2016-05-23 Behind Bars

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-05-23 Behind Bars
Date 2016/05/23
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - The Brig
Participants Soundwave
NPCs Clipper, Quickmix, Rupture
Scene GM Mia
Summary Soundwave visits the brig's three most prominent prisoners. He brings Security, as promised.

No room is so carefully watched, no area so strongly-constructed as the brig. The cells are monitored, capable of holding a dozen prisoners. The forcefields aren't quite rated for a point-one-percenter, but they aren't far from it, either.

Wherever Soundwave goes on the Lost Light there is bound to be a mixture of silence and noise. Silence for those bots fearful of his passing and noise for those worried enough to get nervous about it. The latter is more the case here in the Brig as Soundwave's impending arrival has many at work here scurrying about to make preparations. There are prisoners too that are here and the business of getting ready for Soundwave have alerted them to this fact as well.

One of them, Clipper, is a small little ex-Con, fit with puffy orange rubberish layers of tubbing. He was apprehended for crimes of mental tampering, being a mnemosurgeon who 'operated' on Atomizer. He is eager and hopeful of catching Soundwave's attention for the sake of making an appeal.

Another is Quickmix, the Autobot who thought it smart to start a drug cartel because, hey, profit. He sits as far back in his cell as he can, not want to have any part of Soundwave's visit, considering what he did to one of the Con's minicons. It was here that overdosed Enemy after all.

And lastly there is Rupture, the neutral who wanted to start a faction war so that his side could claim the pieces and sail on to the Knights without Autobots or Decepticons. He is the most animated of any in here, hurrying about his cell, trying to make it and himself as tidy and presentable as possible.

Soundwave has requested the security detail. He has filled out all things necessary to visit the Brig. He has set the date and time. He's done everything, it's just a matter of waiting. But, like anything else, the time does come and when a security escort arrives, he is ready. He leaves Enemy behind with Rumble and Frenzy, taking just a few of his cassettes within his chassis. He's just staying prepared.

His approach to the brig is even, steps purposeful, shoulders square and helm held high. There were several reassuring pings from a few of his cassettes on duty, which he appreciates, but he doesn't need them. He's prepared for this fully. He's in control. His steps are nearly silent, just a quiet whump hinting at the hefty weight his pedes bear. He stares ahead, not looking at anything in particular, as he comes to a stop within full view of all the prisoners in a stiff parade stance. Silence. Soundwave wants them to know who is in control here without actions or words, so they will get nothing but quiet until he chooses otherwise.

If Quickmix could somehow press himself into the wall and disappear, he clearly would. Of all the prisoners and personal he's the most afraid in here and his thoughts are of nothing but vividly envisioning fear.

Clipper is reserved, despite his excitement. He is very much thinking that Soundwave is his savior, or soon will be. he approaches his force field, a couple of datapads in hand as he clears his vocalizer, seeking to get Sounders' attention. "Hrm, er... sir? A moment of your time, if I may."

It is Rupture that is a mix. His mind screams a blend of holy terror and eager anticipation. He can't bring himself to look up at Soundwave though he suddenly falls to his knees to use a hand to rub at a spot on the floor. ".. this won't do, just won't do..."

Unseen behind his visor, Soundwave's optics rove over the prisoners. Quickmix, Clipper, Rupture. His optics linger slightly on the neutral before snapping forward once more. The Decepticon Commander evaluates the taste of emotions in the room. Quickmix's fear is palpable even without telepathy, and Rupture is this odd blend but it seems he's not ready. After letting the silence stretch long enough- long enough that Clipper might feel like he was being fully ignored- his helm finally turns to look at the only other Decepticon. For as still as he was, the movement is almost jarring.

"Clipper, acknowledged. Speak." Soundwave's body follows suit, turning to face the small, orange mech in full. He'll let Quickmix stew in his fear. Let his own panic and terror press and squeeze in on him.

Clipper stumbles back a step as Soundwave finally does focus on him, a step back so sudden that it has him jumbling and then dropping one of his datapads. He doesn't blend to pick it up, as he is not want to lose his commander's attention now that he has it. Clipper has never been much of a brace bot, always preferring to stay out of any physical conflict. He always operated in a more schemy way, literally, with altering captives' minds for the Con cause. After the war he started an underground business for himself of implanting false memories or desired personality traits, offering to 'rebuild a bot as they desire from the inside out'. Surely Soundwave appreciates all of that?

"Ah, sir. Sir! Pardon me but... my appeals, they have gone unnot-... I was wondering, sir, if you'd sign my petition for conditional release. I am a Con after all, one of your faithful. I'm okay with whatever the consequences. Let them take my needles." He pops them for show, his finger ones for his mind adjusting operations. "Though," he leans in closer. He takes a moment to muster some courage, "Free of here, I could put them to greater use for your cause if you argue to et me keep them. I've learned my lesson, sir. I'll be good. Good for you and the Cons."

Soundwave's cold stare down at the Decepticon is piercing. It doesn't take much to peer into Clipper's mind, getting a gauge of his sincerity, honesty, and motives. But his gaze does move to those needles, neck cables tightening slightly. Chin lifting, impassive gaze turning into a leer, and its clear the suggestion is viewed as an insult.

"Decepticon cause not mine. For all Cybertronians. No need for your... skillset, here. Lost Light, made of one crew. Previous actions unacceptable, will not be allowed again. If this is not understood, perhaps further time in brig necessary." Soundwave's words are firm, spoken in cold certainty. He wants his point to get across.

Clipper is hardly sincere and never honest. His craving to get back to stealing memories for his own is foremost on his mind. Not only will he edit memories in, but he's stolen some outright for his own, either to implant in himself or to hoard in his collections. The lack of adding to either of those has him entering an increasing state of desperation. So much so that he stands before that piercing gaze when he might otherwse have always cringed away from it.

"Right, sure, for all of us, but you're in charge of it now. Right? I mean, with Megatron... gone. That's a lot of work, Soundwave. Sir. A lot of busy work and bots to keep in line. You need someone you can trust, someone to help you achieve the dream. Right? I could, foryou, make them remember the old times. The good old days. Vividly," he says, sounding pleased at even the prospect. "I say you need my skills more than ever. Think, sir, think of what you could do with all of your Cons embracing those feelings they each at when they were first recruited. Think... think what could be achieved with each of them believing that firmly again, maybe even more than before..."

<FS3> Soundwave rolls Telepathy: Failure. (1 2 5 3 1 6 3 3 3 6 3 5 6 3 6 6)

Soundwave does not look any more convinced or pleased. He can feel the licks of angry flames at the back of his mind but he continues to stand there with quiet dignity. This mech was trying to invoke Decepticon loyalty while having none himself. This mech dares to threaten the sanctity of their minds. He delves a little deeper into Clipper's thoughts, glancing over at security. Astrotrain might not have crumbled but a mech of weaker constitutions would at the pressure he can place with his presence.

Soundwave's vents hiss, concentrating on pressing and letting Clipper feel him within his mind. It's a quick blip, though, and the telepath quickly recedes, fists clenching behind his back. Clipper's mind is a functional mess of sewn together tatters, it was more unpleasant being in there than the commander anticipated... Revealing himself leaves him open and those injected memories and keepsakes were not a nice add on to the usual screams.

It's clear, however, that Clipper was not safe. He was not going to be safe, ever. He lacks self control and is wholly selfish. "Your needles will be removed," is what Soundwave promises the Decepticon. He wants to remove Clipper's servos entirely but that may be frowned upon, no matter how appropriate. Soundwave then turns on his heels and walks to Rupture's cell, done with Clipper.

Clipper thinks better of making any further appeal, or pressing the one he had going. Confident though that Soundwave could use him, he recedes back into his cell, snatching up the datapad he dropped.

As Soundwave stalks past the middle cell,t here's the slow patterned *thump*spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin* of Quickmix playing with his drum belly. he slaps it, then spins it hard, as he thinks over what is going through his mind. When Soundwave is just outside he...he dares. He does it. What can Soundwave do to him in a cell? In an Autobot cell on an Autobot ship? "I'm not sorry you know," he challenges, from his pressed corner of his holding pen. Maybe that wall he is pressed into he is using for support? "He was blackmailing me. At least I didn't kill the little punk, like maybe I should have. He deserved it. I was only trying to make the best of what we've been left with, and he thought it right to torment me."

Soundwave's steps stop, body rigid. Slowly, so slowly, he turns to face Quickmix. As easily as he can sink into shadow, still and forgotten, Soundwave can just as easily bear down on those in room. A heavy, terrifying weight. One the bores through Quickmix through his gaze. And he stays like that. He could stay like that for hours, days even. He wants to eject Garboil, make Quickmix scream from cacophonic, fear inducing blasts. He wants to let loose Buzzsaw and let him get back to his artful hobby of making corpses. He wants to push through and into the cell and let Quickmix know how how he gained a reputation for cruelty, rare as it may be.

But Soundwave doesn't. He doesn't relent in letting cold fury drip from his frame, like acid falling from him to Quickmix, but he doesn't act. Instead, he lets his mind drift while focusing on something of greater importance than Quickmix. The sounds of the brig and of thoughts wash over and he thinks about their future home, of the peace there will be with equality at this Cyberutopia. And they will achieve it. Rodimus is sure of it, and he is too. Soundwave's neck cables loosen, his fists unclenching and a soft exhalation coming from his vents.

"Confession recorded. Lack of remorse, noted. Quickmix, will get what is fully deserved." Soundwave's sudden voice finally interrupts the quiet. He wishes to convince Command to put the option of a triple-tap as a possible sentence- execution is deserved for this mech. Just as he wishes to tell Quickmix how he will die. Not now, but he will. And Soundwave wishes to add his scream to his already indomitable collection. But he doesn't, he knows better. For now, not reacting is the best he can manage.

Now, that was just cold.

Quickmix looks quite shocked with what just happened. Sure, he's already admitted his guilt but to have Soundwave be so... dutiful... about it has him stunned. "You aren't... but your mini... not angry?" His hands go to his belly as he is now (and likely forever) absent of Churn. The minibot that was his buddy, his co-worker - his very literal better half, hardworking and deligent. A minibot that Quickmix then experimented all of his syk on until he got it right - and then continued to pump the drug into Chrun to keep him loyal. It's shame that he feels, a sinking realization for what he's done to his mini as he has it noted how the affects of what he did to Soundwave's. He sinks in his seat, collapsing inward. The Autobots haven't granted him salvation and Soundwave can't even be bothered to be mad at him....

"I am ready for you," comes a voice from Rupture's cell. He's sitting there, on the floor, before the forcefield. He doesn't look up however, not daring to set his eyes on Soundwave.

Oh, he's quite angry. Livid and just a tad homicidal. But controlled. He will not repeat a mistake. Not like last time. And with his focus on their goal, Soundwave finds it easier to detach that anger. He allows a brief moment to marvel at his new focus. Before, Megatron allowed clarity like none other. And now... Even the voices seem more muffled. But he doesn't have time to be introspective. Leaving Quickmix to wallow and suffer in his own sins, he approaches Rupture's cell, looking down at him.

Rupture was a danger, a neutral with explosive plans for this ship and their inhabitants... But his punishment should not to be his to bare. It should be Quickmix's. And even though this neutral is a would-be murderer, Soundwave's tone softens just a bit. "Rupture... Cell, appropriately clean." He's not ignorant of his efforts to tidy. So a dash of praise... Soundwave looks at the smaller mech, unsure of what to expect.

That causes Rupture to slam his hand down.

He then takes a moment to calm himself before speaking again.

"I hate that I did that. I hate that I think I had to. Do you ... do you know what it's like? To have something out of your control, something that *someone else* did to you?" Still he can't look up because the moment he does, the moment he sets eyes on Soundwave he knows he'll lose it again. He'll babble on and on, focused on nothing else. "And I'm the one they put behind bars."

"Which I understand, I mean, I was caught. I'd do it all again if I could, though this time I'd do it better. And actually pull it off. But that still doesn't change the fact that I am in here and you are not. You are out there. Free. Just as you and your kind always have, Autobots and Decepticons. Tearing our people apart, mutilating us, all as bystanders in your war - a war that affects us and not you, since you all get to prance around free of it. So, if you are here to gloat then do so. Be done with it and leave me, leave me as you have broken me into becoming."

Soundwave watches Rupture quietly, listening. He doesn't respond to what the neutral first says. Someone else in control, hmmm... "Affirmative." He can recall his early life. On the streets. Even as his life got better, he was still in a cage. Functionists didn't appreciate outliers. And his ability was strong, something to fear. Senator Ratbat took advantage. Gave him a better place to live, a 'job' of sorts... And if he did not comply, the Senator would report him. It was a tight, miserable leash, and he just assumed that is how life is... Then Megatron, everything changed, and he broke free. No one can convince him the revolution, the war, wasn't worth starting.

"The war, Cybertron's. Not Autobot's and Decepticon's alone. War, now over. A chance for peace, for hope. All Cybertronians welcome on the Lost Light, all working together to achieve this goal." His tone doesn't change as he simply tells Rupture the truth. "No one is free from the effects of war. We can never forget, but we can move on... Rupture, should move on." There's an almost earnest note to his monotone.

"IT'S NOT OVER!" Once again he's slamming his fist down.

"You don't get to decide when it starts and when it's over! It's not just you that's affected, your stupid sides and your fighting... for what?! WHAT?! This 'peace' now, it's nothing but a lie, some cover story as it all is still going on. All of it. It will never end now! Because that's what *you* and your *kind* have doomed us to!" Once more he pounds his fists, both of them, though this time it ends with his fingers uncurling as he leans over his hands. He looks and sounds so exhausted.

"There's never going to be a chance for peace for us, not truly. I realize that now. Each of us have been forced to change, bent to this new reality. What we had before was wrong, I know it was, but it was still better than this. All that is left are pieces.... fragments. There was an explosion and it tore our very nature apart. There's no putting that back together again."

"Move on... move on, like it is that simple. Just move on. Roll on down the road? To... what, a new town? Which has also been destroyed. To what? The Knights? So we can start a war over what they took away from us? What makes you think that they will accept you? You or Rodimus or anyone with a badge? They fled from you for a reason. Are the Knights going to welcome you with open arms? Why should any of us that wish to be free of your war welcome you? No one is free, Soun-..."

Oops. In his anger Rupture has looked up and as soon as his eyes lock on Soundwave's visor his mind blanks. Adoration washes over him. "Soundwave Soundwave Soundwave...," he mutters as he reaches for the field before him.

Soundwave... Is not the one who argues these things. He makes key points and he thinks over what is said. Megatron was better at this. Rodimus is better at this. Maybe that is why his cassettes are so snappy, they help to fill that voice Soundwave is comfortable sitting in. Worst of all, Rupture is right. Not about everything, no. But he is right about a few important things- which makes for an odd feeling. Seething anger and cold resignation. The commander is pulled from his own thoughts though, as... Oh...

Soundwave glances at security once more before kneeling in front of Rupture, more his level. He lifts a servo. "Don't." He does not want to see Rupture get hurt. "Rupture makes solid arguments... Rupture's actions, hypocritical. We have survived one explosion, we are its fragments... Do not try to set off another and break what remains. Whether Knights welcome us or not, inconsequential. On this vessel, we will find a home. And we will all become Cybertronians once more." Soundwave wonders, briefly, if this sinking in. "Penchant and I, working on helping neutrals on this ship." Well, not just the two of them, but all of command is implied... More or less.

If there is more to this argument that Rupture wishes to add it is lost. There's nothing for him to debate, not now. As Soundwave brings himself closer, Rupture moves as well. Forward. *Into* the force field. It starts with a hand press and then his forehead, as though he is seeking to press himself through the field and right to, right *into* Soundwave.

"Soundwave Soundwave Soundwave..."

Rupture *leans*. His legs extend and he *presses*. An optic cracks. Something gives in his back and energon sprays from the tear. His cheek fragments, snapping in half. He presses.

"Soundwave Soundwave Soundwave..."

Soundwave waits, watching and hop- Alarm spreads through him in an instant, sitting up straight. "Rupture." He says it gently at first, like he could nudge the neutral back with his word. But that doesn't work. "Rupture." Sterner this time, the firm 'stop' in his voice.

Soundwave gets to his pedes suddenly. "Rupture!" He looks over to Security. "Open cell, immediately."


Rupture keeps on pressing. His other cheek splits.


That spray from his back now becomes a jet, painting the far wall of his cell.


Mashing himself against the field, Rupture keeps coming. There's no slowing his advance, save for that force field.

From behind security personnel will grab for Soundwave's arms to pull him back. "Sure, but not with you around here! Dear Primus, is that his... get out of here now!"

Soundwave's visor seems to bend up in surprise, perhaps even horror. And then he's grabbed. The commander instantly recoils, yanking out of grip. "I will take him to medibay. Rupture will not cease, open the cell! Bring the force field down, now!"

"Soun-..." That cuts out as rupture can't talk any more. His mouth is open, spread and he presses *that* to the field. His jow has broken.

The security guard brings his gun up, right in Soundwave's face. "Oh, he'll get help. Once. You. Get. Out. Of. Here." He then snaps, "Sir."

The other security guard, clearly looking horrified with this, shakes her head. "He's doing *that* to himself with you out *here*. No telling what he'd do without it. Soundwave, please," she pleads. "Before whatever you did gets worse."

Soundwave's cannon onlines upon instinct. Look, you don't get a gun to the face and not react in some way. He looks over at Rupture, dread spreading through his spark. He... He offlines his cannon and gives a stiff nod. He turns to leave.

The instant that Soundwave onlines his cannon that security guard uses everything within himself to *not* pull the trigger. Because, boy howdy, is he ever thinking how much he'd like to have the chance to do it. 'Go on, give me the reason.' A justified reason to pop the Con he so clearly wants to put a bullet in. "Right in that brain of yo-..." But then Soundwave powers down and he has to as well, but not before he nudges the barrel of his gun to Soundwave's head. A final dare? "Close one," he seethes.

Soundwave looks at the security mech coldly, jaw clenching at the repeated threat. But he does not react. He needs to leave. "Rupture's health report expected." He tells the two of them before leaving the brig, steps quick and clipped.

"Stop that," barks the gun toter's companion, as she puts her hand on his gun to push it lower. "That's not important here. That<i> is," she points to Rupture's cell. Where Rupture half stands, having leaked too much energon to keep up, so now he's taken to repeatedly bumping into the cell. "Of course," she then says to the retreating Soundwave.

On Soundwave's way out Clipper will be sure to crowd his field too, reminding, "Think about it, will ya!"

Clipper is heard. But he is ignored. Soundwave stops down the hall, looking down and at his servos. He stares at them before they clench into fists. Sending a warning to medibay about the impending patient, he heads to his habsuite instead of his office. He'd done that. That wasn't Rupture. That was him. He has to find a way to fix it. </div> </div>

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