2016-06-07 Getting Back On Track

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Getting Back On Track
Date 2016/06/07
Location Velocitron
Participants Blaster, Brainstorm, Bulkhead, First Aid, Hoist, Rung, Wheeljack
NPCs Pummel
Plot Colony: Velocitron
Scene GM Tez
Summary Minecart madness! Or supply cart madness, but that doesn't have the same ring to it


Here they are. Underground. With a captive. There's only one way to catch up to Transit, and that's by hopping a ride on a rickety, poorly repaired cart system that runs parallel to the city itself, far beneath the ground. Their pet Mud is happy to turn the system on for them. There's only one problem: there's no way to control the speed. They only go, go, goooo.

The carts hurtle past them, lit by a line of energon pink that pulses above the track. The carts are fairly sizable: they are meant to transport loads of parts or raw materials between fueling stations. But they are so fast. Another cart slams past them, racing to catch up to Transit. They have a few minutes before the next one passes to figure out what they are doing. And how they are getting on.

Hoist lets out an exasperated sigh when the first cart speeds past. "While normally I would not suggest such excess speed for a supply line," he pauses as another cart speeds past, and notes how long it took. "I guess this is kind of a necessity for the fast moving cities." Another cart speeds past. "If they can't be slowed down, we're going to just have to time it and leap of faith, chaps."

First Aid is sure to wheel /away/ from the hurdling rickety carts as they speed through. He mulls over a few scenarios involving the tougher bots (mostly Bulkhead) standing in front to stop the carts, but at the cart velocity and their size... Eh. Wouldn't end well. "Who's first?"

Blaster watches the carts speed by them, not one of them slowing down an inch. "Are you seriously suggesting we jump on a speeding cart, Hoist?" He was no Rodimus, he wasn't the type to ride meteors for fun or even jump on a rushing cart. But he thinks a moment. "I think if we count the seconds before the next one shows up, we can definitely time it, but it is not likely we will all make the same cart at once."

"I wonder why they didn't all just move underground in the first place" Brainstorm muses as he regards this whole setup "Sure it's dark, but it's more efficient than having to run from the sun all the time" how much fuel must those cities alone eat up? Not that that matters right now is getting out of here "Hate to be the guy who misses. We sure there's nothing we can do to slow them down? Even temporarily" he glances around the space they're in again.

Those carts are fast indeed. Wheeljack is watching the last one disappear into the tunnels, and his helm fins are glimmering with light as he thinks. Getting onboard is not going to be easy in the least, particularly with the wide variety of frame types that jumped onto the tanker to follow their Mu sabotager.

"Some of us might be able to get up enough speed to go alongside," maybe himself, and Brainstorm if he can get enough flying space, but the others as a whole are not particularly velocity-inclined. "I'd suggest getting above it and jumping down in, if we can. Easier than trying to jump from beside it and climb up, don't you think?" He taps at his chin at First Aid's question. "We'll have to plan for... oh, maybe two per car? Rung and Blaster, we should probably pair the two of you up with a mobile alt-mode, just in case."

Bulkhead is not exactly comfortable with leaping all willy nilly into one of these speeding carts. He stands near Hoist, chewing his bottom lip as he attempts to calculate the momentum and timing of each cart. Not enough information to give his ideas any accuracy, unfortunately. "Normally I'd advise against that," he says finally to Hoist's suggestion. "But it seems as though we don't have much of a choice."

The carts are going to be roomy if they go two per car; three or four would be reasonable; all of them would be a crowd. There's a few minutes wait between each cart, so while it is certainly possible to split the party, doing so contains certain risks. As rackety rumble of the last card fades, the distant sound of the next begins to approach, right on schedule.

"Because," Hoist replies to Brainstorm without missing a beat, "Stationary cities would still require protection against the daytime when it passes over. Or be retractable like the energy depots, which arguably would use just as much energon and a lot more heavy machinery than giant engines and treads do." He glances one way along the tanker, then the other way, looking for something they could rig as an extention. "Wheeljack's right, though. It'd be easier timing if we could jump down instead of from horizontally...."

Rung resigns himself to fate when he hears Hoist's confirmation of what he feared the moment the first cart flashed by. They were about to leap off a fast moving object onto a far faster object. He does the same as Hoist, mentally calculating when he will have to leap. "I believe Hoist is correct, unless someone wishes to act as a brake." He tries to add a bit of humor with the weak joke, which doesn't quite work. Stay positive, positivity is good in stressful situations. "I suppose.... I would be willing to go first." At least if he dies the others will know what not to do.

That fuel arm could probably be swung out to hang over the track.

First Aid surveys the gathered mechs. Dropped how? Again, he looks back to Bulkhead. Is Bulkhead tall enough to drop them? None of his musings are voiced, however, as he peers plaintively at Rung. What a champ.

Blaster won't be the first to hop on, but he will if that is necessary. "I think finding a way to jump in would be better." He responds to Wheeljack, then frowning a bit. "I don't think I am exactly slow, but I am going to have to concede on having someone with a faster alt mode with me and Rung." Upon hearing Rung's resolve, he decided to chime in on that. "I'll jump with Rung too, that way we both can be in the same cart." He looked at the fuel arm. "Think we can swing off of that?"

"If they put energon into these things, there's got to be something that drops it in... yes, there!" Wheeljack says, using his headlights to augment his pointing, as his helm fins light up cheerfully. "That's perfect, Blaster. Nice spotting. We'll have to time the jump depending on how many people are going, but if we make a mark by the track, to show the time we'll have to jump when it passes, that should be easier than someone shouting now!" He pauses. "We'll do that too, of course. No countdowns. There's not enough time for that."

After the next cart passes, and doing a little math, they get the mark down on the ground and the fuel arm arranged so that they can easily drop. All that they have to do now is decide who's going, because the next cart is coming up fast.

Bulkhead doesn't notice First Aid glancing at him, only because he's too busy frowning at Rung. "You can go when we figure out the best method." He's firm about this even in the face of Blaster's comment, except - oh. Yes. Yes! "Good eye!" He calls in excitement as his attention focuses on the same thing Wheeljack is pointing to. That is a much better idea than just jumping off of their current location .

"I was suggesting to just build them underground to begin with" Brainstorm points out to Hoist "These tracks seem to be doing fine, so maybe they could have extended it to the cities" but back to the problem at hand. The engineer follows Blaster's gaze up to the fuel arm "Looks like we could move it over the tracks and jump" he nods at the suggestion "Who wants to go first?"

"I can go with Rung and Blaster, if they're jumping first," Wheeljack volunteers. Hopefully his blithe acceptance of it is enough to inspire some confidence. Nothing like a scientist who's confident in his own numbers, right? "We'll have to keep close to try and keep from knocking anyone off as we fall." Group hugs! What's better.

First Aid draws a little closer to the tracks, fingertips twitching at a seam on his thigh where a medikit would pop out. People potentially getting mangled by rail carts is serious business, and the medic settles his gaze on the first volunteers warily.

"Excellent problem solving boys." Hoist puts his foot on the fuel arm to help push it back out into it's extended position, and kneels down to make sure it's locked into place. "Sorry about this, if it needs repairs because of this stunt later I shall gladly assist in such as pentance." This gives plenty of other mechs a chance to line up to go first. Or he might of managed to force himself to, despite how his last attempt at heroic stunts turned out.

"No, Jackie, I'll go with them first." Like hell is Bulkhead going to let Wheeljack put himself in danger when they don't know the risks. He steps up to the arm Hoist is shifting. If someone needs to be carried (aka Rung) he will.

As Blaster, Rung, and Wheeljack -- nope, scratch that; Bulkhead -- make their way out, Pummel -- their Mud buddy -- shuffles along after them. He's been well-behaved and very quiet and will just sit in the corner of the cart until it's time to get off. Don't forget him, though. He's gotta go somewhere. The others get front row seats to potential disaster -- well, the first group gets FRONT-front row seats -- because here comes the next cart! It hits the mark, and -- JUMP.

<FS3> Blaster rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (8 1 3 7)

So on the arm he walks on, with Rung and Wheeljack not far behind. He watches the cart, watching the mark and readying for the next cart. As Blaster listens for the next cart, he can hear it approaching. "Everyone ready? JUMP!" And he hops off into the next cart!

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Reaction+reaction: Success. (6 6 8 5)

So Bulk probably should have asked first, should have made sure it was alright but - as the next cart approaches and Blaster jumps first, Bulkhead makes the split second decision to sweep Rung up into his arms before he, too, jumps. "Sorry 'bout this!" He says aloud as he leaps off the arm with Rung tightly clasped to his chest. It's not a very graceful jump, but it works; mostly?

As the others fly away into the dark, the next group has their chance to line up and get ready.

The pink glow overhead pulses irregularly. Combined with the swiftly-narrowing walls and low ceiling, it makes for an eerie ride. Pummel speaks up from his corner: "There will be signs for the emergency exit hatch. You want the second one: that will be ahead of Transit. Not the first. That will take you up into daylight." Good information for the other guys to have too. Oops.

Rung is rearing himself up to jump- when suddenly he is yanked off his feet by the giant green mech beside him and held close in a near strangling grip. He has a slight moment of confusion and panic until he realizes what the other intends as they leap off. The therapist can't be angry with the other for his good intentions, and secretly is somewhat glad. It is terrifying to leap off that, how do other mechs do it so easily?

Wheeljack huffs at Bulkhead when he's pretty much kicked out of the first group, but he lets it go without comment. The next cart is coming up fast, and they don't have much time to argue about who is in what group. There are eight of them, they can split this way just fine, even if he'd prefer to be able to see what's coming up along the line. It's not likely that the carts will crash or spill them out along the way, but he'd like to get a chance to see, just in case. He's watching closely as they jump, though, ready to shout if the timing is off-- but Blaster calls it out right when he should, and they leap into the cart. As soon as they're in and being swept away, he looks at the group that remains. "Well, let's get ready."

Hoist gives a very brief cheer when the others make it. Then exhales out the vents in his mouthguard softly. "Well mates, looks like it's our turn next." He sucks it up and makes his way out onto the arm for the next cart to come along. Glances in Brainstorm's direction. "You sure you don't want to just fly?"

With the first group up and away, Brainstorm scrambles up to take his place on the arm with the remaining group. He doesn't look too nervous -- it's not like he hasn't pulled odd stunts in his lab, and he does have his wings is he misses, but his briefcase remains clutched to his chest "And risk crashing in to a wall?" he gives Hoist a quirked brow ridge "I don't even know if it's wide enough for me to fit, let alone turn!"

It's a pretty reasonable concern, given the way the walls are narrowing down on the others. As the first cart clatters off, they have just time enough to brace before it's their turn. JUMP.

<FS3> First_Aid rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (5 8 5 2 7 6)

<FS3> Brainstorm rolls Reaction+Reaction: Failure. (1 5 3 6)

<FS3> Wheeljack rolls Reaction+Reaction: Success. (2 2 5 2 8 3)

<FS3> Brainstorm rolls Transportation: Success. (2 4 7 3)

First Aid vents a sigh of relief as the first group hops on unharmed. He cautiously follows Hoist up onto the arm and belatedly flicks his lightbars on, if only for the extra light. Don't worry, they're not flashing obnoxiously. "Please be careful," is his sudden, genuine plea to everyone. As the cart approaches, he jumps down, and promptly stumbles into the nearest corner.

<FS3> Hoist rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (3 7 2 7 6 7)

"Now!" As soon as the cart reaches the mark Hoist jumps off! This is a lot easier than his swing shenanigans before, since he's only got to drop downward at the right time. No fancy mathematics other than timing the cart. Thank Primus.

On their mark, Wheeljack leaps. It's not the most elegant thing he's ever done, but he manages to time it right. He staggers the landing, and nearly falls, but he's in, which is the important part. Just as First Aid did, he shuffles to the side to give the others room, then maneuvers his way to the front, his attention on the cart's path, and trying to catch sight of the cart with the others in it ahead of them.

Brainstorm hears the cart, he hears Hoist, and yet, he's just a little bit slow as his foot slips on the arm, causing him to pause for just a moment. Except, when you're jumping in to a speeding cart with another one right behind it, a moment is a lot. He's still in free-fall when he realises that he's going to hit the rails rather than the cart. Not good. Not good at all. At least he has his wings. He doesn't even really think about it, the sense of danger inducing him to transform in to his spedier jet mode, which enables him to catch up with the retreating cart "Hey! Don't think you can get rid of me that easily!" he calls, finally dropping in with an "Ooof", just as the tunnel begins to narrow.

Blaster tries his best to navigate the cart through the tunnels. But it was not easy, it didn't even take to maneuvering well at all. "You both all right?" He asks his fellow passengers, but not before his audials tuned into something else being said. As fast as they were going, he heard their captive tell them which exit to go to. Amplifying his voice a bit, he calls to the back cart, "Take the second exit! Not the first!"

"Stormy!" First Aid grips the cart edge as Brainstorm misses his mark. All he can do from here is flail uselessly. Thankfully he's reminded for what must be the twentieth time that Brainstorm is actually a jet, and when he catches up to their cart, First Aid is all over him. "Are you okay!?" Blaster's amplified voice echoes eerily - Faid's too flustered to pay it any mind.

Bulkhead deposits Rung in the cart once he lands, and he's an astrosecond behind Blaster in realizing what their 'prisoner' has pointed out. His mouth, which had opened to call back the same, snaps shut. Still. Bulk opens a comm line to Wheeljack just in case. " <<Sure ya heard Blasty, but don't take the first exit !>> "

Up at the front, Wheeljack is in a good position to hear Blaster's shout, and although the clatter of Brainstorm landing in their cart has him glancing back with a cheerful "Glad you could make it!", he turns back in time to hear the instructions. "Second exit?" he shouts back, and Bulkhead's comm confirms it. He's holding onto the cart with one hand, but he can wave with the other one. "Got it!" <<We hear you, Bulkhead!>>

Hoist grabs on to help pull Brainstorm into the cart as he manages to catch up and drop in before the tunnel does indeed start to narrow. "Frankly Brainstorm, we couldn't get rid of you if we tried," he retorts back in his usual jovial tone. Much like Rung in the first cart he's trying to keep people from stressing out too much.

While the details are hard to make out, the lights from the first cart's occupants are easily visible to the second -- and the reverse is just as true. Less visible: the track itself.

Navigation is really a matter of 'hold on; don't fall out' that's soon made difficult by a break in the tracks.

Without warning, the first cart suddenly drops, and the second cart loses sight of them.

Some long-ago damage to the track snapped the line, with a drop of several bodylengths and a low ceiling that looks like it might have been caused some some tectonic nonsense or another. Hold on!

<FS3> Rung rolls Mind+reaction: Good Success. (4 5 8 2 5 7)

<FS3> Blaster rolls Body+reaction: Success. (7 3 5 6 3)

"I'm g -- ai! I think I bent something" Brainstorm complains as he works to sit up, his expansive kibble catching and snagging on the other occupants of the crowded cart. At least he's around to complain "So, that was second turn, right--hey, did they just disapear?"

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Body+reaction: Good Success. (6 6 5 3 7 8)

Rung feels as the cart begins to dip and in nearly an instant has clung to the side. He lets out a, surprisingly loud, warning to the others, "Hang on!" and then they are going down.

Bulkhead is absolutely not prepared for the drop; thankfully Rung's shout and his own observation of the track means Bulkhead is quickly able to grab his own side of the cart. " <> " He manages not to shout into their open comm line. Good job Bulkie.

As soon as Blaster turns back to the front does he realize that the tunnel got less visible. He was about to ask Bulkhead to turn on headlights when the cart suddenly drops. Rung didn't need to tell them to hold on, Blaster was gripping the cart tightly, his yell of surprise can be heard as they fell through and crash landed on the ground, still managing to fall back in the cart when they land.

The lights of the cart ahead of them abruptly disappear, the shouting of the occupants of said cart barely reaching as they disappear into the darkness ahead of them. That in itself is plenty of warning that something nasty is coming up. "Oh bother," as all Hoist can mutter as he grabs onto an edge of their own cart.

The second cart has a prety good idea of what's coming up, giving them time to brace for their own drop.

The first cart hurtles forward into the darkness. It's yanked magnetically back onto the tracks after a scary bounce off some rubble and jostles past a switch in the tracks to continue on.

<FS3> Brainstorm rolls Mind+reaction+2: Good Success. (1 5 5 8 1 7 1 5)

<FS3> Wheeljack rolls Mind+Reaction+2: Good Success. (8 1 1 2 5 3 7 2 1)

<FS3> First_Aid rolls Mind+reaction+2: Success. (4 8 6 2 1 4 6 1 2)

<FS3> Hoist rolls Mind+Reaction+2: Good Success. (8 7 2 6 8 2 6 5)

The warnings give Wheeljack enough time to hunker down from his relatively more exposed position watching the track ahead of them, and tighten his grip on the cart, so when the track disappears underneath them and they drop, he is jostled but manages to keep a good hold on the cart and not be thrown about even with the queasy feeling of their cart suddenly falling. As soon as he feels them slam down again, he's pushing himself up, to call out, "We're all right!"

First Aid sets to work on whatever it is that Brainstorm bent, tuned out of the rest of the goings-on. Mostly. He does get the bit about bracing for a drop, so he hooks his foot around a bit of tether railing. If Brainstorm wiggles around, he'll get wrangled back into place with a firm tug on his wing.

<FS3> First_Aid rolls Medicine: Success. (2 6 6 1 1 5 2 8 2 3 5 2 1)

The sudden dissaperance of the other cart, and Rung's warning, is enough for Brainstorm to grab for the edge of the cart. The fact that the cart is litterally falling under him makes it a bit difficult not to wiggle, and then flinch when First Aid pulls on the wing "Ey, careful! It still hurst you know!" he might be making it sound worse than it really is.

Blaster stands up. "Do we still have an exit back into the city?" He asks, looking at Pummel. He holds on to the cart, his legs shaking slightly and venting uneven, but trying not to show how much the drop terrified him. There were a little bit of a residual ache from how he fell back in the cart, but he was okay.

As the first cart shoots forward, Pummel looks up at the cavern ceiling. The pink line of energon continues above them. There may be marks up there, but it's hard to tell. "Yeah, there's an exit coming up but it's too soon. That's the first one. We want the second." The track ahead of them is littered with bits of fallen debris where the roof has buckled, likely from the same event that broke the track. As the cart rumbles forward, more debris rains down on them -- some of it quite heavy, some of it quite sharp.

Behind the first cart, rolling rocks scattered by their passage lean against the switch and shruuug up on it. Without warning, the second cart has a split-second to see, to guess what's going on, and to react. (Or scream. Screaming is good. Because that switch will throw them onto an entirely, 100% dark path!!)

<OOC> Tez says, "Cart 1, +coinflip. Tails, you get hit. Cart 2, THINK FAST and you are making your rolls with a -2 penalty."

<OOC> Rung flips a coin. It comes up HEADS. <OOC> Blaster flips a coin. It comes up TAILS.

Rung looks up at the sudden sounds of debris raining down on them. He jumps to the side and covers his head as he ducks down to avoid the objects. Luckily the therapist accomplishes his goal to miss getting hit. Instead he quickly looks around at the others to see if they managed to do the same.

<OOC> Bulkhead flips a coin. It comes up TAILS.

Blaster is not so lucky, he heard the rumble of falling rocks too late and got hit with it on his head. He falls back with the hit, holding his head, it has a nice dent now.

Yeah Bulkhead isn't lucky, either. He might be too busy worrying about the others in the cart when the debris starts falling and - well. He gets hit pretty hard, helm jerking back violently at the impact. Frag.

Wheeljack is braced and looking at the track ahead of them, after those earlier warnings from the first cart, which is the only reason he catches sight of the falling rocks, and the debris being sent sliding across the tracks. "Look out!" he shouts to the others in the cart, and he's leaning forward, pointing toward the track and the mess strewn along the side and the switch. "Hoist, can you--"

<FS3> Wheeljack rolls Mind+Mind-2: Success. (1 6 6 5 1 7)

First Aid finally relents his hold on Brainstorm. It's a quick patch but it'll hold until they get topside at least. He pokes his head over the cart edge only to see the rocks crumbling ahead, and readily ducks back down again. Jackie and Hoist'll save 'em, surely!

This ride can't get any wor -- nope, Hoist doesn't even get a chance to finish -thinking- that much less say it, and now we have rocks falling on the track. Slag slag slag.. do these tracks all go the same place? Confound the one person that probably knows or not is in the other cart. Then Wheeljack shouts something about rocks on a switch? They have no idea where that dark tunnel goes. Hoist yanks out his towline, and considering it ends in a hook instead of something heavier, instead goes for whipping the rig at the switch to try and yank it back into the proper position. With the limited time they have that seems more likely than trying to knock the rocks off again.

<FS3> Hoist rolls Repair-1: Success. (5 7 3 5 2 4 5 6 3)

Brainstorm sees the trouble, but he doesn't actually do much. Not like he has much he can do, aside from something that will endanger him, since Wheeljack already voiced the idea of Hoist and his hook. No, throwing the briefcase is most definitely NOT an option. In fact, he opts for ducking lower in to the cart and pulls the case in closer to his chestplate.

The warning that Wheeljack shouts gives Hoist just enough time to catch the switch before it's quite fully thrown and he just barely pulls it back in line when they fling past it and after the first cart. The broken roof overhead sends rocks raining down on them. This is a terrible track. Whose idea was this again??

The tunnel widens with glowing glyphs marking an emergency exit. Pummel doesn't even glance over. "Second one," he reminds his cart. The path narrows again, squeezing tightly down on them with a dangerously low ceiling.

<OOC> Tez says, "Cart 2, +coinflip for rock damage. tails is a thump."

<OOC> Brainstorm flips a coin. It comes up HEADS.

<OOC> First_Aid flips a coin. It comes up HEADS.

<OOC> Hoist flips a coin. It comes up HEADS.

<OOC> Wheeljack flips a coin. It comes up TAILS.

Hoist gives a hearty yank and manages to jerk the switch back into position at the last possible moment. Then the hook pops back off, and the sudden release of tension flings it back to Hoist, saving him the trouble of retracting it. Though the lack of pull also makes him fall back against the edge of the cart with a a loud "Oof!". On the bright side, he totally misses the still falling debris by virtue of accidental physics!

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Reaction+reaction: Failure. (4 4 1 2)

"Unnng." That blow to the head definitely hasn't helped Bulkhead's thought processes. He's leaning back against his side of the cart, optics unfocused, helm roiling with dizziness. He has no idea what is going on; he can barely stay conscious at this point. There's a pretty nasty dent in his helm as well.

Brainstorm yelps as the rocks come tumbling down, ducking beneath his arm to shield his head, and the precious briefcase. At least they're still on teh right track and not hurtling who knows where, but he could really do wuthout all the danger.

Wheeljack slumps in relief as Hoist's attempt works, and spares a glance and a flickering flash of his helm fins for Hoist in relief that it worked. "Good work!" He shouts, triumphant.

It's this moment of distraction that proves to be his downfall. With his attention turned away, he doesn't manage to see the debris falling from the ceiling until it's too late to do anything but shout in surprise and try, too late, to get his arms up in front of him. The rocks slam into him, sending him falling hard onto his back in the cart.

Rung glances at the others in alarm, seeing them both struck across the helm. He jumps to Blaster's side, as he is the one who fell backwards from the impact, and his hands hover above the other since he is unsure of how to help. Abrasions and bleeding he can work with but simple dents and possible internal injuries he is unsure how to help. So instead he gently moves to examine the others head while asking, "Are you alright?" Only to be interrupted by the sudden smash Bulkhead takes to the head once again from the low ceiling. Rung visibly winces for his crewmate as he goes down and quickly switches to examine the other. "Bulkhead? ... bulkhead you must focus on me, you need to stay awake." Avoiding the dent, Rung puts a hand on his face before snapping in front of his eyes in an attempt to help him focus with the same calm tone the therapist would use in his office.

Injured but not out, Blaster started to stand, when he saw that Bulkhead got hit again. Rushing forward to assist, he threw Bulkhead's arm around his shoulder helping Bulkhead stand, not an easy task. "Rung! Pummel! Help he hold him up!" He tells them, doing his best to take Bulkhead's weight. Pummel points out the exits and prepares to jump for the second one. He sends a comm out to everyone in the second cart.

<< Everyone, remember it is the second exit! >>

First Aid offers Wheeljack and Hoist a little victory fistpump from his spot on the cart floor, when they snap the switch. Then draws back up against the corner when a sharp falling rock shatters right at his feet. "Gah!" Then Wheeljack gets cracked, and it's everything First Aid can do to keep from crawling over to treat him. He clings to the edge, medikit held up over his head in a vague attempt to shield himself.

"It's coming up! Come on!" Pummel pokes Bulkhead in the side with a hard jab and then looks over at the others. He's gotten through without damage because he knows exactly what's coming up. What a little jerk. "Gotta jump off!" The ceiling is still too low to stand -- and then, suddenly, it opens into another large space with a marked exit. Or, well, it sure seemed like a large space. It's going by awful fast. It's now or never, and with Bulkhead dazed as he is--.

Behind them, on the second cart, the narrow tunnel widens into an exit. Is this-- oh, no, there's Blaster. This is the first exit. Don't get out, second cart. Instead, get ready for the tunnel to SUDDENLY NARROW BACK DOWN ON THEM.

<FS3> Rung rolls Inspire: Success. (1 6 3 1 1 2 7)

<FS3> Rung rolls Mind+reaction: Success. (3 3 8 4 6 5)

<FS3> Blaster rolls Body+reaction: Success. (6 3 1 8 6)

Hoist glances up from the edge of the cart.. No, second exit. He hunkers back down with the others. "Low bridge mates!" He actually shifts a bit to lean on Wheeljack, to make sure the inventor doesn't get up from getting clonked without realizing the ceiling was coming back in low again.

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Body+reaction-1: Success. (1 4 4 7 3)

Bulkhead is so out of it. He vaguely realizes someone is lifting him up, and.....that's it. Other things may happen to him. He's not really sure. His processor is too fuzzy. He didn't even acknowledge Rung trying to help him before, and all of the action that occurs later? Completely passes him by. He might make it out anyway. Hopefully.

Watching the tunnel narrow and widen again, Blaster holds on to Bulkhead. "Everyone jump!" He calls out, jumping out right when they are at the second exit. He manages to land fairly cleanly, no extra injury to him and hopefully none to anyone else. R ung looks over as Blaster begins to support Bulkhead then, giving up on trying to help him stay awake, instead moves to the other side of the mech. Supporting his one arm, Rung prepares to move. As the exit comes up, he leaps in tandem with the others and hopefully they drag Bulkhead to safety along with them. As soon as his feet touch down, albeit with a bit of stumbling, he whirls around to check the others. "Are you three alright?"

Pummel rolls out with them, but less smoothly: he bonks his head on exit, deadweight. At least he's not running.

The tunnel opens around the second cart again, revealing another exit -- and the others, having already jumped. Probably their turn now, don't you think?

<FS3> Brainstorm rolls Mind+Reaction: Failure. (1 2 2 6 5 2)

<FS3> Hoist rolls Body+Reaction: Good Success. (7 1 7 1 5 7)

<FS3> First_Aid rolls Mind+reaction: Good Success. (3 8 2 7 3 1 8)

<FS3> Wheeljack rolls Body+Reaction: Success. (3 1 2 3 8)

When the others spill out, Brainstorm manages to foul his limbs on exit so that he goes down hard. On his face. His mask pops off. Did you know it could do that? NOW YOU DO.

As soon as the low ceiling clears Hoist climbs back onto his feet. "Look lively chaps, this should be our stop!" Sure enough, there's the others! Hoist puts a foot up on the edge, wait for it... now! Jump! At least jumping off a fast moving cart onto unmoving ground is relatively easier than trying to jump off one moving vehicle to another. Relatively.

First Aid scoots closer to Wheeljack against all better judgment, at least to get a solid look at his noggin. Only the lighting sucks here. He's forced to hold off. Oh the exit! Hoist chaps at them, and First Aid reacts quick enough, jumping to land with a small stumble. "Phew."

It's probably a good thing that Hoist did that, because Wheeljack is on the edge of attempting to scramble upright again when the ceiling drops. "What's up ahead?" he asks, rubbing at his face and the dents probably scattered across it. At least he doesn't have to look up again, since Hoist has taken over watching the track ahead. By the time he's pushing himself upright, Hoist is already calling out a warning, and Wheeljack only just has the time to jump for the opening. It's inelegant, but it gets him out without any further falling.

"Considering two out of three of us got injuries in one-" Oh there goes Pummel now. " -three out of four of us have head injuries, I don't think we are all right Rung." Blaster gave a small smile though. "At least we are not dead." He carefully sets Bulk down cause he was still heavier than he cared to hold on to for a length of time. Looking behind him, he sees... Brainstorm completely down and the others landing pretty well. "First Aid, we got an unconscious captive and plenty of head injuries."

Clearly, Brainstorm should not be riding in speeding carts, if his embarking and disembarking are anything to go by. He hits the ground hard. It hurts bad, like he just used his face as landing gear. Which it shouldn't. Not just because faces make really bad landing gear, but also because there really ought to be something between it, and the ground. Something hard, yellow and -- oh scrap.

As the initial daze of his crash landing begins to fade, Brainstorm becomes aware of something matching that description a short way away. On the ground. Definitely not where it's supposed to be. He definitely does not need people touching that. They might press the wrong thing, if it hasn't been pressed in the fall. There are certain things he really would not like to have to explain. Roling up to his knees, the weapons engineer scrambles for his dislodged faceplate, reaching to plop it back on his face, before anyone decides to try and help him.

The escape hatch leading out onto the surface will show Transit rumbling toward them in the distance. They are far enough ahead to be able to get an easy scoop back up when they get out there. Getting everyone up, of course, might be a minor pain between all the injuries and the Mud knocked halfway to stasis -- but they're a resourceful bunch. They'll manage. </div> </div>

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