2016-05-23 Science Bubble

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Science Bubble
Date 2016/05/23
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Wheeljack's Laboratory
Participants Lieutenant, Wheeljack
Summary Introducing the science bubble! Lt suggest making it throw-able.

A good day, according to most of the Science and Medical personnel, is a quiet day. No alarms, no patients coming to and fro, no noxious smells seeping out from under doors or weird smoke drifting in front of the hallway lights. The prominently posted safety signs over by the Engineering and Science labs might have something to do with that.

So of course, it's the lab right across from those signs that has to ruin the track record. From the depths of Wheeljack's lab, there's a muffled WOOMPH! that's audible from the hallway, and that might rattle around a few utensils in their places. Not much, as tremors go, but certainly noticeable around the deck.

In his lab, Wheeljack is blinking at the blown-out relays of one of his force field belts, shaking out his hands as threads of static crackle between the fingers. "Well, that wasn't supposed to happen," he mutters to himself, looking down at the slightly scorched components in front of him.

Lieutenant promised Deluge he wouldn't leave the medibay until he did. It was torture. He felt safer holding the mech's hand, but he couldn't wait to leave. He was craving his sweets back in his room, and dying for some more syk. Not now though, he had to wait to be alone even if it killed him. He never was detoxed (probably because his excuse was: ‘I am only here for Deluge’ whilst sitting beside him and holding his hand.)

The minute he and Deluge were out he felt an immense (to him) temor through his seismic sense. He told the other to go without him as he went to investigate in hopes it was someone else who discovered how to make the drug. Seeing that it was Wheeljack's lab, Lieutenant became visibly disappointed. Still, he's always been a curious mech. "What happened in there?" he asks in a non-concerned tone.

One of the benefits (curses?) of his lab being so close to medical is that there's usually a medic on hand to check if any injuries have occurred. So far, it hasn't been necessary, but that's the check-in Wheeljack is expecting when he hears someone outside of his door. "Just a second!" he calls out, pulling the battery out of the remains of the device. It's probably damaged to the point of being non-functional, but leaving it in is just inviting trouble. That accomplished, he heads to the door, expecting someone red and white to be waiting there. "Everything's fine, Ratch--"

It takes until he's actually at the doorway for Wheeljack to realize that it's not Ratchet checking on him, and he blinks in surprise. "Oh, are you one of the medics? Guess he must be busy." he says, his fins flashing with his words. "Sorry, I don't think I know your name?"

Lieutenant has red on him, but he's not white. Certainly not a medic either. No, this avian is a lean green bean with wings that hang down at his ankles. The unofficial librarian with an odd name. "Lieutenant." he nods as he glances into the lab to see what happened. Since he's taller than Wheeljack, it's not hard to look over him. "I prefer to stay far away from the medics, so no, I am not one." The badgeless avian notes everything inside the lab and where it is.

"You still have yet to answer my original question, Wheeljack." Lieutenant says with his usual expressionless face and monotone voice.

"Nice to meet you, Lieutenant," Wheeljack says, an automatic response, though a genuine one. He hasn't been out and about the ship much with his work, but that doesn't mean he's unhappy to be on the Lost Light, just distracted. Lieutenant makes it clear that he knows who Wheeljack is before he can introduce himself, though. Maybe it's not so surprising. He has something of a reputation for incidents like this, among the Autobots and probably beyond. Which... leads back to the original question, and Lieutenant is right, Wheeljack did completely forgot to answer that. Oops. "Oh, I've been increasing the power output on some of my force field generators to try and prevent them from failing under high pressure, but I think I did that a bit too well, since the belt shorted out when I tried it. I think the force field knocked against the deck, which is probably why it was so... noticeable."

Lieutenant's survey of the lab should quickly reveal the project still sitting on the workbench, a bit melted and deformed in places, but it's hard to tell if there was much damage to the rest of the lab with this specific incident, since it's in a general degree of disarray.

Lieutenant has noticed the project on the workbench, and has been glancing for evidence of damage to the lab. Upon hearing the purpose for the invention he gives a small sigh. "Yes, the field did hit the deck, nearly mimicking Grimlock's stomp, and making a chilling sensation up the backstrut." his optics narrow a bit at the scientist, "At least this is the safest thing I have come up on this ship. Then again, this is not Brainstorm's lab." Never go in there and never volunteer as his lab rat.

The sigh and the description of the results of his accidental shock wave have Wheeljack's fins flickering in color, a muted pink before flipping back to their usual blue when he speaks. "Well. I don't know about that..." Brainstorm is... okay, he's not the safest, and his creations are specifically intended for violent purposes, which makes his workshop a bit more treacherous than Wheeljacks, in some senses. "I can think of a few things people would have to say to the contrary. But! No harm done, I hope? I'll be troubleshooting this for a while, so I can promise there won't be any more unexpected surprises for a while."

Being that Lieutenant's seismic sense allows him to feel things more intensely, for him the tremor felt that strong. No need to bring that up again to yet another scientist. "May I?" the avian asks, before entering the lab. "No harm done, just disturbance in the floor. If I may ask, what purpose exactly did you create this force field generator for." If he says 'Science' as an answer, so help this avian he will scream how that is not an answer. That is an excuse.

"Oh, sure," Wheeljack says, stepping aside to let Lieutenant come into the lab. "Just don't touch something if you don't know what it is!" With that extremely comprehensive overview to lab safety, Wheeljack heads over to the workbench he was using previously, and pulls a second, complete force field belt out. This one seems slightly slimmer than the partially melted and taken apart one that was the source of the earlier tremors, though it might be hard to tell without doing a side-by-side comparison. "This is what it's supposed to be like, by the way. I started making them as a defensive measure. Nothing more defensive than an impenetrable force field, right? But they don't exactly make return fire possible-- don't shoot a weapon when you're inside one of these, by the way-- and so I'm looking into alternatives. Medical use, maybe, or containment fields. The only problem is that the field creates repulsion between whatever the belt is secured around and the nearest solid object, so you end up lifted off the ground whenever it activates." If Lieutenant would guess that Wheeljack figured out most of these unusual properties of his force field for himself, then he would be guessing right.

"So a portable Trailbreaker." Lieutenant comments as he, now wise from Brainstorm's experiments, does not touch the melted belt. He studies it before turning to look at the other one Wheeljack has produced. "So it basically becomes a huge ball to encase another inside of it. Seems more of a weapon to contain another inside that to help with, say, medical." The avian folds his arms as his fins twitch to think. "Say we have someone with violent tendencies on board. Such as Rupture. We need to bring him in without bringing harm, just use the bubble against him."

But it's a belt, which has Lieutenant considering other options. "Perhaps a force field in a containment instead?" he offers, "Like a grenade but design it so that we do not get confused...." Scrap, he's gone off rambling to a scientist. This isn't even his project to comment on. The avian bites his tongue quickly and glances at anything that isn't Wheeljack or his project. "Er, apologies." he mumbles.

"Exactly like a portable Trailbreaker! Or, well, mostly. He's got more control over his force fields than this thing does." Contrary to what Lieutenant might expect, Wheeljack actually lights up (quite literally) when he starts making up suggestions. "No, no, they're good suggestions!" he says. He'd probably be grinning if he had a visible mouth. "It's a good thought. I know what I want my designs to be used for, but if they're going to end up actually used for something else, I might as well know so I can upgrade them for that purpose, right?" He laughs. "Especially since I just use them as a thinking bubble, at this point."

Despite Wheeljack's enthusiasm, Lieutenant still can't help but internally chastise himself for rambling. His stance shifts awkwardly, but he nods along to what Wheeljack says. "Well they are just suggestions." he replies quietly, "You do as you wish though. Using it as a think tank is not a terrible idea. Is it soundproof?"

Aww, too bad, he loves it when people ramble. Wheeljack's fins dim momentarily, but their glow strengthens again before too long. "Not entirely soundproof, but they do filter out a lot of noise." That and they're a little like floating around in zero g, and apparently it's an engineer thing to enjoy occasionally working upside-down. "The stronger version might be able to filter out sound entirely, but that one's not exactly in the testing stages." And there he goes, to poking at the partially destroyed one sitting on his workbench. He's not exactly working while he's talking, but he seems to be checking the extent of the damage.

"I see." Lieutenant says, taking internal note of it all. He watches Wheeljack poke at his project, bracing for impact. "Perhaps I should let you continue doing as you were. Please no more tremors." At least not until he was a level away from being able to feel it.

"There won't be, don't worry about that. I probably won't be activating this thing again until I've remade all the parts, and I have to make sure I know what went wrong first." Which might take a while, considering the state of the thing. Still, Wheeljack manages to tear himself away from his fiddling long enough to give Lieutenant a friendly nod. "Oh, sure! Thanks for stopping by to check in, even if you're not a medic." He says, and steps away from the workbench for long enough to walk Lieutenant over to the door. "I don't do weapons like Brainstorm does, but if you ever need something made, come by the lab and I'll see what I can do."

Can you make an endless supply of Syk? would be his immediate request, but he doesn't ask. Lieutenant only nods before he walks out and down to his habsuite to gorge himself.

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