2016-06-24 A Sawful Idea

From Transformers: Lost and Found

A Sawful Idea
Date 2016/06/24
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Wheeljack's Laboratory
Participants Tourniquet, Wheeljack
Summary Tourniquet finally starts getting her saws for Knock Out made, and finds Wheeljack. This time, they get along much more like a metaphorical house on fire.

Wheeljack's lab is a masterpiece of controlled chaos. Shelves, stacked haphazardly with completed projects and curios, line the walls. The workbenches in the center are covered with the guts of machines in various stages of completeness, and all of the furniture is solidly built and looks ready to withstand whatever might be thrown, dropped, or spilled on it.

Tourniquet has had the piece of the I-250 track for a while- it was so nice of First Aid to help get it!- but she has been a little... Slow on finding someone to fashion the metal into saws. There's no real excuse, the science place was just across the hall! But... It was filled with bots that sorta saw her light herself on fire. And then some. It's taken a good while but she's finally built up the courage to venture on over. Before she could give herself a chance to slither on back to medibay, she knocks on the first door she can get to. Maybe no one's home! MAYBE. ONE CAN ALWAYS HOPE.

A clattering sound echoes from behind that door, and the echo of someone shouting "Just a moment!" Sorry Tourni, but someone's home after all. It doesn't take too long for the door to open, and Wheeljack is standing on the other side, trying to rub something oily off his hands and not doing particularly well at it without a rag to help. He pauses for a moment as he recognizes Tourni as the same snake from their work on the engines at Transit. It's hard to forget that alt mode, even if she hadn't made such a... bombastic impression. "Well, hi again!" he says cheerfully, his helm fins echoing his words with a cheery blue glow. "C'mon in! Anything I can help you with?"

Yes, its the same snake. Only snake too. Tourniquet's armor bristles upon seeing Wheeljack, anxiety rattling her frame. No! No, no, not him! He was one she lit on fire. A quiet hiss escapes her lips as her servos fiddle with one another, optics moving to avoid looking at him directly. "Hi." Her coils rove over one another and bunch up, wanting to leave. But he just invited her! She couldn't say no now... She slides in, body trailing behind.

"Yes? Maybe... You don't- I'm sorry!" Tourniquet twists around, looking up at Wheeljack as she sinks to the ground. "I'm so sorry. I hurt you, I didn't mean to..." He probably hates her. He's just being nice. She covers her face with her servos. "I'll just leave. I'm sorry."

Wheeljack is speechless for a moment, caught off-guard by the sudden string of apologies and clear chagrin Tourniquet is showing as she slides down and hides her face. "Whoa, hold on just a second!" he says, taking a step forward and crouching down so that he isn't looming over the sad little twist of snake. "There's no need for that."

If he could smile reassuringly, he would be right now, but hopefully the cheerful blue of his 'ears' serves that purpose just as well. "Thank you for the apology, first off. But like you said, it was an accident! And you took the brunt of that, too. Good to see you're doing better, those were some pretty bad burns." To say the least. It's a good thing the others were nearby and ready to act, even if Wheeljack and First Aid weren't in the best position to help.

Tourniquet peaks through her fingers to look up at... She never got his name, she's pretty sure she didn't at least. Slowly, her servos lower from her face, a curious glint in her optics as his fins light up. Oh... Hehe... She smiles a little, his comfort reassuring but she's still not... Totally and utterly convinced. Again, he probably just pities her still. "Yeah... I'm sorry you were hurt- I'm glad you're better though." Her shoulders droop, body starting to spin itself into a pathetic circle. Medics aren't supposed to hurt. "Is your... Leg? Okay? I can give it a check?" If he needs it. Or even trusts her anymore.

"My legs, yeah," Wheeljack confirms. "I got them patched up, but you can take a look if you'd like. You're a medic?" Wheeljack glances around-- the floor of his lab isn't the best place for this, but he's not exactly sure where he's left his stool. Wherever it is, it must be somewhere further back in the lab, out of his line of sight right now. "I guess that explains why you were down on Transit! You fixed the lights, so I thought you were one of the engineers." Speaking of, Wheeljack dips his own helm. "So I owe you an apology too. I left you to deal with a bomb on your own, and I shouldn't have done that just because I was distracted."

Tourniquet perks up. Oh! Oh, he was going to let her! AH! Yes! This is good. "Yes! Well, I'm still training... But I'm a medic, yeah!" She smiles proudly at that. And it only broadens at the mention of the lights. "Yessss, I did! I'm not a... What you said but I can figure things out." It's less figuring things out and more being creative and dumb luck. She reaches down to palm open some compartments on her trunk, taking out some tools to look at his legs. She glances up at him, moving in closer as her body slings around. Snaking through any grime that might be on the floor doesn't botther her a bit. "Here, you sit here." On a part on her trunk. "And you don't have to- you didn't know there was going to be a bomb... Guess I know what a bomb is now." So there's that, at least. Bomb bad. Locked in the vault.

"An engineer," Wheeljack repeats, chuckling as he stands. "It's what I do. It's why I was down their working on the engines with the others." He glances at her trunk, but she seems confident that it'll hold his wait, so he shrugs and sits down, extending both legs out so she can take a look at them. Sure enough, they've been repaired, the plating is good as new. It doesn't show signs of the explosion, though there's sure to be smaller scuffs from Wheeljack's usual work.

"No, there shouldn't have been a bomb. Any bombs. We found three. At least they didn't do any harm to the engines," Wheeljack sighs. He watches Tourniquet as she starts to look over his legs. "I don't think you'd find a bomb on the Lost Light, but it's probably a good thing to know. Might want to call me or Brainstorm if you see one." Bomb threats are no joke, as Tourni has already learned. "Oh, I don't think I said! I'm Wheeljack."

"Oh! And engineer does engine things!" That makes sense! Tourniquet doesn't mind being sat or lounged or laid on. At least not on her coils. She leans in close to look at his legs they look... Good, actually. Probably don't need to be checked over, aww... She prods around his knee carefully. "That's good- oh! I met Brainstorm. He's nice. Is there anywhere that hurts? That I could look at?" Maybe? "Oh! Tourniquet, its nice to meet you! Really meet you." And not be on fire.

"Nice to meet you too, Tourniquet." It's very nice to meet someone in a less tense circumstance than Transit, and the cheer in Wheeljack's voice makes that clear. "I think I'm all right," Wheeljack says, standing up again after Tourniquet finishes prodding at his knee. "I've done worse to myself in lab accidents, and we've got some good medics on this ship." He claps his hands together. "But you were coming here for something, weren't you? Or were you looking for Brainstorm? I'm not sure where he is at the moment."

Aw, he doesn't need help... A small frown befalls her face but its quickly overtaken by a wide grin. "Yes! We have great medics! My tribe is amazing." She draws herself up with pride. So much pride. One day she'll be a medic-medic like them! And with Buzzkill, of course. You know... If Buzzkill doesn't beat her to it. That bee was so good with the notes and the reading and urgh. "Oh! Oh right! I- hold on." He body moves in close, a compartment opening along the coil so she could pull out a nice, thick, broad chunk of shiny metal.

"This! It's from that fast city- the fastest. My Chieftain won the most important race- he's the fastest! So I just... Well, when a tribesman is victorious- especially a chieftain- you honor their victoyr and I wanted to take a part of the track he raced on and make him a gift." Tourniquet puts the metal on a table. "I need this to become saws."

"Tribe?" Wheeljack clearly missed the memo about Eukaris and the way things are structured there, if the blank stare he's giving Tourniquet is any indication. His confusion only grows for a little while, as Tourniquet mentions a Chieftan as well, until she mentions that he's the fastest, and the racing track, and... "Oh, you mean Knock Out!" There we go, that makes sense. "I didn't realize the medics here were a tribe," he comments, immediately leaning in to look at the chunk of metal. "This is quite a piece!" he comments, poking at it. "Any idea what kind of saws you want them to be?"

Tourniquet nods eagerly. "Yes! And, I mean... They're my tribe. Like, you have your tribe and they're, um... Mine." She points to his, uh... Shoot, something-bot symbol. It's red. "Like how you have yours! And Quicksight has the Decepticons." Two names remembered, its a good day. "Oh, hum... I'm not sure... Something the Chieftain can use of course and, um... There's different kinds?" Saws are just saws, right?

Wheeljack follows Tourniquet's pointing finger down to his chassis, to his Autobot badge. "The Autobots... well, I guess calling us a tribe isn't exactly inaccurate." It seems kind of weird to call them that, especially since they're just supposed to be a faction, but he supposes they can be called that way. In either case, it's enough for him to understand what Tourniquet means. "I guess medics are sort of their own group in most cases. Though I wonder what that makes me?" It's more to himself than anything else-- he's got medical training but he's not a medic, after all!

Talking about the project Tourniquet brought him is intriguing, though, so Wheeljack turns his attention back to the sheet of metal. "Well, if it's Knock Out I can probably make some assumptions, but yeah, there are. For one, I'd need to know how big I'd have to make them!"

"You're, uh... An engineer- the engineer tribe!" Obviously. Tourniquet slides closer to Wheeljack, now starting to frown again. "I, uh... I don't know... I just thought someone could do it if they had the materials and I could help." There's no point in giving something to honor another if you put almost no effort into it. "I don't really know much else besides that... But I can find out! Somehow..." Hrmm...

"Sure, we can do that," Wheeljack agrees with a nod. "What about... Well, if you've seen Knock Out's saws, do you remember how the sharp pieces on the edges looked? A lot of the type of saw depends on what shape those are. That can give me a good idea to start. The other thing I'd need to know is how big across they are. Luckily for you, I think from looking at it that this metal is reasonable for making saw blades out of, though if you want them to be even better I could see about melting them down and adding some other alloys into the mix." It's a lot of engineering babble, but Wheeljack is into the project already and not yet stopping to think of his audience.

What? He needs... What? "I've never seen his, uh, saws. I just heard he liked them and... Maybe I can ask First Aid! He probably knows." And he knows so much. So much. "I can go- Oh! Does that mean you'll help? And I can help you help?" Her armor all rattles excitedly. He didn't say yes but maybe he means yes?

"Sure I can help," Wheeljack agrees. "It's not a complicated project, and I've made medical... and other equipment before. If you find out that information, I can probably make those saws in a day or two." He nods toward the piece of metal, his fins lighting with amusement at the way her armor rattles. "If you don't want to cart this thing around you could probably leave it in my lab if you'd like." Considering the state of disorganization the lab is in, if Tourni cares to take a look around, that may not be the best option.

Tourniquet's lengthy body roll in excitement. Ah! Yes! He said yes! She hisses happily, surging forward to suddenly surround Wheeljack in a circle of coils. "Thank you! Thank you- uh...- Thank you! I'll go find First Aid and ask him all that stuff!" This most definitly won't take several trips as she tries to remember everything she should be asking. "And we can keep it here, yeah!" Seems like a good idea to her! She's not the most observent snek there is. She transforms, giving her head a shake as he tongue flicks out. "Okay, I'm going to go find him. I'll be right back, okay?"

Wheeljack makes a startled sound as he is briefly entangled in a length of snek, but chuckles at her enthusiasm. He may also make a quick sweep of the surrounding tables to make sure there's nothing that could be knocked off by a coil jostling it in the midst of flailing. "You do that," he says, holding still to let Tourniquet disentangle herself from around him more easily. "I'll be waiting!"

"Yeah, yeah! I'll be right back then!" Tourniquet gives a little wave of sorts with her hood and moves off and out of the lab. Her body trails behind her, moving around Wheeljack in full. And then his lab is snake free. At least for now. She'll be back. Back to help make some saws!

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