2016-06-11 Revolutionaries, Old and Young

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Revolutionaries, Old and Young
Date 2016/06/11
Location Velocitron - Mu
Participants Quicksight, Whisper
Plot Colony: Velocitron
Summary Quicksight and Whisper are Decepticons with somewhat different perspectives.

Even though the light shield is down, and the city, under the control of Powerdyne's rebels, Quicksight has opted to remain in Mu for the time being. This place feels comfortable to him, though it might lack the glamour of the capital, or even other velocities. The people here are ones he can understand, and sympathyze with, and as for the remaining minders, he's only too happy to have an excuse to unsheathe his knives for a good cause. The scrapes and burns marking his plating are evidence of his enthusiasm. Even now, he soars low above the city, searching for his next target.

Dark figure mostly unlit by all but a few gleams of white light, the navy Cybertronian jet that is Whisper's alt mode appears on Quicksight's sensors at first at the limit of his range, scaled higher in altitude. Her pace seems leisurely, like doing recon photography as opposed to anything requiring focused speed. It's clear when she picks up Quicksight because she banks, flying lower in an angled descent toward him. The fact that she makes no attempt to signal or communicate is -- well, probably not that surprising, all things considered.

The apperance of another flyer on his sensors catches Quicksight's attention. Velocitronians don't fly, so that must be one of the crew. Which leaves the question of who. The scout pulls up, and to the side. Crew they might be, but he's not about to let himself be caught off guard if it's someone he doesn't like. He doesn't have to wonder for long. As Whisper closes the distance, Quicksight levels out again, relaxing, with a welcoming "Hey!"

Whisper draws up even with him, matching her pace to his with a drop of her wing in the kind of wordless greeting that comes easiest to her. It takes her a moment to ask her question, like she has to remember how to use her words even across the blips of close quarters radio. She asks: "Mission?"

"Mission?" Quicksight repeats her question as he settles in to a relaxed, steady flight, making no attempt to eitehr push ahead, or pull behind her "I'm just here kinda on my own. I mean, I came down here with the party that responded to the distress signal, but now I'm just kinda helping out on my own!" he definitely sounds happy with this arangement, and even a bit proud "I've been hunting down the remaining minders -- the security drones that were put here to supress the population. We got a lot of them when we were helping the locals take control of their city, but there are still some left."

Whisper is silent for a detectable extended pause, still pacing him evenly without evident concern. His pride is easy to detect and she considers it abstractly, almost puzzledly. "Do the locals hunt them as well?" she asks at length.

"Well, yeah, these things are still attacking them" Quicksight would nod were he not in drone mode "Now that they have weapons again. They're not really all that good with them though. I mean, they're not bad either, but they don't have as much practice, so I'm helping! Probably a couple others too.

Whisper's systems flare with a sudden rush of power almost like a laugh that almost throws her off her trajectory in surprise. "Cybertronians who don't know how to use weapons," is her reaction, consternation not because she disbelieves but because it is so wholly foreign to her experience.

"Well, not entierly!" Quicksight imediately jumps to the Muers' deffense. It's not a hostile reaction, just, well, deffensive "They can, and htey did fight to take back the city, but they didn't have a war to fight in, and the fragging herarchy took away all the ones they had, and crippled any built in ones!" he makes no attempt at hiding the disguist in his voice "The other Velocitronians" no lack of it there either "didn't want to have to treat them like people, so they locked all of them up here, took away their weapons and put Minders to keep them down."

"An old story," Whisper agrees, a kind of quiet, mild nonreaction to Quicksight's defensiveness: she doesn't exactly back off or withdraw, but neither does she escalate in return. "The way of the powerful and the powerless."

"Yep" Quicksight agrees again "And here's the kicker. They're like this because they don't have the right alt mode. They can't move fast, so apperantly that means it's okay to banish them here, make them do all the work, and not give them enough energon to properly live!" sound familiar? Quicksight certianly thinks so, going by his annoyed tone "Thats why we had to help them." a brief pause, and then he adds in a grumble "Even the Autobots joined in. Hypocrytes." as they talk, Quicksight continues scanning the city bellow.

Whisper is silent in the face of Quicksight's grumble for a long time, banking left to avoid the jutting bulk of one of the buildings of their low flight through the city. Finally, gently, she says, "The Autobots have long thought they were the champions of freedom."

Quicksight pulls up a bit to avoid getting in the way, his own small size making manuvering among the taller buildigns a lot easier. Whisper's observation is met with only a disdainful scoff "Then they sure have a really weird way of showing it, siding with the opressors who wanted to deny people rightss just because of what they turned in to. Or is that their deffinition of 'freedom'? I get that some of them were idiots who got mislead, but the rest don't give a frag about freedom for anyone but themselves."

It's hard to say what Whisper's reaction to this is initially because she's so quiet and her engines and flight systems seem to reflect so little change. She lets Quicksight's words hang between them for passing seconds.

Quicksight, on the other hand, finds this silence a bit uncomfortable. Does she agree? Does she disagree? How should he be reacting here? "I mean, I guess it was good that they were helping fight, but I bet none of those fraggers saw the resemblance here!" he wobbles slightly in the air, then suddenly dips down towards the street bellow. There's a surprised yelp, and the scout pulls back up again "Just a local. Where the frag are the rest of those minders. Did we really get that many of them already?"

"If they were not expecting an uprising, there may not be that many drones to clean out," Whisper observes with a quiet sigh cycling through her systems as she course corrects after her initial shift, beginning to follow Quicksight in his descent. She steadies out. For a moment it seems she might have let the whole subject pass uncommented on, but then she tells him, "I wasn't oppressed. At the beginning, when I was forged. I was exempt."

"Awesome that you still signed up with us then!" Quicksight chirps approvingly, cheerfully,as he levels out again near her. He's liking her more and more. Even if he doesn't know the full story, she at least didn't signs up with the Autobots just because the functionist regime benefited her.

<FS3> Whisper rolls Chill: Success. (2 7 1 2)

"Was it?" Whisper's voice is very quiet. She says only: "Hm," to follow up on the question, a quiet, neutral noise that could indicate just about anything. She scans about below for more signs of the drones that Quicksight is hunting, and doesn't explain.

"Huh?" Quicksight doesn't have a face in this mode, so it's left to his voice to convey his confusion. His sensors flicker towards her in an attempt to get a reading of her mood, not the easiest thing to get from alt modes "Whaddaya mean? It means you aint an afthole like some people!" Quicksight's quick judgements work in both directions. Whisper seems like a decent person, so she must be,and always have been, though he actually doesn't really know much about her.

"No," Whisper says, musingly. After a long beat's pause, she adds, spacing delicately around the colloquialism like she isn't sure she likes the taste of it but using it anyway: "I was an ... afthole ... unlike any other."

Quicksight wobbles in the air again, Whisper's response catching him a bit of guard, causing him to loose focus for a moment. He catches himself pretty quickly, leveling out again as he speaks "Well it couldn't have been that bad! At least you weren't an Autobot, right?" as far as he's concerned there are fewer greater acts of aftholisheness than being an Autobot

Whisper's sigh is an audible rush, building into a low roar of her engines as she begins another attitude adjust. She points out, again quietly: "I owe these Autobots much."

Now that, Quicksight can't argue with. It's not going make him like Autobots either, however "Doesn't mean they still ain't aftholes" there's a slight waver at the end of that sentence, present also in his next words "Most of the time" it's gone comepletely when he adds "And they were still fragging Functionist supporters from the start!" actually, that bit is a bit louder than the last two, like he's trying to reasure someone...

"Were they?" Whisper's voice sounds peculiar: a note of emotion in it, unusual to her careful mildness. "Do you remember so far back?"

Quicksight says, "I came online during the war" Quicksight informs her, his voice solidifying and taking on a slightly wary tone "But there ain't no way anyone who supported the Functionists ain't an afthole. Unless they're an idiot or was misinformed, but that still doesn't make it right!""

"Right? No. They weren't right." Whisper hesitates for a long moment silent, and then says: "Quicksight, I was also not right." Her ordinarily restrained voice is suddenly hot with disgust for her younger self: "I would have rebelled against anything."

"But you still ended up chosing the right thing to rebel against!" Quicksight insists "You --" whatever he was going to say next is cut off by the sound of gunfire down bellow, acompanied by yelling, and the insistant voice of a minder demanding surender. A few moments later, they will see a pair of Muers facing off not one, but three of the security drones "Finally! Sorry, gotta go help!" the scout excuses himself, even as he peels away to swoop down at one of the drones. Maybe they can talk about this sometime later. Right now, people need helping.

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