2016-05-15 Why Be Anemones When We Could Be Fronds?

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-05-15 Why Be Anemones When We Could Be Fronds?
Date 2016/05/15
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Oil Baths
Participants Riptide, Vortex
Summary Riptide and Vortex finally make good on that 'date'. Awkward laughs, deep questions, and more teeth happen.

The still quiet of the oil reservoir is a draw for many in the ship. It's not unusual to find someone here in the low-lit quiet who has forgone the brighter, more populated observation deck to stare at the stars that the Lost Light leaves in its wake. A platform juts into the reservoir with two walkways on either side leading down to docks at the level of the oil. The platform itself stands the height of an average bot above the oil. A round light above brings gentle illumination to the space below.

Today is the day. The day Riptide has eagerly been waiting for. And with a mech of his standing, one would expect the place he sets as their date to be somewhere tacky like Swerve's or the observation deck, but Vortex will instead be invited to the oil reservoir.

The room is quiet and void of others, as it usually is, with the overhead light providing a dimmed atmosphere so as not to detract from the brilliance of the stars shining overhead through the domed ceiling. It was a safe place for Riptide, so he figured it the best place to bring his first date ever.

And speaking of, the aquabot can be seen mingling at the start of the docks whenever Vortex decides to enter, a terribly anxious look about him as he looks down at twiddling hands and eyes the door once in a while. It's clear he's gone to great lengths to look presentable today, what little light there is gleaming off freshly waxed armor while highly polished etchings catch the light every now and then. He even sharpened his fin as best he could. Oh, he hopes this goes well..

Vortex actually expected Riptide to take a lot longer to get the confidence to put together a date. Or, well, at least get enough to go on one in the first place. He has to say, he's a bit surprised to be heading towards the Oil Reservoir. Swerve's seems like the obvious place. Easy-going, fun, and lots of drinks. Ah, well, whatever float Riptide's boat. He snickers. Heh, Riptide is a boat, that's funny...

Vortex stretches a bit, going over a few expected scenarios in his head. He wanted fun and he was going to have it. Primus, been a while since he did this. It'll be good. Got bigger fish to fry, this is a good starter. Hehe, more ocean stuff. Feeling aptly prepared for this totally casual could turn fun date, he enters the Oil Reservoir.

It takes the rotary just a moment to pick out Riptide in the dim light. He pauses briefly, soaking up the- whoa, he looks good. Vortex feels suddenly underdressed- he'd buffed out the remaining scorch marks but he didn't do any detail work. Not like that. Ah well, his usual would do just fine! "Hey there Ripper! Got your meeting time and stuff- sorry I'm a little late! I was a little busy." No he wasn't. "You look great by the way."

Riptide 's posture shoots up the instant he hears Vortex's voice and looks up to see him making his way over, a little startled. But the tension only lasts a brief moment before melting into relief, a barely contained smile stretching wide to show off polished teeth. "It's alright, I don't mind waiting!" He really didn't. He probably would have stayed for a few hours before getting the hint if Vortex never came. But the rotary is here and that's all that matters.

Compliment earns a bashful look from the mech and a more sheepish quirk of lips. "Thank you.. You look really good, too." Even if Tex wasn't all done up Ripper would still return the compliment. "I hope you don't mind our date being here. I just figured it'd be a lot quieter while still getting a nice view outside." Optics shift upward for a second before he smiles down to the smaller mech and gingerly offers a hand to take, his tone softer when speaking next, "Close your optics."

Should Vortex comply he'll be led by the hand, Riptide's noticeably trembling some, and only released once they're a good ways down the dock that juts out further into the reservoir. "Okay, open them.." They'll be at the end of the dock now and standing beside a small table with two chairs. Upon the table is two glasses set beside what looks like a bottle of pink, sparkling enerwine. In Riptide's hands, and being presented to Vortex, is a small box of energon goodies and a bouquet of vibrant, glowing cybernetic flowers of pale blues and bright purples. "For you.." Despite stemming the tremble about him, his face still show traces of anxiousness that he tries his best to hide behind kind, simple smile.

Yeah, sure he did. But he always looks this good. Vortex quirks his helm but nods in understanding. Quieter. More intimate. He could work with this just as easily. Just had to adjust a few things to the plan... "Heh, alright..." He takes Riptide's servos in his, following with full confidence.

Vortex tries imagining what Riptide is doing. Gonna reveal the stars like 'oh, how magical' or a little... What did the humans call it? A picnic? Yeah. Cute but casual. His rotors twitchs as his hand is let go and he onlines his optics to- Vortex's vent stall, making a odd little hiccup of surprise. Oh...

Vortex stares at the table, taking in the placing and what was set. He can't help but glance up, as if expecting to see a glint of a sniper somewhere above. But the glowing quickly caught his attention and he stares at the... That's a bouquet... Of flowers. Riptide was giving him flowers. The Decepticon lifts his helm to look at Riptide's face, optics scrutinizing behind his visor. What was he doing? What was he thinking? Was he being... What was all this?! Not any date he'd ever been on, that fur sure. Was he trying to mess with him in some way? But the sharkbot's face was sincere. Completely and utterly.

Vortex stands there stiffly, suddenly... He didn't have a plan prepared for this. His mouth opens and he can't help but laugh. It's a confused bark of a laugh. "Aaaaaaahahahahaaaaahahahaaahhhhha... ha... hahahaaaaa... ... hahahhhhh..." Then he snaps his mouth shut. "... ... ... You shouldn't have- that's- this is a lot, Riptide." Another beat and he scoots forward slightly. "Those... Those are nice- you remembered my favorite colors..." Purple was close-ish to pink.

He's.. he's laughing. Oh god, he's laughing. Is it him? Did he do something stupid and mess up again? The sound strikes through Riptide's spark like a dagger, left staring as his smile slowly begins to sink and restraint diminishes to allow a slight shake to rise in his hands. Primus, this was a mistake. As if he could ever think he could do something like--

The laughter stops and.. and Vortex actually moves in and compliments the flowers. Words catch behind lump that began to form in his throat, a moment passing before he unsteadily releases a vent and stoops closer to the mech's level with gaze downcast and a small frown creasing his face. "I-I'm really sorry there isn't pink.. Skystalker only had these." He tries to gesture for the rotary to take the gifts. They're his, after all. "I thought I could make up for that with the enerwine." Which looks like some top shelf stuff. Riptide isn't a mech of much means, so it's fair to say he owes Swerve a big favor. "I just.. hope this is all okay. I'm sorry it can't be super fancy.."

Vortex's rotors finally seem to move, giving a little flick before fanning. He's not blind, he sees how his- slag, he reacted wrong. But he couldn't stop himself from doing those things. It just... Came out. He pauses and reaches out, servos cupping around Riptide's. "Relax. I like them. I've never had someone give me flowers before." His claws move in little circles before his fingers slide up and take the bouquet. "I shouldn't of laughed... I just didn't." He vents. Come on, this isn't the first naive little guppy- haha! Third one!- he's tried anything with. The effort was surprising, it took him off his game.

Vortex resets his vocalizer and looks over at the table. "This is the fanciest thing I've ever seen. Fanciest date... I like it. It's nice- nice things shouldn't happen to me." He pauses and looks back at Riptide with a smile under his mask. "I'd like to have some of that enerwine, then. Looks good enough to make Blast Off jealous. Heh, I mean... If you still want to continue?"

The light of Riptide's optics begin to waver slightly with the emotions welling up inside him from the thoughts of doubt buzzing in his head. Should he have tried so hard? Was it worth it? Such answers are quickly answered at Vortex's touch, finally drawing his gaze to meet the other's. The look he gives him is nothing short of relieved, the way lips curl in a weak smile and optics squint a little wholly endearing. "..It's alright. I'm just really happy you like all this." He had his nervous laughter sometime, so he understood.

Posture straightens and Riptide turns to the table when Vortex mentions it, his smile growing. "Yes, of course!" The mech's energy is renewed and he motions for Vortex to sit, likely pulling the chair out for him in the process, before taking the bottle in hand and working to pop the cork. It's.. not as easy as it looks, leaving the sharkbot looking quite embarrassed as he struggles. "Er.. Stubborn little thing." Wavering smirk flashes to Tex, though internally he's panicking. "C'mon you little.. Ack!" With a loud pop the seal releases with a force and fires the stopper directly into Riptide's forehead. He's set back a step, stunned, until the pain begins to flow and he holds his head. "Ow ow.. Dammit.. I'm okay."

Flustered, he tries to pretend that didn't just happen and sheepishly pours some for each of them before sitting across the table. After a tentative rub to the sore spot, Riptide takes up his glass finally and grins toothily, reaching to tap Tex's in a cheers. "Who says you shouldn't have nice things? I mean I.. know what you used to do back in the day. Or what I've heard. But.. well, we all did bad stuff, you know?" He eases back in his chair and vents a soft sigh, slowly twirling stemware in his hand. "That's why I thought doing this would be nicer than just sitting at the bar. And I guess I.. wanna get to know you, too.. if you want.."

Vortex chuckles and takes a seat. Has anyone tried so hard being polite to him before? Heh, no, not really. Why would they? He's rough and rowdy and likes it that way. It's a little unnerving, really. This level of earnest sincerity. Shifting, he leans on the table, resting his chin in his palm as he watched Riptide. He laughs, an honest kind of laugh, as the top hits Riptide. "Heh, wouldn't be a problem if you got yourself some claws. " He waves his at the sharkbot. "I can work out that dent for you after this."

Vortex takes his glass and swirls it, much like his brother would. He may not be a wine snob but he knew how this all worked, the proper way. Annoying Blast Off was just far too fun to give away all he knew. His mask stays for a moment as he mulls over Riptide's words. "Oh... Most mechs would rather not know anything. You don't have to get to know me." He pauses to get an easy-going smile on his face before his mask finally slides back. "I don't even want to know me. I'd rather get to know you... We could do a bit of something I like to call lightning round. Five questions each. Only honest answers. I used to play it a lot..." It used to take a lot longer to get those honest answers. They used to not come willingly either... He hesitates to take a drink. He doesn't want to spit a gift out.

Riptide knits brows up a hair at that statement. "But I.. Well, I want to. No one's ever asked me on a date before, or really showed any interest and I guess I just.. thought it could give us a chance to friends or.. or something.." That 'something' muted behind his drink when taking a sip, trying not to let that thought linger too long lest he get flustered. Vortex is fun, he's nice to him, and Raid seems to like him sorta, so maybe.. Well, you never know what will happen. He just knows he'd be more than happy just to be friends.

Back on topic, he perks at the suggestion and sits back up to lean into the table. "Oh? Heh, that sounds kinda fun, actually. Okay well.. Since you know the game better, you go first. Ask me anything." Riptide is good at answering. As long as it's not math or science or... anything with big words, actually.

Vortex gives a little shrug. He wouldn't tell Ripper the details if he wanted to know... But his rotors flick, hearing that 'something'. Oh... Oh. The rotary looks at his wine, still smiling a bit. Hmm... This could all go where he wants still... He tips his glass in recognition before taking a sip. Pausing he takes one more. Well, it went down smooth so that was a good sign at least.

"First question, huh? Always the hardest..." He bites at his upper lip, thinking it over. Just gotta ask something not prodding but open ended. Nothing rude... Vortex nods and grins at Riptide. "Alright! Where're you from, then?" He asks it innocently curious enough.

Oh oh, he knows this one! Riptide, beaming now, gives the table a little tap with his fingertips, as if he was on a game show answering a question. "Cybertron! I uh.. Er, well, technically." He reels back his enthusiasm and smirks, rubbing his neck. "I was an MTO made for the Forced Flood, which was during the Simanzi Massacre. It was.. a pretty horrible fight. I never thought that campaign would end." He puffs, thinking back on it with a wander of his gaze.

The memories aren't pleasant, given away by the little scrunch of his face, so he pulls his mind away and looks back to Tex. "My turn. ..Uh.. Hm." He rubs his chin pensively until a thought pops in and he brightens. "What did you used to do before the war?"

Vortex nods his helm a bit, swirling tapping his wine glass. Right, Simanzi Massacre. He remembers that one. He remembers the more or less corpses brought back and the few living stragglers... They joined the corpses eventually. "Glad you made it, Ripper."

Vortex sets his glass down to glide a claw around the lip, thinking. He bites at his upper lip once more. "Before the war... It's hard, it all kind of blurs into one thing. I'm sure you know what I mean, heh..." But he could remember it vividly. "I was... I worked freelance. I was a small flyer, took what I got from whoever paid. I had to save a lot, get a lot of favors. Learned not to be in anyone's debt." His claw stops and he puts his servo on the table, smiling once more. "Okay, question two, mmmm... Sorry, how do you feel about Decepticons? Not me, the cause and stuff, you know?"

Riptide 's face warms at the appreciation. He's still surprised he survived one of the longest and most brutal fights in Cybertron history. But hey, not like he's complaining! At Vortex's answer he isn't terribly sure how to reply other than nodding along, though eventually he does manage softly, "Sounds like it was tough. I can never really know what it was like before the war, just what folks tell me. Sometimes I wish I could see it." But maybe that would tarnish whatever image of it he had in his head.

Anyway, back to questions. And jeez is this a heavy one. "Oh. Uhm.." How does an Autobot say this to a Decepticon they're trying to impress? ..Directly, one supposes. Looking down at his fiddling hands, Riptide gains a troubled look and utters quietly, "If you asked me back then I'd say I.. I hated them. When I first came online some of the first things they put in front of me that Cons were bad and needed to die because they wanted to destroy what we had. ...I believed this for a very, very long time." And did a lot of unpleasant things because of it. Because he was told to. His hands tighten and expression hardens. "But now.. I get confused when I think of the answer. I don't know if I agree with the cause still, but since I've been on the Lost Light I've been starting to see we're not all that different. I just.. wish I saw that sooner.."

He rests his forehead in a palm with a weary sigh, trying to ease his tense nerves. He hates thinking about this, it brings up such bad memories. Not looking up, Riptide just asks plainly after a pause, "..Why did you join the Lost Light? You don't seem the kind to believe in the knights."

Vortex watches Riptide closely. He doesn't need to tell Riptide the details of his job exactly. His old, old job. He looks at his servos. Some things don't change, it seems. Riptide's answer is better than he expected. He really did have a soft spark and manageable mind didn't he? "S'alright to think that. I don't care." He tells his fellow mech off-handedly. Factions are whatever in this post-war world. A commodity, really. "Don't feel bad, Ripper. War is war. Everyone does things." Guilt was so easy to read."

Vortex grins and takes another sip of the wine, crossing his legs and leaning forward. "I don't, heh. Or, well... Maybe they do exist but they might also not and I really don't care. I'm more of a journey rather than the destination kinda mech. You're gonna get somewhere, make getting there worth it, ya know?" He pauses. "That wasn't an actual question, hehe. Okay, onto number three. Geez, this is so much harder when I don't know what I need to know- is that joke in bad taste? Maybe I should leave that for a not Autobot, hehe... Okay, I want the truth too, why'd you say yes to this? And do all this? I know I'm quite the looker but most bots would, uh... Run the other direction? I'm still getting used to that not happening anymore." His rotors fan a bit.

That seems to help drag Riptide out of his little funk, meeting Vortex with an upwards crook of the corner of his lips. "I'm just glad it's over. Heh, I think I'm just overthinking.." He rights himself to a more proper position by leaning into forearms on the table, awaiting the next question expectantly.

Why. That singular word stands in his mind like a pillar against all thoughts, dominating and looming. Why.. Why did he consider this mech's offer of a date so readily? Why did he try so hard to make it nice instead of treat it like a lazy fling? Why..

He can't speak for several long moments, left staring at the smaller mech across from him. But words aren't needed to express what he feels right now as cheeks glow that pretty energon pink and the low hum of internal fans kicking on rising over the silence. Look away, dammit, Riptide. But.. he can't. He's stuck. Scared of the words that hover just behind his lips.

"B-Because.." The truth. "..Because I don't want to be afraid to do things anymore. Because you seem like someone I'd get along with. Because I trust Air Raid and he seems to be okay with you. Because I like your attitude. Because you're a great artist. Because I.. I like your teeth.. Because I like the way it felt when you sharpened my fin.. B-Because I.. I.." The words are spilling out of him and he can't stop, averting his gaze down at his shaking hands at this point as fans grow louder. He can't even fathom coming up with a question for Vortex at this point.

Vortex's rotors start to tremble. He can't help it, they tremble when he's excited. He leans in closer, waiting for an answer. Riptide's body language said it was going to be a good one. He can't help but smile. Nothing like a straight answer. He thinks over his options, having collected himself from his original stumble earlier. Hmmm... He reaches out across the table to put his servo over Riptide's, thumb rubbing the back of his hand soothingly. "Hey, I'm not on the job. No need to be nervous." He should really stop making jokes about his job- old job! Old job, right...

"I like your teeth too." His smile flashes his own. "You work yourself up a lot- get scared, get worried, get anxious. Fear is a funny thing, its a beast you have to tame. I tamed all of mine. I honestly don't care if I die. You gotta learn how to tame it, Ripper." Vortex chuckles a little. "I mean, why should we worry? Could've died on Cybertron or during the war but we didn't! You could be gone at any moment. And we got all this stuff and adventure! We can get to know all sorts of bots- Cons, Neutrals, Autobots! Primus, it's exciting to think about! Why waste it away worrying, ya know?" He looks at Riptide earnestly. Then there's a pause. "... It's cute how your fans get all worked up though, hehe... But stop worrying. I'm no judge and jury. Really, judges and juries hate me anyways... But you get it, right?" Primus, he was rattling. "... Your turn for a question."

Riptide couldn't help he was so easy to work up. It's just the way he's always been, especially in situations like this. There are still things he wants to say, wants to confess, but everything is halted at Vortex's touch. Steadily his shaking begins to subside and, without much thought, turns his hand just enough to hold the other's without any move to squeeze.

Large shoulders succumb to his emotions and droop from mental exhaustion, head lifting just enough to view the rotary across the way with a glimmer of a smile on his lips. "It is pretty silly of me to get so upset, huh.. I can never really help it, sorry." He shakes his head. "I'm not afraid of dying either. Probably because I'm an MTO. I guess I'm just afraid of.. being alone at the end of the day. Afraid of being overlooked."

This leads into his question, regarding Vortex with a soft look balances on the edge of worry. "So why did you ask me on this date? What made you look at me..?"

Vortex tilts his helm a bit, soaking all of this up. He's a bit of an emotional vampire. Years of suppressing empathy could do that. "It's okay to be upset... You just don't have to be around me." But he totally could. Hmph, if only someone told him not to fluster Ripper up so much. And he's sorta in a good mood so he might as well listen.

" You're not alone, Ripper. You got friends- like Raider. And other Autobots." Vortex gives the servo a little squeeze, leaning over the table further and planting his pedes on the ground. This is all tell-tale signs and he's hoping someone will catch onto them. This is called opportunity which is a big reason he wanted this in the first place.

"I... Hmmm... I dunno, not all too many bots like me... You were the only one to come to the body shop that day- I think some bots avoided it because of me." Vortex bites at his top lip again as he thinks. "And you're good looking and appreciate my teeth and other mods. I just thought 'Why not? Could be fun.'" A pause. "And I am, having fun... Okay, uh... Running out of questions." Not really. "You said earlier... What have you heard about me?" He asks this gently, a lot more quiet-like.

If Vortex wasn't actively trying to fluster Riptide, then one could only imagine how the mech would react because right now he's feeling a bit nervous again at the hand squeeze and how the rotary is leaning in far closer. Every instinct tells him he should back away, to flee such a dangerous mech, but.. he stays. And he leans in just a little in turn, hesitating in the small space left between them. Optics watch hand in his, his expression neutral and hooded. "..I want to be your friend, too, Tex.." He looks to him in that instant, kind and sincere and all too gentle. So easy for the strings to be pulled on this one..

The word 'fun' drops his gaze a moment, however. Vortex just wanted to have fun.. Riptide would be upset if he even knew what he himself wanted, but he doesn't so he simply looks back to the other in that meek way with head down. "I heard you were dangerous.. Not to be trusted. That you hurt people for fun. That.. that you're using me." Lips press a little in a line, unsure whether to frown or stay neutral. "Whatever of that is true.. Like I said, I don't want to be afraid of doing anything anymore. I don't want to be afraid of you like everyone else is. I just want to.. know you. Behind the badge." As for his question to be asked, the mech has trouble looking directly at Vortex when muttering bashfully, "..Do you think we can do something like this again sometime?" A second date, it seems.

Vortex's rotors tremble again. The tell-tale sign for mechs to avoid and not look at him directly. It was hard to get them to stop as Riptide leans forward. It's a good thing he has self control because he wants to jump over the table and tackle him right to the ground. His visor shutters, lips trembling as he forces them to smile gently. Pull it back, Tex. This is not the time. Ripper talking about him doesn't help.

Vortex pauses and nods a bit. "They're not wrong... I've done a lot. This war has... It makes things seem simple and easy- it's complicated though. But..." His free servo lifts and crosses his front as he covers his Decepticon badge. "But I'd like to do this again. Maybe a little less formal but... This is fun, being around you. I feel comfortable." His optics examine Riptide's face and then his visor dims and he leans forward.

"Last question: Would you mind if I touched you? Like I did at Swerve's or now, holding your hand... It- being tactile means alot but I don't want to if you're uncomfortable in public..." He stops, listening to fans and the subtle hum of his rotor hub. He's so close to Riptide, very close, as his lips part... But if Riptide goes to lean in the rest of the way, he'd find a facemask there once more. With a gentle spark, you gotta make them to really want it. He tries to look bashful.

To hear that is something Riptide never imagined he'd be witness to. Vortex is comfortable around him and wants to meet again. If it's a lie he clearly can't tell, brimming with delight that pours over with overjoyed smile flashing those shiny teeth. He opens his mouth to say something in turn, but the final question leaves him stunned, staring. He.. He wants to touch him? It's enough for the aquabot to be hold his hand right now without melting, so when Vortex asks for more...

That's when he notices the other hanging there, lips parted with daunting teeth peeking out among the subtle glow of his tongue within. Frozen. My god he's frozen. The last time anyone dared kiss him ended up with him passing out, but now.. now he finds himself drawn, forgetting the question.

Inhibition lost and dimmed optics falling half-mast, Riptide so very slowly begins to lean in, fighting the tight ache that grips his chest and spark. So close.. Almost..


The facemask protracts back over Vortex's mouth just before he can reach, lips almost brushing the metal and forcing him to freeze, staring up at him. ...So the mech wants to tease him? Riptide has gotten this far without losing his nerve and he's not about to stop. Yellow optics narrow and very quickly Vortex will find his hand being held tight as Riptide's head tilts and jaws part, sharp teeth baring and clamping down upon the mask with a heated vent.

Vortex is a little disappointed Riptide didn't bump into his mask. He likes it when his facemask gets bunted or kissed. Don't act like you're surprised. He feels himself smirking under his mask, expecting Riptide to fluster and pull back. His rotors come to a staggering stop as his servo is gripped. His visor flashes surprise when- "AH!" His shoulders jump, rotors sputtering to life. The instinct is to jerk back but he's held there by tooth and claw.

What. The. Hell. After initial instinct, he has a moment to assess what's happening. "I-I, uh..." And then nothing. This time, it's Vortex's fans and ventilations that can be heard beginning to whine and thrum loudly. His rotors start to speed up, stirring a breeze. And just like that, Riptide accomplishes something rare. A flustered, speechless rotary.

Riptide is a decent height above Vortex, and the rotary's leaner frame allow the sharkbot some advantage in holding him there when he tries to pull away. His teeth are just as sharp as one would imagine as they steadily pierce the protective metal, likely to break all the way through if he doesn't stop. And he doesn't want to, even his hands tempted to grab hold of the smaller bot.

It's only when the sound of fans struggling to keep pace catches his attention that he realizes what he's doing. The moment dissolves quickly and Riptide returns to his worried self after releasing Vortex, concern knitting across his face when easing his grip on the Con's hand. "A-Are you alright..? I'm so sorry if I hurt you, I.. couldn't stop myself.." Oh gosh, why did he do that.

Vortex doesn't pull away immediately when those teeth leave his face... But eventually he does, visor shuttering several times as he relays what happened in his head. That was... That was against the status quo of, well, Riptide! The whole profile he had of the mech, blown out of the water. Gah! This is not time for more nautical jokes.

One servo still with Riptide, his other reaching up to feel his face mask. His claws trail along the edges of each piercing. It really did look like a sharkbite on his face. His fans start to quiet and his rotors stop threatening to make a whirlwind, their spin becoming more lazy. There's a beat and then he barks a laugh. "I- No, I'm fine! Don't- Primus, don't apologize. I just didn't..." He laughs again. "That was something... That was fun! Primus, I can't... I'm not the one usually bitten..."

Riptide has his moments, rare as they may be. Right now he's busy fussing over the mech, giving a little puff at the laughter. Oh thank god, he's not mad. Not everyone likes biting, okay! Especially when the person doing it risks taking your face off. Shoulder drooping, Riptide allows himself a relieved smile and rubs the back of his neck. "Well, you said you liked my teeth.. Also that's what you get for teasin'." Features soften and he reaches out to gingerly run a finger over a hole. He's lucky he didn't draw any energon or Vortex would have been in for an even bigger surprise.

Hand retracting, he offers a more confident smirk, feeling a bit better about himself for one-upping the Con. "Well uhm..glad you enjoyed it? Heh, I figured a mech who seems to like biting would.. y'know, like it back." Of course who would have the courage to actually bite Vortex of all people. "So uh.." He's not fully sure how to continue after just chomping down on his new friend's face, so he just goes for broke and takes up his wineglass. "Guess we shouldn't let this bottle go to waste, eh?"

Vortex quirks his helm to the side, another tremble running up those rotors once more. "Heh, I guess so... I should tease ya more often." He seems to have gathered himself enough for the flirty little quip. Leaning into Riptide's careful touch, he can't help but chuckle. Ah, Autobots... They always had a few that could surprise him. "Yeah... It was... I'm glad you did it." He laughs and let's his servo slide out of Riptide's as he sits back down.

"We definitely can't. Blasty would absolutely murder me if he ever found out." Taking his glass, Vortex clinks it against Riptide's again and takes a sip, mask falling away once more. Little punctures from the deepest part of the bite could be seen, but barely. They're not deep after all. "I'm keeping that battle scar and using it as a yes to my question so..." He holds out his glass for a refill, smiling casually, happily even. That's good for today, he really should pace himself. "Your turn again. Ask me anything, Riptide."

And to think Riptide thought this date was just going to be talking. Instead he made a surprisingly good impression on the Decepticon, hopefully seating himself better in whatever it is that's forming with them. What's in store for the future is a mystery. A mystery Riptide is fully content with leaving to think over another time because right now he's eager to just enjoy what's left of the date.

"Heh, I'll leave my question for next time." He muses and pours Tex a second glass, topping himself off as well. "For now, let's just enjoy." He clinks glasses and grins, getting up enough nerve to comment offhandedly, "..And maybe next time you can bite me." And with that he downs his drink.

Vortex sips at the wine, not all too unlike his 'cultured' brother. He was... enjoying himself. He rather liked the thought of staying here for a few more hours possibly. His face splits into a grin. "I'll drink to that." And he does exactly that.

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