2016-05-25 Time to Cool Off

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-05-25 Time to Cool Off
Date 2016/05/25
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - Armory
Participants Deluge, Swoop
Summary Swoop wants to get back at Deluge for embarrassing him. Deluge is a jerk about it.

Swoop needs a new weapon. He has his bombs and his guns but he wants something for close range. It's a lot of fun when you get up close and personal to beat the scrap out of a mech. Which is why he's perusing the armory right now, looking around at the different weapons available to him. Brainstorm's section he's saving for last, since those look the most fun, and he does at least want to check out his other options. At least give it a try, all that.

Deluge was still troubled by how his grenade launcher backfired on him way back when on Eukaris. So, once he was fully recovered and released from the medibay, he sought to test it out in the practice rooms for a while after a thorough cleaning. With blanks, of course. When he was good and satisfied with the results he'd return to the armory to put it back in its proper place.

Large weapon slung over a shoulder, the giant mech steps into the room, only to hang a second when optics settle on the Dinobot mulling a ways down. Even though the mech got hi a bit riled during their last encounter, Deluge isn't exactly hateful to see him. Nor is he happy. So, settling somewhere in the middle, he simply greets him with a grunt while stepping over to his section and hanging the launcher on the wall.

Oh, Deluge. You shouldn't have let Swoop know you were here. He has been in a terrible mood lately, hence his desire to find something more intimately violent as a weapon. At the grunt, Swoop's helm comes up automatically. He would've gone on ignoring whoever it had been, considering he didn't care about anyone but Grimlock (and. there were maybe a few other tolerable mechs aboard. not saying names or anything) but. He remembers this mech, not in name, but in action. "You," he hisses, crest rigidly straightening, wings half extending.

Deluge had anticipated such a response given their last interaction. It didn't exactly end on friendly turns seeing how he picked up Swoop and threw him out on his ass. Were he a more easily intimidated mech he would have just avoided the room upon first seeing Swoop, but this is Deluge we're talking about. Glancing over his shoulder, he faces down the flaring mech with a raise of his brow and a slight purse of lips before turning around completely. One hand upon his hip, he tilts his head up slightly and looks down at the other with an unimpressed expression. "Yeah? Whaddya want?"

"We've got unfinished business." Swoop moves closer, leaving about enough space for a mini to lie down between them when he stops. He could likely get in trouble for this behavior. Right now he doesn't care. He'd held back last time but his ability to hold in his anger is much less today. Plus he could use someone to vent a little steam on.

Ah, just as Deluge thought. He wants to start trouble. "You sure about that?" The firemech mutters, tone dropping a few notches in the closed space between them. His stance remains non-threatening, but he doesn't make any move to retreat either. He likes a challenge.

He leans in, almost welcoming of the mech's closeness, both brows rising over low-lidded optics and an enragingly amused smile curls his lips. "'Cause from how I remember it, soon as your ass hit that hallway we were done. What, you upset about bein' handled by someone other than Grimsy? Boo. Fuckin'. Hoo."

"Yeah, I'm sure ." When Deluge leans further toward him, Swoop's wings extend completely, fanning out on other either side of him. His claws clench into fists and he snarls . "You were lucky. I was in a good mood that day." Or as close to one as a Dinobot can get when not inflicting violence. "I ain't today."

Oh, the smile is definitely not a good idea. "You really think you can go up against a Dinobot and come out on top?" He sneers, and now he's got his lips curling in an equally infuriating way. "We've chewed up and spit out bots bigger than you." Sometimes literally.

"Maybe I can, maybe I can't. Does it look like I care?" Deluge blatantly ignores Swoop's obvious rage and inspects the ends of his fingers idly. Once he's apparently content with the results, he looks over to the Dinobot and scoffs under his vocals, smirking. "Look, obviously this bothers you. Which is fine. But that's kind of, y'know, a you problem. So how's about this?"

He grins wide, rugged and smarmy, and opens his arms in an inviting gesture. "You wanna be a crybaby and get your frustrations out? Fine. First punch is free. You wanna try and rip me a new one, though? We're goin' to the practice rooms, bud. Rules are rules." He stands there now, silent and waiting.

    <FS3> Swoop rolls Self Control: Good Success. (5 1 3 2 8 1 1 8)

"Looks like you're a dumb fragger who wouldn't know his own aft from his gun," Swoop says dryly, though that undercurrent of rage is still there. He's not wrong, honestly. Cockiness is one thing, but taking on a Dinobot, even if it's just one, is not a very intelligent thing to do. Especially not on your own. "Why don't I drag you around by those ugly things on your face, see how you like it, huh?" He gestures at Deluge's big dumb helm.

Swoop is so, sooooooo tempted to take Deluge up on his offer. Lucky for Deluge. Instead he crosses his arms, wings still extended and quivering angrily. "Please. No fun in it if you're giving in. When I beat you into scrap I want some resistance, at least."

Ohoho, hanging back, are we? Deluge's grin can only grow smooth as his arms drop and he moves in a step, shrinking the empty space dramatically to almost mimic how close they were in the lab. "I'd be careful if I were you, 'cause I actually might like that."

Swoop may be a Dinobot, but Deluge is still taller than the flier, allowing him to loom over him with that easy, almost disturbing, and possibly a little flirtatious smile. "And who said anything about giving in?" He leans in a hair. "I said the first one's free. The second? Well, that one's gonna cost yah... What's the matter? Afraid?"

This comment has Swoop bristling, faceplates scrunching in disgust. He doesn't engage in that sort of LEWD activity, but he understands the implications of innuendos. And he finds them GROSS. "Ugh, how do idiots like you even function."

Trying to out intimidate a Dinobot? Deluge will have to do better than that. His wings shift upward a notch as Swoop steps forward when Deluge leans in. "Afraid? Nah. I don't wanna be the bot who's gotta clean up the stain you'll leave on the floor when I'm done with you."

Deluge absolutely loves riling mechs up, and right now he's having a field day with Swoop. Especially when he sees him thoroughly disgusted with his little joke. He's still surprised to see the bot hasn't punched him out, though, which goes to show how much more restraint Swoop has over his brothers. Even after a bit of egging on he still doesn't give in, which is rather disappointing if you ask Del.

Still, the giant is amused at the mech's continued posturing despite making no action to attack. So much so that his smile splits into a wide grin and he openly chuckles, deep and good natured, while slapping a hand roughly on Swoop's shoulder. "Heh! I love a pissin' contest as much as the next mech, but I'm not gonna go wastin' my time if you're just gonna stand there huffin' and puffin'. Go do your little intimidating song and dance somewhere else, mech. You're not gettin' anywhere here by just talking."

It's not hard to rile up a Dinobot, Deluge, don't pat yourself too hard on the back there. Swoop is so on the verge of actual violence at the moment that it really wouldn't take much to - ah. Yup, the shoulder pat definitely crossed the last line. Swoop stiffens at the contact more than the words, and hisses sharply, one clawed servo shooting up to grab the enormous one on his shoulder, aggressively (and likely painfully if he succeeds) attempting to peel it away from him. "Do. NOT. Touch. Me."

Sometimes it really sucks being in Security. You can't beat up on mechs for no reason because oh shit- Responsibility. It takes all of Deluge's willpower not to smash Swoop's face into the wall when he painfully grabs his hand with those claws and wrenches him away. This is the exact moment Deluge's mirth ends and a flat, stoney look falls upon him.

The hand being held is swift to turn the table and twist around to grab Swoop's by the wrist, close to crushing as he pulls it up and away. Rumbling in agitation, Deluge steps right up against Swoop, chest to chest, and bares teeth as he leans down and almost touches foreheads, staring him down with those silvers. "Don't try and start shit you're not gonna finish." That said, he grunts and releases the mech and steps aside to start moving towards the exit. "Get back to me when you're done bein' a bitch and actually wanna throw down."

    <FS3> Swoop rolls Berserker: Good Success. (8 5 7 2 3 6 1 3 1 8)

Swoop snarls in surprised pain when Deluge turns the hold around on him, wrist captured by that huge servo. He bares his dentals up at the firefighter when they bump chests, and the building tension snaps when Deluge tosses that at him and tries to leave. Oh, no. That's it. He's only got so much self control, and Deluge has pushed him past the breaking point. With a deeply animalistic growl, Swoop's wings rocket straight up as he lunges. He may not be as big as Deluge, but he sure as hell isn't small, and this much Dinobot - with the added weight of his rage - tackling you is nothing to be taken lightly.

Deluge hears the growl and hears him coming, but he's in the entryway by now and there's nowhere to really go. It doesn't help the Dinobot is a fast one, so it all happens at once before the firemech can even react. "Ergh!" The momentum coupled with Swoop's bulk smashing into him drives them both out into the hall and against the far wall. "Oh, now you wanna fight!" Deluge snarls and swings and large arm around to smack away the flier.

True, Deluge said the first one is free, but he never expected the guy to outright tackle him. And while he's still going to uphold the suggestion of no fighting outside the practice rooms, that doesn't mean he isn't going to retaliate somehow. How, you ask? Why, by pulling out his firehose of course. Deluge unhooks it and squares his stance with practiced ease, aiming the nozzle at the flier before pulling the lever and releasing a full force blast of water at him. Time to cool off, Swoop.

It's not easy to get a Dinobot off of you, but Deluge does have pure size on his side. After they hit the far wall, Swoop snarling and clawing at Deluge, a heavy arm smacks him away, and away he goes. His pedes scrape against the floor as he slides back, though the way his face is twisted in anger makes it clear he's not done yet. Except Deluge makes that choice for him - as Swoop gets ready to charge again, the icy water from Deluge's hose hits him full force and drives him back, spluttering, further down the hall. He nearly falls, but at the last second manages to get some purchase with his wings. He shoots up, out of the spray, lifting his pedes out of its path; not much room in this hallway.


Deluge could do this all day. Or at least until his supply runs dry, which won't be anytime soon. "This is what you get for bein' a little asshole!" He hollers over the torrent of water, likely to be smiling if his mood wasn't soured. Unfortunately the annoyance that is Swoop manages to find a way out and rises above the spray. Heh, nope, not this time.

"Tch, give it up and get your ass outta here! I gave you a chance, but you lost out! Try again next time and quit embarrassing yourself, dumbass!" The water cuts off suddenly and Deluge starts moving forward, the sound of something shifting sounding off somewhere inside him as he raises the nozzle again. But instead of water coming out it's a stream of white foam, its heavier, sticking quality allowing it to cloy to the mech and his wings as it expands.

Swoop snarls in response to that. "Says the idiot who started this!" He spits back, calmer enough now to use real, non curse words. As the water stops he lands on the sodden floor. He doesn't charge again, doesn't even really look like he's going to, but his wings are still pointed straight up and his expression is definitely not friendly. "Oh, shove it up your aft, you useless piece of -- AGH!" Swoop wasn't even DOING anything and this AFTHOLE has sprayed him with sticky foam. It clings to his frame and wings, expanding into breaks in his plating. He stumbles, clawing frantically at it, all to no avail. "What the frag is this! Get it off me!"

"Oh please, you're the one that friggin' came at me." Deluge rolls his optics and puffs. But he can't stay upset for long, not when he sees Swoop panicking at being covered in firefighting foam. To this he busts out laughing, slapping a thigh as the stream peters out and he retracts his hose back into its hold. "Ha! What's the matter? Can't handle a little foam? If that isn't the saddest thing, haha." Wiping away an invisible tear, he gives a vent and smiles, turning as he waves casually. "Have fun with that. I suggest draggin' your ass to the showers." He'd make a smart remark about that, but he's too busy laughing still as he makes his way off down the hall, likely to find some janitorial staff to help clean this up.

"You slagging told me too!" Swoop snaps, as if he hadn't been the one who'd been outright aggressive from the getgo. He scowls, muttering angrily as he tries to swipe the foam off of his wings, at the very least. "I am going to KILL you," he promises to Deluge's retreating frame. Brigtime would be worth murdering that guy. And to think, here Swoop had thought he'd be jailed for snapping the spinal strut of some 'Con. Still angrily muttering, Swoop heads in the opposite direction, shedding foam as he goes. One of these days, that guy is gonna GET it.

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