2016-06-21 Cooling Off

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2016-06-21 Cooling Off
Date 2016/06/21
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Oil Baths
Participants Deluge, Inferno
Summary Deluge catches up with Inferno after the incident at Swerve's and suggests some bath time to relax.

When Inferno leaves Swerve's he doesn't really have a destination in mind. He just needs to get away from there, away from what he'd just done. How could he snap like that....? And in public, on a fellow crewmate. One who's kind of a dick, but still. That behavior wasn't okay. And then a new thought hits him, so hard he actually stops in his tracks, face a mask of horror and kibble - wings trembling. What if Red Alert had been there when he'd attacked Swerve.....? The bot would never talk to him again, and that would be the least of it. He makes a broken noise in the back of his throat and he's still standing there a klik later. He's easy to find, if anyone is looking.

Deluge isn't secretive about following Inferno from Swerve's, eager to catch up with the mech and make sure he's alright. Thankfully Inferno doesn't go far, Deluge quickly finding him in the hall and moving up beside him, hand slipping onto his shoulder. "Hey.." Hand gives a little squeeze and head ducks slightly to get a better look at Inferno's face and meet it with a light smile. "..You wanna go have a soak?" That'll probably help him calm down, for sure.

Inferno startles at the hand on his shoulder, but when he sees it's Deluge he takes a shaky, relieved vent. "Hey." Ferno scrubs a hand over his face, then gives a sad little nod. "Yeah, I - I'd like that."

He feels bad to have made Deluge leave too. He still gives a small, grateful smile when he drops his servo. "Thanks for coming to find me."

"Wouldn't be much of a friend if I didn't." Deluge says softly, expression warm and optics showing some concern as he drapes an arm across his shoulders to lead him off to the baths. "C'mon, bud."

The steamy atmosphere of the oil baths is a familiar one to the big bots, the two often finding themselves here. But today isn't for necessity, rather pleasure as Deluge moves to the side showers to give himself a quick rinse off before stepping into the bigger bath. Hot oil seeping between seams and into his joints has the giant groaning as he lowers and sits back, sinking up to his chest. "Nnh.. much better.."

That has the smile growing, though it stays soft. "Yeah, let's go." That's more the Inferno Deluge has known.

Inferno rinses himself off as well in one of the showers, and then he's following Deluge into the heated oil. Oh, yeah, he's needed this. Inferno gives a quiet sigh of pleasure as he immerses himself, the oil seeping out some of the tension from the days events. He does only give himself an astrosecond to relax, though, before blue optics flick to Deluge and away again.

"Del, I'm....sorry for what happened. Back there. I don't know what came over me."

Deluge remains where he is as Inferno joins him, optics shut and mind drifting. He only stirs when Inferno speaks, optics opening halfway to look over to him and.. Oh, 'Ferno. "Hey, don't say sorry to me, it's alright. Though I'll be honest, that scared the hell outta me. That shit's something I'd do, not.. you." Oily hand lifts out to gesture him.

With a grunt he sits up a little straighter and looks directly to Inferno, brows furrowing slightly an lips quirking up as he speaks, "I did notice something, though. The practice rooms. The bar. Y'get so heated when.. Red's involved." He nudges the other with his pede under the oil. "You got a thing for the guy?"

"Yeah but you shouldn't have to have been in the middle of that," Inferno says miserably, kibble-wings drooping. "Though I didn't think I'd react so...strongly." He does at least manage a weak chuckle; yeah, that's definitely something Deluge would have done. Inferno is rarely so needlessly violent.

"Yeah, so?" Ferno does look at Deluge now, optic ridge scrunched in confusion. He's not expecting what Deluge says next. "A...what?" Ferno stares at the other firemech. "No! I just - people treat him so horribly just because he thinks differently than them, and that's not right." But he has to look away, faceplate heating up as he considers Deluge's words. A thing....?

"'Ferno.. Half the ship gets treated that way just for fun." Deluge says softly, trying to make his point a little easier to take. "Hell, maybe I'm wrong, I dunno, you feel what you feel. That's just the impression I was getting. ..I know I'd get that way if anyone treated Lieutenant like that." Gaze shifts downward at the thought of the avian, a little smirk forming. He'd probably do worse, knowing him, but still, he understands what Inferno feels in those moments. "But if you do, why not talk to him? Ask him out or something. How could he say no to a nice mech like you?" Inferno will get a brush of knuckles in a bro-punch to his shoulder.

"And it's not right!" 'Ferno insists, though....he settles back into an uneasy silence. He really doesn't flip out as badly as he does about others like he does when it's Red Alert, does he? He'll certainly be angry on their behalf, yes, but not to the levels to which he went with Swerve. And...Deluge has a point. Inferno's lips do quirk automatically at the idea of what his friend would do to someone who hurt a mech important to him. The images aren't pretty. "Ask him? Oh, no, no, I could never do that." Inferno shakes his helm hard, dentals digging into his lower lip."He's not...he doesn't really trust people." That's an understatement, though something 'Ferno has noticed through working with Red in the past. "Even if I...did feel something like that for him.." He's still not convinced but, hypothetically. "I couldn't just ask him out. That would only scare him off."

"Then gain his trust." Deluge says plainly, as if it's that simple. "Mechs like that aren't the easiest to get on with, but.. I imagine he could use a friend, if nothing else." He smiles weakly to his friend. "And maybe then you can ask him. If you want." There's a faint tease at the end of that, but Deluge doesn't dig at him further and just resides to sinking past his shoulders. Mmm, warm. "Not that I'm the best mech to ask about relationship advice."

Inferno has relaxed enough that he can actually laugh at that. "Del you, you really don't understand. No one has gained his trust in four million years, except Rung." Yeah 'Ferno has noticed that too. He quiets again and says softly, "I would like to be his friend. I want to be there for him when he needs it." And maybe there is a hint of fondness to his voice, though it's not acknowledged as Inferno returns the smile. "Heh." He shifts closer, enough so that he can bonk Deluge gently on the side of his helm. "Aren't you the one with a partner, though?" he asks, and the tease is more apparent in his tone.

"Couldn't hurt to try." Deluge offers back. He is a simple mech with simple ideas. "You'll never know until you do." When Inferno moves closer and gives his helm a bonk, Deluge scoffs and retaliates by resting it on the mech's shoulder and leaning on him. Accept him! "Yeah, but it didn't start out all rainbows and sunshine. I was.. kind of a jerk when I first met him." Helm nestles a tad to get comfortable, optics shuttering halfway. "But we talked and hung out and.. next thing I know I'm falling for him way harder than I expected. I'm just.. glad it worked out." Optics close fully an he smiles. "It's not always easy to build a relationship, and some people are either scared by the effort involved or quit when it's too much work. But.. it's worth it. It's really worth it."

<FS3> Inferno rolls Comforting: Success. (1 8 1 1 1 1 2 1 4)

"That's....that's true." Inferno is back to worrying his lower lip with his dentals. Red Alert is quite difficult to get close to, yet..he's willing to try. No, he needs to try. Perhaps Deluge has a point after all? And then Deluge is resting his helm on Inferno's shoulder, and 'Ferno chuckles again, wrapping an arm around the mech's back beneath the oil. Please! When has he ever turned down cuddling?

"Can't say I'm surprised," he rumbles, though it's clearly not in a mean way. He just knows Deluge fairly well to understand that, yeah, the mech can be abrasive. The way Deluge talks about Lieutenant has Inferno's spark tightening. It nice, and Del clearly has strong feelings for this mech. Inferno squeezes his friend a bit, overtaken by pride and happiness at how Deluge has lucked out. "It does take a lot of work," he agrees. And then, a half thought that makes it out of his mouth before he can truly think it through, "I'm willing to work on that, with Red. Whatever form it takes."

Even a big brute like Deluge likes some cuddles sometimes, and Inferno readily gives it, his engine turning over in a brief rumble of content that ripples the oil. "Good. I know it can be daunting, since you don't know what the future holds, but when it goes right you'll never regret it." That said, Deluge eases up in Inferno's hold, the heat of the oil working its magic and making him feel completely and utterly relaxed. "And I'm always here for yah, however it goes."

Inferno is a little...embarrassed, once he realizes what he's said, and the pleasant hum of his own engines stutter for a moment. He's still trying to wrap his processor around Deluge's assessment. A thing....for Red's hard to fathom for him, and yet, at the same time. He'll have to think about it when he's more sober, so he files it away for later, sinking a bit further into the oil as he keeps his hold on Deluge. "I'll take your word for it," he says, almost sleepily. The oil is just so nice, how can he stay tense? That last bit has Inferno squeezing his friend again, letting his own helm rest against Deluge's. "Same goes for me, ya know," he says quietly. "Anytime you need me, I'm here."

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