2016-05-09 All Friends Here

From Transformers: Lost and Found

All Friends Here
Date 2016/05/09
Location Habsuites
Participants Whisper, Air Raid, Vortex
Summary Air Raid and Vortex attempt to be welcoming to the newly situated Whisper. Vortex is the worst wingman. He doesn't even have wings.

Air Raid is kinda' nosey. He probably wouldn't admit it. But he does keep tabs on who gets shuffled around when it comes to habsuites and roommates. He's delighted to see Swerve's name next to someone called Whisper. Perhaps they need saving. So Air Raid has taken it upon himself to enlist Vortex so they can maybe go greet this mech they scraped up from Scira finally, and hopefully have some laughs at her expense, etc. No chime at the habsuite door, just the rap of his knuckles.

At first, the knock does not result in an immediate opening of the door. Possibly the current occupant of the room expects that any visitors would be for her garrulous roommate and imagines that if she just sits there and doesn't do anything they'll eventually go away. However, after passing seconds, the door slides open. She stands inside it, one hand planted on the frame of the door. Tall and lean and quiet, she stands with wingspan spread and feet planted, her purple badge emblazoned on her chest.

Vortex was busy. With the lack of anyone leading Combat- okay, yes, Arcee but she hasn't been in charge long enough to do much- and the lack of being able to drink- only six days, ten hours, thirteen minutes and five seconds but WHO'S COUNTING- he hasn't had much to do. So he's filled the time mostly by further preparing himself for the Body Shop, research and practice and what have you. The rotary's servos and arms and legs are a mess of chisel marks, acid burns, scorch marks, cuts, and raised weld marks. Two of his fingers were testing his first attempt at retractable claws but clearly, it didn't go all too well. Thankfully, Air Raid came by to wisk him away to something far more fun! He'd never complain about doing something with Raid- so long as they weren't going to Swerve's.

Bouncing beside Raider, Vortex is humming off-key and excitedly. What were they trying do, what was their goal, was there a plan? Don't know! Let's wing it! Speaking of wings... He eyes up this tall glass of water, rotors fanning. Of course she was taller but a lot of bots were, not too unusual. He elbows Air Raid good-naturedly, albeit roughly. "Hohoho, got ya outnumbered now, ehhh?" He teases, shuttering his visor in a wink up at his fellow Con.

Air Raid maintains his cheeky grin, but only barely. If he didn't care about his rep, he'd openly fawn over that /wingspan/. Primus above! She was striking - at least to Raid. And this catches him off guard. Good thing Vortex is here to make it worse. "Outnumbered? Shut up Vortex," he hisses, then lifts his voice, right in the middle of Vortex elbowing him roughly. "Whisper, is it! I'm... I'm so, so /sorry/," he says in mock sincerity. "For your situation." There's vague gesturing over her shoulder. He's referring to Swerve, surely.

Whisper tilts her head to one side, her visor a bright blaze of yellow as she surveys them both: Autobot, Decepticon. She glances over her shoulder to consider her currently otherwise empty room -- since she has more or less accidentally chased Swerve back to his bar -- and then looks back between them with her head angled slightly in the other direction. She doesn't actually say anything, but stands still and quiet in the doorway.

Vortex snickers as Air Raid talks, rubbing at a burn from a failed Acid Drop Etch attempt. It itches. Or maybe that's just him. Hard to tell anymore. He watches Whisper, that's what Raider called her, and tilts his helm slightly. He doesn't seem to change, in his posture or demeanor, but something clicks in his head. A quiet one. He loves getting the quiet ones to talk. "Aww, Nugget isn't so bad, Raider! So long as he doesn't get underfoot." Short jokes for the bots shorter than him. He will always take advantage. "But hey, being his roommate has gotta have its advantages! Like free booze. Got a favorite engex?" He more or less chirps.

Air Raid smiles tightly when Whisper says nothing at all. He's wondering why his joke didn't work when 'nugget' drifts into his audials. "What th- Why do you call- /Shut up/ Tex!" He swivels back to Whisper, leaning on the opposite side of the door frame. "Got a favorite engex?" he repeats Vortex blatantly. Vortex's itching finally draws enough attention to make Raid look him over in full. "What the hell happened to you?"

The faint furrow wakes across Whisper's brow. She shifts, rolling one of her shoulders in half of a shrug as she glances aside at Vortex, and then back to Air Raid. The shrug is her only response to the query about engex. Either she does not care to discuss her preferences, or she simply has none anymore. Still, she is alert, and attentive to her surroundings, and to her visitors. When Air Raid asks this question, she focuses the brightness of her visored gaze upon Vortex, curiously.

Hmmm... Perhaps personal question were too tetchy for her? Alright, alright... He's got an arsenal to ask. Vortex shrugs, noticing her attention on him. He holds out an arm for the two of them to examine. "Working on some body modification technique- mostly armor manipulation. Scorching, Acid Drop, Chisel, and so on..." The cuts were there for some other reason though. "Hey, Whisper, did you hear about the new Body Shop? Think you might be interested? Torque does amazing paint jobs." From what he's heard.

Air Raid starts to get a little cranky over Whisper's lack of verbal response. /Every/one talks. Social pressure n' all! "Acid drop... Hey, get me in on that, I got a wicked idea for like, a giant dragon on my back. With some missiles." Then, back to the navy enigma, "You should! I mean, you look pretty nice already..."

Whisper looks across at the marks on Vortex's arm, and then glances down at herself. Her paint and finish were fully and medically restored when she came aboard the Lost Light, paid careful and excruciating attention mostly by Mercy and Knock Out, who also gave her back the voice she is not currently using much. Now she is whole and sleek in all the ways that, at least, can be perceived by optics. Her head cants to one side again, and then straightens up with a slight lift of her chin. Proving that she does, in fact, know how to speak, she says: "Thank you. I am all right without cosmetic changes." Her voice is low and there is a smoky rasp in it, but at least it works.

Hah! Look at that, she spoke. Vortex smiles under his mask, stepping a bit closer. "Hey, if it works, don't change it, right?" He chuckles and glances at Air Raid. A giant... Dragon? Well, it's his frame... He bumps his fellow combat mech with his hips, outstretched arm already reaching out to touch Whisper's arm. "So, what'd you do before joining the Lost Light?"

    <FS3> Vortex rolls Touching: Success. (7 1 4 4 3 2 5 6)

Air Raid brightens pretty quickly. He wavers a little when Tex hipbumps him, and resists the urge to bap his head. "Ya' chucklefuck, she's a pit fighter! Er' somethin'. Very badass." As Tex reaches out to touch Whisper, Raid leans back. Just a little. Just in case. "Really though - if Swerve is too much of a pain in the ass, you can probably get switched out."

The rapidity of Whisper's motion as Vortex reaches to make contact is startling. She doesn't so much move to avoid his touch as shift into a stance that suggests she is wholly prepared for it to turn from casual, friendly-to-flirtatious contact into all-out assault. She stops her own hand partway through a reactive gesture that could very well have become an attempted throw and holds herself with absolute stillness, poised in that position, her visor a brilliant blaze of yellow above features set hard and sharp with her startle. Fans roaring to life, they spin up in a rapid beat to cool down that initial stir of action.

My oh my, wasn't she a reactive little thing. Did she not like touch? Just see him as a threat? Any touch as a threat? Vortex considers all of these, pushing down his secondary thoughts as he does so. Old job kinda thoughts. He stops reaching, claws close to her forearm. He tilts his helm the other way, observing everything about her before pulling the hand back. He spreads his finger innocently. "It's alright, we're all friends here. I apologize, I just like... Tactile reconnaissance! But you seem to like your personal space- I know a flyer like that. I'll let you keep it, alright? But if you want to throw me into a wall sometime, let me know." He looks back at Air Raid with a laugh, like nothing happened. "What, you volunteering to be Nugget's roommate for her? That's so nice!" Vortex shifts and has to do a little hop to get his arms around Raid just right. "You're so sweeeeeet, Raider. So thoughtful and Autobot-like." He teases.

"Some gladiator still in her, heh!" Air Raid tries to laugh it off, but his smile fades quickly. He's about to chide Vortex over volunteering for pain when the fraggin' chopper croons about sweetness. This time he does bap his head, or at least try to. "That's- that's /not/ want I'm saying," he snarls, then turns to look apologetic. "Just wanted to say hi, is all! I'm Air Raid. Aerialbot. This is Vortex, Combaticon. If you stick with us we can make sure Swerve doesn't talk ya' to death. Well I mean. We'll /try/." At some point he gives up on trying to dance away from Vortex and just endures the touching.

As Vortex withdraws, Whisper straightens. Her lips press thinner for a moment, revealing an edgy grimace with the slight shake of her head. She shakes loose tension with the twitch of her shoulders, broad wingspan dipping as her chin lifts. Her fingers work loosely as her hands fall to her sides. She tilts her head to Air Raid in a slight inclination. Her gaze seems to flicker between them behind her visor. Even though they've both referred to her by name already, she answers the introduction: "...Whisper," possibly out of the vague sense that this is what's required.

Vortex laughs as his cranes a bit from the bap. That cannot stop him! "Nice to meet ya, Whisper." Hehe, Combaticon and Aerialbot hanging out, he wonders if she can appreciate the sight. "Yep! We'll help. Shame that I can't just carve up his vocalizer- kidding! But speaking of which, something wrong with your vocalizer or are you a show, don't tell kinda bot?" He knows something is up and a bit of probing and watching will help him get his answer. And so, Air Raid makes the mistake of putting up with him and he seizes the opportunity. "Hup!" With another bounce, his arms are locked around Air Raid neck and he swings himself up. "Catch me, Raider!"

"Some mechs just don't like to talk much, Vortex," Air Raid says a little impatiently. Whisper will surely open up later. They'll just have to invite her to drink at some point, is all. That is, if she's not put off by Vortex being a monkey over here. "Stoppit! Hey!" Welp, Vortex is caught, bridal style. Raid totes him easily enough. "I'm sorry," he apologizes to Whisper. "Someone forgot to take the chopper for a walk today and he's full of energy. Say goodbye to Whisper, Tex."

    <FS3> Whisper rolls Chill: Success. (3 3 5 8)

Whisper's jaw sets, and for a moment it seems like it is rage that has lit her gaze behind her visor, tightened the lines of her back and wings. Then some of it trickles out of her, and there's almost a droop to the angle of her wings as she lets that grip of tension release her. Watching their antics, her head ticks down, and she says: "You like to joke, I see. Do not even joke about it. Never take a voice."

Vortex grins under his mask. Not just because Raider caught him- and wasn't dropping him, hehe- but because of the answer he receives. That's all he needed to know. His visor flickers as he shoves thoughts back down- you can't act on them, don't think about them- and he turns to look at Whisper once more. Leaning his helm to rest against Air Raid's chassis, he taps his claws against the Aerialbot's neck as he contemplates his next words. "... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... I'm sorry. I won't again, alright? It was nice meeting you, Whisper." He fixes her with an earnest look before nodding to her and looking back at his ride. "So, we're going for walkies now, are we?" It's funny how energetic antic could disarm someone sometimes. Though, maybe she would have shared without it.

Air Raid shivers a bit. He knows the subtleties of wing movements, if nothing else. But her delivery had all the ice she needed. Vortex's creeptastic antics eventually stir him from his frozen gaze. "Ooookay, g-goodbye Whisper! Yes-walkies-here-we-go." Raid will wait till they round the corner to drop Tex on his ass and kick him around a little. Embarrassing little shit!

Whisper stands in her doorway until they're gone without saying anything. Eventually, she'll probably go back inside.

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