2016-04-26 Brainstorm's Mystery Gun (TM)

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-04-26 Brainstorm's Mystery Gun (TM)
Date 2016/04/26
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Brainstorm's Workshop
Participants Whirl, Brainstorm, Vortex
Summary A gun nut ex-Wrecker, an amoral scientist, and an enthusiastic masochist walk into a room... The results may shock you.

They found his rotors a lot easier than he had expected. Turns out its easier to find things in the jungle when you've been there already. Also, Raid's missing wing bit was a dead giveaway. Vortex collected that along with his rotors before heading back to the Lost Light. He had his fill of the planet plus most of the bots he cared about were back on the ship or heading that way. He cleaned up at the showers the best he could- spider guts were easier to wash away than mud as it turns out- and stopped by his room to do a few things. One, to drop off Raider's wing; two, sharpen his rotors; three, find an knife sheath he could strap to him for. Unfortunately, he couldn't so the Getaway knife would have to stay in subspace for now. With all that taken care of, he sets out with his next mission in mind. One night's rest with a Combatibro was all he needed to feel tip-top. And a tip-top Vortex doesn't ever stop. Stopping meant boredom. And boredom is BAD.

After checking Swerves, the pseudo-shooting range, and a few other places, Vortex was finally left with Whirl's habsuite. Why didn't he check here first? He honestly did not have an answer to that. The copter reaches out and knocks rather cheerily on the door, humming to himself. Blast Off was going to be so happy with him! Maybe happy enough for a piggyback. He can only hope.

Vortex really should've checked Whirl's room first because that's where he's been for the past few hours. He's been working hard trying to clean up the mess he made in the room while Blast Off was on Eukaris, wanting to at least have the place tidied up by the time he decides to come home from whatever it is he's doing. When the knock comes, he rushes over to the door and opens it, brandishing a broom as a weapon. Can you blame him? Every time someone has come in here, it was to punch him.


Vortex looks at the broom, stunned into silence for a moment... "You know, that would make an excellent shank if you sharpened the end." He bounces back, rotor turning slowly. It felt so nice to have all four of them back, ahhh. "But hey, Cyclops! How's it going? Good to see you, by the way!" He waves to the much taller mech. Wow, how did he even manage to bite that optic out? It's so high up there.

"Uh.." Whirl gives Vortex a look (the emotion behind it is lost) and then slowly lowers the broom. "It's going..." He seems suspicious, surely Vortex isn't here to make small talk with him. There must be an ulterior motive. "What do you want?"

Wow, Whirl wasn't even half as chatty as the last time they met. Hmmm... "Good! Oh, well, um... I was wondering, you're not still mad about, you know, that lil scuffle, are you? I mean, your optic is looking great. Even brighter than the last time I saw it!" Haha, yeah.

"Me? Mad?" Whirl laughs. It's not a happy laugh. "Why would I get mad about someone robbing me of my sight? Why would I POSSIBLY get upset over someone taking a piece of me away?" He bends down so he can stare Vortex directly in the eyes. Not too close though, don't wanna get bit again. "HA. HA HA HA. I'M NOT MAD."

Oh... So he was mad. Vortex's servos twitch as he wants to reach out and grab those pedipalps. He resits the urge. For Blast Off, he thinks as he keeps his hands to himself. "I'm getting mixed signals here and that's got nothing to do with my job." Ex job, whatever. "Buuuuut... You're kinda dating Blasty and I can't have you mad at me. Soooo... Would a 'sorry' help?" Even though he didn't feel sorry about it. Tex felt little shame for a lot of his actions.

"I'm not kinda dating him, I am dating him," Whirl says, straightening up to his full height again. "A sorry MIGHT help, but you're going to have to do more than that if you expect me to not want to rip your face off anymore." He swings the broom over his shoulder and hooks a claw into his hip. "So.. care to add to your offer?"

Well, he didn't mean it like that. He knew it was serious when he saw that arm around Blasty's shoulders. But Vortex's visor brightens. Oh! He was giving him a chance! "Yes! I mean... I don't know, uhhhh...." He thinks about it for a moment. "Oh! How about, I let you do anything? Yeah? Anything you want and we're even, back to square one!" Vortex lacks any sense of self-preservation.

Whirl has to think about this for a long time. "Let me shoot you," he says finally. Then he adds for clarification, "with one of Brainstorm's mystery guns."

If the mention of a Brainstorm gun was supposed to mean something, it sailed over Vortex's head. "Sounds good! Let's go now so we're good to go before Blasty still thinks you're mad at me!" He steps aside and motions for Whirl to lead the way. He's been shot by... wEll, all his Combatibros so how bad could this be?

"Wait, really?" That was not the answer Whirl was expecting but hey, he's not going to complain. He tosses the broom into the room before closing the door behind him. Even though there's more than enough room, he opts to 'shove' his way past Vortex. "Follow me."

The smaller rotary stumbles but easily bounces after the much bigger helicopter. "Right behind you! You know, I met Brainstorm a bit ago. He thinks no one can break his door but I'm gonna do it, hehe... Just gotta work around the electrocuting..." Now he's just babbling.

With Vortex following him, Whirl leads him through the ship and to Brainstorm's workshop because the Combaticon has so graciously agreed to let himself get shot with a mystery gun that could literally do anything to him. "If you don't regret biting out my eye yet, you will soon," he says to the other rotary before knocking sharply on Brainstorm's door.

The response from the other side of the door is almost immediate "Door's open. What is it? I'm a little busy here?" Indeed, the door is unlocked, and for once, nothing will come flying through it as it opens. Nor will anything explode, get stuck, or shoot anything. That's not to say that nothing is going on. There is a smell of something burnt in the air, Brainstorm's lab computer is happily humming away as it runs through some process, and a largish gun perches on a tripod, the lights on its side bright and glowing. The scientist himself is standing in front of a large, metal plate, which itself sits in front of the aforementioned weapon. The words 'Ship's Genius' are written out on the plate in numerous, small holes. There is a smiley face in the same font under them. Brainstorm is rubbing his chin thoughtfully as he stares at it.

Vortex looks up at Whirl as they get to Brainstorm's lab. Well, that was vaguely threatening. Neat, but he's been shot before. So Tex just shoots Whirl a thumbs up in response. He waits for Whirl to enter before following. "Hey Brainstorm! How's that Stickipeller doing?" He says, waving to the scientist.

Once he gets the green light, Whirl barges in through the door. "Hey, Brainstorm." He tilts his head at the metal plate the ship's resident genius is staring at. Huh, weird. "I need to borrow a gun to shoot Vortex with." That's all the explanation needed, right?

"Pretty much done" Brainstorm finally looks over his shoulder at his guests, quirking a brow ridge at the duo. Is there a meeting of the club of helicopters who hang around Blast Off that he didn't know about? Whirl's request puts that question aside. He takes it rather in stride "Sure! I actually have something I need tested anyways, hang on" abandoning the plate, he moves to retrieve the weapon, not the one sitting on the tripod, but one still sitting on his workbench, all shiny and new. It's this that he offers to the larger bot "You two that close already, huh?"

This was all going very smoothly. Whirl wants to shoot the gun, Brainstorm seems eager to test the gun, and Vortex is more than happy to be the tester if it meant making up for the optic attack. These three really... Really shouldn't be unsupervised together. "Nice." He comments on the Stickipeller before moving in closer to look at the gun. "Huh? Oh, I bit his optic out so he's gonna shoot me and then we're even. We'll be close after this! Right Whirl?" He really should ask what the gun does but, honestly, guns just shoot things. Can't be that bad.

Whirl takes the gun from Brainstorm and hefts it in his claws, getting a feel for the weight. Yes, this will do nicely. "Hm?" His attention is pulled back to Vortex and his optic flickers. "Oh, right. Yeah. We'll be so close after this." Whirl swings an arm around Vortex's shoulders and pulls him in tightly. He whispers in his audio receptors, "reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaalllll close."

Releasing Vortex, Whirl steps back and takes a firm grip on the gun. "Alright, you ready?" He catches himself. "Wait, let's go outside for this. I don't want to mess up any of Brainstorm's stuff."

"Hey - hey!" Brainstorm holds his hands up in protest when it looks that Whirl intends to do shoot it right in here. "Yes, outside! Hang on, I'm coming with you."

The gun still has that nice, new gun smell. There's also a switch on the side, with a yellow stripe going the length of its reach. The switch is currently sitting just bellow the narrowest part of the stripe.

On almost anyone else, Whirl's tactics would most assuredly unnerve them But Vortex does not mind being pushed and pulled around and he's never one to shy away from any sort of physical contact. He actually smiles under his facemask as Whirl confirms his hopes. "Goooooooooood." He whispers back as the larger, much larger, mech releases him.

"Oh, yeah, good idea Whirl! Geniuses should't waste their time cleaning a mess." For sure. Onslaught would kill him if he made a mess in his room, messing up plans and charts and what not. He rocks on his heels, waiting for them to lead the way once more. "Hey, Brainstorm! Could I ask you a favor after this? I got this really neat knife and I want, like, a holster for it. You're a weapons guy, I bet you could make one!" Vortex doesn't act like a guy about to be shot but hey, when you've been shot by the likes of Brawl, you stop fearing the tiny pew pew shooters.

"Yeah, you got it," Whirl says to Vortex. In reality, it's not that he wants to save Brainstorm from cleaning up a mess, he just really doesn't want him to ban him from his workshop and cutting him off from weapon testing. "Alright, practice rooms. Let's do it." Again, Whirl leads the way but there's an excited hop in his steps this time.

Once they reach the practice rooms, Whirl practically shoves Vortex into one of the private training rooms, eager to get started. "Just remember, this was YOUR idea, Tex." No it wasn't.

Brainstorm offers Vortex a cheerful nod, as if he didn't just hand a gun nut an untested weapon to shoot him with "Sure, I'll just need to see the knife, and know what kind of sheathe you want." the 'genius' remark leaves him looking quite pleased. Oh, he wouldn't kill Vortex over a mess, even if he could, but Whirl's concerns aren't for nothing. A banning is very much a possibility.

He trots readily after his testers, looking almost a little too eager to get down to business, though once they get there, he does pause to look up at Whirl "Just try not to actually, you know, kill him. It's not every day I find someone who's willing to let me test things on them."

"Oh yeah, you got it!" Whipping out the knife, Vortex hands it over to Brainstorm. "I just want it so I can attach it to my body instead of pulling it out of my subspace, you know?" Perfectly reasonable.

Vortex watches Whirl's little hopping with amusement. How was he getting himself to sway like that? The smaller rotary attempts to duplicate that hopping as he follows all the way to the practice rooms with limited success. He's gonna have to practice that. He stumbles over his pedes as he shoved into the room, walking a bit of distance so he was across from Whirl. "Yeah, yeah, I know!" Being on Whirl's good side is important to Blasty, so he has to do this. "Alright, this good? I can move closer, I don't want you missing me."

"Naw, I'm not gonna kill him," Whirl says, flashing Brainstorm a look that might be considered smug if you really, really squint and use a lot of imagination. "Blast Off would kill me." He lifts up the gun and aims it at Vortex, ready to fire when that little switch on the side catches his attention. Hmmm.. He flicks it and then fires. What comes out of the barrel isn't your typical ammunition, it's something sticky that clings to Vortex's frame and almost immediately it begins arching with electricity before administering a probably painful shock.

"Holy shit!" Whirl exclaims with glee.

Taking the knife, Brainstorm rotates it in his hands, examining it, then nods again "You want it built in, or -- " he doesn't get to finish before the helicopters are in position. Deciding to leave that question for later, the engineer steps back to watch the test from a safe distance, watching the process attentively and eagerly.

Vortex doesn't receive an answer to his question- although, pulling the trigger was probably answer enough. There's a brief moment of confusion as he identifies what's coming at him as ammunition. It's a brief enough moment that sudden survival instincts don't kick in fast enough for him to leap out of the way. Instead, the glop nails his chassis, making him fall back from the impact. There's a beat before the world suddenly lights up and heats up.

A shriek splits the air as electrical currents dance a frenzy over Vortex's frame. And then he hits the ground hard, writhing and convulsing with little to no control over his movements. The shrill cry is suddenly cut off and the rotary is left to flail with no dignity in silence. Smoke raises from his frame and any armor within close proximity of the splat warps and glows a warm orange from heat. Vortex's back arcs as he goes stiff, the last few terrible volts surging into his body. There's two pops and the sound of shattering glass before Tex's frame goes limp in a pile on the floor. He's smoldering and the smell of ozone is thick within the room, there's a few scorch marks on the floor around Vortex. He doesn't seem to make any effort to move.

That's a lot to happen in the span of thirty seconds.

<FS3> Vortex rolls Pain Tolerance: Success. (1 3 3 4 8 2 1 4)

Wow! WOW! Whirl was NOT expecting that but he's certainly not disappointed. "Ha ha! Holy crap! Did you see that!?" he exclaims, looking at Brainstorm. "Alright Vortex, I think we're even now." He looks back over at Vortex's fallen form, waiting for some kind of response and... nothing. Uh oh. The first thing Whirl does is dial back the switch on the weapon in a poor attempt to cover his tracks before approaching the Combaticon. "Uh.. Vortex? Vortex??" His voice gets increasingly worried and he kicks at him with a foot. "Vortex! Come on!"

Brainstorm knows about what to expect from the weapon, considering that he's the one who built it, but even he flinches back and cringes a bit at that display. That really looks like it hurt. Even so, the eager light doesn't leave his optics. If it hurt, it means it's working. Considering that Vortex is neither talking nor moving, it seems like it worked quite well.

Despite the good results, it's probably a good idea to see if he's okay. He kinda likes the guy. He has good taste, and, like he said before, it's hard to find good test subjects. Moving in after Whirl, Brainstorm peers down at the downed Combaticon, keeping at some distance "It's probably not a good idea to ---" oops, too late "--touch him. There could be residual charge." well, at least he doesn't have to find something to poke him with "We should probably call the medi-bay."

Vortex's mind does make one thing clear- if he wants to ever get past Brainstorm's door, he's gonna have to find a way to counter that electric shock he talked about. Because if it was like this, then Vortex was not going to go through that again. Maybe. Quite possibly the only thing keeping him conscious is his four million years worth of built up pain tolerance. He couldn't move, all his cords and joints stiff and locked up. But he does manage a noise as he's kicked, a small bite of electricity snapping at Whirl's foot.

From close up, the damage is far more obvious. Vortex's rotor and pedes seemed to be the least affected outside of some dents, dings, and maybe a small scorch mark here and there. His torso too the brunt, clearly burned and still sizzling, tame arcs of electric charge sometime leaping over the metal. The circuitry is effectively fried both there and at his arms, which are banged up and nastily burned. Her servos are curled so tight that energon is flowing from between his fingers. His neck is definitely damaged and a cord appears to have snapped from his violent flailing. His visor shattered and there was some glass embedded in his face and one optic. The other optic looks dull and lightless with energon running freely from beneath both lenses.

There's a pause and Tex's mask opens up with a squeeeeeeeeal. His mouth is also bleeding but that's mostlu because he bit the tip of his tongue off when his jaw snapped shut. "Dat... hurt..." He hisses out at no one particular. His audios are still ringing.

Whirl vents a sigh of relief when Vortex gives signs of life. "Oh thank god.. Here." He tosses the gun over to Brainstorm (hopefully he's a good catch) and then stoops down to get a closer look at Vortex. "Geez.. That was one hell of a shock, eh? No hard feelings though, right? Right. AND NO NEED TO TELL BLAST OFF ABOUT THIS, RIGHT? RIGHT." He stoops down and hooks his arms underneath Vortex's armpits to heft him up, getting a few shocks for his trouble. "Agh, fuck!"

Of course Brainstorm catches it. A little awkwardly, given the suddenness, and the fact that he has one hand already occupied with his briefcase, but he's not about to let one of his creations get damaged so carelessly. "On the bright side, I can safely say that it works, and really well too" exactly what you tell someone lying on the ground, barely alive 'the weapon that shot you is a success!' But hey, this is Vortex.

And that's Whirl "Told you" Brainstorm gives the taller mech a what'd-I-say look before shifting his hold on the gun and briefcase and opening a link to medcical "Hey -- yeah, me, no, I'm fine -- no, not Pipes again, Vortex. Expect him, and possibly Whirl in a bit -- severe electrocution -- hey, most of them volunteer!"

Vortex's lips quiver up in a smile, some of his lower teeth poking out from under his lip. Underbite, what can you do? (Except never mention it ever. He's sensitive don't you know.) "Gooooood..." The word comes out staticky as he responds to Brainstorm, wishing he could give him a thumbs up. "Haha, it hurts so much I can't even feel." He feels something under his arm but he's so thoroughly cooked, he can't tell if it hurts more or not. "Hey, my hearing's goin' out and in- did I hear... Did you say we're even?"

Whirl yelps as he gets another painful shock the more he tries to lift Vortex. "Save your I told you so's for later! Do you have any idea what Blast Off is going to do to me if he found out about this!?" His optic widens when Brainstorm places a call to medical. "Nononono! Don't call them! Didn't you hear what I just said about Blast Off finding out about this!? Hang up, we need to cover this up!"

Whirl lets out a frustrated sigh and hefts Vortex up high enough that he can properly sling him over a shoulder. "Yeah, yeah.. we're even."

"I'll get the bodybag then!" Brainstorm announces cheerfully. Get it? To cover the situation, and Vortex, up? "Seriously though, there is a chance he might die, and either way, look at him" the engineer makes a gesture with hand, as best he can with his luggage, at Vortex "You don't have to tell them everything that happened. They already know the electrocution part, so just leave it at that."

Well, he heard half of that. His left audio was definitely acting up. But! He definitely heard 'even' so that must mean yes! He more or less flops over Whirl's shoulder, looking weirdly wound tight but limp. "Wha's happenin', I can't see..." he slurs a bit, energon dripping out of his mouth. "Hey, Stormer, you should... You should make it so this... Gook keeps a charge. Then no one can pick 'em up til its gone and they stuck. Ehhhh?" You know, Whirl should probably tell him where he's at because one twist of the rotor and he'll lose his head.

"Good idea, bodybag." Oh wait, Brainstorm was kidding. Oops. Whirl twitches and almost drops Vortex as another charge goes through him. "Ugh! Okay, fine! I'll take him to medical. Vortex!" He jostles the Combaticon around on his shoulder. "Don't fuckin' move, alright!?" With that he turns towards the exit, ready to leave.

"That is a great idea" Brainstorm shifts the gun and briefcase again to better be able to point a finger at Vortex "I'll make sure to work that in. Try not to die, I have other things I want to test."

Vortex grunts as he's shaken about. Whoa... His rotor starts to turn as Brainstorm seems to praise his idea. He likes giving ideas bots will listen to! "Sounds good, Stormer. Next time, makes sumthin' that gets freaky." He chuckles rather weakly, as a rotor slooooooooowly turns with an edge level with Whirl's face. 'Don't move' usually means his body and not rotors.

"HEY!" Whirl gives Vortex a firm smack with a claw. This is exactly how you treat someone you just electrocuted. "I said NO moving! That includes your rotors! I swear to god, if you chop off my head before we even get to medical.." Whirl continues mumbling even as he leaves the practice rooms and makes the journey to medical, Combaticon in tow.

Re-gripping his gun once more so as to carry it more comfortable, Brainstorm follows the two rotaries. His workshop's on the same deck as medibay, so they're going in the same direction for now. Which is good, because he still needs to clear something up with the Combaticon "By the way, Vortex, you want your sheathe separate, or built in to you?" he nods up at the helicopter, his hands too occupied to emphasize his words with a tap.

Vortex's rotor comes to a halt as he's jostled a bit more. Whoops... Beheading hims would be a bad idea. "I, uh... Built in, I think..." He mutters to Brainstorm. Built into him? The knife? Who cares, built it was just better. "You know Whirl... I'm glad Blasty has you. Don't gotta worry about him when you're around... But..." His voice lowers to a staticky whisper. "If you hurt him... I'm going to cut off your hands and head all over again... And stuff 'em in your cockpit." He's completely serious too.

If that was supposed to intimidate or scare Whirl, it doesn't. "Good." He looks at Vortex from over his shoulder, optic flickering just slightly. "Blast Off is lucky to have family like you." Vortex has certainly earned his respect today, who knew all it took was experimental weaponry?

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