2016-05-30 Basically Brothers

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-05-30 Basically Brothers
Date 2016/05/30
Location Body Shop
Participants Whirl, Vortex
Summary Whirl comes in for a new decal and finds out Vortex works the at the Body Shop. Relationships, DJD, and cocks were just some of the topics here.

The Body Shop is the place to go when you're not feeling as shiny as you used to, want to be another color, or even want a fancy aesthetic mod installed. Located off of the Oil Baths, the warm, scented air from the Oil Baths seeps through the clear sliding doors between the rooms. The Body Shop has more of a garage feel with state of the art tools hanging on the walls. Auto lifts dominate the center of the room.

Off to the side is a secondary room designed for painting, heavily vented and outfitted with a large window so customers in the main area can watch when not thumbing through design catalogs and color palettes.

The last time Whirl got some sick body art, it was destroyed within a few days under the hands of the DJD. The whole experience was pretty fucked up (it still comes up often in his sessions with Rung) and every time he catches his reflection, the blank space where it used to be serves as a constant reminder of what he went through. It's time to fix that.

He barges into the body shop with all the grace one would expect from him. "HEY! I heard this is the place to come if I want to get some sweet body art so.. GET TO IT!"

Vortex is babysitting the Body Shop. Babysitting because, conveniently, no one comes by when he's here alone. So he's not technically working, he just goes around organizing things, seeing if Torque left any tools he could casually pilfer, and then pampering himself with the equipment free of charge. Usually boring but not so bad today. He's nearly got his claw mods fixed- wait until Raider saw 'em! And Blast Off. And Riptide too. Frens. He's currently using a fine brush on his pedes, the paint either invisible or the same gray as down there. He tilts his helm a bit. "Heeeeeey there, Cyclops. Nice ta see ya. You're lookin' to get modded and painted?" The rotary shifts, pedes dangling off the edge of the table he's sitting on. "How ya been, bud?"

Oh, what? Vortex works here? Maybe? He's here, that's all that really matters. Clearly Whirl was not expecting this because he suddenly grows quiet when he spots the Combaticon. How convenient, he has some questions to ask him but surely there will be time for that later. "I think my body has been modded enough for a lifetime," he says, strutting over to Vortex on those ridiculous chicken legs of his. "I've been alright, hoping you could help me out since you're here. I need to get some body art done. How good are you at fonts? I want it to look classy, not like some scratcher shit."

"Foooooontssssssss-" Vortex jumps to his pedes, gliding past Whirl and to the counter. Now where... Ah! He pulls a datapad out and holds it out for the Ex-Wrecker. "-ssss- got'em! Take your pick. We have a laser cutter, I can make stencils or..." He taps his visor. "I can use this. Both work." The smaller rotary stretches, making a show of how limber he is. "What're you looking for exactly? And, just sayin', one can ever be modded too much. Mod 'em more is what I like to say!"

"Woah, woah.. I was thinking like... paint and stuff, not actually burning into my body with lasers." Geez, is there really no one else here? Whirl straightens up and looks around just in case beore venting a sigh and taking the datapad from Vortex. "A while back I had this amazing pin-up of Blast Off on my chest," he says, pointing to the spot under his cockpit where it used to be. "He didn't really get a chance to see it, the uh.." His optic flickers slightly before he collects himself and continues. "The DJD ruined it so.."

He shakes his head. "Anyway, I was thinking making you could do WHIRLYBIRD in fancy font there? Do you know what a bird is? Maybe you can incorporate one of those in there, I don't care which one." They're all the same, aren't they? "What do you think?"

"No, the laser cutter can cut out a stencil so I can paint it- But lasering is something I should look into! Good idea, Cyclops." Vortex's rotors spin as he considers it. He eyes the spot Whirl indicated with a tilt of his helm. Apin-up of Blast Off? Oh, his brother probably loved that. But his helm snaps up before he could comment, visor flashing. " What? Birds? Yeah, sure. Easy peasy." Flew into so many of them. On purpose about ninety-five percent of the time. "But forget that! Go back there. Did I hear something about the DJD? Hah! You met the DJD?" His rotors are all atwitter as he bounces on his heels.

"Can you make the bird look cool? I don't want some ball of fluff on my chest, I have an image to maintain." Says the guy who is getting his boyfriend's pet name for him tattooed on his body. Whirl's optic flickers when Vortex insists on talking about the DJD, and he turns his head away to stare at a random spot on the wall as those horrific memories flash before his eye. "...Yes. Blast Off and I got to know them very well."

"Oh... Oh." There's a certain amount of glee in his voice as he understands the connotation with what Whirl just said. Bird, yeah, whatever. He can do that. Vortex doesn't hold back some giggles as he steps forward, leaning up. "What did they do?" There's an earnest desire. He wants to know. He wants every painful detail. His rotors tremble eagerly.

"What did they do?" Whirl repeats, still staring at the wall without actually looking at it. Sometimes when he thinks about what happened, he finds himself unable to remember all the details. Bits and pieces sometimes feel fuzzy and he has trouble discerning them from the many nightmares he's had about the DJD since then. Other times the memories hit him with full clarity and he can feel and hear everything that they did to him, every joint breaking, every crack of a fist against his body.

"They kidnapped us while we were scouting. They took us back to their ship and they.." His body trembles slightly. "They tortured me mercilessly. They beat me until I blacked out and then they would reset my systems so I could feel everything as they continued to beat me. Blast Off.. they forced him to watch."

A shiver runs up Vortex's spinal strut and he makes a soft noice. Clearly just envisioning it is making his internal temperature rise. "How terrible." He tries to sound sincere and totally not enthralled. "Tut, tut, they must be getting lazy if you're still here. I mean, not necessarily how I would have done it. See, if it were me..." He reaches out to tip the datapad, gleaning the desired font before turning to collect some materials and start up a stencil.

"Mind you, I wouldn't do this. Blast Off is my brother. But, if it were me, I'd of made you watch. Blast Off breaks easy, so easy. So you'd have to be careful. Start by removing those walls he builds up- his facemask and his wings and his thrusters- and bring him down. Toy with him, break that pride and ego until he's begging. And then, then that's when you shatter him. Take his servos, crush his cog. And make you watch. That's how I'd of done it. Glad they didn't, though! Ho man, I bet they were fun to watch." His claws tap the laser cutter and it activates, getting to work. Clapping his servos, he turns to face Whirl again, brightly and chipper. "So! What colors were you thinking of? We've got palettes!"

"I guess they thought killing me would be too merciful," Whirl says quietly. He continues staring at that wall but when Vortex starts going off into his own fantasy of what he would do if he were in the DJD's place, Whirl's gaze slooooowwwwlllyyyy turns to face him. He's silent and emotionless but there is a heat emanating off his frame, a heat brought on by burning rage. It gets even hotter when he leans in close to Vortex, his single optic boring straight into the other rotary's visor.

"You will never repeat that again. Do you understand? You will never speak of Blast Off like that again or I will string you up by your guts, and you wont die right away, oh no. I will make sure to keep you alive long enough so I can watch you starve to death. Do you understand?"

Vortex's visor flickers but he doesn't relent in staring back at Whirl. There's this little voice that says 'Oh boy, look how angry he is. He's Blasty's boyfriend, don't piss him off.' But there's a much louder voice going 'DOITDOITDOIT.' It a little obvious what to do next. Vortex leans up and coos, "Oh, is that a promise? I suppose I should be glad I kept myself so tame." He reaches up and boops Whirl's pedipalps with his claws, chuckling. "So, what colors did you want?"

Whirl has been trying his best to keep things amicable between himself and Vortex for Blast Off's sake but gosh, Vortex is not making it easy. "It is," he snarls. His engines are practically roaring in fury when Vortex goes so far as to boop him and he fights every urge in his body to reach out and stab him. Gotta stay calm. Gotta stay calm for Blast Off.

"Brown and violet," he responds, tone still tense and angry. The reasoning behind his color choices should be obvious. "I hope you don't talk to Riptide the way you do me." Oh, hello sudden topic change.

Vortex's help tilts some more and then he nods. "Brown and violet- no need to worry, I know Blasty's colors by spark." Her gives Whirl's chassis a nice little, reassuring 'tap-tap' as he turns on his heels. Paint mixer is this way. Torque showed him how to use it, woo. There's a second's pause in one step but, otherwise, he doesn't seem bothered by Whirl trying to use that name for ammunition. "I don't. Don't talk like that to Autobots- you're just special like that Whirlybird."

"Because I'm with Blast Off, right? You don't like it, I get that. You're super protective of him and you don't trust me but guess what? It's happening and it's not going to change so you need to get used to it already. The sooner you accept it, the better."

He moves over to a chair and takes a seat, waiting for Vortex to mix up the paint. "What's the deal with you and Ripper anyway? I've noticed you guys have been hanging out a lot lately. You guys friends or did he lose a bet?"

Vortex's rotors fan, something a fellow rotary could see as a sign of bemusement. "I am protective. He's my brother, you're right. But you're not special because of that. I already told him, I don't care that you're together. Blasty is happy and that's... That's important. No, you're special because you just threatened to hang me by my guts- which is a fun hobby. Let's do it together sometimes, I still have some hooks and tethers somewhere." There, paint mixed he gathers his tools and grabs the stencil before rolling a small table- loaded with the supplies- over to Whirl. "Blasty said you're like one of us- a Combaticon. I'm gonna talk to you like one, treat you like one. Fucking deal with it."

Vortex rolls his shoulders, grabbing a cloth to begin cleaning the side of the chassis. "I can emboss or etch this- if the pain is taken by anyone, you can still have the words there. Nifty, eh?" Now where is that stencil... "Riptide and I are dating."

The glare that Whirl gives Vortex seems to soften somehow as he explains exactly why he gets the 'special' treatment he does. Oh, that's... really sweet, actually. It's touching in a sort of messed up way. He thinks he can handle Vortex's brand of teasing if it means being accepted into the family. "Fine. I will fucking deal with it," he says, leaning back and relaxing when Vortex starts prepping his chest for painting. Then Vortex and Riptide's relationship is revealed and Whirl sits straight up. "What!? Seriously!? Like.. dating for real!?"

Vortex is adhering the stencil down to begin the etching- its faster than embossing and the paint won't get scratched up quite as easily. And then Whirl moves. Hold still! "How would you fake date?" It's a rhetorical question. "But yeah, we are. It was... Actually a nice date. Never been on one like it." Okay, Stencil on, etch tools out. Acid? No, bad angle for it. He'll just use a different method. "Ripper is full of surprises, heh. A biter too- that's the fun part."

Whirl tries to stay still when the stencil comes out as he doesn't want to mess anything up but he's oddly excited at this news. "Oh trust me, I know all about that. He and I used to room together." He remembers how they would squabble over personal space, or more specifically, over Whirl's lack of respect for personal space and how Riptide would bite him when things got too heated. It failed to discourage him from using his stuff while he was at work.

"I'm.. glad you two are having a good time together. Ripper is a good guy, he deserves it." He's quiet for a moment, pondering something. "It's kind of weird that you're dating him though. I mean, he and I roomed together and now we're both dating people from the same family."

Vortex clicks his tools before getting to work. It's a good thing he can multi-task. He glances up. Did Whirl know? Did he really? The smaller rotary shrugs. "Yeah, it's a fun little thing. I like his teeth." He looks up to give Whirl a bemused expression. "Heh, I would not have made that connection. You catch things like that, huh? Odd, I would have thought you were only half as observant as the average mech." There's a shit-eating grin to his voice. He's teasing.

Whirl keeps himself as unmoving as a statue once Vortex gets to work, though he finds it incredibly difficult to do so when the Combaticon pokes fun at his horrifying mutilation. "Oh, I get it. 'Cause I only have one optic, right? That's super funny. So funny. Oh man, I'm laughing so hard right now. Ha. Ha. Ha. See? HILARIOUS." He falls silent for an awkwardly long time after that until.. "So, you guys serious? You gonna move in together or what?"

Vortex snorts and clearly seems to think it was, in fact, hilarious. Whirl is dating Blasty, that doesn't make him immune to teasing. Not even the empurata could keep the smaller rotary at bay. In fact, it provides proficient ammunition. "Move in? We've been on one date. Look, Whirl, this is fun but it's not serious." Vortex laughs. "Doesn't mean I can't enjoy it, though... You seem awfully curious about all of this."

"That's about as many dates Blast Off and I went on before we moved in together," Whirl says like it was something to brag about. Hilariously he doesn't mention that they originally agreed to date after suffering from a tick infestation. "Oh, so it's not serious?" He shifts a little bit so he can better stare at Vortex. "Does Riptide know that?"

"Blasty knows what he wants, can't deny that." Vortex lifts his tools, facemask snapping back so he could blow away some metal shavings. He smiles just a touch. "Not serious. And I don't think it matters if he does or doesn't know that." He runs a servo over his work. He peels back the stencil, bringing the paints closer.

Whirl tilts his head so he can get a better look at Vortex's progress. It already looks pretty decent, better than he expected from the rotary but he keeps that to himself. "It does matter, Tex. It matters a great deal, especially when Ripper is involved." He looks at Vortex now as he speaks. "You don't want anything serious, I get that. Sometimes you just want to have a good time without any real attachments, I think we all want that at various points of our life, but Ripper..." He shakes his head. "Ripper is a sweetheart, Tex. Don't tell him I said that, he'd probably be embarrassed and I don't want word getting out that I actually give a shit, but it's true. He's a sensitive soul who has seen horrific atrocities, he doesn't need a casual fling, he needs stability and you need to be upfront with him about how you feel before you hurt him."

Vortex grunts, mixing in the brown with a brush before getting to work with the paint. "Oh." Didn't know you cared so much, Whirl. His rotors flick and fold rather guiltily. Flyers can read the language of wings, a rotary can read the language of rotors. And Vortex wants Whirl to see guilt. "Alright... I'll talk to him about it, then." No he won't. "I'm not trying to hurt him." Which was... The truth. "Quit moving, this part is harder... ... ... Sooooo... Did you, like, talk' to the DJD?"

Whirl can see what appears to be guilt in Vortex's body language and he vents a sigh. "Look, I know it's not what you wanted to hear but it's the truth. You should at least talk to him about it, who knows, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he would be okay with something casual, something just for fun, but you'll never know unless you ask." He looks away for a moment before reluctantly looking back at Vortex. "I know you don't want to hurt him, but sometimes we end up hurting the people we care about whether it was intentional or not. Just.. I don't know, just talk to him."

He looks away again when the DJD is brought up despite the very clear signals he gave earlier about not wanting to talk about them. "I didn't get the chance to do much talking," he says flatly. "I yelled at them a lot though."

Vortex's rotors spin as he keeps painting. He sees an opening. "For a mech without a mouth, you sure do encourage a lot of talking." A beat. "And you sure do yell alot." He takes up a new brush and the violet paint, setting to work again. "What were they after, then? The DJD- did they waste anyone? How'd they do it? I love those stories." Did Whirl not want to talk about it? Vortex is a combination of has to know and doesn't care.

"Ugh." That's all Whirl says at first, deciding if he's even going to bother humoring Vortex or not. "They were after Swindle but they found us first. Guess they just wanted to torture for the sake of torturing," he says finally. "If you really want to know so bad, you can read the official reports. I didn't come to until well after it was all over."

The paintbrush stops, Vortex's rotors going stiff. "They were after Swindle?" His expression darkens, lips curling in a snarl before his facemask snaps back over. That's different than just coming across scouts. Of course, Blasty is probably on that List now too. He can see why Whirl is being like this. The smaller rotary huffs and pulls back to admire the loopy text in Blast Off's colors. Now for that bird. "I don't need official reports. You've told me all I need to know. They scared ya, did they?" He pulls out a marker, starting to work out that bird. "Can't wait for them to make their rounds again, though. No one will be getting my brothers again. Alright, how's that bird?" Stylized and posed to strike.

"Yeah, apparently Swindle made a deal with someone he wasn't supposed to and the DJD put him on their list. Of course, we're all on their list now.." Whirl clenches his claws, anger rising inside of him. He already took his anger out on Swindle though so there's no reason to get upset all over again. As for Vortex's question, Whirl is slow to respond but he does albeit in a quiet, shameful voice. "....Yes, they did."

He cranes his neck to check out Vortex's handiwork and nods. "Wow, yeah that's.. perfect. You're surprisingly good at this."

Of course Swindle did. It's what Swindles do. Just like how Brawls have anger issues and Blast Offs drink wine. Well, he could be a fan and also want to murder them, right? Yeah, totally reasonable. "You shouldn't be scared. They die like the rest of 'em. And I pretty sure their screams sound just as sweet." And then he's beaming. "Yes! I used to use energon, but everyone likes paint better." He barks a laugh and gets to work. "Did that to Blasty once. Primus, he was so pissed! It was great."

"Their dying screams will sound the sweetest," Whirl says in agreement. The DJD are going to be in a lot of trouble next time the Lost Light comes in contact with them. "Heh, I bet he was. He's so particular about his finish." He shakes his head and laughs quietly to himself. "You know he's making me give him a full spa treatment? I lost a bet and that was his wager. Oh, he wants me to learn something cultured too, whatever the hell that is."

Vortex nods. Oh definitely. Super particular. Super duper particular. "Oh really? Huh, sounds like you lost another bet. When are you going to learn that you can't beat a Combatibro? Hehe, but I can help you with that last bit. I know lots of culture. I learned it to help make fun of Blast Off better. Worth it. I'll make it interesting for you- easy too. Would you like that? Nice and easy... No hard learning." He pats Whirl's arm, tilting his helm in a mock.

"You know culture?" Whirl asks, sounding extremely dubious. His optic flickers at the arm pat and the condescending. "Excuse you, but I am perfectly capable of learning, okay!? You don't need to treat me like I'm some kind of idiot, I can learn culture! I can learn culture like crazy and you're going to teach me, got it!?"

Vortex raises his servos in surrender. "Primus, just twist my arm why don't you? Fine! Fine, I'll teach you." And literally teach Whirl anything. HAHAHAHA- TEACH HIM ANYTHING. He is going to take his time to do this just right. "Tch, alright, I think I'm done with the cock." He steps back and grins at his work. That is one fierce one-eyed rooster.

Whirl manages to look smug as he settles back into his seat. Good, one less thing to worry about. Now all he has to deal with is learning how to properly buff and polish someone, it's not like he has a lot of practice, who would want some clawed monster touching them? "Ahh yes, the cock. The mightiest of all earth birds," Whirl says, clearly knowing absolutely nothing about earth birds. "Looks pretty fuckin' sweet, Tex. I'm glad I came to you for this."

Vortex lifts his chin, preening under the compliment. "Of course! I only provide the best. 'Specially for basically family, right?" He rolls his shoulders and stretches again. Look, so limber. So flexible. "Glad you like it! So, now for payment. A cock like that doesn't come cheap." His rotors fan.

Whirl rises out of his seat like he's about to just walk out and leave when Vortex brings up payment. Ohhhhh, right. People usually pay for goods and services, don't they? "Uhmm, alright. How much do I owe you? And also do I have to pay right now?"

Vortex taps his chin. Hmmm... "You already owe me a favor- no questions asked- do you want to owe me more?" He purrs at the prospect of it. "Yeah, I guess you can be in my debt! Sounds good! Oh, before you go, come here real fast." He motions Whirl closer.

Oops, Whirl totally forgot he owed Vortex a favor. Oh well, what's one more? "Sure, just add another favour to the list, that'll work." Probably a bad decision but since when is he known for good ones? "Uhm.. okay.. You're not going to bite me or anything, are you?" he asks, leaning in close as per the Combaticon's request.

"Tch, no! I promised not to bite. Or something like that... But yeah, no biting." Vortex reaches up and gives Whirl a hearty slap- okay, punch- to the side of the helm once he's in range. "But we can hit and kick and sometimes shoot! If you're gonna stay with Blast Off, you better be able to take it and dish out, Cyclops! Because if he thinks you're family, I suppose you can't make that bad of a brother, right?"

"What the fuck was that for!?" Whirl snaps, raising a claw to punch Vortex before stopping himself. Argh, no, he promised Blast Off he'd be nice! But.. but Vortex is telling him he has to be a dick sometimes, because that's what this messed up family does and he's part of it now so..

Whirl smacks Vortex in the face. "I guess as far as brothers go, you're not the worst."

Vortex's rotors flicker. What was Whirl going to- THERE IT IS! He stumbles back but at least doesn't fall. Damn, Whirl is strong! He laughs. "That's the spirit!" He rubs the dent on his facemaks, grinning beneath it. "Now say- Fuck the Wreckers! Go Combaticons! Fuck the Wreckers! Go Combaticons!" He laughs again, pumping a fist as he chants.

"Man, FUCK the Wreckers!" Whirl shouts, putting his claws up in the air. "I was with them since day fuckin' one and they had the gall to kick me out for showing some goddamn mercy to one of our greatest commanders! Fuck the Wreckers! Go Combaticons!"

Vortex cackles and slaps Whirl's chassis. "Now you got it!" He then gives a hearty shove- though it probably doesn't do much. "Haha, make a Combatibro outta you yet, ya one-eyed bugger. Heh... Alright, go share your dazzling new decal and tell 'em exactly which team is best team!"

Whirl just grunts when he's shoved. Sorry Vortex, you're just too small by comparison to physically push him. "Alright, alright. I'm leaving. Thanks for the paint work, Tex." He gives the rotary an affectionate punch to the shoulder before turning around and sauntering out, no doubt to show off his sweet new tattoo to everyone he meets.

Vortex gives a mock salute before turning to look at the little mess he has to clean up. Ugh, gross... Forget that. He hops back onto a table and goes back to painting something unseen onto his leg. Much more fun. Maybe with Whirl, more mechs will drop by when he's in here alone. Primus, he hopes so.

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