2016-06-04 Actions lead to Consequences (Sometimes)

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Actions lead to Consequences (Sometimes)
Date 2016/06/04
Location Delta - Velocitron
Participants Lieutenant, Mirage
Plot Colony: Velocitron
Summary Mirage gets an update on what's been going on since he left.

Mirage had been endlessly filling his hours in order to forget what he had done on Delta: working on the hologram of the mural, seeing to various chores, and even getting wasted with the Captain. He can feel the effects of endless activity paired with little to no rest. Still, he cannot hold off the worry forever (and he knows he'll have to do something about it soon enough, or he will end up in the medibay with another of his stress-induced fits). So that's why he's here, perched in front of one of the comm mecha's consoles (after adamantly insisting that they put through his personal call). The dim light of the vidscreen doesn't do any favor for his pallor, and his yellow eyes flow ominously in the near-dark.

Once the call is picked up, though, he manages a slightly-teasing smile. "So, are you finally ready to apologize for your behavior?" he greets. He's not forgotten Lieutenant's snarky comment on Delta.

Oh great, Mirage is a telepath too. "<< I have, Mirage. >>" Lieutenant replies as he looks over Delta from atop one of the tallest buildings. The bustle of the city almost reminds him of Iacon without the air traffic. It's busy, fast, and bright with several biolight mods creating a streak behind the vehicles whizzing around. "<< I did not intend for my words to insult you. >>" he continues evenly, "<< My deepest apologies for what I have said. I understand I am unable to retract my words, but I humbly ask for your forgiveness for them. >>"

Oh. Mirage is not expecting for Lieutenant to agree so readily to his teasing words, but he can't exactly complain. Any lingering irritation he feels is gone in an instant. "How thoughtful of you. Apology accepted," he purrs. "But I suppose that's not what I called about. I thought you might like to be updated on how the holographic recreation of the mural is going."

Also not why he called, but it's a good opener. Sliding a small disc off the table, he presses a button and a small copy of the hologram blinks to life. The small holographic device isn't advanced enough to make the image look at that realistic (one of the down sides of it being portable), but it's enough. He holds it out towards the screen. The hologram burns bright in the dark room. Part of the reason Mirage asked for the lights to be dimmed is because he thought Lieutenant might be able to see it better that way.

The avian could see most of the mural from what Mirage has done so far. He knows the graphics aren't crystal clear, but he can see the effort that has gone into recreating it. It doesn't seem complete on Lieutenant's end and it probably isn't, but he admires what the other has accomplished so far in the last two days.

"<< You are making excellent progress. >>" he compliments in his near permanent dry tone, "<< I look forward to returning to the Lost Light to see it in person. >>" Speaking of, he noted that Mirage had gone missing not long after the Inevitable 250 ended. "<< Were you aware of what has been going on down here before you returned to the Lost Light, Mirage? >>" He means about everyone going missing. Mirage was supposed to be with Skystalker but probably took off once the other started firing his weapons. Lieutenant doesn't blame the racer if so. Oh again. With a flick of his wrist, the racer offlines the small projector and gives a weary sigh. Is Lieutenant some sort of mind reader? He hit right on what is concerning Mirage the most, and he hopes that the answer isn't going to be a punch to the tanks. Anything can happen when becoming this involved in a planet's future.

Leaning forwards, the scout rests his chin on his hand and tries to look upbeat. "I was around long enough to see that Knock Out won. Things are going in our favor, right? I've heard... fragments of other reports, but..." he trails off, waving his other hand through the air dismissively. He had heard, but he wasn't ready to face it until this moment.

Lieutenant's gaze falls away from the screen on his end. He watches over the race track where there are plenty still milling around there. Still celebrating and few were racing around just for fun. "<< But something is up. >>" he notes almost as an afterthought to Mirage's trailing off. He looks back at the screen but doesn't really expect the racer to add on to what he was originally saying. Sometimes others just don't want to talk. Still, "<< So you were there when the others went missing? >>"

"Others?" a note of concern in his voice. "Is someone from the Lost Light missing?"

His optic ridges furrow in concern, finally dropping his air of optimism. "I mean I vaguely heard that several Velocitronians disappeared, but that's hardly surprising in all the excitement. I'm sure they'll reappear in the next few hours after they've slept off the effects of their celebratory drinks."

"<< No, everyone is accounted for from the crew. >>" Lieutenant assured calmly, "<< Override, her assistant Clocker, and Ransack went missing after the race. We did find Ransack yesterday, and he agrees to help us with the titan. I simply was asking incase you had not been notified. >>"

The avian sighs and shakes his head, "<< It was messed up what he wanted to do. He could have started a civil war here had he stayed hidden for long. >>"

Mirage covers his faceplates and tries to suppress a sigh. This is what he gets for trying to ignore the reports for so long; while he had had some inkling it was more important than just a few missing Velocitronians, he hadn't wanted to admit to himself that it was that bad. "You mean Ransack, right?" he mutters. "The one who had plans? He didn't get anywhere with them, did he? No one was harmed?" There is almost a pleading tone in his voice.

"And did he give any clues about where to find Override and this Clocker fellow?"

He sees Mirage's expression and there is a faint, nearly invisible look of sympathy. "<< No one was hurt and Ransack has agreed to help Windblade. >>" The avian assures him. With what, Lieutenant isn't clear on but it has something to do with the titan. "<< Ransack's plan was to cut the tethers to Transit and leave them behind because they were slow. However, Soundwave and Windblade, along with the rest there, managed to convince him not to do so. Everyone is safe but both Override and Clocker are still missing. No clues given, yet; but I have a suspicion that they are in a different city, but I have not checked out the possibility of that. >>"

The hand peels back slowly, reluctantly, as he analyzes Lieutenant's words. At first his emotions are stirring too much to make much sense of them, but when he does he feels as if a great weight has been lifted from his shoulders. Things could have been catastrophic, but thanks to the rest of the crew he won't have to feel responsible for that. While he still worries about Override's fate, at least he is assured Ransack will not pose further trouble.

"I-I'm glad to hear it. I'm sure we've averted a huge tragedy, and I have no doubt in the efficacy of the ground unit. You'll find Override and Clocker, too," he remarks, saying it in a way that leaves no room for an alternate course. "I'm almost disappointed I couldn't be there to share in your glory, but a situation arose that I had to see to on the Lost Light."

<FS3> Mirage rolls Deception: Success. (2 1 1 4 8 3 1 2)

Mirage feels a fleeting moment of guilt at the mention of Mu. He's been so caught up in his own problems that he barely spared a thought for that, and since he's been turning out reports he's not horribly informed. He does know one thing at least, though. "They haven't returned, and I've not heard from Beachcomber. I suspect they've found a bit of trouble, but no doubt they'll wriggle out of it soon enough. This ship and its crew always seems to," he answers.

There's only a moment's pause in answering Lieutenant. Sometimes a half-truth is easier than a lie. "I had to consult with a medic about something, and preferred someone I was familiar with over a Velocitronian one," he replies. "As I'm sure you can understand. They are a gracious race to welcome us so but..."

"<< I understand that. >>" Lieutenant replies with a curt nod, "<< I do wish you well in whatever ails you. You need not work too hard on the mural, take it easy if you must. >>" He turns the screen around so Mirage can get a view of Delta from high above. All of it's speed and familiar beauty (at least in the avian's mind) in how is resembled a bit of Cybertron. He also did this so Mirage doesn't see him wilt at what he's said about Mu. Certainly, the mech is worried for everyone there, but at the thought of trouble and not knowing the trouble made Lieutenant sick. "<< I should let you go now. I have held your attention for long enough. >>"

Mirage is awed by the scene a second time, once again regretting (mildly) that he has to be stuck on the ship while everyone else enjoys those beautiful vistas. But there will be other chances, he knows, and new planets in the future. Ones where he hasn't rescued the rebel leader of a faction with aspirations for homicide. "Thank you for your well wishes, and I offer you the same. It sounds like the ground unit is going to be quite busy over the next several days," he answers back.

"If you really must go. Enjoy the rest of your evening, and don't concern yourself overly much about the hologram. It's no trouble at all. It will be done by the time you return, I suspect."

But he would work on that tomorrow. Tonight? He might actually get to relax a little, if he doesn't linger too much on Override. The news has been better than he feared.

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