2016-04-28 Time for Swords

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-04-27 Time for Swords
Date 2016/04/27
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Practice Rooms
Participants Drift, Skystalker
Summary Drift and Skystalker meet up for some SwOrDs

The fight for Eukaris is now cycles past, the injured are on the fast track to wellness, and they still orbit the blue and green planet. Skystalker has gone down a couple more times for samples, but also to sightsee; it's a lovely place, when nothing's trying to eat you.

Along with the saving of Eukaris, Skystalker heard that Drift was up and about again. Of course, it was a polite message that asked for a session in the practice rooms if Drift was feeling up to it, but turned soon enough to a meeting time. Skystalker is running some practice drills with his staff in the practice rooms when the time rolls around, having been there just long enough to start a warmup.

Skystalker's message couldn't have come at a better time. After dealing with the stress (which Grimlock was mostly responsible for) that was Soundwave's sentencing, Drift was anxious for an opportunity to relieve some tension and what better way to do that than with some swording? As per his M.O, Drift hangs around watches Skystalker for a bit before announcing his arrival.

"Hey! Guess what I brought?" He gestures with a nod to the training swords tucked beneath his arm, Apparently there wasn't any room left for them on his body. "They're a bit worn, but they'll do the job."

Skystalker doesn't quite startle, but he does end up skipping a step, flipping his staff back to lay it against his shoulder when he catches his heels under him again.

"Hey-- oh!" It's hard to tell if it's for the swords, or-- "Well. Don't you look sharp." Weapon jokes? Nah. No way. "Worn is fine-- I'm not going to be beheading anyone today." He sets his staff along the nearest wall, smiling rather broadly at Drift. "It's good to see you in one piece again."

Drift grins at the compliment, he seems to be getting a lot of those now that he's out of medical. "Not as sharp as you," is his incredibly cheesy response. "That's right you're not beheading anyone today, that's a lesson for when you're more experienced." See? Drift can joke too, it's just about cutting off someone's head. It's not a very good joke.

"It's good to be back in one piece," he says, passing one of the training swords over to Skystalker before taking his own into his hand. "So, first thing's first.. have you ever used one of these before?"

"I hope that's not the final. Because I'll fail it miserably." Skystalker's laugh is small, but present. He takes the sword that Drift passes over, testing the weight of it in his hands. It's definitely not a staff-- no wonder Drift always swings too hard during practice. "Mmm. Minimally? Mostly for show, you know? Decorative things that never weighed this much." At least it doesn't drag his arms and the swordpoint to the floor?

"Show experience is better than no experience," Drift says, giving Skystalker a reassuring smile. "Still, it's probably a good idea to go over the basics before we start swinging weapons at each other. You see that pointy end? That's the part you want to hit people with." He laughs, perhaps a bit too much at his own joke. "Hahaha, okay, seriously though. Let's start with a basic stance.." He takes a few steps back and gets into position, planting his feet and squaring his shoulders, holding his sword at the ready. "See what I'm doing with my feet? You're gonna want to do that. Footwork is essential to proper swordplay."

"Pointy end outwards. That does make sense." Skystalker parrots softly and with a slight note of amusement as he plays along. He adjusts the sword in his hand, fingers searching for a grip he likes and glancing up to Drift's steps and feet. Skystalker glides one foot back to mimic his stance, posture similar but not that firm-footed stance of a mech intimately familiar with blades. As Drift treated a stave when it was his turn, Skystalker is subconsciously treating it more like what he is used to. "Footwork like dancing? Or just light on your feet?" . "Yeah, it's a lot like dancing! You know, a lot of people think it's just a matter of swinging your sword around, but what good is that going to do if you're tripping over your own feet?" Drift gives Skystalker a smile and then reaches over to tap the bottom of his blade with his own. "Bring it up a little higher.. yeah, like that. Okay, now I want you to come at me and I'm going to block, but I want you to watch what I do. Watch my feet."

For all that they began with jokes, Skystalker was earnest in his desire to learn something from Drift-- to let him teach something in return. So his attention is spared to nothing else, a rather intense focus resting behind the cant and light of his optics. The blade adjusts when Drift guides it along with his own, a look moving between the swords themselves and up to Drift and his feet. When Sky inhales light through his vents, he sweeps forward with a side-strike, at a speed akin to staff drills and trusting the other mech to block as he says he will.

<FS3> Drift rolls Swordplay: Good Success. (2 1 1 6 3 6 8 5 5 7 2 2 8 6)

Drift prepares himself for Skystalker's move but he doesn't tense up, in fact, he relaxes, he loosens up his body so he can move quickly when the strike comes and wow, does it come fast. He's seen the way Skystalker moves, the way he swings that staff around, so the speed doesn't come as a surprise. In a display of poise seemingly unfit for someone who consistently slaps himself silly anytime he tries to spin a staff around, Drift blocks the blade with a quick step and a swing of his arm in one quick motion. He doesn't stop there though, no way! It's HIS turn to look super bad-ass at something and he intends to make full use of it. Immediately after blocking, Drift twists his wrists and smacks Skystalker's sword with the flat of his blade, knocking it right out of his grasp.

Drift grins a goofy grin and bends down to scoop up the sword he so rudely knocked out of Skystalker's hands to hand back to him. "I couldn't help myself."

Maybe having seen Drift slap himself silly so much trying staff tricks Skystalker is quite unprepared to be blocked and disarmed. Moving with the block comes naturally, and Sky, as he was told, skirts his sight along with the movements of Drift's feet. What he's not ready for is the swish and flick that comes with the sword flying out of his hands. That intensity he had a moment ago falters a little into a blink of dismay-- swords should clearly be held more tightly than staves.

"Pff!" Skystalker answers the grin and returning sword with a sound of air between his lips and a squint to his optics. "Yeah, yeah, I can see that..."

Nevertheless, Skystalker takes the sword back, looking between it and Drift as he tightens a grip on it, shifting to a quick, somewhat messy stance before taking the sword and coming at Drift again, this time at a practice speed and with the crack of a smile.

"Don't be afraid to get a nice, firm grip on that thing," Drift says, dropping back into a defensive stance. "Not too hard though, you don't want to restrict your movement. You want to let it flow with your movements, you know?" He has a feeling Skystalker is getting the hang of it, especially when he comes back at him, ready for another go. Drift's mouth curls in a wide smile and he blocks the strike again, but instead of being a dick and disarming him, Drift puts some space between them and returns the strike in kind, albeit a bit slower than necessary. This is supposed to be a learning experience, after all!

"Oh, I know all about flow..." Skystalker breathes out, the same time as Drift blocks his practice swing. It's a little firmer this time around, of course. The increase of space between them comes with a moment of compensation; Sky is too used to having the reach and misses the width of the stance he needs. For this, his block is a bit clumsy, even for him, and he knows it. The purse of his mouth betrays it.

Skystalker's block may be clumsy and it definitely could be improved upon, but that's why he's here, isn't it? To get better? "Not bad, but let's try that again." Drift comments, stepping back to put the same amount of distance between them as before. "As you can see, that sword is a lot shorter than your staff. It's going to take some getting used to but I know you can do it." He gives him a smile for encouragement and then steps in for another strike.

"Maybe I just need a longer sword." Skystalker offers instead, a briefly serious look replaced by the flicker of a laugh. He quells it again as Drift steps back once more, and as they run the movements again Sky has the closer vicinity locked into the length of his paces, even if not quite the reach of his arms. His blocks for this round are better, though still caught by the further end of the blade than he'd like. Rather than dwell on this for long, he moves into a strike of his own again. If Drift lets him, Skystalker will be happy to fall into a series of traded blows. Strike, block, strike, block, shifting as needed. His stances are still a little too fluid, but his reach is getting more into the right boundaries of a swordfighter.

Too bad Drift doesn't let anyone touch his Great Sword because it would be perfect for Skystalker. Sorry Skystalker, find your own dead boyfriend to inherit one from. "Much better!" Drift exclaims, pleased with the improvements made in such a short amount of time. Skystalker's enthusiasm is noted and Drift is more than happy to exchange blows, blocking when the other strikes, and vice versa. As Skystalker's reach gets better and better, Drift gets a little faster. "You're catching on quick," he says over the clashing of dull blades.

Maybe his time with less effective swords is coming back to him-- or maybe he's just trying his best to be serious. He wants to learn! He came to learn! Skystalker's optics move up to Drift's, set familiar in the newest features of his face and skin. When they move away again, it is with a forward strike that brings the starfighter in close. "Helps to have a decent teacher."

When Skystalker looks up at him, Drift can't help but stare back. It's a small distraction but it's just enough for the sudden forward strike to catch him off guard. He pulls a face, clearly surprised, and raises his sword for a clumsy block. "Decent? You flatter me, Sky." He grins and pushes against Skystalker's blade to unbalance him.

The surprise gives Skystalker the tiniest moment of smugness. His lips curve up in a smile, optics narrowing in concentration. Sky moves with the push of Drift's block, gliding back on his heels when the other mech tries to unbalance him. It does cause him to take an extra pace back, using it to try and find a better stance. "No, just a fact. If I wanted to flatter you, you'd know it." Skystalker uses his new angle to come in at Drift from the side again.

Drift looks pleased when Skystalker uses the push to adjust his stance. Good job. "Oh, is that so?" He twists his body and blocks the side strike with a slap of his sword and takes a short step forward to deliver a solid shove to his chest with an elbow, trying to unbalance him again before retaliating with an upward slash. "I admit you're a pretty decent student."

"It is so. Not so sure you're ready for that--" Skystalker moves with the first block, grunting behind his teeth when Drift gets up close and physical without use of the sword. Sky's chest is still somewhat scuffed from the battle with the Queen of the Crystalline, and so one more elbowing from Drift won't hurt. It just makes everything get in the way of a clean strike, as he does unbalance more than he had the first time. The upward slash doesn't find a block. Instead, Skystalker pivots out of its path, putting his heels down firmly once he catches his feet again. His stance is a little better, but the movements of his spinal struts are still too loose. Like he's tempted to do more wiggling than is needed for swordplay. It's not a staff, for the last time. "Takes one to know one, hm?" Drift is a great student.

It might be a little early to start bringing punches and elbow shoves into the mix, especially since this is supposed to be an introductory lesson (then why are they swinging at each other already?) but Drift is confident that Skystalker can handle it. He whistles when Skystalker expertly evades his strike. "Nice!"

Taking a step back, Drift lowers his guard but doesn't drop it completely, waiting for Skystalker's next move before acting. "Okay, NOW you're flattering me. Right? Was that flattery or is that another one of your facts?"

Skystalker is consistent with his whacking Drift with his staff, and so the feeling is mutual. Drift can take what he dishes, and vice versa. In a real battle, maybe it'd be on Drift's side-- but this isn't one.

As Drift steps back, Skystalker dares to swing his sword around the curve of his hand, a play of the blade that makes him look just a twee bit more full of himself. "Just another fact." He centers his grasp again, voice teasing lightly. "Like I said. Not ready for the other stuff." Skystalker moves in fast to bring his sword in towards Drift's blade arm.

Drift watches Skystalker's swordplay with a grin. There's that show experience he was talking about. The second Skystalker makes a more aggressive move, Drift brings up his sword but it doesn't take long for him to realize he's not going to be able to block this one in time, especially with it aimed at the arm he's holding his sword with, so he opts to dodge it completely with some careful pivoting. "Pfft, think I can't handle a little flattery?"

Skystalker follows after the pivot with one of his own, briefly turning the practice into something of a dance step, his sword moving alongside. At first there's no answer for Drift's scoffing, save for a jab of the sword into his vicinity, and a lowered shoulder that hopes to catch at one of his pauldrons. The wingtips at Skystalker's back flare ever so slight, the subtle movement of a bluff. Only when Sky's in close does he answer, a clipped "Not from me you can't." There's some of that taunting again, a burning little defiance that is not entirely unfamiliar.

It's been a while since Drift's been challenged when it comes to the art of swording and he hates to admit it, but he's grown overconfident in his own abilities. What happens when you get overconfident? You make mistakes. Mistakes like not following up properly and getting a dull blade to the pauldron. "Oh!" That's really all he can say, he's not used to feeling that training blade against his armour, Rodimus certainly has never been able to pull off something like that. He grins and lowers his sword, signifying that Skystalker has won this round. "Yeah, maybe you're right, but in my defense I'm getting better. For example, I don't get so nervous I'm afraid I'm going to throw up everywhere when I'm around you."

The lowered sword is taken to heart-- there is no sudden surprise attack from Skystalker when Drift lowers his guard this time. He lifts the blade to inspect it in his hands, however, looking between it and Drift when the defense comes. Sky lets out a somewhat mortified little laugh, optics flicking a little wider when they settle on the other mech's frame. "Am I glad for that. We'd have to clean the practice room all the time." He steps nearer, a playful little glint finding his features. "But that means you still get some kind of nervous."

It's true, Drift does still get some kind of nervous. Like right now with Skystalker getting in close with that little glint in his eyes. "H-hey, it's not like I can help it! I just get really nervous and dumb around attractive people. Seriously, you should've seen me the first time I met Rodimus, I could barely talk." He grins a stupid grin and scratches at his cheek as he recalls the memory. "It was super embarrassing."

It's conversation distance, but when it comes to Skystalker, perhaps it seems less. He holds the sword between both hands now, the weight a new one that he still seems to be testing in his loose grasp. "Ha... really? You're serious? I can't say the same, but I won't disagree." Rodimus is just-- Rodimus. Hot Rod, to Skystalker. Thoughtful, he drops his optics to his hands and the sword and takes a half step back again.

"Heck yeah I'm serious. The flashy paintjob, the flames, that smile, those eyes.. that passion.." Drift could (and would) go on and on but he catches himself and clears his vocalizer with a forced cough. "A-anyway, yeah. So, uh.. what do you think about the sword stuff so far? You liking it? You did great for a first lesson!"

"Oh, I'm quite familiar with the paint job." Skystalker glances up from the sword in his hands, optics warm and rather engulfing when he looks at Drift's face again, studying the new lines and colors, but also what stayed the same. "Those eyes, that smile."

With a heft of the sword in hand, Sky lets it angle down once more. "I think perhaps I could work with something lighter.. but these are good for training. It's very-- fluid, despite what I thought before. I'd like to do some more."

Drift looks a little embarrassed and rubs at the back of his head. His face may look different what with the daker base and the fancy eye paint but those goofy albeit charming smiles are still the same. "Heheh, yeah, I guess you would be. Didn't you guys practically grow up together?" Talk about a perfect opportunity to ask about all sorts of embarrassing things Rodimus did when he was younger.

"Hmm, if you want, you can come by my office sometime and look at the swords I have there. There might be something lighter for you, though I don't recommend we start sparring with combat-ready blades yet. Should be good for solo practice though."

Skystalker laughs faintly, turning to a calmed smile despite everything that lingers on the edges of memory to fight with his current view. "Something like that, sure." He offers the sword hilt back to Drift. "That sounds lovely, I'd appreciate that. It's very gracious of you."

Drift takes the sword from Skystalker and tucks it under his arm.. but not before taking the opportunity to show off with it, throwing it in the air with a spin and catching it perfectly by the handle. Weapon dickery, the finest of all the performing arts. "What are friends for, right?" He gives the starfighter a grin and a wave as he departs to get back to doing whatever he has to do. Boring command stuff probably.

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