2016-05-26 Dancing With The Star

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2016-05-26 Dancing With The Star
Date 2016/05/26
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Observation Deck
Participants Riptide, Starstruck
Summary Riptide comes to Starstruck for dancing lessons. Unfortunately, he gets a little more than he bargained for.

A hexagonal room that mimics the shape of the bridge two decks above, the Observation Deck likewise has two rows of windows that look out into the vast dark of space. Seating arranged casually throughout the room can be retracted into the deck or rearranged into rows for solemn ceremonies. If there's a big event, it's going to be held here.

Things have been going surprisingly well for Riptide lately. He's bonding more with others, starting therapy, and even got to reconnect with Getaway earlier. He thought his life would remain mundane and he'd just slip by under the radar like he always did, but now he's finding himself much more busy as he steadily tries to improve his life. And what better way to improve than by learning something new? Learn what, you ask?

To dance.

It's spur of the moment and completely unlike him, but recent happenings, as well as the talk with Getty, has urged him to try something outside his comfort zone. So, after asking around, he managed to find out one mech in particular has some skill with that and contacted Starstruck. Some back and forth messaging followed until finally they set up a time and place. The observation deck, which is thankfully abandoned around this time. This is where Riptide waits, thumbing the etchings on his arm while staring out at the stars.

Starstruck loves to dance, and he doesn't try to hide this fact. He has absolutely boogied down hallways during patrol when nothing else was happening and he was bored, playing back music in his processor that only he could hear. He probably looked like an idiot. But this has still led, even in the short time he's been here, to a ship-wide reputation as a dancer. The best part is - he's actually good at it. Not that he'd care about dancing in public if he wasn't. Which is why he's not surprised when one of his crewmates pings him for dance lessons. Aw yeah, he's gonna show this mech what's up.

They'd talked a bit about where and when and that's why Star is coming into the observation deck now, when he'd usually be holed up in his room watching movies or jamming. He spots Riptide immediately - not hard, considering the bot's very unique theme - and comes up to him with an, "Yo, Tide!"

Riptide perks and is very quick to turn around when he hears his name. Ah, right on time! "Heya, Star!" He welcomes him with his signature, selachian smile and steps on over to meet the big mech in the middle. "Thanks so much for doin' this, mech. I thought it'd be hard to find someone willing to teach me, so you're a life saver." He chuckles and scuffs a foot. "I was hoping you could teach me something kinda formal, but not too hard. Maybe with a little bit of flare here and there..? Gosh, I've got no idea where to even start.."

Them sharp teeths tho. Starstruck's answer is a crooked, fanged-but-not-as-fanged grin as Riptide comes to meet him halfway through the deck. "Yeah, dude, no problem! Always happy to show mechs how to dance." Dang, Riptide is real cute. Not really Star's type, but. Still! Real cute! "Sounds like you might be lookin' to learn the waltz. Or maybe a tango." He's already got music queued up that he can play through his speakers, so he adds, "I can give you an example of what each sounds like, if ya want?"

It's a good thing Star doesn't say that out loud or he'd be dealing with a very flustered shark! "It's kinda nice to know there's all this stuff I'm able to actually learn now that I'm not busy fighting." Riptide chuckles softly and nods eagerly to the suggestions. "I was doing a bit of vid searching and both of those looked pretty cool. Would you be willing to teach me a bit of both..?" That way he could combine them and really show off. ..If he doesn't trip over himself, of course.

To the offer of music sampling, Rip gives a little shake of the head and smirks. "That's okay, I eager to get right into it. And the tango looks kinda.. fast, so maybe we can start with a waltz?" He saw how both required such closeness, so the nervous, yet eager look about him is understandable. Oh gosh, touching..

Oh, right. They just got done with a whole war thing. Starstruck kind of keeps forgetting that Riptide is an Autobot. His theme doesn't quite match the usual aesthetics one finds in that faction, even if his personality does. "Now you got lots of time to do other stuff." He grins when Riptide asks to see both. Oh hell yes. "Yeah, absolutely! You gotta keep your options open, I get that."

At Riptide's response he's shuffling the waltzing music toward the front of his queue. "The waltz is a good place to start." He loads up a slower, easier song to waltz to, and as it starts playing he holds out his arms. "You said you saw some videos, Tide; do you know the positions?"

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Dancing: Great Success. (4 8 2 5 7 7 8 8 2)

Oh gosh, oh gosh, he's really gonna do this.. As soon as the music starts Riptide can be seen getting a tad flustered, an even moreso when Starstruck opens his arms to him. "I.. kinda." He admits softly as he shyly reaches for the bigger mech, right hand lacing fingers with his while the left rests on his shoulder since Star will be leading. It's so strange being up so close to someone he doesn't really know, so the color on his cheeks is validated.

"I uh.. It looks so much easier in the vids, but I have a feeling it's not gonna be so easy now." He admits sheepishly. Still, he'll try his best to keep pace with Starstruck and follow his instruction as best he can.

<FS3> Riptide rolls Reaction+reaction: Success. (1 3 8 2 3 1)

Hooooly shit. Star put his left servo on Riptide's hip, twining digits with the sharkbot, and all he could think was: hoooooly shit. Starstruck was a rampant flirt, and this was well known, but - but. Scrap.

"Everything looks easier when other people do it," Star says with a light, friendly chuckle, even as he begins leading Riptide through the dance. The waltz is slower, simpler, than the tango, so it was a good first choice. Riptide may come close to stepping on Star's pedes a few times, but he never does.

Riptide is, surprisingly, better at this than he first thought. Memories of the videos he watched are ticking along in his mind as he dutifully follows Star's lead, hands previously trembling slowly beginning to loosen up the more he moves and gets used to the rhythm.

"H-Hey, I'm doin' it! Heh, this isn't so bad after all." Riptide marvels at his ability, even if he's a little messy. He expected to be tripping all over the place and stepping on Star's feet, but his confidence is soaring right now and he knows he can do this. He even goes so far as to chuckle softly and grin wide, "This is pretty fun!"

Tide was a quick learner! As they stepped and spun and danced to the music coming from Starstruck's speakers, Star kept grinning wider and wider with every movement that Riptide didn't screw up. Tide wasn't perfect, but considering that this was his first time, he was doing a pretty great job. Star has been giving little directions and corrections as they danced, and it's awesome to know that Tide seems to be taking to his instructions.

"It is, isn't it?" Oh, Riptide, that grin! Starstruck would usually have tried to lean in and kiss it but. He doesn't. Weird. The song changes to something a little faster, and Star leads them into the next round of waltzing even as he asks, "You okay with this?"

Riptide normally would be extremely uncomfortable, or have already passed out like his did with Tourn's simple hug, but he's having so much fun that he can't even worry about that right now. And now that the music is kicking to a faster song he's forced to focus a little more as their steps increase, the two almost gliding across the floor as they twirl and rock to the smooth melody of a viennese waltz.

Too engrossed in the moment, Riptide unfortunately has yet to notice any looks from Starstruck as they move in time as best as the aquabot can keep up. And of course, when twirled he's left laughing, optics shining bright when he comes back in. "Star, you're awesome at this! You should really be running a class or something. If dancing is this much fun, everyone should be learning!"

Starstruck pulls Riptide closer to make the faster tune easier to waltz too. And oh, dang, Tide feels nice against him, and the fluid way they move to the music is drawing him in. Again, Riptide isn't really the kind of bot he goes for but....he can't help how astonishingly hungry his optics are behind his visor. Good thing that hides them from view.

"Yeah, you think so?" His grin is 90% sincere pleasure at the compliment and 10% flirtatious. "See, that's what I always say! Dancing is awesome!"

Riptide isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. ..Yes, he's got sharp bits, but clearly we mean his brains right now. Sure, he's a little mindful of how more tightly Starstruck is holding him, but anything else flies over his head. Not like he'd expect anything, anyway. "Hell yeah, it is!" He titters excitedly and twirls again, getting a bit more daring in his steps to try and be fancy. He wants to do more, but they're steadily approaching the end of the current song, their steps slowing as it nears the final notes. But, while it may be ending, that just means they can try something else, which he asks of in that sweet, chipper tone, "Do you think we can try a bit of tango now? I think I'm getting the hang of this, so I might actually do okay."

Seems these two are attending an impromptu 'dull shed tools' party, because Starstruck isn't that bright either. Which is why what happens next, well, happens next.

Star is caught up in the dance himself, twirling Tide and beaming at how the sharkbot is getting so into it. This is the shit he lives for! Riptide's attempts at flair may not be amazing but they're still good, and Star is absolutely appreciating his partner's enthusiasm. Especially when Tide wants to move on to a tango as the song they'd been dancing to gives its final notes. "Sure thing." The next song that comes blaring out of his speakers is much faster, much saucier, and in the way of the tango Star once again pulls Riptide against him. This, though, is much tighter, much more spicy. That's just how a tango is, okay?

Starstruck continues with his quiet instructions and corrections as the song plays on and they glide across the deck. And. Fuck. He shouldn't have done this sort of dance with Riptide, because there comes a moment when the dance calls for his partner to be pulled up close with faces barely more than an inch apart, and Star's already venting from the exertion and excitement and Riptide is so cute and. He's leaning down before he even thinks about it, lips finding those of his partner.

"Whoa!" Riptide is taken aback by the increase in tempo, no longer smooth and melodious, instead taking on a sharper, more precise beat. And now Star is holding him a lot more firmly. Closely. Oh dear. Now is the time he starts getting somewhat flustered, cheeks glowing bright, but he continues to bare that sunny smile, really getting into it! The steps are more complicated, since there's a lot of footwork in this one, and he's messing up a bit more than before, but he does his best to move to the music. He never imagined he could move his body like this, but you know what they say about swimmers. They're flexible!

Cast out during one part of the song, Riptide is only left connected by laced fingers of a hand until Starstruck reels him back in and pulls him up against himself. All this movement is tiring, leaving the aquabot venting as he hangs so dangerously close, inner fans able to be heard kicking on. And that's when he finally notices it. The pause, the look, the lean in. "Star? You alri--MMF!" He asks nervously and is cut off when lips meet. Oh god. Ohgodohgodohgod. Yep, bye world.

Riptide goes limp and passes out in Star's arms.

...But only for a minute. When he onlines again it'll be with a start, looking around frantically until he focuses on the giant mech and sets hands on broad chest to push himself away. "W-What the heck was that, mech??" He isn't angry, just extremely confused and flustered.

They'd been doing so well. Riptide was really getting it, Starstruck thought, as they danced to this sharper, faster music. He probably should have warned the sharkbot about how touchy a tango could be, but, ha, Star wasn't the best at being considerate. They probably should have taken it slower, worked on more waltz first (that much is obvious by how Tide stumbles through some of the steps). But Tide asked for this and Star was happy to oblige and, and -- !

Shit. Starstruck realizes as soon as he tastes Riptide's lips that he's fucked up, even before his previously energetic partner passes the fuck out in his grip. Kissing Tide, for that one second, was really awesome, don't get him wrong, but - it wasn't the right place or the time. He may be an asshole but he really did want to teach Riptide how to dance. So when the sharkbot comes back online in Star's arms, his expression is worried, ashamed, and ridiculously sheepish. "Ah, fuck, man, I - I got caught up in the music, shit, sorry!" He'd been holding Tide in a dip pose, one servo at the sharkbot's lower back, the other beneath his helm, and when Tide shoves him he lets go and moves away a few steps. "Sorry, Tide."

Riptide ends up taking a few steps back as well once he's released, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. It wasn't bad, but he barely knew Star! Still.. the mech seems sorry enough, so Riptide can't really stay upset for long. "Ah frag.." He sighs and rubs his forehead, settling down from his exertion and following surprise. "No, it's.. okay. I mean, hey, you seem like a pretty cool mech, but.. Well, I kinda like someone else. That's why I wanted to learn how to dance, so I could surprise them.." Oh jeez, this is awkward.

Luckily Riptide has a kind spark and is easy to forgive, so he's quick to meet the big bot with a lighthearted smirk. "Heh, guess that's our cue to take a break and cool off, huh? I uh.. I'd still like to keep learning, though, if you're still okay with it. But no kissin'!" He grins when he says this, obviously poking fun at Star.

"Nah, man, it was pretty shitty of me." Wow, Star, you're actually owning up to your bullshit for once! Go you. "And I...uh...yeah. I do too. Like someone else, I mean." It's weird to admit it, even as a tooth-gapped smirk and a multi-colored face come to mind. Can you can even call what he's feeling 'like'? Whatever.

Shit, Riptide is really cool, and Starstruck slumps. "If that's what you want, man. Shit. We can keep practicing - I don't wanna have you leave before you got some good moves under your belt for this special bot of yours! - or, yeah, we can give it a rest for now." He cracks a crooked grin, even as his antennae give a little shiver of embarrassment. "No kissin' here, dude. You're not my type anyway." Star says this with equal jesting.

Riptide just chuckles softly and drops into one of the nearby seats out of the way, his feet propping up on the one in front. "Not your type? Mech, you must've really been in the moment." A compartment pops open on his side and he pulls out two small rations of regular energon, tossing one to Star and beckoning him to sit with him. "Don't worry about it, it happens, I guess. Let's just sit and chill for a bit before we get back into it." A wistful sigh leaves him and he leans back, looking dreamily out the large observation window towards the stars. "I hope he likes this.. Thanks, Star. You're a cool guy." He glances back to the big bot and raises his ration. "Cheers to dancing."

Starstruck laughs back. "Dude, you don't even know. Dancing is - frag. Just pulls you in." He flops into the seat next to Riptide after catching the energon that's tossed to him. His posture is definitely a lazy, arrogant sprawl, even as he says, "Thanks."

Star snorts at that and adds, "Yeah that ain't real uncommon for me, tell you the truth. I think he will like it, you got the moves to sweep him off his feet now!" Not quite. Tide will have those moves once they finish the lesson. For the moment, he clinks his ration against Tide's. "You're cool too. Cheers!"

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