2016-05-13 Hammer In The Point

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Hammer In The Point
Date 2016/05/13
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage
Participants Astrotrain, Grimlock, Mercy, Quicksight, Skystalker
Summary People end up spitting nails over graffiti threatening NAILs

A steady hum of activity runs through the lower levels of the ship. Although never entirely quiet, there's a feeling of isolation that's impossible to entirely shake.

The lowest levels of the Lost Light are typically steadily busy, but there are always moments of downtime here and there. The shuttle bay itself is usually more quiet, save for when ships are coming and going, or supplies are being unloaded to be wheeled on down the halls to storage. It is outside of the storage wing that passerby discover a peculiar display.

Skystalker's the second or third to see it, heading around on the deck to get some supplies for himself when he happens upon it and comes to a nerveless halt.

There is a wall covered in graffiti'd script, and at first glance it seems like your usual troublemaking. On closer inspection, the stylized text proudly exclaims 'NAILS GET HAMMERED' and a second one several feet later that could be considered a nasty slur(pluralized, just for neutrals) even in Nyon.

<FS3> Mercy rolls Reaction+reaction: Failure. (3 6 6 3 3 5)

Having run out of something or other in the medical bay, Mercy had offered to run down and pick up what was needed. Getting out and about during a shift was always a pleasant diversion, especially when Mercy could hum to herself along the way. Which is currently the case. The humming medic quickly finds her path blocked by the back of Skystalker - unfortunately, she finds that out by running right into the back of him, face first. That's what she gets for not paying attention.

And if you're Astrotrain, you get the (not) fun of doing all three of those. Flying stuff in or out, loading or unloading it, AND hauling it to and from storage. It gets really REALLY boring after the first few times. Especially after the last time he got bitched at for hogging the entire corridor with his train mode. So this time the Triplechanger comes tromping along, a rather large storage container slung across one broad shoulder. Which leaves the other arm free to elbow random nameless crew members out of his way. At least until he comes across people gawking at something on the wall. "What the frag are you all starin' at?"

Quicksight's here purely by chance. Normally, he doesn't really have a reason to be wandering down here, but this time, he's been brough here by an errand. Nothing huge, just go down there, grab that, bring it back there, show them that you can totally make it there and back in under 10 kliks. That last bit isn't a requirment -- it's just him trying to show off his speed.

It seems that he'll have to leave that goal for a later date, however. The forming crowd down the hall forces him to slow down. Curiosity kills any chance of making the 10 kliks. Slipping past taller mechs to get a better look, the little scout stares at the message "Frag's that supposed to mean?"

Uff. Skystalker is so engrossed in the text that he doesn't notice Mercy until she is practically up his thrusters, bumping into him from behind and causing him to step forward and catch his footing. "Ah--! Sorry--" He knows he stopped in the middle of the corridor, after all, turning to face Mercy with an apologetic look crossed over his features. He's also aware enough to sidle out of the way as Astrotrain comes bellying up to where the graffiti is. Skystalker edges back from it, one arm moving in a tired gesture at the wall. "...Someone didn't make it to art class."

Grimlock 's heavy footsteps herald his arrival- there's enough mass behind them that each stride's vibrations can be felt over the general hum of the Lost Light's engines. He emerges from the armory, and stompastomps down the corridor- even to slow a bit as he sees the little gathering- and the graffiti on the wall. "NAILS get hammered. Hah. Cute joke." He rumbles.

"Oh, sorry!" Mercy's apology mixes with Skystalkers as she catches herself after practically bodyslamming him. Not her usual MO. His being in the middle of the hall is made clear when he points to the graffiti. She leans around him and her optics widen. "Oohhh...that's not good." she murmurs as she quiclky steps to the side and then closer to the painting. "Colours are pretty, though!"

There's a *THUMP* as Astrotrain sets the container down on the floor, and leans on it to peer at the wall. Considering how tall he is, it's easy to assume that he's just trying to get a look more at eye level. Pay no attention to the fact that he's squinting slightly, even after leaning close enough to get the image to mostly unblur. "... What? Who cares about NAIL drinking habits? I get hammered all the fraggin' time."

Quicksight tears his attention away from the graffiti to look at the two Autobots present. Ugh. That guy. Funny joke and pretty culours, huh? "Ugh, ofcourse you would say that. Ten shanix say it was one of your lot that wrote it" from the tone of his voice, wasn't meant to be a compliment, though it's directed more in Grimlock's direction than Mercy's. Astrotrain gets a slightly more pleasant response "Don't think it was meant to be about that" he can't be sure, but he's just gonna assume that it was Autobot biggotry. Who cares about factfinding when jumping to conclusions is so much easier!

Skystalker gives Mercy a passive smile, eyes moving from phrase to slur and back again when another big bot takes up nearby. His head tips towards Grimlock's laugh with a small frown, but he doesn't let it linger. The starfighter crosses his arms instead, amber optics turned in a narrow on the graffiti. "It doesn't mean drinking, Astrotrain." He looks slightly upward to the taller shuttle and his squinting, voice level. "It's a threat. Sort of... See?" One finger lifts to point a few feet away to the slur on the wall. Same writing.

"Threat?" Mercy's head snaps up at that suggestion and she looks in the direction Skystalker is pointing. And then Quicksight's comment registers. "What lot? Medics?" she wonders, clearly surprised by the idea that a medic would come down here to paint on the walls.

Grimlock takes a moment to size up Astrotrain- one of the few mechs on board (or even on Cybertron) who rivals him in terms of mass. Huh. But then Quicksight's being mouthy (read: the usual) and Grimlock just shrugs. "You just say that 'cause the average 'con's too stupid to work an airbrush."

Astrotrain lets out a sigh as he stands back up. "It's a bunch of wasted time, if you ask me. Running around painting insults over walls. Considering we use to just shoot the others we don't like." The Triplechanger stops a moment, as if realizing where his train of thought (ha ha ha) was going. "I mean, that's how it USE to be done." He glances at Quicksight for a moment, then at Grimlock. "Not that some wouldn't perfer it still be that way..."

Quicksight totally called it on the meaning. He's probably right about the origins too! "Autobots" the scout corrects Mercy. Compared to the tone of what says next in Grimlock's direction, that actually sounded like he was being pleasant. His optics flare up at the dinobot, and for a moment, it looks like he's about ready to start yelling, but then his expression shifts to a cocksure look "Hey, no need to project your own inadiquicies on other people!"

As he is surrounded on all sides by badges, Skystalker becomes even more aware of his lack of one as he stares ahead at the graffiti and listens to the chatter in his audials. One hand moves idly to test fingertips at the surface of his chest, where he'd have one of those badges were he aligned. It's feeling like he's lacking a shield, all of a sudden. "I'm sure some would. But that's just not how it is anymore. So whoever wrote this will have to keep practicing." Skystalker's mouth flattens, his crest lowering when his chin tucks, the lines of his face darkening. "Or say it to our faces."

"Hey! Be nice, Grimlock!" Mercy is quick to put her hands on her hips and chastize the bigger, stronger, meaner bot...yeah, not smart, but hey! She's kind sparked and hates seeing people being mean. "And as for you," She rounds on Astrotrain and actually shakes a finger at him. "No shooting anyone on this ship!" Just in case he was getting any ideas. "Or MAYBE it isn't a threat and someone just ran out of paper to draw on!" A femme can dream.

"I -am- being nice. Haven't even hit anybody. Yet." Grimlock trails off, and gives Quicksight an irate glare. "... there's a lot of wall. Can't see how they'd run out." He shrugs, and then, as Skystalker speaks up ... well, Grimlock gives another derisive laugh. "Right. Tell it to your face. Then you could run away for a few million years 'til the heat died down, and start listening to Starscream once you get back."

Astrotrain holds up his hands mock innocently when Mercy does the finger waggle at him. "Me? Shoot anyone? Why would I do that?" He much prefers punching. Or robo-noogying. Or running them over like a Pinto at a railroad crossing... Well whatever he's thinking about, it must be more interesting than everyone arguing about the grafetti because Astrotrain gets a sort of daydreamy expression. Probably watching that train crossing collision over and over again. "Heh heh heh... Pinto explosion..."

Quicksight only smirks at that irate look. Good, he managed to get under dinobrain's plating. He doesn't keep it there long, turning instead to give the other Autobot here a skeptical look "Nah, it's totally supposed to be a threat" he waves at the writing, and nearby slurs "Or it wouldn't be here" and Skystalker seems to think it is. If he was going to say anything else abut it, he doesn't get to, his attention drawn back to Grimlock by the dinobot's latest comment "Hey, frag off!" his voice loses some of it's previous, cocksure calm, to be replased with something almost defensive, though not towards himself. Mostly though, it's just anger, mirrored by the increased tension of his boddy, and currled fist "I bet you fraggers are happy to tollerate scrap like this"

"You guys aren't being nice at ALL," Mercy protests to Grimlock, Astrotrain and Quicksight all as one, and she redoubles her finger wagging bbefore dropping her hand back to her side even as she tries to carefully slide into te middle so she's bodily between those around her...just in case someone gets a bad idea about turning someone else into a Pinto. Returning her focus to the grafitti, she shakes her head. "I don't understand how it's a threat." she admits. Maybe if she can get them all to focus on her and the fact that she's too thick to figure this out...

Skystalker wishes Mercy was right. It'd be a lot easier not to see this out here. Grimlock's response to him makes both arms drop to his sides, and he turns on a heel to face the dinobot, wingtips flaring slightly at his back in a flicker of defiance. He doesn't say anything, but Quicksight does. Maybe taking the words right out of his head, even, because once the tiny Decepticon speaks up, Sky lets go of his steam in a long, steady vent, turning back to the wall and looking at the text again rather than Grimlock. "Hammering a nail? It's pretty clear to me. And I haven't seen something that gross in a while." Skystalker looks to Mercy now, brow bent when he points at the slur. Maybe she's just not wanting to see it. She's too nice. Grimlock neatly writes off Quicksight's irate burblings. "If by 'tolerate' you mean 'Not immediately shoot someone,' I guess you're right. I'm sure if it were up to you 'cons, you'd call in the DJD by now."

Mercy gets a long, puzzled look from Grimlock. "They're Decepticons." He rumbles. "I'm a Dinobot. 'Nice' is not a word to describe any of us." He notes.

"Whatever. Boo hoo, someone doodled all over the walls. Naughty words to trigger all you emotional sparks." Makes a twirling dismissial motion with a finger of his other hand. "It's just a bunch of words. Ain't my problem." Astrotrain pulls a shanix out of whatever compartment he stores tips for the bar in and flicks it towards Skystalker. "Go call someone to give a damn. This is Security's problem, not mine." Then goes to pick up the storage container he was originally carrying.

"But," Mercy challenges behind her to Grimlock et al, "You COULD be. If you tried." She's sure of it; she hopes. Maybe. "But nails are useful when they're hammered, aren't they? I mean, that's how things are held together." she woners of Skystalker. Leave it to her to see it that way.

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Reaction+Reaction: Good Success. (5 6 8 7 1 5 4 3)

Quicksight doesn't even seem to register Mercy's attempt at interfeirance at first, his attention on the much taller dinobot behind her "We wouln't let scrap like this spread! You lot are gonna probably let it cover the entire ship!" his posture tenses even more when the much bigger mech equates being a Decepticon to being bad "It's you fraggers who were fighting for the right to continue to step on people! We were the ones fighting for equality for everyone!" Anti-neutral riots? What?

Skystalker catches the shanix tossed at him quite deftly, despite his soured mood, optics following Astrotrain's movements. He does hear Mercy, however, giving her a small glance again; his expression is a little fond, a little weary. Yes, leave it to her. "Maybe I should get someone to tag you in your recharge, then." Skystalker lifts the shanix in his hand to flick it back at Astrotrain. "Keep your bellyaching money, big boy."

Grimlock arches one corner of his visor at Astrotrain as the transport specialist tromps off. Huh. Guy's after his own line of thought. But then it's down to chatting with the smaller, scrappier 'bots, and Grimlock's shoulders slump slightly. "Wha'd be the point?" He asks Mercy. "'Nice' doesn't solve anything."

And as for Quicksight, another derisive laugh. "Everyone's equal when they're dead, which is the only 'equality' Megatron has to offer. I'd know. I've met the mech."

And then there's the little scrabble between Skystalker and Astrotrain, and Grimlock gives a thoughtful (for Grimlock, at least) 'hm'.

Quicksight's optics narrow as his hand twitchesm, grabbing at an enemy that's not yet there in preperation for a stab. He'd take a step towards the dinobot, but Mercy's in the way, Instead, he settles for yelling "You wouldn't know justice if it hit you in your ugly face! Megatron was a revolutionary who fought against the like of you fraggers who just wanted to trample on everyone else's rights! You lot don't give a fragging scrap about anyone who ain't you!"

<FS3> Astrotrain rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (7 6 7 2 4 2)

Astrotrain catchs the shanix as it's tossed back at him and stuffs it away. "You can all sit here wastin' time gawkin' at the wall, I got to finish these distributions." As he trudges through the group he gives a look in Quicksight's direction, which is as much down as it is over for him. "Save your breath. They didn't listen for four million years, they're not gonna start now. You wanna prove 'em wrong? Go do somethin' about this instead of just talking." That's about as good/bad advice as you're gonna get out of the Triplechanger. He's trying to help another Con out, really he is... He's just kinda not great at it.

"I care," Mercy assures Quicksight softly, before she looks back to Grim and adds, "It solves lots, for me. Try it sometime. Maybe it will for you, too." she encourages before plastering a smile back onto her face. Stepping back, she bobs her head once. Astrotrain as the right idea...she should probably get back to work, herself.

Grimlock , in contrast to Quicksight, just laughs. "Justice? Please. The Decepticon definition of 'justice' involves sending a ship full of psychopaths to torture you to death. Every Decepticon I've ever met has either been a torture-happy maniac, or just a plain idiot. Which catergory do you fit in, runt?"

And then Astrotrain has to go and make ANOTHER good point. Dammit. "Yeah, this is dumb. Technically I'm not on command staff anymore, so it's none of my business. You guys can make a report." And with that, Grimlock moves to head off to whatever important dinosaur business he has to do ... even if Mercy's urges to be 'nice' earn a puzzled look from the big dinobot. Huh. But, with a shrug, Grimlock tromps off!

With the shanix out of mind, Skystalker is left to look down at Quicksight as the little Con gets in a few words over Mercy at Grimlock again. Astrotrain still has the right idea. They all have work to do, and if Quicksight wants to complain, he can do it another way. Sky waits until Grim has said his piece before looking to Quicksight. "Astro's right. About the listening." It's weird saying that, but there it is. "Look-- I'll send a report in about the tagging. Don't worry about it."

"I back up over people after I land on them, just so I can run them over in both modes. That counts as torture, right?" Astrotrain half-shouts (his voice doesn't really have a -not- shout though) over his shoulder in response to Grimlock as he's walking away. It's really hard to tell if he's being sarcastic... Or that was an actual answer.

It's amazing how similarly two mechs so antagonistic towards each other can think. Except in different directions. Quicksight, too, has a tendencey to devide Autobots in to assholes and idiots (and weird ones, population:Mercy). Strangely, he doesn't seem to be taking that categorism being directed at his faction particularly well. He even looks ready to launch in to another tirade, but it seems that Grimlock isn't going to hang around for it. Instead, the little scout settles for jeering at his back "Yeah, you're too stupid to do anything but punch things anyways!" he doesn't go after him though, standing where he stood, ventelation humming loudly. His gaze flickers to the others, from Astrotrain, to Mercy, to Skystalker. With each person, his anger seems cool a bit. At least he's not yelling anymore "And what the frag's anyone supposed to do about it on a ship run by Autobots?"

"Paint over it." Skystalker answers, shaking his head once. "Rivet duty. Knowing Tailgate, they'll have to sit in a circle and talk about their feelings." The starfighter murmurs in a half heat, crossing his arms.

Quicksight vents a short, sharp puff of air as he recals the mandatory sessions with Rung and Blast Off. They didn't even accomplish much, unless the goal was for Rung to brush up on his Decepticon profanities "And then things'll go right back to normal, and they still ain't gonna give a scrap" he grumbles" the look with which he regards the spacer carries a mix of emotions. Mostly anger, irritation and frustration, but also a bit of a question. You okay there?

"No wonder people want to start having Neutral meetings." Skystalker mutters again, shuttering his optics and glancing down to Quicksight, vents sighing and mouth pressing into quiet. "Whatever. There's not much to be done. People are going to hate us regardless, because we're stuck in the middle. In the way." Skystalker gives the Con and the wall one last look before pivoting slowly on a heel to slink off.

Watching Skystalker go, Quicksight wonders if he should not go after him. Then again, with his own mood as it is, there's a chance at blaping something that would make things worse. And then there's that errand he'd been sent on. Maybe he'll check up on him after that's settled. They're probably considering sending out a search party for him back there.

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