2016-05-20 Prominence Meets Obscurity

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Prominence Meets Obscurity
Date 2016/05/20
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - Rung's Office
Participants Prominence, Starstruck, Rung
Summary Rung invites Prominence down for a chat, Starstruck decides to crash it.

Tucked next to the munitions stores in a quiet, seldom-frequented corner of the ship, Rung's Office is notable for the models lining his shelves. There is also a workstation and a couch capable of holding even truly massive bots.

The halls are strangely silent leading down to the lower levels. Despite being in the less used corner of the ship there is almost always some form of noise, whether it be noisy passerby's or one of Rung's exuberant patients. It is actually not often that Therapist gets a quiet moment to himself during work hours. That is exactly what he has at the moment, a much needed break from the constant chaos and overall rowdiness that being on the Lost Light entails.

Rung plans to use the lull to his full advantage, indulging in some mid day energon amidst his model ships with relative peace. He will enjoy it as much as he can as he anticipates the arrival of Prominence soon, who he called to have a chat.

Starstruck doesn't usually find himself on this deck, not unless he's working a patrol shift, but he's here now. And with a very specific reason, in fact. He's searching out the office of a certain Autobot therapist with cute glasses and a nerdy disposition. From the files he's been studying the past few days, he knows Rung's office is down here somewhere. Clutched in one massive servo is a datapad, containing the Twilight novel he'd been telling Rung about during their first meeting.

When he finds said office, he doesn't bother knocking, instead barging right in unannounced with a, "Yo, Ringo! Brought you something."

Prominence didn't mind the idea of therapy. It was the idea of the therapist being an Autobot that they weren't so fond of, but as usual, they'd just swallow their displeasure and do what they were told to. As such, when the resident metaphorical-not-literal brain picker had invited them over, they had docilely headed to the deck housing his office. They hadn't expected to see someone going in -- weren't these things private usually? Didn't look like medical personnel either, which Prominence would have understood despite having been slightly miffed by not having been told about it beforehand. They padded up to the door regardless, light on their feet as they tended to be, and poked their helm in.

Rung barely avoids choking on his energon, the surprise of the sudden intrusion causing the therapist to nearly jump out of his plating. What he doesn't manage to avoid is the domino effect of such an action, his energon spilling all over his front. A quick movement has him on his feet in a desperate attempt not to get energon on any important files or objects. A quiet noise of distress escapes him but makes sure to snuff out such a negative reaction. He is sure that Starstruck, as he remembers the mech to be named, did not intend to cause such a small mess. "O-oh dear....Starstruck, what are you doing here? Is there a problem?" Fumbling around his desk ensues as Rung tries to find something to clean himself with. As Prominence pokes their head in the doorway Rung gives them an apologetic glance but keeps a cheery (if somewhat strained) air, "Oh yes Prominence please come in, so sorry about the mess. I am afraid I was a bit clumsy with my energon."

Woops, Starstruck didn't mean to startle Rung so badly (though what else did you expect to happen butthead) and he looks almost apologetic as Rung spills energon all over himself. "Shit, sorry!" Thankfully he started carrying a handkerchief around in his subspace, for......some reason, so he is quick to produce a cleaning implement Rung can use. "Here, here." Star moves further into the office, holding out the cloth to Rung. He's not so distracted, though, that he doesn't notice Prominence entering. "Had a little accident," he explains with a grin for the newcomer. "You look new, or maybe you've been here for ages and I haven't met you yet, ha! Name's Starstruck." All said while he still stands there offering a bright pink, lace edged handkerchief to the poor therapist.

Prominence steps all the way into the office. Earth language, they note, an alien altmode, Decepticon insignia. Judging by Rung's reaction, unexpected. They offer Rung a polite smile and a nod, then turn to the unfamiliar mech. "I boarded on Cybertron... We haven't been formally introduced." They incline their helm, the polite smile still plastered on their face, though it might be just barely perceptibly warmer now that they're speaking with a fellow Decepticon. "I'm Prominence. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Starstruck." They cast a quick glance at the frilly piece of fabric, no judgement one way or the other making its way to their face.

Rung beams back at Prominence before looking slightly surprised at the piece of cloth presented to him by Starstruck. It is not the appearance of the item itself but the fact that the other has it at all that makes the therapist curious. Such wonderings are put to the back of his mind however as his expression becomes softer at the sentiment. "Thank you Starstruck," As he dabs at the energon coating his chassis, Rung notes the friendlier way Prominence seems to approach Starstruck, "I hope I didnt cause you any stress about inviting you down here Prominence, I just wished to chat about how you are adjusting to being a member of the Lost Light."

"Prominence, eh? Yup, guess I just hadn't gotten around to meeting you yet." There are a lot of mechs on board, Starstruck, meeting all of them might take a while. He drops his servo once Rung takes the hankerchief, though he's smiling, too. Prominence is a fellow 'Con, and that's good.

What Rung says next has Star glancing from one bot to the other, realization dawning. "You here for an appointment? Oops, didn't know I was interrupting something." The layer of sincere apology in his tone is betrayed by the fact that he is making no move to leave.

Prominence nods to Starstruck with a small smile, then turns to Rung. "There's no need to worry", they reply frankly to Rung's words, then cast a puzzled look in Starstruck's direction. "Do you want to stay?" they ask, slightly dryly, before shrugging their wings. Meh. They wouldn't be spilling any important beans regardless, spectators or no. Rung, once he is sure that his plating is fairly clear of at least any dripping, carefully folds the handkerchief into a neat square. He pauses halfway to handing the cloth back to Starstruck, unsure if it would be impolite to give it back dirty. Perhaps he should wash it before returning it..."Please, allow me to wash this before returning it to you Starstruck. It is the least I could do."

When Prominence makes the dry comment to Starstruck about staying Rung doesn't give any indication he would prefer they be alone. He had in fact invited them down here just for a casual chat, to get a handle on their personality and how they are adjusting so another presence wouldn't be overly disruptive. Rung makes the decision to stay silent, though, he... will let them work it out, unless he gets the sense Prominence wishes he would remove Starstruck from the office.

"Hey, sure thing, I appreciate that." Starstruck, of course, having never heard the words 'social decorum' in the same sentence, beams at Prominence's 'invitation'. He might notice that it's not sincere, but if he does he's still going to act like it was! "Yeah, I could hang out for a bit. I still haven't given Rung his present, anyway!" And this is when he produces the datapad still clutched in his servo, the grin he now turns on Rung much more flirtatious than before.

Prominence smiles genuinely at Starstruck and his enthusiasm, but casts Rung a contemplative look while Starstruck is concentrated on Rung. Regardless, they are slightly surprised that Rung didn't say anything about the possibility of Starstruck staying, though if they are completely honest, they don't especially mind the idea. Prominence knows they can't very well have another mech present during future appointments, but they sure aren't against having someone distracting the Autobot from them.

Rung notices the look sent to him by Prominence and decides to explain his silence slightly, "I personally have no problem if you wish for Starstruck to stay. I invited you for a conversation about your experiences so far, if another mech," Rung had nearly said decepticon but is not sure quite yet how they would take the observation of their clear preference of the same factiond company, "being here helps make you more comfortable well then who am I to say no?"

Rung's gentle continence shifts as he is once again surprised by something Starstruck is presenting to him. A tilt of the head follows the perplexed look that makes its way to his face. Why could Starstruck possibly have for him? It also doesn't escape his attention the clearly flirtatious tone the other is bearing. His nerves immediately rise up, bringing flashbacks to a previous incident long ago, but hopes that hiding his recognition of what is happening might work best to snuff out any interest Starstruck might hold... he seems like the type to lose interest rather fast if the actions are not returned.

The funny thing about this is that Starstruck would probably try to stick around for a while longer even if Prominence didn't want him to. Well, maybe funny isn't the right word. 'Jackassish' is better. The surprise on Rung's face has Star grinning wider, flashing dentals complete with two incisor-like fangs. "It's that book I told you about. Twilight." He's still holding the datapad out. "Hell of a lot better than that trash you were reading." And it even has almost equal amounts of abusive relationships! See, Star does listen!

Prominence's claws twitch, and they have to excert conscious control over their hands to keep their pose open and relaxed, not closed off. They don't much care for Rung's ability to read them so easily. "I understand", Prominence softly acknowledges with a nod, not admitting nor denying Rung's observations. However... Rung and Starstruck's current interaction piques their interest, especially Rung's reaction, or lack thereof.

Rung lights up in recognition of his gift, he does remember Starstruck mentioning that in reference to his other earth novel. He still is wondering what sort of book relates back the other yet remains centered around the idea of astrological positioning of the sun. Though... he cannot deny the idea that the other novel was rather 'trash like'. He gently takes the datapad from the other, giving a small smile of thanks, but the careful observer might also notice the therapist is very careful not to touch Starstruck's hand as he takes the pad. An extremely subtle sign Rung knows exactly what is going on but is merely choosing not to react.

Starstruck, of course, is neither careful nor particularly observant, so Rung's calculated effort is lost on him. What matters is that Rung accepted it! "I've got the rest of the trilogy, if you like this one," he says, and beyond the flirty there's also a layer of eagerness to share his collection of Earth paraphernalia. It's probably like flashing a neon sign about his personality at Rung. Star does come to his senses enough to shift and say to Prominence, "We should probably get on with your appointment, huh?"

Prominence does indeed note that Rung appears somewhat reserved. They don't go jumping to conclusions, but they figure that Rung doesn't return Starstruck's interest. Prominence shifts when Starstruck's attention returns to them. "Yes, of course", they say, flashing a wan smile.

Rung can see just how excited Starstruck seems to be at the idea of sharing his apparent collection and finds himself unable to outright deny the decepticon, "I suppose we will see depending on the quality of this first one, wont we?" A careful eye goes between the other two, reading their reactions. Yes Prominence is definitely more friendly towards those of his own faction. Rung puts the datapad into one of the drawers in his desk before leaning forward to rest his arms across the table, if his arms just happen to hide his autobot badge from view then that's what happens. "Yes let us proceed wont we? I wouldn't be so formal as to call it an outright appointment," At least not yet, "I merely wished to know how you were adjusting to the ship and see if there might be anything concerning you." The therapist keeps his tone and expression cheerful as always, despite the rather stressful earlier incident.

"It's great." That's Starstruck's immediate, sincere response. As if he's any great judge of quality. Now that Prominence's appointment, or check up, or whatever, seems to be underway, Star flops into the nearest chair. He's reaching Loki levels of sprawling, confident sit. He's glad that Prominence has allowed him to stay during this, and flashes the fellow 'Con a disarmingly reassuring smile. Or at least that's his intention.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Charm+Mind: Failure. (1 6 3)

Prominence takes a seat, crossing their ankles neatly rather than folding their legs up on the seat as they'd do if they were more relaxed. "I believe I've settled in quite well", Prominence says slowly. "Any concerns I may have aren't unexpected in the circumstances." They glance over to Starstruck and are already turning away when they register Starstruck's weird grimace and take a second look. They slowly look away. They SO didn't see that.

Rung has a moment of bafflement at the rather strange expression Starstruck sports once he sits down. Did... did something happen in the last few seconds he is unaware of? He manages to shake himself out of his confusion and refocus on Prominence. "I see, would you care to elaborate on these expected concerns?"

As slow as Starstruck is, he gets the very distinct impression (judging from the expressions on the other two mechs' faces) that his smile....didn't quite go down very well. He wonders fleetingly what it looked like to them. Probably not good. Star slumps a bit in his seat at this realization, for once deciding to stay silent and stare at his pedes instead of anywhere else. He is, likely quite clearly to a mech such as Rung, pouting.

"My primary concern is avoiding altercations, which I've for now managed to do", Prominence says seriously, hazarding another look at Starstruck and feeling relieved that the mech is no longer contorting his face. Though now he looks sad... But now they have the feeling they themself are being more distracted by Starstruck than Rung is, which is not quite the desired effect. They turn back to Rung. "I hope this trend continues", they say, glancing at their hands in their lap before meeting Rung's optics.

Giving a gentle smile to Prominence (and ignoring Starstruck for now), Rung nods at the admittance to avoiding any confrontations, "That is a good mindset to go around with, best not to seek out violence," He gets a bit of a frown though, "But that makes it sound like you are nervous about others, in essence, picking a fight with you. You do realize that you will not be held accountable for any violence directed towards you unprovoked, correct?" His tone and expression only hold concern for them.

So he's pouting, upset that he'd made both the cute nerd and the adorable flier feel bad, but - this is also Starstruck. He's not likely to stay quiet for long. "Why shouldn't they be nervous?" is his interruption as he lifts his helm, optics beneath his visor zeroing in on Rung. There's no hint of flirtation. "We're Decepticons on an Autobot ship, and I bet you've noticed how trigger-happy 'Bots can be." He's speaking from experience. And also bias.

Prominence's expression becomes perfectly neutral at some point while Rung speaks. Luckily, they don't need to speak before Starstruck interjects. "I agree with Starstruck", they say calmly. "Besides, I can't know for sure if I truly will be treated fairly." They suppress a sigh. "I'd like to believe I would be, but tell me, how trusting would you feel if the roles were reversed?" Prominence cants their helm, now in genuine curiosity.

Rung's eyebrows raise a bit at the sudden interjection of Starstruck, before they practically knit together as he gains a contemplative expression. He hates it, this mindset every mech on the ship seems to have: that because of past mistakes and conflicts no one can come together and get along. He waits a very long moment before responding, balancing his chin on his thumbs in a thoughtful pose and staring down at his desk. "Do I seem 'trigger happy' to you both?" The Therapist slowly lifts his gaze to look at the 'cons before him, " I like to think that I am only one of many wishing for the best of the future, and that only by getting past the problems everyone has with each other can we move on. I can see the logic and probably experience behind your reasoning but by your thought process... I should be trying to shove a grenade down your throat, shouldn't I?"

Ok maybe that was a bit of a stretch, for most the idea of the Therapist even raising his voice is hard to believe, but it gets his point across, "I will admit, some of my comrades are rather volatile and suspicious. If roles were reversed... I cannot say. I doubt I would have survived if our places were switched," He lets out something of a nervous laugh at that, "But it doesn't help to focus on what could have been, what matters is now. But your reasoning also implies that you are just as guilty in this metaphorical standoff, just as unwilling to lower your defenses as the others. As long as everyone is unwilling to change... well... honestly I'm not sure if I can help. What I do know as fact? The commanders truly wish to help go towards a better future for everyone. If something is wrong, I believe you can trust them to do what is right, for everyone regardless of faction."

Starstruck doesn't like this answer, mostly because it's leveling some of the blame on himself and Promi. Which Rung shouldn't be doing, clearly! "Okay, I get what you're saying," he begins, even though he is preparing to dismiss almost all of it. "But then you have 'Bots like Grimlock, and I've heard about what that asshole's done! Attacking 'Cons over nothing - and he's not the only one!" Star's engines are kicking into a higher gear in his anger. "Yeah it was a war an' all and everyone sucked but -- but --" He, like, GETS what Rung is saying, but also processing it on levels he can actually vocalize is hard. "The 'Cons had a good idea going. But that doesn't matter, you're right, war's over! You're still askin' us to think that the Autobots were the 'right path' or whatever, that we should just pick up what they're laying down without question, and that's -- not good, man." That should make sense. Probably.

"You shouldn't throw what we're worried about in the trash all offhand," he ends with. That's how Rung's comments sounded to him, anyway.

Prominence's wings twitch as they try to hike up in affront, but are ruthlessly forced to stay put. Prominence's EM field is clamped tight to not let away anything of the spike of annoyance Rung's words make them feel.

"I don't believe our concern is unwarranted, Sir", Prominence adds softly after Starstruck. "Many Autobots feel animosity towards us, and for good reason; many have lost livelihoods and loved ones by our hand. Isn't it realistic to be worried that one of our more volatile crewmates might lash out?" Prominence's wording is deliberate, not 'the Autobots', but 'our crewmates'.

"I want to believe we'd be treated fairly should such an event occur, but I don't want to risk having to find out otherwise." Prominence leans in closer, earnest optics meeting Rung's. "Isn't it only reasonable?"

Rung can't help the slight twitch he gets in an eyebrow at the mention of Grimlock, he doesn't really like that mech. That might possibly even be an understatement. Grimlock is something of a thorn in the therapist's side, the sort of mech who could unravel all the work Rung is doing with a singular action. He lets out a quiet ventilation before responding, trying to find a way to alleviate the concerns, "Grimlock is something of a special case. I personally wish to speak with him on such matters but have no been yet able to procure an appointment time with him." It certainly isn't because he is nervous about how Grimlock, or any of the dinobots for that matter, might react to being in a small room with someone trying to 'pick his mind'.

His frown grows as Prominence lets their concerns be known, and Rung... honestly doesn't know how to answer that. He likes to believe that everyone can get along but the a rusted gears will always jam up an entire machine. "I will be entirely honest. I dont know how to answer that. It is entirely reasonable to feel such a way and I truly can't expect you to feel any other way as well. But things don't have to happen overnight, maybe speak with the ... calmer members of the crew, maybe you could grow to like them despite what badge they wear." Rung himself is probably the perfect example of a 'calmer' Autobot.

So Starstruck isn't totally on board with Prominence's 'Autobots have good reason to dislike us' thing, but he doesn't voice this. He's too busy zeroing in on Rung. "So you admit it!" Star's voice rises, not TOO much, but enough that it could possibly be startling to anyone walking past. It can get much louder, is the point here. "We've got a good reason to worry about the Autodicks!" LANGUAGE, Star.

As the rest of Rung's statement filters through his anger and rumbling engines, though, he does settle back and even relax. "Who'd you suggest?"

Prominence nods solemnly, and gives Rung a slow, curved smile. It falls quickly, however, at Starstruck's words. Prominence suppresses the urge to facepalm. At least Starstruck's question is a good one; Prominence themself would like to know the answer to that. They give Rung a questioning look.

Rung folds his hands in thought, resisting the urge to correct Starstruck in the face that isn't exactly what he was suggesting but holds his tongue. He does not wish to reopen that rather negative line of conversation. He comes up with several names for each before turning to Prominence first, "Prominence for you I might suggest speaking with Lieutenant, perhaps even Bulkhead. You might find both are rather personable. Starstruck," Rung shifts to look more at the other, "I would suggest you speak with Pipes or Drift, you might find you have a lot in common with both."

After a second Rung lets a small compassionate smile slip through, "I would also be willing to help you both if you feel uncomfortable or wish for a somewhat familiar presence as a mediator."

"Pipes is great!" Starstruck already knows the little - blue? purple? colors are hard - Autobot. Pipes transcends factions, in Star's mind. He's like an honorary 'Con. "Who's Dri---oh, wait, you mean Deadlock! Guy with the - " and here Star curls his servos, pointing his foredigits straight up on either side of his helm in imitation of Drift's. He hears Rung's offer of a mediator but dismisses it, he doesn't need help with that sort of thing (he probably does). Instead, Star assumes that's for Prominence's benefit more than his own, and doesn't respond to it.

Prominence takes note of the names, and turns to look to Starstruck as Rung does. They frown slightly at Starstruck's Deadlock imitation. They sure hope Starstruck doesn't repeat that at the mech himself; has a quite nasty reputation, that one, even if he'd have mellowed out. Prominence loops an arm over the back of the chair and turns back to Rung. "It's thoughtful of you to offer", they say with a soft sigh. "I think I'll try my luck on my own", they continue with an easy smile, "but I'll be sure to come to you if I need any help." They're laying it on a bit thick as far as they're concerned, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

<FS3> Prominence rolls Deception: Good Success. (7 4 4 8 5 3 4 3 8)

Rung beams at both of them, deciding best not to comment on the alternate name of Drift, happy at their acceptance of his advice. He faces Prominence as the other makes the statement. He will admit there is something slightly... off about the way Prominence suddenly acts but can't quite place it. The thought is put to the back of his mind for now, though. "I hope you only the best of luck then socializing. I do hope you wont only come if you requite assistance, I am available even if you just wish to chat. That goes for the both of you."

Starstruck wilts again. He's mostly upset that no one even cracked a smile at his impression - which was great! Spot on! Damn hilarious! He reigns it in for the moment as Promi and Rung discuss the mediator business. If he cared he might have noticed that Promi's response was a little weird, but he doesn't, so. He doesn't. Rung's response distracts him enough from attempting to think on it, and his grin is attempting to be sincere. 'Attempting' being the operative word here. "Sure thing, I'll definitely come back if I need help."

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Presence: Failure. (3 2 6)

Prominence gives a small nod at Rung's words, doing their best to hide the twinge of disappointment they feel that Rung wasn't so easily charmed. Then again, the mech is probably familiar with any tricks like that... Oh, well. Prominence looks over to Starstruck as the mech speaks, and hopes from the bottom of their spark that someone would put the mech out of his misery, metaphorically, of course. They look to Rung, but after Starstruck... They don't really feel like they could just continue from where they left off, so they just nod in acknowledgment with a sheepish smile playing on their lips.

Rung doesn’t believe that Starstruck is truly genuine in his response. His grin is too.. well Rung isn't entirely sure what to call it but its definitely too something. The sense that the meeting should be winding down comes to him and he decides that maybe he has kept them for long enough. "I believe that I have covered everything I would have wished to discuss with you and I also get the feeling you don't wish to be here any longer." He also doubts that they will reveal much else to him, Prominence is clearly closing themself off, "So I wont keep you here any longer, you can go back to whatever you wish to do. I will say that I hope you follow up on my advice to talk with some of the other."

Starstruck is very concentrated on his whole 'haha I am totally not lying to you' thing, which is why he doesn't butt in on Rung's statement. It doesn't even occur to him that this hasn't worked. Thankfully, from his experience with his last captain, he knows to pay attention enough to realize when he's being dismissed. "Thanks, Rung." He stands and gives a little stretch before moving to the door. And -- "Catch ya later, Promi." Before he's gone.

Prominence tilts their helm fractionally at Rung's dismissal of them, but doesn't dawdle in standing up. "See you", they call after Starstruck. "It was nice talking with you", they turn to say to Rung with a small warm smile. They give a nod as if to confirm their words and pad out of the door.

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