2016-05-05 Autobot Code Review

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-05-05 Autobot Code Review
Date 2016/05/05
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Observation Deck
Participants Air Raid, Bulkhead, Fulcrum, Gearshift, Ghoul, Grimlock, Pipes, Riptide, Rodimus, Vortex
Summary After some Cons showed off how well they knew the Autobot Code, it was clear that a review session was needed. And not even Grimlock can completely ruin Rodimus's efforts.

A hexagonal room that mimics the shape of the bridge two decks above, the Observation Deck likewise has two rows of windows that look out into the vast dark of space. Seating arranged casually throughout the room can be retracted into the deck or rearranged into rows for solemn ceremonies. If there's a big event, it's going to be held here.

Nothing against Swerve: he makes a mean drink, whatever the truth may be behind the rumors that he waters down his engex. But there is engex, and then there is engex: triple-distilled, older than Alpha Trion, and potent enough to stun a metrotitan. That kind of engex. That's the kind of engex in the dusty, twice-sealed bottle on the desk framed by Rodimus's feet.

There's really no way that was acquired legitimately.

Rodimus is seated at a chair behind the desk while the observation deck has been set up with a few tables which have their own chairs. There's a display behind Rodimus, set against the stars, and he waits for his, ah, class to filter in. At no point does his posture grow more professional. He remains slouched in his chair with his feet on the desk. His eyes are dim. He may be napping.

Pipes wasn't involved in the shenanigans that led to this class being held; he was maximizing his time on Eukaris and getting to know the natives, organic and otherwise. So he doesn't really need to be here, but, it's one of those things, that coming to this class could help him get out of something later. So, he arrives without a hint of shame or remorse about anything, and grabs a chair at one of the tables in the back. Cool bot tables. That's what you get when you show up early. He tries not to disturb the Captain's deep, deep ruminations.

Grimlock does not want to be here.

Both 'On the Lost Light' in general, and very much 'In this Class' in particular. Still, Grimlock manages to make it in early- possibly in an effort to get everything over with. If only he were so lucky. He pauses, however, as he notes the bottle propped on the table. Hnm. Bait? A prize? A bribe?

These are things worth finding out. And so, while Grimlock might be somewhat hard to miss ... he's also big. Big enough that, if he keeps his feet in the same place, and just reeeeeeaches over, perhaps he could neatly pluck the bottle from its place without anyone being the wiser. Not like Rodimus set up a pressure plate sensor beneath it, right?

<FS3> Grimlock rolls Theft: Success. (1 8 4 3 1 4)

Riptide is nervous, made clear by the worried look on his face and the stiff gate he walks with when entering the observation deck. "Oh Primus, this is like the MTO classes all over again.." He chatters nervously and gives his teeth a click. "Do you think there's gonna be a test?" He looks nervously to Air Raid at his side, who he comes in with. He's eager to stay with him, since he's his roommate and the only bot he's that close to in here, so the sharkbot makes sure he grabs a desk right next to the flier's.

Bulkhead would.....well, he would rather be anywhere but here, honestly. He knows why he's been summoned to join this class, he knows that he's fragged up when it came to representing the Autobot cause (even if it was a drinking game) but. Still. He does arrive in time to see Grimlock's little stunt and as he hustles to find a seat - near the back, like hell is he gonna sit near the front where he has to deal with any sort of disapproving looks sent his way - Bulk hides his snickers behind a big servo.

It's true: Rodimus has no sensor beneath the bottle, and he seems oblivious to the theft. There's not so much as a flicker of light. Grimlock thieves it quite nicely off the desk.

Blah blah blah, something about Rodimus teaching something that Magnus normally would, blah blah observation deck. Ghoul really didn't listen to everything said, he just decided to come because he wants to see the Captain teach. A lot of Autobots and only one Decepticon. Maybe he missed the memo, but again, he wasn't really paying attention. He walked up after Grimlock stole the bottle on the table. Beat him too it by a few seconds. Daringly, he pokes repeatedly at Rodimus' foot. "Hey, hey, you home in there?"

Air Raid is oblivious to the reasoning that prompted this class, but at least Grimlock isn't teaching it, so that's good. "Relax, so what if you fail!" Riptide's shoulder gets a hearty shake as Raid moves to sit beside him. "Tests don't mean anything anyway. I mean, look how I turned out!" He flashes a winning smile at the sharkybot. "...I think Rodimus is sleeping. Hah."

The nice thing about having big hands? It allows palm big things. Like, say, pricey engex bottles. While hardly a street magician or a pickpocket, Grimlock more-or-less uses his movement of sitting down to conceal sliding the engex into a compartment on his leg with a little *clink!* This done, Grimlock tilts his head at Ghoul, not recognizing the 'con- but then again, it's hard to keep track of the annoying bastards when you're not allowed to shoot them on sight. Pity. Ghoul at least gets points for poking Rodimus when he's asleep, so there's that.

Vortex is in a piss poor mood. He shouldn't be. He really shouldn't be. He's been freshly buffed and polished, his new visor was pristine, and his rotors are all sharp and shiny. Not to mention how he's done the same maintenance on his claws and teeth too. All of this to try and distract himself from his own attitude. It didn't work. But when he heard about that 'mandatory' learning session, well... What better way to entertain one's self during their suffering than to have some good old fashion fun? Let's get to needling then, shall we?

The rotary strolls into the, er, classroom with an off-tune hum and a spring in his step. Nothing wrong here. Not pissed at everyone for no reason. NOPE. But, augh... Grimlock was here... He hates his division leader. Can't wait to rile him up.

"Raider!" Vortex calls rather cheerily- and obnoxiously loudly as he channels his inner Brawl- as he bounces over, glinting in the light. "Didn't know you'd need a refresher course! Hey, whos's this?" He gestures to Riptide.

"Huh? What?!" Rodimus twitches at the poke to his foot. His feet sweep across the desk in a way that would've been very dangerous for the bottle, if it were still there, as he drops his feet and sits up. The weapons on his arms flicker as he aborts their activation. His gaze snaps into focus on Ghoul without recognition; a moment later, he glances at the gathered class past him. "Ah -- right." He bounces to his feet and steps forward. "Okay! Right! Autobot Code Review."

"I'm going to divide you into two teams, ask you some questions, and the winning team wins a prize," Rodimus says with an enthusiasm that has to be faked. His grin is brilliant. "Some of you were on Earth. You may be familiar with a lil Earth saying: carrot--" He gestures open-handed at the empty table . "--and stick." With his other, he gestures back at the screen. A list of Ultra Magnus's Autobot Code class times rolls down the screen. It's a fair threat. His prize, however, is lacking something.

This doesn't sound good. Bulkhead scrunches his nose at Rod's little announcement, but, again, he's distracted by Grimlock, and this time his laugh is loud and booms throughout the deck. "Where's the carrot?" he asks, once he's controlled himself. As if he doesn't know. As if he didn't see where the 'carrot' disappeared to.

"Shhh!" Air Raid flails a little. Vortex is embarrassing. "He's in our division you dumbass! Riptide. He turns into a shark. No wait sorry, a boat." When Rodimus finally stirs to give an intro, Raid perks up in his chair, then quirks a brow. "I don't get it," he asides to his table-mates. "Yeah where's the carrot!" he lifts his voice with Bulkhead.

Pipes observes most of Grimlock's legerdemain from way in the back, but doesn't see where the bottle went. His dinoboss is braver than he himself would be. He also wonders if it's a good idea to flagrantly violate the Autobot Code in a class about the Autobot Code.

Wait, what? Pipes thought this would have gotten him out of something, not risk him getting thrown into something! He thinks about slinking back out, but if he's caught he'll probably get the stick, so he stays put. The lack of "carrot" is bound to turn out worse for them, somehow; he puts his head in his hands. Shoulda stuck with reorganizing his collection today.

"All that fancy book stuff, we've got our own smarts." At least until Vortex comes along, all shiny and done up. The rotary gets a curious look from Ripper, but in the spirit of being nice he greets him with a toothy smile and a gesture of his hand up with palm out in. "Hey there. I'm Rip-- Ah yeah, what he said." Air Raid cuts him off and does the introductions, forcing the mech to lower his hand and twiddle his thumbs. Then Rodimus starts the class, to which Riptide gets a troubled look and raises his hand up high. "Can I win something other than a carrot? I don't think I can even eat that."

Ghoul is satisfied and walks over to the far back of the room. He'd consider sitting next to Vortex who happens to be the only other 'con in the room. However he's labeled as a traitor for being brainwashed into being buds with an Autobot it looks like. An Arialbot no less. Someone drank from the Koolaid.

"I think he means Car rot." Ghoul replies aloud, because cars do rot. Because they suck.

"No one." Rodimus aims a glower at Grimlock that doesn't have time to get up to heat before his attention is redirected at the table. His face falls. Next his spoiler droops, too. Where did his carrot go. "It's -- it's a metaphor," he says rather than stop and go 'okay, who stole my carrot'. "Yeah. Definitely -- a metaphor. For, uh, freedom. From Ultra Magnus's classes." He looks across his gathered class hopefully. They believe him, right?

Riptide quietly gives a little 'yesss' and a small fistpump at that promise. Free pass from Ultra Magnus class, hell yeah.

Grimlock doesn't look 'innocent' so much as 'about as generally guilty as he usually does.' It pays to have such an impassive faceplate (and impressive reputation) sometimes. It's not that Grimlock HASN'T done something wrong, it's just a matter of figuring out just what that is at any given moment. "Get on with it." Grimlock rumbles, and then takes a look over his shoulder at his 'classmates.' Hm. "I pick Pipes for my team." Grimlock says, pointing at the little blue guy. He's always going on about useless trivia, right? Because obviously teams are decided by playground rules, and obviously Grimlock gets to be winning team captain.

Vortex shrugs. He doesn't show up to division meetings often. He doesn't need to. "Nice to meet ya, Riptide- whoa! I love your teeth. Let's talk about all that sometime soon, yeah?" Shooting Riptide a finger gun, taking a seat. By Air Raid but behind Grimlock. Let's throw things at his head. Soon, not right now.

Leaning back onto two legs, he starts to hum again. But loudly and very, very off-tune. "That's a terrible carrot. You're not doing this right!" He calls out. Then back to humming terribly. He ignores Grimlock, its pretty easy.

Wow. Bulk feels neglected. But hey, he did just get here. "So that's the prize?" Bulkhead says, relying on this train of thought. "Not gettin' lessons with Mags? That's it?" To everyone else, that's probably the epitome of the word 'prize'. But to Bulk? He worked with UM for a while, when he was in the Wreckers. He's used to the lessons, and the lectures. He could live through another.

"Don't care which team I'm on," he adds to his general statements. He wishes he had something to throw at Tex himself. Primus, the mech is not good at humming.

"Sorry, Grimlock," Rodimus says in that really not sorry kind of way, "but teams will be divided alphabetically to be fair. Air Raid, Bulkhead, Grimlock, Ghoul--" He breaks off, making a dividing gesture toward the tables to the left. "--and Pipes, Riptide, Vortex, and anyone who comes late." He gestures at the right. Dropping his hand to brace a lean on the table, he glances at Vortex. "You're welcome to leave and attend Ultra Magnus's lessons, instead."

Pipes really doesn't mind which team he's on - being picked by Grimlock does feel good, to be honest - but the alphabetical system seems fair enough. Wait. "Hey, there's only three of us versus four of them!"

Grimlock grunts disapprovingly as Rodimus ruins Grimlock's hand-picked victory trivia team. Hnf. And as the teams are made, Grimlock stands, and then tromps over to one side of the room, where he waves the others to gather in- and he also starts to shove chairs around in a manner vaguely reminiscent of a barricade. "Wait. Who's Ghoul?" Grimlock can't help but ask, and then finally turns to peeeeeer down at the jet-con. Hnf.

Air Raid folds his arms and huffs quietly. Metaphorical carrots suck. "Okay who wants to be on the WINNING TE-" Oh, alphabetical. He clenches the edge of his desk as his teammates are listed. Please Pipes please. "NO! Argh!" The desk gets a thump. As Grimlock shifts things around into create a barrier, Raid remarks, "They're not going to /attack/ us sir."

Ghoul is still going to go with his 'car rot' theory, but a pass from the big bad blue's class is nice too. He grumbles when he's assigned to an ALL AUTOBOT team. This is the worst. He could always phase out of the room and literally drop out of the class, but he was mentioned by name so guess who's stuck here? "Me, you fragging gear grinding cog muncher." The jet spats at the dinobot as he marches his way over to a mech more than twice his size.

"Believe me, Pipes: based on what I've seen lately, you have the advantage," Rodimus says. No offense ... everyone. He pulls out a datapad to review it as he waits for the teams to settle.

Vortex grins beneath his mask, unseen, and spreads his fingers. "And miss all this fun? I'll have to pass, Cap." He chuckles and glances at Pipes. "Yeah, but they got Grimlock, Short Stack. That's like negative two bots. And you got me. Trust me, this is easy. I know the code while drunk, sober won't be hard either." SOBER. Speaking of sober, hmph... His vents cycle almost silently as he cocks his helm, watching Grimlock. Yeah, they were gonna win.

"Hah! Cog muncher, how colorful. Hey Raider! Sorry about sendin' you to Magnus! You know it comes from a place of love." It did not sound like it but Vortex does shutter his visor in a wink, relaxing in his chair. This was going to be easy.

Air Raid drags his ass over to Grimlock's fortress, "Shaddap!"

Pipes carefully surveys the opposing team, deciding whether Rodimus is right or not. At least on his own team, Vortex seems confident. "No offense, Tex, but how do you know so much about the Autobot Code?" He's not pointing at the badge, honest.

Alphabetical. Huh. Bulkhead is making his way over to where Grimlock has created a -- barrier? Who knows with the Dinobot, when he hears Rodimus' comment. "Not cool, Rod!" he tosses over his shoulder. Especially since his captain didn't even answer his question! But whatever, there's a bunch of bots here and they've all been shouting random scrap at Rodimus. He decides he can't let it upset him. Instead, Bulk zeroes in on the one 'Con in their group.

"Best not ta provoke him," he says, amused, to the jet. As if that wouldn't be the most amusing thing to happen in this class, Grim smashing some random 'Con.

"Of course they won't. We've got the defensive advantage, and then I would crush them all." Grimlock rumbles at Air Raid. That ... may have been a joke. Maybe? Hopefully?

And then Ghoul is piping up like the proverbial Cyber-Chihuahua, prompting Grimlock to just *LOOOM* over the smaller 'bot. "I've eaten bigger 'cons than you." He says- less as a threat, more of a plain statement of fact.

Wait. What? Someone is interested in him? Riptide glances back to Vortex when he speaks of his teeth, the mech blinking and stiffening in surprise as those fingerguns make him blush a little. "Really? Well uh.. O-Okay."

He isn't pleased with the outcome of the team division, giving Air Raid one of those sulking looks. "Aw, dude! Laaame." Come back brooo! But at least he gets the guy who complimented his teeth and the badass space surfer Pipes. With a noisey scoot of his chair over to their side, the boat bot is already smiling again when he see the minibot. "Pipes! How's Rocky?" He's pretending he doesn't hear Ghoul just insult Grimlock. That's too horrifying to even think about.

"And I've taken hit by bots better than you!" Ghoul retorts pointing to the discoloration in his face, not listening to Bulkhead's wise advice. Sure they were here for trivia but the jet is more interested in shouting at Grimlock. Old habits die hard.

"Prove me wrong, Bulkhead!" Rodimus calls back with a grin. "Didn't do so well last time!"

Waving his datapod overhead, Rodimus says, "Okay! Autobot code! Unlike some on this ship--" He points at Ultra Magnus's looming schedule. STICK. "--I don't expect you to actually know every single article, section, and paragraph. I do expect you to live by this so long as you are on board this ship. So let's start easy: each team come up with your best ten word summary of the Autobot code."

Air Raid decides it's safer to laugh at what /might/ be a Grimlock joke than to not laugh. "Heh..." As Grimlock and Ghoul clash, Raid just... slides on over to Bulkhead. "Okay. Ten words. Look if we can make it so it somehow praises Rodimus I think we can swing this."

Vortex chuckles and leans in close to Pipes. "You'd be surprised how easy an Autobot breaks when you quite their own Code as you, hmmm... Convince them to talk." His rotors seem to wiggle to drive the point home before sitting up.

Vortex goes back to watching the other team. Mostly Grimlock. Wonder if he can get him in trouble.... Ghoul seemed to be ahead of him though. He looks at Pipes and Riptide as their first challenge is submitted.

"Ten words... Alright, let's keep our voices down... Freedom, fairness, protecting those weaker, blah blah... What do you two think? And do you think we can fit 'Til All Are One'?" He speaks quietly, only for Team Awesome to hear.

"Uh." Okay, there is a reason Bulkhead is in this class. He glances down at Air Raid. A ten-word summary? Yeah, he can do that. "Aright, let's see...don't murder anybody, be nice ta organics, treat prisoners well..." That's...close? Ish? "Somethin' about warfare..." Yeah he is not doing so well at this. Bulkhead doesn't want to acknowledge how hard he's failing, so he gives a sheepish smile at Air Raid. "What've you got?"

"Define 'better.'"

And then, faster than any multi-tonned mech should be able to move, Grimlock's arm *BLURS* into movement, lashing out at Ghoul in a savage, merciless backhand! It's a disturbingly casual motion for Grimlock, as if he were merely brushing off a mere insect.

And then, no sooner has he done this, Grimlock fixes Rodimus with a stare. "Defend the weak. Stop the Decepticons. At any cost." He pauses for a moment. "Huh. That's nine."

<FS3> Grimlock rolls Unarmed: Great Success. (3 5 4 1 7 5 2 8 7 6 4 6 8 6 8)

"Rocky's good! Is it your turn with him yet?" he answers Riptide. Remembering meteor surfing, a momentary relief from the pressure. Pipes is himself convinced by Vortex's explanation. "OK then." He listens to the suggestions and tries hard to remember what Ultra Magnus might have said. He murmurs to Team Awesome, "Uh, morality, liberty, equality ..." he counts on his fingers.

<FS3> Ghoul rolls Density Shift: Good Success. (2 5 4 3 3 3 8 5 3 1 2 8 2)

Ghoul had steadily been increasing his density in case Grimlock hits him. Which he did. Had he not, the jet might have gone flying, but he only reels back a couple steps. "AHEMAmateurAHEM" he coughs before rejoining his team. "Aren't you all Autobots, shouldn't this be easy for you guys?"

Riptide sulks pathetically as the challenge is called, his shoulders drooping while turning around to his 'classmates'. "Mech, I can't even give you five words about the code. I kinda.. fell asleep during that portion of training." He looks down at his hands, index fingers poking together. Thankfully Pipes speaks up, getting a little smile out of the mech. "Tomorrow, actually. I'll be by on my break." Looking back to Vortex, Riptide rubs the back of his neck and huffs defeatedly. "Freedom is the right of everyone? Or something?" He doesn't know what sentient means.

"That's good!" Air Raid praises Bulkhead, then pauses to think. "Maybe something about being friendly and helpful? Considerate and caring? Probably something that touches on making sure we don't pull what the Senate pulled again." Then there's Grimlock backhanding, or attempting to backhand. Raid leans his cheek into his palm, eyeing Ghoul with some surprise as he rejoins them.

Vortex doesn't even look over as Grimlock and his team do their thing. Honestly, violence was nothing new or shocking. Or, well, kinda violence. He's just going to make sure they win. He taps the chin of his facemask, nodding at Pipes. Good.

"How about... 'Freedom, equality, and protection for all. Til all are one'? Eh? You wanna say it, Riptide? You got that winning smile that'll clench it." Look at them teeth. So fabulous...

The ease in Rodimus's manner chills and breaks with a snap. He straightens and stares at Grimlock -- first in disbelief, then in anger. He steps forward, nose to -- uh, chest. Okay, never mind. He stops a few feet back, because if he stepped right up next to Grimlock, he couldn't actually be able to meet his gaze. PROBLEMS OPTIMUS NEVER HAD. "No, no, and no. You wanna tell me where it says 'hit your subordinates'?" All of these other very good answers go ignored as he deals with the very bad answer.

Okay Raid is just being nice and Bulkhead knows it but he still grins in response. It's a nice change from what Rodimus had thrown at him, which he had, purposefully, ignored. "Yeah, yeah, all that, we just gotta trim it down--" And find someone to say it and then, whoops, his thought process is interrupted by Grimlock backhanding the 'Con on their team. Well, he'd tried to warn the jet. "This ain't gonna go well," Bulk murmurs, mostly to himself, as Rodimus stalks over. Looks like their team's already lost. He feels bad for the other bots - yes, even Grim and Ghoul, who've kind of brought this on themselves. Lessons with Mags ain't fun.

Pipes gives the thumbs-up to his co-rock-parent, then nods emphatically at Vortex. "That's really good," he hiss-whispers.

Crap. No. Not him. Putting Riptide in front of a crowd and making a speech, even if it's ten words, is a very daunting thought. One that has the mech looking at Vortex like a deer in the headlights, big yellow optics wide and unsure. "I uh.. uh.." He bites his lip. "S-Sure, okay.." He can't say no.

Head lifting, Riptide raises his hand rather emphatically, even giving it a little wave before he stands up, fingers laced and thumbs tapping together. Even with the chaos happening on the other team, he drives forward. "Uh.. I think we have an answer. Freedom, equality, and protection for all. Til all are one." A few seconds of awkward silence pass. OH RIGHT! Riptide quickly forces a big, toothy smile to punctuate.

Grimlock flexes his hand a moment as Ghoul proves to be entirely too solid than a 'con his size should be. Hn. Next time he'll just have to hit him harder. Thankfully for Ghoul, Grimlock is in turn distracted by Rodimus. There's the faintest of arching in Grimlock's visor- what passes for amusement on his otherwise featureless face. First, free booze, then, he got to hit somebody, and THEN, he got to piss off Rodimus. This class just keeps getting better!

"He had it coming." Grimlock notes, matter-of-fact-ly. "Maybe he learned something." And if he didn't, well ... Grimlock is nothing if not a thorough teacher.

Ghoul looks up at Grimlock, making sure Rodimus can't see, then sticks his tongue out with a grin at the dino. Listen to your captain, dumb dino, you can't go beating up on the little guys. Oh and some dork with a bunch of cool teeth said something. He wasn't paying attention.

Vortex's rotors give a spin. Yes, that was all very clever, wasn't it? He reaches out and puts a servo on Riptide's arm, giving him a pat before starting to trace a claw down a seam rather nonchalantly. "Good job..." He tells him, reaching up with his other servo. Rodimus isn't looking at him, but he is looking right at Grimlock. He then rubs a spot on his helm with his middle finger. Don't mind him, just scratching an itch. Suck it, their answer rocks.

Rodimus points at Ghoul without once looking away from Grimlock. "Scrap like that is what makes Soundwave think it's okay to go after Drift, to go after neutrals. We're better than this. All of us. You're dismissed, and your command suspended until we've discussed this." Please no one point out any hypocrisy.

Air Raid lets his jaw hang open. He wasn't really sure how this would resolve but he really hadn't expected boss dino to get dealt /that/ hand. Huh. He looks between Bulkhead and Ghoul and awkwardly clears his vocalizer. "Uhm. Okay so, have anything to add, Ghoul? We should just layer on more adjectives."

Pipes had been concentrating too much on the question to notice what was going on with team Not-Awesome. Now that Riptide delivered their excellent answer - he clapped for it - he's shocked at what Rodimus just did. He suddenly wishes his team had their own barricade, but otherwise just watches.


Grimlock laughs, derisively. And ... he's not leaving. Not yet. "Don't blame this on -ME,- Rodimus." And he *PRODS* the captain in his flamey chest with one finger. "You know why the Decepticons make trouble? Because YOU LET THEM. Thousands, millions of years of war, of torture, of conquest, and you think that they're going to change their ways because of your 'inspirational leadership?' Give me a break. I didn't sign on for this fiasco like the rest of these maniacs-- I'm stuck here. But while I'm here, I'm going to DO MY JOB. You -NEED- me, Rodimus. Because without 'bots like me around, something would have killed each and every 'bot on this ship, ages ago."

Grim takes a step back, and waves his hand across the room. "This? This is a -JOKE-. I don't need a textbook to tell me what's RIGHT. Anyone who does is too cowardly or weak to decide for themselves."

Fulcrum peeks his head around the doorway of the observation deck. It's all adorably tentative, and naturally, he leads with his chin. There is, after all, nothing more exciting than the Autobot code. The mild (mild) amusement in his expression is proof of his solemn interest, an amusement that mutes a bit as Grimlock speaks.

Riptide just kind of stares the way of Rodimus and the other team. "Did he hear me..?" He asks quietly to his teammates, a little disheartened. Pipes' clap helps boost his confidence back up, though, as does Vortex's pat. The snake of a claw along his arm gets a more flustered reaction, however, the poor bot grinning nervously as he flushes and rubs the spot he touched. "Er, thanks guys.."

And then the mother of all things happens as Rodimus and Grimlock get into a fight. Riptide promptly sits back down without fuss at this, not wanting to get involved, nope.

Oooooooh! That was too good! It had to be a dream. Grimlock was just laying it down on Rodimus, telling him exactly what's the deal. If he were a Decepticon, Ghoul might have respected him just slightly. "Oh er," he says, answering Air Raid's question, "I dunno, maybe 'slagging' I mean that's an adjective, right?"

Oh. Well. While Bulkhead couldn't say he exactly disagreed with Grimlock...he wasn't about to air it in front of their Captain, who was doing his best to bring all three factions together (Neuts were kind of a faction, right? Something like that). Still, Bulk gives a strangled snort that comes out a lot like a cough at Grimlock's rebuttal, and decides to focus on what Raid and the 'Con are saying.

"Not exactly one Mags'll appreciate," he responds to what Ghoul says. His tone only just borders on friendly.

Vortex barks a laught. Suspended??? This terrible day became great! The rotary gets to his pedes, ready for something to happen. "Whoa there, lizard breath! Don't forget who's top dog here. Rodimus. The Captain. I'd step back if I were you. You should know your place by now, really." Him? Goading?? Never. His rotors give a quick spin. He's on Rodimus's side here. For many reasons.

Rodimus rocks back on his heels when Grimlock prods and pushes at his chest -- and then digs his heels in. He doesn't step back. He pushes against the nudge, leaning forward. He looks briefly flustered when Grimlock talks so derisively about his inspirational leadership, but the flash of heat that draws to his features fades into determination. "They will change, Grimlock. So will we."

Rodimus turns, briefly considering the rest of the class. Awkward. Then he looks back at Grimlock. "Not because of me -- but because if we don't, we die. We nearly killed ourselves already with this--" This. Present tense. Some things are harder to shake than others. "--war. This is our second chance. This is Cybertron's second chance. Attitudes like that are the last thing we need. That's something else that will have to change. Leave, or I'll have you removed."

Air Raid shoots a surprisingly icy look to goading Vortex, "You really wanna' see who they dredge up for our combat leader substitute? Could end up with like fifty more laps around the ship!" He goes quiet when Rodimus retorts. Gosh, it's a lot to think about. He nudges Bulkhead's middle, whispering, "Quick write all that down, we could use that."

Grimlock , for a moment, looks past Rodimus, towards the others in the room, appraisingly. The phrase 'and what army' might come to mind. But thankfully, Grimlock finally gives a shrug, taking a step back. "Fine. Didn't want to come to this class in the first place."

And then, Grimlock turns on a boot and stomps out of the room. Still, as the door closes ... was that the sound of Grimlock laughing?

Pipes spots Fulcrum peeking in. On the one hand, he wants to rope him in to his team - that's what the Captain said, latecomers over here! On the other hand, seeing as how the situation with Grimlock is deteriorating, he wants to encourage the Scavenger to flee, quickly. But then it's all over. He leans to his team-mates and whispers, "Does that mean we win?"

Fulcrum had been occupied rubbing his chin when Rodimus asserted "They" (such as he) "will change," but he ducks back from the door as Grimlock approaches, passes. For that moment, at least, he does his best to blend into the walls.

Bulkhead, being part of Combat, does not want to think about who they could bring in as a substitute for Grimlock. Mostly because he likes the way the Dinobot runs things, whoops. And even though Grimlock has stormed out, leaving this team activity in shambles, Bulk is automatically pulling an empty tablet out of his 'space at Raid's suggestion - he always has one handy, in case some formula or design crops up in his processor. Once he has it in his servo, though, he stops and says back to the flier, quietly, "I ain't sure the contest is still on, at this point. After that." Bulk is sure he doesn't have to explain what he means by that.

If that's the dino laughing... Ghoul is going to have nightmares of that. It's creepy. Laughter is scary, especially from mechs he's provoked. He may or may not slowly trying to cower behind Air Raid. "Stupid dino." he hisses.

Vortex's rotors freeze as Grimlock... leaves. Well, he was hoping for a fight that he didn't initiate. "Whatever, get out of here, moron!" He snaps under his breath. Hmph... With the following silence, he jumps onto the table and points to Rodimus. "We gave our answer and it was perfect! So we better win after that! I mean, what a shameless display... You did the right thing, Captain... So now declare us winner to seal the deal there." His weapons were buzzing. He was really hoping Grimlock would have snapped. Oh well, another time.

That laughter has Rodimus's hands curling to fists at his side. His spoiler quivers with the twitch of anger. After a moment, he turns to Ghoul: "Sorry about Grimlock. It'll be dealt with." Then he pivots, stalking back to his desk. He suppresses his Prowlish urges and turns back. He glances from Team A to Team B, and gestures with a curt wave. "Yeah, sorry, I missed your completely fantastic answers because of that absolutely awful answer. Let's hear it again."

Air Raid stares rigidly at nothing, seemingly annoyed. "Did you /have/ to do that?" he finally snaps at Ghoul, turning twice to properly face the cowering 'con. "Well, I got nothin'. Fulcrum! Join our team. We're down one. As you saw."

Fulcrum peeks back around the door, and makes a show of confidence walking into the room. "Oh," he says. "I'd be so very honored to help learn about the Autobot code, if you'll have me."

"Yeah but we get another con, I call that a win." Ghoul whispers back in an equally sharp tone. "You're welcome."

Oh jeez, that wasn't really how Riptide was hoping this class would go. True, the other team is down a member, but now his boss is maybe possibly mad and he can only hope it doesn't come back around to him. Staring at the door as Grimlock leaves, Riptide only comes back to reality again when Rodimus asks for the speech again. "Huh? What? OH! Right right." He's actually looking more enthusiastic about saying it again since he apparently did so well before. "Ahem.." Mouth opens. Pause. ...Shit, what was it that he'd said?

If robots could sweat his would be bullets right now as a panicked look crosses his face, racking his small brain to remember the words. Work backwards Riptide. He smiled and.. "OH OH, GOT IT!" The thought explodes back into his mind and he puts a hand on his hip while the other points in a triumphant manner while repeating, "Freedom, equality, and protection for all. Til all are one!" Aaand SMILE!

Bulkhead could respond with, of course the 'Con had to do that, he's a 'Con, what did you expect? But instead he gently prods Raid back and says, "Think the other team gets any newcomers, if I remember right. And I'm pretty sure they already won." Riptide's ten-word synopsis was perfect. He even, as far as Bulkhead knows with regards to Rodimus, included the Captain's favorite phrase, in such a cute way too. Why wasn't he on their team?

Pipes decides to ignore Vortex's mockery of Grimlock, in no small part because Grimlock pretty much brought it on himself, the lovable lug. It's with bated breath that he waits as Riptide pulls off another recitation of their well-thought out and excellent answer. He hops up in victory with a "Yes!" and gives the boatbot a friendly slap on the shoulder (he was hopping, so he could reach).

When Fulcrum comes in, Pipes objects to Air Raid trying to snag Fulcrum. Sorry, buddy, the stakes are pretty high here. "Bulkhead's right, the Captain said we get anyone who shows up late!" He points at Bulkhead, and Fulcrum, and Rodimus, and to the floor over by him.

Despite the tension lingering in his cables, Rodimus can't help but meet Riptide's smile with a slow grin. Probably because of his favorite words. "You guys clearly used your extra time well. That's a good answer." He nods Fulcrum over to the OBVIOUSLY WINNING team and then looks back at the Grimlock-less side. "So, what'd you guys come up with?"

Air Raid endures the prodding with a little sheepish laugh, and turns to look over at Riptide's endearing answer. Aw. He nailed the smile. When Pipes snags Fulcrum, he waves the minibot off. "Yeah yeah." Now he's just going stand there and try not to dwell on the fact that Grimlock thought they were a /joke/. "H-huh? Oh, Bulkhead," he thump-thumps Bulkhead's side again. "Tell him."

Vortex looks down at Riptide and claps for him this time, like Pipes did before. "Couldn't have said it any better myself." Which he did. He came up with that. And suddenly there's a flash of those teeth. Ooooooh... Oh wow... He wants to touch all of them and their beautiful points. Beautiful... The rotary sits himself on the table, looking expectantly at the other team. Just try and beat them.

Fulcrum spreads his hands and follows directions. "The air's all exciting. Er, right, 'til all are one. I love unity. It's great."

Oh scrap, they're really asking him? Bulkhead is good at fighting, and math, not words! "Oh, right," he says, as if he has any clue what he's doing. "Don't hurt organics, don't kill anyone, freedom for all beings." Yeah that wasn't nearly as good, but how was he supposed to follow an answer that included 'til all are one'? Bulkhead makes a sort of sheepish grimace down at Raid. You put him on the spot, and he tried, oh boy did he try.

"Is that it though?" Ghoul asks tilting his head at his teammates. "I thought it was 'Till All Are One, and Freedom is the right of all Sentient Beings... Peace.' Something sugary and scrap."

Riptide looks pleased as punch to hear from the captain himself that he did a good job. If that smile could grow and wider it could. Which it does just a bit. "Awesome!" Sitting back down, he drinks up the approval of his teammates and rubs the back of his neck. "Gosh, thanks guys. For a second I thought I forgot it, ha ha." Yes, laugh, play off that you truly did forget it Riptide. "I bet you guys can't come up with anything half as good!" The sharkbot, getting quite the ego boost from that, grins to the other team.

"Not bad, but I'm giving the point to Team B." Rodimus flags his hand in the direction of Pipes, etc. How wisely they picked their words. "So that's a good start, but let's get into it a little more. First team to come up with a citation when I ask for it gets another point! First up: where in the Autobot Code is our commitment to freedom actually put into words?"

<FS3> Vortex rolls Info Gathering: Great Success. (1 7 8 3 6 7 7 7 4 6 3)

<FS3> Air_Raid rolls Mind+mind: Good Success. (6 8 7 7)

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Mind+mind: Failure. (4 5 5 3)

<FS3> Pipes rolls Mind+Mind: Failure. (5 2 6 5)

<FS3> Fulcrum rolls Mind+mind: Good Success. (1 7 7 6 3 3)

<FS3> Riptide rolls Mind+mind: Good Success. (2 6 8 7)

<FS3> Ghoul rolls Mind+mind: Failure. (4 4 2 2)

Fulcrum has at this point fully waded over to Pipes's side and immediately endeavors to be helpful. "First page, right?" he asks, low. He's super-studied it, of course.

Oh no. Bulkhead screwed that up, but, AGAIN, how was he supposed to follow an answer that included the Captain's favorite words without obviously copying? Then the next challenge comes and, scrap, SCRAP. "Aright, I'm gonna admit right now, I don't got a fraggin' clue," he says, servoes up. Again, he feels bad for his team. He can handle a Mags lecture, but he's got no idea if these two can.

Ghoul frowns at Rodimus. "Um, I'm a fragging 'con," in case the other two on his team didn't notice. "How do you expect a DECEPTICON to know this? You think we read that sort of thing?" Seriously that was an unfair question, purposely targeted for 'bots only.

Pipes 's optics go wide. "I don't know," it dawns on him. He should know this, he's only been an Autobot for a few million years. He looks at Fulcrum when he proposes an answer. "Maybe? Oh boy." He looks around the rest of the team.

Now he has to remember where in the ENORMOUS code book that one line is? Oh no. Think Riptide, think.. Thinking hurts, but dammit, he's gonna try. Closing his optics, the boat mech rubs at his temples. The words are murky, like he heard them in a dream. ..Which he actually did since he was asleep. Only when something hazy surfaces does he think he have it, looking unsure while leaning over to mutter to his team. Vortex can answer this.

Vortex stretches, his cords and armor shifting and relaxing. He's making a show of just how easy this is. He taps his chin with a 'hmmmm' before leaning forward. "No, not precise enough. I mean, yes page one... But Article One, sub-section five would be more precise." He surveys his other teammates. "... I quoted it a lot to prisoners, alright? Trust me." He perks up, looking over as he heard an aggravated voice. "This Decepticon does, trooper! Just try being smarter."

"Good job Bulkhead," Air Raid's going to continue to praise no matter how much their team sucks. "Oh I know this! ...I know because the pages around it were like, mauled or something. I dunno' someone put an enercoffee on it. I don't know why I had a book version though. Wait nevermind I'm thinking of something else." He slumps. "Wow, we're really not good at this. It was like forever okay, okay!" He stares unbelieving at Vortex. Sunnuva!

All this review was showing Gearshift was that she hadn't remembered the autobot code for a long, long time. She came to the review late, searching frantically for a group to join or someone she could study with.

"You may be a Decepticon, but on this ship, we all abide by the Autobot code. That was part of the terms of you joining," Rodimus tells Ghoul, flat with an almost-exasperation. He waves at Gearshift as she enters, and then points at Air Raid, etc. "Have a seat with them," he calls to her. "They need the help."

When Vortex answers, Rodimus nods at the second table, holding up two fingers to point at Table B, and makes a zero of his hand to hold in the direction of Table A. "Okay, let's make this personal. Air Raid? Fulcrum?" He looks between them, gesturing for each to stand. "How about equality?"

<FS3> Fulcrum rolls Mind+mind: Success. (4 8 1 1 3 2)

<FS3> Air_Raid rolls Mind+mind: Success. (7 3 5 1)

"Hey! Show Off!" Ghoul snaps at Vortex, "Not all 'cons got the fragging education package you did!" The jet crosses his arms across his chest and fumes before saying anything else. Vortex is a Decepticon therefore he gets the privilege of not getting an insult, yet.

Gearshift quickly joined the group to which she was assigned, looking around at the larger mechs and feeling a little better. At least her group was good looking, she joked to herself.

Fulcrum doesn't quite allow himself an uh, before hurrying on with, "All of us are equal in the sight of the--" Oops, hesitation. "--Matrix? Also, organics. Equally equal. We, and everyone, are equally equal."

Air Raid stands uneasily. He lost the point of the question. "Wait- Yes, equality is a good idea!" he blurts. "...Oh like, what page?" He fidgets, then tries to steal Fulcrum's answer. "All sentient beings are equal!"

Pipes claps over-enthusiastically for Fulcrum, specifically because he himself probably wouldn't know the answer. "Yeah!" he semi-yells again. Survey says?

"Psh, lucky guess." Riptide huffs from their side.

Rodimus wobbles his hands as he tries to decide where to award that point, then flicks up one for each: one to three. "Yeah, okay. Go ahead and sit back down. Bulkhead, Pipes, you're up: how do you reconcile protect everyone with no killing anyone?"

Oh, no, AGAIN. Bulkhead kind of side eyes Gearshift, if she starts crying he will leave he doesn't care -- then Raid gives his answer. It's not perfect but hey, who other than Mags could give a perfect answer in this situation? "Nice, kid!" Raid might be older than him. Bulk has no idea. He's still clapping the flier on the shoulder. "Good answer!"

Fulcrum sits back down, his posture good-enough with pride. Pride-ish. Next round!

<FS3> Pipes rolls Nonlethal Injury: Good Success. (2 8 4 6 3 7 1 7 5 3)

Haha! Another solid victory! Vortex's rotors simply titter as they gain another point. Primus, this was easier than dissecting a squishy. Not that he did those things. Anymore. Hmph, and now it's one on one. Hopefully his team could make up for some of their slack here. He leans over to boop Fulcrum's chin with a wink as a 'good job'. Not the best answer buuuut, it'll work. "Go Short Stack, this one is easy."

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Care For Creatures: Good Success. (1 2 5 7 8 8 4 5 3)

<FS3> Fulcrum rolls Survival Panic: Success. (6 1 3 8 4 5 1 4)

Fulcrum slightly overreacts at the chin-boop. It's the atmosphere, you know, having to display deep knowledge of a former enemy's moral code. He leaps backward over the back of the chair, and only then recovers himself, and his calm. "Er, hey," he cheeries at Vortex. Like nothing happened.

Pipes knows this one! Pretty much! Still, he wants to concentrate. He stands up with hands clasped behind his back. "You don't have to kill an attacker to defend someone, it's enough to eliminate the threat. You can help with an escape, or just incapacitate the attacker, or ... um, other stuff. Oh, and but, killing is a last resort." He looks down at his team-mates - good, right? Was that good?

Riptide is all about Pipes' answer. He couldn't have said it better himself! ..No really, he probably couldn't. Pleased that they're ahead, the aquabot gives Pipes a cheesy double thumbs up when he turns to them and flashes a sunny smile. "Wicked awesome answer, bud. We're totally gonna win this, for sure."

Vortex tilts his helm a little at Fulcrum's jump. Oh... Well, that was good to know. This guy would be so easy to break. Riptide too. They're absolutely adorable. "Hey there, Fulcrum. It's Fulcrum, right? Good to see you again. Glad to have a fellow 'Con on the team. Relax though! We're on the same side," He chirps to the jumpy mech before looking at Pipes. Hmm, it was good. Even if he didn't believe the same. He gives Pipes a thumbs-up. Was it his turn yet?

Bulkhead is very worried - stop putting him on the spot! But he says, almost at the same time as Pipes, "You don't have ta kill someone to protect someone they're attackin'." He'd done that a lot, back on Earth, when it came to Miko. She couldn't see that kind of scrap happening. "Put 'em down, knock 'em out, subdue 'em in some way - there's plenty a methods to choose from." He's a little embarrassed, poor Bulkie, when he half hears that he's echoing Pipes. He didn't mean to. "What I mean is - you don't gotta kill someone to stop 'em. And that's always the best method ta choose, stoppin' someone instead a killin' them."

"Well said Bulkhead," Air Raid patpats his shoulder.

"Of course." Fulcrum smiles his broadest and most convincing smile. "We /are/ all on the same side, 'Cons and Autobots of all stripes. Together. I am just practicing my backflips." He seats himself back down. Resumes listening. So much listening.

Stopping them dead. Ghoul wants to say but he also want his team to win. "Yeah, neat, big cog."

Rodimus relaxes as answer after answer flows. His smile -- first stiff -- warms into something easy with relief and genuine approval. "Yeah -- good, good, Pipes!" He ticks another point onto that hand. He's gonna need another hand soon. He gives Bulkhead the same smile, bringing the score to four to two. "Gearshift, Riptide? What's the Autobot Code say about our responsibilities to others?"

<FS3> Riptide rolls Mind+mind: Success. (6 8 3 1)

<FS3> Gearshift rolls Mind+mind: Success. (3 2 3 8 5 4 3 4)

Bulkhead relaxes when he gets that smile, and receives compliments from his teammates. Phew. "Thanks." He directs this even to the 'Con. Well, maybe he wasn't so bad at this Autobot code after all, despite the fact that he'd forgotten it and, well, when he'd worked with the Wreckers, flagrantly disregarded it. "Good luck, Shifty," he says, when their newest team member is given a question.

Approvals all around! Pipes slumps back into his seat, visibly relieved. "Thanks, mech," he sighs, and gives a thank-you wave to Vortex. He doesn't even care if Bulkhead totally stole his answer. Riptide's up next, and he knows he'll do a good job after kicking off the team's lead in the first place.

Hmph, not his turn yet... Oh well, that means its his turn next. Time to get into his opponent's head. Vortex turns his helm to stare down Ghoul. He was more or less boring a hole into the jet. Then his facemask opens with a snk! to reveal his grin. All his polished, sharp teeth gleaming at the Decepticon. He opens his jaw and slips his tongue out. Look at it, gloriously blue and rough and amazing. He chuckles and wiggles the tips at Ghoul, hissing in amusement. Anything to rile him up and get him off his game, right? Right.

Ghoul glares at Vortex, his opponent, the traitor. Or at least in his mind. He sticks out his tongue back out at the Decepticon, internally wondering where Tex got that wicked tongue. Body mods. So cool. He needs to get a few himself.

Riptide 's enthusiastic thumbs up slowly sinks when Rodimus calls on him next. Man, not again! "Our responsibilities to others? Er.." The corner of his mouth tugs as he rubs his forehead again, trying to concentrate. Again, the words are heavily obscured, but he tries his best to paraphrase. "Our responsibilities to others is that.. We should always have each other's back? Be kind to your fellow mech, help them out, be ready to lay down your life for the greater good." That last part was especially drilled into him.

Gearshift scrambles to stand, she glances at her opponent, gulping dryly as she tries to think of an answer. "We must always help those in need....?" She hoped it would pass, it was something she gleaned from the code when she first studied it ages ago. The mini wrings her servos and looks nervously at Riptide. He seems to look confident.

"Not where I was going, but I'll give it to you," Rodimus says with a point at Riptide, and a thumbs up at Gearshift. Team B remains two points ahead, however, as they just keep tying it up.

SPEAKING OF: "Vortex," says Rodimus, then, "Ghoul." Decepticon face off. He pauses, then says, "Til All Are One: what's it mean?"

<FS3> Ghoul rolls Mind+mind: Failure. (6 6 1 5)

<FS3> Vortex rolls Info Gathering: Great Success. (8 7 6 3 8 3 7 6 1 2 6)

Well, would you look at this little guy. Guess he doesn't know who he's teasing, now does he? A sudden warmth spread through Vortex, a giddiness that made his rotors tremble. Hehe... The rotary looks at Rodimus, tongue still out for EVERYONE to see. Take in its glory!

"Right, of course, Cap. Til All Are One has had many uses... But now it is a rallying cry- one primarily used by Autobots." He's heard it many time among groups as he takes them back one by one...

"But it has two most commonly held meanings." Vortex holds up two claws, touching each one as he ticks them off. "Until the end of the war and we've shed our factions to become one. Or until we're all one once more in the AllSpark. So it can be used in war and at funerals! So many uses for just four words." He quirks a grin and leans back, at ease and confident.

<FS3> Ghoul rolls Density Shift: Good Success. (7 2 4 3 8 2 2 7 1 1 3 5 1)

Ghoul grits his teeth, pressing his tongue against his tooth gap. This was an easy question, embarrassingly easy. He had an idea one what it meant, but thing is: it's an Autobot phrase. He refuses to respond because of this. He shoots Vortex a dirty look before shooting one to Rodimus. "It means 'Go slag yourself.'" he says as he rapidly begins to to visibly lower in opacity, his feet falling through the floor. Then drops from the room down to the next level below.

"Wow, that was really good, Riptide, nice" Pipes compliments his teammate. Then Vortex is called on, and Pipes looks forward to another display of his preternatural Autobot Code knowledge. But Oh My Primus what is that thing in his mouth? Did some sort of parasitic slug hitch a ride from Eukaris? He leans back in his chair and listens ... it doesn't seem to be affecting his speech. Good answer. "Vortex!" he whispers. "You've got a ... a ..." and he circles a finger around his own mouthplate.

"We've so got you mechs beat! Might as well just pack up and call it a day, ha!" Riptide chortles from the peanut gallery and turns to Vortex to see... Whoa. Blue. The mech is left staring, mesmerized at the color and how it's forked. So exotic... But it gets tucked away when Vortex gives his answer, Riptide beaming. "Nice one, Tex."

Looking back, Riptide's optics nearly bug out of his head as Ghoul peaces out and goes ghost. He wheezes in response, almost unable to get the words out until he suddenly bursts with, "Did that mech just SINK THROUGH THE FLOOR, HOLY FRAG!"

"Well, half of your team is spending time in the brig, so even if you didn't win -- I'm impressed." Rodimus flags his hand in the direction of Pipes, etc., and says, "Nice work, guys. You're free to go." He points at Air Raid and says, "And you, actually. You did your best with your team." He notably fails to include Bulkhead, but he doesn't end on a down note by making a point of it. He just says, "Nice work, you guys. Might do another one some time soon, but overall, I'm impressed. Thanks."

Bulkhead sighs and puts a servo over his face. His team has definitely lost. "Ghoul..." He cycles a deep vent, and, using a term that, as usual, Miko taught him, he says, "Ya fucked up." It feels more firm than 'fragged'. Bulk is a little concerned at how Ghoul seems to be sinking into the floor, but. He's a 'Con. If the bot traps himself in the ship's interior, who is Bulkhead to judge?

And then, frag it all, Rodimus, Bulkhead did his best! He scrunches his faceplate, but says nothing in response to this insult. He's not about to follow Grimlock down the road of 'slagged up and is awaiting punishment'.

Gearshift feels bad: her late arrival didn't exactly help her team out. She looks at Bulkhead, seeing that he's notably disappointed and says "Hey, better luck next time right?"

Air Raid watches with wide optics as Ghoul just zoops through the floor. "Huh." Then comes to Roddy praise. He forgets all about Grimlock's previous derision, beaming far too brightly. "Wait, no Mags class right?" He may have zoned out.

Vortex is watching the floor where Ghoul disappeared. Not the strangest thing he's seen. Just... Interesting... He's going to be so much fun to chase down. He grins at Rodimus for the praise- he just carried the team, no problem- and then he grins broadly at Pipes. He again sticks out his tongue to wiggle it. Deep in his mouth, it glowed energon pink. "Ever seen a glossa before, Pipes? Anyways, good job team." He did most the work. "Feels good to win, hehe." He reaches out and gives Riptide a pat. "Now that this is over... Let's talk teeth."

Pipes watches Ghoul's disappearing trick with only mild surprise. "Reminds me of Skywarp. Hey, maybe they're related." Peering at this "glossa" thing of Vortex's, he is more surprised; apparently it's supposed to be in there. He receives the news of their victory with distinct pleasure. "Yes, yes, great job, you guys! Couldn't have won without you." Seriously. He leaves Vortex and Riptide to talk teeth for whatever reason, and scoots himself outta there.

Oh wait, what? They won? Screw the ghost guy. "YEAH, WE WON!" Riptide's chair tips over as he jumps up, fistpumping in victory. "GO TEAM AWESOME!" The losers get a stick out of his own tongue, which sadly isn't fancy like Vortex's, before he looks back to the other two and grabs a hand of theirs in his, giving them and eager little shake. "You guys were the best. Victory drinks on me! And--Uhh.." He's cut off by the sudden touch of Vortex, staring at him and swallowing thickly. This mech really likes his teeth. "I.. sure. Uh, how about over drinks?" He smiles anxiously and motions the two off to the bar.

Gearshift flinches at having glossas stuck out in her direction and replies with her own being stuck out at /them/. She stands and makes her way to her habsuite: It's time to study hard.

"Better luck next time." Bulk is pretty sure he's failed this just as hard as he failed it when the drinking game happened. He's got a lesson scheduled with Mags, he's certain. Bulkhead ignores all the glossa-wagging and just. Leaves. With a friendly, apologetic pat on the shoulder for Raid. Poor mech. He didn't deserve such a fate. He did well. Bulk will probably see him again soon, in a Magnus Class. So he doesn't bother with a goodbye when he leaves his team behind. They'll all be together again, before long. He's sure of it.

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