2016-04-30 Weird Booze And Competitive Drinking

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-04-30 Weird Booze And Competitive Drinking
Date 2016/04/30
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Swerve's
Participants Air Raid, Arcee, Blast Off, Bulkhead, Gearshift, Grimlock, Hoist, Jumpstart, Punch, Quicksight, Road Rage, Rodimus, Skystalker, Vortex, Buzzkill
Summary The Eukarian's rudimentary storage of some strange engex means WE HAVE TO DRINK IT ALL REALLY FAST. Challenge accepted.

Often referred to as the heart of the ship (by Swerve), the bar is rarely empty, rarely quiet. Central to the whole is the bar itself: just tall enough for a minibot to serve over the edge and lined with stools capable of accommodating bots of any height. Large, clear vessels stand behind the bar, containing the brews of the day. Behind the bar, an engex distillery assures there's always something new.

Round tables are scattered across the floor. Seats fold up from the floor beneath. Large booths along the sides of the room have room for a half-dozen or more, if they don't mind getting cozy, while monitors here and there find occasional use showing old vids.

A sign outside the door says:

                        No Guns, No Swords, No Bombs                         

Underneath is written: I MEAN IT!! LOCK YOUR WEAPON SYSTEMS DOWN AND DUMP EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE BIN BY THE DOOR. It is signed with a little frowning Swerve face.

On the other side of the door is a SHAME LIST. No, really, that's what it says. It has the number of days that various people are banned from Swerve's and counts down at the start of the morning shift.

Eukaris dwindles from a globe to a disc and then finally to a dot of bright against the dark, lost in the glow of its star. Then that too begins to shrink.

Nothing says 'thanks for saving us from those tragically misunderstood spiders and then blowing up a mountain' like large, poorly sealed containers for mystery booze. The potent -- and volatile -- brews are literally evaporating, albeit slowly. There's only one thing to be done:

Drink it.

Anyone who thought 'transfer the drinks into better-sealed containers and/or possibly distill it for better storage' is fired.

Casks stand on tap at the bar, and Swerve is busy just keeping the glasses clean and lined up for people to draw a shot. The drinks range from something golden and hazy that froths up the side of the glass to a dark and syrupy potent beverage. They are flavored with an inordinate number of organic-derived ... substances, some of which may or may not interact poorly (OR AWESOMELY?) with mechanical systems. (HOW? Don't ask.)

With all of these different things to sample, Rodimus has decided to pick ... all. He has four glasses lined up on a large table in the center of the room and he comes back with two more to complete his line of shots. "Who wants to race me?" he shouts generally.

Vortex is still squeaky around the joints- shoulders and elbows mostly- and his visor is still missing but he missed the last party and he certainly wasn't going to miss this one. Besides, no better way to drown out some second-thoughts and life crisis like getting completely and utterly HAMMERED! Before entering this time, he removes all his rotor blades and remaining arm missiles into the bin because you never know... As he's entering, hears a declaration of competition.

"ME! Me!! Whoever said that! Me!" His helm swivels around before spotting the culprit. "Cap!" He bounces on over to Rodimus, giving his shouler a hearty and friendly punch. "You're looking better- all shiny and red and flamey again!" Good, no permanent damage from any missiles.

After a long day... never mind. That's need to know. Punch heads towards Swerves after coming from... That's classified. He slights a (redacted) and (redacted) then takes a deep draw. On his outward vent he steps through the door and looks around. Then he looks around again. It's really hard to tell what's going on tonight.

The noise from the Captain briefly gets his attention but Punch can't get a line of sight. So he heads to the bar itself and orders a coolant. He also orders some ice seperately in a glass. As the ice arrives first Punch puts the frosty glass up to the side of his head and sighs in relief.

After... sorry. You haven't the clearance for that information. Punch needed the relief.

Of course Hoist considered better ways of storing the strange concoctions, that's part of his job. But Rodimus wants to play drinking games instead, and Hoist isn't one to deny the captain his questionable concepts of fun. So such ideas weren't necessary in the first place.

Thankfully he still had plenty to do, because the strange nature of the liquids meant that usual means of extracting them from the casks for consumption needed some modification. Specifally to keep that thick syrupy one from glogging the spiggot every time it was pulled from. So there is that to keep him occupied.

At least until he has to start dragging people back to their habsuits.

Buzzkill is happy to see Eukaris as a dot in space from this fancy ship she now calls home. Sure, that's where she was born and raised but now, here on the Lost Light, her life can finally begin. She's sitting at the table Rodimus has set up the line of mystery drinks on, staring dubiously at Rodimus and Vortex who seem way too excited about sampling potentially harmful concoctions. "I don't think it's wise to drink all of them in one sitting."

As dubious as the mystery booze may be, Jumpstart feels that she owes it to Eukaris to accept the gift from its people. The last thing she'll take away from this colony. So she sits, smiling at Rodimus as he bellows his challenge. She has taken only the golden liquid (which reminds her of the armor of a Eukaran she met), and waits for the signal to begin the celebrations and try this concoction.

Weird and possibly illegal booze sounds just fine to Blast Off, as long as it tastes good. If it's rare or prestigious or adds to one's social standing by daring to try it, all the better. Illegal is not a concern. He's a mercenary at spark, illegal was his bread and butter once. He sits at a bar, holding the first glass of hopefully many and glancing over at Rodimus but declining to take him up on his offer to race. How *plebian*. "Why race? I am here to savor the flavor." Vortex comes bouncing by and Blast Off will give his Combatibro a nod should their optics meet. Same goes with Punch over there.

Hoist is the one who most grabs his attention, though. Hoist helped him back on Eukaris. Should he... uh.... thank him or something? The Combaticon simply stares at Hoist for now as he tries to decide.

Arcee sees this drinking challenge as a trainwreck in the making. While she isn't adverse to all challenges, she won't jump in when she isn't sure what's in the fuel that's being served! In the meantime, she grins slightly when she sees Punch up at the bar. After putting in her order for a Toraxxis Flame, she works on some small project at her table...she scribes something in script on a small leaflet, then folds it up into an origami-style tetrajet, and pitches it to go sailing in Punch's direction.

Quicksight is definitely here. There are weird mystery drinks from the wild planet, and he is not missing them. That would make him look weak. Also, that planet was actually pretty awesome, ignoring that first encounter with the spiders. He killed two of them, then flew through a volcano on the heels of a titan. Let's see how awesome these drinks are.

He's still standing around, deciding which one to for first when Rodimus announces his challenge. Were he not a superiort officer, he'd be yelling 'You're on!' about now. He doesn't. He does take two different shots, however, and steps back, looking a bit uncertain about what to do with them now, his desire to prove himself, and his concept of propriety battling with each other. In the end, he kinda remains standing there, though Blast Off's words do nudge him closer to Rodimus table. If it will act as a Blast Off repelant...

Air Raid is quick to find a seat next to Punch, because Punch looks like he needs a very loud obnoxious jet sitting next to him. "You're supposed to put a drink in that, Punch!" Oooh, a tetrajet! He snatches it out of the air and looks it over. "This is pretty good, Arcee!"

Raid then tosses it aside and grabs one of the darker drinks, and swivels in his chair to watch the competition. He's too cool to compete, for now anyway, and decides to savor the flavor as Blast Off says, throwing back his shot. He promptly chokes on it, because it's thick and syruppy and he is woefully ill-prepared for its texture. "H'GCKK!"

Skystalker missed seeing off the band of Elita 1 and the others of her ilk, but this one seems as good a backup. Plus, having made acquaintence with one of the tagalongs, it also seemed a good idea to give some moral support by showing himself. The starfighter takes a good, long look at Swerve's done up for the...kegger. Of course, the eye draws to the pursuit of drinking contests as he enters, though for himself he moves to make an eye over the provided drink containers and the contents. Wonder which is good?

The puzzle of a Vortex without his visor causes Rodimus a moment's confusion. When he places him, he grins. "You look like you got better then went and found trouble again." He divides his six glasses: three to Vortex, and three for himself. Vortex wins the race to race, and he holds up the first of the glasses -- an improbable blue -- as he waits for Vortex to match him. "First one to finish wins. Simple, right?" He then waits for Vortex to nod, or say something to agree, so that he can get a head start.

And that would be the other reason Hoist is here. Oblivious to Blast Off eyeing him for the moment he bounds over when Air Raid starts gagging. "Don't lean over, the viscosity will congeal in one spot." Grabs the Aerialbot by the shoulders and shakes him a few times. "Either keep swallowing it or spit it back up." Though in hindsight, shaking probably isn't the best choice. But you can't really heimlich a robot, now can you?

Vortex can't help but grin under his mask. "Ya got no idea, Cap. And its stayin' that way." The rotary jumps in place, loosening his armor and trying to get out some residual resistance in his joints. Then he scoops up his own blie one, holding it out for Rodimus. "Real simple. Cheers, Cap?" He glances over his shoulder at the commotion. Ooooo~ Raider is here too! Goodie, he's got a surprise.

Putting the iced glass down and rubbing the same side of his head that the glass just occupied Punch gets the coolantand downs it quickly. After clearing his vocaliser Punch replies cheerily to Air Raid, "It depends on what you're trying to do at the time. However, please, don't let me stop you. Have one, or several, on me."

Punch turns his attention to the tetra-gami and fishes it from where Air Raid placed it. After looking it over, this way and that Punch brings himself and it over to Arcee, giving a polite nod to Blast Off as he passes by.

I an entire room of people, Quicksight can count exactly three whom he doesn't dislike in any manner. One of them he's simply never met. Another is chilling out with the captain. So he steps towards the third, giving Skystalker a nod as he greets him "Hi"

"Thank you, Raid. I'll make one for you, too," Arcee replies, already working on another airship. She pauses for a moment as she sees Hoist go over to try and rescue Raid from...well, himself. Now she's glad she didn't give that mystery enerbooze a try; she'll stick to her Toraxxis Flame.

"Well, hello, thank you for joining," Arcee welcomes Punch. If Punch takes a look on the makeshift tetrajet, he'll see written in small script, 'Hey, come over here'.

Tink. Rodimus grants the cheers but then immediately starts on his first drink back while Vortex is distracted by Air Raid. "Readysetgo." HEAD START, GOT.

Air Raid apparently can't decide on swallowing or spitting. Poor Hoist just gets a lovely syruppy spray of whatever the substance was on his chest. Raid eventually pulls away and leans back against the bar, wiping his mouth. "HOO! That /sucked/! Here Hoist, try some."

Jumpstart runs her fingers along the edge of her glass with a hint of hesitation. When Rodimus calls for the contest she decides that it's time to take the plunge. The golden stuff goes down her robot gullet. Jumpstart shudders, feathers flaring all over her body. "Whoa!" The avian breathes. "...They can drink on that planet." She notes once her insides adjust. Her tone is admiring.

As Buzzkill looks around at the bots gathered here and quickly comes to the realization that yes, they're going to drink all of these in one sitting. Ah well, she's the stranger here so who is she to judge? Maybe they know what they're doing. She grabs one of the drinks, the thick, syruppy one because it looks a lot like the honey she used to make. Bringing it to her face, she gives it a few, curious sniffs before sipping it.

"UGH." She slams the glass back down, fingers curling aganst it as she fights the urge spit it back out. "This is awful! Disgusting! Complete swill!" She frowns and then takes another sip, pulling another face immediately after. "I know this swill! I know where this came from and I'm offended on all of your behalves that anyone would gift this to you."

With a fresh glass from Swerve delivered from across the bar, Skystalker settles in with a strange new drink and an idled smile that lists over his mouth. It seems to cement there when Quicksight ambles over to him, amber eyes watching Rodimus and Vortex from afar as the test of will begins. "Hey. Enjoying-- whatever this is?" Sky holds up his glass, only half filled with the golden drink, same as Jumpstart's glass. He sips it. The kibble on his back flares and his eyes seem to jump momentarily. Wow, um.

Hoist takes being spat on in grace, simply picking up a rag from the bar and using it to wipe off his chest plate. "If it's all the same to you chap I think I'll pass. I have to be able to actually haul the rest of you back to your rooms when you do get too plastered to keep your gyros syncronized."

Blast Off lifts an optic ridge as Air Raid chokes over there, then blinks. He... he might also kind of/sort of owe the Aerialbot an apology- and a thanks as well. Which... he has no idea how to even begin. So for now he just shoves that aside as he opens the small hatch in his faceplate that allows him to drink without revealing his face. He takes a sip. Hmm. "Rich, robust, earthy. I give it...ehhh..." He wobbles a hand and says to whoever might actually care, "3 1/2 out of 5 stars. Too... organic for my tastes. Not enough acidity and could use an oil base instead of...whatever this is. Tree bark?" He tchs, then goes back to staring at Hoist.

Punch got the message. The written one too, "Hello to you too." He says to Arcee, "Since you've already got a drink can I at least offer..." Punch slights a second cig and gives pause in case Arcee feels like a smoke, "... So how's your day been?" Punch asks happily as he takes a deep draw from his own cig. On his exhale he makes a smokey, egg like, shape. The startings of a little smokey sculpture.

Air Raid looks crestfallen. "I mean, you could just leave us here...? You should have some fun too, Hoist!" he insists, shaking the bot's shoulder. Buzzkill's sharp review draws his gaze. "Wait, where'd it come from?" He goes on to waving at all his pals or sort of pals or something, Jumpstart, Blast Off then Vortex. "Kick his ass Tex!"

Vortex's helm snaps around. AH! His facemask slids open and he whips his helm back, letting the drink go straight down. Vortex has eaten- or drank- some pretty nasty slag. He'd try anything once, much to the concernation of his three more 'cultured' teammates. This couldn't be that bad? No worse than motor oil that was somehow dyed pink.

It burns a bit but as it goes down- you can feel it burning as it goes down- it just starts to burn worse. "WHOO!!" He quickly goes for the next drink, grabbing one blindly while slamming the other shot down. Eyes on the prize and the prize is victory!

Jumpstart rises from her table once the drink is finished. She nods towards Air Raid, returning his wave. That was nice of him. She approaches the others at the bar and gets another one of the strange Eukaran drinks. "I think I will try them all." The birdformer reasons. "I think I would regret it if I didn't try everything that Eukaris had to offer, even this little bit of it." Jumpstart turns around to watch the duel.

"Haven't tried it yet" Quicksight admits. He's still holding both of his glasses as he moves in to grab a seat. There's a bit of hesitation in his movements, and he does offer Skystalker a questionin, mind-if-I-sit-here look, but in the end, he finally sits down, setting the glasses on the table. Skystalker never minded before, so surely he won't now, right? One of the glasses already has a straw in it, so it's that one he starts on. It's going to take some effort getting it through the straw, giving him time to glance around. Oh, hey, there's Aft Raid, the Autobot who flew so bad he seems to ahve lost his wings "Ugh, this stuff's thick"

Dropping his glass after emptying it, Rodimus points at Jumpstart and Skystalker with a manic grin. "That one, next!" He reaches for his second glass, scrambling a little as Vortex catches on and begins to catch up. He knocks back the second as quickly only for his eyes to widen in outrage as Air Raid cheers on Vortex! (!!!) His hand twitches with a repressed glass-throwing urge. A) it's too early to start throwing glasses; B) maybe he better behave?? a little? He throws a rude gesture instead, slamming down his second glass to go for the third.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Rodimus=body+reaction Vs Vortex=body+reaction < Rodimus: Failure (5 2 4 3 3 1) Vortex: Good Success (8 2 4 3 7 3) < Net Result: Vortex wins - Solid Victory

Air Raid is smiling like an idiot when Rodimus flips him off, then realizes his dire error. "Oh shit, I meant to- I thought he was up against uh- shit, GO RODIMUS!" It's a bad time to cheer Rodimus though, looks like. Hmm.

Jumpstart glances sidelong at Air Raid, swirling her swirl while gathering the courage to drink it. "How do you mistake a mech with that many flames on his chest?" She wonders, before Rodimus points to her and Skystalker. Her headfeathers flatten.

Arcee grins across at Punch...she seems to have much more reason to smile these days. She accepts the offered cig, then puffs it and puts it to one side for a moment whils she finishes folding up the second origami-style plane. This one is not a typical tetrajet altmode, it actually resembles a different model, possibly closer to Raid's altmode. While she does this, she glances around curiously at every mech who's had the displeasure of trying out the free enerbooze, then observes the intense imbibing between Vortex and Rodimus for a moment before turning her attention back to Punch. "I'm not sure why I had to see this, but I did. It's actually funnier than I thought it was going to be," she admits. Another puff of the cig, then she places it back down again to carefully etch some sort of scribed message into the side of the miniplane.

Wow. Okaythere they go. Skystalker watches the contest with a measure of trepidation, but in the spirit of participation he eyes his own drink more. He perches on the edge of his seat and angles his head afterthe minibot as he sits. It's fine. As if the last time at the bar never happened. "Maybe you should ice it down. Swerve's got some back there." His eyes meet Rod's point as he goes to the golden one, and for the sake of things he cheers the captain with a lift of his glass, waiting and putting it down too as he throws it back. Oof. He sputters out loud and waves the glass around in his fingers trying to find the table to set it down.

Buzzkill has already pushed her first drink aside, unfinished. Screw that noise. Taking another one in her hand, she swirls it around a bit before taking a sip. Oh. Oh yeah, that is much better. Still tastes like shit but it's better shit, shit that burns on it's way down her throat in a way that makes her shiver. Her sips become swigs and in no time at all she is putting the glass back onto the table, completely empty. "What?" She looks up at Air Raid, surprised that anyone even noticed she was there. "Oh, uhm.. The hive in the east quadrant of Cloud Walker territory, they cut their honey with all sorts of gross oils to stretch it out. I can't believe they gave you this and not the good stuff."

Vortex slams back the second concoction and throws the glass away as he dives in for the last. When you do drinking games with Brawl for millenia, you get any and every edge. Snatching that last drink, he crams it into his mouth. After flicking his helm back, he slams the empty shot glass down. "DONE!" He flings his arms into the air, insides on fire.

Grimlock is just here to get a drink.

Unfortunately, his sense of timing tends to put him in Swerve's whenever there's A Big Party Thing going down. Great. Grimlock ducks under the doorway into Swerve's, and as he registers the crowd, his shoulders slump in disappointment. Hnf. Still, the commotion around Rodimus has earned his curiosity, at the very least.

"I hate parties." Grim rumbles to nobody in particular. To be fair, he hates a lot of things.

Rodimus chokes. Literally -- he chokes, laughing at Air Raid's hasty backpedaling and crossing vent with intake. He coughs a good half his drink across the table and wipes the back of his mouth with his hand. It's not his most dignified, but it's a failure he takes with a grin. He nudges Vortex with excessive care, so that no one can take this light push as invitation to a brawl -- ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. "You got lucky. I bet I can still beat you at--." He breaks, stalling out as he looks for inspiration in the crowd.

Ice it down? "No, I'm fine! It's fine! I can handle it!" Quicksight hurries to assure the other flyer, lest he think that he can't. It'll just take him a while longer, or...

The scout removes the straw, setting in to his other drink, and lifts the one he's working on, tilting his head back to aim it directly in to his intake port. Before he gets to that, however, Vortex's announcement draws his attention back to the drinking contest, causing the smaller Decepticon to raise his hand in a fistpump "Yeah! That's how Decepticons drink!"

Air Raid looks squarely at Jumpstart, shifting into a more serious pose. Whatever that means. "People say there's flames, I just don't see it. It's not a sticker. Is it supposed to be stylized? Because that's a stretch." Buzzkill elaborates, and Raid looks down at his glass. "It's... honey? Hey let's have some of your honey!" He forgot that it was super offensive to ask this last time. Well maybe he didn't. "YEAH TEXAaahh'odimus!"

"To be fair," Hoist asides to Buzzkill, "They probably didn't realize there's a difference. None of us are natives, after all. Speaking of which, glad to have some new faces aboard!" He pauses a moment, then glances over his shoulder at how the contest is proceeding. "... Though this may not be the best event for first time exposure..."

Grimlock narrows his visor, torn. On the one hand, it's gratifying to see Rodimus fail. On the other, it's infuriating to see Decepticons -WIN-. Damn. He grunts, and then just rumbles across the floor, heading to the bar and the sweet, sweet engex he's craving. Of course, as he passes by Quicksight, Grimlock can't help but grumble: "What, from the skulls of their enemies?"

Jumpstart slams her drink down as Skystalker does. She'll be damned if she's going to be derelict of her duty. Her headfeathers bristle at the drink. It's a bad night for feathers. Or mechs. Really, anyone. "Hrrgh..." Jumpstart straightens, letting it all go down. "Grinding Ultra Magnus's gears!" She calls after Rodimus's request for things he can beat Vortex at. Hey, it's a party. She arches an eyeridge at Air Raid. "They're flames. He says it all the time."

Air Raid...waves at him? Blast Off catches the movement, blinks, and turns the staring from Hoist to the Aerialbot. Was that directed at him? First, he turns his head to check behind him... no, no one there. His mildly baffled look returns as he gazes at Air Raid now, then Hoist, then back to Raid. He is momentarily drawn to the table where Vortex and Rodimus sit, watching as his brother competes against Rodimus and feeling a tiny bit... jealous? Vortex could always fit in so well with people. He on the other hand has no idea what to do, even when he knows he ought to do *something*. Like- Hoist and Air Raid. He goes back to staring there. Except for a sharp, brief glance as Quicksight actually *cheers* Vortex on. This annoys him greatly for some reason. No, Quicksight, you don't get to act all buddy-buddy with his Combatibro. At least... smelt it all, it's *really* annoying to see for some reason.

Hoist hasn't noticed his staring in the meantime, so Blast Off finally decides to try and do *something*. He gets up and walks towards the Autobot. Now he can stare at Hoist (and Raid if he's next to him) even closer up. "Uh." Blink. Hasty sip of the drink to muster courage. "Hoist."

"Uhm.. throwing up?" Buzzkill pipes up when Rodimus looks to the crowd. "Being.. red?" Someone else chime in, please for the love of god.

"It's not honey," she says flatly to Air Raid, pouring herself another glass but taking it slow this time. There's no way in hell she's competing with these people, not in this. "It doesn't deserve to be considered honey in any way." She brings up her glass, takes a sip, and sets it back down. "You really want to try my honey that bad, do you? I told you I can't do it without eating something first." At least he can't offer her grass like she was a wildebeest now.

Vortex runs the blunted and burned end of his glossa over his dentae, grinning like a mad man. He snickers and claps Rodimus on the back. "Don't feel bad, I'm a pro at this shit!" He laughs and stretches some more. Woo, that could sure pump you up! He looks back at Air Raid and Quicksight, fingergunning them. Raider cheered for him first. Made all this burn worth it.

Barking a laugh, Vortex looks up at Rodimus. "You sure you wanna go more rounds with me, Cap? I dunno if your pride can take that many blows. You haven't won any bet involving me yet." He teases. He was going to tell Grimlock to not knock drinking from the heads of your enemies til you try it but he's not that drunk yet.

Skystalker laughs rather openly at Quicksight's cheering and his attempt at tipping it back into his port directly. "Be careful there. Don't choke on it..." The amber in his eyes is bright, stirring with a new mood. He looks back at the contest, interest rising. "You be careful too, captain. Nobody wants to drag you out of here anytime soon."

Taking the time to very briefly look over his shoulder and view the all present devastation Punch turns back to Arcee and chuckles softly, "It's certainly entertaining. Just not my style of show." Punch takes another deep draw from his cig and adds a few more smokey shapes to the one already hanging there. Not clear what it is yet.

Nodding to the origami-jet Punch asks, "I never knew you had such a varied repertoire. How do you do that?" For all the tradecraft masquerading as parlor tricks Punch never learned that one. He smiles. Not unusual for Punch, in fact the way he's smiling isn't unusual for him lately but it is a new addition to the various smiles he has used in the past. Happy. Content.

"Just because he /says/ they're flames doesn't mean..." Air Raid waves off Jumpstart with a 'pfft' and turns to greet Blast Off even if Hoist is the aim. "Cheers! Look at him go," he gestures to Vortex and gives a thumbs-up from afar. Buzzkill continues to confuse him, "But you're eating something right now, aren't you? Make the shit honey into better honey!" When Grimlock passes he resists the urge to snap off a salute.

Quicksight flashes a glare at Grimlock as the Dinobot passes by. Ugh, that asshole who managed to insult Decepticons and neutrals, nearly stepped on another 'Con, and probably got a lot less, if any, trouble than Soundwave even though he looked about ready to kill that guy. Grimlock, is, of course a devision head, but after all of that, most of the respect that would earn him from Quicksight is lacking. Plus, he started it, so it'd only be fair for Quick to defend himself. It's not as loud as it could be, but the snideness is still there "Well, at least we're filling them up with something" and then to Skystalker "I'll be fine!" see? He'll try again and...okay, this isn't comfortable but he's got it, even if a little did miss it's mark. Do we have napkins?

Rodimus's grin tilts lopsided at Jumpstart's suggestion. He starts to point a finger at her only to catch Vortex fingergunning in his peripheral vision. He looks briefly outraged, stalling mid-gesture. FINGERGUNS. HE IS STEALING FINGERGUNS. "Just you wait," he threatens vaguely. En route to join Skystalker to pull his next drink, Rodimus shouts, "Your suggestions are terrible!" at Buzzkill. "Come on," he asides to Skystalker. "I need something good. I gotta beat him this time."

So the beeformers make 'honey' the same way Earth bees did? Huh. "Too bad Beachcomber isn't available, he would probably have had a hayday with this planet." Then hearing his name Hoist turns the other way to look at the Combaticon. "Oh, hello there Blast Off. Hopefully you've had better luck with your sampling than Air Raid did."

Grimlock settles in at the bar with the inevitability of an approaching glacier. He thumps the bar (not quite hard enough to dent it) and soon a keg of engex is pushed into Grim's hand. The dinobot opens it with a *KTSSCH!* and then tilts his head at Quicksight. "What. Propoganda and bad poetry?" He rumbles.

Vortex chuckles a little. "Whatever you say, Cap. Take your time, I'll be waitin' if you dare." Watching Rodimus and waiting for another challenge, he pulls a little something out of subspace, dropping them on the table. "Hey Raider, wanna see the finished product while the Cap preps for another loss?" He calls over his shoulder, holding one wing up to let the edges glint.

Jumpstart smirks back at Rodimus before turning around for her third drink. "Drink racing. This crew..." She's going to do her damnedest to finish off all of these drinks, but there's already a wobble to her step. Jumpstart is not the most robust mech.

Buzzkill frowns at Air Raid when he brings up a very good point. "That is.. true, but I don't know if.." She frowns harder and stares at her drink for a long time. It's worth a shot, isn't it? She vents a long sigh before grabbing the drink she discarded earlier, the one brimming with bottom-shelf robot bee barf, and downs it all in one go. As soon as it's gone, she refills it, steels herself for another round of torture, and swallows the rest of that one as well.

"Ugh, ugh, oh my god, no. No, that was awful. I can't.. ugh!" She shakes her head and flails her hands around as if that will make the taste go away. "Oof, ugh.. okay, I can do this.." She rises out of her seat and takes a step back before transforming into her bee form, wings buzzing frantically like she's still trying to shake off the taste. "Get me a glass!"

"It's dribbling down your face." Skystalker adds as Quicksight keeps downing the thicker drink. He looks up at Rodimus at his words, head tipping back and to an angle to look the captain in the face. "You want //me// to think of a contest for you and Tex? I don't know--" Sky edges around Rodimus to reach around and refill his glass with the golden stuff, taking cues from others. "What do you think, Quicksight?"

"..." Arcee glances from the tiny paper plane-folding to glance across at Punch quizically. "What, this? One time I rescued some colonists who were trapped in a hijacked shuttle station, and one of them showed me how to make these little planes as a token of thanks. Kind of a useless skill, I guess, but it's also relaxing to do. The process itself is relaxing." She stops for a moment to puff on her cig, her gaze turning for a moment to Buzzkill, and she watches briefly before looking back toward Punch. "This one is ready, I think," she tells him, and she puts the final folds into the mini-Raid plane. Then she points it in his direction, and lets it loose. "Zoom zoom."

"Yes," Blast Off replies a little distractedly to Air Raid while glancing over at Vortex, "He's... he's something else." Their recent talk flashes through his memory banks and his gaze returns to the Aerialbot. "Uh..." He looks like there's something he wants to say but when Hoist speaks his attention snaps to the large Autobot instead. "Ah." This is awkward. "Yes. I..." he glances to his drink, lifting it up, "My drink is reasonably good. Rich and earthy... too earthy. And aged in tree bark if I am correct, instead of a proper mineral casing." Blast Off might be a bit of a engex geek. Such a surprise. "I.." His expression pinches as he tries to think of what to say. "I... When we were down o--" Buzzkill's goinds-on distract him again and he stops to stare at her. What the smelt?

Road Rage enters Swerve's a little late, her gaze darting about the room as if looking for an enemy lurking in the shadow. "I didn't miss it, did I?" she says to no one in particular.

When she spots what remains of the alien engex, though, the edges of her optics crinkle as she beams under her face mask. She swoops to the bar to claim her glass. Forget getting plastered; Road Rage is here as a connoisseur, getting a little taste of what the wider universe has to offer.

"Yeah! No -- wait. Not just us. How about for everyone?" Rodimus pulls himself up to sit on the edge of the bar. The cask next to him wobbles dangerously but settles, to heavy to be so easily toppled. "Hey!" He cups his hands to help his shout lift over the heads of others present. "Very important contest. Three drink entrance fee. That is -- you can only play if you've already had three. Everyone who enters has to have a challenge for the others. If you lose, you drink. Last person up wins!" What do they win? He has no idea. He'll figure that out somewhere between drink four and ten. "Who's in and what's your challenge?"

Jumpstart swishes her drink at Rodimus's challenge. Only one thing to do: she downs it. Her third. Thus making her eligible for what is sure to be a terrible contest. Still...for Eukaris. Jumpstart slams her empty glass down on the countertop and lets the new fuel cycle into her systems. "I'm in." Jumpstart declares. She unhooks her wings, letting them trail behind her in a more Eukaran way. It's harder to keep things together with this much engex flowing.

"Oh hang on bee!" As Blast Off struggles to mingle with Hoist, Air Raid stumbles out of his seat to reach over the counter and snatch a big ol' jug. It's way too big. "Here! OVER HERE BEE!" He sets it on the bar just in time to catch a little folded plane. Aww it looks like him. Arcee gets a happy wave. "Oh I want to join! Lemme' just... drink this honey..."

Grimlock considers Rodimus' challenge. On the one hand, it's probably going to be stupid. On the other ... showing Rodimus up at his own game has a pleasure of its own. And so, Grimlock takes the small keg of engex he's been provided, and then raises it to his faceplate ... there's a few *GLUG GLUG* sounds, and then Grimlock crunches the mostly-empty can in his fist.

"How many does this count as?" Grimlock says, and throws the crumpled, empty keg in the general direction of Rodimus' head. It's festive. Really.

"Hold that thought, Blast Off. Swerve, Dinobot Mug, stat." Which Air Raid grabs as soon as Swerve manages to heave it onto the bar. Good for him. So he can turn his attention back to Blast Off. "You were saying?"

<FS3> Grimlock rolls Carousing: Success. (8 5 3 6 5)

Quicksight would be more than happy to fire something back at Grimlock, especially after that, but Skystalker's observation, and Rodimus' approach give him only enough time for a fiery glare before the scout nearly drops his glass on to the table, hurrying to whipe off what he can on his arm and scootch back a bit in his seat, as far as possible without actually falling off. His motions are a little rushed and a bit nervous, especially when Skystalker asks his oppinion. For something the captain asked "I, uh, I--"

Fortunately(?) Rodimus seems to have decided to seek an answer elsewhere. Three drink entrance fee, huh? He looks down at his remaining drink. Same stuff Skystalker was drinking earlier. He can totally just swallow this and -- no, no he can't just swallow. Bad idea. The minibot shudders as his whole body tenses, grabbing at the table. Frag, now he looks weak, doesn't he?

Vortex drops the wing, more or less and whips around. Raider seems busy ad he can pick those whenever. "So basically... Everyone dares you to do something and if you fail, you drink until you can't stand no more?" There's an ecstatic look about him, he's nearly vibrating. "I'm in too!" He's in for all the drinking games, of course. Then he watches that keg go. That looked a lil heavy now didn't it?

Blast Off looks over at Rodimus. Perhaps it's because Vortex is there. perhaps the drink got to his head. But whatever it is: His haughty is showing as he sniffs, "What, exactly, do we win if we had some insane urge to actually *join* this nonsense?"

Then back to Hoist. Oh god. He expects a reply now. The shuttleformer grows more nervous, wing elevon twitching once. "I... you." Cough. Deep breath. You can do this, Blast Off. You're sophisticated and everything! "...back... on Eukaris. You... you provided assistance. For me."

Before the plane zoom-zoom's over to Air Raid Punch says, "Beautiful." He remembers to flick his gaze away from Arcee to the plane for a fleeting moment as he says it. Punch adds a few touches to the smokey shapes assembled in the air. Yes. It couldn't be anything else. It's a smokey penguin. "Got anything for a beginner to learn?" Punch asks happily.

The moment calls in the form of Rodimus' challenge. For once Punch isn't answering. Like his comm-link Punch is otherwise unavailable. He waves vaguely to give a thank you for the kind offer but I'll politely decline vibe. Winning isn't everything. Turns out taking part isn't always needed either.

Bulkhead walks into Swerve's just in time to hear Rodimus' challenge. Oh yeah. He definitely wants in on that. Moving to the bar, quite quickly for his size in his excitement, Bulk slams his servos on the nearest free spot of counter he can find and grins at Swerve. "Barkeep! Three shots a your strongest!" He waits a beat, then, remembering what happened the last time he was in this bar, aka the damage he called, he added, "Please! Really appreciate you, man!"

Maybe it's the vicinity to the captain, or maybe it's that he's already down one and a half strong licks of Eukarian drink. In either case, Skystalker decides to down the rest of his second, and then a third like medicine. Oh man. IT sends bristles along his wingtips. "Okay, you've got me." Is this how you do it? Carouse? "I haven't done this in a long time, but... maybe?"

"My name is not bee, it's Buzzkill," Buzzkill (duh) snaps, climbing up onto the bar with help from her six legs. She has a feeling she is going to be saying that a lot. She snatches the jug between her front legs and huddles over it, wings occasionally moving in sudden bursts of buzzing as she pushes as much of her face as possible into the jug's opening. Slowly but surely she regurgitates a thick, syruppy substance not unlike the one she just ingested. There doesn't appear to be any difference between the two except the stuff Buzzkill just produced is slightly lighter in colour.

"Tell me if it worked," she says, nay, demands as she pushes the jug back towards Air Raid.

As first in, Jumpstart gets the widest and brightest of Rodimus's grins: "Yes! Okay! Jumpstart's first: what's your challenge for the rest of us?" He hops down from the bar, which has an entirely unintended bonus of dropping him beneath the sling of Grimlock's keg. It slips past the points of his helm with the lightest scrape, leaving Rodimus lifting his head with startled surprise. He considers Grimlock a sparkbeat, then says, "One." His gaze glints with three-drinks-in challenge.

Hoist tilts his head to one side as the typically wordy Combaticon seems to struggle with his words a bit, until his optics light up with realization. "Oh, that! Well, yes, I suppose I did." Hoist slaps his arm across Blast Off's shoulders. "Don't worry yourself about it. That's part of my job on the field, keeping the rest of you on your pedes. Besides, you were able to fly us out of that place falling down around our audials, so we're pretty much even old chap."

There, like the great guy he is Hoist saved you from having to actually say the dreaded t-y words. Isn't he so helpful?

While Road Rage is finding somewhere to settle with her drink, the captain gets on his table and shouts a challenge. She chuckles to herself as she watches the proceedings, but it is a forced sound. Unlike the others, she doesn't trust herself to just let go and join in the carefree carousing. Bulkhead pushing into a spot near her is enough to distract her, though.

"Do you really plan on getting involved in this?" she asks. Shaking her helm, she scans the room. "Where's Jackpot when you need to place bets?"

Grimlock takes a moment to take in the sight of Buzzkill's honey-barf, which is enough to make even the battle-scarred dinobot take a step back. "Something must have gone wrong with your beast mode. I only spit fire in mine. You should probably talk to an engineer or something."

But then, Rodimus has challenged him! Grr. Grimlock leans over to the bar, and neatly purloins two of the three drinks Bulkhead ordered, downing them in short order. "Fine. There's three." Grim says, and tosses the empty glasses carelessly behind him.

<FS3> Grimlock rolls Theft: Good Success. (1 6 8 2 7 1)

<FS3> Jumpstart rolls Dancing: Good Success. (5 1 4 8 8 4 2 5 3 7 2 5 6)

Bulkhead is just reaching for the first of his shots when a big, familiar servo reaches down and STEALS TWO OF THEM, WHAT THE FUCK. "Hey!" he protests. "Swerve! Two more, please!" He grumpily takes the last one and knocks it back before turning to the bot beside him. He has no idea who this is. But he still doesn't know who most of these mechs are, honestly. "Ya bet your aft," he responds, grin returning. "Dunno, he on this ship too? I been here maybe a week." His smile turns apologetic when Swerve comes back with his drinks and then they're gone, too, before any more Dinobots can steal them. "Ya should come over an' watch, at least. Should be entertainin' enough on its own."

Jumpstart is not quite in her right mind, the engex and its organic compounds messing with her Cybertronian senses. Nope, not a Eukaran. She steps towards Rodimus and is given the first challenge. So what does she do, looking at all the assembled mechs, the cream of the Cybertronian stock. "This is your challenge." She announces. "It's said that engex can interfere with your balance sensors, so that the room seems to be spinning. Nonsense." Jumpstart lifts one leg, then rises into the very tip of her foot, balancing perfectly. Then she spins. One revolution. Two. Three. Then down. "Go."

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Reaction+body: Good Success. (6 7 8 6 4 3)

<FS3> Vortex rolls Reaction+body: Success. (5 6 1 2 8 3)

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Reaction+body: Success. (4 1 3 4 8 6)

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Reaction+Body: Good Success. (8 5 1 5 2 7)

<FS3> Grimlock rolls Reaction+Body: Success. (2 8 1 1 1 1)

Arcee is absolutely ignoring any challenge to drink the syrupy-strong fuel. Pass out for what?? She only takes a challenge when there's something worth the effort. In the meantime, she can enjoy the rest of these mechs going completely insane. They're probably not going to remember it, save for Grimlock.

"Nice...well, whatever that is. Birdy," Arcee tells Punch as she watches his wispy smoke-penguin float away. "-- Oh, right! First lesson. Tetrajet. No, I can't make any that transform, that would require ridiculous skills. This is just for fun." She produces a plain sheet from subspace, then slowly folds it one step at a time so Punch can follow. "Creases are strong and even, the better you make them, the more flight-worthy your plane will be. Like so...and so...and there you have it. The finished product," she says, pushing the tiny tetrajet over to Punch. "If there's any napkins left after these nutty mechs stop puking, you can give it a try!"

"Dancing. Hnf."

What follows is ... ugly. But serviceable. The dinobot plants one foot, raises the other, and ... slowly manages an awkward spin. Really, he might just be rotating his waist joint the full 360 degrees, but what else can you expect from someone so large and killy? Still, balance is a key part of combat, and at least Grimlock is very, very good at that. "Well, that was dumb." Grimlock mutters, getting back to his own two feet, if somewhat shakily. "What's next?"

Air Raid just watches as Buzzkill barfs into the jug. He hadn't really thought this through. His faceplate manages to blanch. "Ohh... kay.... Lemme' just... um." There's a giant bee staring at him, he can't get out of this now. Tipping the jug into his empty shot glass, he attempts a sip. It's no better than his earlier attempt, as he hacks on the drink, choking on the foul taste. "Oh PRIMUS!" Hoist, where's Hoist! He flails around for his safety buddy, then falls out of his chair, oblivious to the dance contest going on.

"Oh yes." Rodimus has a truly idiot grin on his face as he watches Jumpstart. "Good! Good warm-up, good warm-up." He moves away from the bar to get room to rise on his toes. He may or may not wobble. He definitely uses a nearby table to rise. "I so got this!" Yes, good job, Rodimus, halfway there. He manages the spins, although not as well as Jumpstart, before dropping flat again on his feet. He wobbles only a moment. He watches to see if anyone falls and is forced to take a drink, but -- no. Alas. So he turns his attention to Grimlock. "Sounds like you're next. What's your challenge for everyone?"

Vortex moves on over closer to the drinking game troupe. Yes, this was his kind of crowd. He looks over to watch Buzzkill for a moment- DISGUSTENING- before all his attention focuses on Jumpstart as he bounces on his toes. Hopefully its a real challenge!

And... That was the lamest challenge ever. "Spinning? HAH! If I had my rotors, I'd show you spinning." Vortex gets on a toe and with a kick, starts to spin. One... Two... Three... He finally comes to a stop, wobbling just a bit. "Easy." He glances over at the sound of choking. Geez, didn't know Raider couldn't hold his engex.

Jumpstart watches the displays. "That will suffice." She looks from participant to participant. "Have to see who could hack it in a troupe." The beastformer reveals her ulterior motive. Then she goes to get a drink so as to be ready for Grimlock's challenge. "We're all going to die." She remarks to whoever will listen, while waiting to see what the dinosaur comes up with.

Again Blast off is distracted- this time by Buzzkill again. he watches in some kind of strange and sickened fascination as the bee regurgitates her meal. Ew. EWWW. What the slag. His face may have turned a slight shade of green, and it's not just the color reflecting from Hoist. Who replies- and thank Primus, even figures out what the Combaticon was trying to say. The shoulder slap causes him to stiffen and flinch, but he listens even while staggering back from the slap. He's a standoffish glass cannon, sorry Hoist. "Uh. Yes. Exactly." He gives a quick, relieved nod. "Doing our jobs. I'm... I'm glad we had this conversation." If it qualifies as such.

Everything else...well, he catches in flashes. Blast Off *almost* feels sorry for Air Raid over there. Violet optics stare as Raid /actually drinks it/. Ewww. Welp, the Aerialbot's got struts. No brains, but struts. He watches as the 'bot falls. Blast Off shakes his head. "That good, hmm?" That might be sarcasm. Rodimus on the other hand seems to ignore him, or maybe he doesn't actually have a prize in mind after all. Therefore, Blast Off decides he's got better things to do than join a silly drinking party. Because he wouldn't want to anyway. Yeah. *cough* He watches Vortex a moment, wondering how he does these things so easily, then takes a sip of his drink. The non-bee spit one.

Quicksight is still a drink short, and it takes him a moment to recover from his last one, so he doesn't join in on the spinning. Instead, he goes to get himself a new one. Maybe he'll be able to get through this one in time for the next one?

Skystalker, perhaps to someone's dismay, has no trouble standing up onto one toe, the cap a little forward heavy even so. Spinning? No problem! He spins with less practice than someone of Jump's caliber, but there is still a graceful turn in his step. "Easy. Come on, now. Should have made us do flips or something." Because that would have been a better idea?

Road Rage quirks an optic ridge at Bulkhead's eagerness to join the fray. Even now, mecha are starting to rocket from their chairs and dance on tables. It will only get worse, she knows. "You've got more of a tank than I do. Just do me a favor and win, because I might decide to place my shanix on you. Oh, yeah, and Jackpot's aboard."

Grimlock hmn? He shakes his head a little to clear the dizziness, and grunts over at Rodimus. "What, a challenge? Fine!" And with that, Grimlock grabs a chair from nearby, and demolishes it to its component struts with a single *SMASH* upon the floor!

"DARTS." Grimlock declares- and he wraps his other hand around the end of the metal strut, *TWIST*-ing it into an ugly and inelegant shiv-

A shiv that Grimlock immediately *THROWS!* across the bar, towards a circular dart-board on the far wall! You might want to duck.

<FS3> Grimlock rolls Melee Weapons: Good Success. (6 6 4 6 2 8 8 3 3 3 7 3 1)

<FS3> Vortex rolls Firearms: Good Success. (7 2 4 6 8 8 4)

Bulk just barely waits to hear this stranger's response; he's too eager to join. "Do my best, that's all I can promise." And, as he moves toward the spinning, adds, "Name's Bulkhead, by the way." Social graces just are not his strong point today. Whatever. He gets closer to Rodimus and the others and, as challenged, rises up on his toes, puts one leg up and - it's just about as ungraceful as Grimlock. Bulk is made for Big and Fighting, not Elegance or Spinning. But he just barely manages before his foot comes stomping back down. It'll do.

Then comes Grimlock's challenge - oh, this should be easier for him.

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Firearms: Good Success. (7 2 3 8 2 1 3 4 5 8 1)

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Firearms: Success. (7 3 3 2 1 2 6)

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Melee Weapons: Good Success. (5 7 8 3 6)

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Firearms: Good Success. (2 7 6 2 2 7 7)

<FS3> Jumpstart rolls Melee Weapons: Good Success. (6 6 7 8 1 6 1)

Air Raid is just going to lie prone on the floor, in between the barstools, as the place seems to erupt around him. "Shaddap Boff," he grunts.

"Wow, that was rude," Buzzkill says flatly in regards to Air Raid's reaction. Since that little experiment was a bust, she transforms back into her root mode, sitting on the edge of the bar and staring down at the Aerialbot.

Skystalker winces a little at the wrenching and throwing, making sure he's clear of it all. There are real darts for people who can't tear seats apart, at least? They get passed around accordingly as folks line up for darts. Clearly the drinking hasn't hit them hard enough because they still make things, even if things are wibble-wobbling.

Well, since Grimlock already smashed that chair apart--. Rodimus leans over to fish through the pile of shards after one of his own and measures the distance to the dartboard with a squint of his gaze. "Thought you said you were gonna make it a challenge!" he taunts Grimlock before throwing -- and thank Primus and all the Primes that he actually hits after that, because that sure would've been embarrassing. "Bulkhead! Tell me you've got something better for us?"

Vortex 'Whoops!' and pulls something sharp out of his subspace. Shiv, shank, scalpel, throwing star cut outta a data pad- whatever you wanna call it! It's sharp and throw able. Leaping onto a chair, he flings his arm around and the sharp object embeds itself right beside Grimlock's. "Haha! I thought you'd offer a challenge, Grimmy!"

Snorting a laugh, he hops off the chair to go over and nudge Raider with a pede. "Comfy down there, Raider? Makin' new friends with the... thingy?" Couldn't recall the name of it. He glances up, anxious for a new challenge, these were boring.

Quicksight finishes off his last drink quickly, nearly slamming the glass on to the table. THERE! Just in time for the next challenge too. Just watch, he can do this shit too! Okay, maybe not the barstool smashing, but he can do it without being charged with property damage. Grabbing a dart, he launches it at the board. His throw's a bit wobly, but hey, he did hit it, didn't he? No worse than anyone else either!

Jumpstart follows Rodimus's lead, snagging a shard. "Not difficult." Like the others in the room, Jumpsart is in the state of inebriation where ones skills are improved. This will soon go down hill, but for now...she lets it go. Bam! Got it.

"Bye bye birdy..." Punch finger waves at the smoke sculpture as it floats off. He then watches the steps to make the tetrajet. He does not get distracted at any point and just look over to Arcee. Honest. He actually doesn't get distracted by large metal things flying across the room. During the chaos unfolding Punch reaches behind the bar and gets some paper-like thing to have a go at what he paid partial attention too.

At one point his face creases up as he really believes that he can remember the step he missed if he thinks hard enough. When he realizes this is, in fact, impossible he holds up his effort so far and, smiling brightly at Arcee, says, "I may be stuck. As in I am. What do I do next again?"

Hoist lets Blast Off go before he can get any more awkwardly embarrassed by the situation. Besides, it looks like Hoist has got work to do, partially kneeling down next to Air Raid. "This is why the humans say polished fecal matter is still fecal matter." He turns his head a bit to Buzzkill, quickly amending. "Not which is directed at you miss. You only had subpar materials to work with, afer all." Then he tries to pick Air Raid off the floor. "Com'n you, can't leave you where Grimlock might step on you." Or worse. Dinobots breath fire, can you imagine what their puke would be like?

Blast Off has also been watching Grimlock with a wary eye. I mean, how can you miss the big Dynobot anyway? Especially when he's got just barely-controlled rage and Decepticon-hatred probably boiling right under the surface. Yes, Blast Off would be wise to stay far, far away. Yes. Wait, was that darts? A REAL contest- or AIM??? Blast Off strides over to the Dynobot, giving Air Raid an almost bemused sounding *HUFF* as he goes. "Now THIS is a contest of actual skill. So naturally *I* am sure to win." The Combaticon picks up a dart and with a smug smile (hidden under the faceplate) he strikes a pose, takes aim, and throws the dart towards the board.

<FS3> Blast_Off rolls Firearms: Amazing Success. (8 4 7 8 8 7 3 1 6 8 5 2 7 4 6 3)

THINGY!? That's even more insulting than just being referred to by your alt mode. "Shouldn't you be making a fool out of yourself in a series of ridiculous challenges that will most likely result in a crippling injury?" The darts, she's referring to the darts. Also she needs to work on her insults. "And my name is Buzzkill," she adds, scowling at Vortex.

Grimlock grumbles a bit as the other robots prove to be better at throwing things than he is. GREAT. "Hnnnnh." He rumbles, and turns his visor towards Bulkhead, curious to see what's going to be next. Silver lining, at least Grim got to break a chair.

A late entry: Rodimus's gaze whips from Bulkhead to Blast Off. "Whoa, hey! Hey! Blast Off! No showing everyone up unless you're in! You in? Did you have three drinks? Did you spin in a circle?" Important questions.

Before Road Rage even has the chance to say bye, the big mecha is gone. He's nice enough to give a name, at least, so she knows whose designation to provide to Jackpot. The translator begins to scan the bar, seeking out the infamous gambler, only to realize the situation is escalating to ridiculous levels (to the point that mecha are throwing things across the room).

Really, there's only one place left to go. Completely sober she may be, but that doesn't stop Road Rage from leaping the bar and settling in on the other side. From there, she settles in with her drink to watch the show.

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Fortitude: Great Success. (6 3 8 7 7 2 2 2 5 7)

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Fortitude-3: Success. (7 2 4 2 1 1 1)

Air Raid leers up at Buzzkill as Vortex nudges him with a foot. "Oi Tex why don't you try some, there's plenty! Uff." Hoist manages to peel him off the ground, and he leans too heavily on the shorter mech. "I'm okay, I'm good, he's not gonna' step on me, I'm too quick." Blast Off huffs at him from somewhere. He doesn't know where. He whirls around, looking suspicious. Phantom huff.

Arcee smirks slightly as she watches Grimlock and Bulkhead for a moment, then she looks back toward Punch. "I can't imagine what could possibly be distracting you in any way from this important lesson," she jokes. "Okay. Watch. Fold one...two...this third one forms the body of the plane...fourth one gives you the creases for the wings," she instructs Punch patiently. "Not too messy with the creases, or it might not fly. Tuck the wing-parts into the body of the plane, and you're set."

Bulkhead grabs another piece of the chair, hefting it and grinning as he aims. "I like this one." Then he lobs it at the dart board, and - oh. Well. It hit, but it hit near the edge. Scrap. "Ain't no bullseye, but it'll do." Oh, now it's his turn? Scrap. Imagination is also not his strong point, not when it comes to stuff that doesn't involve math. "'Course I do! My challenge is--" Think, Bulk, think. Then he glances at a nearby table, seeing an unattended, half-full, flimsy looking mug. This probably belongs to someone. Oh well.

He grabs the mug, downs what's inside, and crushes it against his helm. It does not go as smoothly as he'd have like and he's a little woozy but it still worked. "That. Do that."

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Fortitude-3: Good Success. (8 1 6 8 1 7)

<FS3> Vortex rolls Body+body-3: Success. (1 4 7)

Jumpstart watches Bulkhead smash the mug against his head. The beastformer is still for a moment, then looks down at her drink. She just downs it. "Done."

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Body+body: Success. (4 8 5 2)

Quicksight tries. Quicksight honestly tries to do this challenge. Yeah, it's not happening today. Or any day probably. He' built for speed, not strength and crushing mugs. Well, at least it's an excuse to have another drink?

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Body+body-3: Failure. (4)

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Body+Body: Success. (7 2)

Speaking of huffs, Air Raid, you're about to hear another, much louder one as Blast Off *HUUUUFFFFS* at Rodimus. "I beg your pardon?! I asked earlier and you ignored me-probably because I'm a Decepticon- so I should get entry due to unfair bias of the judges anyway! Because I assume you are the judge, correct? And besides, you're just jealous because I upstaged *your* little shot. And believe me, I *did*." He positively preens and peacocks the statement.

<FS3> Grimlock rolls Property Damage: Success. (8 4 3 5 4 6 2 3 4)

<FS3> Grimlock rolls Property Damage -3: Good Success. (7 6 4 2 2 8)

Whoa what? Skystalker hesitates at the next challenge, wondering how much he really wants to participate. Smashing things on his face? Oh... kay. Skystalker does find a mug not quite as big, but even so, when he lifts it to gamely smash it on his forehead, it just manages to leave a skid-mark across his brow before clattering to the floor. "Er..." Nope. He reaches up and over for a fill to the cup after he picks it off the floor.

Grimlock smooshes a can against his forehead, and tosses it carelessly to some corner of Swerve's. "I once headbutted a Decepticon marauder to death." He notes to Bulkhead, just as a matter of principle.

Hoist just sighs softly and props Air Raid on a stool. "Here." He grabs a glass from, well, he doesn't check other than making sure it's not the one Air Raid already chocked down from, and passes it to the Aerialbot. "Drink some of this and clear that... accidental concoction out of your systems."

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Body+body: Success. (7 1 6 4)

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Body+body-3: Embarassing Failure. (5)

The fire inside of Vortex has lulled into a nice warmth he can feel all over, even his fingers. Nice. "Way to go, Blasty!" He grins at his Combatibro. "And I'm tryin' Raider! But none of these challenges are any good!" Grinning, grabs a mug-the closest- and and headbutts it into smoosh-ville. Except, this one still had stuff inside it. Giving his helm a shake and dripping with syrupy engex, he puts his hands on his hips. "Alright, what's the next challenge! And for when I choose, what amount of bodily harm is allowed?" He snickers as Skystalker falls. Hah, weak.

"Ratchet is going to murder us." Rodimus's voice breaks in a laugh, so clearly he's forgotten just how dire that threat actually is. He reaches for an empty drink, staring at Blast Off and he huffs and puffs. "Oh. I get it. You're scared. Yeah, you don't have to if you're intimidated." And then he SMASHES THE MUG ON HIS HEAD. His very hard head, apparently. Taking some pity on Skystalker, he says, "Wow. Uh -- why don't you pick the next, huh?"

<FS3> Blast_Off rolls Body+body: Failure. (6 5)

<FS3> Blast_Off rolls Fortitude-3: Good Success. (8 7)

Air Raid downs Hoist's drink readily, then frowns at him. "Hoist...! You're supposed to be having fun!" Buzzkill's honey, gross or not, does seem to have some effect, as he's wearing a broad, dopey smile now. "Hoist, go out there and have fun!" Hoist gets a light nudge towards the center of the room.

There's not much for Buzzkill to do now except sit back and watch everyone get drunk and do ridiculous things and she's.. actually very okay with that. These Cybertronians are weird as hell and do really dumb things like, well, all of this but she's still happy to be a part of. She grabs the jug Air Raid didn't get a chance to finish and sips it. Then again, and again, steadily polishing it off as the night goes on. At some point she falls behind the bar and passes out. Oh well.

Punch tries to watch the steps more carefully. His level of success is comparable to last time. After the second instruction Punch says, "Distracted? Me? I..." Punch looks at Arcee while he pauses. Then, after a while, he continues jokingly, "... Sorry, what was I saying?"

Happily smiling it takes another moment before he actually resumes the folding. The result is a tetrajet. It's just been through the wars a bit is all. "Well, what do you think?" Punch says proudly holding up the sort-of-origami tetrajet.

Having forfeited when all the big mechs decided to smash things against their head, Jumpstart stumbles away from the fray. Four. Four of those damn Eukaran drinks. Not a mini but not a big bot either, Jumpstart settles in at a booth in the rear of Swerves and goes limp. Her blue optics contemplate the ceiling very intensely.

Arcee grins brightly at Punch, her cyberfangs showing. "Yay, you did it!" she tells him cheerfully. "At this point, you can either save it as your first prototype, and model future ones after it; or, if you think you can remember the steps, just let it fly around this place and see where it lands. Just remember, if you set it free, it might not return." She sips her own drink, which is lightweight fuel and a very sensible choice in the heart of all of this debauchery.

Blast Off casts a glance to Vortex's direction. "Thank you. I know, I'm magnificent." He has a healthy ego, at least. Which is then SINGED BY RODIMUS how dare. The Combaticon glares at his Captain. "Is that a CHALLENGE? I am afraid of NOTHING." He grips his mug- well ok first he finishes the drink inside because hey he doesn't want to waste free booze- and then he SMASHES the MUG on his forehead TOO. HA TAKE THAT RODIMUS.

Except the mug doesn't even break. Blast Off pushes harder. Still nothing. Violet optics go pale- and then he tosses the crumpled but intact mug away, looking off to the side somewhere. "It's a stupid contest anyway. Especially that. I am not stooping to such stupidity anyway. Surely someone can come up with something more *interesting* and less boorish?"

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Allure-3: Good Success. (1 2 1 8 4 1 4 4 3 7 8 6)

Skystalker downs his failure drink with a look at Rod that speaks so many volumes. Hey! "Mmm." The starfighter makes a loudly considering sound, looking around himself for some sudden inspiration. It's probably a bad thing that the nearby barkeep is so rapt on the contest. "Convince our lovely Swerve to give you a freebie." Skystalker, game enough, is the first one up to the bar, sidling up and giving the keep a smile first. Whatever he leans in to say to the minibot-- well-- it works. Somehow. Swerve looks passably stunned, though. Poor guy. Skystalker keeps the freebie for the next one he loses, meanwhile. He just beams over at the others and steps aside.

Grimlock hms? At Skystalker. "What? That's dumb. That's easy." And, easily enough, Grimlock tromps over to the bar, and LOOMS over Swerve. "GIVE ME A DRINK." Grimlock says in a mild bellow.

<FS3> Vortex rolls Flirting-3: Failure. (5 1 4)

<FS3> Grimlock rolls Command -3: Success. (1 2 5 6 8)

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Annoyingness-3: Good Success. (8 6 7 8 2 3)

<FS3> Blast_Off rolls Mercenary: Great Success. (3 6 4 7 8 7 2 8 8)

"Who says I'm not having fun?" Hoist replies to Air Raid. "I get to watch a bunch of you make drunk fools of yourselves and actually remember it happening the day after."

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Care For Creatures -3: Good Success. (5 4 7 4 7 4)

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Persuasion-3: Good Success. (6 7 8 6 3)

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Annoyingness-4: Failure. (4 6 5 5 3)

Air Raid tips back another drink, not a shot this time, something someone left on the bar. It mostly spills down his face. "Hey I'ma' remem'er this. What the shit are they doing now." Beat. "Run Swerve!"

Ooh, that might be a tough one, considering how terrible he was last time he was in here. But Bulk is determined to win - that bot at the bar said they'd be betting on him, he can't let them down! So he approaches the bar, and Swerve. He opens with a, "Hey, 'bout the other day..." And Swerve listens, faceplates tight, at first, until Bulk starts bringing up that he's heard Swerve is into Earth culture and music and shows. They should hang out sometime. They'd get along real well, he thinks. He wants to make friends and Swerve seems like a good bot to start with. Etc etc. It takes a bit but eventually, finally, Swerve passes him a new drink with a, "On the house." Bulk thanks him and finds that he's actually, yeah, he's gonna follow through on that. Thanks Sky.

Quicksight scowls a bit at Skystalker's challenge. Great, he has to go beg an Autobot for a free drink. Or maybe he could just pester him until he gives one up. Of course, pestering requires being able to properly articulate your words. Swerve's probably used to drunk mechs pestering him for freebies. Looks like this one's going to cost him after all.

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Body+body: Success. (4 7)

Rodimus leans forward as Skystalker persuades Swerve, trying to eavesdrop. He fails to catch it. "What did you say?" He crowds up against Skystalker, pulling on his shoulder. "What'd you say, what'd you say?" As the others take their turn, he comes around near the end to tell Swerve, "Hey, you know, I'll remember those drinks when it's time for you to renew your bar license. I'm just saying." Ah, corruption. What a classic. With his drink in hand, he pivots, looking for -- "VORTEX. You're up next!"

Blast Off staaares at Skystalker. Then he stares at Swerve. What? WUT. Blast Off has no people skills. He looks back to Skystalker. Back to Swerve. But he *can't* let Rodimus beat him again. Back to Swerve. The Combaticon strides up to the small Autobot, looms over him, and proclaims casually, "Give me a drink or I'll shoot you." Blast Off, your merc is showing. It works though- Swerve takes one look at that dart Blast off just threw and hands the shuttle a drink.

That all said, Hoist does pick up a can of energex for himself. Nobody said he couldn't have a nice casual drink while watching the wacky hijinks. He just ain't touching that 'special' stuff they were given. Not after watching Air Raid gag twice and Buzzkill trying to barf it into better brew because bees work that way.

"Hahahahaheeee, is that all?" This is gonna be easy, just gotta put on that good ol' Vortex charm. All of it. He waits for an opening before getting up on the bar, on his knees, and grabbing the minibot. He holds either side of Swerve's helm, dragging him forward, so close that their nose touch. "You're so fucking cute I could literally eat you up." He snaps his jaws... Shit, what next, uh... "Gimme a drink for free, ya nugget." It does not work.

Vortex releases the minibot and sits back up on the counter with a pout, rubbing his face. "Well damn... Guess I'll buy my drink, hehe... Huh?!" He looks back. "Me??? What are the limits to bodily harm?"

"Whose body?" Grimlock rumbles.

Rodimus just shrugs broadly. Bodily harm. SHRUG.

Skystalker still thinks it was good-- people fail at it, after all. He leans into the grab at his shoulder, flashing Rodimus a devious little smile. It suits the skidmark on his head, somehow. "I'm not telling you! You'll steal it! And then he won't like me!" Clearly it was WITCHCRAFT, Rod. He'll owe Swerve for it later, though. Oops.

<FS3> Blast_Off rolls Mercenary-3: Good Success. (6 8 4 3 4 8)

<FS3> Vortex rolls Melee Weapons-3: Good Success. (8 8 7 5 4 6)

"Okay safety buddy," Air Raid slaps Hoist's shoulder. "I'm going to safely head to my habsuite." So no one gets to watch me void my tanks. "It's been real, someone let me know who wins." He staggers on own, still toting his little origami jet.

Vortex grins. "EXCELLENT! SO! My challenge is... Turn to the person next to ya an eat their optic... Kidding!" Funny shit here. "Nah, my challenge is hmmmm... Oh!" He sits down on a stool and takes out another sharp object, a tiny knife. "Do this." He twirls the knife in his hand and then slaps a servo on the counter before stabbing the knife through his fingers at wicked speeds. He looks away and still goes on. "Bye Raider! Don't forget your- you know what, I'll just give 'em to you later!" He stops, leaving lots of slices and holes in the counter. "Anyways, do that."

From partially to fully distracted in one smile Punch idly tries to take a draw from his cig which, to be fair, he put down on the table to do paper folding. He looks at his empty hand then back to Arcee. Maybe it passed unnoticed. He then looks at the tetra-gami-jet and, after a moment's thought, says, "I'll hold on to this. It's a first. I like firsts, they've worked out really well for me." Slighting the paper-jet away Punch adds, "I'll also have something for the habsuite." Recovering his cig Punch takes a draw from it hoping it doesn't make his previous mis-smoke more noticable.

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Melee Weapons-5: Embarassing Failure. (1)

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Melee Weapons-3: Failure. (1 3 2 4 5)

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Body+body: Failure. (6 2)

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Body+body: Success. (4 4 7 1 1 4 1 1)

Grimlock hmmms at Vortex- and then he neatly leans over, plucks the knife from the Combaticon's fingers ... at which point he starts stabbing the table between VORTEX'S fingers. That's what he said to do, right?

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Melee Weapons-3: Good Success. (6 4 8 8 5)

<FS3> Grimlock rolls Melee Weapons -3: Great Success. (6 5 1 7 6 8 7 1 7 6)

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Melee Weapons-3: Success. (8 3 2)

Hey, this is right up Quicksight's alley! He even has his own knives! He can totally do this! Or, he could at least, if he had at least some sembalnce of manual dexterity left. Now all he has are manual injuries. Ouch. And a drink, his 6th for the night. For a little guy like him, that is a lot. Maybe he'll rest his head. Right here. This table looks comfortable. It's not spinning as much at least.

Oh, so all he's gotta do is play Russian Roulette with his digits? He's done that before, it's not so bad. Bulk heads to the nearest surface and, hey, he does have a knife in his 'space, who knew (would've been useful for the dart throwing but whatever) and he's all confident grins and stabbing until - woops. Ow. Frag. That was a slice of his digit he just knifed off. "Fuck." He's buzzed he's allowed to use that word. "Guess I gotta take a drink." He has yet to touch what Swerve gave him so now is the time and Bulk swallows a good portion of it, even as his sliced digit leaks energon on the table. He'll find a napkin or something later.

<FS3> Blast_Off rolls Reaction+reaction-3: Good Success. (7 4 2 8 7)

"What?" Blast off bristles at Vortex's joke, proceeding to give him a bit of a DEATH GLARE. Not funny, bro. Then Tex elaborates and Blast Off siiighs. Air raid leaves and the shuttle stifles the odd urge to leave with him. He'll have to talk to the jet another day. If he does. Ever. He's still working on it. Ok, now back to this. Ugh. Blast off picks up a knife. For some reason he looks at Quicksight. He gives the small Con a reaaallly long look while holding the knife in his hand, letting it gleam and everything, though sadly the scraplet seems to doze off instead. Whatajerk. Ah well. He grits his dentae and stabs, demonstrating pretty good skill for someone who doesn't handle a knife very often. His aim is impeccable though.

Gearshift enters the bar with a smile.

Suddenly, Rodimus is wishing he actually paid attention during Drift's lessons. How sword lessons would translate exactly to not-stabbing-hand lessons isn't entirely clear, but there's a connection of some sort. He can feel it. He -- doesn't do it with nearly the same flair as Vortex (or, wow, Grimlock), but he manages. He lifts his head to see who is left, and who is missing fingers. Seeing Quicksight's head go down, he looks around to find Jumpstart out as well. "Who are we down to, now? Vortex, Bulkhead, Grimlock, Skystalker -- I can't believe you're still in," he asides. "Oh, Blast Off. Let's see." He pauses. It's his turn, isn't it? "I feel like everyone is doing way too well at this. Ante up with another couple of drinks then recite the first section of the Autobot code. Take a drink if you mess up. AND DON'T COMPLAIN BLAST OFF: You guys should know this too, since it's the rule of the ship."

Arcee winks at Punch, still grinning. She sips her drink, watching the stabbing game for a moment before looking back toward the spy at her table. "Are you feeling left out of fun, yet? Because I'm definitely not. Something in me needed to see this. It probably would have been quieter in the hab, but...this is like free entertainment, you know? Just...couldn't pass it up."

<FS3> Grimlock rolls Command -4: Success. (6 6 7 4)

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Command-5: Good Success. (4 6 8 8 7 5)

<FS3> Grimlock rolls Command -5: Failure. (2 6 3)

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Command -6: Embarassing Failure. (5)

Grimlock stares at Rodimus for a long, long moment. "Uuuuuuuh."

Grimlock is a model Autobot. Honest.

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Mind+mind-5: Failure. (5)

Gearshift walks to where the crowd has gathered and waves greetings to everyone. She gets a bit quiet when she sees Bulkhead, given she still didn't quite get the point of 'we're cool' across to him before.

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Body+body: Good Success. (6 7 4 2 5 6 8 3)

<FS3> Vortex rolls Info Gathering-6: Good Success. (6 5 8 7 4)

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Body+body: Failure. (1 2 1 5)

<FS3> Grimlock rolls Fortitude: Great Success. (7 2 5 5 4 8 2 7 7 4 1 8 5)

Bulk sees Gearshift join the crowd and maybe it's because he's too shocked and worried over her arrival that what comes out of his mouth is, "What? Autobot what?" And then he realizes what he's said and what's happening and. Frag that. He doesn't even bother trying again, and gulps another large portion of his drink down. He's definitely feeling it now but he will keep going until he passes the fuck out on the floor.

Skystalker doesn't have a sharp object-- so he'll borrow one from someone else. Maybe a shard of that chair from earlier. Still, it;s stirring how infected he has gotten by this, and even as Quicksight falls asleep he only gives the minibot a glance before setting into the knife tricks. He goes-- extremely fast. The movement blurs, and when he finishes the set skystalker leaves the sharp thing in the surface of the table and stands straight, tossing fists above his head. "HAH! Of course I'm still in. What." He drops both hands to glare at Rodimus, amber eyes a little sharp.

"Shit." Maybe not still in. Skystalker tosses back enough that the recitation of the code strikes him out and he even knuckles at his temple before accepting the failure. He only gets-- half of the last drink in his mouth, though. Skystalker sputters a bit on it and stumbles into the nearest table to try and keep himself upright. "Frag."

Vortex watches in, some would thing far too eager delight as the stabbing begins. He giggles a little as two unfortunate souls start leaking energon. Ah, yes... That's some good stuff right there. He grabs his drink from the loss last round and downs it. If he notices Blast Off's glares, he sure doesn't act like it. Everyone else seems to do fine. Dammit... He shrugs and puts his sorta knife away- once the dinobot got his fill of almost stabbing him. Try harder next time, Grim- setting his drink down. Oh, the lights are flashing just right. And then they have to drink more.

"WOO! PARTY!" He slugs down a syrupy burn drink and something else, he doesn't even know anymore. Alright... He clears his vocalizer.

"The Autobutt code, Part one? No! Section one..." And then he manages to ramble it off with good success. He grins and looks at Rodimus. "Should we do Artible two now? I can do this aaaaaall night." He shutters an optic with a wink. Hot damn look at those flames. "I 'member citin' this to bots who were all hoity-toity about their badge. Sure took some wind outta them..." He says to himself, mostly. Then he usually started taking stuff outta them.

<FS3> Blast_Off rolls Mind+mind-5: Success. (7)

Gearshift gets her drink -a rewind- and squeezes in next to Bulkhead "So what's going on?" She asks the plastered green mech.

Rodimus's delight cackle as Skystalker fails is cut short by the SOUND FAILURE on the part of MODEL AUTOBOTS Bulkhead and Grimlock. "Really, guys? REALLY? You're letting down the team like that?" He steps over to help Skystalker steady with an arm under his shoulder and a quick glance to make sure he's okay, absent-minded in his care as he waits to see the Decepticons STUMBLE AND FAIL. --not fail. He stares at Vortex in horror. "You gotta be kidding me."

Blast Off complains anyway. "THAT IS A CLEAR BIAS. We should be allowed to recite either the Autobot code- or... Towards Peace. See, now THAT would be fair. And just to prove his point, and stick it to the Man, Blast Off drinks- and then recites the rules he was forced- FORCED- to learn from the Autobot Code. At least enough to show he remembers them. He DOES take his job seriously. And THEN he throws in a few lines from Towards Peace /JUST BECAUSE/. Because rebel.

Oh, she's talking to him. In a friendly way? Uh. "We're playin' a drinking game." Being friendly back seems right. "Ya come up with a challenge when it's yer turn, and if ya fail you take a drink. 3 drinks entry fee."

"What was that bit at the end?" Rodimus says oh-so-casually. "Sounded kind of dumb."

"I mostly stopped paying attention after that 'Freedom is the Right of All Sentient Beings' part." Grimlock notes. "Just get the general parts down, and the rest follows."

Skystalker is balanced awkwardly on his toes and heels as he grips the table, his optics swimming a bit as Rodimus hefts him back upright. Hrrrrg, why is this place sideways? He turns his face to the captain, features surprised as if only noticing him for the first time. He lifts the hand not slung around the captain to cup it around the far side of his face and bring it clumsily close, fingers drunken in their affectionate *smush* of cheeks and face. "Rodimus! Oh my god--" Hey.

Gearshift looks around at the drunken mess of mechs and lets out a bright laugh "Who's winning?"

"Me." Grimlock notes, despite any evidence to support such a statement.

Primus! Rodimus's face! Vortex can't help but cackle. "You're stupid hot!" He croons to Rodimus, leaning on the counter with a grin that said he was decently sure that was an insult somehow. "Sooo, wha's next? I think it's Blasty's turn? Let Blasty choose! Blasty so good at picking. Like how he picks people before BLAM their heads 'splode."

"Ey, I'm doin' pretty good too!" Bulk protests, even though he's lost the last two rounds and everything is starting to feel kind of fuzzy.

Gearshift is glad to see even Grimlock is in good spirits. "Can I join?" She asks anyone really "Or is it too late?"

Arcee is not the only one at the table grinning. "I've been having lots of fun. Not feeling left out anything at all." Punch puts his cigless hand up on the tabletop. "I know what you mean though. Great to get out of the habsuite and see the kids at play. Entertainment is quite good." Punch winks before saying, "The company's better." After another draw from his cig Punch takes a brief glance to the goings on then back to Arcee.

"Yep, that's me! Hi, Skystalker!" Rodimus's gaze turns to Skystalker as his head is dragged around for a smush. He grins, laugh light and easy, and bonks his helm against Skystalker's with quick affection that has rather more to do with their first years than the tension of the last months. "Let's get you seated, huh?" He reaches out to hook a chair with his foot and pull it over rather than try steering Skystalker to a different table, then helps him back down into a seat. He keeps his hand on his shoulder so he can't slide off. Looking up to meet Vortex's croon and grin with a -- puzzled?? smile?? should he be flattered?? should he be annoyed?? -- lift of his chin, he glances at Blast Off next. "Okay, Blasty. Your pick. Gotta make it good for Gearshift over there -- it's her first round."

Gearshift starts to sweat, or she would if she could.

"If Gearshift's joining, she needs to start drinking!" Grimlock declares, and reaches over the bar (it pays to be tall) to scoop up a small keg of engex, which he neatly tosses in her general direction. "THAT COUNTS AS ONE. Blame Rodimus."

"Should count as about ten, judgin' by her size!" Okay Bulk is all about getting other bots plastered but yeesh, look at her, she's tiny. "That counts as one for you, Grim!"

Gearshift bristles at being coddled and says "I'll drink this." She insists, locking her gaze on Grimlock. Challenge accepted big guy. She's going big or going home.....or possible to Medical.

"Hey, don't let me stop you from playing with knives, or dancing, or, um, drinking that experimental fuel, I mean 'gift'," Arcee chuckles at Punch. "If that's what you'd want to do." She already knows Punch isn't interested in the grand celebrations of the evening, at this point she's merely teasing him. "Next folding lesson will be a hovercar. Sort of Blurr-style. It's not quite as interesting as the planes because...well, the cars aren't as aerodynamic, obviously. But they look good on a shelf."

Skystalker laughs brightly at the 'Hi'!, optics crinking and nose doing the same when he grins back at the soft bump of their foreheads. His hand drops, clapping up against Rod's shoulder. "A seat sounds nice..." As the seat gets tugged near, he uses his free arm to try and center it before sliding slowly down into it with the assist. "Get me when its over, Hot Rod?" Maybe he'll be forgiven for the slip up, because in the next few moments, Sky is nestling his face into his arms facedown on the tabletop, feet askew and wings at rest.

<FS3> Blast_Off rolls Reaction+reaction-5: Success. (3 8 2)

Well, so much for trying to help the minibot out. Bulk gives a gruff vent and crosses his arms, deciding to stare off into the distance at - whoever that flier is that's just passed out where Rod put him. He softens a little. Primus, that's adorable. Like watching a kitten. "We gonna get a new challenge any time soon or what?" he asks, loudly, even though it's probably coming soon, but he's impatient.

"No fair drinking for your Girlfriend, Bulkhead." Grimlock notes, as a matter of principle. Perhaps the free-flowing fuel has loosened his proverbial lips, or perhaps he's just that talented at being a jerk. Either way, emotions are for the weak, etc.

Blast Off should probably look more horrified as Vortex points out his ability to make people's heads explode- but he doesn't. At all. In fact he looks kind of smug. "Yes, true." But there's more to the Combaticon than his merc days, as will be evident soon as Rodimus agrees to have him pick the next step. He may not have people skills, but he does have *high class*. He looks to Gearshift. "Then I pick something to bring the class of this contest up just a bit. Try to keep up, alright?"

He strides over to Gearshift- and reaches out a hand. Yes, aloof and standoffish Blast Off reaches out a hand like a gentlemech. "May I have a dance?" The shuttleformer takes her hand, and executes a quick, graceful routine. The picture of refined elegance. Ok, except that he's had a bit to drink... but still, he does pretty good. "Thank you, Gearshift." He looks to the others. "Pick a partner and let's see you do some high class like that, IF you're capable."

<FS3> Gearshift rolls Dancing: Good Success. (7 1 8 2 5 1 5 5 2 5)

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Music -5: Success. (6 7 2 5)

<FS3> Gearshift rolls Dancing -5: Good Success. (4 8 2 7 7)

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Style-5: Good Success. (7 2 7 2 1 6 4 8 1)

Vortex is reaching for another drink, just looking to wreck his FIM chip further as he waits for the next challenge. "Yeeeaaah, drink up if you wanna hang with us big kids, squirt. Right, Grimmy?" He lifts a servo up for a high-five. Because all this highgrade and engex says he can only hope it happens.

Vortex is immediately sitting up though. Huh, what? "We already danced! But okay... THEN IN THAT CASE I CHOOSE RODIMUS!" He looks over at the Captain with a broad, sloppy grin. "You and me, let's tear it up."

Gearhisft can't help but smirk. Her first challenge and Blast off was playing to her advantage. She takes the lead after his little display and shows him what she can do. Who knew the mini could twirl so easily? Her movements are fluid and smooth as she leads Boff in a waltz across the bar to the music.

"Dancing. Bah." And so, Grimlock just reaches out and grabs hold of Bulkhead, since that green guy is the closest thing available. What happens is certainly not a dance, and more akin to one of those fighting-manual diagrams as Grimlock extends-dips-and otherwise manipulates the poor engineer. That is, before Grimlock just *DROPS* him on the floor. That's part of the dance, right?

<FS3> Grimlock rolls Body+Reaction -6: Embarassing Failure. (1)

<FS3> Vortex rolls Enthusiasm+44: Good Success. (2 4 8 5 5 2 3 8 3 1 3 1 6 2 1 6 6 7 1 2)

Punch can't help but laugh softly at the teasing. "I'm sure I'll struggle on somehow." When he hears the latest challenge by Blast Off Punch says nothing. After a pause Punch says, "Looking forward to it. At this rate I'll have quite a collection." If he can pay enough attention for long enough to take in and remember all the steps for the hovercar design.

<FS3> Grimlock rolls Fortitude-6: Good Success. (5 6 4 6 7 8 6)

"Not my girlfriend, I'm just tryin' ta be nice!" is all he gets out before, welp, Grimlock has just grabbed him and now they are dancing. Bulk does a pretty good job, for a big mech who never really bothered with actual dancing. Until the Dinobot straight up DROPS HIM ON THE FLOOR. He grunts, more out of irritation than pain. "Primus, ya coulda been a little more careful!"

"YOU COULD HAVE BEEN A LITTLE LESS WEAK." Grimlock notes as he kicks back his penalty drink. Dancing is dumb. Drinking is more interesting.

"You had the lead, the whole point was for me ta follow!" Nah he's not doing that. Bulk picks himself up off the floor he's not having this argument. He considers losing the next round on purpose so he can drink more.

"You're going down," is not usually what someone says to a dance partner, but--! Rodimus grabs hold of Vortex with a grin, happy to meet that challenge. He dances -- drunkenly. But with a certain style?? It's very Rodimus, whatever it is, which means that it's show, demands attention, and -- yes. Yes, that means he pulls Vortex up onto a table.

Gearshift happily hands the half-keg over to Bulkhead "I believe this is yours now" She teases.

Arcee laughs as she watches all of the very bad, drunken dancing going on, and she gives Punch a knowing look of amusement. "So who's going to win this thing? And by winning, I mean, who's going to walk out of here on their own power, other than us?"

Vortex laughs as he's grabbed and pulled along. Just from the years spent with Blast Off, he instinctively knows what to do. He knows exactly where to put his hands and damn does he enjoy it. He follows Rodimus along, just as drunkely but with a buzzing excitement. His optics sweep over that flamed chest, and next thing he knows, they're on a table. Vortex giggles. "Nice but if you really wanna show Blasty up, one of us has gotta get tossed in the air."

Measuring Vortex with a glance, Rodimus says, "Well, that's definitely gonna be you." He, after all, is a MUSCLE car, and Vortex flies. It's what he does. When their dancing (showboating) ends, he tosses Vortex at Blast Off. Let's hope it goes better than the last time he threw Vortex at Blast Off, huh? "Bulkhead! Your challenge!" Does he get down from the table? No. He stands there. Now he's tall.

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Body+body: Good Success. (8 8 7 2 6 1)

<FS3> Blast_Off rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (3 7 2 8 4 8 5 1)

<FS3> Bulkhead rolls Body+body -5: Good Success. (7 8 6)

Blast Off may have actually been shown up by Gearshift, who keeps her steps light and skillful, but he doesn't seem to mind. In dancing, when she looks good, you look good. He steps in (more or less) time with her as they waltz across the floor. SEE, Boff knows culture even if he's a dirty merc too. When they finish, he gives her a warm nod. "Thank you." He is less amused, however, when Rodimus dances Vortex- right into a TABLE. Wait WHAT? The shuttleformer freezes, the Captain making a MOVE on his BROTHER??? His fists clench and unclench as he watches the two. "I DID NOT SAY- that is not- DANCING ON TABLES ISN'T CLASSY."

He doesn't get to continue long. "No. NO. Don't you /dare/, Rodimus. I cannot believe you are going---gahh!" Too late. Rodimus /throws his brother right at him/. //Again//. Catching Vortex isn't hte problem. No, the shuttle has good reflexes. Instinctively, he flings his arms out and catches Vortex. The problem is he has no strength- and he's drunk. The impact sends Blast off flying to the floor in a tangle of Combaticon limbs, bristles and huffing, at least on Blast Off's end.

Vortex is actually quite graceful in the air. Like a gymnast or acrobat soaring. He sticks his messed up glossa out at Grimlock as he passes by his line of sight, quite possibly winking and thankfully not having enough time to flip him off at him before he starts descending. And then strong, familiar arms. He curls up into them, completely unaware of the fall. He looks up. "Heya Shuttlebug." He reaches up and boops his nose before pushing himself up, wobbling. "Yeah! Challenge things! Woo!"

His turn again. "I got a fun one," Bulk claims, grinning again, engex buzzing powerfully through his frame. He grabs Rodimus with a, "Sorry, bud. But also I ain't sorry," before tossing their esteemed captain up into the air. Not too high, at least, he tried not to throw too high, his judge of space is not great right now, but he still catches Rodimus with barely any fumbling. Barely. Again, not a great judge right now. At least he sets Rodimus back on his pedes in a very gentle way. "Let's see what ya got!"

Grimlock rolls his neck a bit, and grunts. "Welp." He declares. "This is stupid." What, with the dancing competitions and all. With surprisingly steady feet, the dinocommander makes for the door. "You all enjoy your dancing contest or whatever. I'm going to recharge." On the one hand, this could be an admission of defeat. On the other, Grimlock is a BRILLIANT TACTICIAN, and thusly knows when to pick his battles.

Also he'd probably tear your arms off if you sass-talked him too much.

Gearshift glowers at this challenge. She could only be tossed, not actually toss anyone here. "Frag." She swears, in her buzz. "Just give me a drink so I'm wasted when someone throws me" She groans.

At the apex of Bulkhead's throw, Rodimus bursts out into a laugh that's yet to fade as he's set on his feet. He looks up at Bulkhead with eyes bright and a wide grin. "That was awesome! Do it again!" He thumps Bulkhead's arms demandingly. He should be throwing someone else. Instead-- well. It's only when he hears Gearshift that he remembers it's his turn. He eyeballs her and then steps over to pick her up with a sweep. "Okay, not voiding your tanks on me if you get airsick, got it?" Then he -- oh dear. He throws her.

"... I'll get back to you on that one. As, honestly, I couldn't possibly say." In Punch's estimation it could be some, any, all or none of them that survive the onslaught of the challenges and the drinks. Punch sees and hears the results of the dancing in the bar. Should've done the prep beforehand. He's just not saying. When the next challenge is announced Punch adds, "I changed my mind. None of them."

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Body+body+44: Good Success. (8 4 1 1 5 2 6 2 4 6 6 6 5 8 7 1 6 2 6 2)

Gearshift lets out a yelp as she's suddenly lifted, warned about vomiting, and thrown. Oh Primus She prays he catches her.

AND Rodimus catches Gearshift. It's amazing. It's really, truly amazing.

Gearshift is more than happy to be on the ground again. "I have a feeling you won't be the first to toss me." She blushes and gulps. That was certainly an experience.

Vortex laughs as Rodimus is tossed in the air. HAHA! "YES! Someone throw me again!" Oh, Grimlock is leaving. No sooner has the door closed behind Grimlock than Vortex has started stomping and roaring rather mockingly. He stops to giggle. "Man, what a quitter. Figures, he's so boring..." He squints. Wait, who can he even throw... "Squirt! Squirt, c'mere. I gotta throws you too."

Arcee watches Bulkhead for a bit, then turns and looks at Punch. "Are you finished? If they're like, literally getting ready to throw each other around, then I'm ready to return to the hab when you are."

Gearshift reluctantly goes to Tex "Please just catch me" She asks. That's all she wants: to not have to go to medical.

<FS3> Vortex rolls Body+body-6: Embarassing Failure. (1)

Blast Off stares up at Vortex lying on top of him, and there's a faint blush of his circuits as the rotary boops his nose. All he can do is HUFF and then scramble away, dusting himself off. "Well I *never*..." He mutters about all things uncouth for a moment. Then stares as people start throwing... each other around??? "I am NOT going to demean myself so far as to *toss* someone across the bar!" Also there's no way he could, either.

Punch stands, "Okay, let the amateur acrobatics play itself out." He then offers his arm, "I'm ready to go now. Shall we?" Punch, whilst waiting finishes his cig and vents out shaplessly. It's good to get out for a while but it's even better to get back home.

Vortex's grin widens, picking the minibot up. He cradles her for a moment, testing her weight. His claws click agains her before he bends his knees. "Of course I will!" He laughs before tossing her with a bit of a hop in his stop. Except, she doesn't go straight up, she goes up and in a direction. "Shit, shit, shit..." He mutters, taking off with his hands held up to great her. Wait, where'd she g- "Ack!" His legs get tangled up in that chair wreckage Grimlock made. He stumbles and falls, face smacking into the edge of the table. There's a definite THWACK and it's clear the table won because down he goes, laying face down on the ground. "'Nother drink, nugget..." He mutters, Gearshift long gone from his drunken thoughts.

Arcee nods, getting up and linking her arm into Punch's to take leave of Swerve's. "I don't mind getting hit by a fist or a table, but I draw the line at mechs being flung across a room," she tells Punch conversationally, her voice fading as the two head out.

<FS3> Gearshift rolls Body+body-5: Success. (8)

Gearshift doesn't have time to react before the shits the floor with an unceremonious thud. She whimpers and groans as she sits up slowly. "Okay. I think I'm done." She says with a certain finality to her voice. "Have fun you guys I. everything hurts."

Bulkhead can see when Shifty's throw goes bad, and he's already moving when Vortex slams face-first into a table. He's the one who decided on this challenge, and, yeah, it's probably, a good time, to get the fuck out of there, before Gearshift lands. He really doesn't want to deal with that guilt. Besides he should probably get back and check on Buzzkill, she seemed to be having a, well, a very strange time earlier. He'd tried not to look too hard.

Blast Off watches Vortex slam into a table and just siiighs. The shuttleformer shakes his head and walks over to his Combatibro- where he shakes his head at him there, too. He pokes a rocket foot at Tex's body. "I am going to be quite cross if I have to carry you home, Vortex."

As the increasingly wild drunken shenanigans predictably end in disaster, Rodimus passes by Gearshift, checking to be sure she's on her feet and able to hobble off, before going to sit on the table looking down over Vortex. He leaves the poking to Blast Off with a grin in his direction. "I'm gonna take this as 'I win'."

There's a pause before Vortex rolls over with a plop. "You always cross." And then he grins, energon coming from his nose. It's alright. He gives the Captain a thumbs up. "You win, Cap. Hehe, that was fun. Nex time, let's do a Combaticon style dare-off. Win that and... I dunno, somethun' special!" He laughs. "... ... ... Shuttlebuuuuug." He lifts his arms up up floppily. 'Carry me!' the gesture says.

Blast Off looks up as Rodimus comes to sit on the table and just grin down at them like a cheeky trukmunkey. The shuttleformer's armor plates bristle and his mouth opens, air sucking sharply in in preperation for a protest. And then it expels with a roll of his optics and another soft huff. He's too drunk and tired for this. His hand comes to pinch the bridge of his nose. "Fine. FINE. I still wiped the circuitboard with the lot of you when it came to that most excellent dart- and dance."

His face brightens a bit as Vortex comes to and his foot stops kicking at the other Combaticon. Then optic ridges lift and he appears to smirk as he looks up at Rodimus. "Heh, yeah. I'd like to see you win *that* Captain... now *that* and..and...wellll 'Tex is right." Blast Off might be a bit drunk and might be beginning to feel it. He looks down at Vortex and-- SIIIGH. "My name's not *shuttlebuuuug*, you blathering... blabber...bugger...butter...bro..." he blinks, trying to think of some erudite insult and failing miserably. "OH, FINE." With a huff he reaches down to pick his bro up. "You owe me. Again."

Rodimus shoots a sloppy fingergun down at Vortex, who is much too drunk to appreciate it. "Next time," he promises. As the wise scatter to avoid reprisal, or gather up their friends to help them back to sleep it off, he waits just long enough to ensure that there are no challenges to his claim of victory -- and then goes to pick up Skystalker and help him find his back to his habsuite. They leave wreckage and ruin behind. What a good night.

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