2016-04-25 Welcome Aboard Buzzkill

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Welcome Aboard, Buzzkill
Date 2016/04/24
Location Eukaris
Participants Air Raid, Buzzkill, Vortex, Skystalker, Rodimus, Blast Off
Plot Colony: Eukaris
Summary Buzzkill becomes one of the crew after the adventures on Eukaris, meeting new friends. Some possible prickliness, old wounds and fresh friendships, and cuddle piles might be involved too.

The sky is dark, there's smoke in the distance, and a decent number of tire tracks swirl around the little beacon camp. There's lighting of course, mostly from a large-ish cube-shaped bulb that manages to emulate flickering fire by it's dying power source. No one bothers to fix it however, as Lost Light medics are darting around to treat the wounded.

Vortex is not all that wounded. And it doesn't even hurt anymore. Luckily, his shoulder was never hit, just a hand and foot. No big deal. He's more just hovering around the station Blast Off is at- which is conveniently close to where Air Raid is. He wants to move in and wrap his servos around Boff's. He wants to rub out the tense-ness in his struts. But he knews Blast Off prizes his space and he's giving it to him. At least they weren't dying. Vortex instead starts to prick his fingerpads with his claws, making small energon drops ooze out. Nervous habit. He felt useless and that is the WORST feeling in the world. Well, almost as bad as disappointment.

Now that the chaos has passed and Buzzkill has dropped off Pantherface (not his real name as he told her multiple times,) there's not a whole lot for her left to do except hang around and bide her time until an opportunity presents itself where she can beg for a spot on the ship that presumeably brought these outsiders to Eukaris. She sits in silence, just staring at the Lost Lighters all around her before she finally clears her vocalizer. "So.... you guys aren't from around here." Duh.

Rodimus might look like a hastily assembled pile of scrap and shrapnel right now, paint job worn away by the repeated strike, and strike, and strike of spider claws, but at least he looks like an ASSEMBLED pile of scrap. It's Deluge that's the focus of medic attention, and after he's given a cube of medicinal-grade energon to try to get his levels back up, Rodimus gets turned loose to wait his turn. That suits his purposes: they've got a bunch of rescuees to sort through, and not all of them belong to the Lost Light. He grins at Buzzkill. "What gave it away?"

Scrap. That's what Blast Off feels like right now, at least, as he endures getting field repairs. And boy does he need it. His left arm is barely hanging on, though Hoist's quick thinking and preparedness sure saved the day- not only for him but for all the people he was then able to shuttle out of there. he's in no shape to keep flying, though, much less fly into space. So he rests as medics work on putting him back together. Right now he's feeling incredibly relieved. He was afraid back there when the walls seemed to be crumbling in on him, though he has been insisting very stridently that he's been fine. Really. He's also relieved that Vortex and Air Raid got out- the first he has no problem admitting to himself, the latter... is strange. But this is a crazy post-war world they live in, after all. He glances at Vortex occassionally but keeps silent. Until Buzzkill speaks. He lifts an optic ridge. Rodimus asks the question formulating in his mind.

Was that a serious question? It must be because he asked it. Buzzkill gives Rodimus a dubious look, like she can't believe she has to explain it to him. "Uhm.. everything? To start, you guys don't have beast modes. Second, you didn't recognize Chela. I mean, I've never seen him until today but the stories describe him as being a magnificent, golden bird so.." She shrugs. "I think that is a sufficient enough explanation."

Vortex looks up in a more or less glare at this insecticon. He's never been found of beastmodes. "That was rhetorical." He snaps at the not-Cybertronian, claws sinking deeper into his fingers. He can't help but feel annoyed with it. Insects were the problem here, after all. He looks away from Rodimus, helm hanging a little. Seeing the damage- even slightly repaired- makes him droop.

Air Raid is enduring a medic capping off his wing stubs so he won't bleed out anymore. He's definitely awake, sitting upright, and thankfully he can ignore the pain a little better because he's surrounded by striking sights. Mostly his damaged comrades. "Holy shit!" he finally exclaims, mostly looking at the disaster that is Rodimus. "What happened to /you/!" Then there's a bee for some reason. "Who's he?"

Rodimus's smile falters a little as Buzzkill takes his question seriously. "I was kidding," he explains, smile a little crooked. Way to BUZZKILL. "We're from Cybertron, yes. I'm Rodimus, captain of the Lost Light, and these are some of my crew." He gestures at the rest without regard for faction, then ends glancing at Air Raid. He looks down at the wreck of his body and tips back the energon again. Possibly a little bit of it trickles right out again. Who knows. "Uhm." He thinks. "A ... missile?"

"Of course not, I'm a shuttleformer," Blast Off explains (sort of) to Buzzkill. "I travel the stars... not the muck-bitten, slimey ground that is so plentiful here." He sighs and turns to stare back at something random, but Vortex catches his optic instead. The rotary seems down and that causes Blast Off to frown under his faceplate. Looking from Tex to Rodimus he's starting to get an idea why. The frown deepens as Air Raid comes to life. "Air Raid, that's enough inane questions..."

Buzzkill looks over at Vortex and catches that nasty glare he's sending her way. Whatever, doesn't bother her, she doesn't even know him. She huffs and turns her body so her back is facing him. Air Raid gets a very unamused frown from her and she is quick to correct his use of pronouns. "She." Her attention is immediately pulled back to Rodimus when he mentions Cybertron and she just STARES at him. "Cybertron? Really??"

Vortex grips a missile on his arm- you know, one of two outta three- and shuffles a bit. He glances at Blasty before he looks at Air Raid and shuffles over to him, getting in close to peer at any wounds and what not. "Are you alright? I mean, you're alive but..." Still.

Air Raid goes quiet for a long moment, seemingly listening to Blast Off for once. Then, to Rodimus, "Oh." To Buzzkill, "Oh." When Vortex comes over to shuffle a bit close, he leans back, suddenly troubled. And humbled. And unable to express such in front of a stranger and the captain. He looks away, brows knitting. "I thought I was going to die. I'm fine. I just thought I was... I mean, you guys came back. I guess for Elita's crew, like you said..." He trails off, frowning.

"You should see the other guy, though," Rodimus says when Air Raid sinks back, smile widening to a grin. Except Air Raid is seeing the other guy, because Vortex, so Rodimus's line doesn't really make any sense. "Thought that queen was never going down." He nods at Buzzkill, with an encouraging, "Mm-hmm! We're looking for the Knights of Cybertron, but we've only got, you know, part of a map, so we're visiting colonies looking for other pieces of it. We didn't know where they colonies were until we found the bits of the map we already have."

He'll assume Buzzkill has nothing to say to that, then, but then again- who would? Space is obviously superior, everyone can see that. He goes back to watching Vortex as he makes his way over to Air Raid who- listens to him? More of this odd behavior from the jet. Hmm. For now he listens. "Well, you almost *did* die," he offers helpfully. Then back to Rodimus. "Which is why you need people like me... so we don't get lost."

Vortex is quick, his hand grabbing the back of Air Raid's helm to tilt it forward closer to him. "I don't leave teammates behind. And I don't let them get eaten. I went to kill some bugs and get you." He pauses and then releases Air Raid, servo resting on the mech's knee and his thumb starting to rub. All that tactile behavior he want to give to Blast Off is being transferred to Air Raid. "No one dies on my watch." He tells Boff, a bit of a smile in his voice. It's something of a joke. You know, torturer and all. He's good and making sure bots do and don't die. "... Were you unconscious the whole time?" He shoots back to Raid, question a bit quiet.

"The Knights of Cybertron?" Buzzkill pulls a face. "I've never heard of that before." She hopes Rodimus doesn't take that as an invitation to explain it to her but just in case, she is quick to start talking again and cut him off before he starts. "Anyway, so.. you're from Cybertron and you're traveling around the galaxy.." She sighs wistfully. "But how are you going to get off Eukaris if your ship is all busted up?" She gestures towards Blast Off. Hey, he mentioned he was a ship so...??

"Blast Off is a /great/ navigator," Air Raid blurts. Almost at random. He frowns even more, then hisses when his medic pinches something. "Ow! Look, they're fine, go treat the captain!"

Air Raid endures Vortex's strange tactileness surprisingly passively. It's apparently hard for him to find words, as he works his mouth soundlessly. He's moved, dammit. By Combaticons of all mechs. He keeps stealing nervous glances at Blast Off, as if Blast Off would punt Vortex at any second for being so kind. "Uh, in-and-out. Wish I could've helped more. You deserve the Rodimus star... You killed way more spiders." Sadfais. He doesn't even care that Vortex is smearing energon everywhere.

"They're--." Rodimus barely gets started before Buzzkill cuts him off. Rude! He blinks, gaze winking dark as he resets his vision. He looks taken aback. "If our ship-- him?" Rodimus laughs, then says, "Oh. No. That's Blast Off. He's just--" JUST. "--a shuttle. We've got a real ship up in orbit. Crew of a few hundred. Blast Off's part of the nav crew," he adds, echoing Air Raid with a nod. He turns toward them and says, "Don't worry! Pretty sure there will be enough stars for everyone after this one."

DUDE. BRO. Blast Off just kind of stares as Vortex gets physical with Air Raid over there. AIR RAID. Yes, he's giving his Combatibro a look now. Possibly also slightly flustered because watching that reminds Blast off of ye olden times. "Uh... yes." Cough. "Right." The look fades a little but he thinks to himself he is going to have an interesting conversation with Vortex in private sometime later. Then he huffs a little and turns sharply to Buzzkill. "I am NOT his ship. I AM a ship, but I belong to NO ONE." Nodding to Rodimus, he adds, "Exactly. Well.. not JUST a shuttle. Shuttleformers are rare and esteemed, after all, for obvious reasons."

Then wait, what? Air Raid must've hot his head harder than they thought. He's *complimenting* Blast Off again? This merits a genuinely surprised look from the shuttle. "Uh... well... yes." He manages to get out, to both statements, sounding less pompous and more just.... confused.

Blast Off frowns and adds to Rodimus -and everyone else- "I AM a real ship, by the way."

Buzzkill stares at Blast Off for a long time, torn between the awesomeness of turning into a space craft and the need to point out the redundancy of a shuttle living on a shuttle. "I see.." She tries to look casual, even drumming her hands on her knees in an attempt to create the illusion. "Do you need more crew mates?" she suddenly blurts out.

Vortex's visor shutters in surprise as Air Raid commends him and the Captain agrees- in a way? "N-No! I mean, I don't... I..." He glances at his arms, kicking a pede into the dirt. "I don't deserve that. I could barely drag you through the tunnels, I let Blasty go down, I wasn't any help against the Queen and I basically shot our Commander!" Er, Captain. Listen, he's used to commanders. He vents, turning to lean on the table Air Raid was on, claws sliding down is pedes and lightly making figure eights on his shin. "Besides, Cap got more spiders than me." Friendly fire is negative spiders if you ask him. He looks up a little at Buzzkill, frowning. Someone say NO. NO BUGS. Or more beasts...

There is a whistle of air overhead, subtle, but heard by those who are familiar with the incoming halt of an aircraft. Skystalker circles over once, a roving ragger in the ashen sky, before he circles back around to land just outside of the camp and revert back to his root mode. For having gotten into the fray so obviously, his only injury seems to be a light mark across one hand and wrist. "I haven't seen any hostiles we need to worry about." Skystalker remarks this to anyone listening as he sweeps up towards the others on light feet, eyes narrowing. "How are things going down here?"

Air Raid is barely paying attention to any other conversation going on. "We're hiring the bee, right?" He smirks at Blast Off's reaction, then regards Vortex with an unreadable look. It may be slightly sympathetic. "You got me back here," he says simply, then catches Vortex's wrist, because let's not draw little figure eights on my shin thanks. "Hey Sky."

"Not really," Rodimus says in an undertone to Buzzkill when Blast Off claims shuttle pride. Louder, he says, "Functionalism went out of style four million years ago, so -- you know." He gives Blast Off a long look over his cube of energon, lifting it to sip. He finishes, "Everyone is esteemed equally as a crew member. Regardless of their shape." But then again, he turns into a car. He would say that. Studying Buzzkill, he says, "It can get pretty crazy out there, and you have to be willing to abide by our rules -- the Autobot code. It's--." He breaks off. His head twiiiists back to Vortex. His gaze narrows. He counts missiles.

Blast Off lifts an optic ridge at Buzzkill, not sure why she's staring at him like that... but she doesn't argue, and as for her question well- that's Rodimus' issue to answer. Then he turns back to Vortex and gives the rotary a tired little wave of the hand, like *oh please*. "Just accept the stars, Vortex. I'm fine, you're fine, Air Raid is fine, Rodimus is fine, we're all fine. Just accept the stars and they'll be happy and stop bothering you." Because that's /totally/ why he accepts every Rodimus Star he can. His gaze lingers on all that touching going on over there, then up as Skystalker. "We're fine!" We're all fine!

Violet optics rest upon Rodimus next, gaze cool and aloof. "Yes, but some of us are still a little more *equal* than others..."

There are so many questions Buzzkill wants to ask, so many terms being thrown around she's never even heard of before, but the one that really catches her attention is 'Autobot code.' If she has any hope of getting off this planet and on that ship, she's going to have to abide by it but there's just one problem..

"What's an Autobot?"

Bulkhead has been fine for a while - his servo is still bleeding, but it's minimal - so he heads over toward the group of mechs huddling near the medics. Huddling isn't exactly the right word, but it's close enough. He sits on the ground, happy to be as close to dirt as he possibly can. There's a mech he has never imagined could exist near the fire and instead of flinching in disgust he inhales a deep vent and focuses on the pain in his servo. It's not much, but it's distracting enough. He doesn't speak. Listening seems better at this point.

Vortex looks at Air Raid, servo shifting. Instead of holding his wrist, Air Raid is now holding his hands. His fingers squeeze lightly before they start rubbing at his palm and fingers. He's honestly so used to this sort of thing- Swindle and Brawl definitly let him be pretty handsy. "Thank you..." He says quietly to Air Raid. "I should have got you out sooner though..." He vents and looks at Blast Off, optics narrowing. "Blasty, be careful. You're mistaking your ego for intelligence. Again." He loves his bro and he might not love beastforms but he doesn't think the whole 'more equal' attitude. He's about to answer the bee when he sees Rodimus looking at him. Immediately he looks at his pedes.

Rodimus's gaze jerks back to Blast Off, and his count of Vortex's missiles is abandoned. "That's not how equality works. That's like, the exact opposite--." Buzzkill's question cuts him off, saving them all.

Or -- maybe not. Functionalism. Factions. Which is more awkward? Rodimus taps the badge on his chest. Paint has peeled off all around it, but the badge remains. Somehow. "Autobot." He ticks his finger in the direction of Vortex and Blast Off. "The purple badge means they are Decepticons. We used to be at war. Now we're not. The ship is under Autobot law, however, and everyone on the crew answers to it."

Skystalker gives Air Raid a smile at his name, passing by on his way to find somewhere to finally put himself down. It's a little heavy of a thump, even for him. Exhausted might be one way to say it. When he realizes the tone of the conversation shifting around him, however, his optics refocus to look to the beeformer perched where she is, curious and new. "And some of us are neither." Skystalker offers, running a palm down his own badgeless, scuffed chest.

Oh. A thousand answers to Buzzkill's question tumble forth on Blast Off's lips- only to have him bite down and swallow them, unsaid. Autobots are annoying and pretentious and self-righteous and- um. Maybe better left unsaid. He glances over as Bulkhead vents out over there but is distracted by Vortex. WHO IS OMP HE'S HOLDING HAND with AIR RAID... "I BEG YOUR PARDON," Blast Off sniffs to his brother, feeling a bit annoyed now- at a number of things. Including all these bothersome *feelings* and stuff. "It IS intelligent to have pride in who you are and what you can do." He frowns at Rodimus and makes an exasperated little huff. A groundpounder WOULD say that. (He's at least intelligent enough to NOT say that out loud, even if his intelligence in social mores may be otherwise lacking...)

Air Raid assumes chirolinguistics at first. Then his optics widen a tad, because nawp, it's just Vortex being touchy-feely. Again, Blast Off gets a look, this one a little flustered. But Blast Off isn't going to help. "Slag, Blast Off," he begins seriously, "You don't really believe what the Functionists believed, do you? This isn't the same as having pride in your work..." He looks at the palm Tex is thumbing, examining the pooling energon. "Mech, what'd you do to your fingers? Get patched up."

"Decepticons? War?" Buzzkill is shocked, SHOCKED, at this revelation. She looks between Rodimus' badge and the ones on Vortex and Blast Off. When Skystalker speaks up, she finally takes notice of him and.. uhmm.. wow. He's pretty. And badgeless. "So, let me get this straight, there was a war and now it's over and now you guys all live on a ship together? That's, uh.. interesting but if the war is over and everyone is treated equally, why do you still wear your badges?"

Bulkhead has resigned himself to listening, though he didnt' miss the shuttlecon's glance. He doesn't return it, or even make a face. This bot brought him, Deluge and Hoist home. He's spent a lot of time scrapping 'Cons, true, but one who would risk himself to save three Autobots....well. It's weak but he finds it hard to hate the guy. For now. Instead he relaxes just a bit and keeps listening to the conversations happening around him.

Rodimus blinks at Buzzkill again. Then he looks over at the others. "Be...cause?" His gaze shifts to Skystalker who gets a smile. "Nice work back there, Skystalker. Solid performance, all around." He thinks a moment. "--mostly." He's not pointing any fingers, though.

Vortex gives his brother a look. "Pride isn't a superiority complex." Ugh, now they were on the verge of fighting. This wasn't what he wanted. Instead he quickly changes gears to answer the Bee. "Autobots were the winners, Bug. We- they... It's complicated but we're working it out. We've worn these badges so long, it's like a part of us. It's hard to imagine anyone without one- minus Neutrals... But we're working on stuff. Captain and I are gonna get drinks after all of this- right Cap?" He has this hopeful look about him. Maybe he didn't notice the missiles! And then Raid steals his attention. "Hmm? Oh, just a habit. It'll stop soon. I'm pretty sure I didn't puncture it that deep..." Wrong.

War is big and ugly and doesn't really leave anyone. Skystalker's answer goes unspoken in its raw form. "It's hard to get rid of something you've been a part of for so long." Vortex answers as well, which largely serves to back him up at length. The starfighter hooks one leg over the other, optics moving from the bee to Rodimus. "Thank you. Though clearly I need to brush up on my aim. Did I miss your name?" Sky looks back to the new face, his own expression tired but polite in its curiosity.

This. Ugh. This is always a weird topic for the shuttleformer, with strong- and possibly conflicting- feelings involved. His optic ridges furrow down and one of the wing elevons on his leg twitches as he stares at the Autobot- then looks away. " well, it's not that simple, Air Raid. I DO have pride in what I am and I refuse not to. I simply..." His hand opens as if he wants to make a gesture of some kind, then balls together. Those violet optics glance to the Aerialbot and he adds, voice more quiet, "But that doesn't mean I believe anyone should have been relegated to work- slave work- just for their alt modes. Been forced to do jobs and live lives they did not want to. And that-" he glances to Rodimus and Vortex, "That is.. well... those are some of the reasons we are Autobots and Decepticons. Because of things... like that... that happened. Different... approaches." He looks to Buzzkill. "Long ago. It's... it's complicated, like Vortex said. But... we're ...together, now."

"I think you should file down these claws of yours," Air Raid says firmly to Vortex, curling the chopper's digits into his palm. "See a medic." As Blast Off elaborates, Raid realizes he doesn't have the wherewithal for the complexities of this topic, and just slumps back into the tall grass, which was mostly flattened around his area anyway. "Yeah, we're together now. Let's just get off this Primusforsaken planet. How the hell do you even live here bee."

Buzzkill peers at Rodimus, clearly unsatisfied with his answer. Thankfully the others are quick to give their own, better explanations. "Hm." That's all she really has to say on the matter. Clearly this war isn't truly over if such 'complications' still exist but she keeps that observation to herself because the worst way to get on a ship crew is to start making waves. "You didn't miss my name, I haven't given it yet. It's Buzzkill." She makes sure to say it extra loud for Air Raid since he's taken to calling her 'bee.' "I'm interested in joining the crew."

"Pretty sure I owe a whole lot of people a whole lotta drinks, but you're top of the list," Rodimus promises Vortex with a finger-gunned thumbs up. He totally didn't notice the missiles. He sinks back, giving Buzzkill a thoughtful look, then says, "I'll have a copy of the code -- uh, actually, maybe just the highlights -- sent to you. You're welcome on the crew," he says a little extra firmly, what with all the SHAPISM and the FUNCTIONISM flying around.

Vortex looks at their servos as his is forced close. File his claws? Now, why would he go and do a silly thing to think! He watches Air Raid lay down and then grins before laying next to him. Well, mostly, he gives him some space. It felt good to get off his pedes. He finger guns back to Rodimus, happy that they'll be getting drinks. Good! He didn't notice... He was still going to make it up to him though. He makes a Blast Off-like huff as the bee is confirmed for the crew. Ugh, oh well... What can you do? He glances over at Air Raid. "You alright, though? With the almost being eaten in all. You know, I was taken and webbed up too." You can act fine and be afraid, he knew that much. "ALSO! I saved you too, Bug! You're welcome!"

"For the most part, the highlights are 'behave yourself and do your job', aren't they?" Skystalker can't help but smile, despite the state of affairs around him, with the wounded and Eukarian alike. "Nice to meet you, Buzzkill. Do you not have a tribe to return to, though?"

Blast Off blinks and gives Buzzkill a looksee. Then Rodimus, then back to the bee. "What can you do?" It's said simply, no inflection to the tone. Others might not have asked but HE WILL. (He's kind of socially clueless sometimes. A lot of times.) He gives Vortex a wayward glance at the huff. "Well... several of us saved her." Accidentally, but...

Buzzkill looks surprised when Rodimus makes her a member of the crew after only knowing her for a few minutes but she's not going to complain. "My name isn't bug," she snaps at Vortex with a scowl on her face that slowly fades into something a little more apologetic. "..And thank you for the rescue. If it weren't for you, that.. thing would've eaten me like she did the others.." Her gaze drifts downwards and she stares at the dirt as the reality of the situation starts hitting her.

"I guess.." she says to Skystalker, finally looking up. "I don't think anyone would notice if I was gone though, people tend to.. forget I exist sometimes."

"I'm okay Tex. Really. I just need some new fraggin' wings. Again. And you'll have to fill me in, I went down pretty quick." Air Raid struggles to hide his amusement at the name Buzzkill. He'll be told later that this weirdo bee actually helped them. "Come sit with us, Blast Off."

A week on the ship, and Buzzkill won't find that surprising at all. Rodimus just rollin' through space with the doors of the Lost Light open, yelling at people they pass by: Get in, losers, we're looking for the Knights! Metaphorically speaking.

"Behave yourself, do your job, and follow orders," Rodimus says, putting a certain amount of emphasis on the last for a notorious rebel. "If you're looking for a place to make your own way, that's us. We're going to change things forever when we find the Knights."

Behave herself? Do her job? Follow orders?? That's stuff Buzzkill already does on Eukaris! She is a total pro at doing those things! "Yes, Captain," she says, sitting up straighter and putting on a professional face.

"Follow orders. Yes." Skystalker doesn't miss it, stifling another smile under a more somber look to Buzzkill, a little proud for her enthusiasm after all of this. "We have all kinds. I'm sure you could find a role to fill, and even if not, you can make one up. Rodimus makes stuff up all the time."

Vortex almost rolls his optics. Knights, right... Usually he'd cheer with the captain but he was a little tired and agitated and that put a damper on his bubbling, social attitude. He rolls over, propping his helm up with his arms as he glances at Blast Off. "Yeah, Blasty, come on over! Bug Hunt Team Alpha Pow Wow is commencing. Can't just have half a team at a pow wow!" He reaches out to pat the grass close by. "... You missed Cyclonus telling us to stay alive, followed by the best lines spoken in Cybertronian history. That's it... And Sky, Quicksight and I escaped..." He chuckles a bit. Speaking of Sky, what a funny guy.

Blast Off gives Buzzkill a *uou're welcome* nod but fails to notice the rest of what she says. Especially as Air Raid-then Vortex- wants him to come SIT with them? He huffs a little, sputtering and looking away. "No, I am just fine where I'm at." Armor plates bristle because he definitely doesn't want to be over there. Nope, not a bit jealous or longing for that kind of comraderie or anything. Na ah. Nope. He distracts himself by frowning at Buzzkill. Under his mask. "You still haven't answered my question. What do you *do*? Who *are* you?" He's starting to sound like the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland.

"It's called improvising." A touch of strain in Rodimus's smile eases as he studies Buzzkill's professional go-getter enthusiasm, and he warms. "I'll be back in touch with you before we take off, or send someone else to check in with you. For now--." He hooks his thumb back over his shoulder. He has to go do busy and important captain things. Like pass out maybe by the medics until they get to him. He rises with a final, "Nice work today!" that lingers just a moment on all present, then steps away.

"It's called improvising." A touch of strain in Rodimus's smile eases as he studies Buzzkill's professional go-getter enthusiasm, and he warms. "I'll be back in touch with you before we take off, or send someone else to check in with you. For now--." He hooks his thumb back over his shoulder. He has to go do busy and important captain things. Like pass out maybe by the medics until they get to him. He rises with a final, "Nice work today!" that lingers just a moment on all present, then steps away.

Buzzkill has just learned what a Decepticon is and what an Autobot is but she's already starting to like the Autobots better. Seems all these Decepticons have done is glare at her and talk to her like she was some kind of inferior being. She gives Rodimus a nod as he departs and then turns her focus on Blast Off. "I am Buzzkill and I have a variety of functions within my tribe. I gather supplies, I build, but my most important function is making honey. I live in a hive with other beeformers and we work around the clock producing fuel that we disperse amongst the tribe."

Air Raid readily echoes Vortex and that silly nickname. "Yeah Blasty c'mon. Regale me with your stories of heroics. And whatever it was your party did, Sky!" He sits upright, leaning back against his palms.

A stray gust of warm wind blows over their little circle, rattling equipment. The shoddy light source finally goes out, until Raid kicks it on again. "What's this about honey... Can you make honey right now..."

The captain gets a fresh smile for 'improvising', and a nod of the head from Skystalker before he sets off to be seen to by the medics. Though he watches Rodimus disappear with a somewhat creased look, when Sky turns his attention back to the rest of them, it is with a much lighter glimmer in his optics. "My party? A lot of spider-bashing..." One way to put it. "I don't think it works like that, Air Raid." Sky is being very patient, it seems.

Vortex frowns as Blast Off refuses. Umm... Sense when does he refuse his fellow Combaticon? Especially the one with the rotors. Hmph... He does a little wave. "Bye Captain!" Note, make sure to make the gift big and grand. Also, pick up the entire booze tab when they drink. There, one gift down. "Blast Off!" He suddenly barks. "Exactly like Raid said, tell him what you did while your arm was basically torn off. That was badass." He pats the ground near him once more. COME HERE! "So, this honey is fuel?" Never heard of it.

"Uhm.." Buzzkill looks a bit nervous when suddenly everyone becomes extremely interested in what she considers a mundane, everyday chore. "Well,I could do it now but I'd need material. I need to ingest something and then I can break it down into a liquid," she explains matter-of-factly like it's not a totally weird thing to say. Because it's not! "It's uh.." She clears her vocalizer and her voice gets more confident. "Yes, it's fuel. It's a very crude fuel, but it's fuel."

Blast Off listens to Buzzkill, lifting a hand to gesture as he replies, "So... you are.. a refueler, then? I suppose that could be useful. Plus, manual labor probably has some use, too, I guess. Perhaps you can do some rivet duty." And spare him and Whirl from having to. He gives the bee a nod, then stiffens at Air Raid's insistance that he join them. His hands brace against the medtable on either side of him and he lets out another huff. "I am perfectly fine right *here* and I'm busy being repaired. And my name is not *Blasty*." Getting Blast Off to be at all chummy isn't gonna be that easy, sorry.

Then WOAH Vortex. Blast Off stops to stare at his Combatibro. Another huff has started to well up within when- wait, was that a compliment? He blinks. "Well. Uh." Blink again. "Well I... yes, I guess it was." He brings his good hand to scratch at his helmet even as the medics keep repairing him. "I executed a *pefrfect* head shot on the Queen Spider. It really was rather amazing." Just... never mind the rest of the night when he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Ok?

Air Raid angles his stubs in excitement, then grabs a fistful of tall grass. "Try this!" He just smiles dopily at Skystalker. "Okay okay, sheesh," he mumbles when Blast Off denies a second time. "You're an ace shot, most def." He pauses, frowning. "There were other cocoons. I'm guessing some were uh... eaten."

Vortex chuckles. "You always make perfect shots, Boff. That's why you're the shooter... And I'm supposed to keep anything away from you so you can shoot. Ugh, if Onsy was there, he'd of ripped me a new one." He snickers a bit at the thought. No one could tirade like Onslaught, heh. "Pleeeease, come sit with us, shuttlebug? I'll give you a bottle!" Bribery, a technique reserved usually for Swindle. But he just wants Blast Off to be close. And then his face drops at Air Raid speaks up again. Gross, what would eat organic matter? "Oh, uh... Yeah... It was pretty wicked. Came in and the Queen was eating some beastformer- aquatic. But it didn't get to you." He reaches out to Air Raid without looking, finger going up and down his arm. If Boff wasn't coming over to be touched, he'd touch whoever was closest. Better than stabbing his fingers.

Skystalker is quiet as Buzzkill explains what she does, in plain terms, and he rolls both optics when Air Raid tries to offer her grass. Please, just. He lifts his hand to the lines of his face, an idle movement that comes with a small sigh of vents. "Not everyone is familiar with non-cybertronian life." It's almost an apology to Buzzkill when he says it like that. Probably is.

Buzzkill stares at the grass Air Raid holds out to her, and then up to Air Raid's face. She doesn't look happy. "No," she says firmly and crosses his arms over her chest. "Grass wont work and frankly I'm a little offended."

GOD. Another huff in a string of huffs as Blast Off listens to Vortex's pleas- and then sees THAT hand slip. GOD. The shutleformer jerks himself up onto his rocket feet, good arm gesturing to the wind. "FINE. If it will shut you up, FINE." He's saying *fine* a lot tonight isn't he? Blast Off then strides over to the other two -and does something very strange. he sits RIGHT BETWEEN THEM. Shuttle sandwhich. Also ...possibly blocking Vortex's ability to keep touching Raid like that. THERE.

"Now stop calling me names." He clears his throat. "Anyway, YES. We were amazing. I was especially amazing. Though I suppooose..." he finally rolls his head and kinda/sorta gives his bro a compliment, "Yes, Vortex did some rather... daring combat maneuvers throughout this trip."

"Oh... Er." Air Raid looks between Buzzkill and Skystalker. "Woops. Sorry! I'm sure your honey is great though." His smile fades, then returns half-force when Blast Off seems to break. He hadn't really expected him to come over, and almost braces for some kind of attack, because when a Combaticon comes at you like that, you don't just stand there. He definitely doesn't expect the seating placement, and sheepishly scoots over. But he's not about to let Vortex get away with fondling his arm. "Mech, I like you, you saved my life n' all, but if you're gonna' touch me, you gotta' attempt to court me a little."

Vortex shutters his optics as a sudden barrier is between him and Air Raid. After a moment, he wiggles a little closer, testing the waters with Blast Off. Was he going to let him get close? He pauses and then sets up, gently leaning on Blast Off. He looks rather perplexed. "Court?"

Skystalker can't help but give Blast Off and Vortex a faintly amused glance, especially with the sandwiching. It's a little touching, isn't it? Not like that, just-- anyway. He pointedly looks away at the mention of courtship, back at the Eukarian. "In any case, it will be nice to have someone new on board. We have a few other colonists with us as well."

When a weird snuggle pile starts forming nearby, Buzzkill pulls a face and scoots very, very far away from it. She settles closer to Skystalker because he seems the less annoying out of everyone here plus he is easy on the eyes. "Yes, I look forward to it. I'm sick of this planet, I'm sick of not living up to my potential. I'm sick of people forgetting who I am." She looks down at her hands and clenches them a few times. "I want to be a part of something, I don't want to just be.. a worker bee my wholfe life."

By the time Air Raid gets to the word *cpurting* Blast Off nearly chokes. Then Vortex starts leaning on him and that doesn't help at all, either. The shuttleformer stiffens, but he remains resolute. He's going to suffer, but it's for his brother. To save him from the clutches an an Aerialbot. Or maybe vice versa, he doesn't know. "It was a joke, Vortex, merely a joke. That's all." Because pleeease Primus it better have been. Pleeease.

"N-nevermind, Vortex," Air Raid continues to smile, now just amused at poor flustered Blast Off. Buzzkill explains her plight, and Raid can't help but feel a tug at his spark. "I know it's not the same. And an MTO would scoff at me. But I sure felt pretty damn expendable as a front-liner during the war. I almost didn't think this crew would bother coming to save me. But they did. So you shouldn't worry. We'll remember your name."

Skystalker is more than happy to be the one to take over public relations with the potential new crewmate. He has a sense of what's going on elsewhere, but he pays it no mind apart from Air Raid's words. The Combatibrothers are just...weird, just a bit. Sky puts his hands across the thigh hooked over the other, tilting his head over at the beeformer. "We definitely have those of the same mind. I think you'll fit right in."

Vortex looks Air Raid up and down for a moment, processing what he said a few times. 'I like you' was the phrase that kept popping up. He liked him, he wasn't snapping at him or anything, and he didn't seem all too repulsed by the rotary. Did he make a friend? Vortex beams under his mask and shifts to curl up right next to Boff. A servo stretches out and massages an armor seam along the bottom of Blast Off's chassis. "Tell me if it's too much, Blasty." He murmurs quietly. Blast Off has the comfort of denial and he finds his comfort with touch. "My friend is right. We'll always go back for a teammate. Joining the crew makes you a part of the team, Buzzkill." The name has kill in it, hard to beat that name with a nickname. "So, welcome to the Lost Light and all, I guess." Still a small hope she'll drop out though. It's tiny though.

"I'm glad to hear it," Buzzkill says quietly, ducking her head down in a sheepish attempt to hide her smile. "I'm very excited, I've never been on a ship before, but I admit there are some things I'm going to miss about Eukaris, like the plantlife. We have some really beautiful flowers here."

Air Raid reaches around to give Vortex a hearty pat on the shoulder before he flumps back into the grass like he had prior, what's left of his jet kibble digging into the dirt. "I'm recharging. Wake me when there's sun or when the shuttle's departing."

Air Raid is correct," Blast Off tells Buzzkill, "Even if you're /annoying/," He pauses to give a nod Raid's way before facing the bee again, "We will not leave a crewmech behind." He lingers a moment as if there's something else he wishes to say, glancing towards Raid again, then the moment is gone and his attention reverts to Vortex. The shuttleformer stiffens even more as Tex starts stroking his chassis- and he places an arm across it. Not so much to block it as to- offer the good arm, complete with heat shields and wing gaurds. Lots of ceramic tiles and other things for tactile sensation. He swallows, staring straight ahead as he does so. But he knows it will help Vortex and he probably owes him. Even if he's still a bit cross with him. Just... not too much.

He tries to distract himself from the touch by regarding Buzzkill again. "Something of beauty... here?"

It's like Primus has answered some sort of unspoken prayer by dropping Buzzkill on them. It's a good thing Rodimus left, or else he'd be loudly groaning while Skystalker's face lights up at her words "Can you help me get samples before we leave?" Er, wait, context. "Ah, I mean-- I have a botany lab on the Lost Light. I haven't had a chance to gather any Eukarian samples yet. I hope you have favorites."

There's a long stretch of time where Buzzkill just stares at Skystalker with the same look on her face she had when she saw Chela, and just like Chela, Skystalker is blowing her mind. "You have a b-botany lab??" She's stuttering. She's so fucking excited that she can barely talk. "I.. y-yes! YES! I can help you! Yes! I have lots of favourites! I know of a perfect spot, a field FILLED with flowers!" She's wiggling around in her seat and waving her arms around excitedly. "It's amazing!"

Vortex's rotor spins wistlessly as Air Raid pats his shoulder. He really did make a friend! "You got it Raid..." That actually sounds like a really good idea. He looks up at Boff happily and takes his arm, pulling it into his lap and wrapping his arms loosely around it. After a fight like that, where a fellow Combaticon was taken down like that, he'd usually curl up with Brawl. Sometimes Swindle. But Blasty happened to be the only one here and he appreciates the effort. "Remind me that I owe you three bottles of wine. For the optic, for coming over, and for this. I'm gonna join Raider, I'm tired anyways. And we gotta go find my rotors tomorrow. I'll be fun." He gets comfortable up against Blast Off and lays his helm back, visor offlining. "Hey, plant nerds, go picks flowers quietly or something." It's just organic matter, no need to shout.

Blast Off watches as Raid conks out, then Buzzkill gets super excited. His question goes unanswered but he can kind of see why. The shuttleformer glances about, pondering if anything here would qualify as beautiful. As an explorer he enjoys strange new sights, but... ugh so much organic stuff here. Then he stiffens again as Vortex takes his arm- but he allows the other mech to do so. With a small sigh, he tries to relax again. He secretly even starts enjoying the contact, for he, too, could use a little TLC after everything they've been through. And having to leave his teammate behind. So as Vortex settles in to rest leaning on him, Blast Off sighs softly again- and brings his good arm to gently touch the other on the arm as well. He settles in, optics dimming. There are worse ways to spend the night, right? Certainly better than being trapped on a mountain or a cocoon. "Yes, three bottles. Make sure they're the good stuff." There's a gentleless in his tone that is usually lacking. "We'll find those rotors, too. Bring /all/ of you home."

The stuttering excitement and happy wiggling is something that Skystalker wasn't quite ready for, but it sends a charming laugh through his frame regardless. It's official, they're totally keeping her around! He looks up towards the others before moving to stand, amber optics resting on Buzzkill as he motions for her to follow him away from the resting mechs. "Tex has a point. Let's find a place to talk, and then maybe you can show me around, hm?"

Sleeping is the absolute last thing Buzzkill wants to do after spending days wrapped up in a cocoon so the invitation to go for a walk and talk more about flowers has her jumping up onto her feet and rushing to Skystalker's side. She's kinda short so it takes a few strides. "Yes, that sounds great uhmm... I don't think I got your name?"

"Oh-- sorry. I'm Skystalker." He slows just enough to allow her pace to catch up as they depart, quite used to the smaller company.

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