2016-04-22 What You Are In The Dark

From Transformers: Lost and Found

What You Are In The Dark
Date 2016/04/22
Location Eukaris
Participants Getaway, Quicksight, Skystalker, Vortex
Plot Colony:Eukaris
Summary Some of the spider captives get away with the help of Getaway

As the toxin wears off, the Lost Light crew come back online one by one. Their limbs are bound, wired tight to their bodies by layer after layer of spidersilk. There's no movement. It's consticting, it's dark, and the still air weighs down oppressively on them. In the distance, there's a chittering scatter of many, many limbs tapping lightly over stone in the dark.

The first sound that Quicksight makes, before he's even completely conscious is a low groan. The second and third are, in the following order, "Huh...?" and "What the...?" then there's a short pause, followed by a very loud, very unhappy "The slag is this?! No, not again!" at least he could move the last time he got kindapped!

Vortex's optics flicker before onlining dimly, everything a blurr. Hnngh... His mind slowly chugs forward as it attempt the extrapolate what, exactly, happened. It feels like he got into a drinking contest with Brawl. And then was beat up by his fellow Combaticon. Not all that unusual... His vocalizer makes a gargling sound as things slowly start to slip into place. Blast Off was there and... SPIDERS! Giant spiders who have a pretty nast love bite. He remembers telling his brother to leave, grab Raid and leave and then... The absolutly most metal, bad ass thing to ever be spoken. Cyclonus is such a bad ass, he wants to be like him when he grows up. Smiling to himself, his optics finally focus to find... Dark. He looks down, red light spilling over the spidersilk. He wiggles a little to no avail. "... Well shit." He hisses, helm falling to the ground. Augh, his neck still burned and he couldn't feel his left hand, why- oh yeah, he was impaled. That was one saucy spider. He glances around, making out a few other shapes. "Anyone else alive? Raider, you there?" He's gonna assume Blast Off made it. If he didn't he's gonna kill him. He perks a bit at a voice. "Hey! Hey, who's that?"

The retreat of what could be called slumber is broken by the faint noise in the dark; Skystalker's optics flutter on with a spell of confusion written behind them, parts of his vision obscured by tight silk. He becomes more aware of the constriction over the next moments, testing his head and limbs in small strains against the binding. His movements become more desperate when he realizes that it's too dark, too still, too wet, too trapped. "No, no, nonono..." Thrusters fire under the surface of the cocoon, only to burst hot against his wingtips and cause Skystalker to let out a startled yelp of pain.

Getaway was the first bitten so it migt stand to reason that he is the first to wake. As Quicksight begins to make noise, the little Conw ill be greeted with a chastizing, "Shhh." However, that is followed up by a more coutious apology of, "Keep it down." Advise not only for Quicksight but the other one starts to come around too. The Combaticon, the more useful one... Well, and then the pretty one starts screaming. "That's great," he mutter-whispers. That's much more like chastizing again. "You all act like you've not been held captive before. You Combaticons are basically escaped prisoners, right? Skystalker, you... you know, I don't know what you went through. But all of you, keep it together. We're getting out of here. If you can all manage to keep quiet about it."

The spiderweb filaments, rather than melting or going up in smoke, warp under the blast of heat to mold all the more closely to Skystalker's wings and arms, further restricting his movements. The flow of movement beyond their vision continues without interruption. Who cares if the snacks wiggle a little? It's not like they are getting free. The combined glow of their eyes and biolights reveals a small, densely packed rocky tunnel. There is no sign of the rest of the crew and it's hard to tell what direction the movement is coming from. It's dark in both directions.

"I'm Quicksight" the scout identifies himself to the hail coming from nearby, and to the other voices. He can't really make out who's who, but the glow of eyes and lights helps him identify them as Cybertronian.

The voices help as well. "Oh, it's you." he grumbles as Getaway begins talking "Why haven't you been eaten yet?" he does lower his voice a bit, but it's more a characteristic of the grumble than any desire to obey the Autobot. It doesn't last long either, as a familiar voice alerts him to another presence "Skystalker?"

Vortex frowns upon hearing thruster fire. What kinda idiot was firing those up? But hey! That also meant more bots and more bots could mean for a better chance at escape. He clicks his claws together, seeing if any were broken or blunt. Alright, two names, Quicksight and Skystalker. Still didn't know that other voice. "Hey, I know how to handle a bit of bondage, compadre. Everyone else should calm down." Mostly the shouty and panicky one. "You sound pretty confident, that mean you got a plan?" His limbs were bound, sure, but his fingers could wiggle. He presses a claw into the spidersilk, raking it over repeatedly to wear it down. If this works, maybe he could even bite through the stuff close to his mouth.

Skystalker does not respond to Getaway save for the frantic heave of his ventilation against the inner side of the silk, which shifts more snugly to his frame and only serves to make it worse of a situation for his nerves. His running lights flicker a series of shades underneath of the web, a flux of color from one end to the other. The starfighter keens slightly as he stops struggling, optics dim. "Quicksight... I'm sorry." Skystalker falls silent again when he hears Vortex muttering to Getaway nearby.

"Yeah, me," Getaway grumbles to Quicksight. "You know, the guy you should have listened to." Skystalker should have well, but not like he's going to call out the starfighter for it publicly. So far is sounds like he's the only Autobot in here. A bunch of Cons and a neut. "But that's neither here nor there now. We're obviously behind enemy lines. Alive, for whatever reason, and with others meaning that other groups likely got attacked too. There could be more of us, and hey. Elita's men could still be alive. Wouldn't that be a miracle. Another would be that those 'scalewalkers' or whatever they called themselves were wrong,t hat these bugs ain't here to eat us. Why haven't they eaten us yet? I don't know about you lot, but I'd rather not wait to find out."

"I'm sure you are," Getaway directs towards Vortex. "You strike me as being freaky, even for a Con. Don't get me wrong, freaky can be good... but right now what would be best is to tell me what happened to your group. Quicksight, maybe you should put that yapper of yours to use to tell Vort here what it is that happened to us. Intel, proper intel, is always the most effective weapon. The more we know, the better armed we are. And yes," he has to chuckle, "I have a plan. Do you know why they call me Getaway?"

It's hard for Vortex to apply the kind of force that it would take to shred the spidersilk with his limbs bound as they are. It's not a pure organic thing -- that would surely have burned under the heat of Skystalker's thrusters. There's a metallic or perhaps crystalline glint to it in the dim light rather than the subtle shimmer an organic material might have. The silk deforms under the press of Vortex's claw and doesn't seem any weaker for it. It's not brittle enough for that kind of gradual wear to be very effective.

In the distance, there is the sound of something heavy being dragged across the floor. It scrapes and bumps and clangs rather like a body, and after one particularly hard bump, a weak moan can be heard over the clattering. Then it's gone, one more pulled into the dark and out of storage.

Quicksight isn't about to lie around and do nothing either. He still has his blades, right? Maybe if he can get them out of their sheathes, he can cut though. It's worth a try anyways.

"Hey, we ain't dead yet!" Hearing Skystalker's tone, Quicksight rushes to try and reasure the spacer, before turning his head towards Getaway again "Because everyone wants to get away from you?" even in their current predicament, the small Con is quite happy, if not more so due to his current mood, to toss a snide remark. But the talk of enemy lines, and the fact that the Autobot seems to be the only one here with an actual idea as to how to get out, quells his temper just a bit, at least enough to grumble "If you got an idea, spit it out -- wait, anyone else hear that?"

Yeah, those knives would absolutely and totally definitely be useful if Quicksight could reach them!

Too bad. He's bound too tightly to reach them.

Vortex's optics narrow a little as his claws remain of little use. He could turn on his rotors- he still had one blade left in place. But there were two problems with that: Could his rotor have enough juice to slice this stuff? And if it did, he'd slice his own legs open or worse at this angle. He makes a very Blast Off-like huff. Not even Getaway's compliment could keep the huff back. Freaky was the least insulting insult, he's heard so much worse. "Call me Tex, compadre." He tells Getaway, barely lifting his optics towards that noise. "It's nothing. I've heard much worse. Alright, let's see... There were big spiders and those were each enough to kill and then this GIANT one came and it could talk. It called me a charmer, hehe." There's a happy hum from his systems for that. "Raider was torn up and bit. And I was bit and, hmmm... I think Cyclonus ran on back? I think Blasty went with him- I told him to. And I told them to take Raider so they better have done that too. But I'm not sure. Lost three of my blades before falling unconscious, you know? And boop, here I am." He'd of shortened his little update or not given it at all but, honestly, some bots just didn't do well with, quote on quote, 'creepy' noises. They should see him interrogate someone, hehe... "But, Getaway, I imagine you're a slippery mech, right?"

"Hah, maybe," Getaway has to concede to Quicksight's snipping. Shame the Con is more eager to quip than be useful, but hey, he gets it. In this room he's the enemy. "It's kind of disappointing that your side doesn't know the tale and that it's my breathren that make it more of a 'thing'. I was born into Corcapsia. Any of you there? The incursion was, well, lethal. My first moment was opening my eyes to see Megatron coming at me. Megatron. You know, the monster you all signed on to support? Anyway, I did what I wasn't designed to do. I ran away. Ran and ran until I couldn't run any more. After the incursion I bummed around, trying to be useful to the Bots. Maybe it was to atone, you know? I wanted to feel useful more than anything, which is when I started to research myself. What it was that went into making me, an M.T.O., to see what I was meant to become. This is when I went from useful to *useful*," he chuckles.

"I realized that I could never get away</> from what I was. So I embraced it. All of it, I took it in, let it seep into me. Like a <i>poison. I let that become my blood." He quiets for a moment. But then, "So if I couldn't escape myself I vowed I would never allow myself to be caught by others. Nothing or no one could hold me. I only had to let that poison out." Is that a soft hissing sound, coming from the area of his hands?

"Oh, Vort, you *have no idea*."

Skystalker is not one for speaking up, even as he senses the anger in Getaway and the attempts by him to get the others to talk about what happened. At Quicksight's reassurances he just stifles a moan. "I should have listened. I didn't want-- this--" The clearing where they were captured is littered with the scorched divets of plasma bolts.

Skystalker wriggles at the sounds down the cavern corridors, craning his audials to pick the noise up and immediately regretting it. The realization has him bucking against the restraints again while Getaway speaks. It's all very much in vain, and he knows it. "I need-- out-- ngh."

Th-bump. There goes another body, pulled from somewhere closer to them and dragged with a long soft shush of silk over stone. This cocoon?s occupant is rather feistier, and it's not a half-starved moan that echoes back at them, but rather curses -- Cybertronian curses. Air Raid, maybe?

But it fades too, and then is gone. The dark closes over them with a clatter of distant limbs, so numerous that the sound blurs into an almost rustle of leaves.

"You take that back!" If Quicksight had any intention to lie still and listen to Getaway's idea, it's gone the moment he badmouths Megatron. His optcs flare angrily as he futily strains against his bonds in an attempt to aim sonething pointy at the blashemer "Megatron is better than the whole lot of you put together!" Autobots, obviously. He's very much okay with everyone else present. In fact, they're what stop him from launching in to a full blown tirade on Mgatron's magnificance. One of them does, anyways. He's not one who likes to see, or hear, in this case, a friend in such distress, and he certianly doesn't want to be the reason for prolonging it. There's also the fact that he isn't exactly enjoying this either. He'll save the angry rant for later, as much as he doesn't want to. They ought to get out of here first "If you have a plan, spit it out" he repeats, his words an angry hiss. Getaway's life story told him exactly nothing, and it's a little hard to hear soft hissing over his own yelling.

Vortex scowls, which is very visible with his shattered visor. "Tex." He repeats. Vortex and Tex or pal or buddy or charmer or psychopath, but not that. Vort sounded so... Bleh. And it reminded him of some villian he read about on Earth... He looks up, optics widening. Maybe it wasn't Air Raid... Come on, Cyclonus and Blast Off were neat, they would have rescued him and ran off, right? ... Damn, probably not. His fists curl, claws digging into his palm. "For a guy asking for quiet, like, five minutes ago, you sure don't shut up, do you Git?" But all useful information that he happily collects. Why doesn't everyone just share their backstories, right?! "I'm with Spitfire, it's already hard to see, don't leave us in the dark, Git."

There's another one. Skystalker pauses in his writhing again, vents working overtime and lights dim. His optics try to search out Quicksight's small red ones. "These webs are made of something strange. My thrusters just made them shrink..." Skystalker offers the single helpful thing he's figured out so far, then sinks limp in his webbing, dead weight against the suspension of it all.

"Can always count on Cons to make noise," Getaway chuckles. Mission accomplished as the yelling should well mask the hissing. The ripping too. But leave the lot of you in the dark?

Getaway doesn't answer right away but rather lets that darkness and silence speak for him. However, not tooooo long after there is the sound of a stretching Cybertronian. The shifting of plates and the soft whirl of someone testing their transformation. "Ahhhhhhhhh, so much better." Then footsteps and the soft *schuweeeng* of a bladed weapon being drawn, and in this case from subspace.

The webbing over Quicksight's face is hacked away. Leverage (and vibrating blade of the knife) might explain why it works? But as it comes away, there is Getaway kneeling over Quicksight, blade in hand - at the Con's neck. "If your Megatron is so great, then where is he now?"

Quicksight only scoffs at the remark, and the following silence, already trying once more to bring out his knives. He doesn't do it for long, the unmistakable sound of someone transforming, making him pause, and listen, and then give out an irritated hiss as Getaway announces his freedom.

The hissing, too, stops quickly, as the Autobot approaches, drawing his balde. And then he's on top of him "He'll be back, just you wait!" the clearing of the webbing makes it all the easier for Quicksight to contort his face in to a disdainfull, and even slightly mocking grimace "Well, whatcha waiting for! Go on and fraging kill me! I ain't expecting nothing more from you fraging Autobots!" well, so much for quiet. The scout is yelling now, his anger and frustration adding to the volume. All the better. That way, no one can hear the increased thrum of his vents.

On his feet now, Getaway finds he has to duck just slightly in the tunnel. The smoothly domed rock stretches out in either direction, just barely wide enough for two to walk side by side if they don't mind getting cozy. Stretched out as the others are, pushed to the tunnel sides, there's a narrow path between.

Vortex tilts his helm to the side. Ho boy, someone was stretching. Bet that was nice. And then the unexpected happened. It was easy to infer what was happening from Quicksight's words. Vortex finds himself laughing. The Autobot was going to kill him? Them, even. Oh, that was rich! Caught by giant spiders and offed by some self-possessed Autobot. HAH! It was like the reverse of his entire career. In a way... But still- The irony! He was just imaginging the scene between Quicksight and Getaway, it brings a shiver down his spinal strut. His laughter lowers a bit to a chuckle. "You gonna kill him? Man, this brings back memories... You mentioned... What was it? Corcapsia? I remember getting a few Bots from that- the few that were captured and not slaughtered that is... Want me to serenade you their last words while you do the deed?"

A partial covering to his face and the dark of the cavern leave Skystalker, well, in the dark when he picks up the next few sounds of a t-cog sending someone into another mode. Wait-- did he just-- the starfighter hesitates, Getaway's name on his lips. Quicksight's words make his spark jump into his throat, and there's a moment of new distress. "Are you free? Getaway? What's going on? What are you doing?" Vortex isn't helping. Skystalker lets out an angry snarl, edging on an almost animal panic. "SHUT UP! JUST-- SHUT-- UP!"

"Truth-be-told, I look forward to it. I think we might all enjoy revisiting the glory days," Getaway winks down at Quicksight. That knife... is drawn away and instead, Getty reaches out to poke Quicksight in his 'nose' as he says playfully, "Tag." He then rises off Quicksight, leaving the minicon only a little exposed.

He heads over to Skystalker next, keeping low as he kneels and lays his free hand on the neut's head. "Keep still," he asks as he then seeks to do the same for Skystalker that he did for Quicksight - get his head free. "It's going to be alright. Just breath, focus, and see this through. Hey, I need you to make sure these Cons get any Autobots back to the others too. No letting them leave anyone behind."

It's then that he turns his attention to Vortex, hunching his way over to the Combaticon. He is less polite with his blade, poking it in there to try to cut Tex free. "Oops," he says lightly as he might of jabbed deeper in there than was necessary at that face reason. What's a few scratches among pals though, right? Getaway seeks to cut all of Vortex free though, so that as soon as he does he can... turn over and hold out his knife. He doesn't let go of it easily, not after what Tex said, but... "Think you can get all of them back to the others?" Him? Getty doesn't wait for an answer as he turns to leave on his own, without explanation.

Were this some other situation in which he was not assuming he were moments from death, the very clear distress in Skystalker's voice might have caused Quicksight to turn his attention to trying to comfort his friend. Right now, however, Getaway and his knife holds all of his attention Through the head? Fine, just get it over al -- what? For a few moments, the scout stares at the retreating knife and bot, then lets out a loud, angry hiss "Hey! The frag are you going! Hey!" what, is he just gonna leave them like this? "Typical Autobot--" or not. His optics follow the knife, only briefly flickering towards Getway as the Bot takes his leave. Typical. At least their means of escape is in the hands of a Decepticon now!

Vortex frowns a little as he doesn't hear the death throes of a body. But only a little! He didn't actually want Quicksight to be killed and he certainly liked pain and was ready for death but that didn't mean he wanted it. Just that image he couldn't get out of his head kinda... Riled him up a little. He's still a little riled as he's cut free. His vents hits as the blade bites but he keeps any other sounds silent. This is a very serious situation afterall... And he did not need to sink into the headspace right now. He takes the knife, staring at it a moment. "Hey! I don't need this! I got a better one!!" Stupid Autobot. "I'm keeping this..." He murmurs as he stretches before going to the closest little cocoon. It was Skystalker. He grins, pulling his last rotor out. "Beauties before cuties, Spitfire! Be over a moment." His rotor glints red from his optics as he lifts it up and... With expert skill, carefully cuts Skystalker free. "Good to go?" He asks, making sure before heading over to Quicksight.

Skystalker jerks under Getaway's hand when it presses to his head, a rampant fear coursing through his energon despite knowing Quicksight wasn't stabbed to death just a moment ago. Keep still? He does, though not out of a request. The neutral freezes, amber optics brightening in the dark as he tries to listen to Getaway's words. "Nobody gets left behind." Skystalker murmurs back before Getaway moves back.

Skystalker's optics take in the nearness of Vortex when the combaticon comes close, and he's not certain of the other mech's intent, even going as far as ducking his head a bit.

He doesn't need to worry, though. Vortex isn't gunning for him, and once he's cut free, the starfighter crumples onto the floor of the cavern, vents inhaling deeply of the stale air. "I-- yes. Thank you." Skystalker's voice is a little small. Maybe ashamed of something as tiny as that tuck of his head away from the rotor.

Quicksight watches Vortex's progress by the glow of his optics and biolights. He doesn't protest when he goes for Skytalker -- he would never begrudge his friend freedom, and unlike Getaway, he trusts his fellow Decepticon to not ditch him to the mercy of these spiders.

And it seems that his trust is not betrayed. "Thanks" he nods as he climbs to his feet, or at least tries to, as his legs try to remember how to keep him upright after being bound for so long. This doesn't keep him from trying to move in Skystalker's direction, though his walk is still a bit wobly "Hey, You alright?"

Vortex took care of Quicksight just as quickly- and expertly, might he add- as Skystalker. He pauses briefly to watch the smaller Decepticon approach the neutral. His optics flick over the sleek and very attractive frame before looking around. "He's fine, give him some space. Fear does funny things to bots." And he would know. He knew a lot about fear. But they couldn't just wait around. "Do you two have things to cut open more cocoons or kill the eight-legged freak? If so, I gotta go. I think they took Air Raid."

As they find their feet, only Quicksight is truly comfortably sized for the tunnel. There's no sign of Air Raid or of Elita's people. It's just them, their shed cocoons, and the darkness.

Skystalker's wingtips stretch out in a spread, like a butterfly yearning for clean air. They settle back again as he stands up into a stoop, one hand along the wall and the other lifted up in a reassuring motion to Quicksight, vague in the dark. Vortex speaks for him witha surprising degree of accuracy. "I have a staff attachment, I think--" Skystalker's voice breathes out as he tucks a hand away, seeking and withdrawing both his staff and a long metal blade. It looks like it hasn't been used in a while, shiny and sharp.

As much as Quicksight will trust the words of a fellow Decepticon, he would much rather hear, or see, as the case may be, that from Skystalker himself. He's close enough to the spacer to see the reasuring movement, so he stops at a slight distance from him, though he's still pretty close, concern showing in his optics as he looks up at his friend. He does eventually turn away, to call back to Vortex "Yeah, two things!" he punctuates this with the shwwwiiick of his blades sliding out of his armour, no longer hindered by the webs.

Vortex's blade-less rotor spins a little as he watches the blade pop out. "Ooooo..." He reaches out and presses a finger against the tip. Which immediatly starts to bleed. He glances at the arm blades. "Oh yeah, that'll work- all of this. Say, Spitfi-er, Quicksight. I like your style. You and me should hang out sometime, yeah? You know, after this..." He weighs the knife in his hand before shifting his grip so it was reversed. His shoulder was injured and movement limited, this is much better. "Alright... Let's get outta here." And hopefully they'd find Raid. Leave no teammate behind, afterall. Except Getaway. Screw him and his dumb 'Vort' bullshit. Stupid.

Getting outta here is easier said than done. It takes them a while. The tunnel narrows, widens, narrows again, before widening enough that the roof has collapsed, allowing Quicksight, Skystalker, and Vortex to slip up to the surface. They find themselves at the thin edge of the jungle where the land rises to form a great volcano in the direction that they came from, with the tunnel radiating out from its base. It's an easy landmark that will make it not so difficult for them to track back in the direction of the Lost Light camp. ...eventually. Good thing they fly. As for Getaway and Air Raid, there is no sign of them. But then again -- Autobots. Who cares, right?

Skystalker has reservations about Quicksight's newest Buddy, but apart from the instigated fight in Swerve's, he has no reason to actually distrust Vortex. Sure, he's weird, but since when does that matter? The starfighter affixes the blade into the end of his staff with a click and thunk of the metal, the blade lightweight but strong. It'll do. He stays with the two Decepticons as they travel through winding warrens of spider caves, of course. When they find the sky again, he heaves a sigh of relief. "I am starting to see why some of you didn't like it here..."

"As far as I'm concerned now, any planet with spiders is bad news" Quicksight muses as he stares up at that bright, blue. open sky "The last one that had one one it was also like...this" there's an unhappy waver in hi s voice as his thoughts drift back to Scira "Ugh. And that one was even bigger" But enough about unpleasant things. Quicksight is quite eager to get airborn again, though before he does that, he lifts his arm, activating the camera to get a few shots in. It's for a practical reason this time, to better remember the location of this hole. That done, he jumps up, shifting in to his winged alt-mode. His flight is a bit wobbly, thanks to the damage done to his wings, but he can at least remain airborne "Don't know about anyone else, but I think I don't see any reason to stick around here." he calls down, even as his camera clicks again.

Vortex subspaces the knife as they exit the caves and enter open space. Who knew humidity would be welcoming. He watches Quicksight, disappointed there were no spiders to kill and disappointed that they came up empty-handed. His blade-less rotor makes an almost pathetic noise as it spins rapidly and... Does nothing else really. "Yeah... Air Raid is still down there. We were on a Hunting team, you can't leave a teammate behind." The thought it deeply ingrained in his head. "I can't fly now anyways, I think I'm going back for him."

"If we go find the camp, we can bring back whoever is there." Skystalker watches Quicksight out of the corner of his optic, turning his head to Vortex afterward, mouth turned in a slight frown. "How far do you think you will get on your own inside of that den? It's a fool's errand. We will come back with reinforcements. I can carry you out of here."

While his companions are arguing, Quicksight remains airborne, though he doesn't fly off just yet, circling above them, gathering footage of their suroundings, and generally enjoying being in the air "You go back, and you just get recaptured, and then there'll be one more person to rescue when we get the others back here"

Vortex growls a little. He's not usually grumpy but he didn't like the idea of leaving them. Then again, he told Blast Off to do the same. "Auuuuuuugh, fine..." He kicks some dirt and subspaces his blade as well. "Alright, let's go before they realize we're gone." He looks at Skystalker, optics twinkling just a little at the prospect at being carried by him. "And thanks for carrying."

Skystalker looks up briefly to see Quicksight's circling, stifling a smirk when he looks down again. The twinkling look from Vortex earns him a bit of an amused look, chin down and browline lifting. "Sure-- just watch the marks the spiders left." Skystalker's meaning becomes apparent when he shifts into his sleek alt mode, landing gear perched on the ground when he waits for the combaticon to giddyup; there is a spread of recent cuts and marks on his back, from several sets of legs and teeth.

Alright, finally! Quicksight's circles become longer, turning more in to ovals that stretch away from this wretched place. Come on, he doesn't want to hang around here any longer than he has to.

"Oh..." Is all Vortex says when Skystalker transforms. He'd fit snuggly in those arms though... Oh well! He smiles and gets right on up, very careful of the marring. Yeesh. There was a lot. "Alright, good to go. Let's go." He gets a good grip and lies low to decrease the whole wind resistance thing. This could be fun.

Maybe Vortex can be the princess another day. Skystalker lifts up once he's sure that the mech has a seat, coasting up and off after Quicksight. It's probably a pretty fun ride, up and out to the Lost Light camp.

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