2016-06-20 Visit and Investment

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-06-20 Visit and Investment
Date 2016/06/20
Location Arbiter and Swindle's Habsuite
Participants Swindle, Vortex
Summary Vortex stops by to see Swindle. Combaticon business and bonding time.

Vortex likes to make a habit of seeing his brothers- well, the ones still around but he'll just have to make do. If he hangs out with Swindle and Blasty twice as much, that's almost like Brawl and Onsy are still around. In someway. The rotary knocks nice and loud (read: obnoxiously) as he rocks in his pedes, rotors a twitter. One is still pretty mangled but the onter just has a few kinks in it. Minus the third one's scorching- a recognizable Blast Off-level gun scorch- at the tip, he looks tip top shape otherwise! "Swinderella! Ya in there? It's meeeee, your favorite!"

Stock checking was a relaxing pursuit for an enterprising merchant like Swindle. Lists, charts and grafts quantifying the material wealth he had stored away. He could spend hours like this and once again, he had been. Again, this was all mostly to avoid the more exciting side of the Lost Light lifestyle. Above the shrill shrieking of 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love' running in his internal radio, Swindle catches sound of a familiarly overenthusiastic knock. Ah, Vortex, he wondered what the little sadist was getting up, pushing himself up from his desk he opens his habsuite door with an easy grin. "Texy, baby! Come on in, you ol' fiend!" Chuckle he gives his old friend a firm pat on the back leading him in to the suite... his optics lingering a moment on his rotors before beaming back up at his slightly taller team mate. "How ya been flyboy, feels like months since we've had a good pow wow!"

Vortex slips in as soon as the doors open, although the audible invite is well received along with pat. He laughs, turning to the smallest Combaticon to brace his servos against his broad shoulders. Swin isn't tall but he's got some damn fine shoulders. "That's way too long to see my favorite entrepreneur! Which is why I'm here to rectify it!" His claws slowly play along an armor seam, always taking advantage of how tolerant Swindle is of his touch. Unlike some purple-optic bots, hrmph! "Since last I saw ya, I, hrmm... Well, I bit out Whirl's optic, got kidnapped by spiders and also killed a few, sorta shot Cap with a missile, let Whirl shoot me, befriended an Aerialbot, started working at the new Body Shop, totally showed up some Autobots, went on a date with Riptide, beat the shit outta a different Aerialbot aaaaaaaand... Huh, I think that's it... Well, the important slag. Oh! There is one other thing but we can get to that later." His servos move to cup either side of Swindle's face as he leans down closer. "What have you been up to? Any suckers missing some shanix?"

"Heh, trust you to get up to all sorts of mischief when I turn a blind optic! I swear I should put you and Blast Off on leashes, Onslaught would have my head if you two died on my watch." A sardonic little laugh, it wasn't as if his head wasn't wanted by enough people already. Rivets, evil Autobots and even the DJD, all taking there potshots to do him in or use him. In comparison, Vortex's handiness was a welcome reprieve, hands not trying to pulverize his face made a wonderful change. Hearing about this date with Riptide... well, Swindle was just happy for the guy. "Oooooh, nothing that exciting. Just booring ol' logistics my man... I'm more interested in that... well 'that' you mentioned? Got anything' to do with these dents?"

Vortex tilts his helm with a chuckle. It's funny, Blast Off says the same exact thing. Is he the only one not reporting back to Onslaught? And how come he's always the one put on the leash? Not that he'd complain... "Hehe, good ol' Swinner." He bunts his faceplate against Swindle's helm, thumbs brushing his cheeks before releasing his fellow Combaticon. "Haha, those? Nah, fell down some stairs, would you believe it? Er, well, that and Blast Off shot me. Some things never change, right?" Vortex skips on to Swindle's berth, making himself right at home as he stretches out like a cat. "I just found out about Prion- DJD and all that. Been a while, I know! But still, wanna ask, you doing okay?"

Any joke Swindle might have made about Blast Off shooting Vortex over spillt wine (as if they hadn't performed friendly fire for less) is completely dashed by the words 'DJD' and 'Prion'. Swindle's smile evaporates almost instantly as he goes to sit on his desk chair, pulling two glass of mid-grade energon, he hands Vortex one. Crossing his and taking a sip of his drink, Swindle finally lets out a sigh after a minute of silence. "I'm alive Tex. Thats more then a lotta con's can say after encountering Tarn and his circus of death worshiping garbage." Taking another small sip, Swindle looks about his room, seemingly trying to find anything to distract him from doing the right thing. He fails. "...You're on the list... hell, everyone here is on the list because of me but before that, all the Combaticons were marked for death because my poor judgement. I'm ...." Swindle forces himself too look into Vortex's visor, the shame more obvious than a open wound. "I'm sorry man. I can't apologize enough for dragging you and Blasty into my shit."

Vortex takes his glass, sitting up a bit to swirl it as he watches Swindle. Huh, taking this to spark isn't he? He reaches out with a pede to nudge the yellow mech like a reassurance that he's quite glad Swin is alive. "Mmm, yeah, I figured as much." His facemask retracts so he can sip his glass. He doesn't look upset or mad or, well... any of the emotions one should feel when someone has helped seal their fate to something horrendously painful. "Swindle, I didn't ask for an apology. I mean, I would have loved to meet them and talk techniques and what have you, heh... But it was a matter of time before we got on the list anyways. Just glad you and Blasty made it. And now I'm here and they're going to have one hell of time getting to either of you again." He leans back once more, rotors twitching. "But I asked you if you're okay. Alive is good but that doesn't really answer the question, right? But hey, if you'd rather we not talk about it, we don't gotta." He takes another sip before sitting bolt up right, as if struck by lightening. "Primus, I almost forgot! I got a new tongue too, check it out!" Opening his fanged maw, he shows off his bright blue, forked tongue. Marvelous, ain't it?

Forcing his face into a smile, Swindle hopes he's showing Vortex that he appreciates his reassurances. "To be honest with you Tex... Yeah, I'm okay. Honestly, really." He pats Vortex's claw and gives a bright smile. A lie? More so half truth. Against, being alive was certainly better then simply being a memory. Thankfully though Vortex appears to come with generous helping of changing the subject. "OOOOOOOH! Look at you Mr Flash, thats a beauty! Had a forked one like it back in the day when I ran with Gutcruncher's crew, but I never did suit it. Looks good on you though, how much did it set you back, the craftsmenship's exquisite!"

Detecting lies is easy. But if Swindle found some comfort in them he won't pry. Or, at least, he'd pry on a different day. He's not here to kill the mood after all. Vortex grins, wiggling the tips before taking another drink. "Finally! Someone with taste. Blasty was not so receptive, heh... And it didn't set me back any! Hey, if you need repairs, go to First Aid. Primus, what a sucker! See, I bit my last one in half- it happens- so he let me order a new one and I got one customized even though he told me not to. Didn't cost me a thing. Got it filed under repairs so the ship took care of it, hehe... But hey, speaking off..." The rotary shifts, pulling a datapad out and handing it out for Swindle. "Told ya I was working at the Body Shop. Well, I ran a Loss Prevention Report and some inventory and a lot of other slag I've heard you talk about before. Anyways, I got bored and thought you could help. Based on current loss and inventory crossed referenced with what we need to order and so on- how long before the place runs outta business? My associate is an Autobot and I'm pretty sure she's giving away things for- brace yourself my free-market friend- free. All the time. And I like getting paid! But yeah. Here, take a look."

"Vort, bro, buddy. Lets be honest here, we love the guy but until he started dating Whirl, we had evidence to suggest that was the most vanilla Decepticon to ever live!" Oooooh, finance! And business finance no less! Swindle almost giddily snatched the pad from Vortex. "Ah! You came to right con my friend! Medical aren't the only life savers here!" Looking through though, Swindle's enthusiasm seem too deem, somewhat. Ouch. OUCH. Swindle put on a brave smile, laying the pad down on his desk and producing his own to run some numbers. "Well, you and your friend are lucky I've taken a look now and not a moment later. I'd say you realistically run for another... two business months before announcing bankruptcy. If you maybe started charging at least 45 shanix for a fresh coat of paint... and get everyone on board to pay up for it... at least enough time to maybe survive the rest of the year." Pondering for a moment, Swindle's optics appear to blaze with a new idea. "How does you and your pal feel about.... an investor?"

Vortex snickers. Its true. If Blasty were an ice cream flavor, he'd be vanilla with maybe some nuts on top. Get it? because they're the nuts, ehhhh? Heh. He finishes off his drink, watching Swindle work. He loves seeing him work his voodoo marketing magic. Likes it enought look over the whole 'Vort' thing. Don't call him that. "I knew it!" He cries, throwing his empty glass down what with all this indignity he now has. He'll clean it later. "I mean, i didnt know... But I knew it!" With a very Blast Off like huff, he crosses his arms. Truthfully, the ship- ie Drift- would probably help finance and keep the Body Shop afloat but ewww. Dependency and debt. He doesn't do those things anymore. "I'll be honest, my own bank reserves are getting... a little dry. I miss getting paid like proper mercs. How does Drift have so much blood money, damn. I want that bloody commerce, hrmph..." He looks at Swindle with a tilt of his helm, leaning forward. "If ya got an idea in that brilliant head of yours, you should share. I'm all ears."

Swindle simply smiles and raises his hands in mock defense. "Look, I know you don't exactly want to go through the ships finance system, i.e, Drift the charity case and I'm always look to support local ventures. I'm willing to invest a modest sum into the bodyshop, provided your partner agrees. I can also source you better equipment and raw materials, above the board of course, with a fraction of the going rate, mainly cus I wanna see my bro's hobby, day job thing, succeed!..." With a cheeky wink, he steeples his fingers and gives his brother a rather wolf like grin. "And if I should just happen to get a modest sum of the resulting profit, well, we're all smiling right? All above the board, heck, i'll even invest my share from yours into improving places like Swerves, maybe even new ventures on the ship! The lost light is huge and were barely using it to it's potential! IT COULD THE BIGGEST SPACE FARING MALL IN THE GALAXY! THE UNIVERSE!"

Vortex cant help but laugh. Swindle is so fantastically ambitious when it comes to turning a profit. The rotary appreciates that. "I'd always prefer going through you, Swin. I mean, that all sounds fair to me- and new equipment definitely sounds good." He grins broadly and then mock pouts. "We don't even have a parts printer. Have to go through medical, ugh... But think you could draft something up for me to show her? I see her for some practicals soon, I can talk to her then." Vortex reaches out to give his brother a nice shoulder pat. "As for all that mobile mall stuff, dare to dream, Swin. Dare to dream! Speaking of dreams, how is the nightmare that is Magnus working logistics?"

"Going through med- FOR NONINVASIVE COSMETICS!? Ridiculous. Right, no, yes. I'm writing you up a proposal as we speak." And so he does, scouring his mercantile knowledge and his stock for appropriate equipment. It's kinda like watching a tiny (or slightly bigger considering) Magnus work, dutifully focus, speaking oooooof. "Oh right, hiiiiiiim. Well, between all the other mix ups and reorganization going on in Logistics, the ol' fuddy duddy is more like... a really awkward fart that no one wants to admit too... human phrase, don't quote me on it." After a few more minutes (and few under the breath curses of how of all the departments to get put in, Magnus is in his), he uploads his first proposal to Vortex. "There you go, sent. Show that to your partner and get back to me! Like I said, not that we should care, but all this is pretty legal... I think. I'm pretty sure it should be written to latest the Universal Merchants Codex." Swindle preens a little, awaiting to see his good work probably appreciated!

More like going through medical to use their pricey machines buuuuut... Why correct Swindle when hes so adorable all upset like that? Just wanna pop his arms out, so cute. "You're off record Swin, no worries." The quiet insults do make him grin though, heh. Magnus sure was a pain in the aft, yes. He sits up as he gets the proposal, glancing it over. Hmmm... "Looks good to me! And legal, shmegal. Magnus isn't even in charge anymore. Heck, I almost wonder if you outrank him in logistics." Vortex slides off the berth to wrap his arms around his broader brother. "Thanks, Swin! You're worth a million shanix! Probably more, even." He holds him, helm laying against his fellow Combaticon's. Ah, this is nice.

The smile Swindle is wearing is certainly more sincere now. New business avenue! Talking with a very old and loyal (and deadly) friend. "Pfft, they'll find some way to make sure he outranks me. Remember that he's Rodimus's pal. Nepotism, not just us Combaticons that do it." A quick chuckle and then he's wrapping around by Vortex. Usually, he'd just stand there, but, as with every time they were in private, decided to return the cuddle, his head nuzzling ever so slightly into Vortex's chest plate. He needed this. Tailgate, Pipes, Rodimus little trio, they must of got hugs all the time. Well, even if it was from a masochistic helicopter, he needed his. In a low voice, he simply says. "Thanks for checking up on me Tex. Just... thanks."

Vortex's rotors flick, flair, and then fold back happily. Even the damaged ones. "Always here for ya, Swindle. Think nuthin' of it." His facemask snaps back into place as he leans down, bunting the faceplate against Swindle's cheek rather casually and affectionately. Just a few more moments and he releases his fellow Combaticon, fingers lingering just a bit. "Always good seein' ya, Swin. I'll be sure to let you know what my partner thinks as soon as I know. Also, you should go see Blasty some time. He's on a culture kick, ya know?"

Only a quiet chuckle can be heard as Swindle, pats Tex's shoulders. "Ol' sweetspark you. Guessing you'll probably maim someone down the hall to balance all this mushy crap out, huh?" Another little chuckle. Man, Tex did come at time. "Ooooh, tell you what, wouldn't mind seeing him dueting with me on the karaoke. Be hilarious I bet, but your right, I should get hold of him!"

"Oh, you tease. You know I can't do that anymore. Wrecked a guy's face and got my rotor twisted. Pain in the aft to shape and balance them, oof." Vortex rolls his shoulders, rotors fanning once more. "I'm sure he'd like to see you too. Alright, kept you from your business long enough. Should get going. Got a rotor still needing a straightening, heh. You can always come see me too, ya know. Take care, Swindle."

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