2016-04-26 Indiana Jones Theme

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-04-26 Indiana Jones Theme
Date 2016/04/26
Location Eukaris
Participants Gearshift, Bulkhead, Windrose
Plot Colony:Eukaris
Summary Gearshift, Windrose and Bulkhead do some exploring around camp.

Gearshift is sitting at camp, watching all of the different crewmembers either celebrating, healing, or milling about just as lost as she feels. She takes a deep inhale of the moist jungle air and exvents it slowly. The jungle is quiet now and what she hears are hushed conversations.

Finally, with the lost crews found and the Crystalline issue taken care of, Windrose can do what she's been waiting forever to do since arriving on this world - explore! As is she's making sure she's got all her gear in order and her scanners aligned. She's only got a few days most likely to do her research before the Lost Light heads out for the next planet and she is not going to squander any of it.

Bulk is. Well. He's not sure what he's feeling after that whole thing with Deluge and Lieutenant. He's not sure what he's feeling when it comes to this entire crew and their mission, honestly, so he decides he should get some fresh air. Won't be long until everyone's back on the ship anyway, and he's got to enjoy the planet while he can. He's been circling base camp for a while now (who knows if there are any spiders lingering, he can't venture out too far or Rodimus might pull that weird Dad thing he's started adopting on him) and when he loops through camp he catches a glance of a minibot he'd met at the communications booster. He has no idea what her name is, but sits by her anyway. "Nice place," he says, conversationally. "If ya ignore the spiders."

Gearshift is pulled from her daydreaming a voice suddenly by her side. She looks over and her intakes hitch. It's the large mech from the booster. Bulksomething, his name was? Without the threat of spiders and other creatures from the jungle hanging over their helms, and without her worrying about rescue missions, Gearshift is able to focus on, well. Wow. He's really good looking. Gearshift realizes she's staring and says "yea! It's very quiet" She leans back on her servos and cranes her neck to meet his gaze "I don't think we've properly met. I'm Gearshift."

"Ugh, don't remind me about the spiders," Windrose mutters after overhearing that last part. She closes the module she was adjusting and latchs it back onto her left shoulder pylon. "Hopefully that threat was dealt with after the fiasco the fighters went through."

Bulkhead half-registers Gearshift's reaction. He possibly would have given it more thought if not for the other bot, scrap, one he'd also met at the booster and also had no idea of their name. "I'm Bulkhead, if ya didn't know," he says, before addressing the other mech. "It was, I'll have ya know. Killed the Queen myself!" Sort of. More like he damaged her so badly she couldn't continue fighting, but hey, he's allowed to boast once in a while.

Gearshift agrees with a nod. "That's all we can hope for I suppose. I've been hearing bits and pieces of what's been going on and it sounds like it was awful." Gearshift looks up at Bulkhead again "You DID?!" She looks awestruck at him, like she's now in the presence of a celebrity. She gulps dryly. The air seemed to get hotter to her.

Windrose raises a brow a bit at Bulkhead's boast at the end. It's not really a doubting expression, just one of... well... she's heard a lot of claims like that since joining this crew so she's taking it with a grain of sodium. "Yeah. I mean, sure, some of the native tribes are a bit... off-putting, but at least they didn't try to kidnap and eat anyone." She shudders a little at that thought, too.

Bulk meets the other mech's gaze. He can tell she doesn't belive him, and, honestly, even with the little knowledge he has on this crew, he can see why she might be a little...well. Whatever she is that isn't 'Primus that sounds fraggin' amazing!'. She probably knows Rodimus, after all. "I don't care about any a the other, what, tribes?" He has so little knowledge of this planet's inhabitants. "They probably got scrapped-over just as bad as we did." He has no idea if his response makes sense. He was kind of, likely, very much so, distracted by the way Gearshift was looking at him. He is not used to being admired so openly.

Gearshift realizes staring might be a bit rude and averts her gaze a little too obviously. "Windrose you look ready for something." The blue mini obvserves, doing her best to distract herself.

Windrose snaps back from scrutinizing Bulkhead when Gearshift asks her question. "Oh, yeah. Was just getting ready to do some exploring now that things have quieted down and the big threat is hopefully gone for the most part. Still got my job of mapping and surveying to do, after all. Make sure all the relocated colonies are properly recorded before we move on."

He relaxes back in the midst of their exchange. Bulkhead doesn't really have anything to add to this conversation, so he just listens, before finally saying, "How many colonies?" He wants to look interested. He couldn't think of any other question to do so.

Gearshift has the same question in mind "I didn't even think there'd be any at all, with how dense the jungle is and how abundant the spider population is." She casts a glance to the tree line, then back to Windrose and Bulkhead. "Do you need any help?" She knows she's not much use for anything but company but it's better than sitting at camp and feeling useless.

Windrose tilts her head for a moment, then laughs softly as she realizes there's been a slight misunderstanding. "No, no, I mean -these- colonies." She stomps a foot on the ground to indicate. "These worlds inhabited by other descendants from Cybertron, I mean. It's a crying shame that, other than that map than SOMEONE broke," She won't name names because that would be disregarding towards the Captain, "these places were lost at all." She puts a fist to her chest. "As an explorer it is my job, no, my *passion* to ensure such an oversight does not happen again." Then, after a pause, she stops being so dramatic about it. "And sure, it's always nice to have some company."

Bulk realizes that he did misunderstand, and he chuckles a little at his own folly. "Gotcha." He doesn't even need to take a second trying to figure out who she refers to with that 'someone'. He's only just come back to Rodimus' company, but he remembers what the kid was like during their brief interaction centuries before. Windrose's (that's her name, right, that's what Gearshift said, he thinks) declaration is inspiring; either she was always this dramatic or Rod has rubbed off on her. Either way, he says, "I'll come, too."

Gearshift stands and goes to Windroses' side, watching Bulkhead. "It should be fun!" She grins wide.

A little of both? Windrose has always been very passionate about what she does, but the melodramatics are a newer expression of it. "Wouldn't hurt to have some strong servos along in case something big and nasty does show up." With that she starts walking away from the camp. Doesn't even seem to mind having to walk so she doesn't leave the two groundpounders behind.

Bulk smiles at Shifty - that is her new name, he has decided, anyone who speaks to him gets a nickname - before standing up and following Rose. It's good to have something to do. The whole spider situation was....ridiculous, really, even though he secretly enjoyed it, and he's still restless with fighting energy.

Gearshift follows Windrose but her shorter legs mean shorter strides which means she's quickly trailing behind her. The relief she feels at not having to be on guard constantly is potent as she is finally able to admire the planet for what it is. "It reminds me of Earth, or some parts of it anyways." Parts she never really got to explore.

"Never been there myself," Windrose replies. "I was too busy trapsing around the galaxy, trying to do my thing and avoid the mess some of our kind were making of ... a lot of things." She shrugs a little at that. She doesn't really feel bad for missing much the whole war thing. "I wonder if there's anywhere specific we should go."

"You've been ta Earth?" He didn't mean to ask, was more interested in listening to Rose, but....Not many bots have worked on that planet. He snaps out of it quick, though, a retort to Rose's comment weighing down his glossa, but..he holds it in. "I think Earth was better than this," he says. Good job Bulk.

Gearshift nods "I lived there after leaving the Autobots." She says carefully, knowing there are still plenty of bots out there who would give her an audial full for a comment like that. "I used my holoform and lived as a human"

Windrose left a whole dang planet to avoid the old goverment's ideals so she's not really in a position to talk on the matter of leaving things. "Do folks still use those? Holoforms, I mean." Idly she flips down her visor so she can watch the readouts from her scanners on the HUD.

He doesn't mean to, but Bulk stiffens at the idea of deserting the Autobots. He's been trying to be better - the war is over, Optimus has been accepting 'Cons as worthwhile Cybertronians, he wouldn't do that if he wasn't sure - but it still grinds his gears, so to speak. How could anyone leave when they knew what was going? "Oh, yeah?" he says instead, voice hitching only about a half decibel higher than usual. "How was that?"

Gearshift explains "It was lovely," She sighs, seeing Bulkhead stiffen slightly and felt like she had to explain that. "I left the autobots because they weren't helping the very people that depended on them. I'm from Kaon and let me tell you, it was bad." She takes a breath "I didn't feel like I belonged. Both groups seemed to have the same ideaologies but no good ways of going about it. So I left."

"I left Cybertron before the factions were really even a split," is the most Windrose really has to offer to the conversation. Partially because she's promptly distracted by a ping on her scanners, and abruptly scampers a bit off to the side of the direction they were walking in. "I think I found something!"

Primus, this isn't what Bulkhead wanted to talk about. He opens his mouth to say something, wanting to reassure the two mechs he's walking with even though he disagrees vehemently with both of them, but -- "What is it?" He's already following Rose away from the direction they were walking. Curiosity, in this situation, is probably better than arguing.

Gearshift follows excitedly "What is it Rose?" She asks, jogging to keep up with the other two.

Windrose crouchs down at a spot and extends the blade on her right arm. If only to use the spade-like shape of blade to dig into the ground a bit, before prying out a sizable rock. Which probably looks like just a rock to most mechs. "It's a chunk of metamorphic rock." The blade then splits in half partway, allowing the gap it forms to be used like a clamp to pick said rock up. "Likely pushed close to the surface by several million years of geothermal activity... But would of never seen such a thing if we had been deeper into the jungles. But this is a great example of what components this planet's stratum is made up from!"

He has no idea what Rose is saying. "Oh, sounds cool." Bulk is an engineer, not a scientist, damnit. But he won't point out how boring and pointless such a find is to him. Windrose did save him from a particularly awkward situation, after all, even if it wasn't purposefully.

Gearshift takes in everything Rose is saying, even if she doesn't understand she adores how excited Rose seems to be about the geology of the planet. "So what does it mean?" She asks curiously, biolights flickering as she smiles wide. She doesn't feel uncomfortable at all about why she left the autobots and doesn't particularly feel worried about Bulkhead's opinion of it.

Windrose on the other hand has a fairly thorough understanding of geography and geology as part of her exploration skills. "Metamorphic means it was another class of rock but altered in some way into another classification, usually by pressure or temperature changes." She holds up the rock and if one looked closely they could see the 'back' of the blips of data flashing across the viewer side of her visor. "Most likely igneous originally, which are formed by volcanic activity, then compressed as it cooled while being pushed up through the geological layers. Volcanic strata are often rich in carbon and nitrates, which on many worlds are instrumental to biological growth." She shifts the arm holding the rock to one side so she can open the altmode cockpit in her abdoment and retrieve a sample container from within. "Eras of repeated volcanic activity would leave many layers of nutrient rich soil deposits, which could be a contributing factor to the extremely prolific state of jungle botanical growth on this world."

Bulk has no idea what this means. He stands a bit behind and off to the side of the other two mechs, listening to Rose's explanation with an interest that falls short of acceptable, considering that he doesn't understand any of it. He's not a bot who hates organics and everything that comes with their planets, don't get him wrong, but this? Way out of his league. "Interesting," he manages, eventually. That's probably the correct response.

Gearshift takes a moment when she realizes something. Her optics light up with excitement "There's a volcano here!!!! Can we go see it?" She asks Windrose eagerly, then looks over her shoulder to Bulkhead to mouth 'VOLCANO' with the brightness of a child.

Windrose doesn't seem too upset by Bulkhead being interested just in the sake of being interested instead of actually understanding. She is probably use to getting that sort of blank stare and occasional nod of 'I'm listening I just don't compute a single word you've said'. Gearshift, on the other hand, seems to take a sudden interest. "Well, I don't know if -right here- but it's possible. Volcanos are definately still a thing here... Weren't the spiders hiding in one? Granted, that one got trashed."

Primus, if he hadn't just escaped from said volcano, the look on Gearshift's faceplates would have him transforming and driving the both of them over right now. It was too Miko-esque. But he did have experience with the volcano, and had only recently gotten out from being crushed by its eruption, so instead he said, "Nah, it's not safe." There's an unspoken 'sorry' to his tone. He focuses again on Windrose and adds, "There were spiders in one of 'em, but trust me, they ain't there anymore."

Gearshift immediately deflates "oh...I see..." She does see but she's clearly disappointed. The mini looks to windrose then back at Bulkhead "So there's a chance even if there was another one that more creatures might live in it?"

"-That- specific volcano is probably really unstable, after having a large battle inside of it. And a Titan trying to kick it over like an anthill." Windrose wasn't there, but she can tell by Bulkhead's sudden objection it is probably a mess. "But most creatures probably don't want to live in a volcano. The spiders probably hid there -because- the locals wouldn't." But she reachs to pat Gearshift on the shoulder. "But maybe we can find another less smashed up on to look at before we leave the planet." "Ya mean there's more?" Okay, Bulk knows Earth had a bunch of volcanoes, but. "You two have fun with that. Who knows what else might be hidin' in there." Windrose has a point and in that respect, who even knows if that was the only volcano those spiders were living in. There could be others, used as bases, the same way the Light crew is camping out nearby.

Gearshift gives a small sigh and an nod of defeat. "I suppose you're right, Rose." She looks over at Bulkhead, gaze lingering for a moment "We should probably head back then. Do some more exploring tomorrow?"

"You guys can head back to camp, then." Windrose takes a few steps to the side and the rotor unfolds from her back in prelude to transforming. "I'm going to make an aerial pass or two first." She turns her head enough to wink an optic at Gearshift before flipping her visor back down. "Who knows? Maybe I'll be able to spot another volcanic hotspot."

Bulk nods at them both. "Have fun," he says, and it's a stupid, sterile phrase, but he means it. He knows what it's like to have someone barely listen to him, only paying attention out of politeness, and he feels bad that he's the one doing it this time. But also......fuck rocks. "See ya around, Rosie." And then he's off, back to camp. Maybe he'll take a nap. Primus knows he could use one.

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