makes a lunge to grab up the avian and hold him still.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Lieutenant=Reaction+Reaction Vs Deluge=Reaction+Reaction < Lieutenant: Great Success (8 4 5 8 8 8) Deluge: Failure (3 6 3 3) < Net Result: Lieutenant wins - Crushing Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Lieutenant=Reaction+Reaction Vs Bulkhead=Reaction+Reaction < Lieutenant: Good Success (7 1 3 6 8 8) Bulkhead: Failure (4 2 6 6) < Net Result: Lieutenant wins - Solid Victory

Why are they both giving him this look-? Wait... no! Lieutenant knows what they're up to now and he will not let them get close enough to him! The avian narrows his gaze, glancing at Bulkhead then Deluge as the try to surround him. Sure he looks sandwiched now, but the instant the firetruck leaps at him, the emerald mech leaps back towards the other green mech. His foot just barely plants completely on the ground before side stepping out of the former Wrecker's reach. Not today you two. Better luck next time though.

"So much for help." Lieutenant comments, staying a good distance away from the pair. He's ready to jump out of the way again if they try to grab him. "You two should really work on your reflexes."

Aw, slag. Lieutenant certainly is a slippery one. Bulkhead snatches for the avian when he jumps away from Deluge and - completely misses. He gives a little chuckle. "Maybe yer right, Lieu," he agrees. A big mech like him is certainly not the fastest around. But there's something Lieu may not know, which is that Bulkhead isn't as stupid as he usually pretends to be. And he remembers a certain something about the avian from previous encounters - such as the time Lieutenant told him and Brainstorm all about his seismic sense.

"Don't always gotta have great reflexes, though," he adds. Then, flicking Deluge a 'be ready' look, Bulkhead's servo transforms into his wrecker, and quicker than you'd think him capable he's smashing it down against the floor. Yeah, he knows about your seismic sense, Lieu.

Deluge figured Lieutenant would slip away from them the first go, but that doesn't stop a small curse from slipping out under his vocals when big hands catch nothing but air. "Who needs reflexes when you've got numbers." Deluge scoffs with a smile. And strategy, but he doesn't say that.

Instead he gets ready when he sees Bulkhead's hand shifts, immediately clueing into what he's going to do next. As soon as that wrecking ball hits the floor, which doesn't at all affect Deluge, he makes another grab for the avian and attempts to sweep him off his feet and pin him against his chest.

Oh, that wrecking ball is not a sign. Lieutenant doesn't react fast enough and the vibrations upon impact hit him just as intensely. He stumbles and nearly collapses on the floor had Deluge not grabbed him first. The avian shivers slightly thanks to the shock wave on the ground, but when he looks up at Deluge his fins lower. "You do not suppose you would be willing to let me go, hm?" he can't make big pleading optics that melt another's spark like Beachcomber or Penchant can, so he tries wiggling out of Deluge's grasp. "You know, for me?"

Bulkhead straightens, pleased as punch that his plan worked when he sees that Deluge has caught Lieutenant. His servo transforms back and, yeah, his smile is somewhat apologetic as he moves forward. That couldn't have been a pleasant experience; he remembers how Lieu reacted just to Bulk patting him on the shoulder. "That's a hard bargain yer drivin'," Bulk rumbles as he comes back within arm's reach, but his optics are amused as they flick up to Deluge. He can't imagine the firemech would miss out on an opportunity like this. "Why ya so squirmy, anyway?" And here Bulkhead reaches out to delicately ghost his digit tips across Lieutenant's abdomen.

Nope, you're not going anywhere, sorry Lieu. Deluge conveys this with the easy, yet scheming smile that slithers across his face when looking down to his partner, arm tightening a hair at his wiggling. "Oh, I'll let you go. ..When we're done."

Snickering softly, he looks to Bulk, who advances to join them. "We'll just have to find out, won't we?" A low, deep chuckle emanates from him as free hand seeks out Lieutenant's side

Thaaaat's a no. Lieutenant tries to bite back a smile, and more importantly, a laugh. However, the avian is not doing that good a job at hiding his own growing smile. His audio fins begin to flutter gaily as he tries to curl up in Deluge's hold to protect himself from the two trying to tickle him. "N-No c-ceeheease!" he squeaks behind gritted teeth, trying so hard to fight his oncoming giggles. The mech squirms around, twisting to dislodge himself, and plants a foot against Bulkhead's chest to try and shove him back.

A valiant effort, but Bulkhead is not so easy to move. He gives a little grunt at the foot on his chest before he's grabbing it and, oh no Lieu you've done it now. "Sorry, what was that?" he asks coyly as he wiggles his digit tips now against the bottom of Lieutenant's pede. "Didn't quite catch it, sorry." The cheeky grin ruins the effect. Whatever. The added wink to Deluge doesn't help either.

That is definitely a no. Deluge is all smiles at this point, rugged grin cast across his face as he tries his best to hold Lieu still. He's so wiggly! "I think he wants us to stop, heheh." Deluge croons, leaning in over the avian's shoulder to tease him with a flash of teeth, hand still fluttering across his side before working around to his front. He wants to go further, but then he spots Bulk making a move to tickle the bottom of Lieu's pede. Uh-oh. "Er, Bulk, I don't think you should--"

Lieutenant SHRIEKS!! Deluge thought he was wiggly a moment ago, he begins writhing and trying desperately to yank his pede out of Bulkhead's grasp. His laughter grows mad, squealing and shrieking! Thankfully, the practice rooms are soundproof so at least no one out in the hall will think someone's dying behind the door. The avian shakes his head, attempting to beg Bulk to stop but his words are swallowed in his forced glee. His other leg kicks at the former Wrecker's arm, not his face as he probably should. Even in his desperate state though, he doesn’t really want to hurt Bulk, just get him to STOP!

Okay Bulkhead may be an evil tickler but there's something that hits him then, and that this particular contact is clearly too much. The one thing he'd forgotten in their fun: Lieutenant's pedes are the most sensitive part of him. He stops tickling Lieu's foot, just in time to grab the one kicking at him and lock both under one arm. You're at least safe from that particular spot, Lieu. "Sorry," he rumbles, though he's not done yet. With one arm occupied keeping Lieu's legs trapped, Bulk goes back to tickling his original target - the avian's abdomen.

Deluge would have thought Bulkhead would be literally picking his jaw up off the floor by now, but thankfully he only assaults his arm. He sees Bulkhead handle this easily, which is a relief. And while he enjoys hearing that high pitched laughter and squealing from his partner, he doesn't want to overstimulate him for too long. So, with a soft chuckle, he leans in to give the fidgeting avian's cheek a peck before nodding to Bulk, "Alright, I think he's had enough torture. I don't wanna end up carrying him back if he faints, heh."

Lieutenant has a brief spark attack when both pedes are caught. It's only when he realizes Bulkhead isn't going to continue poking at them that he sighs in relief. He squeaks once again, giggling and squirming under the larger green mech's touch over his abdomen. Although his cheeks are pink from laughter, it turns to fluster when Deluge pecks him. He tries to curl closer against his partner. Protection.

Bulkhead isn't disappointed or anything by this, he simply nods at Deluge, still smiling, and gently replaces Lieutenant's pedes on the floor. "Heh, maybe we'll have ta repay the favor fer you, eh, Del?" he says mischievously. He doesn't know if the firemech is ticklish, and in his current company, he's not about to disclose that he is. Still. Bulk is slightly worried Lieu will be angry at him for this, or more accurately, the blunder concerning his pedes. He's hoping the fact that Deluge helped the overall tickling will help him in that sense, yet.... "Sorry again fer goin' at your feet," he says sincerely, rubbing one big servo against the back of his neck. "Shoulda known better."

Both of Deluge's arms now enwrap Lieutenant when he curls up against him, a happy little smirk upon him. Yes, yes, he'll protect you. ..Even though he helped with this. He releases the avian from his grasp, of course providing support if he has trouble standing after that assault, and snorts at Bulk. "Psh, I'd like to see ya try, greenie." Which is code for 'Yes I'm ticklish, but DON'T YOU DARE'. To the both of them he laughs softly, leaving a hand settled around Lieu's waist, should he allow it. "I'm surprised he didn't knock out your teeth, Bulk."

The avian shook his head as he tucks in to curl up in Deluge's arms.. before he puts him down. Drat. For once he actually wanted to be held, so he leans against his partner a bit weakly. It'll take a few moments before he's able to stand strong again. He places a hand over Del's on his waist, and waves a hand in dismissal, "Simply refrain from doing it again or I may not be able to hold myself back."

With a sigh he stands up and turns to face Deluge. He stands up on his toes and takes him by the collar to gently pull him down for a brief kiss against his cheek. "I should head to the library now, be good in my absence." A slight smirk shows up before Lieutenant briefly tickles over Deluge's side in brief revenge before turning to leave. "I shall see you both around- oh, and if you tell anyone of this, I will fight you two." With that, he salutes and exits.

Oh ho ho, Deluge. Bulkhead knows what that's implying, and his grin gives the equally readable message of, 'you so KNOW I'm going to try'. The way Del supports Lieutenant after their tickle torture of the avian has Bulkhead's smile softening, and he chuckles. "So'm I, honestly." He shrugs, a great movement considering his size. "Woulda deserved it though."

Then his gaze returns to Lieu, and he shakes his helm. "No need ta worry 'bout that, mech, I learned my lesson." And indeed he has. The cheek kiss and slight tickle of the firemech have Bulk's grin widening again, and he immediately snaps a playful salute in return as Lieu leaves, calling after him, "Don't worry, these lips are zipped!" Well, all in all, that was still kind of fun. He turns back to Deluge, this time rolling his shoulders in preparation and nodding toward the other area of the room where they'd been sparring. "Let's get back to it, then."

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