2016-06-05 Speed Science

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Speed Science
Date 2016/06/05
Location Delta - Velocitron
Participants Brainstorm, Wheeljack
Plot Colony: Velocitron
Summary Wheeljack and Brainstorm bring some Science to the good people of Delta.

After the success of his first visit to Delta, Brainstorm decided to take a little more time for shore leave. What can he say? He loves the attention! Stories of his previous demonstration have spread a bit, so there's no shortage of new, curious faces milling around him. They don't seem to be partiularly shy either, several of them coming right up close to poke at his wings. Brainstorm himself doesn't really mind, so long as they don't get too rough, or interfiere with his explanation, or acompanying gesture "...And so those jets of gas move at several times the speed of sound, and create forward movement" his hand glides forward through the air to mimic something being moved forward.

As tends to happen, Wheeljack's attention has been unintentionally diverted recently by a project. Brought on by the incident with the malfunctioning drone, he's been at work designing and building in his lab, and has thus not had the attention for much of the happenings on Velocitron. He's reached a good place to pause, however, and he's taken advantage of the break to finally come down to Delta. Wheeljack may not be anywhere near as obvious about it as someone like Knock Out, but his alt mode is still a racing car, and he won't turn away the opportunity to set tires to road for a good drive.

That's what brings him down to Delta in the first place. He's spent some time driving by now, but the fast pace the locals take can get wearying, so he stops to transform out of the way, and that's when he notices the crowd, and the particularly familiar colors and voice at the center of it.

Maneuvering through the audiance takes a bit of effort, since Jack isn't the flashiest or most memorable of Lost Lighters, and his stripes, while nice, aren't flashy compared to the Deltans. "Brainstorm!" he calls in greeting when he's close enough for it. His fins light up cheerfully. "What are you up to?"

Hearing his name, Brainstorm pauses his explination to look up, his expression brightening when he spots his fellow engineer "Wheejack!" the hand that was just demonstrating propulsion goes up in a friendly wave "I was just explaining jet propulsion to these guys. And some other things. Lieutenant thought it would be a good idea to introduce them to science, so I volunteered to help" judging from his chipper tone, he's finding it pretty enjoyable. Some of the onlookers, meanwhile, have turned their attention the newcommer, quickly picking up that he must also be one of the visitors from the stars. One of them is even so bold as to try and poke one of Wheeljack's flashy fins.

The attempted poke will get a chance to land, mostly because Wheeljack didn't expect it at all, and once it does he gives a startled glance toward the onlooker who did it. He knows they're shiny, but really? At least they're not poking at his mask, though. He manages to shake it off and pull his head out of poking distance without any problem, though. "So quick summaries, then?" he nods, stepping in next to Brainstorm. "This crowd more interested in the flying stuff? Or just anything? I've got some fun stories about traction and tires."

"Flying and speed" Brainstorm nods "Like everyone else here it seems. Someone just wanted to know how I can move without a road -- woah! Hey! Careful!" the jet twitches his shoulder, turning to give the speedster who decided to try pushing on the rudervators of the long fin mounted on it a, short, sharp look. Turning back to Wheeljack, he continues "But yeah, if you explain to them that it can help them be faster, they'll listen

"You could get up in the air and demonstrate," Wheeljack observes. He sounds amused, but he sympathizes with Brainstorm's twitchiness. Personal space really isn't a thing with the locals, apparently. It's not like demonstrating will lose Brainstorm his rapt audience, either. "Don't actually have to be a jet to move without a road, though! With the right modifications a car or truck could race just about anywhere."

"Just did that acutally" Brainstorm explains, paying no heed to the amusement. It's not that he minds being touched, as demonstrated by the fact that the swipe at his other fin goes ignored. He just doesn't need someone accidentally damaging anything he needs for flight "That's where the question came from."

It seems that that wasn't enough to satisfy the curioscity of the crowd. Apperantly having grown bored of watching the offworlders chatting amongs themselves, someone nearby pipes up "What sort of modidfications?" followed by "And what do you mean 'anywhere'? Like, anywhere anywhere?" and from the back "And what was that about traction?"

"And the crowd?" Wheeljack asks, amused. "Don't know if I can hold a candle to a display like that!" The sudden rapidfire questions get Wheeljack laughing, and he starts ticking off answers on his fingers immediately. "Changing your suspensions and shock absorbers, mostly. and getting a higher clearance, for rocks and things. Wish there were some of the all-terrain alts around, there are some pretty big differences! And maybe not anywhere anywhere, but a lot of places where someone like us couldn't drive! They made races out of it on one of the organic planets I've visited," he notes. No need to go into too much detail on Earth, but there were certainly plenty of ways to race on that planet. Time to move onto the third question, too. "I assume you talked about drag and friction, Brainstorm? Traction's just about the friction between your tires and the road. Too much and you don't get optimum acceleration... too little and you'll spin out whenever you do a turn."

"Loved it!" Brainstorm confirms cheerfully, before falling silent as Wheeljack turns to answer the questions. This clearly seems to have their attention, though it does spawn a bit of confusion "Wouldn't going offroad make you go slower?" followed by an imediate snide response of "Well you maybe! I'd be fine!" "What are those stories you had about traction about anyways?" a third voice adds.

Brainstorm would be happy to help, but he got distracted, explaining to another curious onlooker what those panels on his wings are for.

"Slower than on a paved road, maybe, but that doesn't mean it can't still be a race," Wheeljack points out. "A more difficult one, too, considering how many obstacles there usually are, and how rough the terrain is." Then of course someone asks about the stories about traction, and Wheeljack's fins light up. "Well, at least one of them involves him" he says, jerking his helm toward Brainstorm. "Since he made this basically frictionless goo..."

"Am making" Brainstorm corrects, turning back to Wheeljack and the questioner "It could still be better. I just need to find the right mix. It's kinda a side project. I did have to pull a guy out of it once because he slipped in it and couldn't stand up"

Somewhere in the middle of the crowd rises a hushed muttering. Something about the potential uses of such a concoction on the racecourse. Meanwhile, another voice pipes up "So do you just...make things?" "You race too though, right?" "That guy looks like he races!"

"Sure, we make stuff! All the time! I used to work on frame mods too, but I make whatever's useful now. Jet packs, force fields, engine blocks, same way that Brainstorm does." Wheeljack explains. He eyes the chatter growing in the crowd with some rueful amusement. Well, the science lessons were going pretty well, but now it sounds like they're steering fully away from the background of it and into discussing racing directly. "Something is better than nothing?" he says to Brainstorm quietly. Then he's being dragged off into a conversation about racing by some of the crowd, and probably challenged to a race along the way, but he spares a wave and a "see you later!" to Brainstorm before he leaves.

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