2016-06-20 Overprotective

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-06-20 Overprotective
Date 2016/06/20
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Swerve's
Participants Deluge, Swerve, Inferno
Summary Inferno and Deluge make up, and then Inferno gets a little... heated at Swerve.

Often referred to as the heart of the ship (by Swerve), the bar is rarely empty, rarely quiet. Central to the whole is the bar itself: just tall enough for a minibot to serve over the edge and lined with stools capable of accommodating bots of any height. Large, clear vessels stand behind the bar, containing the brews of the day. Behind the bar, an engex distillery assures there's always something new.

Round tables are scattered across the floor. Seats fold up from the floor beneath. Large booths along the sides of the room have room for a half-dozen or more, if they don't mind getting cozy, while monitors here and there find occasional use showing old vids.

A sign outside the door says:

                        No Guns, No Swords, No Bombs                         

Underneath is written: I MEAN IT!! LOCK YOUR WEAPON SYSTEMS DOWN AND DUMP EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE BIN BY THE DOOR. It is signed with a little frowning Swerve face.

On the other side of the door is a SHAME LIST. No, really, that's what it says. It has the number of days that various people are banned from Swerve's and counts down at the start of the morning shift.

Swerve is happy even on a slow night, after all a slow night at the bar was better than a bad day doing anything else. Of course he'd also be happy if more shanix came into the bar as of right now. He's seen fit to have a few shots of his own stuff (easy enough to do since he can duck behind the bar) and he's a bit buzzed.

Inferno has been to Swerve's a few times; he's not much of a drinker, honestly, unless he's with Deluge, and he's disappointed when he enters (wincing a little at the flash of colors his entrance causes) to see that his friend is nowhere in sight. Inferno's wing-like kibble wilts. He'd hoped to make up for their fight from the other day, and usually this is the place to find Deluge...Inferno gives a sigh as he walks to the bar anyway, leaving an open stool on either side of him. Just in case.

"Double Impactor, if you could," he says to the barte--oh yeah it's Swerve. His plating tightens a little bit. There have been rumors concerning this bot, which he'd meant to investigate but never got the time. He has it now. His smile is still easy and lax when he adds, "Please and thank you."

"Make that two." A deep voice says quietly over the casual chatter of the bar a few moments after Inferno orders. It's Deluge, who lowers his bulk onto the seat beside the fellow truck, a more somber appearance to him. "Ah.. Hey." He offers Inferno a glance, the feeling of something hanging just behind his lips heavy in the the air around him. He's not good at this.

Silver gaze slips away to his hands upon the countertop, tips rubbing at the surface as his brows furrow slightly and lips curl in a mild frown. "Look.. I'm sorry I got Red so upset the other day, that was kinda shitty of me. I didn't.. consider he'd react bad to that."

Swerve is happy to serve them both, jovially getting their shots and making a mild show of pouring them. "Want me to open tabs for you both?" He grins, internally praying they both say yes. Heavy drinkers are a gift, as Teebs sitting in the corner is a great example of. But three? hot damn that's the best.

At the familiar voice Inferno looks up and - oh, oh, it's Deluge! He's so happy he almost misses what Swerve asks. "Uh-- yes please," he stammers quickly, before shifting on his stool to face Deluge. "Hey, it''s alright." A servo comes up to rest on Deluge's shoulder, and Inferno's smile is sweet and grateful. "I'm glad that you, you know." Words are hard. "Realized that it kinda sucked to say that to him." The hand is still there, though, even as his other takes the drink Swerve has poured.

"I shouldn't have been so harsh, and I'm sorry too." 'Ferno raises his glass. "Cheers?"

That's the nice thing about Inferno. He's so forgiving. This brings a warmer smile to him, finding himself leaning in just a little at the touch to his shoulder. Good old 'Ferno. "Ah, don't you go sayin' sorry, I was an ass." He mirrors the raise of a glass and clinks it, finally brightening into his usual grin. "Cheers!"

The shot gets knocked back quick and easy, the mech running his tongue over lips to catch a stray drop as he smacks it down on the counter. "Keep 'em coming, mech." He smirks to Swerve and turns back to Inferno, his smile turning sharp and cheeky. "Heh, c'mere you." A hand claps onto the back of Inferno's neck, the mech suddenly getting dragged into a big, burly hug from Deluge, the giant chuckling warmly. "I'll tell yah, I don't think I would've been able to handle another day of not seein' you."

Swerve would have joined in except he's not really close with either of them "Love to see two good pals getting along!" He offers to refill their drinks for them. "To celebrate!"

Inferno knocks back his drink, making a bit of a face at the strength of it. It's what he ordered, though, so he won't complain. And drinking is worth it to be around Deluge, who then -- he gives a little laugh as he's drawn into a hug, squeezing the other firemech in return.

"I was thinkin' the same thing," 'Ferno admits, even as he's still wrapped around his friend. "Who else am I gonna go to the oil baths with?" When he draws back his grin is teasing, kibble-wings perked. And then...Swerve speaks again. Oh yes, that's right. He'd meant to question this mech. Inferno carefully downs the next shot as he says, with a tight smile, "To celebrate."

And then he's leaning his forearms on the bar, smiling a little wider for Swerve. "Hey, I've been meaning to ask. Is it true? That you used to room with Red Alert?" He knows for a fact that it is, but he wants the details. Swerve is very talkative; hopefully his obvious lie won't be noticed?

Oh, right, the baths! They need to do that again soon, Deluge is starting to feel a bit gritty. Any excuse to soak. "To celebrate." He releases Inferno and nods firmly, knocking back another shot.

Now that Inferno is talking to Swerve, Deluge quiets a moment, turning his shotglass in hand while listening. What's he asking about Red for..? Gaze hangs on 'Ferno, noting the tight smile. Er..

<FS3> Swerve rolls Foot In Mouth: Success. (3 2 2 3 1 1 7)

Swerve's visor lights up "Red?! Yea!!! And Primus do I miss the jumpy mech." Swerve starts cleaning a cube as he talks. "I used to play pranks on him all the time." He smirked

Oh, no. Inferno stays where he is, not acknowledging Deluge's look. His grin tightens. "Oh, really?" he asks, tone still friendly and sweet. "Tell me about it." He rests his chin on his servos, the picture of innocent curiosity. Inside his tanks, though, his energon is boiling. He'd heard the rumors and now it seems they're true. Sorry Deluge, he'll get back to you in a moment.

Deluge knows Inferno. Inferno is happy and laughing and kind. Not this.. tight-lipped and quiet. This is.. not good. "'Ferno.." He mutters, tone quiet as he asides to his friend, hand hesitant to settle on his arm.

<FS3> Swerve rolls Foot In Mouth: Great Success. (7 7 2 8 8 6 7)

Swerve is more than happy to tell him "You know, the usual stuff. Mostly moving his things around when he was out, sending anonymous 'tips' about goings on that weren't really goings-on. I had to entertain myself SOMEhow" Swerve shrugs. He's not noticing anything that's going on. In fact he even puts the cherry on top with "Red's nuts. I love it!" He does the loop with his digit near his helm to signify his opinion on Red.

<FS3> Inferno rolls Protective: Good Success. (1 7 4 1 4 7 5 2)

Inferno doesn't object to any touches from Deluge. He's too busy listening to Swerve. His face is still tightening with every word Swerve says. Yes, how funny, haha, picking on the bot with a mental illness, absolutely hilarious. He's trying to hold it in, trying not to do something rash, but once Swerve does that gesture.... yeah. It's go time.

Inferno surges across the counter, servo grabbing Swerve by the throat and dragging him forward to meet Inferno's snarl. "And you think that's funny, do ya?" he hisses, dangerously low. "Messin' with other mechs, you think that's fun?" He's not usually one for this type of behavior. It is probably quite alarming to those around him, especially Deluge.

Deluge had a feeling Inferno would do something. Maybe yell, maybe storm out. But when he sees the big mech reach across the counter and snatch up Swerve by the throat like he's nothing is an action he would have never guessed. Shitshitshit.

"Ferno!" Deluge is fully stunned until his mind catches up with what's happening, rising to his feet lightning quick and taking hold of Inferno's shoulder and arm. "Mech, this isn't gonna solve anything, damnit. Let him go, this isn't like you." Seriously, this is something Deluge does, not Ferno!

Swerve can barely sputter out a reply, he's so afraid "J-just playful stuff!! Roommate stuff!" He tried to assure the angry Inferno.

<FS3> Inferno rolls Protective: Good Success. (8 4 6 8 1 2 1 6)

<FS3> Inferno rolls Heroics: Success. (1 7 5 6 3 2 2 3)

That doesn't help at all. Inferno tightens his grip, extremely intent on dragging Swerve across the bar top and beating him until he understands how THAT IS NOT ROOMMATE STUFF AT ALL. And. And he's real close to following this through, if not for Deluge. The firetruck gives a heavy vent, hard optics never leaving Swerve's face.

"He deserves it," 'Ferno tries to explain, voice thick even as his servo is dragged away from Swerve's throat. And then - in Deluge's grip, with the minibot in front of him, he realizes what he's done. What his instinctive nature has led him to. Inferno gives a soft, pathetic moan as he slumps against Deluge.

"I-I just--" Can he even explain this? He raises his now-free servo to his face. "Primus, I'm so, I'm so sorry."

A wave of relief washed through Deluge when he sees Inferno drop the minibot almost as quickly as he dragged him out. What kills him after, though, is when reality comes back to 'Ferno and he begins to break. An instinct long lost during the war, yet steadily returning to him during his time on the ship, drives him to pull the mech into him, a large arm coiling around him while other hand holds the mech's head to him. "Hey, hey, it's alright.." He finds his voice quiet, comforting. Frowning deeply, rather troubled 'Ferno could reach these levels, he looks to Swerve. "You okay, Swerve? Sorry, he.. just got a bit overwhelmed."

Swerve has cowered behind the bar as soon as he's released. Primus. He hadn't been expecting that kind of reaction. He's shuddering and shivering and "N-Not really but I guess I'll manage. It's what I get right?" he half-chuckles

<FS3> Inferno rolls Protective: Good Success. (7 2 5 5 3 8 1 3)

Inferno is venting heavily as he leans into Deluge's embrace, optics dim. Primus. He can't believe he did that. And he shouldn't be breaking down after only two drinks, though the energon is buzzing through him and making his processor fuzzy. He is aware that he's not thinking straight, that he's being more abrasive than he usually would be. His lips form around another apology to Swerve, until the minibot speaks again. He snaps back to attention.

"Yeah, it is." Inferno's optics are bright with anger. It doesn't hit him that he's being hypocritical when he adds, "You don't treat bots like that. You just don't."

Deluge simply keeps his hold on the mech, reassuring as he tries to calm him until Swerve goes and riles him again. His grip isn't strong, but it remains firm enough to tell Inferno to try and rein himself back in. Or at least let him know he won't hesitate to drag him out if necessary. Thankfully Inferno opts to just talk right now instead, Deluge grunting faintly and watching the two, letting them talk it out.

Swerve gives Inferno a bitter look but for once, says nothing. He knows deep down he has no real friends. Not like Red's apparently got anyways. He gulps dryly and his visor dims. In truth he messed with Red to make himself feel better, like yea he was messed up but not as messed up as Red. Then again what he did to Red probably made him worse.

<FS3> Inferno rolls Comforting: Good Success. (2 8 7 2 1 2 8 3 3)

Deluge's hold helps calm Inferno from his (righteous) anger. Swerve hurt Red, 'Ferno had heard about it and not believed it but Swerve hurt Red except. The combination of his friend's touch, as well as the way Swerve doesn't respond, has Inferno's energon curdling with guilt. He. He shouldn't have done this.

"Swerve." 'Ferno carefully removes himself from Deluge's hold so he can sit on his own. He doesn't try to lean onto the counter. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't.....I shouldn't have been so cruel." It's not enough. He knows that words will never be enough, so he adds, "Is there anything I can do for you? Anything at all."

Swerve gives Inferno something of a mix between incredulous and upset "Just get out of my bar. Both of you. Please." He says shortly "Just for tonight. Seriously I can't deal with this right now."

Inferno's expression is curling on itself. He's staring at the counter. "Don't punish Deluge," he says as he gets up. "He didn't do anything." Without another word Inferno is gone. Maybe Del stays, maybe he doesn't; the firemech doesn't look back to check. Swerve shouldn't have treated Red Alert the way he did but; 'Ferno's servos clench as he walks. He shouldn't have been so reckless, either. He'll have to make it up to the minibot eventually.

Deluge honestly won't complain about being told to leave. True, he didn't really do anything, but he imagines Swerve doesn't want to see him due to association. He's about to tell Inferno he doesn't mind, but the mech is already up and gone. Frowning, he glances to Swerve, apologetic, before getting up and following him out. Maybe he can steer Inferno to the oil baths. A long soak usually cheers him up.

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