2016-05-04 Court Ordered Visit

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-05-04 Court Ordered Visit
Date 2016/05/04
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - Rung's Office
Participants Rung, Soundwave
Summary Soundwave goes to see Rung as per the parameters of his probation. Will Soundwave be approved or not?

Tucked next to the munitions stores in a quiet, seldom-frequented corner of the ship, Rung's Office is notable for the models lining his shelves. There is also a workstation and a couch capable of holding even truly massive bots.

Soundwave only left for two reasons: Enemy is thinking clearer and even starting to mumble words and because this has been something of a long-standing appointment. His probation couldn't really kick off until he had his evaluation by Rung. And was approved for- the words brings about a Magnusian frown- meditational therapy.

Leaving the avians with Enemy, Soundwave made his way to Rung's office. He got several looks along the way but he ignored their thoughts. Let them whisper and gossip, he did not care. He knocks on Rung's door. Rung is quiet, he does his job and does it well, and Soundwave respects him. So he knocks.

"Please come in," echoes from inside the office. Inside Rung, who barely even registers to the optics among the decor, is sitting at his desk, a gentle smile adorning his face. He is glad Soundwave has appeared for his appointment. He is also pleasantly surprised that the other actually knocked, most tended to just barge in. With the recent events, he was worried that the mind reader might refuse to leave his cassettes, something Rung can understand but cannot entirely endorse. "Hello Soundwave, Please come inside. I believe we have a lot to discuss!"

Soundwave slips into the room and does a sweeping look at the room. He already knows what the inside looks like, his cassettes have listened in and visited here several times. Never caught, of course. His gaze finally falls on the small, orange mech. "Affirmative." He nods his helm, standing there. There were chairs and other places and a couch but he is unsure of where Rung wants him to sit.

Rung notices the hesitation Soundwave displays upon stepping into the office. Before the door even swishes shut behind the mech, Rung makes a somewhat resigned but cheerful sweeping gesture around the office, "Please, sit anywhere you like." The best place to be is wherever he feels most comfortable, for many the preference is to recline across the couch but some do prefer to be in an actual chair. Either way, Rung wants Soundwave to feel at ease. He isn't here to judge or condemn, all he wishes to do is help from the depths of his spark.

And Rung actually means it. Soundwave ventilates before taking a seat in a chair, sitting upright and facing Rung directly as he would do so normally. Then it is back to sitting and staring at Rung. He's mostly observing his thoughts- Rung is one of the few that evade Soundwave's probing well. Whether purposefully or not. And he'd be lying if he said he wasn't curious. Probably not appropriate with the mech giving him a- unnecessary in his opinion- evaluation. But there's no harm in it.

Rung keeps the gentle but pleasant look on his face even as the silence continues on. He doesn't know what he is waiting for but the moment to speak doesn't seem to be right quite yet. Despite how stoic Soundwave might seem, Rung believes fully that the mech isn't as put together as he outwardly appears. Not in a negative sense, everyone has a chip on their shoulder, but the question is how each handles the problems life faces them with. It would appear to some that Soundwave snapped in a sense, but Rung wants to hear the entire story before judgement is passed.

Finally he breaks the silence, "Normally I would ask how your day has been or how you are feeling, but at this point in time I don't think you would appreciate such pleasantries." The therapist's is extremely gentle and full of understanding, "If I were in your position, I would want to be there for my cassette at such a delicate moment. So let us get right to business then, yes? Please, tell me what happened, from the beginning."

Soundwave vents a little. How many times must he reiterate the story? Well, he might as well get to it. "Requested a deep read of Drift. Tailgate allowed and Drift consented. It was a routine deep read but, I... I got distracted. I went beyond parameters of consent and began to tear previous memories apart. Rodimus removed me and the deep read ended. No permanent damage will remain." Seeing as he is here for his actions against Drift, he does not delve into anything else.

The Therapist's expression doesn't change a tick as Soundwave recounts his story, probably for the hundredth time in a few days time. The retelling says what happened but doesn't give Rung any of the insight he is looking for. He wishes to know what led to the 'distraction' not just the results. "As I have heard around," He gently begins, "but I wish to delve deeper into what went on, if you are willing to speak about it. From what I have seen you do not... distract easily. This leads me to believe that something more personal was at work, or am I mistaken?"

Soundwave really doesn't want to talk about that either. He prefers not to talk at all. But he must get through this and this is nothing he hasn't already spoken about with Command. He dips his helm a little. "Followed memories of Megatron- Deadlock's memories. I believed he did not deserve them and... So I began to destroy them. I was jealous." That word... Jealous. It seems to grate its way from his vocalizer. Clearly, he does not like sharing his feelings.

Rung only tilts his head slightly, a gesture not of judgment but of curiosity. There is also something distinctly apologetic practically radiating off the mech, "I understand this is hard Soundwave. I wish I didn't have to bring back unpleasant memories but I want to help, not just because its ordered but because I feel it is in your own best interest. Keeping your feelings inside might seem a viable option but eventually the negativity will fester and grow. I don't wish to see anyone go through that." Rung's face is entirely open, entirely concern and genuine care. "I would like to speak not only of the incident with Drift.. but the more recent one.. with Enemy."

Rung calls the memories unpleasant. The results were unpleasant. These memories are unpleasant to Drift. Soundwave's fingers flex slightly, perhaps regret or guilt but it's hard to say what it looked like to an observer. "I am not equivalent to a geyser." He says levelly to the analysis. He can see what Rung was thinking. Bottling them up until they burst... He doesn't bottle them up, he expresses may things to his cassettes. Though... Perhaps not about Megatron as much as he should.

Now Soundwave's servo tightens to a fist. "This evaluation for incident with Drift. Rupture's fate, inconsequential."

"I don't believe that, and I don't think you believe that either." Rung's voice remains forever calm and gentle, "Some would say your reaction was overkill, perhaps even an indication of future violence, given the short time between incidents. I would like to know if there is any connection between the two, and I would like to hear your take on both.. on a deeper level than what is written in reports."

There's a hiss of air in the room. Soundwave did not just share information like this. He doesn't like it. He was the secret keeper. He does not like just talking about it. He steeples his fingers before answering with as little information as possible. "No connection between two incidents. Rupture, violent criminal with intent to incapacitate. Drift, commanding officer with unintended harm. Rupture had Enemy. Enemy may have died... Drift did nothing, he did not deserve what happened."

Rung notices something about the phrasing Soundwave uses, "Soundwave might I ask a question? First, you said you experience a distraction, then later mentioned jealousy. Now you admit Drift did not deserve what happened to him. Might I speak to you about your relationship to Megatron? I would like you to tell me about him, what did Drift formerly experience that caused you to react in such a way?"

Soundwave stiffens- how a box sitting upright can stiffen even more is a mystery but somehow he does. It's like how Magnus can frown harder, Soundwave can stiffen more. "Negative. This subject not part of evaluation."

Rung can already see the walls going up and knows this is a topic he must push, rather gently but definitely push, "I think he might be. You mentioned no difficulties until you came across memories of Megatron. I worry that such a common stimulus could result in further incidents... and I think talking about it could help you personally. I know you wish to keep silent, you probably feel it against your nature to reveal so much about yourself, but I would like you to give it a try. I swear upon my very spark and vow as a psychiatrist that nothing said in this room, unless it has direct connection to violence or destructive behavior, will be revealed to others... I would even be willing to let you read my mind to confirm my intentions." Rung means every word of what he says, his vow as a therapist one of the most dire promises he can make. He also is clearly showing the amounts of trust he is willing to give the mech, even after following the previous incidents.

<FS3> Rung rolls Psychiatry: Great Success. (4 2 1 7 7 7 1 6 3 6 6 6 7 8)

The light behind his visor narrows. Like Soundwave hasn't already been scanning his thoughts. But the permission does... Well, having permission is vastly different than just taking advantage. There's a small sound of exhalation and Soundwave dips his helm slightly. "It was difficult to keep the voices of every thought at bay. Even with help, I struggled. And then Megatron opened his mind to me, and everything became clear... I worked hard, for the Decepticon cause. For Megatron. My loyalty, my trust, my spark rests in them... And they are one and the same." A long, weary silence begins to grow. "I was always there. Always. And now he is gone." And I fear I am forgotten. But he keeps that to himself. Rung may have best intentions but Soundwave is proof the best intentions can go sour.

Rung seems to be digesting this new information for a moment before he speaks, "I see. A presence always there but suddenly taken from you. I cant imagine how hard that must be, to in essence lose someone who helped make you who you are. I would like to expand upon that, but not in the case of Megatron... perhaps another day for that," The fact he doesn't think pushing someone so used to keeping secrets is a good idea goes unsaid, "I would instead like to address your telepathy. As an outlier you seem to have difficulty controlling your abilities at times, and you mentioned Megatron rooted your abilities. Have you been experiencing some difficulty controlling your abilities as of late? Or perhaps causing you any discomfort?"

Soundwave tenses... And then relaxes marginally. He is honestly glad to be off the topic of Megatron. For those closest- in proximity- to him and Megatron, it was always obvious. But he never allowed anyone to address it and no one was stupid enough. The blue Decepticon merely nods at the change of outlier ability.

Hrm... He does not want to reveal the secrets of his ability to just anyone. Rumors and gossip set up a precedent for his ability that he rather liked but... Rung already heard about Megatron. "I hear every thought as it passes through your mind. Your's... and everyone's. At once and constant. The only difficult part of my ability is making them all sufferable. Since boarding the Lost Light, there has been no irregularities. My telepathy, under my control."

Rung's frown grows a little deeper, Soundwave said there was only one difficulty but also did not deny that his ability caused him any discomfort or pain. The way his ability works also seems somewhat concerning, to have to constantly make life sufferable seems like no way to truly be happy. Despite this, he can already tell he has made a breakthrough with his current company. "I suppose it is good I don't have my processor in the gutter then." Probably a somewhat weak attempt at humor but that is about as good as Rung can get, "Do you know of any methods to lessen the strain you might have? For example, positive distractions, hobbies, maybe even focusing on a singular mind?"

"Focus." Soundwave says, his answer quick and finite. It's the only thing that works. Focus on one mind at a time. Focus on his hobbies. Focus on his cassettes. Focus on his job. Focus on the Decepticons. Focus on Megatron... Well, at least, that used to be a way. He stares at the psychiatrist quietly. That is all he has to say about his ability.

Sensing that he will probably get no more out of him, the psychiatrist merely gives a gentle nod and returns the silence he receives. He would like to continue to address these topics, to help Soundwave through anything that might be bothering him. Yet he can also tell this is something that can only be obtained through time and trust. He already trusts Soundwave, everyone deserves that confidence until they prove that wrong, but he wont push someone to trust him back. Time and Patience is something Rung has in spades, after all... he was Red Alert's therapist. "Soundwave, unless there was anything you wished to discuss I believe we may be done for the day," His expression softens some, "I am sure you wish to return to Enemy. I do hope you will return one of these days to talk, without it being court ordered. Feel free to drop by any time, even if its just to escape from the crowds." He will have to inform Command about his result... that as far as he is concerned Soundwave has passed the evaluation.

Soundwave nods, even bowing his helm slightly. He'd passed. Which means it was onto Drift... Drift. He keeps himself from ventilating as he brings himself to a stand. He's about to walk off but what Rung said wasn't exactly a dismissal. "There will no longer be anything court ordered." He tells the smaller mech. He does not intend to repeat any of this again.

Rung can't keep the sad expression off his face, Soundwave's comment seeming to hint towards no return. But he does give the other a small smile, "Goodbye, and please give Enemy my best wishes for a swift recovery."

Soundwave pauses, staring at Rung. Hmph... "I will... Until next time." Then he turns and leaves the little office, already accessing comms to his cassettes as he makes his way to medibay. He has things to collect before seeing Drift.

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