2016-05-18 A Priestly Calling

From Transformers: Lost and Found

A Priestly Calling
Date 2016/05/15
Location Lost Light: Docks and Storage
Participants Viviqueen, Rung
Summary A Quest from Rodimus sends Rung to the dragon's lair.

Things get stored here.

Viviqueen's lair grows more like a lair every day. Don't tell Ultra Magnus, but there are claws marks against metal here and there, and a burgeoning hoard, and a dragon who has just returned from duties. She strides in 'bot form down the hall of the storage area, for anyone who might catch a glimpse of her disappearing behind a door with the flash of golden wings, and then-- the door swooshes closed behind her as gears grind and scales move until there is a golden dragon who is settling into the room.

Rung is rather nervous about the most recent request from the captain, regarding the new draconian member of the crew. He has been asked to help her acclimate to the new surroundings, and from what he has heard she isn't doing entirely well. The word around ship is that not only is she somewhat volatile but that several mechs have complained about objects going missing. The therapist usually does not listen to rumors but with such an unknown case he felt the need to air on the side of caution. Carefully clutched between his hands is a welcoming gift of sorts, a beautiful model of one of the first ship he ever served aboard; the Primus' Blessing. It pains him to give it up but he feels it only right to offer a quality gift, and this particular model was discontinued eons ago. As he turns the hall he spots a flash of gold before it disappears inside the room. By the time he makes it to the door, all is silent and still from inside the room. Rung raises a hand and gently knocks on the door then waits for a reply.

"Yeeeesssss," is the hissed greeting that Rung gets, already suspicious. Yet, in the interest of crew-relations, perhaps, in light of her conversation with Rodimus, Viviqueen follows it shortly with a booming, "YOU MAY COME IN." But her dark optics watch the door, as her scaled frame seems ready to pounce it at any moment.

Rung nearly jumps out of his plating at the booming voice that pounds through the door, fumbling not to drop his gift. He had not been expecting such a ... loud greeting. After regaining his composure he opens the door, peeking his head inside somewhat nervously. "h-hello. I am Rung the ship's Psychiatrist. I came down to introduce myself and see how you were doing." He definitely pauses when he sees Viviqueen poised to leap, as if he was a threat, "I brought a gift for you, as well." The model ship is soon lifted up to be displayed for his company.

"Psssssychiatrisst?" questions Viviqueen at the word, her teeth bared briefly as she repeats it while watching the nervous bot at her door. It is only after the gift has been lifted up, as she eyes it, that she starts to relax. And slowly, one large paw with wicked, black claws is extended towards Rung, empty-side up and waiting. "FOR ME?"

Gaining a small smile at her eagerness, Rung steps further into the room and gently places the gift into her waiting paw as the door shuts behind him. He tries his best not to think about the very sharp and dangerous looking claws. "Yes I thought it might be a nice way to welcome you to the crew, from what I have heard not everything has been going entirely well for you." Once the ship is safely in her possession, Rung backs up a step to give her more personal space since he doesn't wish to crowd her in such a cramped area. "That is a model of a ship I served on eons ago, quite a few happy memories surrounding it... but to get back on track, I was hoping you would be willing to chat a bit about how you feel about the place so far."

"It meansss a lot to you?" is Viviqueen's sibilant question, even as she draws the model ship away. And carefully, it gets placed on top of a shining, silver stool that seems to be part of the hoard rather than there to display it. "Your king has already informed me of my-- misstep. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN." She doesn't manage to look contrite, but there's a sincerity there as she draws her gaze away from the ship and back to Rung. "I will learn the customs of this place, even if they are strange."

Rung gets a soft expression as she questions his emotional attachment to the ship, "It does, its just a reminder for me of the days back before the war when I was a lot younger... and admittedly more foolish." his expression sours just slightly at the last bit but is as gone as soon as it comes, "I wanted to pass it on to you so that you might feel a bit more welcome and know that if there is ever anything you need I am always here to listen." Rung pauses at the mention of 'king' and can't stop the slight chuckle that escapes him. The captain might not consider himself as such but the title does seem somewhat befitting his personality. He spots the potential beginnings of a lesson though, "well one of our customs here is that there is no king in the sense you might consider it. Rodimus is our Captain, we choose to follow him wherever he may take us on our quest." Rung gets the feeling that openly offering things to Viviqueen might be the best way to keep her interest and good favor. From one of his many secret compartments, Rung pulls out a box of energon sticks and offers one of them to the dragon.

Viviqueen sits attentively, listening to him, before she finally interjects to ask, "You are a priessst? You will listen? And advise me?" But her attention only grows sharper as he draws out that box, even as she shakes her head to the offer of the stick. Instead, she chooses to roar out at that moment, "HE HAS SAID SO. I CHOOSE TO CALL HIM SUCH. BUT I AM NOT YOUNG OR FOOLISH EITHER."

.... A what now? Rung is thoroughly confused at her terminology and what the captain has apparently failed to inform him of. He is aware Rodimus took the time to speak to her but is unaware of any true specifics. He can only assume the best until a time he can truly translate what she is saying, primus he hopes he is saying the correct things. This is one of the situations he is not entirely sure how to take. "Well I suppose if the captain has said so then that there is nothing more I need say on the subject. I also suppose You could call me that as well," Despite his nerves Rung continues to smile kindly at her, gently nibbling on an energon stick of his own (certainly not doing that as a way to alleviate some stress in an unknown situation), "To listen, advise and assist in any way I can is practically my entire reason for existing you could say. I also did not intend any possible insult, only that I have been around a long time and don't wish to see others make mistakes I could help them to avoid."

Viviqueen actually softens, her vocalizer quieting as she says in simple words, "Do you consider you profession sanctified? Your calling?" She even seems slightly apologetic, though she doesn't go so far as to apologize, though she lays herself down closer to the ground to even the distance between them, a serpentine curl to her form. "A king, or a queen, does not rule without the faith of his subjects. They may leave at any time, just as this crew may. Even my oathsworn-- he has referred to Rodimussss as a queen." She seems to use this as proof that her choice is not incorrect. Good luck trying to convince her otherwise.

Rung ... decides to merely not comment on what exactly being an 'oathsworn' entails. Instead he hones in on the rest, "I know in my spark this is what I am meant to do, I have helped so many in the past and can only hope I will help even more in the future. In all honestly Cap-... uh.. 'King' Rodimus asked me to come here and make sure you were adjusting well. We wish to make you feel at home here and I genuinely want to make sure that you can have the best possible experience and relationships with your fellow crewmates."

"Me?" questions Viviqueen, the single word drawn out slowly as she considers Rung. "I. am. an. ancient. creature. A creature born and bathed in fire and ash. I only need my hoard." Her claw slowly flexes over a missplaced gun, closed and then open and then closed again. "But if this is your spark-driven calling, priesssssst, I shall respect your invocation. You may hear my thoughtsss and advise me."

Oh dear, Viviqueen truly does have objects from all over the ship. Rung can only imagine where she could have gotten the gun from. Briefly he wonders if it was its shininess or its potential danger that attracted her to such an object. The therapist is quick to refocus and speaks again, "I appreciate you allowing me to do as my spark calls me to, if it is alright with you I wish to help you understand anything that might be confusing or bothering you about how things are done here. Perhaps there is something in particular you would like to understand or learn to interact with more positively someone? Or we could just talk about things that interest you."

"At the moment? Nooooo," draws out Viviqueen simply, though she bares her teeth in less of a threat and more of a smile. "As long as Rodimusssss' little knight keeps himself from either of my rooms. My oathsworn calls him his COMMANDER, BUT HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?" Yes, her words lift on that last, roaring out suddenly in annoyance.

Oh, she must be referring to the incident with Grimlock, Rung had managed to hear about it through the metaphorical grape vine. That could very well be the reason Rodimus sent him here as well. That can only mean Swoop is her supposed oathsworn. "Well... have you ever had.. I suppose you could say Grimlock is the leader of their guild." Rung has absolutely no idea what he is truly saying, only hoping it is relevant and helpful, "Together they are a guild of knights with others and Rodimus' ... little knight... is the one who Swoop gave his loyalty to before he became your oathsworn.I do not think he is entirely capable of truly leaving his loyalty to his commander behind after so long."

"BUT THE KNIGHT MADE HIM UNHAPPY. HE IS BLIND TO HOW HE AFFECTS MY OATHSWORN AND I SHALL RIP HIS SPARK OUT IF HE HURTS HIM," Viviqueen continues in a roar, her wings ruffling with agitation as her claws flex once again. But then she draws in a slow intake of breath. "His oath is to me, now. He will understand that soon." A pause, before she adds, "You have been very helpful, priesssst. You are welcome here any time."

oh... that... that does not sound good...It is somewhat endearing to see how protective she is towards her 'oathsworn' but could also be problematic in the future. Rung wants to tell her how the chances are high that if swoop has problems he will wish to fix them on his own and that it definitely does not bode well at the implication of what she might intent to do but he soon realizes that he has all but been dismissed. Deciding he has probably pushed as far as he can get, Rung gives a small smile of thanks, "Thank you for your trust in me. You may also come seek me out anytime something might be bothering you or you wish to talk. I suppose I will leave you to yourself now." He offers one last smile before making his way to the door, gently opening it and heading back down to his office.

"Yessss, of course. And your ship-- It will be well cared for, Rung," Viviqueen offers him in farewell, her gaze sliding briefly and affectionately to the model on the stool before she glances back to watch him go.

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