2016-05-25 Restitution

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-05-25 Restitution
Date 2016/05/25
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Library
Participants Blast Off, Soundwave
Summary Blast Off is greeted by an open and approachable Soundwave. He's not frightened by this, not at all.

Meant as a place for quiet study and public record, this storeroom is a repository of information. Whole collections of datapads fill shelves along all of the walls and the multiple diving partitions, giving the space a very 'full' feeling. While many of these pads contain a copy of Cybertronian knowledge and study, many still are empty, meant to be filled with what is discovered from the continuing exploits of the Lost Light. Both a library and record hall, this room shares what is known and means to add to it with what is found.

Inside the entrance is the main desk, unmanned, but the terminal there serves as a nexus to track what datapads have been checked out and by whom. From this entry, there are stairs down and up as there are two levels to this library, one thematically purple and the other predominantly red. The central connecting space is open, allowing for those below to view who might be above and vice versa.

Blast Off is a Combaticon and a gentlemech. The Combaticon side has served him well over millenia at war, but the gentlemech side, the aristocrat, has perhaps gotten a little rusty. The shuttle has always done his best at keeping that side of him well-groomed and impressive, ready to dazzle with his knowledge of Gearschwin's Rhapsody in Blueshift, the best vintage bottles of enerwine, or the latest discussions of civilizations on a planetary scale. But as his little meeting with Skydive hinted to him recently, perhaps he's let some skills fall by the wayside. Some skills that perhaps he should brush up on.

That is why he stands in the library, looking through a book all about fencing: it's standard moves, its history, even some of the most famous fencers on Cybertron and beyond. It wouldn't do to seem /ignorant/ when he meets up with Skydive later to engage in some fencing practice. As it is, just thumbing through the book briefly, he can see there's SO much he doesn't know. Oh boy.

Soundwave has been waiting for a moment to see Blast Off. He contemplated just ordering him to his office but that doesn't... Add to his current 'be approachable' thing he's trying to improve. He just has to find a time when a lull in his work and Blast Off's off time intersects. So, he's had the shuttle tagged by Laserbeak. Obviously. And finally, it seems the stars have aligned- if he believed in such a thing. Primus, this is what he gets with being around Drift so often as of late. The Commander enters the library, steps hushed despite his girth. He scans the library from the entry before setting off. He doesn't have to look around or search, he makes an immediate beeline for the Combaticon.

Silence. And then his monotone voice, as hushed as he can make it. "Blast Off, I need to speak with you." Because that's approachable and not ominous in anyway.

Engrossed in the finer points of fencing, thoughts of impressing-wait no, not Skydive, but know.... coming across as the gentlemech that he totally is... Blast Off doesn't see Soundwave approach. When that distinctive monotone voice chimes in nearby, the Combaticon in question nearly drops his datapad in surprise- and a bit of nerves. Because come on- this IS Soundwave we're talking about. Blast Off tries to cover that up immediately, however, tightening his grip on the book and bringing it back up and a little closer to his chest.

He puts on his best aloof, unimpressed expression. He's totally cool and calm, you see. Yeah. Not at all worried about why Soundwave might want to speak with him- Oh Primus he's probably going to ask about Whirl or something. Yeah, totally calm. "...Yes?"

Soundwave stares down at Blast Off. Is he coming off as open? He finally lifts a servo and motions to a table. Come, have a seat. He walks over to said table and takes a seat, waiting for Blast Off to fill the one before him. Clearly, not answering immediatly isn't off-putting but reassuring. Most definitely.

Oh totally. Blast off totally isn't fighting a huge case of nerves right now and OH PRIMUS Soundwave wants him to take a seat. this an interrogation or something? It's just missing the single light swinging above the table and the mysterious stains on the walls. He casts a glance on the nearby walls to check anyway and- wait IS that a stain? No, no, pay no attention, just move to the table.... Blast Off makes his way to the table after a long pause, but he doesn't sit down. Instead, he glances from one side to the other, frowning under his faceplate as that book in his hands gets clutched even closer to his chest. "I.... would prefer to stand." Pause. "I was sitting all during my shift, after all." Which was yesterday.

Mysterious stains only come from Vortex's interrogation room walls, Blast Off. Soundwave watches the shuttle, gaze unwavering. This could be deemed insubordination but he never did tell the Combaticon to sit... And if he preferred... "Acknowledged. Your property- the shuttle designated 'The Venturer'- previously stolen. I have come to ask if you would like to seek restitution."

Blast Off can't help it- an instinctive desire to test the bounds of authority is practically- maybe literally- hardwired into his circuitry. He has no desire to enact so much insubordination that he gets in real trouble for it, but yes, he'll test the waters sometimes. It's a compulsion- almost like he's a renegade at heart. Maybe even literally in some universes. Soundwave's statement draws a curious look now, the shuttleformer's head tilting slightly as he studies the Con leader. Oh. He wasn't expecting this to be about the Venturer. "...Restitution?"

"Affirmative." Soundwave brings up his hands to set them on the table. His posture doesn't relax a bit, though. Nor does his gaze. "Property, stolen. Would you like to file a report?"

Oh well... now this is interesting. Blast Off goes from nervous (not, totally not) to thoughtful. His body posture finally relaxes somewhat, the book he holds in front of him dropping down slightly as he leans back, shifting most of his weight on one foot as he regards the other Decepticon. "Stolen by Tailgate, you mean, right? Yes, in a perfect world I probably would file a report. But this is not a perfect world. Tailgate is an Autobot and he's the Head of Security on this ship. If I file a complaint it will come back to nip me in the aft the next chance he gets to throw me in the brig. Which, as you know, I've already become well acquainted with. I do not wish to become even more well acquainted than I already am."

Soundwave inclines his helm to tell Blast Off that he heard him. "This attitude, unnecessary. Tailgate, indeed Autobot, but report would be taken seriously." Soundwave folds his hands together. "This should have been brought to my attention sooner, for more timely action. Why did you not bring this to me?" He's the Commander, they should be able to tell him so he can handle the issue and Command.

Maybe because you're a little scary yourself, Soundwave? Also maybe because Blast Off is practically allergic to what he sees as tattle-telling, or bringing authority in as a means of solving problems. That just doesn't ever work! Nope, better to tackle things on your own- or maybe as a group of mercenaries or something. Blast Off doesn't say this exactly. Instead, he glances off to the side for a moment, still frowning under his faceplate. "....What would it solve? Even if I ran over to prattle on to you, or to anyone, who would listen -in the long run- to a Decepticon's complaints on a ship run by Autobots? Why would I waste your time with this... I'm sure you have plenty on your plate already."

"Negative." Comes the firm response. Soundwave pauses before continuing. "My priority, Decepticons aboard this ship. Your welfare and equal treatment. This ship under Autobot Code but dual effort. Two factions, one crew. Your report will and would have been taken as seriously as any other. Now." Soundwave steeples his fingers, chin lifting slightly. "Would you like to file a report?"

Violet optics flicker a little and Blast Off studies Soundwave, a sober expression gradually joining the look of thoughtful skepticism on what's visible of his masked face. Soundwave asks him to actually place some faith in authority, in the due process of law. That seems... quite a stretch. Law rarely works, except for the powerful.

And yet..... Wouldn't it be nice if he at least received SOME restitution for his troubles and expenses? Or, Primus forbid, an /apology/ at the very least? Not that the Autobots care much about making up for wrongs committed to Decepticons, obviously, but... still. Maybe there's some tiny part of him that still *wants* to believe in a just world, or maybe it's because he doesn't mind stirring up the hornet's nest and making Authority at least sweat a little- or perhaps a bit of both. After a long, pregnant pause, the shuttleformer speaks. "....Yes." His grip on the datapad tightens again. "At the very least, he owes me an apology."

It may be silent, but Soundwave listens to all those thoughts streaming through Blast Off's head. Ah, Combaticons... The most capable team possibly outside the Constructicons. Their one flaw is that they can't combine... And that rebellion streak. Useful bunch though. Soundwave nods and draws a datapad ans stylus out of subspace, sliding it across the table to the shuttle. "Report may be filled out now."

Blast Off stares at that datapad like it's some kind of squirming, organic alien. That's about how much he wants to touch it, to deal with it. There's another long pause before he does finally reach out and take it, shuffling it on top of the book he was reading. He takes the stylus, too, and then looks up to give Soundwave a look. It's inscrutable, or would be for most, but Soundwave is not most. What he may sense is a whirlwind of emotions, doubts, and tiny sliver of hope being quelled. He gives Soundwave a nod and begins filling it in.

Soundwave waits patiently for the datapd to be filled, statuesque until then. Knowing Blast Off is nearing completion, he begins to stand. "Your doubts, unfounded. I will not fail you." He holds out a servo for the report.

Blast Off still feels a little doubtful about that, but he tries to hide it. Nothing personal, Soundwave, just a general allergic reaction to authority. He hands the datapad back to the larger mech. "Understood."

Soundwave looks at the datapad a moment before subspacing it. He stares at Blast Off for another minutes. "Previously told Blast Off to report on Whirl. No longer necessary. Request: Keep occurrences of yourself and Autobot in brig at minimum. Understood?"

That nervousness begins to return as Soundwave stares at him again. Seriously, it's unnerving, mech. And is this the part where he asks what Whirl's been up to? Just as Blast Off is about to try and find an excuse to leave, Soundwave speaks. The Combaticon snaps his full attention to the Con Commander and blurts out, "Really?", before he can catch himself. Then he straightens and adds hastily, "I... uh, understood. I will be on my best behavior." Ok, so no flamethrowing Quicksight, at least not soon. His optic ridges furrow down slightly and he adds again, "...Thank you."

Soundwave bows his helm. "Any future problems may be brought to me, Blast Off. Dismissed." He stands there. Oh, wait... He's in the library. This... He dismissed himself. His vocalizer resets and he turns, leaving Blast Off to his fencing reading.

Blast Off 's head is just about to respond with a curt, military nod and an about-heel when...wait. He blinks and looks around at the library, then back as Soundwave proceeds to dismiss himself instead. It does at least send the slight upward curve to one side of his lips. The nod he makes instead is a little less formal, though still fairly stiff, and then he gets back to his reading.

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