2016-04-27 Stepping on the Beach

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Stepping on the Beach
Date 2016/04/27
Location Eukaris
Participants Rung, Road Rage, Pipes
NPCs Manta Ray, Eelusory, Fathom
Plot Colony: Eukaris
Summary Just a visit to a lovely Eukaran beach. With SPECIAL GUEST STARS.

Time at Eukaris is short, and Pipes is very much in the mood to enjoy as much of its organicness (totally a word) as he can before the Lost Light pushes off. Now that the business with the Crystalline is over with, relaxation is in order. So, he arranged with the right bots in this department and that and, long story short, his shuttle alights in a small field of windswept grass next to a broad, sandy, white beach. The sky is a brilliant blue, with only a few clouds drifting beneath the Eukaran sun. Gentle waves lap the shoreline, where seabirds skitter back and forth, looking for crustacean snacks to pop up.

Pipes steps out of the shuttle and stretches, letting the wind flow around him. "Primus, this is exactly what I need right now." He ambles over to the sand, looking between the forest behind and the sea before him.

While everyone else rushes out to enjoy the scenic day, Road Rage lingers at one of the shuttle's windows: appraising. The alien sun reaches out to her enticingly, promising an easy and enjoyable day, but she has to remind herself that she is here to work. She's there to make sure everything goes smoothly if they run into any more of the locals.

The beach is empty, though, as empty as the room where she is standing. A small smile flashes behind her battle mask; it has the look of an easy day. Maybe she'll even find a little time to relax near the end of her shift. Satisfied with her initial observations, Road Rage turns her back to the window and strides towards the exit ramp. She nods to Pipes as she passes. "Nice that there's not trouble for once, huh?" she remarks.

Rung glances out of the shuttle, watching the beautiful scenery for a moment. Once ready, Rung carefully stands from his seat on the shuttle, holding the datapad he brought close. Reading on the beach in the sun? Who would want to turn that down. Seeing the others have already started off he slowly makes his way after them, content to an ambling pace.

"Oh, yes," Pipes sighs. "I've had enough trouble for this colony. No spiders, no rain, no volcanoes, no titan birds ..." he just trails off as he plops down in the sand. It's warm. He lies back and lets his damaged arms rest on the sand as well; maybe it'll help the healing process.

Offshore, the regular rolling of the waves is disturbed, slightly, with new eddies and small surges. One might notice if one were looking.

Road Rage swerves around Pipes as he settles into the sand, moving to where she can get a better look at their surroundings (just in case she missed an important detail on her first, cursory glance). "Hey, now. I just said no trouble. I didn't say no fun," she jokes. "Half the things you listed sound like a good, old time to me."

Rung walks off the shuttle, pausing a moment as the sun hits his glasses. He can already feel the heat soaking pleasantly into his plating. Rung had been unsure at first but this seems like it was a good idea after all. He quickly makes his way down to the sand, stopping only a second as he sinks into the grains, and walks up to where Pipes and Road Rage are talking, "I apologize if I am interrupting but might I join in the conversation?" Some company seems rather nice right now.

Pipes rotates his head to look at Road Rage with a quizzical expression. "Fun? Well, I guess the rain was nice." He then rotates his head towards Rung. "Sure thing! So, um, is there anything you'd like to see while we're still here on this lovely planet?"

Slowly, the tips of fins and spikes emerge from the water offshore, followed by the tops of heads, and then, the optics set in those heads. There are no big splashes or splooshy sounds above the dull hissing of the waves as they approach, the small wave crests making them appear to bob.

"Well, it wouldn't be an outing without a catastrophe or two. It's only when you reach three that it starts to become trouble," Road Rage responds. Throwing back her helm, her laughter echoes across the beach. It is, admittedly, a morbid joke; however, she isn't the only one aboard the Lost Light to resort to such after their many misadventures.

In the time it took her to drop her guard, though, something starts to approach them through the water. Even her sharp eye, trained to notice approaching danger, doesn't pick them out among the waves immediately. "And sure, you're welcome to join us," she pauses, rubbing at the back of her helm, "Uh, I can't remember your designation. I think I've seen you on the ship, though?"

Rung smiles gently down at Pipes, lowering himself down to the ground beside the mech. Placing the datapad into his lap, Rung shifts so he can speak to his companions face to face, "Oh I was just planning to spend a quiet day catching up on some reading. I never did get to finish my favorite authors last novel before he died, far too busy with the job I'm afraid." He continues to smile but it wavers the slightest bit at Road Rage's comment, "It is Rung actually, but I do believe we have met in the past."

Pipes laughs along with Road Rage; he can appreciate gallows humor. "I hear you, Rung. Busy times. It's nice to have a break." Pipes agrees. He turns his head back up to the sky, and just stares. No reading for him, maybe just finding shapes in the clouds.

Finally, and in their own measured pace, the Eukarans fully emerge from the surf and step into the foam of the beach. While Fur Walkers and Scale Walkers tend to have tawny, subdued colors and blocky features, these Wave Walkers are curves and swoops painted in a riot of colors. Their root modes are decorated with fins, tentacles, glassy optics, frills, and membranes. Despite this, they do not appear fragile; there is musculature beneath it all, rippling and glistening in the sun.

Two step forward. The larger one is a mottled blue and gray; fins jut from her sides, and prominent gills and even more prominent sharp teeth run in curves over her shoulders. The other, still large, is layered in smooth skin of blue, silver, and white, with two triangular wingfins borne on his back. He steps forward; seems he is in charge. "The outsiders, from Cybertron. I was apprised of your presence."

Road Rage abruptly turns away from Rung and Pipes, returning to her observations. At first it is nothing more than an easy excuse to hide her embarrassment; after all, she can remember thousands of languages. Why had one little name given her trouble? Her mind is distracted from this when she sees the shapes moving across the beach, however. The hovercar's frame stiffens. "By the celestial spires," she snaps under her breath.

A hint of irritation flickers through her: at herself for letting her guard drop, at everything for her morbid joke potentially becoming reality. Her digits flex and she takes a step forwards. That's all she needs to transition into the manicured diplomat she played for so many years. She gestures to her companions, urging them to stay back.

She then turns her full attention to the newcomers, nodding her helm in greeting. "We apologize if we are trespassing. As you said, we are outsiders and still learning your customs."

Rung is about to reply when he spots the movement coming up the beach. He quickly looks up from Pipes, casting wary glances between their two new visitors. The idea of a fight isn't a favorable one, not to mention Rung has no real weaponry to speak of. He shifts his body weight to glance around Road Rage at their newcomers, taking in their appearance and quickly labeling them as natives to the planet. Rung's knowledge of the planet is minimal at best so he decides the best course of action would be to remain silent, if somewhat tense.

Only now does Pipes notice the Eukarans, when they are literally walking right up to them. He abruptly looks down his torso at their approach, then scrambles to his feet, brushing off sand from his arms as he does. The whole maneuver is done by the time their leader speaks, though, so he looks presentable at least. From the front. He stands silently, hands clasped behind his back, letting the more cultured among the group take the lead.

"The littorals are the Wave Walkers' to govern, it is true." The head Eukaran leans slightly to look at the shuttle, as if to assess if the field it rests in is included or not. "However, I am willing to forgive this, because I have been forewarned by the other tribes, and I understand you are ... not unfriendly. I am Manta Ray," and he gives a short bow, one arm crossing his chest. He then extends the arm to his companion. "This is Carchara, one of my legates." The sharkformer bares her jagged teeth in greeting.

There are only a handful of other Wave Walkers, and they watch curiously from further back in the surf.

Road Rage offers a stiff bow in return. As the leader and his legate introduces themselves, she is listing and prioritizing what little she knows about the Eukarans in her brain module: a branch of the Cybertronian race, wary of strangers, with a significant amount of in-fighting between the rival factions. It's not nearly as much as she would like to know, as her studies had been over alien races and they didn't quite fit that category, but it would have to do. "My designation is Road Rage. It is a pleasure to meet you Manta Ray and Carchara. But please, if our presence here is an issue let us know and we will correct it in all due haste."

As she speaks, one of the more daring Water Walkers slithers out from the waves to join their leader. His body is long and sinuous, like an eel, and his large yellow optics narrow with mistrust. He flexes a clawed digit in the direction of the Road Rage and her companions. He turns to Manta Ray and speaks; while the words are Cybertronian, the dialect is so far removed from that of the native planet it is difficult to understand. "You would trust the word of the other tribes? I urge you to tell them to leave," he hisses.

Rung slowly lifts himself from the sand, carefully (some might dare to say daintily) brushing sand particles off himself. Once satisfied with the short cleaning the psychiatrist works to stand easy and openly, using what he knows of body language to try and convey no threat. He makes sure to tuck the datapad into one of his many hidden compartments as he stands, though, not wanting his only copy to be lost in some unfortunate event.

As the new, rather eel shaped mech, makes an appearance Rung is very careful to watch his behavior. This new arrival seems as if he could be trouble, displaying possibly hostile signals.

From the distant loitering group of Wave Walkers in the surf comes a bright blue bot, shoving folk aside as he dashes up to the Lost Lights, splashing foam everywhere. He readily ignores his leaders (something he'll probably regret later), and balls his fists excitedly. "These are the aliens that crushed the crystalline!" he blurts, then stares wide-optic'ed at the trio, Rung in particular. "Wow... What do you turn into?" This fella' clearly sports a dolphin altmode, with a tall dorsal and triangular fins on his shoulders.

Pipes keeps quiet. He sidles over next to Rung. Just a couple of quiet bots, totally innocent. He glances around at the stunning scenery and hopes they can get back to enjoying it without an interplanetary incident. But then he sees an opening when the dolphinbot tromps up. "Yes!" he points at him. "The spiders! They were abducting the, uh, Fur Walkers and them, and eating them! So we chased after them and rescued everyone we could." See? Heroes. Don't kill us for trespassing.

Manta Ray casts an indulging look at the protesting Wave Walker. "I would trust the word of the other tribes over their word, Eelusory. For now." He's taken aback when the other Wave Walker interrupts, but not much; he appears to be used to these different personalities among his people. He turns back to look at Pipes. "You exaggerate, I think. Or lie. Tell me," and his optics narrow as he looks back to Road Rage, clearly now their spokesbot. "We have heard reports of a great golden bird, soaring in the sky. Have you seen it?" He may know more that he lets on.

The Wave Walkers seem to be gaining confidence, slithering out of the waves one by one. While her attention does remain fixed primarily on the leader, she does throw a Rung a pitying glance at the Eukaran's question. By their standards, it was about the rudest thing that you could ask anyone. Still, she didn't think this quiet mecha would be too harsh in his response; if she had, she would have moved to intervene.

The leader's question is more pressing, though. The narrowing of his optics signals a change in the mood, and she wonders if he will remain as forgiving if she chooses not to answer. "I've heard about it, but I've not personally encountered it," she responds carefully.

Rung is somewhat taken aback by this strange new mech's immediate question. Why would his alt mode be the first thing he is questioned about? After realizing he has been practically been staring at this newcomer he quickly regains his composure. A quick shuffling of feet brings him around to speak with the dolphin. "That is a rather tough question to answer, honestly I am somewhat unsure of the answer myself," A hand is carefully raised for a tentative handshake, "I am Rung, what might your name be?"

Fathom tilts his head. "How can you not know what you turn into? Heh, I'm Fathom." Rung's hand is shaken pretty vigorously and his attention promptly darts elsewhere. "Haha, look at these things!" He clearly exudes the high energy of his altmode likeness as he pinches the rubber of Pipes' tires on his knees. "What the heck! They'd be /awful/ for swimming. Hey we should give them gifts!" he declares abruptly, mostly in the direction of Manta Ray. "Be right back!" Off he darts, transforming to bounce and flip over the waves.

Eelusory squirms ands folds his arms over his chestplates, just being in the proximity of these strangers clearly making him uncomfortable. "I fail to see how this even involves us. It's not as if our people were taken by the Crystallines," he remarks. Gesturing towards Fathom's display, he frowns.

"And that's because we stayed in the water where we belonged. This curiosity will get us in trouble." While he pretends to be talking about Fathom, he is directly questioning his leader's decision to stay here and ask his questions.

Pipes is cowed by Manta Ray's suspicions of him, but the mention of the bird compels him to speak up again. "That was the titan! We ..." he slows down and steps forward so he can tell the story right. "We went into a volcano and found the titan there. We have a Cityspeaker with our crew, Windblade. She talked with the titan and convinced it to, well, break out of the volcano and kill the spiders. To protect the Eukarans." He looks earnestly at Manta Ray, but is disrupted by Fathom's squeaking of his tire. "Ooh! Hey! How'd you like it if I pinched your ... fins?"

Manta Ray appears slightly confused at Road Rage's confession. "And yet, we are connected, Eelusory. Much as we might wish otherwise, at times. We must know what happens above the waves." He listens to Pipes' recounting of the last few days. His countenance remains stern until he hears the word "protect". At that, his visage softens. There is visible reaction in many of the other Wave Walkers as well. Even Carchara. Manta Ray's tone is milder when he speaks next. "It is as I have heard, from the whispers of the Cloud Walkers who soar above the sea, and the growls of the Fur Walkers who prowl at our shores. Chela has risen." He looks at the three outsiders in turn with a mixture of awe and, still, wariness. He doesn't even mark Fathom's actions this whole time.

At first, Road Rage is concerned when Pipes moves to speak up. Her caution is born of uncertainty, not knowing why Manta Ray had suddenly brought up the subject of the metrotitan and what connections his people may have to it. Seeing his expression soften, though, she realizes she should not have worried. "He could tell you the story better than I ever could. I was stationed on the ship the whole time this was happening," she admits. "If I may, though..."

She glances around Manta Ray and clears the static from her vocoder, a moment later speaking to Eelusory in a near perfect duplication of his strange dialect. "We'll not be here much longer. You have my word," she assures the protesting Wave Walker. "You're always welcome to ask questions, too, if it would help."

Eelusory looks a little too thrown off to hear the familiar dialect from a stranger's lip components to respond immediately. Before he can, she turns her attention back to Manta Ray.

The handshake is vigorous enough to actually set Rung's glasses askew and leave the therapist partially wondering what just took place. Yet before he can speak another word Fathom is already darting around to examine Pipes. He watches in confusion as the dolphin alt pokes and prods at Pipes before rushing away, saying something about gifts. Once his wits return he faces Pipes, "I... am not entirely certain what just took place..."

Fathom returns with a really sloppy transformation that sends foam and sand over everyones feet. He gifts Pipes with a giant blue conch (there's something clearly still in it), Rung gets an oversized orange starfish, and Road Rage gets a red stalk of what looks like staghorn coral. They're all color coordinated.

Pipes is amazed to hear Road Rage change her voice like that. Neat trick! He accepts the gift from Fathom, whether he likes it or not. "Oh! Uh, thank you!" He then quietly replies to Rung as he examines the conch. "I think it's diplomacy. Except I thought it was a lot less ... touchy-feely." Oh wow there's an organic creature in this thing! He peers inside, marveling at the delicate frill of its pseudopod.

Manta Ray nearly looks impressed at Road Rage's linguistic feat. He looks again at Eelusory, and there is a hint of amusement at seeing the doubter's surprise. His brows rise for a moment, then he returns his attention to the Cybertronians.

"Very well. I grant you passage through the territory of the Wave Walkers while you remain on Eukaris, so long as it is innocent passage. Do not bring conflict, or cause damage. Travel the waves, and the depths, and the shores, in peace. I have other matters to attend to, but the other Walkers here may freely speak with you." He pauses, looking at Fathom's gifts. He makes to say something more, but only says, "Until we meet again, fatebringers." He and Carchara turn away and convert into their alt modes, and swiftly the twin fin tips of a great manta and the single dorsal of a shark slide away across the sea.

Road Rage finds that, now, she is less surprised by Manta Ray's haste than the first time. She wonders if his need to rush off has something to do with the story of the great bird; considering his reaction, she wouldn't be surprised. But all she could do was speculate. As she turns to wave goodbye to his retreating form, however, she finds Fathom shoving something at her instead. She fumbles to catch it. "Oh! Thank you, thank you," she says distractedly, glancing around him. But it is too late; Manta Ray is already gone.

Eelusory recovers from his surprise suddenly, slinking back towards the waves. "I have nothing to say to you. Just leave us be," he insists. He glances back at Fathom for a moment and shakes his head, slipping back into the water without trying to coax the dolphin along.

With him gone, Road Rage turns her attention back to Pipes and Rung. "You both handled that exceptionally well. Thank you."

Rung isn't entirely sure what he is supposed to do with this newfound, and quite unexpected, gift. Curiously, he examines the object as he slowly turns it over in his hands. What a nice color, and the shape is very interesting to look a- OH PRIMUS ITS ALIVE! Rung has to use all the willpower he can not to throw the creature in shock. It would it be rude to turn down the gift but it also could be taken as an insult not to accept... at the same time the poor thing is likely going to die if it is not placed in water soon. He sends a shaky smile to fathom as a thank you before looking somewhat lost at what to do now. "T-thank you for the praise Road Rage." After this being said Rung sends the other two a look that clearly pleads for help.

Fathom just beams. Cheers, the aliens get to roam freely. "Don't have too much fun!" He gives the trio a salute. When Eelusory slinks off, he turns to the Lost Lighters, leaning in, shielding one side of his face and gesturing with his thumb, "Don't worry about him, he's always grumpy." Then, a chirpy "BYE!" and he's off into the waves again.

Pipes chuckles despite himself. "Really? I thought he was ready to spear me through for a minute there. But, hey! Free passage right? I think that means we are officially allowed to relax on this beach." He sits back down in the toasty sand, this time with his new mollusk buddy. He catches Rung's look. "Do you think he needs water?" He waves happily to Fathom as he goes.

"Well, if he had that would have only been one catastrophe. We'd still be in the fun zone," Road Rage replied, winking at Pipes. All the stiff formality of the exchange with Manta Ray was melting away; although, the hovercar still seemed a little on edge.

"As long as we are, we might as well enjoy it for a few minutes longer, and then we'll meet you back at the shuttle." While she says the words, though, she moves to prowl the border of their impromptu campsite. She has no intention of letting her guard down again on this trip, even with it drawing to a close all too soon.

Trying his best to cradle the poor creature without hurting it, Rung nods to Pipes' question, "I believe both require water... I hope Fathom's feelings wont be hurt if I release the poor thing back into the ocean." With that spoken, Rung makes his way to the water's edge. Dipping his hands beneath the surface the therapist places the starfish on a submerged rock several meters from the shore, hoping that is a good spot for it to survive from. After doing so, He makes his way back to where the other two remain. "Well we are here so I suppose I will do as I intended until the both of you wish to leave." With a gentle smile and several seconds making himself comfortable in the sand, Rung pulls out his datapad and sets in to read until they go.

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