2016-05-24 Percussive Maintenance

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Percussive Maintenance
Date 2016/05/24
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical
Participants Brainstorm, Getaway, Rodimus, Wheeljack
Summary A maintenance droid is going to do its job, whether anyone likes it or not

To one side, medical: often one of the quieter areas of the ship, Ratchet runs it with an iron, if somewhat rusted, hand. When a crisis breaks out, it transforms from silence to a hub of activity, carefully overseen and controlled.

To the other side, science: things explode with distressing regularity behind those triply-reinforced walls. Warning signs are posted prominently, and triply so around Brainstorm's Workshop.

If Wheeljack is honest, the past few days have proven that his lab has gotten maybe the littlest bit messy while his attention has been on his projects. After misplacing his tools (since uncovered, mostly) and having to dig around for the medkit to repair Bulkhead, he's had to do a lot more digging around to find the materials he wants. It's probably time to do some sorting. Fortunately for him, a maintenence drone presents an easy opportunity for that. There are plenty of materials that a drone probably shouldn't be handling, but sorting out rivets and washers and wrenches from the clutter should be more than enough for it to handle.

Finding a drone isn't difficult. There are always some around somewhere, and stepping out into the hallways of Science and Medical reveals one not far down the hallway, just floating in place. "Perfect!" Unusual to see one not already engaged in a task, but Wheeljack isn't going to question his good fortune as he heads over to it.

In the hallway is Getaway. What's he doing? Well, he's leaning against the wall across from the medbay. If anyone asks it's because he's waiting for his buddy, his pal, his friend-o First Aid to get off duty so they can chitchat more about how to help poor Skids. Only, First Aid isn't on duty right now. Knock Out sure is. Any time that slippery red Con walks by whatever viewable surface Getty can peer through, he follow's KO's movements with interest. When the Con doc can't be seen, well, Getty's taking some notes on a datapad.

As Wheeljack appears, Getaway stiffens and seeks to tuck the pad awa-... "Oh, hey, Ears! Hey, I was hopin' to run into you! I guess you sensed I was thinkin' about you, huh? Them ears burnin' a little? Say," he unleans and approaches, "You got a moment?"

"No! Wait!" What's Rodimus doing hiding behind a corner at a hall intersection, staring at the drone as it floats along farther down the hall? That's a really, really good question. He reaches out to grab Wheeljack by the arm when he heads for the drone. "Getaway, get back here!"

Rodimus is hiding from a drone, y'all. New Lost Light low.

Wheeljack's mess isn't just his problem. When he misplaced those tools, he went to Brainstorm to borrow his. Brainstorm was fine with letting his coleague use them but thing is, he needs them too, and Wheeljack has yet to return them. Thus, when he pokes his head out of his own lab and sees the other engineer, he imediately moves towards him, raising his hand to better get his attention "Hey, Wheeljack! I was about to go looking for you! You done with that welder yet? And the wrenches?" despite the questions, his voice is friendly and cheerful "Hey Captain, Getaway."

"Ears?" is the first thing Wheeljack says. Said 'ears' are flashing with a pale blue as he speaks, until the nickname connects. "Oh! You mean me? Sure, I guess I have the time to chat. Is there something you need?"

Apparently Getaway isn't the only one who needs something, though, because within the next few moments, Wheeljack is being called from multiple directions. He doesn't notice that Rodimus is grabbing for him until he's being jerked to a halt. He gives Rodimus a baffled look. "Is there something wrong, Captain?" The hiding from a drone part doesn?t exactly seem to stand out to him, because when Brainstorm waves toward him, he's not at all concerned. "Brainstorm! Yeah, I?m done. Just let me get a maintenance drone for the lab and finish up out here and I can go and grab those for you." Then his attention is back on Getaway and Rodimus, waiting expectantly for them to elaborate. With his attention divided in so many directions, he's not exactly paying attention to what that drone might be up to.

Getaway chuckles towards Wheeljack. "Me? Oh, I always need help with something. But yeah, if you got a mome-..." Getaway stops dead in his tracks and puts his hands up, what with SECRET RODIMUS yelling at him! He glares, like, what is the captain's malfunction. Then he looks to where Rodimus is worried at and... "This?" Getaway points at the drone? "This thing? Look, captain, I know you don't like to take your medicine but these things are ... well, to be honest with you, I don't even know what they do. I mean, we have about forty-five doctors on this ship it feels like, like one for every five bots. Which when you think about it is a rather remarkable (and unreasonable) health care system, one that you know now that I am saying it aloud might explain why so many of us are willing to leave Cybertron and do this actiony space jaunt. It provides better health coverage than staying at home." Why, the drone is so harmles he marches up to it, reaching out to pat the little thing.

"Brainstorm, Wheeljack." Rodimus glances at Getaway briefly, but then turns his attention back to the two he named. He warms up a winning smile. "Do you have a -- No! Getaway!"

They are probably all out of 'no, get away's.

The drone wakes from stand-by mode to pivot with a soft little whir of its systems to face Getaway. It looks friendly. Helpful.

Behind the corner of the hallway, Rodimus hisses to the two problem makers / problem solvers: "A net? Forcefield? Something?" On closer inspection, he looks like he got into a fight with a fire extinguisher and lost at some point. Recently. Bits of fire suppressant foam cling to his frame in the nooks and crevices.

The drone scans Getaway, then slips into helping mode: it dives forward with a soldering iron sparking to life to seal the vents on his face.

"Alright, just hurry up, I need them for a project" Brainstorm nods, before turning his attention back to Rodimus. He looks rather unperturbed by the captain's apperance. It's not like the fact that he sets himself on fire is a huge secret. He hasn't forgotten the incident with the bow either. In fact, he's just begining to look a bit suspicious that he's going to end up having to repair yet another meleted weapon, but Rodimus speaks up first, drawing his attention to the drone. Looks like just a normal maintinance drone to him. "A net? Why--Oh. Okay, that is not supposed to do that" since it's not heading for him, he's not panicing, but he does back away, starting to turn towards the door of his workshop "Hang on, I have just the thing for this!"

." "Forcefield? Sure, I've got a few containment units in my lab, why?" Wheeljack says, tracking Getaway's movement toward the drone with a quick glance before turning back to the Captain. Nothing seems all that amiss over there, so he's not sure what to do about Rodimus's alarm. "Is one of the fire suppression systems acting up? Seems like a job for maintenance." And not for the two engineers least involved with everyday maintenance of the ship's systems is implied. It's not that Wheeljack minds helping out, it's just that there are probably plenty of crew members who would be more helpful, in that case.

Except then the drone starts jabbing at Getaway's face with a soldering iron, and Wheeljack's fins are flashing a bright, surprised orange. "Whoa! Or not so much a job for maintenance," he says, taking a step forward, the way a sensible person probably shouldn't when faced with a malfunctioning drone. "Getaway, do you see anything broken?"

Rodimus gestures in a sweep at the clinging bits of foam drying to an unpleasant sticky tack on his frame. "Do I look like I'm on fire? Really? Really?" With his latest rebuild before the launch, the golden flames on his hood have become even more stylized. It would be hard indeed to read it as true flame. And yet, here he is. Fire extinguishered.

The drone's remarkably good at avoiding being swatted. Combat reflexes, you know. Even maintenance drones have them, probably because some very foolish engineer said 'why not' and installed an upgrade long ago.

When Brainstorm heads for his workshop, Rodimus says, "Make sure it doesn't see you!" too late. It sees him. And Wheeljack. For a moment, caught between two potential messes in need of fixing, it hesitates, giving Getaway time to escape. Rodimus regards him with profound sympathy. "Wow. You really can't talk? Hey, don't say anything if you disagree with me, but I'm actually a reall great captain, don't you think, Getaway?" Now's not the time.

Whether or not the drone sees him, Brainstorm has no intention of just standing around and waiting for it to catch up to him. He's alrady darting towards his workshop, and through the doors. Technically, he could just stay there and wait until the danger has passed - surely those things aren't equiped to break down his door, reinforced and booby-trapped after the last couple people who decided that locks didn't apply to them. He did promise to be back though, and he had been wanting to give a more recent invention a proper field test.

When he comes out, it's with neither a forefield generator, nor a net. It's with, surprise surpise, a gun. A grey handgun with blue markings, and the name 'E.M.Pistol' written on the side.

"Don't worry, that'll be easy enough to remove!" Wheeljack says to Getaway as he tries to swat the drone away. "Red might be enough, if the optical feed is glitching. Or if the diagnostic programming is overreacting? Actually there're a lot of things that could go wrong to cause that." Wheeljack comments to Rodimus, watching in interest as the drone focuses in on them. "Must be a pretty comprehensive problem, though, if it?s still evaluating problems and attempting to solve them using different tools." He sounds excited about this. Self-preservation is clearly not his priority when it comes to dignity and interesting new problems. He glances toward Rodimus again. "I wonder if it?d try to put you out again?" Fortunately for Rodimus (and for Wheeljack), Brainstorm returns with his gun at that point.

Getaway will lead that blasted drone right back to the others, as he doesn't slow down for a moment in his race to ge to them. When he gets there he breaks hard, coming to a stop right before Wheeljack. There's a pained whine to his enegines as he idles there, but the side mirrors of his car mode tip in Rodimus' direction and he .... stays quiet. He did, afterall, just recently put Windblade in her place in regards to Rod's captaincy. Given his lack of ability to voice anything to the contrary, Getaway remains in vehicle mode, since that seems like the best way to escape the terror drone. He wheels and scoots around so that he is right there, easily ride-able should someone else need to... well, car, car and jet. They don't likely need him for that. Still, it's safer in as a car right now.

Getaway keeps all grumblings about thoughts that this drone thinks his proper setting is silent.

"Oh! And it was doing whatever it is drones do--" Drone racist. "--down by the armory," Rodimus calls, stepping bravely forward once Brainstorm and Wheeljack have caught its attention. "Pr-r-retty sure it grabbed some grenades instead of grabbing trash!" Please feel free to imagine what grenades will do in a trash compactor. Rodimus obviously has. He mimes a too-enthusiastic explosion, then drops his hand to pat Getaway's roof as he pulls ahead of the drone in retreat.

The drone, frustrated by Brainstorm's disappearance, begins to advance on Wheeljack (and Rodimus, hiding behind him, and Getaway, its last target) with a soft transformation sequence that brings its fire fighting tools out again. Watch out, Jackie, you're on fire: a blast of foam splatters toward them, but then Brainstorm appears. The gun, out of place and not in the armory where it should be, draws its eye again, and it dives toward the to try to take it from Brainstorm.

For many people on this ship, the imediate reaction to being attacked while weilding a weapon would be to shoot. Brainstorm does not do that. His first instinct is to jump back and raise his arms to shield himself with his briefcase. He doesn't really do well under this sort of preassure.

"Yep, that sounds like a severe malfunction, all right," Wheeljack says, and his fins flash brightly at Brainstorm's reappearance. Maybe it's the flicker of light that causes the drone to switch back to firefighting mode, but Wheeljack ends up jumping backwards at the spray of foam, lifting an arm to keep it from covering his optics. "Ack!"

He's saved from being completely coated by the fire suppressing foam by the drone's distraction, but helping out Brainstorm will have to wait until he's managed to shake off a bit of the foam. As soon as most of it is gone, though, he'll jump toward where Brainstorm and the drone are still struggling. Hopefully he can take advantage of the thing?s distractions to knock it back, or get a better idea of why exactly it?s gone rogue. "Don't let it get the gun!"

Getaway shudders. Less at the being silenced or even the running from a simple drone, but more for what comes to his hood. Thinking about it has him shuddering again. Wait, did Rodimus say grenades? That could be... hey! The drone going for the gun Brainstorm comes out with gives him an idea. Since he can't ASK for permission to do it, he simply goes about doing as he thinks is right. It should make his captain proud!

Transforming to root mode, Getaway moves to a wall to pry, tug and then break off a panel. That way he can start to grab some wires, any wires, and start tugging them out by the handfuls. Hopefully he doesn't yank the one for the lights or the gravity control or something. Too bad he doesn't think about that concern until after he's doing it.

When Brainstorm jumps back, the drone takes the gun. Now it is armed. It's just a drone, though, it's fine. It's cool. Nothing bad will happen. Following proper safety protocol, it first tries to remove the ammo or charge pack to deactivate the gun. Given that this is a non-standard, Brainstorm special, it ... well, it's just pulling a Getaway on the gun. Pulling parts off. Sawing it open. Etc. It's really not a good way to treat Brainstorm guns.

"I lured it down here so you could fix it, not arm it!" Rodimus calls toward Brainstorm and Wheeljack. He falls in next to Getaway and grabs at his arm as the lights flicker. "Hey! Come on, what are you jealous of the mess it's making? Wanna make a bigger one? Is this is another inferiority thing?"

Brainstorm only continues backing away and cowering behind his briefcase as the drone catches up to him "No, no, no -- hey!" Sorry, Wheeljack. With the gun ripped out of his hands, Brainstorm stumbles backwards. He stops his reverse progress only once it becomes clear that the rogue drone has lost interest in him. Once he's sure he's relativley safe, he lowers his improvised shield to better glare at the maulfunctioning machine "Oh come on! What nitwit programed that thing?" he glances around at the others, indignation written on what can be seen of his face. His gaze stops on Rodimus as the captain expresses his thoughts on the situation "Technically, that's not a weapon weapon. I mean, I don't adise getting shot by it, but it's mean to deactivate small, nonsentient machines" like the drone. Maybe it'll pull something it shouldn't and activate it on itself?

"Working on it!" Wheeljack calls back, edging closer. Too bad he doesn't have a forcefield generator on him, or they could lock the drone in there with Brainstorm's weapon and wait for the drone to shoot itself. He doesn't want to lead the drone into his lab, though. It could do altogether too much damage in there. "Does that one have a self-destruct?" he asks Brainstorm off-handedly. "And does the self-destruct do the same thing as firing the weapon?" Two very important questions, both of which would be very convenient for them, though not necessarily for Brainstorm's workload. Or for the gun.

Why does Rodimus insist on touching him?!?! Getaway looks so frustrated about that. He has so much to say. So despite all that he's doing he is ready to launch into a rant. A very pissy rant, mind you all! So, Getaway says, "!" Oh, he stomps his foot! Wire tearing is abandoned as he's had enough of it. Just enough! He's been pushed to his limits! So those stompy feet?

Getaway turns and marches on the drone, cocking his fist back, aiming to punch it to death. Because that is a good idea.

<FS3> Getaway rolls Unarmed: Good Success. (8 3 6 8 6 3 3)

While Brainstorm and Wheeljack are working on important details, Getaway just walks right up and -- "I thought about that, it ran away!" Rodimus calls.

And yet. It doesn't run away from Getaway. It probably helps that it doesn't think he is ON FIRE. It advances, solder iron at ready -- only to advance right into Getaway's fist. It drops in surprise, crashing down on Brainstorm's weapon and activating it. In a crackle, the drone goes dead.

"Huh." Rodimus pauses, then he says in a distinct mutter, "No fair. I had it!"

Unlike his fellow inventor, Brainstorm makes no move to approach the drone. He just finished backing away from it, why would he want to do that? He's quite content to call back from back here anyways "Well, you can overload it, but you still need to have it in hand." Fortunately, Getaway offers another solution "Or that. I'll consideradding a remote detonation to E.M.Pistol 2.0" with the drone disabled, the weapons developer risks aproaching it, moving to retrieve his damaged creation, glancing at Getaway on the way "If you're feeling any numbness, or parts of you not working, that's normal. It'll wear off in maybe an hour, give or take a couple."

Wheeljack gives the drone a moment to settle before he steps forward to start poking on it. No visible damage, from the EMP or otherwise... whatever caused it to go rogue, it must not be easily found damage. That rules out the possibility of using it to clean his lab, but figuring out what went wrong will probably be an interesting puzzle, so he can't say he minds. "At least there's no damage to the ship!" Wheeljack says in response to Rodimus's grumbling. "Or, most of it," he amends, glancing toward the panel that Getaway had pulled out, and the spill of ripped wires. "What were you trying to do, anyway?" It takes him a moment of expectant waiting to realize that asking the question would probably be more effective if Getaway could respond. "Oh, let's get that solder out of your vents."

Getaway looks back over his shoulder to Rodimus witha 'yeah, sure you did' kind of look. Rubbing his punching hand, he shakes his head at Brainstorm. Nah, he's good. He does look though and see that in all of the excitement he dropped his note-taking datapads and so he moves to quickly pick those up. He points to himself and then to medical, hopefully to indicate he'll go there. Because he needs to get this talking thing back. He looks over to the wires though and... shrugs? Seemed like a good idea at the time? Which, maybe, means he's finally starting to feel like one of the crew, thinking that way.

"I bet he was trying to pull out wires to make a lasso or a net," Rodimus says, regarding the loose (and sparking??) wiring approvingly. Are the lights still flickering? PROBABLY. That's just a fire hazard waiting to happen. Of course he'd look at it approvingly. He gives Getaway a big thumbs up and says, "GOOD JOB." Because Getaway can't talk, so Rodimus needs to emote harder? Needs to talk louder? It really doesn't work that way, and YET.

Toeing toward the deactivated drone and the wreckage of Brainstorm's gone, Rodimus toes at it only to get snapped by a bolt of static. He pulls his foot back. "I thought you said it only deactivated small, nonsentient machines. Why would it make us numb?" He regards Brainstorm with mild suspicion. "Parts not working sounds like deactivated sentient machines to me!"

"I said it's meant to deactivate small, nonsentient machines" Brainstorm corrects, crouching down by the mechanical mess on the floor to look it over "We're not completely imune to it, it just affects us less. Like I said, I don't advise getting shot by it. I can't tell you exactly how strong that blast was, with all the damage that thing did."

Getaway's miming is understandable enough, and it's probably as much of an explanation for what happened there as is necessary. When Getaway points himself toward the medbay, Wheeljack nods. Probably better that the medics take care of that, anyway. "Sure, thanks for the help! Oh! And when you have a chance, you can stop by my workshop and ask about whatever it is you wanted to see me for," he offers, sending Getaway off with that invitation. "Well! Looks like that was handled reasonably," he says, then glances down at his frame, still speckled with the fire-retardant foam. "And I should probably clean this off before it hardens. Was there anything else you needed, Rodimus? Brainstorm, if you need your tools for remaking that you can stop by my lab."

Getaway gets all of his datapads picked up, he thinks. He then gives Wheeljack a thumbs up because he will indeed do that. He'll let himself in sometime, after he gets his voice back, and do that. He then looks to Rodimus' hands, and well, makes sure to back peddle before they can get any closer. So, off to medical he darts.

"Just what I like to hear. 'I have no idea how damaging that was.'" Rodimus says it with a wide grin, so he can't be too?? serious. "Nope! I'm good. Wasn't how I expected you guys to solve the issue, but you solved it! Nice work, team." Leaving Brainstorm to deal with the wreckage, Getaway to Medical, and Wheeljack to clean up, Rodimus heads off himself, probably to tell the first person he sees all about how he saved the ship from a crazy drone with explosives. It's all in how you tell the story.

"Yeah, I'll drop by in a bit" Brainstom calls back to Wheeljack, not really looking at him as he does. His attnetion is on the destroyed gun, and the culprit. He pokes the whole mess with a finger, imediately yanking it back as it responds in no more a friendly manner than it did to Rodimus' poking. Instead of trying again, he straightens out, and moves back towards his workshop "I'll just bring this back to my workshop first." All of it. He's taking the drone too. This incident has given him some...ideas for it.

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