2016-04-25 Not Gay

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-04-25 Not Gay
Date 2016/04/25
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Bulkhead, Deluge, Lieutenant



Back on the Lost Light, away from murky forests, hostile rock creatures, and a vengeful titan, Lieutenant could not breathe a sigh of relief. Originally he had intended to go to see his roommate and how he had been doing through the week. Give him the flowers he had taken from the organic planet, and ask how his progress was going with his psychic ability. The avian, however, paced in front of Brainstorm's lab. He had no intention in seeking the scientist, but he was too wracked with fear to pace near the medibay. Several members of the crew had been hurt - both theirs and Elita's, but one stuck out to Lieutenant: Deluge.

Pacing around was the only thing that kept Lieutenant from zoning out, but it wasn't enough to keep his memories to flash in his mind. It was like continuously being pulled back and forth between past and present. The most prominent part of the memory was a mech who laid still, riddled with heavy damage.

The avian shakes his head free of his thoughts, or as best as he can to think on the present. Deluge is just a mech he's met a few times - so why is the thought of even going near the medibay for a practical stranger worth the risk? Lieutenant finds himself nearing the dreadful place to peer in. Maybe he should just wait for him to come out.

But what if he doesn't?

That's how Lieutenant found himself in the medibay beside Deluge.

Deluge may have been walking somewhat when they all made their way out of the mountain, but it was more or less the adrenaline that kept him going at that point. Once he was dragged into Blast Off's altmode he pretty much immediately fell back into stasis lock, remaining unconscious even as he was treated enough to remain stable before being shuttled back to the ship.

It's in the medbay that Deluge now lays, lines of fresh energon feeding into an arm while various cables hook him up to diagnostic machines. The occasional beep signals that he's still alive, but the extensive explosion damage over his body would make on second guess.

Deluge would have never expected anyone to visit him, so it's no surprise he's a bit confused when a hazy blob of green fills his blurred vision when a faint glow returns to silver optics. It's only after a few moments to let them adjust that he finally speaks, voice cracking a little from just waking up. "..Lieutenant? What.. What're you doin' here..?"

Lieutenant grips the edge of the medical berth, anchoring himself so he wouldn't feel so faint. He does his best to quell the panic rising rapidly through his frame. It seems to lull a little when Deluge opens his optics and speaks.

"I wanted to check on you," the avian replies quietly, able to keep his voice from shaking. "You certainly look like you had more than your fair share of 'fun' yesterday."

Oh. Right. Yesterday... The thought brings a faint frown to rugged features as brows knit and Deluge glances away. "Ah, yeah.. Guess I forgot to double check my weapon. Stupid of me.." Indeed, considering it exploded in his face and knocked him unconscious the first time.

A moment passes, but then something crosses his mind and he blinks, looking back to the avian with a somewhat scrutinous, yet mostly confused look. "Wait.. Why would you come check on me?" He tries not to sound rude when asking that, more curious than anything. "You.. don't really know me."

Bulk is restless, in the camp, after all of the excitement with the spiders and the titans and everything, so he decides to do something productive: check in on the Autobot he helped out of the tunnels. He makes his way to where Deluge is being treated, servo smarting beneath the bandages Windblade has carefully fixed for him. It'd be worse if she hadn't. When he spots Deluge he sees that green flier - Lieutenant, yes, that's the name - sitting nearby. He doesn't sit, instead opting to stand beside the medical berth. "How you feelin', dumbaft?"

"It happened to a lot of us throughout the week." Lieutenant was absolutely useless to his team when they fought against the spiders. He didn't hit one and then was knocked out. Embarrassing.

Snap. Lieutenant stays silent for a moment at his question. He doesn't know Deluge well at all. The mech was a drunken flirt the first time they met, a sad drunk when they met next, and the last time was just video games. Was the avian to tell him he reminds him of someone else he lost? Gah, he can't do that. Thankfully, Bulkhead entered so the avian let the question slide entirely. "Hello again, Bulkhead."

Lucky for Lieu that Deluge is still a bit foggy, so he doesn't really notice the lack of an answer. Instead his attention shifts when Bulkhead moves to the berth, greeting the big mech with a weak smirk. "Like shit." He replies and chuckles, though it's quickly cut off when he clutches his chest and grunts, face twisting in a moment of pain.

Once it subsides he relaxes again and sighs, looking at the lines connecting him to the machines. "Ngh.. I really hate bein' laid up." It made him feel useless. "..And damn if I couldn't go for a drink right now." Or a smoke, but of course both aren't allowed in the medbay.

Bulkhead would happily say 'you did it to yourself' but that's not really an appropriate response right now. Among the Wreckers, when one of them got laid out like this, maybe. But he doesn't know Deluge that well. "You get outta here in one piece," Bulk says, "I'll buy you a whole night's worth of drinks."

"Great, more drunkards." Lieutenant mutters quietly, as he shakes his head. Everyone was too quick to drink and get drunk in his opinion. "What happened inside the nest? I take it diplomacy did not go well?" Deluge manages a little smile to Bulkhead, giving a soft noise of amusement.

"Heh, I'll hold yah to that." He doesn't catch all of what Lieu says, but certainly hears the word 'drunkards'. This gives him pause, brightening mood suddenly put on hold. Deluge had his reasons to drink, especially at night which the flier knew about, but hearing that somehow hurts..

He wants to comment, but thinks better of it and just looks to the ceiling, sighing as he rubs his forehead. "Not even close. Cap tried to reason with the queen we got led, too. But she didn't wanna give up her throne, or her snacks, and attacked us. Was lucky some of the other spiders thought differently. Was nice to get back in the fight. ..Even if I did eat it pretty hard."

Bulk likes Lieutenant, from their last interaction, but that comment has him scowling. He gives a friendly nod to Deluge at the response but after that his faceplates are all hard lines and irritation. "Oh, sorry, didn't realize we weren't allowed ta talk about engex in your company," he says, sharp and sarcastic. Deluge may be a damn idiot but he risked himself in the line of duty. Bulk has no such background info on Lieutenant. He falls silent when Deluge recounts their exploits in the belly of the volcano. Still heated from Lieutenant's comment, and the way he phrased 'I take it diplomacy didn't go so well?' (at least to Bulk's audios, he's not in the greatest of mindsets at the moment) he defends, "Del fought hard and got injured. Scrap happens. What went down with your lot? I didn't see anything of Windblade's team 'til the titan started destroying that mountain."

Lieutenant was referring to the idiots that broke out into a fight while he was passed out a little over three weeks ago. First Aid bought a group of mechs some drink for dragging the passed out avian into the medibay and then three were brigged and someone lost and optic. But who should he be to judge though? He was a druggie and a hypocrite if he said anymore about those who drank. In a sense, they were better than he was.

The avian bristles slightly at Bulkhead's tone, but calms himself. Getting upset might alert a medic and Lieutenant didn't want that. "Just be responsible is all I can say about going out for drinks when you do." he says in an even tone, "You do not wish to ignite anything that might get you brigged." He rubs his thumb against the berth, suddenly feeling like this was a bad idea. He shouldn't have come. "We awoke the titan, the protector, Chela. That was all. Nothing as noble as your team."

Lieu may be able to keep himself calm in response to Bulkhead, but Deluge is less so, already too agitated from pain. "Leave it, Bulk. He didn't mean anything by it." The mech gruffs and shoots the Wrecker a look to cool it. He may not know Lieutenant very well, but he's starting to get a grasp on his mannerisms.

Reining back whatever annoyance is starting to rise, the mech looks back to Lieu with a more muted expression and remains quiet as he explains what happened to the other team. He also notices the nervous rub of his thumb, silver gaze hanging on it. Del knows what anxiousness looks like, even in small amounts. It's something one gets used to seeing in war.

So, without really thinking, the giant reflexively settles a hand upon the avian's. There's no move to pat it assuringly or give it a squeeze, simply resting it atop the other's as he smirks softly and speaks in a calmer tone, "Waking up a titan sounds pretty damn noble if you ask me. We got the queen, but you guys got the king."

At Deluge's comment, Bulkhead's anger eases. He's too wound up, probably, and he really shouldn't be so judgmental. Bulk takes a deep vent to calm himself. "Yeah, I know. Sorry." This he says to Lieutenant. "Guess I got pretty worked up." It's no excuse - Lieutenant hasn't done or said anything worthy of his ire. Honestly, Deluge hasn't said or done anything worthy of his protection. What a mess he's in. When Del sets a servo on Lieutenant's, Bulk can't help but mirror the smirk. "You woke a fraggin' titan, saved us grounders from certain death, and then act like that means nothin'? I think your team's biggest problem is too much modesty."

Lieutenant's fins shot up in alarm and his optics widened at the other holding his hand. His face warms rapidly, slowly turning a light shade of pink, making his freckles a little more pronounced. The avian doesn't pull away though, but he's too shy to turn his hand to squeeze back.

"Ah, it- it is fine, Bulkhead." The avian replies, his audio fins lowering back shyly, "Chela is a very, and rightfully so, angry titan. I advise not going near him." Lieutenant rode him but that was out of necessity of the moment, he is not getting on a titan like that again.

Is that.. freckles? Deluge is clearly amused by the sight of facial features becoming more prominent and those fins flicking up. It's tempting to pinch one again, but he wouldn't want to make the flier feel even more embarrassed since there's company in the room. Instead his smirk widens and he shrugs. "Don't worry, I don't plan on going back to that planet unless I'm needed. I think that's enough adventure for me until my aft is fully repaired."

He really should be resting, but Deluge has always been the stubborn sort. Especially now as he tries to sit up, hand tightening a little on Lieu's as he suddenly grunts and pushes himself upright. It hurts, the pain clear on his face, but he isn't about to hide it since there isn't much point. "Ergh, that smarts.." He mutters with a strained huff and bows forward a little. It's probably not a good for him to move, but clearly he doesn't care. Anything to just stop lying there.

No, it's not fine. He's not about to let the flier pretend it is, and while Del's grip tightens on Lieu's servo, Bulk grips Lieu's upper arm. "See, that's even more reason ta note how well you and Windblade and the rest did." He's still not sure of the exact details but...still. They raised a fraggin' titan. His attention, however, is diverted when Deluge thinks, IDIOTICALLY, that he can get up. Bulk's servo moves automatically from Lieutenant's upper arm to Del's shoulder. "Hey, maybe the pain's tellin' ya that you need to stay down and rest?"

The avian jumps slightly at the touch to his arm. It's just a natural reaction, Bulkhead, he does it every time someone touches him. Well, almost every time. "Deluge lay back down, you will reopen a wound." Or several. Lieutenant stands up and moves his free hand over the bara's chest to encourage him to lie back. "Do not make me push you back down. It will not feel pleasant."

Bulk immediately regrets saying anything sarcastic to Lieutenant, after the way the flier reacts to his touch. Scrap. He should've asked first. It was a lesson Miko had taught him on Earth, and he had, predictably, been terrible at learning it. Anyway. "Primus," he hisses, taking his servo from Deluge's shoulder to the leaking wound. "Listen to Lieutenant, slagheap!" At this point he's hoping Lieu is successful; before, he was all about defending the big mech from Lieutenant's judgmental attitude, but now he's flipped sides. If Del doesn't listen, Bulk is absolutely prepared to help keep the bot on his medical berth for healing.

Lieutenant's dealt with those more stubborn, probably why he's so stubborn himself now. The avian narrows his gold optics as he gazes into Deluge's silver ones. The eyes of someone who just accepted a challenge with authority. He slips his hand away from Deluge's and hops up on the berth to stand on it. Normally he respects other's personal space, but since in the past the firefighter has shown he doesn't give a damn about space Lieutenant chooses not to give a damn about it either.

The avian lifts up the bara's head and hold it so they keep eye contact as he leans close to his face. He's nearly touching noses with the other, staring so sternly into his optics. "I warned you." he says in a low, rumbling tone. Lieutenant quickly puts both hands over Deluge's shoulders, and brings his knee to the bara's chest and shoves him back against the berth once again.

Deluge stares back with equal intensity, eager to see just what this mech will do. True, he's seen the stern side of Lieutenant before, but he's all too curious as to how far he'll go. Not wanting to break the staredown, Bulkhead's comment forces him to glance briefly to the large mech, mouth opening to say something.

But he's immediately cut off when all of a sudden Lieu mounts to berth and stands before him, a hand forcefully turning head back to look back up at the flier. This.. is unexpected. Eye to eye now, Deluge is quite caught off guard as the other nears, hovering so tantalizingly close. The giant isn't terribly sure what to do in the time that seems to hang in that moment, but it clearly gets a reaction as cheeks glow faintly and engine thrums softly, fingers twitching slightly in anticipation. Just what was he going to do--

"Ergh!" The moment ends just as quickly as it came and Deluge finds hands on his shoulders while a knee presses hard into aching chest, the mech easily shoved onto his back again. Pain racing through his sensors, Deluge hisses behind bared, clenched teeth as his whole body shudders and a few more slivers of energon begin to spill free from more opening stitches. Venting harder to keep pain at bay, he squints hard at the mech still above him and growls, curling hands against the berth and looking away. "F.. Fine.." One might think it's just to be huffy, but he's more or less trying to hide his blush and press his lips thin so he doesn't smile any. Well well, the librarian was getting more impressive each meeting, it seems.

"Careful!" Primus, he's a Wrecker, not a medic, but Bulkhead can't keep himself from trying to plug up all the newly-leaking wounds with his servos. He gets Lieutenant's goal, he really does, but - "Try not to kill 'im while you help 'im, maybe?" He's too busy being scared out of his goddamn mind to notice the way Deluge is glancing away and blushing. He's too busy trying to keep this GODDAMN IDIOT ALIVE, despite said idiot's apparent efforts to the contrary.

Oh that must hurt, but Lieutenant shows no sign of sympathy for his actions. He removes his knee to rest it against the berth and does the same with his other knee. "Good mech." The avian replies, patting Deluge’s broad, damaged chest. He looks over the mech’s frame, seeing if anything else had opened up. "He is a big bot, Bulkhead, he can take it." The avian assures, as his hand brushes over Deluge's side.

If Deluge's helm prongs could move they'd be pinned back something fierce right now, the mech biting lower lip when Lieu praises him and pats his chest. "Tch, you're such a tease." The mech grouses, only to shudder at the brushing hand. Such a TEASE. Unfortunately he isn't able to enjoy it long as Bulk tries to play medic and plug his leaks. This forces him to wince, one optic squeezing shut as he hisses and reels a little. "Gah, easy mech! Just.. just call a medic." He doesn't want to give in, but him bleeding all over the berth doesn't leave him much choice.

"We're in a medibay, there are medics EVERYWHERE." But Bulkhead still lifts his helm to try to catch the optics of one nearest them. The...tension, being the softest term, between Deluge and Lieutenant is getting to him and he'd really like to leave. He has no idea if it's reciprocated on Lieu's part and, honestly, he doesn't care. He may have only just noticed but it is really slagging embarrassing. "Maybe if you shut the fuck up we'd get somewhere," he says, even as he pulls back and allows Del to bleed all over the berth. Someone should come help. Probably.

Lieutenant almost smirks, but manages to keep his serious expression. He tenses sharply when Bulkhead says there are medics EVERYWHERE. The avian had nearly forgotten he was in the medibay, so he quickly, calmly gets off the berth. "I have to get going..." he says, not glancing at either bara. "Feel better, Deluge. I shall see you both around.. eventually." Right now, he just needs to get out. He's spent too much time here as it is.

"I'm not the one causin' all the racket!" Deluge throws his hands up in exasperation. He just got KNEED in his DAMAGED chest! But of course, in true Deluge fashion, his thrown arms pull at the lines in him and all of a sudden the energon feed gets yanked out and just makes a mess of everything as it leaks everywhere. Somehow this is the thing that finally gets the medics moving as two move in to swarm the big bot, shooing Bulkhead along to get his hands sterilized and likely unintentionally scaring off Lieutenant.

Oh, slag, everything's gone to shit. Lieutenant has left, Deluge has broken what lines and stitches he had, and even as Bulk tries to help he's being ushered away. 'This isn't your field,' he's told. 'What the scrap did you do?' he's asked. He doesn't answer any of them, and instead lets himself be ushered back to the main hall. Probably better for Deluge if he's not there, honestly. Time to find something else to do.

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