2016-06-14 Unintentional Flexing

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-06-14 Unintentional Flexing
Date 2016/06/14
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Practice Rooms
Participants Deluge, Red Alert, Inferno
Summary Red Alert likes flexing firetrucks. Until Deluge opens his big mouth and disappointment is had all around.

Inferno is on the way to his usual haunt when off shift - the practice rooms. He could possibly be the one who's logged the most hours here since launch. He hasn't been doing much else besides working out, and, well, working, oops. Unless you're also a buff babe like him (or trying to be) it's rare to see him outside patrols. Which is why it's not strange that when he does enter his usual room, there's an instantly recognizable face already there.

"Hey, Deluge!" Ferno calls in greeting, heading over to his fellow firetruck. "Good to see you, mech."

If Deluge isn't doing his usual rounds of the ship or drinking at Swerve's it's fair to say you can find him in the practice rooms. This one in particular has been set up with a gym, full of equipment to keep the everyday mech in tip top shape. Sure, they may be mechanical beings, but even metal a metal body can fall into disrepair if you don't work it a little now and then.

Deluge is of course here when Inferno arrives, laying back upon a workout bench and lifting a weighted barbell. It's clear he's been in here a while already, a faint shimmer of heat rising off his frame as he puffs, pausing and glancing over. "Ey, Inferno! Was wondering when the hell you'd show up." Rugged expression pulls into a big smile and he grunts, continuing his reps. "Throw some more weight on, will yah, bud?"

Outside the door, Red Alert pauses as wisps of conversation drift to him. It's standard procedure for him to patrol these halls, but if he's honest he prefers to do so when no one else is around. He fidgets, running a finger around the opening mechanism but not quite pressing it yet. It's better, more effective, for security to make itself seen, but Red's natural inclination is to not be seen at all, and preferably for no one to ever notice him passing through.

He vents a sigh, then pulls up a few choice words of wisdom from Rung. 'Sometimes it's good to step outside your boundaries. Taking small, planned risks every now and then is a good way to expand one's horizons. Find places where you can step outside of your comfort zone, and quickly step back in again when you need to.' He clings to these words as he finally presses the opening mechanism, and swiftly steps into the room, prepping himself for a brief visual sweep and then a quick exit, just as Rung told him.

He finds, however, that his visual sweep of the situation is anything but brief.

Inferno chuckles, moving over to grab the extra weights, giving Deluge a klik to still his reps so the firetruck can put them on the barbell. "How many times have I told you," he chides fondly as he takes the spotter position, "Not to lift without a spotter? What will you do if you hurt yourself and no one is here to help you?" It has the soundings of an old, often argument, the words rounded and soft from familiarity.

Inferno is glancing up from Deluge when he notices another familiar face has joined them. "Red Alert!" His face is all friendly smile. "I don't usually see you in here. How are you?"

Deluge holds up a moment, barbell held high, as Inferno adds on some more weight, venting a soft breath of effort once they're in place and easing back into his routine with slightly slowed pace. "Tch, I know I know." The mech rolls his optics and smirks up at the other firefighter now standing over his head. Not a bad view.. AHEM, focus on workout! "I kinda wanted to wait for you since we're workout buddies, but I got impatient." He tries to shrug, it doesn't work. "And you know me, I always find a way outta bad situations." Stubborn mech.

At the entrance of a new, yet familiar face, Deluge finally sets his barbell back on the holders and sits up, sending him a cheeky smirk. "Hey there, Red. What's got you swingin' around here? You miss us that bad?" He chuckles, teasing the fellow security bot.

Red Alert flushes at the sudden undivided attention of all the room's inhabitants. His processor is screaming at him to move--flee!--but his feet are rooted to the spot. He panics subtly, the inside of his helm firing all alarms, but his expression just one of bright optics and flushed faceplates, a look of shyness more than anything. He averts his gaze, staring down at his feet and willing them to move, even as he feels his limbs lock themselves into place.

"Just doing standard patrols," he manages to say to the ground, "nothing out of the ordinary." Please stop looking at me.

Sorry, Red Alert; Inferno doesn't get that message. He smiles softly, noting Lert's shyness. "You're always working so hard. Why don't you take a break, come join us? I'd like to get some lifting in too, and I can't do that without a spotter." He's kind of being a hypocrite. One spotter for two mechs isn't exactly much better than none. But he's trying to be inclusive!

"Or if you want to try something, I can spot for you."

"What 'Ferno said, c'mon in. I'm sure your patrol can wait a second." Deluge stands, bulky frame rolling those broad shoulders and head tilting this way and that to ease the built up tension as a sliver of remaining steam wisps curls past his lips with a vent. "Besides, when's the last time we ever got to hang out with each other?"

Hanging by the bench now, leaving it for either of the two of them, he sends Red Alert a coy little upturn of the corner of his mouth and beckons him in more with a casual gesture. "C'mon, not like anyone else but us is here."

Red Alert glances up at the sound of movement, and then quickly looks back down again, a shade redder. Wow, the floor of the practice room sure has a lot of scuff marks on it. Somebody should clean those up. There's tire marks and little scratches from claws and--are they still talking to him? Oh no.

"I don't think we've ever hung out," Red Alert says shortly, sounding ruder than he means to. He cuts off his vocoder with a little click and tries again, friendlier this time. "Not that I wouldn't want to." Too friendly! Too friendly! He twists on his locked legs, glancing longingly at the door behind him and wondering if Rung would understand if this story ends with him making a hasty transformation and peeling out down the hall. He certainly wants to. Not that his legs will permit it.

'Just try,' Rung's words echo in his head. 'That's all you need to do. Just keep trying.'

He takes a deep vent and turns back. Well, if it's what Rung would want...

"A break, huh? I suppose that would be acceptable. It would be unsafe to have you work without a spotter, anyway."

Inferno's smile widens considerably when Red Alert agrees to stay. "Have you ever spotted for anyone before?" he asks conversationally as he replaces Deluge on the bench. "You want to watch and make sure the mech you're spotting doesn't over strain or hurt themself by lifting too much or too quickly." His tone makes it clear that's he's not assuming Red Alert doesn't know this already, just giving the smaller bot a refresher. "And you're right, it's dangerous to lift without a spotter." Inferno shoots a pointed look at Deluge at this, though he's smiling still.

Shifting onto the bench, Inferno lays back, hefting the weight Deluge left as a test. It's heavy, but he's done more before, and his first rep shows this, movements smooth and sure.

<FS3> Inferno rolls Unintentional Flexing: Great Success. (5 7 4 7 8 1 8 8)

Hence why Deluge mentioned it. He and Red Alert are in the same division, yet he's hardly ever seen the mech. But Red's correction and willingness to hang gets a brighter look from the mech, Deluge clapping his big hands together in enthusiasm and giving them a little rub. "Good! You should join me and 'Ferno at Swerve's sometime, too. I still say I can out-drink him." He looks back to Inferno, grinning, but it gets stifled at that little look. "Oh psh, don't gimme that look, Mr. Lecture." Reaching up, Deluge gives one of Inferno's little helm prongs a pinch.

Afterwards, he steps to one side to let Red over while Inferno gets in position. He's about to tease the big bot more, likely about how he can't lift that, but the other firetruck hefts it with little effort. This isn't what shuts Deluge up, since he knows how much 'Ferno can lift. What shuts him up is.. the flexing. It's fair to say he always does this, but he ends up catching himself when remembers Red Alert is with them.

Giving a little huff and turning away quick, Deluge rubs his neck and stalks to the bench next to them, sitting and fishing a cy-gar from subspace. "Er, so uh, Red." He mumbles, lighting the tip and taking a puff. "How's.. things?"

"I have not," Red Alert says timidly, as Inferno lays back on the bench and readies himself. Red shuffles forward, the best his legs can manage at the moment, and takes his position next to Inferno as he explains. He's not sure exactly what he's supposed to be looking for and how he'll know when he sees it, but with Deluge nearby he supposes things can't go too wrong.

But then Deluge starts to talk, and Red wonders again why he willingly put himself in this situation.

"Swerve's?" Red frowns, despite his best efforts to appear friendly. There's a name he could go a few more centuries without hearing. There's a lot of reasons he doesn't want to go to Swerve's, up to and including the minibot himself, and he rifles through them to select an excuse.

"I don't drink," he says, which isn't the best excuse because there's always, always follow-up questions, but it's better than explaining how uncomfortable being in a group of drunk people he doesn't trust makes him feel. Mentioning anything about not feeling safe or not trusting people always gets him those looks that he hates, the ones that make him feel unstable and dangerous, so he'd rather avoid talking about that kind of thing unless absolutely necessary.

Speaking of, he probably shouldn't explain that the reason he doesn't drink is because it makes him feel vulnerable. That would lead to one of those looks pretty quickly. He wracks his processor for any conceivable lie to the follow-up question, but that's when Inferno does his first repetition and suddenly Red finds his brain otherwise occupied.

Did Deluge just say something else?

He's not really sure at the moment.

"Yeah, that would be great, Lert!" Inferno, completely oblivious to whatever reactions he may be causing, slips fluidly into the next few repetitions. "Or we can go somewhere else. The common room is a good place to hang out." He kind of had a thought Red Alert might not like the crowded, noisy atmosphere of the bar, and when this is confirmed (kinda) he doesn't have any follow up questions. He respects that not everyone likes drinking.

"That's alright, as I said, there are other places to meet up. Do you go to the observation deck much? It's a nice quiet place to chill." His voice might be a little breathy from the workout, which likely doesn't help the other two. Inferno is looking up as he lifts, so he's got no idea.

<FS3> Inferno rolls Unintentional Flexing: Amazing Success. (8 2 7 5 7 8 8 7)

Deluge notes Red isn't listening. He doesn't blame him, honestly. But he does take the opportunity to watch the smaller mech, forearms resting upon his knees as he stoops forward, the smoke from the stogie dangling laxly between his lips drifting over his half-mast gaze as it snakes towards the ceiling. "I like the Oil Baths, personally." He rumbles deeply, an amused flash of teeth sent towards Red.

He looks at Inferno next to get his backup, since what kind of firetruck doesn't enjoy bathing, and sees... Oh, god damnit Inferno! All that flexing! His silver optics flash, staring hard and body tensing, until he's able to drag his gaze away and huff a thick exhale of smoke, the mech squinting as he constantly has to override his inner fans trying to kick on. "Jeez, 'Ferno, you're gonna give poor Red here a damn nosebleed with all that liftin'." And him, but he tries to deflect it all on the other mech so he doesn't have to admit it.

"The observation deck? I like...observation..." Red's attention is definitely not on his words, as he watches Inferno effortlessly pump iron, the teasing glimpses of cabling between plates of armour taunt with controlled effort. He can hear him, too, from this close he can hear the slight hiss of pistons firing, the smooth slide of parts at work, vents panting and fans whirring. For a moment he's utterly entranced.

And then Deluge's wisecrack brings him back in the rudest way possible.

"Give me a what!?" Red Alert says indignantly, reluctantly tearing his gaze away to glare at Deluge. "I don't--I've never had a nosebleed in my life! And I frankly don't appreciate those kinds of comments, especially not when I'm on the clock. Speaking of which--" And the force of his indignity has brought life back to his frozen legs, which he uses to march--definitely not stomp--back across the room to the door--"I think I've been on break long enough. It's time to get back to my patrol." He nods politely, if stiffly, to both of them, as he reaches for the door controls.

<FS3> Inferno rolls Protective: Good Success. (2 8 5 5 1 7 3 1)

Red Alert's answer is a promising one, and Inferno smiles as he keeps up with his reps. Deluge's suggestion gets a chuckle. "You know I'm always up for the oil baths," he says, passing Deluge an amused look out of the corner of his optics.

And then - Inferno is used to Deluge's sense of humor, often finding it funny himself. Red Alert clearly isn't. The security bot's reaction has Inferno stopping, sitting up on the bench with worry pinching his face. "Red Alert, wait--!" He calls after Lert, though he's fairly certain it's too late. His gaze turns on Deluge now. There's a hardness to his optics that is completely alien to his usual kind demeanor.

"Why did you say that?" he demands, and it's real anger now, not friendly scolding. "Red Alert is sensitive, you can't - you can't just -" It's clear anger is uncommon for him, because he's having trouble forming words.

Deluge falters. What? A confused look about him, he turns back to Red when, out of nowhere, he goes off on him. "Wait, what? I didn't mean.." He moves to stand, to rectify the situation, but Red Alert is already storming out the door, leaving him alone with Inferno.

And by the sound of that question, he's in a lot of trouble.

Briefly holding an expression of 'oh crap' when he sees that look from his fellow firefighter, it quickly shifts to something more pinched and unhappy as he sees his friend fumbling with the concept of anger. "Why did I say what? How was I supposed to know he'd be like that?" Were any other person, save a select few, mad at him like this he would have likely gotten mad back. But he knows this is rare for Inferno and doesn't wanna see him like this. "Look I'm.. sorry, alright?" He looks away and frowns, brows knit as if he doesn't like apologizing. "Just calm down. If I see him again I'll apologize."

Red hears Inferno call for him, but now that freedom is within his grasp it's not within his power to turn back. With shaking hands he mashes the controls on the door and is at last in the hallway again, blissfully free of any more uncomfortable social interaction.

...And that's when he hears raised voices. Oh dear.

It will take quite a bit of distance before his extra-sensitive audials will stop picking any of that up, but he is willing to try.

Red Alert doesn't come back. Yeah, Ferno kind of expected that. He and Lert haven't interacted much over the years. Still. Inferno feels protective of the security bot, who's always seemed so reserved and, yes, the target of bullying. He can't always confirm it but let's just say it's a sensitive subject for him. Deluge's response has Inferno wilting further. He's not very good at being mad and it takes a lot to keep it up. " careful with him, okay?" Inferno's tone has dropped more into disappointment than rage. That's almost worse? "Apologize to him as soon as you can."

He leaves it at that, getting up off the workout bench. "Think I'm going to use a different room today." And that's the final blow, a clear dismissal of Deluge's presence. He'll get over it before long - Deluge is one of his closest friends. Right now, though? He needs a bit. "See you later." Inferno heads out, toward one of the more combat-oriented rooms. His anger has mostly dissipated but he could really do with punching something right now.

Deluge is grateful for the fact that Inferno can't keep up anger much longer. He can handle it, sure. Honestly he'd prefer him to be mad over what he slips into next. Disappointment. If that isn't the worst thing, Deluge doesn't know what is.

Inferno getting up, Deluge reacts by looking back to him, harder look melting away instantly to one of hurt, his hand lifting in a vain attempt to try and stop him. "Hey, 'Ferno, hold up a sec, I just--" But he can't do anything, the other firemech exiting and leaving Deluge there. Alone.

He stands there, quiet and staring at the door, for a long moment until a snarl twists his mouth. He knows Inferno will forgive and forget, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt right now. With an agitated grunt he swipes at the barbells hanging up and pushes the entire setup over, clanging metal ringing out loudly as he makes his way out the door soon after, turning off towards the baths. He needs to soak and just relax before he punches a hole in a wall.

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