2016-05-07 Everything Is Matter

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Everything Is Matter
Date 2016/05/07
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage
Participants Lieutenant, Penchant
Summary Lieutenant and Penchant try to clear the air a little bit.

There have been some places Lieutenant has been avoiding as of late: Swerve's, Storage, and his shared habsuite. All for different reasons, but Krok did not seem pleased that the avian had been purposely missing his shifts in maintenance. The only reason he came back was to get some supplies for Torque. He had agreed to help bring the stuff to the body shop if Rodimus allowed her to have it. Which the captain did. Still, he was not happy to be back.

Penchant is tucked away between the shelves, sitting on a crate with his feet dangling over the edge and his chin in his hands. He looks glum to say the least. But he brightens immediately when he spots the forest-green of Lieutenant's armor rounding the corner, and hops up to rush and meet him. "Hey, I wondered where you went! How's it going?"

Lieutenant shouldn't be surprised to see Penchant here, but he is. He subtly tenses up at the sound of the neutral's voice and nearly takes a step back upon his approach. After all that had been going on between them, he's not sure what to make of the front.

"Fine." he replies bluntly, keeping his usual expression emotionless as he walks over to the shelves to look for something. "How goes your work with Soundwave?"

Penchant is genuine in his smile. Maybe he's tired of being mopey. "Huh? Oh it's fine," he says dismissively. "I'm a little behind but I've been trying to help with those bombing cases. Though my role in that is mostly complete, I guess." No, he hadn't forgotten that syk secret Lieu had been keeping, but grilling him over that yet again wouldn't serve anyone. As Lieutenant presses on and browses the shelves, Penchant is quick to follow. "What're you looking for? Krok's displeased over your absence."

Even genuine smiles are a front to deceive others, at least in Lieutenant's experience. Probably why he's rarely done it. "Things to move to another area." the avian answers, knowing exactly what he's looking for isn't on any of the shelves he's scanning. He's just dragging this out. Ignoring Penchant's comment about Krok, he tries to turn the conversation back around, "What have you discovered in the case of the bomb?"

Penchant isn't blind to the wall Lieutenant's tossing up. "Just other suspects. Names. Tailgate and Rodimus took it over." He responds with his own clipped answer, unwilling to elaborate on that topic too much. Stopping abruptly, he shifts his gaze off to the side, brows knitting. "What's the matter?"

"Nothing is the matter." Lieutenant tries to pass off, "Well, actually everything is 'matter' except sound, time, thoughts, and you get the idea." Speaking of thoughts, his are silent and blank in case Penchant tries to look in. He does doubt that the neutral would, a little. The avian reaches up to grab a higher up crate full of equipment for detailing. Then he sets it down to make sure everything is inside.

Penchant clearly dislikes beating around the bush. "Are you angry with me? What did I do?" He moves to face Lieutenant proper, frowning up at the tall mech. It's always tempting to peer into minds now. Too tempting. Enough to make Penchant stricter on himself as of late, but Lieu wouldn't know that. There's no probing presently. "Help me out here."

Lieutenant knelt behind the crate, keeping his gaze trained on the contents inside. "You worry me." the avian says quietly. No one else may be present or close enough to be within earshot, but it wasn't the place to talk. So he keeps his words vague. "You being with him so much concerns me, and I am proud for you that he has taken you to be his protege. However, I..." he can't say he's afraid Soundwave is grooming Penchant to be like him or one day use him for his abilities. It might get back to Soundwave and who really knows what they do during those lessons. "I made a stop in your room before coming here and took out the box." And left something else behind. "I do not want you to get in trouble for not reporting me if ever am I caught."

Penchant is abruptly reminded of Soundwave's threat. If Penchant didn't report it, Soundwave would. Penchant may have been hoping Soundwave would forget about it. His shoulders slump, as do his doorwings, and he chews his lip unhappily. Lieutenant's consideration brings even more guilt upon him. "I'm not going to report you. It's... it's your business." Penchant finally looks up, meeting yellow optics. "I understand why you're worried. Anyone would be. Hell I am sometimes. I guess all I can assure you is that I'm careful about things. Or I try to be. You're not... scared of me, are you?"

"Not of you." Lieutenant admits, "perhaps wary, but it is more of your closeness with him than of you, yourself. I know you to have been responsible with your abilities, and I hold respect for you for doing so." Sincerely, the avian does. He would have reached to touch Penchant's shoulder but the mini had a rule about touching so the Autobot remained still.

"Look... I've estranged close friends in the past with this slag. I don't want to do it again. How about I limit my meetings with him. Or... Well, if you don't really feel like you can be at home in the habsuite..." This has Penchant looking particularly morose, "I can stay in the common room more often." His optics swim up again. He really wants to fix this. "I'd never read you without your permission. I swear."

Lieutenant hesitates for a moment, debating whether he should or shouldn't touch Penchant. Gingerly, he places his hand on the neutral's shoulder. If he doesn't agree to it, the avian in ready to take his hand away. Really though, he has trouble fighting himself against wanting to care for Penchant when he looks upset. "It is my home, but I figured we would both benefit from some distance for a while. It is not a large enough room for both of us to be upset in the same space after all." he bites his tongue, reminding himself to stop trying to be humorous. "All I want is for you to be happy, because it upsets me to see you upset. So do as you wish."

"I don't hold some grudge over you going to Soundwave," Penchant feels the need to insist. "You were just worried." Lieutenant's hand on his shoulder doesn't bother him. Seems it's only the head-pats. "I'm fine. Really! You shouldn't stress over me." He pats the side of Lieutenant's arm fondly, looking over at the crate. "I can let you get back to... moving objects from one area to another area. Sounds incredibly fun."

Lieutenant nods in understanding, relieved to hear Penchant's first statement. He did feel that way, but worry seemed to umbrella all of how he felt about the situation. Worry and suspicion. The avian pulls his hand away, "Immensely fun." he agrees sarcastically, as he puts the lid back on. "See you around then?"

"I'm hoping so," Penchant says earnestly, his hand sliding down to grasp Lieutenant's. It gets a solid squeeze before he lets it fall away. His smile returns, however cautious. "You shouldn't skip shifts though. You're gonna' get a demerit or something." The minibot steps back, pulling a clipboard from the crate he was previously perched on. Ah right, work.

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