2016-06-22 Minibot Wrangling

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-06-22 Minibot Wrangling
Date 2016/06/22
Location Lost Light - Habsuites
Participants Torque, Beachcomber
Summary Beachcomber challenges Torque to that chase. Torque gets more than she bargained for.

Beachcomber only had vague impressions of the night before and the game they played in the bar. Once he'd self-medicated and meditated, he'd found a nice warm chassis to snuggle up to and by morning - or whatever qualified as 'morning' on the ship - he'd practically forgotten the whole event. Bits and pieces remained, though, little tidbits of info, impressions of people he couldn't quite place the source of. Such as the urge to run when he spied Torque coming down the hallway from the opposite direction. He couldn't remember why, and so he held off for a few more paces, offering a casual smile and wave.

Torque hadn't really gotten all that buzzed from the initial drinking that game offered. It was only afterwards at the bar that she got a proper haze going. Thankfully she's better at remembering things after a night out, so once she woke up and got herself up from the floor of her hab she'd freshen herself back up and slip into yet another day on the ship.

Making her way out into the halls, she perks when she spots a small bit of blue traveling down it as well. She'll admit that she still feels a bit bad for making Beachcomber feel down, so the medic feels the urge to make amends, smiling wide and waving in turn as she makes her way towards him. "Hey, Beachcomber! You have a good recharge after yesterday? Heh, I almost made it to my berth, but I guess the floor looked comfortable enough."

Beachcomber chortled softly, a hand rubbing at the back of his neck. "Well, I woke up snuggled up against a big green pillow so I guess I did~ Bulky's a gentlemech, you know." Oh the floor. He was well acquainted with the floor. All the times he'd curled up there to sleep off an overcharge, all the times he'd been too exhausted to bother leaving the lab, all the times he'd slipped from peaceful meditation to deep sleep still in a full lotus. Oh yes, he and the floor went way back.

He stopped a few yards away from her, just enough distance out of arms' reach, and offered her a grin. His hands went behind his neck, stretching his arms and back and relaxing into a casual stance. "So I do kinda remember one thing that happened from last night. Do you?"

Torque can't stop herself from giving a little 'aww' at that, smile relaxing. "Bulk's a good bot, yeah. I really should hang out with him more, I've got a feeling we'd get on well." Moving in, her steps slow until she finally stops, retaining those few yards apart and giving him a questioning look, her helm tilting slightly. One thing? "Uhm.. Well, I guess I remember most of it. Can't think of anything super specific, though." She raises a brow at him and rests a hand on her hip. "Why, what's on your mind?" Please don't talk about ball bearings. PLEASE.

One of these days he'll get nosy. One of these days, Torque, one of these days. But today, is not that day, to ask whose ball bearings it was. Maybe when they're indulging in something a little lighter and gigglier than engex in the bar. Though speaking of giggles, a chortle bubbles up in Beachcomber's chest and a foot slides back behind him. "Weeeell." Beachcomber's weight shifts back a step. "I just seem to remember..." His other foot slides back, the world's slowest and most exaggerated retreat. "That you... hafta... catch me!" He hesitates just a bare second, giving her a playful, if challenging look, before he turns and flees.

Torque just blinks, confused, at his laughter as she watches him slowly start to step backwards. Just what is he up to.. Optics narrow a little, curiosity drawing her a step towards him, but before she can even think of approaching further, he's off like a bullet down the hall.

Freezing up in surprise, she looks like a deer in the headlights before she.. Oh! Oh, right, she forgot! Ha! A hearty laugh bursts from her as a smile overtakes, Torque swift to take off and try to catch up with him, hands at the ready to make a grab if she ever gets close. "No fair, you had a head start!"

"My tiny legs need a head start!" he laughed back at her. Torque's legs are longer than his by at least double, so Beachcomber has to get a little... creative in his evasion skills. Luckily the ship had lots of corners and adjacent halls, but there were also plenty of dead ends and long stretches of straight hallway. Those would give him the most trouble in terms of just their sheer speed comparison, and he wasn't going to drop down into alt mode for this game when he didn't have Trailbreaker - that is, TrailCUTTER's - magnawheels. Instead he slid around a corner, hand on the floor for added traction to keep his balance, and shoved off the far wall with his foot to regain some of his momentum to his run. "You'll never take me aliiiive~!"

The only thing that saves Beachcomber from a swift capture, alongside his evasive maneuvers, is the fact that Torque isn't built for speed in either form and her reaction isn't as good on those turns. Case in point, when she comes up on the one he so skillfully slides around she's forced to put the brakes on, feet skipping and skidding as she almost bumps into the same wall, hand on it bracing to help her shoot forward again. She's still a litte surprised he was serious about this, but hey, it's fun!

"We'll see about that!" She huffs through a smirk and puts more oomph into her step, hoping to give herself a burst of speed so she can make a running leap for him. C'mere, mini!

    <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Beachcomber=reaction+reaction Vs Torque=reaction+reaction
    <       Beachcomber: Great Success (6 8 6 7 7 5 2 8)          Torque: Success (8 1 1 1)
    <               Net Result: Beachcomber wins - Solid Victory

Times like this Beachcomber's small size did come in handy - not so much his short legs, but being outside of the general range of grabbing of the average sized mecha gave him a slight advantage. People had to get reeeal close to lay hands on a fleeing minibot and he had no intentions of making it easy. So when he heard Torque huff and felt the prickle of her EM field when she lunged, he tucked into a somersault and rolled to make himself smaller before popping back up to his feet with a laugh. "Yeah, you sure showed me, Torque!"

She's got him, she'd got him! She.. doesn't got him. The only thing Torque's hands grab are air and in the brief moment before she meets the floor, a look of 'crap' crosses her face. "Agh!" She lands on her front and skids along the metal floor a foot or two before grinding to a halt, laying there defeated a moment until she grumbles and lifts her head. "Ngh, slippery mech." She hisses, in response to him and the little scuff on her cheek now. Ow.

But she's not gonna quit just yet, growling and hauling herself up, hands barely leaving the floor before she sprints after him again. If she can't grab him with her hands, then it's time for Plan B. Smirking mischievously, she grabs hold of her tow hook and spools out a good length, tying it up in a lasso knot. Spinning it above her head to open to the loop, she doesn't hesitate to flick it forward and try to wrap him up. Time to wrangle a Beachcomber!

Beachcomber slowed down a bit, but he didn't quite stop running altogether. He did wince and spin about to regard Torque, dancing a few steps backwards while he checked that she was alright. Hearing that hiss, however, slowed him down another step to call back to her, "You okay, Torque?"

Though that question was almost rhetorical, as Torque was up and after him again in a blink. Beachcomber squawked and laughed, turning to pick up his pace again. Kicking off walls to misdirect his pursuer, hopping and rolling over obstacles in the way, he was feeling pretty confident in his merry game of chase. Until, however, a black line descends briefly into his field of vision. What the- Urk!

Hook, line, and sinker! The lasso flies true and falls around the little mech's torso until Torque gives a quick yank to snap it tight and stop him in his tracks. "Well, I'll be damned! Looks like I caught a nice one!" Torque trills playfully from down the hall and beams, pulling the line hand over hand to reel him in.

She reaches down once he's deposited at her feet, the medic snickering and picking him up with a hand on each side, having him face her. "I guess I win. But now, what to do with my prize..." A darker look slithers across her face when looking him over, smirk sharpening. "Ah, I think I know.."

What sinister thing does she have planned for the poor little minibot, you ask? Why, a hug, of course. Grinning, she pulls Beachcomber in against her and gives him a warm, friendly hug, chuckling and loosening the line so it falls away as she does. "That was fun! You're pretty damn quick." She pulls back enough to view him now, bright optics and wide smile excited.

"Oof!" The line snapped back and knocked the air out of his vents, landing the minibot abruptly on his aft and tumbling to his back. Well! When he'd started this game he hadn't known he was signing up for the rodeo! You learn something new every day, after all! Beachcomber's legs kicked and flailed at the air fruitlessly as he was reeled in, laughing breathlessly at the absurdity of it while he was dragged in closer and closer to the medic. "Nooooooooo!" he howled, laughing too hard to even really give much of a struggle against it,

Beachcomber grinned up at Torque from the floor before he was lifted, chuckling and nervously shifting his dangling legs to tuck them up close, chortles fledging into tittering at the dark, mischievous look that crossed her face. "Oh? Be gentle with me, it's my first time," he teased before he was drawn in for a hug. Oh! Well that was much better! Once his arms were free from her tow line, they slid around her neck for a brief, friendly squeeze. "Ah thanks, it pays to be small sometimes," he chuckled, dangling calmly in her arms. "The mighty titan may stamp out cities, but the glitch mouse can fell the titan, y'know?"

Antennas flutter delightedly at the return of affection in the form of his arms around her neck. It's nice. And well.. Torque is used to rougher contact when it comes to fun stuff, so the softer moment leaves her just a touch pink in the cheeks when looking back at him. That comment of his didn't help either. "Heh, am I the titan? 'Cause I'm feelin' a little felled." She muses and frees up a hand to rub the scuff, optics squinting a fraction in response.

That said, she releases a soft puff of exhaustion and lets him down, her posture slightly bowing. "Phew, well, that more than woke me up. I just wake up and you go gettin' my energon pumping. So not fair." She snorts, smiling good-naturedly to him.

Oh no. She's cute. Beachcomber couldn't help the grin that continued to spread at the sight of her pink cheeks and fluttering antennae, the shy rubbing of her scruff. A hand cups his chin in thought, smile never faltering while he looks pensive. "I wouldn't say you're the titan, necessarily, and I didn't exactly get up under your armor to fell you now did I~?" The temptation to follow that with something about 'getting under her armor' was strong, but he resisted. Once on the floor again he lets out a soft chuckle and stretches his arms over his head. "Well, what is it the medics say? Ten minutes of cardio a day to keep the lines clear of sediment debris around your fuel pump?" She was awfully cute~ he wouldn't mind seeing that lasso put to use again at some point. "We should get drinks together sometime. Less of a crowd when it's just us two."

Torque probably would have faltered and accidentally dropped him if he'd said anymore about her armor, what he says enough alone to make her glance away and smile wide as she rubs the back of her neck. "Eheh, no, not really. Though that would be.. interesting." Oho, some play back? Beachcomber is making a good impression, it seems.

Hazarding a glance back to him, she can't help a breathy little laugh while stooping to squat down and get level with him. "You've got me there. Heh, maybe you should be the medic and I'll be the geologist." She teases, though she is pretty good at punching rocks. Still, it seems the minibot knows just what to say, because she is all about his next suggestion. "Mech, you read my mind. Maybe.. later today after my shift?" There's a hopeful note to her tone when asking rather carefully, her hands giving a minor fidget against her knees and antennas twitching back minutely.

"I'll stick to my rocks if it's all the same," he chortles, shaking his head and putting up his hands as if to ward off something. "I couldn't do the sort of doctoring people around here require on a daily basis. It would harsh my vibe something awful and soon I'd be cranky as dear old Ratchet, Primus bless him." With the way mechs around the ship scrapped and brawled with each other out of boredom, it was a wonder the medics weren't crowding into the bar for doctor-only night or something.

Beachcomber certainly prefers the hopeful tone over a resigned one, and he grins at her fidgeting hands and twitching antennae. What a cutie. He can't resist laying a gentle hand atop one of hers, part to calm her, but partly flirtatious. "Sure thing, Torque~ Meet you there or would you prefer me to pick you up from the shop~?"

Torque allows herself a little snicker at that. "I'm surprised we're not all as cranky as he is. But then I think everyone would be too afraid to go to the medibay." They really do put up with a lot from this crazy crew, but it's all worth it at the end of the day if you as her.

And then, Beachcomber touches her hand.

Medic hands have always been rumored to be sensitive. Whether this is something determined at creation is unknown, but Torque's have always been even though she was never originally in the field. They're important and probably the most used part of one's body. And while she's alright when a touch is on her terms, it's when it isn't that she's completely thrown off.

Her reaction is easily spotted by the way posture stiffens and her hand locks up on her knee. Optics ratchet a setting higher and cheeks are aglow in full on pink as antennas flick straight up. "I uh..I." She stammers, words failing, but she doesn't have to speak when her rippling EM field makes it clear enough. "Sh.. Shop is good.." She finally manages to squeak out, trying to retract her hand as casually and politely as possible so it can flex open and shut while the untouched one rubs at fully flustered cheek. She tries to play this off as rubbing her scuff mark again when looking at the floor, but of course it's failing pretty badly with the way a slight shiver rattles her plates faintly.

Well that 'calming her' part backfired rather spectacularly, but it may have been worth it to see her get so worked up over a casual, friendly touch. Beachcomber slid his hand away from hers, letting it fall carelessly at his side to allow her to extract herself from the contact - he'd have to be more careful with her boundaries until he had a solid idea of where they were. Mecha like Bulk and Jackie took his flirting with a grain of sodium chloride after so many centuries exposure to it - it was both refreshing and fretful to have someone that wasn't immune to his charms yet. She didn't seem to be reacting poorly to his flirting, at least, and he hoped he hadn't spooked her - he'd gotten careless over the recent centuries it seemed. "Shop it is, then," he hummed decisively, smiling at her and turning to head back towards his habsuite. "I'll see you at the end of your shift, Torque~~"

If Torque knew him better, she may not have reacted as strongly. New mech, new touches. It's something you gotta ease into. Still, it's in no way something that is likely to drive her off. Rather, it encourages her. Once she's able to smooth her ruffled feathers, so to speak, she's meeting him with quite the sunny smile as her nerves are prickling and and feels that giddy burst of energy. "S-See you, Beachy!" Oh yes, she's excited about those drinks now. Not that she wasn't before, but he just put the icing on the cake.

Once Beachcomber retreats into his hab, though, Torque finds herself puffing a small vent of built up steam as she stands, rubbing her helm. "Oi jeez. I think.. work can wait a few minutes, gotta cool off." Having to continuously override her fans, she finally allows them to click on and do their job while she shuffles to the oil baths. Need a nice cold run through the showers before she goes anywhere else.

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