2016-04-30 Explode With Emotion

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-04-30 Explode With Emotion
Date 2016/04/30
Location Vortex and Windrose's Habsuite
Participants Blast Off, Vortex
Summary Blast Off is so CROSS with Vortex that they end up having a pretty nice conversation. Sorry about those emotions you're having, bro.

Blast Off has never been to Vortex's habsuite. The aloof shuttleformer tends to keep to himself, even when it comes to people he actually cares about like the helicopter. He's just not one to intrude on someone's *space*. He's not even sure he wants to know what Vortex's space looks like these days, though it's probably better than it was during their mercenary days. That changed, though, when Blast Off received a message from Air Raid telling him that Whirl and Brainstorm had used an experimental weapon on his Combatibro. The Combatibro Blast Off has felt guilty for leaving on Eukaris, even though he was ultimately able to escape and rejoin the ship safely. Blast Off left a fellow Combaticon behind. It's eating at him, and he's not leaving him alone again. Not this time. He's going to get to the bottom of this.

There's a knock on Vortex's door. "Vortex, it's me. Are you there?"

Vortex looks up from his work. One wing finished, and the other he was wrapping up. Sleep? Who needs sleep??? Sleep is for the weak. He sits there a moment, unsure who- ah! That was Blast Off's voice. Grinning beneath his mask, he slips off his berth to answer the door. He doesn't look any better than he did with Air Raid just the day before but he does look happy to see his fellow Combaticon.

"Blasty! Hey, come in! How're you? How's your arm?" He steps aside for him. His room is still pretty pristine with organized tools, holo-pictures, and that spot on the floor cleaned up. If anything, the room smelt coppery and a bit burnt from his work lying on his berth.

As the door is answered, Blast Off gazes down, violet optics calm as he takes in the sight of his old teammate. Then he lifts his head to peer inside, hands clasped behind his back, attitude aristocratic and unhurried. At the word *Blasty* his lips part under his faceplate, ready to offer protest, then he decides not to waste his breath. His lips press together and he steps inside the habsuite instead. Blast Off then eyes the severed wing on the berth. "Vortex, I thought you weren't doing that sort of work anymore. Though... hmmm, that looks like Air Raid's wings." Hmm. He waves his hand briefly, dismissively. "Carry on then."

Once the door closes after Blast Off, Vortex hops back into his berth, beaming. "It's not that work, Blasty. Besides, you and I both know I had to give up my collection." Collection of what? No one but Combaticons are allowed to know. Taking the finished wing, he angles it so light can glint off it. He may have made some cosmetic fixes for scratches and neaten up the torn ends. Want their reattachment to be easy. "I'm blading the edges for Raider. No more tearing these off, no siree!" He looks at Blast Off expectantly.

At the mention of Vortex's collection, Blast Off bites softly at his lower lip, hidden under that faceplate he always wears. "Ah, yes. A.... shame." He doesn't sound at all like he thinks it is actually a shame. Clearing his vocoder, the shuttleformer takes another step or two and turns to directly face the rotary, studying the wing but spending more time studying Vortex. There's an appraising look to him as he does.

"I see. Why? Aerialbots are rather annoying. *That* Aerialbot in particular." His voice is calm, his question mildly curious. He IS starting to see how Air Raid might have had a chance to actually see Vortex recently, and it would appear the Aerialbot was right. Vortex doesn't look that great.

Vortex runs a finger along the edge and grins at the result, quickly wiping the dribble of energon away. Picking up the unfinished wing, he sets back to work. "What? Nah, Raider's great! And I thought this would help keep his wings from being torn off again. Flyers gotta fly, right?" He lifts his helm, tilting it. "You're scrutinizing me."

Many people might be somewhat horrified watching Vortex slice his finger deliberately like that, or at least wince a little at the sight. Blast Off does neither. He doesn't approve, exactly, but he's used to Vortex being Vortex by now. He does give a small nod of acquiescence. "I suppose. Now that the war is over, it can still be a little difficult for me to remember to get along with that turbo-turkey. He *is* trying. Maybe." He frowns under his faceplate and mutters a bit to himself. "Unless he wants my job. He says he doesn't." He glances to Vortex. "Do *you* think he wants my job?"

Blast Off then runs headlong into another Vortex trait, one both incredibly valuable and sometimes quite annoying. The other's keen powers of observation. The shuttle flinches slightly, turning to look away. "I..I... I was simply noticing that you appear a bit... rough around the edges. Moreso than usual." He gives the other Combaticon a sideways look. "Surely you've been repaired since we left Eukaris?"

"Hey, don't call him a turbo-turkey, Blasty." Like he said, war was over and all. Vortex tilts his helm a bit more. Wants his job? Why would Raider want to be in Navigation? Ugh, boring! But he sits up a bit more at the mention of his state. "Yeah, I've been... looked at. They just gotta order a few things for me before they finish up. I was in the practice room and busted up my visor too, heh. You know how I get sometimes." The lie comes easy. Lies always come easy. Why yes, I'll stop if you give me what I want. Oh no, this won't hurt a bit. I promise to spare your lil conjunx if you just tell me your secret~ Yes, they came far too easy.

Vortex looks back down to start sharpening this wing once more, his shoulders seeming to creak with the effort. "Anyways, you never did say how your arm's doing."

Vortex's insistence at not calling Air Raid by the nickname Blast Off has used for like... forever gets a mildly surprised look from the shuttle. Violet optics flick down to those wings being strengthened and then back to Vortex. Hmm. Blast Off listens as Vortex *explains*. His gaze comes to rest on one of Vortex's injuries. "Yes, I do know," His words a possible double entendre.

"Ah. Yes." Blast Off reaches his with right hand to grasp his left shoulder as he rotates it around a little. The squeak from earlier is gone. "My arm is much better now. Fully repaired, save for a slight squeak I picked up soon after. I went back into the medbay just before I came here. I heard some interesting things." Vortex isn't the only one who can lie. He pauses to lock the rotary in a steady, meaningful stare. "Something about you having been in there recently for some sort of mishap. Not the practice room variety, though. It sounded very /shocking/."

Vortex's servo freezes as he ends a swipe down the wing. He stares down a moment before looking up with a cheeky grin under his facemask. Without a visor, it was easy to tell. He raises his arms in mock surrender. "Oh, you caught me, Blasty. Though, I must say, I would have thought puns beneath you. But that wasn't bad use at all, hehe."

Vortex goes back to work, not seeming all that concerned. "Look, there was some exposed wires and I wanted to touch 'em and, well, it did a number on me, heh. It's kinda embarrassing, Blasty. Who wants to admit they got outta that spider situation with barely any injuries and then they drag themselves to medibay because they electrocuted themselves? But hey, if I grab some livewires again, I'll come you first so you don't have to worry at all." More lies.

The shuttleformer's optic ridges lift up in a slightly smug manner. "I thought it fairly clever, myself." Those ridge furrow back down as Vortex goes on, however, and the violet in his optics dims and darkens. Blast Off crosses his arms and gives Vortex a very unamused look. "I /really/ find it annoying when you lie to me, Vortex."

Vortex still doesn't look up. Maybe because he doesn't want to lie to his Combatibro. "Why would I lie to my brother, Blasty? Besides, you were never very good at picking up on lies. I mean, were you really at medibay before coming here?"

The comment about not being good at picking up lies gains a sharp look from the shuttleformer, accompanied by a soft huff.... but somewhere, somehow, Blast Off knows that it's probably true so he doesn't outright argue. He does attempt to answer the last question, though he stutters and stumbles a bit, wing elevon twitching once nervously. "I was! I mean... fairly recently. I...." He emits a louder huff, then cuts the air once with a hand as he finally just spits it out. "Alright, FINE. I heard from someone that Whirl and Brainstorm used you as some sort of petro-guinea pig and electrocuted you. IS THIS TRUE?" If it isn't he's got an turbo-turkey to roast.

Mmhmm... Vortex is trained to catch deceit and as much as Blast Off would like to argue it, he's an easy read. Or maybe he just has spent that much time with the shuttle. He pauses mid-stroke before continuing, small sparks flying. "They didn't use me, I volunteered! And I'm fine, it's no big deal." Other than blowing out his optics and munching off his glossa and shattering his visor and all those burns and ruined wiring and... No big deal! "... Who told you?"

So it IS true. Blast Off sighs, his chin lifting up as his arms drop down. He rolls his optics up to the ceiling for a brief moment before bringing his gaze back to the rotary. "It *is* a big deal. I know you don't mind pain, Vortex, and I'm not going to tell you how to live your life. But for Primus's sake at least try to use some common sense!" His fists clench at the thought of Brainstorm and Whirl- WHIRL /Mr. Gonna be in some srs trouble Whirl real soon/- doing this to his brother. Whirl, who just the other night took Blast Off in his arms and talked of so many things- EXCEPT THIS. Funny how /this/ never came up. "WHY? Why did you volunteer? Is this about Whirl's optic? Which, by the way, don't do THAT again either." So much for not telling Vortex how to live his life.

Vortex's last question interrupts the tirade, at least momentarily. He looks away. "It doesn't matter. What matters is that person was right." Slag, Air Raid /was/ telling the truth.

Vortex almost seems to wince as he's chidded at. Well, it seems Blast Off already has the full story then. He doesn't address Blast Off avoiding who told him, much to his annoyance. He's stopped sharpening his blade, electing to prick his fingerpads instead.

"... I'm not gonna... It's just- he's important you! And he's mad... WAS mad at me. I wanted to make it up to him and he wanted to shoot me and I figured- c'mon. You've shot me a lil before. Brawl sure as hell has and let's not get started on that time I missed my cue because I got a little distracted by local animal anatomy and Onslaught was pissed. It couldn't be that bad... I did not think it was going to, like, electrocute me for half a minute." He glances at his servo with the pricking claws before looking at Blast Off. "You're mad again, aren't you? Ugh, you weren't even supposed to know."

Blast Off STARES. "He was- he wanted- I shot-but Onslaught-mad-WASN'T SUPPOSED TO KNOW??" Violet optics flash a deeper purple as the shuttleformer's armor bristles and he straightens up to tower as much as possible over his brother. He notes the fingerpad pricking but doesn't respond to it for now. "Vortex!" The way he says the name is reminiscent of Onslaught.

Yes, he's mad. "Yes, I have shot you, but it was usually by *accident*." He pauses and blinks. "Most of the time." He vents a loud huff and continues, "I haven't deliberately shot you in a very long time, regardless! I was already quite cross with you for biting Whirl's optic out- He's ONLY GOT ONE, for Primus's sake! And yes, now I'm cross with you for acting so stupid as to allow them to fire an... was that one of Brainstorm's experimental weapons?! You could have gotten yourself KILLED!" The shuttle's black hands fling up with that last sentence, voice livid.

Vortex's optics widen and he finds himself leaning back, visibly flinching as his name is shouted. Oh, he sounds a lot more 'cross' than before. He seems to droop before the tirade, ducking his helm a little like he expects it to be grabbed as Blast Off's servos go up. Oh... He looks down. "Yeah, Raider wasn't happy when I told him either... C'mon, Blast Off, you know it takes more than that to take me down. I mean... It really didn't do all that much to me. And Whirl dropped me off at medibay, so that was nice. And Stormer is going to make me a sheath for my knife! So... It all works out..."

Everything about Blast Off bristles, from his armor to his EMField, and his optics flash the purple of passion- in this case anger. It's anger at Vortex- but it's also anger at someone else. Maybe several someones.

And then: Vortex winces- and wilts. It's enough to snap Blast Off out of his fury and remember himself. His hands drop down to his sides and he settles back, no longer looming, and he sighs. "He had to carry you to medibay?" That OTHER rotary is in SO MUCH trouble when he goes home.

"I KNOW you're tough, that's not the point. You can't just go doing stupid things, get yourself in trouble, I won't always be there to-- I-I mean, what would Onslaught say? Onslaught will kill me if something happened to you. And lately it's.. it's like you're really pushing to GET something to happen to you!"

Vortex watches Blast Off closely before sitting up again. He vents and nods. Yeah, he had to be carried but it wouldn't be the first time. Or the last. He taps his claws together, smiling briefly beneath his facemask. "What's that supposed to mean? I'm not trying to get myself in trouble, you know."

"Well no," Blast Off looks slightly flustered now, "Not deliberately, but you have been rather... well you got yourself wrapped up with spiders on Eukaris and now this and..." His wing elevon twitches again and he looks away. Fingers flex. "It's simply been quite a rollercoaster ride with you lately. First I don't see you at all and now when I do see you you're being even more annoying than usual, getting carried off by spiders and shot by Whirl and Primus knows what else you're doing and..." He huffffs again, still not looking at Tex. "It's just been rather... vexing."

Vortex barks a laugh. "You're comparing me to a rollercoaster and you're still perplexed?!" Wasn't that some sort of calling card for him? Vortex's wild ride. He'll hook ya up and fly you high until you've fallen apart or spilled your guts! Then down you fall... He laughs again, but it's breathier this time. "I'm still getting used to this whole thing. No war and all... I'm not... The team isn't together any more, I'm not sure... I'm not sure where I belong- in my division or on this ship." His brows pull together and he reaches up to touch his badge.

"Does this even mean anything? Heh, Raider kinda brought it up and I realized I sorta don't care... Ugh, what kinda mech doesn't care for a side he's fought on?" He falls back, laying on his back and staring at the ceiling. "Blast Off, I miss doing my job. At least I had a purpose."

Blast Off is angry about something that happened on Eukaris, but it's not really Vortex. The shuttleformer sighs again. "I know. IT's not that, you haven't changed any there. It's just..." His gaze darts abut the room, searching yet not finding whatever it is he seeks. His search slows down as Vortex speaks, until he stares blankly at one random spot for a long time. The shuttle's cultured voice is quieter and calmer now. "It is... difficult. We spent so many millenia together with a purpose, striking fear and respect across the galaxy - and making some shanix while we were at it. Now that it is over I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do... but when this ship set sail I wanted to get back to the stars- and away from those chips they had in our heads. This was freedom."

He finally looks at Vortex, studying the other Combaticon lying on his berth. He's silent for a moment, then," ...I know. I know it must be difficult. Your talents are wasted here in many ways. The Autobots would throw you in the brig in a sparkbeat if you used some of your old... techniques." His hand reaches to idly pick at his own heat shields on the other arm. "If it is any consolation, I don't care much for the factions, either. My loyalty is to Onslaught. And" He begins to make a head nod towards Vortex, then seems to frown and stop. His fingers clench together again and he looks away.

Vortex makes a harumph noise as he doesn't stop looking at the ceiling. Hmmm... "And to Whirl?" He doesn't see the slight head nod so he just assumes. With one servo, he drags one of Air Raid's wings up and closer before starting to idly trace his claws over it. His other servo seemed preoccupied with its tap-tap-taping and prick-prick-pricking. "Yeah... I'm never gonna toss you guys aside. Ever." Combaticons, that is. "But if we're not together, I gotta find a team." Somewhere to belong. "It's starting to feel more like that here." He vents a little before picking his helm up to look at Blast Off. "I can't scare them away or make them hate me. My 'talents' are a waste and a burden..."

"Well...uh, yes. And to Whirl, too." Blast Off brings a hand up to scratch the back of his helmet. He notes the tapping and pricking as well as the wing play. Hmm. He almost says something, too, but the comment on tossing aside teammates freezes the words unspoken and he stiffens, arms dropping down again. He finds another random spot to observe closely as Vortex goes on. "I... I know that, too. Combaticons don't..." He swallows quickly, "abandon each other." Except for him, leaving Vortex behind on Eukaris. There's a longer silence, but he finally manages to make himself speak again. "Your talents are not a burden. You will find a place to... belong. Including us... including the Combaticons. That doesn't just go away."

Vortex is fiddling with the torn edge of the wing, listening to Blast Off. He didn't understand and the rotary certainly didn't know how to explain it. It's just... Did everyone else have sadistic fantasies to resist or just him? Maybe he wasn't so bad off if Blast Off thought so. "Heh, yeah... You know, you can stop that now." He sits up a bit to lean on an elbow.

"Blasty, you didn't abandon me. I told you to leave. I'm glad you did. If you were there when we woke up- cocooned... We were in a place so narrow, I couldn't even stand up straight. You were gonna come get me- that means you didn't abandon me. So stop feeling bad, I thought you were mad at me?" Vortex smiles a bit.

Blast Off 's optics widen with stiff surprise as Vortex tells him to stop. He remains rigid, staring at that spot. His fists clench with the tension broiling inside- the tension he's trying not to show. He was never very good at hiding secrets from Vortex for long, though. His expression shifts to something more deliberately blank, or as blank as he can muster, before finally turning his head just enough to give the rotary a sideways look. "I failed in my job. As a Combaticon and a shuttle. I didn't..." He glances away briefly, "Get you home." Taking in a deep intake of air, he takes on a grave dignity. "Combaticons have each other's backs. We don't abandon our own. I didn't want to... I almost *didn't* leave. If I had returned and those spiders had already made a meal of you, I'd...I'd..." He swallows again, then lets that air out with a huff. It's always so hard to admit his real feelings. "It's.. it's good that you were able to escape."

Primus, look at this softie. Vortex pushes himself up and sets the wing aside, reaching out to instead take one of those fists. Experienced fingers get to work, stroke at seams and brushing the top of his fingers. Claws pluck and coax wires at his wrist to loosen up as Vortex slips his fingers in to rub his palm. Relax... When he told Rodimus ages ago that he could give a good massage, he had not been joking.

"Blast Off, there's nothing you could have done. You were bleeding out and the spider already had me. Like I said, you were coming back- you weren't going to leave me. S'all that matters, Blasty... Now come on, you're showing so much emotion. Go back to being cross and stop worrying about all that, eh? What if I told you I want to go back and volunteer again?" Vortex looks up, definitely grinning under his mask. "I kinda hope I get to drink something though."

Blast Off 's EMField flares up the moment Vortex takes his hand, his frame stiffening and optics widening once more. But as Vortex works his massage magic, that same EMfield- and frame- begin to finally relax. Soon, he offers his hand with no resistance- it just feels far too divine. And the touch is reassuring, even if Blast off can't admit it. The shuttleformer's expression gentles ever-so-slightly.

"You're right. It's not fitting for someone of my esteemed and lofty station to stoop to such histrionics. Forgive me." He lets out another soft fuff of air. "I am quite cross with you, and don't you forget it." He does not sound cross at all. At least until the *volunteer again* bit. The following huff is louder. "I think instead of volunteering for *that* again you should find other ways to entertain yourself. Like... fixing those wings. Fixing things. You could probably put things together as well as you take them apart."

Blast Off's expression then grows more serious, his gaze flicking from Air Raid's wing to the hand holding his. "And you should take care of yourself more. For- for practical purposes, of course!" There's a pause, a slight hesitation- and then Blast Off brings his free hand to rest on top of Vortex's. "I see you pricking yourself." His hand hold becomes more firm. "I know it's not easy, Vortex. I do not have all the answers you seek, either. But I do know this. We are Combaticons and no matter what happens you will have us to call upon."

Vortex chuckles to himself. There we go... Back to good ol' Blast Off. Denial, snobbery, and all. "Those are a gift. I don't think I'm as good at putting things together as you think." Just things that hold his interest... He'd probably still go back to Stormer but he wouldn't tell Blasty that, nah. Keep that to himself.

"I do take care of my- oh..." Vortex is surprised that Blast Off's other hand has come to meet his. He looks up at his fellow Combaticon. "I know that... Once a Combaticon, always a Combaticon, heh... You know, Raid mentioned that when he came by to hang out for a bit. I do it all the time, does it really bother you?"

It's a good thing he doesn't know about the Brainstorm thing. Blast Off stays close to Vortex, still *actually touching Vortex's hand by choice*... something rare for the shuttle. It's his way of apologizing, perhaps poorly, but he's trying. It's also a sign of the long history and trust they share. And he knows how much Tex likes sensory input. His fingers can quiet Vortex's self-harming ones, if only for a moment. His touch may not be the most skillful but it is *there* and for the aloof shuttle that is a lot.

Vortex's question brings him to a pause. "Well... it's simply that... I mean it is your life, do what you wish, it's not like it's *my* concern or anything..." He couches it all in his usual denial, "But I am simply pointing out that you sometimes harm yourself and I...I simply wish to see you in top functioning shape." He blinks, coughs, and continues with a flick of his wings. "Purely for-for practical purposes, of course. So I don't have to explain to Onslaught why you're in medibay again." Because that's really the reason, right. The free hand pulls away, though he allows Vortex to continue holding the other.

Vortex can't help but smile. Some things never changed. It's a good thing he's pretty good at seeing through complete and utter bullshit. "Finger pricking didn't stop me in the war, I think it's still alright." Maybe... He and Raid didn't seem to like it. He sure is glad he cleaned that stain up.

Vortex leans his helm forward, as if hoping for a bit more from that free servo. "Could you do me one favor, please?"

Blast Off huffs and pauses, giving Vortex a dubious look. His head tilts slightly to the right as he studies the other mech. "I... suppose, depending on what it is?..."

Vortex quirks his helm up to look at those violet optics. He always admired them. His and Swindle's. "Could you and Whirl not get so... Handsy in front of me? You know the kind."

The request takes Blast Off by surprise. Those violet optics of his flicker a little in confusion- and then a spark of understanding. "...Does it bother you?" Frag. Of course it would-- there were times years ago it was just the two of them on some lonely planet with not much to do and ...well....

"Maybe a little... You two do you but that's not something I need to see." Vortex squeezes Blast Off's servo before pulling his hand away, fingertips dragging along the way. "I'm glad you came to visit. Even if you are cross with me. Huuuuuuff." He teases, cocking his helm.

Blast Off 's expression turns somber. He made Vortex uncomfortable and that's not really what he wants to do. And now that Vortex has brought it up, given their past intimate history, Blast Off can see why it would bother the other Combaticon. Vortex pulls away and he goes limp for a moment before returning the gesture, his own fingers trailing purposefully along Tex's hand. "I... understand." Then the rotary teases him, eliciting a more bemused if slightly haughty reaction. "VERY cross." He huffs right back at Tex.

With a roll of his shoulders, Blast Off turns towards the door. Facing it, he pauses then shifts on his hip to look back at Vortex. "I... care about Whirl. But I also... well..." Gulp. Why is it so hard to say he cares about his team, too? "...You know." He gives that head nod to Vortex, uninterrupted this time. "And I mean what I said. We're Combaticons. And you may be /annoying/ and a pain in the aft and more trouble than a barrel of petro-vipers and I just *don't know how I stand the lot of you!*... but..." He leans back. "...You're my... we're a.. we're a team, and we always will be."

Vortex rubs his other servo over the invisible lines Blast Off's servos reciprocated. Mmf... Yes, very cross. "Oh, is that all?" He shifts back into a comfortable position and pulls the unfinished wing back to him. Better finish when Blast Off leaves. "I know. And, just do me one more thing, yeah? If you're gonna be angry with Whirl, do it all in one sitting. Don't stew over it. Because the three of us need to hang out and get used to each other. Well, mostly the two of us- Whirl and me. I think I almost got him figured out. Just need a handshake... Now you better get outta here before you explode with emotion."

It's somehow a huge relief to have Vortex say he knows- without Blast Off actually having to vocalize it. Expressing emotion has always been so hard. He's very close to his team, but he's also fallen into a certain pattern where they squabble and fight but really actually have each other's backs no matter what. He's also pleased to hear that Tex actually *wants* to hang around Whirl... He wants so bad for them to all get along. That is, if Whirl survives Blast Off's next little *chat*. He's gonna have a few words with that rotary. "Very well. I will have some... /words/ with him. But yes, later... spending some time together would be nice."

The handshake comment brings the shade of a smile to Blast Off's lips. "I'd like to see that. I think he'll get there." The aloof shuttleformer then blinks at Vortex's last statement, and turns with a mild huff. "I think there has been *quite* enough exploding around these parts lately. I shall NOT be the one to add to such consternation and chaos. ...Not without some actual purpose, at least." He waves a hand at Vortex as he makes to the exit. "I have an important job I should be doing, not wasting my energy on... on sob stories and cheesy emotions. I shall see you later, Vortex, try not to be /too/ annoying."

Vortex picks up his sharpener to begin on the bladed edge once more. Heh, 'words' he calls it? Interesting. "Yes, because that's definitely not what you spend your freetime doing." Romance novels, and bad ones at that. "Don't tell Whirl who told you what happened, though! If anything, say it was me! Heh, I'll see you later, Blasty." He looks up, giving a little wave as Blast Off goes. No promises on the annoying though.

Blast Off sputters, "I-I do NOT read cheesy science fiction romance novels!" Which is suspiciously specific, is it not? He storms out, making a lot of show and bluster with very little bite behind it. It's all part of the routine. "Yes, yes, fine! I'm leaving, this is quite enough. Still rather cross with you. Important things to do." His tone drops. "...I shall hopefully see you soon." And with that, he's gone.

"Heh, love you too bro." Vortex says before getting back to work. Gonna have to ask Raid why he told his brother after asking him not to. But after he finishes these.

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