2016-06-14 Ye Olde Ambuscade

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Ye Olde Ambuscade
Date 2016/06/14
Location Quiet Room
Participants Getaway, Ultra Magnus, Drift, Whirl, Rung, Riptide, Torque, Bulkhead, Starstruck, Wheeljack, Penchant, Windblade, Brainstorm, Soundwave
NPCs Atomizer, Hound
Scene GM Mia
Summary This is a surprise party in which no one dies. (Anyone who was there at the end can finish this log out.)

A sad, somber tranquility fills this space, even before any bot might wish to enter it. Despite the lavish decorations that might adorn the walls, the purpose of this ceremonial room invokes a seriousness to be respected. There is a slight chill to the air, surely the work of the ventilation system, and not the purpose this room was added for.

The room is open, designed to accommodate the majority of the crew should it be required, without a surface to sit or even lean against. The ceilings are high, vaulted and yet also shaped for acoustics to allow even the smallest whisper of any in attendance to be shared with all. There are no viewports to the outside and the only distractions for attention are the changeable view screens on the either side of the only thing in this room.

A combination podium and display case, the raised dais opposite the entrance is meant for place of remembrance, to commemorate those that might be lost along the way on this voyage. Along the base of that platform are locations are locations for plagues, should such things ever be required.

It's the end of an era, and this calls for a celebration.

The 'passing' of Ultra Magnus was something set to be done on a formality, a simple transaction without much note and certainly without elebration. That would not do; not do at all. Thus, in secret a farewell party *has* been arranged and you (mostly) all have been invited. Since Minimus Ambus, the (mini) man in the giant suit is not one for such things, there was an urgent insistence on KEEPING THIS QUIET! That is until there moment to yell 'surprise!'. Which is fast approaching.

Getaway has organized all of this, decorated it too, and hauled ALL of the liquor (he could) from Swervels to the Quiet Room. Even if someone misses out on the invite they should still know to come here to get their drink on. Getaway dashes into the room, addressing the sizeable collection of Lost Lighters that have shown up. "Okay, okay, he'ls almost here! Everyone, wait for the lights, just like wepracticed." With that he punches the panel to cast the room in utter darkness as he sneakily gets into place himself...

Ultra Magnus received a somewhat different message than everyone else, and a few things about it -- not least of which the quiet isolation suggested by the meeting place, although his native paranoia surely has something to do with it as well -- led him to draw certain conclusions. Conclusions about just how much of an easy pickings certain parties might suspect Minimus Ambus to be, outside his armor, without layers of protective plating, attention deflectors, and an onboard load-out that puts guns on top of guns on top of guns and sticks more out of the sides of his head.

So he makes a stop on the way here.

When he strides into the dark of the room, his eyes are pinpoints of brilliant scarlet hue at roughly the right height for his medium frame, outside the armor. When the doors slide shut behind him, he feels sealed into the incomplete gloom for approximately a half of a second. Then the lights come up.

Minimus Ambus stands before the assembled partygoers with a loadbearer's weight in weaponry strapped to various parts of him. He has pistols at his hips. He has gauntlets with petite caliber energy weapons hooked onto his wrists. He has a grenade belt lashed across his waist. He has a shotgun strapped to his back, easily in reach tucked up behind one of his wheels. About the only thing he's not done is glued a gun to his head (some things are apparently only good for the Magnus armor).

He blinks in the sudden light.

Whirl made a half-assed attempt at hiding. When the light comes on it's obvious that all he did was sort of crouch a bit behind a chair, leaving a good ninety percent of his mass clearly visible. He doesn't look terribly excited when Minimus comes in but then again he rarely looks anything.

Drift is here as well and the second the lights come on, he springs out his hiding spot, arms flung out on either side of his body, a fantastic smile on his face. "SURPRISE!" he shouts and then immediately stares at all the weaponary strapped to Minimus. "Are we going to war, what is this?"

Bulkhead......can't really hide if he wants to. Good thing it's dark! When the lights come up he's one of the mechs jumping up, his voice blending in with the other "SURPRISE!"s and whatever else gets yelled. Minimus' not surprising. In fact Bulk is actually laughing over the sight. Good old Magnus! Still weird to see that he's actually a tiny pickle, but. It's definitely the bot Bulk remembers.

Starstruck isn't great at hiding either, considering his height. He also doesn't really have any idea what this party is for. He's just here to PARTY, so when he jumps out he gives an excited and vague "YEAH!" For you. Whoever you are. Where's the booze.

Soundwave is only here because someone pestered him into it. And Rumble and Frenzy wanted to 'get dead drunk and cause trouble'. The two are now slightly pouting at his pedes. They aren't to cause trouble or else. Currently, the Commander is doing his best lamppost impression- he's good at that. As the lights turn on, he zeroes in, still a statue. That was a lot of fire power. "Holy shit!" The cassettes, one of them. As eloquent as ever. Soundwave just nods a greeting. Hey, heavy weaponry was not new for this Decepticon. Also, he may have shifted just slightly to cover the smaller two. That made him feel more relaxed.

Brainstorm is pretty good at hiding. Lots of practice. How could he miss this? Well, pretty easily actually, but this is pretty interesting. Plus, this serves as a break between work so that people can't get on his back for overworking himself. He has no intention of sticking around too long, and every intention of barackading himself in his workshop for the next couple cycles to work on sensors for the engines, and the titan.

But while he's here, might as well join in on the fun! And the "Surprise!"-ing. Though, from the looks of it, it seems that both sides are a little surprised "I think he forgot the rest of the armour somewhere."

Getaway is there, standing at the makeshift bar, right under the banner he made that reads 'Sorry to see you go'. No doubt many look to him too at this entrance the guest of honor has made, but Getaway just chuckles. He abs a bottle off the bar to approach Magnus with it, offering it to the big guy. "Guess your retirement is needed. Wow, you are wound up," he whistles, looking over all those guns. He wants to make sure that UM takes the drink. "Everyone," he turns, arms wide to speak to as many as he can, "To the bot that has changed so many of our lives, and only for the better. A hero, a legend, a life changer.... and now, sadly, one that has to step down. Move on. and we are all worst for it, but tonight! Tonight you should tell him why he's important because everyone turned out for *you*, Ultra Magnus or Minimus ambus or, well, whoever you need to be." He turns to wink at UM before he looks back. "First round on the house, so we can all raise a toast. To Ultra Magnus!"

Torque is, of course, hiding behind a giant keg that she personally hauled in. She absolutely LOVES parties, so she's more than excited to be here. The sound of the door opening and the lights flicking on is the cue she waits for, beaming as she pops up, arms open. "Surprise, Mags--Oh, whoa! Heh, easy mech, it's a party!" Delight turns to shock, Torque holding a 'holy shit' expression when she sees the guns and leans back.

Riptide is so awkward at parties. He always does something dumb, which.. well, isn't surprising. Hiding under a table, he's about to fall asleep and is only jolted back awake when everyone jumps out and yells. Startled, he scrambles out as well, still a bit dazed. "U-Uh, surprise!" Then he sees the guns and yelps, diving right back under the table, his legs and backside sticking out.

Rung's form of hiding consists of using his shorter stature to his advantage, ducking behind the closest obstacle and waiting for the lights to go on. Once they do he, along with the others, yells surprise.. though he is probably the one surprised at the sight before him. Immediately Rung's confusion takes over the cheerful expression before it, why... Why is Minimus Ambus looking like he is ready to start a war with the nearest alien planet? His attention is distracted again at the sudden dive Riptide takes beneath the table. That probably isn't good.

Wheeljack's time on the Lost Light has never given him much reason to be in contact with Ultra Magnus, but he's here anyway. Might as well show some support for the guy as he steps down from his position. Besides, he should probably spend some time somewhere other than his lab or the medibay, which is what he's been doing with his time recently. He had to take a moment to black out his helm fins when Getaway turned off the lights, and now Wheeljack is glad he did, considering the sheer amount of weaponry that Ultra Magnus-- or rather, Minimus Ambus-- walked in with. His yelp of surprise is mostly overshadowed by the cheers from around the room. Before long he's laughing at his own shock, though, and stepping away from his attempt at cover.

Minimus Ambus eyes Getaway with a particularly sardonic expression tightening his lips and the lines of his jaw. He presents a particularly stiff and tense image before them all, although this is hardly unusual in its broad outline; only in the specifics is it super weird. His weight shifts between his feet. As it does, there's a little metallic scrapey noise from some of his armament shifting against some other of his armament. He eyes the drink with extreme and visible reluctance. It's hard to imbibe when your hands are so full of guns. He says: "I see. This is a surprise." The words could not be more flat if he rolled over them first in his alt mode. His biggest alt mode.

"Well, yeah, that's sort of the point," Drift says, moving away from his hiding spot so he can better greet Minimus. "Getaway put this whole thing together, isn't that awesome?" His smile manages to get larger and he starts circling around the smaller bot, checking out his vast assortment of weapons, whistling. "That's impressive."

Whirl stares at Riptide as he goes diving under a table like a startled cat. "Oh come on, what kind of partying is that!?" He bends down and grabs hold of Riptide's feet, literally dragging him back out. "Let's go get drunk before everyone else drinks all the booze!"

Rung can only watch as Minimus Ambus is evidently not impressed with the party, perhaps surprising the stoic mech wasn't such a good idea after all... But whats done is done! All that they can do now is try to make sure everyone enjoys the party, hopefully including the guest of honor himself. Rung opens his mouth to say something to Riptide, perhaps coax him out, only for Whirl to literally drag him from his hiding spot. That is one way to do it.

There is a general staggered chorius of 'surprise!' from the mass collection of bots that are here. From where Ultra Magnus stands there is practically the entire ship here. In all of that sea of colors and robots though there is one flash of red & yellow, by the bar. Yet when Atomzer sits down and turns to give him own toast he reveals who he is. Several of the Cons heat up their weapons in response to Ultra Magnus barreling in, weapons cocked... only UM hasn't and a quick glance to Soundwave has them powering down. It'ls a little Con, shorter than a minicon (Minimus-size), named Dynamo that marches upt o Ultra Magnus next and... mutters a, "You know what.... thanks. I mean it. Without enforcing the Accord we'd all be in a bigger mess. So. Yeah, glad someone looked out for the little guy," he nods and turns to leave, just like that.

Getaway all but skips away from Magnus, wanting to get far away from the spotlight. He pats Riptide on the back as he passes. "Hey Whirl," he asks, and then leans in to whisper, "Want to help me and Ripper on a quest? Ah, Rung, you too? I mean, there could be danger though, going up against a dragon."

Like said startled cat, Riptide's fingers are dragging at the ground as he's dragged out against his will by Whirl. Still bristling, he only eases up when he sees there's no actual shooting going on, which brings him great relief with a deep sigh. "Oh, thank Primus. Last time I threw a surprise party they guy actually shot the place up, heh!" Brightening up, he smiles that winning, toothy smile, especially when Rung and Getaway show up. The therapist gets a happy little brush of knuckles to his shoulder. "Heya, Doc! Glad you could make it. You want me to get you a drink..?" He's a little figety when asking, finger tapping until Getaway pats him, beaming at the escape artist.

And speaking of booze, Torque is already pouring herself some in a glass clearly made for bots of Magnus size. "Alright, mechs, don't be shy to wet your whistles! This stuff'll keep the party goin' WAY after it stops!" She chuckles and raises her glass to Minimus in cheers before chugging half of it in one go. She only stops to offer the room. "Let's get some music up in here, yeah? C'mon, who brought the tunes?"

Minimus Ambus looks, well, you know, actually a little taken aback. He gives Dynamo a little nod in return for the verbalized appreciation, uncertain what to do with it. As Drift circles him, his stance widens like he's planting himself. He looks after Getaway's retreat with a deepening frown in his expression, but returns his look to Drift with a particularly dry edge of, "Terrific." At least he isn't shooting anybody, right? He doesn't quite demand why but there's something reproachful in the look the mustachio'd bot gives Drift. "What was that? Are you whistling at me?"

Penchant arrives late, and flails apologetically before moving to clap in Minimus' direction. Thumbs up, yay welcome to Logistics! Then he goes on to /mingle/. Or speed-mingle, with anyone that looks unoccupied for more than a few seconds. At some point he attempts to hold a conversation with Frenzy.

Still shaking his head and chuckling to himself as he gets over the initial scare of seeing a wall of weaponry come into the room, Wheeljack makes his way over toward the drinks, and the absolutely enormous keg that someone set up. "I'm not sure who's more surprised, us or him," he comments, mostly to himself. Then he's back to chuckling as Torque chugs half her drink. "Planning on leaving some for the rest of us?" he asks, even as he prepares one for himself. With a curly straw, of course, though he isn't taking a sip of it just yet.

Yes, drink away! Don't mind that Brainstorm is pulling out his own flask from his chest compartment. The drinks are fine. Maybe wattered down, since they are from Swerve's but otherwise totally fine! Yep! He's still at the bar though. It's easier to have a flat surface nearby when you're pouring your drink in to your arm "By the way" he calls over to Torque "This, right here, this is me resting, so you don't get on my case about it later."

Drift looks embarrassed but puts on a confident grin when he stops in front of Minimus. "What? Me? I would never do something as disrespectful as that to you!" He points at one of the guns mounted on Minimus' frame. "Your guns though, I'll whistle at them. Seriously.." He crouches to get a better look at them. "Is there anything left in the armoury?"

As soon as Getaway mentions a quest, Whirl drops Riptide's legs and stands up straight, his optic flickering with an excited brightness. "Did you say a dragon?" His armour bristles and he snaps his claws. "Hell yeah! How many guns do we need?"

Bulkhead is quick to find Jackie in the room, and as soon as he does he's clapping an arm around the scientist's shoulders. "Hey! Glad ya could make it !" Good thing his friend has already found the keg Torque set up. Bulk beams at the tow mech. "Don't believe we've met before?" he extends his free servo. "Name's Bulkhead."

Starstruck was going to go fuck with Riptide, who dived beneath a table? Hilarious! Except. Except someone asks for music. He doesn't know the voice, and what does it matter? He's got this. "Yo, pump up the beats!" He yells above the chatter in the room, speakers coming to life with a Nicki Minaj song. What else did you expect.

"Yes. I didn't take anything too large for my hands." Minimus Ambus gives Drift a dour look in the face of his brilliant grin. "I wasn't about to walk into an ambush without taking precautions." For some people, taking precautions might look different than this. His scarlet gaze sweeps the room again, marking the turnout with a distinctly baffled edge. "This wasn't the ambush I anticipated." (No, it was a different one.)

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Drift asks, rising up to his full height again. "Sorry you didn't get the ambush you so clearly were looking forward to." He taps one of the guns with a finger. "But hey, you look pretty cool so.. you know, there's that!"

Rung beams over at Riptide, "I really was not planning to drink tonight but if you are offering I suppose I could have one with you." It might actually be nice to have a drink and talk with some mechs outside the confines of his office. but, "Are you ok Riptide?" Rung puts a reassuring hand on his arm. Wait a moment, what about a dragon?

"Last I heard, this dragon is big. and mean. A real meanie. I was thinking *you* would be my big gun," Getaway answers Whirl. "She took something I promised to get back. I could use the help. It could either require some underhandedness," he gestures to Whirl, "Or some clever talking," he gestures to Rung. "If you guys are in for an adventure."

Hound approaches Ultra Magnus to clap the bigger bot on the shoulder. "You should get over there," he suggests to UM with a smile as he indicates to the bar, where Torque and Brainstorm are. And a whole line of bots fidgety nervous. "I think everyone means to buy you a drink and say their own thing. I'll save mine for later!"

At the bar, Atomizer watches UM closely, frowning more with each passing second as he stares.

Soundwave remains still, even as some looks shift towards him at different points in time. He doesn't exactly hoot and holler for the ex-Enforcer but he is here. That is what matters. He glances down at Penchant and nods before finally moving, heading to Minimus Ambus. Leaving Frenzy with the minicon- "If we help you take over Krok, you can get us free stuff right?"- with Penchant. He stands solidly, a blue dented wall, before the mustachio'd mech. He nods to Drift. "Firepower to body mass ratio, impressive." He agrees with Drift before pulling something out of subspace and holding it out. It is neatly wrapped in delicate paper. He pulls back as Hound approaches and waits, tucking the gift discreetly under his arm. Hmm...

Minimus Ambus chooses not to answer that. Maybe he doesn't know whether it's a good thing or a bad thing. He just says: "Thanks." He starts to say something else and then snaps his teeth shut on whatever it was. He looks up at Soundwave. He says: "... Thanks." He looks around the room once more. "I don't need to bought drinks," he says. He sounds a little more tense than he might ordinarily. "I'm not interested in becoming publicly intoxicated."

Wheeljack gives a little 'oof' at the hand coming down on his shoulder, but he manages not to spill his drink. "Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't actually take a crowbar to pry my away from my work," Wheeljack tells Bulkheadwith no small measure of amusement. "Or Brainstorm!" he notes, waving to the other scientist. "How's your work going? I'm guessing well, if you're down here."

Torque snorts into her glass and looks over to Brainstorm, smirking. "Yeah yeah, just enjoy it!" Because she's totally going to. Grinning to Wheeljack, she waggles her glass. "Only if no one challenges me to a drinking contest. 'Cause I can tell yah now, you'd all lose." As for Bulkhead, she beams to the larger mech and takes his hand in her own, grip surprisingly firm as she gives a shake. "Torque. Good to meetcha, Bulk. Grab a drink and have some f- Oh. Oh." The music hits her audials and she suddenly finds her body moving some to the beat, hips swinging a little. "Nice tunes, Star!"

Oh boy, there goes Getaway and his dragon talk again. "Getaway, at this rate you're gonna have the whole ship going after this dragon. Including the dragon." He snickers before turning back to Rung, feeling a bit hot in the face at the touch to his arm. "I uh.. I'm okay." He smiles weakly, posture bowing some out of habit when around smaller mechs. "How are.. you? Oh! Hold that thought. Lemme get drinks first." Pointer finger held up, he scuttles off quick to the bar to get something simple for him and Rung before hustling back, excusing himself when shying around the crowd.

"Ahhh, retrieving stolen property, eh?" Whirl taps what used to be his chin in feigned thought. "Alright, let's do it! I've never punched a dragon in the face before." It's obvious how Whirl is expecting this quest to turn out. He gives a playful punch to Rung's shoulder. "You're coming too, right??"

"There's a lot of space between stone-cold sober and publically intoxicated, you know," Drift says, slapping a hand on Minimus' shoulder and giving it a squeeze before falling away. "It's your party though, you don't have to drink if you don't want to. With all those guns, it's not like anyone could force you anyway."

"Yep!" Brainstorm gives Wheeljack a cheerful nod "I'm just taking a short break before I get back to work. I'm gonna go down to the titan, and I need to have a subspace sensor or two done before that. I couldn't miss this though" he waves his flask at the general room, stopping at Minimus. Judging from the look in his optics, he's finding it rather amusing.

Penchant's serene smile quickly fades, and he resists the urge to throttle Frenzy. "I'm not-!" His volume abruptly lowers, "I'm not /taking over/ anything." He shoots an unimpressed look in Soundwave's direction, then notices Atomizer brooding at the bar. Someone should... go chat with him. Penchant just continues to stare.

Rung isn't exactly sure what Getaway is trying to get at. He can't mean- oh no. He can't be talking about... Rung's logic is telling him he should just leave them to whatever they are doing but at the same time, if he stays he might be able to help them avoid any conflict that might arise. He still is not entirely sure what is going on, but none of his guesses are good and all are likely to end worse without Rung there as a moderator. So the therapist gives a thankful smile to Riptide as the mech scoots away and a confused glance to Whirl, who seems far more comfortable about this, "I.. suppose I am?"

Bulkhead grabs his own drink from Torque, moving it to the servo curled around Wheeljack as he shakes hers. "Ya sure you'll win a drinkin' contest with us?" he asks playfully. There's no doubt in him that she could, it's just a fun idea. Especially if they could get Mags involved! Though - a glance gives the impression that Bulk's old boss is quite preoccupied. Oh well.

Starstruck still doesn't know that voice, and he still doesn't care! He hoots out a "You fucking know it!" as he cranks the song. "Boy you got my heartbeat running away.. " He totally is dancing, even if he's alone. He doesn't care.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Dancing: Good Success. (3 6 5 4 4 7 3 8 7)

"I'll give it a pass," Wheeljack says, shaking his head as Torque waves her glass in his direction. "I'd like to be able to walk out of here when the night is done, so I'll take your word on that one." Then, of course, he's distracted by Brainstorm mentioning the titan and the subspace sensors. It doesn't count as small talk about work if it's not his work, right? Besides which, he's genuinely interested in it. "Seems like a good crowd," he agrees. "That's an important project, though. Good luck on those sensors! Though you probably won't need it."

There is the odd bot every so often that is brave enough to come up to Ultra Magnus to expres their own private reasons for honoring him. Some do so seemingly out of protest, but they are far and few between. Most can recall some pivotal moment that Minimus or the mantle he wore has helped to shape their life. With easily half the ship here already and still more filtering in, late like a Penchant, they will make a mass for UM to get through to be sure.

At the bar, unaware of Penchant's stare, Atomizer can't wait any longer. He gets to his feet and pushes to get towards UM and Drift.

"Great!" Getaway sounds happy that Rung is onboard and that Riptide is fetching drinks. The best plans are made over drinks. To Whirl, "Exactly. Viviqueen took something she shouldn't have. I mean, can'lt hurt to remind a new crew member of the rules about sharing and not taking personal items, right? We'd be doing the ship a service!"

"Suuuure ya aren't." Frenzy winks. Somehow with a visor. "But, when ya do, hook us up. We'll make sure that back stays unstabbed- just how ya like it. Keep ya in power and all that slag." The cassette snickers and roughly punches Pench's shoulder. Rumble shoves him before heading over to the bar. "We'll be over there when ya ready to talk hired muscle!" And then he scampers off with a holler after his brother. They wrestle over an open bar stool.

Soundwave's optics twitch under his visor. Noise. Terrible noise. He turns his helm slowly to leer at Starstruck. He has a headache now. Great. With a harsh vent, he holds out the meticulously wrapped back to Minimus once more... And draws it back a second time, helm pricking and looking over. Hmmm..."

"Yeah! Doesn't that dragon know I'm the only one who can get away with stealing people's stuff!?" Whirl snaps his claws together with a loud clang of resonating metal. "..Also, don't tell anyone I've been stealing their stuff." He swings an arm around Getaway's shoulder, feet scuffing impatiently at the floor. "So when are we going to do this? Right now? Can I get drunk first? Or would it be better if I wasn't?"

Drift is far too involved with his conversation with Minimus to even notice Atomizer making his way towards them. He should really keep a better eye on his surroundings considering the misfortune that tends to befall him.

"Of course I don't" Brainstorm tilts his chin up. He'd move his hand up to his chest too, but both of them are currently occupied, either by his flask, or the funnel in to which he'd been pouring it "I have skill, but thanks anyways! I've been wanting to see a titan up close since Caminus. Somewhere where something isn't also trying to kill me." like all the colonies since Caminus. The Caimens simply didn't care for him poking around their titan.

Minimus glances aside at the cluster of people who want to talk to him and try to get him to drink. He looks the other way, toward the door. One of these definitely has more allure to him than the other. He gives Drift a prickly look, one with which Drift is long familiar. He says, "I assure you nobody could force me to drink anything even if I weren't carrying any weapons at all. My party indeed." A little overwhelmed by stimuli at this point, he's no more or less aware of Atomizer than he is of ten billion other people in here -- oh god, so many -- and sadly this means that he hasn't actually noticed Soundwave's back and forth with the present yet either.

Riptide, remembering his friends of course, comes back with a full tray of various drinks he imagines Rung, Whirl, and Getaway might like. Two out of three he actually knows, while Rung gets something akin to a classy martini. Riptide's own is bright blue with an umbrella in it. "Here we go. Drink up, guys!" He chirps, happy everyone is having such a good time. "When were you thinking of even doing this, Getty?" He asks between slurping through his curly straw. He likes fun drinks.

"Absolutely. That's about the only thing I'll never be modest about." Torque chuckles to Bulk and downs the rest of her giant drink. Does she even swallow or does it pour straight down..? Yeah, that drinking skill, bro. Once she drains it she sets it on the counter and gets Bulk and Jackie a clap on the shoulder with both hands. "If you mechs'll excuse me, I've got a little dancing to do while the party's still young." Does she fingergun? Totally. Does she fingergun while moonwalking away? You bet your ass she does. Sliding on up over to Starstruck, Torque is all about this music, complimenting his moves with her own sweet pops and locks and fluid gyrations of blended salsa and urban. Torque can dance, fact.

"Oof!" Penchant narrows green optics on that shoulder slug and keeps the pointed gaze on the thuggish pair until they move off. Eventually he heads over to wherever that keg is, brow quirking at the dance stirring up. "Woo Torque!"

Atomizer does it. He gets through the bots that surround Ultra Magnus (and Drift), enough that he can lean in to make himself be noticed. All of this for Ultra Magnus is great and all... but there's one bot that consumes his thoughts more. ";Sorry sirs, but have you seen...*!" He gets cut off though as a pair of tall mechs get in front of him to mutter their own version of praise for Magnus. Dismayed, Atomizer pushes away to resume his search elsewhere. He just assumed who he was looking for would be with Ultra Magnus.

Wheeljack is clearly interested in talking with Brainstorm, and then - there goes Torque. Aw. He'd kind of been hoping for more drinking conversation. Bulk lets his arm slide off his friend as he grabs himself another glass from the keg after knocking back his first. He is gonna have fun here, dangit! He starts to sidle toward Magnus - Minimus ? Minimags? Ultra Ambus? - not really paying attention to Atomizer or any possible ? threats that could be coming from there. He's just going to join the little group and sit back quietly for a bit, until he can get in and add his own (likely physical) praise.

Starstruck is doing his thing in the midst of this party, a drink in his hand (where'd he get that? who knows) and when Torque slides up to him, he gives a bright gleeful laugh. "Fuck yeah! Get it, girl!" He would throw a servo around her waist but said servo is occupied with his drink, so instead he gets in close to dance with her. She must have been the one asking for music! Awesome, totally awesome.

It's only when Atomizer actually reaches them does Drift finally notice him. Gosh, how did he even miss him with his bright red and yellow paintjob that reminds him so much of.. hey, where is Rodimus anyway?" With Hound and Soundwave around, he figures they will provide more than enough buffer between Minimus and the crowd of people who so desperately want him to get drunk with them so he breaks away to pursue Atomizer. "Hey, hold up! What's the rush? What's up? Everything okay?".

Wheeljack pauses for long enough to wave on Torque, and call a brief goodbye to Bulkhead as he wanders off toward another section of the party, before turning back toward Brainstorm. "They're fascinating! I've seen Metroplex, before he left Cybertron, but not necessarily up close... they're something else." There's a pause as Wheeljack finally takes a sip from his drink, steering the straw to his faceplate between his fingers, covering over the opening in his faceplate he's drinking from. "Hopefully the sabotage attempts really have died down, though. I got more than enough of that in Transit."

Minimus looks after Atomizer for the question unfinished and frowns. He frowns a little harder, but Drift is apparently on it, so ... okay. Shifting his weight a little again in another clank of unspent ammunition (ahem), he nods to the mechs singing his praises with some more of that inveterate awkwardness and resets his vocalizer in the clear of his throat.

Rung notices that Getaway's wording sounds awfully foreboding. He is speaking almost as if he wants to attack the dragon. "Getaway what exactly has Viviqueen taken from you?"

"Mech, you've got some badass moves." Torque laughs while dancing with Starstruck. Of course, playing the difficult type, as he gets in close she glides away, torso flexing a smooth motion. And she really does look like she's gliding with the way heel and ball of her pedes shift in time. At the edge of the dance circle, which is to say there isn't one yet, she stops and perks up, antennas flicking up high in alert as she looks over the crowd. Who said her name.. Oh! "Penchant!" Her favorite minibot! That's it, he's done for. And so, skirting past the crowd, AKA pushing them out of her way, she comes up on Pen quick and scoops him up as if he were nothing. "Let's dance, c'mon!" Excited, she twirls on back to Starstruck, laughing again delightedly.

Soundwave watches Atomizer go. He looks disappointed. Soundwave doesn't care. He's annoyed at this point. That noise- because it definitly wasn't music- wasn't helping at all either. Finally, the Decepticon Commander has had enough and uses his considerable bulk and... Well, the fear and respect of him that most others hold. His visor glints and he glares, moving in closer to minimus and inbetween others. Step away. Back off. Everyone has been interrupting him and he's quite done with that. His dented armor bristles and then clenches shut as he shifts. He waits, looking around some more. Can kill you with a look, etc, etc. Finally, he presents the gift a third time.

Minimus looks up at Soundwave with a flicker of new surprise lifting the edge of his helm. "Oh," he says. Hesitatingly, he lifts his hand, palm up -- since it is not actually holding a gun, just has a gun strapped to his gauntlet, but never mind -- to take the carefully wrapped package. "Thank you, Soundwave, although it was hardly necessary to present me with anything," he says gravely. There was a time when the only thing he would have taken from any Decepticon is a signed confession or maybe a conditionless surrender but that's-- greatly beside the point.

"No, *not* right now! Tonight is all about Ultra Magnus. You guys should go thank him! Besides, we need to *plan* if we are going to have any hope of defeating a dragon. In her own lair, no less. So no, we should form a real plan that'ls not just hoping Whirl can punch her into seeing reason. So, let'ls wait until we leave Velocitron at least. And rung, it's not that she took anything from me, but something from Gearstrip. C'mon, you know me. I'm all about looking out to help others." He gestures wide to, well, all of this. "Now, if you'll excuse me gents, looks like a bartender'ls gone rogue. I have duties to perform." and drinksto poor. He heads right for the bar where he slides up to.... Windblade? "Hey now, this party is only for one quitter," he mostly whispers as he sldes her a drink. He head nods to Brainstorm. "Maybe you and he he should talk as it sounds like he wants to poke around in your city-sized pal." His mind is faulty but his hearing is amazing?

Atomizer stops when Drift speaks to him. "Oh, ah, I... you know. Just wondering if... I haven't seen him here. Not yet. Maybe the captain's running late? He does that, right. To make an entrance."

Hey yeah, where /is/ Rodimus? Penchant muses on this for a split-second before Torque sweeps him off his feet. "Wha-!" His intial protests are merely instinctive - Torque is cool. She's permitted to tote him around, at least for a little. He clings to her and tries to find his footing. "I-I'm no good at this," he insists, clutching her hand. "I don't really have training in this skill," he adds. Like Starstruck must. Rigorous training.

"You and me both" Brainstorm nods "They could have at least warned us that there were bombs there. You know, after they didn't have a reason to blow the place up anymore. Or even disarmed them. Not that I didn't think I couldn't do it!" he was just terrified doing it "But it was just a waste of my time and skills -- our time and" he waves his hand. You get the rest. Then his optics flicker left, right, and he leans in a bit towards the other engineer, his voice hushed "I did manage to nab that green capsule. Still need to find time to study it properly though."

"Nonsense." Torque says firmly with a smile when toting Penchant back to the dancefloor and setting him down. "You don't need training to dance. All you gotta do is feel the music flow through your body and let it move you." She's raring to break out in some fancier moves, but she slows down for Pen, stooping a bit closer to his level and taking both his hands in her own, trying to urge him into some easy steps in tune to the beat of the next song that queues up. She even holds one hand above his head and gives him a little twirl just to be fun.

Riptide is still over on the side with the others of his little group, acting a wall flower for the moment while sipping his drink. Glancing over to Rung, he meets him with a soft smile. "So uh.. interesting party, huh?" He gives a little snort at that. It's certainly a Lost Light party, he'll give it that. "Anyway, sorry about running off before. How've you been?"

"You kept it?" If Wheeljack sounds slightly skeptical here, it's because he is. "When you don't even know how it works?" Maybe not skeptical enough, considering it's the unknown part of it that he objects to, rather than the bomb part. Then again, maybe it's something one just has to get used to, working in the same space as Brainstorm. "Maybe you could at least grab one of those workers while you're visiting, see if they can give you any more information about it... though that's a side trip compared to visiting a titan," he observes. Wheeljack's straw rattles as he drinks the rest of his engex, then he's waving to Brainstorm. "I have projects of my own to get back to, but enjoy the rest of your break!"

Oh man, oh man! Another dance partner? Starstruck doesn't even falter when Torque heads off to find - whoa. Look at that mini. Holy fuck. "Hey, don't think I've seen you around before!" he calls over the music blasting through his speakers, and yes, it's another dancing song. Justin Timberlake! Fuck yeah. He remembers how the femme had played hard to get while they were dancing earlier, and he loves it, fluidly moving around the two of them. He'll touch and steer and move where he can, without being too forceful. Sometimes he's subtle. Sometimes.

Bulkhead is......kind of lost in the party. He's got another drink, and he's drifting. That's fine for him. Looks like Mags is pretty busy, and since he's the whole point of them being here, there's nothing wrong with that! Mags deserves the attention. So Bulkhead will take his time, work around, maybe find a niche to slip into amidst all the celebrating.

"Should I announce to the guest of honor that you've called him a quitter? Or was that jab meant solely for me and Magnus just stands as a casualty?" challenges Windblade quietly at the bar, even as her fingers fall over the rim of the glass offered her to claim it, but she doesn't lift it to her lips. She was without a drink before, and it doesn't seem as if she needs one now except that it gives her something to do with her hands. Her gaze slides briefly, perhaps surprisingly, to Soundwave even where her thoughts are perhaps not the most flattering for Getaway for that jab. But her attention turns back quickly as she adds to the mech, "One doesn't-- poke around a titan."

"Oh." Drift's bright grin falters slightly as he looks around the room, hoping to spot Rodimus' flashy paintjob amongst the crew gathered here. "Yeah, uh.. I guess he's running late. Or maybe he's just.. really busy?" He finds it incredibly odd that Rodimus wouldn't be here by now, he doesn't make a habit of missing parties, much less ones that involve Magnus. "I'm sure he'll be here soon," he says, forcing a smile at Atomizer.

Well, Windblade has some bite. Getaway doesn't answer her question though, as to who that title is for. Rather he focuses on the thing that grabbed her attention. "Might want to let Brainstorm know that, but hey, you should trust the guy. He's saved us more times than anyone else on the ship. If he wants to rip into Navitas then there has to be a good reason. And so... er, excuse me. Someone needs me over there," he points to the other end of the bar and slides in that direction.

"Cool. Cool cool cool cool," Atomizer nods as he looks around too for the one bot that, well, would make this place worth it. "By the way,sorry about... well, glad you're back and that whole deal got cleared up. "

Penchant does his very best to follow along, watching Torque's feet as she slows up for him. He's very careful in his movements. Too careful, too stiff, reluctant to make a fool of himself. But Torque remains patient and sweet as ever, and he indulges in the silly twirl, catching sight of the pink lights that accent Starstruck. "Unless you know other spotted mechs," he returns with a smile, tracking the 'con as he moves around them. "Don't let me keep you from a more height-appropriate dance partner, Torque."

Rung is quick to thank Riptide before Getaway gives his answers and disappears, leaving the therapist with far more questions than answers. To hide the frown that quickly formed, Rung takes a sip from his martini (holding the glass formally like the class mech he is). Smile returning as Riptide begins small talk, "It certainly is quickly meeting expectations of the night." Now just add a few more drunk mechs, which will probably come later, and the mayhem that comes with and the night will turn out exactly as he expects it to. "I have been doing well, much of my time has been taken up helping others... Admittedly it is nice to amongst others outside the confines of my office, however cozy it might be." A sly glance after the last bit is the only indication Rung gives that the last comment was meant as a joke. As the song suddenly changes his attention is caught by the dancing mechs nearby, they certainly seem to be having fun. His smile takes on a slight angle in his amusement from watching them.

When in doubt, Soundwave gives gifts. He does it with his cassettes often- despite his sternness, they could weasel almost anything they want from him- and does it for apologies and clearly in a way to celebrate. Also, there's another reason but there's no need to mention that reason. Soundwave doesn't comment on the necessity of the gift. He nods to the gift, waiting for him to open it. It holds a data device than can be hooked up to a sound system, an adjustable laser-pointer for Minimus and Magnus, and a data-pad at the bottom holding the signed requisition form. That last one is less gift and more a clever way of delivering that to him.

Drift's optics flicker as he recalls what Atomizer is referring to. He can still hear the crack of the scrap metal hitting the back of his head as he walked through the crowd of disappointed and angry Lost Lighters. "Hey, it's okay," he says, slapping Atomizer's shoulder in a show of comraderie. "Really, it's fine. And thanks." He gives the red-and-yellow bot a nod and then turns to make his way back to Minimus and see how he's faring with the party. It takes him a while to get there what with the crowd. "Woahh, pretty busy. How are-" He gasps, spotting the gift exchange and then smiling from non-existant ear to non-existant ear. "Aaahh, that's so cool!"

"No one is ripping in to a titan," is Windblade's firm answer, the statement holding an edge of feeling to it as she glances across the room to find the indicated robot. But by the time she's looking back to Getaway, he is excusing himself. It just leaves her at the bar with a drink that she doesn't imbibe in, a rather stoic figure not having enough fun at a party.

Minimus Ambus -- speaking of stoic figures who don't have enough fun at parties -- carefully unwraps the gift, which thankfully is not munitions related. He seems surprised, not so much by the gift's thoughtfulness in itself -- because Soundwave's predictive abilities in this direction are not shocking -- but by the fact that he would even bother. ??? He turns it over in his hands. "Thank you," he says again. Reading the signed requisition and noting whose signature is on it, he cycles through a puff of air and then gives Soundwave a salute. It's kind of hilarious when you think about it. The guns all over him click against his slight but still armored green and white frame. He says, "It is," as he glances aside to Drift for his delight. He's amused despite himself at how much Drift loves presents.

With the ice broken with SOUNDWAVE having approached Ultra Magnus, that opens the floodgates on many, many more bots that were waiting for the opportunity to corner Ultra Magunus for a private moment. Most will have kind words, some harsh, and few have anything to give like Soundwave have.

And so this is how it will be. Magnus getting mobbed while some dance, party and otherwise carry on.

Torque admittedly finds Penchant's stiff efforts quite amusing, giving a muffled little laugh. "You need to loosen up more. I know we're made of metal, but we don't have to move like it." She grins warmly, glad to help him get in the grove. "Heh, what, you think he's more appropriate?" She glances at Starstruck dancing around them, who's markedly taller than she. Torque is the medium in this little dance party. But, just to show up the big party mech, she leaves Pen for but a moment, her whole body flexing in a wave from head to two as she stands up. Giving Starstruck a cheeky smile, she dances on in towards him, hips shimmying, until she's almost right up against him. "So you wanna get down, mech?" She grins, almost right up on him. "Well how about you get on up!" Beaming, Star will quickly find hands on his waist and his feet leaving the ground as she hoists him up over her head and chuckles, spinning him around as if he were as light as Penchant.

To Rung, Riptide smiles shyly at the little joke, not getting it right away, but still offering a hummed little laugh to be polite. "Well, it's nice to see you out and about, I'll say. And not.. well, talking to you while I'm on a couch." He goes back to sipping his drink, but pauses and follows Rung's line of sight, hovering on the dancers before he looks back. Should he.. Hn.. Hell, why not. It's a party, he has to know how to have fun. "Do you.. ah.. Wanna dance?" He asks the smaller mech rather bashfully, his optics averting reflexivly to the floor when stuttering the question out.

Starstruck is absolutely enjoying watching Torque and - Penchant? Did he hear that name somewhere? Possibly. He's just happy to be dancing with the two of them. He loves dancing, and he loves dancing with others! When Torque shimmies up to him, he's all liquidy moves in return, visor bright as he grins, fangs flashing. "When do I ever not?" he says, laughing, before - holy FUCK. He's much larger than her and yet she still easily lifts him into the air, and his visor is wide, mouth agape with pleasant surprise. His servos are on her shoulders, and he's laughing as she spins him. "This is so fucking cool!"

Brainstorm doesn't catch the whole of Windblade and Getaway's conversation. He does catch the cityspeaker's objections, and her look, which he returns with a quirk of a brow ridge. What? He has no intentionof ripping in to any titans. He's not being attacked by the DJD here. He just wants to do some poking around, for the common good. After all, a well functioning ship is good for everyone!

Penchant takes critique in stride, eventually managing to rock on his heels to a proper beat. "Well, he might give you more to work with." Then Torque goes to hoist the big ol' bus, and he reacts with mirth rather than astonishment - he's seen her lift those blasted meteor chunks in storage /while/ Chromia was holding them. "Impressive!" Clap-clap. While they're occupied, Penchant twists back through the crowd to get his drink on.

It takes Rung several seconds to realize that the question was directed towards him. His eyes probably widen to owlish levels behind his glasses, accompanied by the raising of eyebrows. He certainly wasn't expecting that.. nor is he sure he could exactly impress with the formal dancing he knows. He can't even remember the last time he dance- oh wait. Yes he can. It was with someone he hates- no no Rung never say hate. Thats too strong of a word (or not to strong enough to describe his feelings for his former colleague). In any case, he smiles at Riptide's shyness, "That sounds like it could be quite fun Riptide, I will have to warn you though. I haven't danced practically in Eons, and especially not to this sort of music." At that he gently offers the other a hand.

Drift stands by Minimus' side, arms crossed over his chest. He's playing the role of body guard tonight, or rather, he's pretending he's playing the role of body guard tonight. Considering the environment and Minimus' arsenal, it's completely unneccessary but.. eh. "Guess we'll be seeing you on the bridge occasionally, eh?" he says, elbowing Minimus with a stupid grin.

At some point during the party, Whirl wandered off from the conversation he was having to get his claws on the closest keg. After a few keg stands, some spilled drinks, and general rowdiness, he wanders off to a table to sit and finish his bottle of engex before raiding another source of drinks. It's at this point that he finally notices Vortex, sitting at a nearby table and getting his drink on. "Hey Tex, what's up?"

On the contrary, Drift is playing the extremely useful role of social buffer so that Minimus isn't swarmed on all sides by people trying to talk at him, say nice things to him, say mean things to him, or occasionally give him stuff. Not a physical bodyguard, but an emotional one. It's good to have him at his back, even if it does mean that RODIMUS IS ALL ALONE. "It does appear so," he says, "and in Soundwave's office." This in between the apparently endless stream of mostly well wishers.

Soundwave is gone. He saw Minimus open his gift, recorded the reaction and safetly tucked it away. And like a phantom, he fades away. He'll probably pass by Swerve's and hear a sad, lonely Rodimus and just keep walking by. Sadness builds character.

Vortex arrived fashionably late. Not to give Magnus well wishes- fuck that guy- but to drink. And people watch, listen in on people, and generally get a lot of information from haphazard drunks. The usual. His glossa runs over his top teeth after a particularly long swig, eyeing the crowd around Mimimus. But his attention is grabbed by- "Cyclops! Heya! Just drinkin', the usual!" He grins at Whirl, lifting his mostly empty drink. Huh, need a refill. His rotor hub is funtional but his rotors are noticeably twisted and bent, one scorched at the end. Been busy for the last week.

Torque is all smiles beneath the giant bot, glad he's enjoying the pick up instead of flailing like a lot of others do. Still in motion, she sets him down and gives her hands a jerk to spin him around while pushing him off towards the crowd. "Heh, thanks for the dance, big guy! But now I gotta go get drunk." A shame Penchant scooted off or she'd bring him along. That said, she dances her way back to the bar and drops herself on a free stool, having picked up her big mug on the way. "Fill it on up, barkeep."

Riptide's own optics widen and brighten up when Rung actually agrees, lifting them to meet the therapist with momentary disbelief. "I.. uhm.. Heh." He ever so carefully takes the offered hand in his own, cheekplates heated as he steps in and posture bows to be at least a little closer in height. "That's okay, I'm still kinda learning." From Starstruck, no less. "I don't know all those fancy moves either, but, uh.. we can go slower, if you want?" There's enough underlying beats in the songs to get a decent rhythm going, hand quite gingerly settling on Rung's hip as he sways along with some easy steps.

"Good," Drift says, putting on a friendly face for the people who mob Minimus. Unless they say something mean, in which case he gives them a very unamused, dark look. How rude is it to come to someone's party to say mean things?? "I look forward to it."

Whirl pulls up a seat next to Vortex and drops himself into it. He clinks his bottle against the Combaticon's glass with a 'clink' before taking a sip of it. "Hey.." He leans back in his seat to get a better look at Vortex's blades. "What's this all about? You get in a fight or something?"

Rung smiles and, after a moment of adjusting, manages to fall into the beat. "If we had better music I would be happy to help you learn. Back before the war we used to do a dances similar to human ones such as the tango and waltz. Dance has slowly gotten a lot more.. energetic than when I was on the real social scene" He admits, somewhat cringingly since he probably just revealed he doesn't have much of a real social life.

Vortex finishes off the remnants of his drink before setting it down, claw tracing the rim as he watches Whirl. "Tch, of course not." He leans in with a smile. "I got into two." He lifts two fingers and laughs, leaning back again. "But if anyone asks, I fell down some stairs or something, yeah?" He goes back to scanning the crowd and his attention is grabbed by Riptide. And- oh, him. His optics narrow behind his visor. Not a fan of Rung. Not a fan. Still, this was promising to be interesting to watch.

It's obvious that this wasn't a good fight if Vortex has horrible excuses like 'falling down some stairs' (seriously, the ship doesn't even have stairs!) He's hiding something and Whirl is going to get to the bottom of it. He leans in his chair, making sure to block Vortex's view with his body every time he moves. "Fell down some stairs, eh?" Whirl takes another sip of his drink, optic locked on the Combaticon. "What happened? For real?"

It's probably a good thing that Riptide hasn't spotted Vortex yet or he'd feel quite embarrassed. Granted he's already embarrassed as all get out, but it helps that he's more focused on the mech dancing with him right now. Perking at the mention of older dances, his face lights up, excited. "Oh! That's actually what I'm being taught. The waltz is nice, but I kinda like the tango more. It's a bit faster and.. well.. fun." Conveniently, or just because it's somewhere in Starstruck's big playlist, the music switches next to something a little more formal, smooth while still holding a beat. Perfect for tango. Hearing this, Riptide flusters some, but gives the smaller mech an enthusiastic little smile. "You.. wanna try one of those dances?" He imagines Rung knows which one he wants. Time to show those other mechs how a real dance is done.

Vortex is trying to adjust his audios to listen in on Riptide and Rung when suddenly Whirl. That could be used to describe so much. There wasn't going to be a war and suddenly Whirl. The smaller rotary tilts his helm visor looking back at that optic. "Well, I'm sure Blasty told ya already soooo... I sorta got into it with Skydive- creamsicle faced Aerialbot. Blasty shot me. Now, as for the second..." He smirks, that little brother kind of smirk, and reaches up. "Wouldn't you like to know?" He boops Whirl's pedipalps with each word.

Rung can't help the small laugh that escapes him at the convenience of the music change, if he didn't know any better he would think starstruck purposefully changed it. "That sounds like fun, do you want to lead or shall I?" Once Riptide states his preference Rung easily falls into the other role with the skill of someone who has had centuries of practice. The Cybertronian tangos only true difference between the human version is that theirs brings into account the possibly extreme size difference between partners so Rung easily adjusts. As he moves he also quietly explains some tricks he has learned over the years to help make the dancer smoother and easier. Clearly he is taking this as a chance to help Riptide learn and practice from more than one teacher.

"Mm, he may have mentioned it to me," Whirl says, clinking his claws against his bottle of rapidly disappearing engex. He doesn't see a problem with Combaticon-on-Combaticon violence, that's their whole deal right? But the damage to Vortex's rotors.. that's not Blast Off's style and if he didn't do it then there is definitely a problem Whirl has to take care of. He grunts at the boops to his pedipalps but doesn't wave the hand away. "I think I already know. Don't worry, Tex.. I'll take care of him for you."

Blaster wanders into the party... a little bit too late it seems. The guests seem to be winding down, even though he can spot a psychologist and a shark dancing on the floor. Oh well, at least he can grab a drink and wind down after a long day on the job. So he went to get a drink and settle down somewhere and watch what was left of the party goers, just enjoying the low key mood.

"Probably best if you lead." Riptide admits, readily switching his hand to Rung's shoulder and lacing fingers more readily with his in the other. Rung may not have danced in a while, but he still has way more experience than Ripper. Though, even with this, the aquabot has been doing quite well in his lessons, so he moves quite surely and follows Rung's direction well as they coast through the crowd that parts here and there for them. This is.. really nice, Riptide will admit. Usually uncoordinated at times, he footwork takes on a surprisingly fancy air, kicking up and stepping around Rung's while pressing in close against him. He's beaming bright at this point, all teeth, and giving a little laugh. "I thought you said you were rusty. You're really good!"

Red Alert enters the party long after it's begun to wind down, clearly nervous and glancing around at the remaining occupants. He spots Rung across the room and automatically starts toward him, but upon a second glance Red sees that he's dancing and clearly occupied. Later then. He glances down at his other mission for the party, a small datapad clutched in his hand filled with well-wishes for Ultra Magnus. Suddenly he's not so sure about that either. Why is socializing so difficult? He instead resigns himself to being the awkward corner-dweller of the party and leans up against the wall with a sigh.

Vortex's boops turn into a hold, gripping a pedipalp and giving Whirl's whole helm a shake. "Cyclops, no one 'takes care' of stuff for me. I take care of stuff- my stuff and my brothers'." With another another tug, his splits into a shit-eating grin. "Don't do anything to whomever or whatever. Don't go loosing your head over this or anything." HAHA! He lets go to try and peak over him. He's missing spying on Rung. Move.

Seeing Red propped up in a corner, Blaster scoots a little closer to the Security officer. "Yo Red, how's it hangin'?" He asked, standing up to get Red a drink. Mostly cause Red could use a drink given how unsure he was about being at the rather small and tame party.

Whirl's optic flickers when he's suddenly grabbed by a pedipalp and jostled around. "I have to take care of it," he says, his tone serious despite the (horrible) joke Vortex delivers. "You're my brother now, anyone who fucks with you fucks with me." He shakes his head when Vortex finally lets go of him but makes sure he's still taking up most his view. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt him. Just gonna remind him of his place in the world."

He reaches over and flicks Vortex in the nose with a claw before finally standing up and letting the Combaticon get his spy on. "You should go dance with him, you'll enjoy it." With that, he wanders off and disappears into the crowd of party-goers.

A sad, somber tranquility fills this space, even before any bot might wish to enter it. Despite the lavish decorations that might adorn the walls, the purpose of this ceremonial room invokes a seriousness to be respected. There is a slight chill to the air, surely the work of the ventilation system, and not the purpose this room was added for.

The room is open, designed to accommodate the majority of the crew should it be required, without a surface to sit or even lean against. The ceilings are high, vaulted and yet also shaped for acoustics to allow even the smallest whisper of any in attendance to be shared with all. There are no viewports to the outside and the only distractions for attention are the changeable view screens on the either side of the only thing in this room.

A combination podium and display case, the raised dais opposite the entrance is meant for place of remembrance, to commemorate those that might be lost along the way on this voyage. Along the base of that platform are locations are locations for plagues, should such things ever be required.

Rung laughs as well, "I suppose muscle memory is far better than actual memory. "I could also teach you the cybertronian waltz and the basics of the human salsa if your other teacher is ever busy." He is also sporting a rather large grin, he honestly hasn't had this much fun in a long time. He considers attempting to dip the mech.. but thinks better of it, there is no guarantee he could actually hold the others weight, so he tries a spin instead. If his arms gave out that would be embarrassing for the both of them. "the salsa is far faster paced, but can be quite fun. While the waltz is probably better for more formal parties."

Red shrinks down into the corner as Blaster approaches, trying to wedge himself into it or possibly attempting to pass through the wall and escape, to obvious lack of success. He looks warily at Blaster as he starts up a seemingly inoccuous line of conversation. Great. Why did everyone seem to love making small talk? He preferred miniscule talk. In fact, he preferred talk so small it could only be seen by the most advanced microscopes known to Cybertronian kind. Which is why he only offers back a "Hm, alright," and doesn't immediately return the question.

But then he spots Rung, still twirling on the dance floor with his unlikely dance partner. What would Rung want him to do?

Red Alert sighs, and forces out "And how are you?" as though it physically pains him.

Blaster notes that Red was giving him a short and dismissive answer. He could continue to talk to Red, but it seems like a bad idea to force Red to do so. So, he was about to turn away and maybe go and join in with Whirl and Vortex's convo (or even just to listen in on it) when Red added a polite reponse to his previous very clipped answer. The Comms Officer wasn't one to reward effort like that with silence, so he turned back and smiled. "You know, doing all right, getting the dent on my helm fixed, settling back into routine a bit, planning to hang out in Delta. All the good stuff."

Vortex's smile drops. "Whirl, I don't need you- hey!" He rubs his nose after is flicked. Bugger... The smaller rotary smiles a bit. Not going to lie, hearing that does give his black spark this warm feeling. He can't help it what with love brotherly affection coupled with touch. But clearly he needs to up the anty on Empurata jokes. A flick isn't the reaction he wants! Get back here and tackle him to the ground to give him a noogie, dammit!

"Tch, I'm tellin' ya not to do anything! And don't tell me what to do." Combaticons do what they waaaaaant! Besides, that's not his style of dancing. He gets a new drink and just watches quietly. Rung has everyone fooled but not him... Eventually, he'll slide off to mingle with others. Who needs torture when there's drinks and merriment all around, amirite?

It's probably a good idea Rung doesn't dip Riptide. That really wouldn't end well. But the twirl is just as welcomed, the tall mech spinning out as far as their arms would allow before being pulled back in against the small mech. "Oh! That'd be awesome, actually!" His optics brighten, almost sparkling with wonder. "Star is a great teacher, but uh.." He thinks back to the mistranslation with them. "..Getting feedback from someone else would be nice." That said, Riptide takes more initiative and shifts his hand tentatively to the middle of the doctor's back. If Rung won't dip him then he'll just have to show his stuff and do it to him instead, swinging the small bot around in a graceful move and pressing close as he eases him in a deep dip.

Rung is nice. He likes him. Which doesn't make their close proximity very easy as he feels his face grow warm when looking into those glasses. He has to glance away briefly, but when he does he spots Vortex's back as he retreats into the crowd and disappears. This is where he falters. How long has he been here and he didn't even notice him? Mind off his stance now, the angle throws him off balance and he starts to find himself tilting forward until it's too late to catch himself and he tumbles over himself and brings Rung down with him. "Ack!"

"Oh." And Red falls silent again. Which is absolutely not how to have a conversation. Whoops. "I hope you have a speedy recovery." That's better. Now keep it going. Something about Delta. "I...missed out on all the action myself. I remained behind to secure the ship." He fidgets with his datapad, realizing suddenly that he sounds very cowardly. Truth be told he had been scared. Touching down on an unfamiliar planet is always a terrifying experience, even for those who didn't have his unique outlook on things. He'd been forced onto foreign worlds quite a few times during the war, and the less said about those the better. He still has the emotional scars from that miserable mudball Earth. But maybe he's being too quick to judge. Maybe Velocitron is nice--well, in theory, he gathers that the visit had been quite eventful. It could be worth it to find out. "What's it like?" he asks timidly.

"Transit was pretty busy, all in all. Missed out on all the action." Good thing too, or Red might have had one big panic attack on that roller coaster from the pits. Blaster then went to get a drink for Red, and went over to hand him it. "I have yet to see Delta though! Want to come with me? It probably would be a blast!"

Rung is suddenly smushed under the weight of his dance partner as they both go down. After several seconds of realizing what happened, he starts laughing. A quick roll has him getting to his feet and even while the laughter dies down his smile doesn't falter, "We might have to work on your balance as well." Despite this he did notice what made the other slip and comments lightly as he offers the other a hand to help him up, "Are you alright?" The quick glance towards where Vortex disappeared to makes it obvious he isn't talking about scuffed knees or bruised egos.

Torque jut kind of lays there, a bit stunned, before realizing what's going on and floundering to roll off the small bot. "Crap, sorry sorry!" He says hurriedly, on his knees and look so horridly apologetic as he tries to help Rung up while simultaneously looking for injury. He didn't hurt him, did he..? Apparently not, seeing as the therapist is laughing and smiling. Oh, good, he's fine.

Sighing in relief, Riptide accepts the help and stands, though he's left sulking as he catches on to Rung's meaning of the question. "I'm aright, I just.." A deep frown overtakes him and hands fidget. "I was learning to dance to.. surprise him. And now he saw me. I.. I think it's kinda ruined now." He can feel his lips start to quiver a little, so he's quick to stop them by pressing them together tight. "Oh, what do I do now.."

Red takes the drink to be polite, but there is a snowball's chance in the smelter that he is going to drink something someone else got for him. Well, it's the thought that counts.

"Go with you?" He weighs the option in his mind, thinking of about a hundred different things that could go wrong. They could be ambushed. They could be kidnapped. They could get lost and the ship would leave without them! He opens his mouth to politely decline, but his words are drowned out by a sudden crash from across the room. Startled, Red whirls around and sees Riptide and Rung getting to their feet, laughing together. He lingers for a moment watching, feeling suddenly guilty that he was about to fall back on old habits.

"Maybe for a little while," he relents.

Rung immediately feels terrible, this is partially his own fault. It was his initial attention to those dancing that seemed to prompt Riptide to ask him. "Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to-" He looks again in the direction Vortex went before looking back to the boat in front of him, "I apologize Riptide this is probably my own fault. Is.. Is there any other way you could surprise him? I would be willing to help in any way necessary."

Blaster gives a smile, a polite one back. "Hey, I'll ping you if you are still interested in going." He noted that Red was not drinking what he got, remembering that Red preferred to bring his own stash.

Crap, now Rung feels bad. Riptide is quick to try and correct this, taking a step in towards the other as he stoops. "Oh, no no, it's okay! I.. I should be the one apologizing. I asked you to dance." He smiles kindly to Rung despite wilting appearance. "How was I supposed to know he was here? It was a nice dance, though.. Thank you." If Rung will allow it he'll give his hand a fond squeeze of appreciation. As for what he'll do to replace this, Riptide hums and rubs the back of his head. "Maybe.. you could teach me that salsa you talked about? He hasn't seen me do that, so I'm sure that'll surprise him."

"That sounds good," Red Alert sighs in relief. It also sounds like the end of a conversation to him. Even though he just got here, he already feels like he has seen enough of the party now and is ready to make his escape. He can slip the datapad into Ultra Magnus's mailbox later. For now it's time to retreat to an actually quiet room, and recover from all his social interaction today. "I'll talk to you then." And with that he offers a brief nod and makes his escape, still clutching the drink to analyze and safely dispose of later.

Blaster gives a sigh as he watches Red go. Still, it was a much better interaction than it would have normally been, which would have been silence between them. Looking at the room, he decided that he too, should cut out. "Have fun you guys." He tells the room at large, giving a bit of a wink in Riptide and Rung's direction before heading off elsewhere.

Rung is too deep in thought to really notice the squeeze given to his hand until it is already released, but it does bring his mind back to whats at hand. At the mention of Salsa he seems to brighten some, "I would be more than happy to teach you Riptide! If you ever want to learn perhaps I can teach you once all my appointments are done some days." The mention of appointments has Rung checking the time, and realizing he has been out far later than he had originally intended. Apparently time does in fact fly when one is having fun, "I really should be going though. I have some paperwork I must finish before I recharge for the night. For what its worth, thank you for the dance even if I did end up ruining the surprise you had planned. It was, admittedly, the most fun i've had socializing in quite a while."

Riptide is nothing but overjoyed to hear Rung agree to teach him, the sharkbot smiling wide in return and nodding eagerly. He wants to keep chatting, but sadly Rung has to go and Riptide imagines he has to go chase after Vortex. He opens his mouth to argue with the doctor about it being his fault, but he doesn't want to waste anymore of his time since he has to go, resigning to a simple puff from his vents in a sigh. "And thank you. You should come out more, Rung. I know I'd like to hang out, even if it's not while we're practicing."

Bidding the therapist goodnight, his optics follow him until he leaves. Once he does he turns off to stalk through the crowd to hopefully catch up with Vortex and play off what just happened.

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