2016-05-23 Two Beasts and a Nurse

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-05-23 Two Beasts and a Nurse
Date 2016/05/23
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Buzzkill, First Aid, Tourniquet
Summary Tourniquet and Buzzkill have their first class together.

Red crosses on the door identify at a quick glance the medibay. Inside, the forward medical bay contains a half-dozen slabs lining the sides of the room where the medical staff can take care of patients. There is a central slab as well, but the winches and pulleys, carts of tools, and life support machinery is all designed to be easily reconfigured to support any number of patients at any of the seven beds.

At the back of the room, there is a large work station dominated by a large screen that includes two holoemitters. Two doors at the back of the room lead to cold storage, where patients in need of better care than the medibay can provide -- rare as that is -- can be put into stasis. Offices for the medical officers are on the other side.

With most work done for the day, First Aid has little else to do but await students as he balances a stylus on his mask, leaned back in his desk chair. Both Tourniquet and Buzzkill will have received a message via datanet, filled with encouraging smilies and thumbs up. CLASSTIME COME ON.

Buzzkill was doing what ever it is she does, probably patching up a wall or something, when she receives First Aid's message. She pretty much drops everything and make a bee(get it?-line for the medibay as soon as she finishes reading it. "I am present and ready to begin," she blurts out after she pretty much barges on into the medibay.

Tourniquet is never far from medibay. She honestly does not know the ship very well and may be a little scared of getting lost. This place was so different and confusing! But she knows the medibay! Sliding into medibay, she chirps out, "Hello, First Aid! I did that homework! But I cant find the-" She comes to a stop, staring at Buzzkill. a quiet hiss begins to rise.

First Aid springs up from his chair and moves around his shared desk, bright and cheery as ever. "Okay!" Then Tourniquet comes along, and he's oblivious to the low hissing going on. "Great, I'll look it over shortly. Buzzkill's one class behind so we may have to review some things first. What can't you find?"

Buzzkill looks like the ideal student: standing up straight, attentive, and ready to learn. Until Tourniquet comes in, at which point her focus is entirely on that. She pulls a face like she just smelled a fart or something. Ugh, gross. It doesn't even have legs. She keeps her gaze locked on the Scale Walker, wings flicking anxiously.

What First Aid didn't know is that she set that datapad down and completely forgot where. Tourniquet would have told him but SOMETHING interrupted her! She's barely through the door, body bunching up and rustling behind her. Her red optics search for a badge- see, she's learning- and upon not seeing one, she turns to First Air. An accusing finger jabs towards that... That Cloud Walker. "What's that thing doing here?"

First Aid looks between the two of them. He anticipated a /little/ of this, but... "Buzzkill expressed some interest in learning medicine as well. We're all Lost Lighters here," he insists, tapping a finger loudly against the nearest counter. "I'd hoped you both could set aside factional differences for the sake of learning how to save lives. Yes?"

Buzzkill looks none too pleased at being referred to as 'that thing' which is ironic because that's exactly how she would describe the snake-bot in front of her. "As long as the Scale Walker does, so will I," she says, turning her back on Tourniquet to completely face First Aid. "What do you have planned for today's lesson?"

Tourniquet looks downright confused. Factions? They're not factions. She's a Scale Walker and that thing is a Cloud Walker. Totally different. Still not completely convinced, she slides further in- and way around Buzzkill- and closer to the teacher. "But First Aid... She's a bee," She tries to explain. Clearly, everything is explained.

First Aid laments having to get /stern/ with students. He'll chide wreckless engineers and irresponsible patients (gently of course), but students are clearly precious to him. So there's some pain in his visor when he narrows it on Tourniquet, stance rigid. "Buzzkill is a /person/, Tourniquet. I hope you will be more observant of your future patients than you are of your present teammates." To answer Buzzkill's question, he moves for the private wards, motioning for them to follow.

On the medtable is a clearly lifeless body. Average in size and kibble, must've been a truck at some point, though one arm sports the fins of what might be a jet. It notably lacks a head. "Ambulon and I scraped this together with unused parts. A proper institute might have better practice bodies, but we'll just have to make do with this."

The comment about her alt-mode is what finally sets Buzzkill off. Her wings unfold and flare out behind her as she turns to face Tourniquet. "What I turn into doesn't decide what I can or cannot do!" She's particularly sensitive about this, probably because Tourniquet said exactly what her superiors did the first time she brought up medicine.

Thankfully First Aid is quick to stop any fight before it happens and Buzzkill visibily relaxes, wings tucking behind her back in their default position. "Where is it's head?" she asks upon seeing the body.

The little horn-like finials on Tourniquet's helm fold back and she lowers herself, looking thoroughly scolded. Oh no, he's upset with her. But what did she do wrong? The Cloud Walker was a bee! She tilts her helm at Buzzkill, optics narrowing. "That's a terrible threat display," She mumbles before following First Aid... She was just saying that bees like building and stuff! Right?

Tourniquet moves quickly, sliding past Buzzkill to get right next to First Aid. She didn't mean to cut the bee off, honest. Giving herself a boost so she could inspect and hover over the body. She gives a tentative sniff. "I think it's great, First Aid! Are we working on this today?" She gives a nervous smile to her mentor. Was he still mad? Don't still be mad.

"Eh, heads are kinda' hard to make and I didn't want to use any in storage. Plus, no brain modules. It's fine for this exercise!" First Aid squints a little at the nervous snake. Just pay attention, Tourni! "I'd like to dive right into things. We'll see what you two come up with when put on the spot. No tools. All you've got are your hands and whatever you can do with your bodies." He reaches to flip on a pump that has a line going into the body's abdomen. Energon. With his trusty curved shears, he slices off the body's arm. Energon immediately sprays all over Buzzkill. Gotta' get used to gore like this! "How do you stop the bleeding?"

Buzzkill makes an angry huffing noise when Tourniquet cuts her off but she's determined to be on her best behaviour so she lets it go. "Hm, yes, that makes sense. I imagine a head would be difficult to-" She's cut off mid-sentence as a spray of energon hits her in her face. Her mouth was open! She fights through the spray and slaps both her hands against the stump, trying to put pressure on it and contain the leak. Uhm.. help?

Ah! Tourniquet's optics shutter in surprise but flowing or gushing energon really wasn't a concern. She's a Scale Walker after all! Right, only what's on their person and stuff! And the patient is bleeding so- she pops open a little 'pocket' and pulls out a clamp few clamps and a welder. "That's not going to help, here let me..." She slides over, bumping Buzzkill over so she can get in there, trying to clamp that main line shut.

First Aid steps back a little, arms folded. "An average sized mech like this will have about fifteen minutes before he bleeds out. Some have systems in place to close off fuel line severs like this. Usually MTOs. You can pop off their arms pretty easily and they'll be okay." Tourniquet's clamp works, at least for the moment. First Aid promptly slices off a leg, mid-thigh. The cut is far less clean. "Make haste!"

<FS3> Buzzkill rolls Medicine: Success. (7 4 6 1 4)

<FS3> Tourniquet rolls Medicine: Good Success. (8 1 5 7)

Buzzkill is rudely bumped out of the way but she doesn't go far, leaning in around Tourniquet's side so she can watch what she's doing. Hey, that's not fair! She doesn't have clamps or welders, all she has are her hands but when First Aid slices off another limb, she's going to have to make quick use of them. Imitating what she just saw Tourniquet do, Buzzkill reaches into the stump of a thigh to find and pinch the main fuel line. Five seconds in and she's already soaked in energon.

Ho-kay! This arm- what was left of it?- seems okay so... Onto that leg. Tourniquet twists, body lifting so she's hovering over both bee and leg. "I got this one too!" Look! More clamps! She's got so much storage in her trunk. Brushing bee servos aside, she sets to putting the clamps in place. Haha! She was learning! Doing good! First Aid should pat her shoulder again.

Buzzkill's pinching does the job. Then Tourniquet whips out more clamps and seals it further. But First Aid isn't doling out praise just yet. "It's more sanitary if you've a tool or weapon on you that produces heat. Cauterizing isn't particularly easy on the patient, but it'll prevent him from catching fuel-borne illnesses on the battlefield. You just contaminated his energon, Buzzkill. Particles can build up and cause some serious issues! What did your kind do with the sick?" This question is more out of curiosity, and it's posed towards both of them.

Getting pushed aside is starting to grate on Buzzkill's nerves. "Can you not!?" she snaps, elbowing Tourniquet in the side and trying to shove her away. First Aid's critique earns an exasperated look from her. "What am I supposed to do if I don't have the proper tools then?" As for his own question, it causes a grim look to pass over her face. "If we were too sick to work we were kicked out of the hive and left to fend for ourselves until we got better or..." She doesn't finish as it should be obvious enough.

Tourniquet hisses as she's elbowed. Hey! She was doing what First Aid said! But looking at First Aid, she beams. "A medic should have tools on hand." Unlike Buzzkill. Look at their toolless hands. Stupid Cloud Walker. She sits up a bit, making a face. "That's terrible!" See, Bees just don't do medic stuff. "We Scale Walkers didn't abandon anyone! We would always bring back our wounded and try and make things easier. And then if they weren't strong enough and died, we can use them to save others and make weapons and have more energon!" Basically, they toughed it out and made it or they died and parts were and stuff were cannibalized. "It's an honor, really."

"You did the only thing you could - I'm just using you as a teaching prop." First Aid winks. "Though we really should get you fitted with some body compartments for tools." He rounds the medtable, which is now thoroughly coated in energon, which has spilled onto the floor. Thankfully there's little grooves to catch it. "Particularly dedicated medics would use the heat from their own electrical systems to cauterize, but that's a bit risky."

First Aid manages to look ridiculously sad over Buzzkill's answer. He almost wants to hug her. But she looks pissed and she's covered in blood. "Agreed, that's /awful/." Tourniquet's explanation is a bit less grim. "...Resourceful!" He settles a serious look on both of them. "Well, you're with us now. And being a medic on this ship means your sole duty is to care for the injured, leaving no one behind. This is a field of science, but also selflessness. If you decide you truly want to pursue medicine, Ratchet or Knock Out may have to recite an Oath. But believe me when I say it can be a demanding job, in all aspects."

Buzzkill looks even more pissed when First Aid praises the Scale Walkers as resourceful. "We were resourceful too! After someone died we would strip down their body for parts and fuel!" SEE? CLOUD WALKER BEES ARE RESOURCEFUL TOO! She looks thoughtful for a long time, absorbing the rest of First Aid's words before responding in a quiet voice that gets louder the more confident she feels. "I want to help people, I want to make a difference. I don't care how difficult it is, I can do it! I know I can!" She looks at the both of them with an intensely serious expression.

Tourniquet smiles brightly. Resourceful! Yes, Scale Walkers were very resourceful. "After abandoning them..." She hisses under her breath. The bee is just copying her! Jealous. She perks, listening to First Aid. Oh! Oh yes! "I want to help everyone! I want to be able to make them feel better and not die- I'm tired of seeing them die! What's the Oath? I'll take it now!" She's way more dedicated than the bee. The bee isn't even in medical! Wait, is she? ... No, pretty sure not!

First Aid is a little moved. Yay, eager young medics. "I can't ordain that. The CMOs can. But you'll need to pass a test first. I'm glad you're both so motivated - because your patient just died." He gestures to the body, then taps a few buttons on the medtable's edge to bring up a flatlined readout. "Fuel pressure can do some nasty things once rerouted." He thumps the lifeless body's chest. "But don't worry. I'll take you through basic field patches, all the way up to keeping a spark alive when the spark chamber has been damaged. You just have to show up and do the assignments. And stay out of Knock Out's way. Class is over for now, though Buzzkill, you should stick around so we can give you some handy pockets."

Buzzkill glares at Tourniquet when she feels the need to comment. That's right, she heard you! "You're not good enough to be taking oaths," she says, giving her another shove. She frowns as First Aid informs them that their patient has died. Oops, good thing it's not real, right? She pulls her hands out of it's legs and shakes some of the energon off. "Thank you, doctor. I look forward to the next class."

"Who's Knock Out?" Has she met them? How important are they? Why should they stay out of his way? And what's 'CMO'? What- Tourniquet frowns at Buzzkill as she's shoved. AGAIN! She slides forward, body moving in such a way that one coil swoops forward and takes out Buzzkill's legs. "Oh! Sorry," she tells the bee. ACCIDENT, TOTALLY. Then she pouts at the body. Aw, it died... At least it wasn't for real. "Are you sure you can't teach a little about how we could have saved him? Or how we can properly not poison them like the bee did?"

Buzzkill suddenly finds her legs swept out from under her and any attempt to catch herself is thwarted by the energon-slick floor. She hits the ground, flailing the entire way down. "You did that on purpose!" she snaps, scrambling back onto her feet and giving Tourniquet and even harder shove with both arms. "And I have a name, Scale Walker!"

First Aid certainly won't deny Tourniquet some extra lessons. "Welp... As for fuel poisoning..." He lifts his hands to show her how a bluish rippling coat ripples over his fingers with a click. "We can fit your wrists with simple sterilizers. Or you can just make sure the patient drinks a contaminant-killing cocktail. There's all sorts of brands. There's a lot more to the fuel system. You could specialize in energon if you wanted-" First Aid continues to babble, back turned towards the two scuffling bots as he sifts through drawers.

Tourniquet is a good student- best student, she wants to be the best!- and First Aid has her full attention. Well, as full as it gets. She's trying really hard. It's not that she's competitive... She just wants approval. And she does have pride in being a Scale Walker. "Oooo~ Yeah! When could I get fitted?" That sounds important. "... What do you mean 'fitted'?" Mods weren't really a thing a Eukaris. And then she's shoved. She hisses at Buzzkill. "And I don't know it, Cloud Walker!

Tourniquet is a good student- best student, she wants to be the best!- and First Aid has her full attention. Well, as full as it gets. She's trying really hard. It's not that she's competitive... She just wants approval. And she does have pride in being a Scale Walker. "Oooo~ Yeah! When could I get fitted?" That sounds important. "... What do you mean 'fitted'?" Mods weren't really a thing a Eukaris. And then she's shoved. She hisses at Buzzkill. "And I don't know it, Cloud Walker! You haven't even told me!" With that, another coil moves and shoves the bee back. "Stop pushing me."

Buzzkill is barely listening to First Aid as he talks, all her focus fixated on the snake in front of her. Her wings flick rapidly to produce and angry buzzing noise as she's shoved back, stumbling to catch herself and avoid hitting the floor again. "My name is not Cloud Walker, or bee. It's Buzzkill, and you will do well to remember it." She takes a step forward but doesn't shove Tourniquet again, opting to just posture aggressively. "And I'm just as capable of learning medicine as you are."

"Fitted as in installed," First Aid replies, finally gleaning what look like a pair of thin blue bracelets from the cabinets. The quarreling finally draws his attention. "Guys! What did I say about us being all on one team! You can't fight like this when the chiefs are present, okay?" He's not terribly good at actually scolding people. Now NO ONE GETS PATS ON SHOULDERS.

Tourniquet raises herself up to loom over Buzzkill. Aggression meant fight. Scare prey away before it attacks! She transforms, fangs gleaming at Buzzkill. "And my name is Tourniquet! You're a mean bee!" Her hood flares, coils scraping against one another. Stop being mean! She turns to look at First Aid, still a big, scary, hissing snake with fangs about the size of his head. "What?" She didn't hear anything he just said.

<FS3> Tourniquet rolls Intimidation: Good Success. (5 8 1 7 8 2 4 2)

The transformation into giant terrifying snake and the display it puts on does the trick, Buzzkill looks absolutely terrified. Her own transformation occurs and in a flash she's clinging to the ceiling in her bee mode, keeping her eyes on Tourniquet from a safe distance. Everything happened so quickly, she basically acted on instinct but now that the 'danger' has passed, she feels foolish. "I.. apologize. Old habits die hard."

First Aid startles when there's suddenly a cobra hissing and a giant bee up on the ceiling. He can't bring himself to lift his voice, so he just stands there, arms folded, visor narrowed. If he had a mouth it'd be frowning. "I don't think either are you are serious about this," he says stiffly.

Tourniquet stares at First Aid, optics shuttering after a moment. Oh... O-Oh... She ducks her dead down, looking up at First Aid rather pathetically. Noooo, no no no... "I'm sorry. I'm sorry! I didn't- I'm serious! I want to help! I'm sorry... She started scaring me and I- please don't make me stop being a medic. I do want to do this, seriously..."

First Aid may not be as harsh as Ratchet or Knock Out, but his words stab Buzzkill through the spark just the same. She transforms and drops to the floor on a knee and bowing her head. "..I'm sorry, I didn't.. It's just.." She grits her teeth and raises her head, giving First Aid another serious look as she stands. "Being on this ship is a major adjustment I'm still adapting to. Eukaris was.. harsh and unforgiving, I forget that I don't have to live that way anymore." She very slowly, very carefully approaches the giant, scary snake. "I apologize, Tourniquet. I was being unfair to you for no reason other than my own prejudice." ] First Aid quirks one side of his visor. Oh, wow, it worked? Kinda'? Good thing these two /really/ want to learn. "It's okay. It's not just me you have to work with, it's the rest of the medical division. You can't clash so much, y'know? Either of you may have to rely on each other one day. In any case, you guys did well. Keep an eye on your datapads for a little assignment later. I'll see about getting sterilizers on both of you at some point," this he assures to Tourniquet in particular. "You're dismissed."

Tourniquet lifts her head a bit. First Aid said it was okay? He didn't seem so mad anymore... Another pause and she transforms again, arms holding her midsection rather sheepishly. She glances at First Aid and then looks to Buzzkill. "It's okay, um... I didn't mean anything- about you being a bee and medic." After a moment, she thrusts her servo out, staring at Buzzkill.

"I'm sorry too..." She's sorta not crystal clear as to why. "And I shouldn't of hissed at you. You just scared me a little..." Tourniquet leans in closer and nods to her servo before whispering. "You grab servos and squeeze. I think it's a Cybertronian thing. Kinda weird." And all this done without revealing she's not remembered Buzzkill's name. Yes.

Buzzkill stares at Tourniquet's hand when she offers it. She slowly lifts her gaze up to meet her optics. "Really? Seems kind of.." She stares at the outstretched hand again. "..Intimate. But if that's what they do here.." She grabs hold of Tourniquet's hand and squeezes it hard. "I'm sure with time and enough exposure to each other, we will learn to work together as a team." She releases Tourniquet's hand and gives First Aid a respectful nod.

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