2016-04-22 More Or Less Impressive

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-04-22 More Or Less Impressive
Date 2016/04/22
Location Eukaris
Participants Rodimus, Gearshift, Vortex, Skystalker, Arbiter
Plot Colony: Eukaris
Summary Rodimus is here for serious business. It derails so quickly.

The Lost Light camp is a buzz of activity. Gathered around the shuttle with its signal reinforcing beacon, the area has gathered a second shuttle as the first has become a more or less fixed presence. The second takes people up, and brings medics down.

Rodimus stands on the edge of a holodisplay that looks over the jungle, showing the areas that have been searched, and the areas where people have been taken. His chest and helm are marked with the scuffs and dents of a few hard hits; his left arm looks like a whole herd of the Crystalline have tried to take it off, none of them quite succeeding, and then been patched up again. The patch job isn't pretty, but it is stable. He waits impatiently for one of Quicksight, Skystalker, or Vortex to reappear from the clutches of the medics. They have only just arrived, and he hasn't had a chance to debrief them. Medics have priority.

The watch on the camp is heavy, but the emphasis is also on watch. According to Rodimus, they might have visitors, and if so, don't greet them with a shot.

Gearshift was still recovering from her last adventure with the spiders. She has been keeping to herself after coming back, unsure of who to speak to or what she could be doing to help besides occasionally walking the perimeter of the camp. The whole thing has her slightly shaken.

Vortex doesn't mind medic. they do fix those harder to reach places but he really doesn't have any patience for them. He's been looking around, looking for Blast Off. He hasn't seen head nor thruster of his Combaticon and he was nervous. What if Blast Off didn't leave him to the spider? What if he got caught? What if he got caught and Vortex just left him behind like he did Air Raid?! He wasn't being a very good patient to say the least. It seems, whoever was working on him has had enough of his moans and whines and hitches because he was promptly shoved off and allowed on his way. Well, he could feel his arm now. Grip still not optimal but he wasn't too bad off. Visor was still shattered and the hole his his shoulder hastily covered but those were the last things on his mind. As soon as he's good, he's off and searching for his Combaticon brethren, bumping into bots and all that good stuff. The sight of bright orange and yellow and flames are in his peripheral but doesn't pay it any mind.

"Vortex!" Rodimus's vote cuts clear across the camp, but he's hardly spoken before he figures that won't be enough. He strides away from the display to go catch the Combaticon by the shoulder. "Vortex, I need to know what happened out there." They catch up near Gearshift, and Rodimus's gaze settles on her as she paces the perimeter, watching her with a concern that distracts him from actually getting an answer.

Gearshift overhears them but doesn't say anything, not wanting to intrude or be rude at all. She looks elsewhere around the camp, slowing her pace as she thinks about the situation they are all in.

Vortex looks up at his name, doesn't spot his teammate and immediately doesn't care. He goes to look the other direction when he's stopped by a servo to the shoulder. His optics shutter and he looks up at the Captain. For a moment he looks very annoyed... But the moment passes. "Hey Cap! What, no one tell you yet?" He spares a glance at what Rodimus's looking out. "... I can tell ya if you need but can you tell me where Blast Off is? Is he here?"

"Hey, you were with Grimlock's group, right?" Rodimus calls to Gearshift. He waves for her, arm held out as he waits for her to join them so that he can push both Vortex and Gearshift over toward the holodisplay. "No, no one has let me talk to you guys yet under the pain of getting all of my repair work torn right out again. Blast Off's here, and he's been repaired. He's out doing some orbital surveillance, but you should be able to bounce a message up to him."

Gearshift is hesitant about joining the captain but obliges him. "I was with Grimlock's group, yes." She replies as she's brought over to the holodisplay. She casts a nervous glance over at Vortex then back at Rodimus.

Vortex looks... Incredibly relieved. He pauses a moment. "And Cyclonus, Air Raid? Did they both make it back too?" He asks rather hopefully, looking at Gearshift. Better her on Grimlock's group than him.

"Cyclonus did." That's all Rodimus says. The holodisplay shows the jungle from above, divided up into grids, with a mountain rising at the far edge of the display that is visible in the distance. "Okay, both of you: what can you tell me about the spiders you faced?"

Gearshift shudders thinking about the spiders again. "Grimlock was very good at crushing them. They weren't Crystal but they were resilient. Resilient to everything but a rocket launcher but then again not many things can stand up to that kind of firepower" Gearshift frowns thinking of grimlock's rocket overheating her.

Vortex frowns underneath his facemask. Dammit... "There's smaller ones, scouts, and then really big ones. Really big ones talk and bite and are huge. Their venom puts your to sleep and they web you up and... Well, take you back to the hive I guess you could call it. There's lots of tunnels, varying widths and heights but its all mostly small. We were tied up and you could hear their legs... They grabbed some others and took them away. The webbing is tough and fairly heat resistant. It's hard to get out if you don't have someone there cutting you out. Or if, you know, you're Getaway I guess..." He scowls at the ground.

"Too bad we don't have more rocket launchers." Rodimus gives Gearshift a brief smile, then looks over at Vortex. His eyes widen. "Getaway? He didn't come back with you guys -- did you get separated? What about the tunnels? The hive? Do you know where it is?" He gestures at the map, which patiently awaits more data. "Did yours talk at all?"

Gearshift shakes her head "thankfully no. Just awful shrieking since we made fairly quick work of them. All of us save for Brainstorm, who hid." Gearshift sighs. "The one that came after me was missing some limbs so it may have run into something else beforehand." Gearshift looks at the holo display.

Vortex vents a little. "Yeah, Getaway. Got outta the webs and... Released us. Then he just left. I had to cut everyone else out and so... It was too late to go after him, we just left." He looks at the map, oddly quiet and still. "It think it was around there. But Spitfire saw more of the surroundings, he'd be a bit more accurate. I'm sorta grounded without all my blades."

Rodimus looks disappointed when Gearshift says that, but rather optimistically says, "Well, even if they didn't talk to us, the Crystalline must have some way to control them. If we can just get things through, maybe we can get everyone back and find Elita's team without anyone else getting hurt. We've run into them before -- sort of. One of them. I think. They recognized her name, though. After I fought two of the larger ones to a standstill--" That's not what happened, Rodimus. "--I managed to get through to them." He adjusts something on the map to reflect Vortex's information, then pauses and asks, "Wait, we don't have a Spitfire, do we?" He looks distressed. IS HE FORGETTING NAMES AGAIN?

Gearshift Gearshift watches this with what could be described as a mix of concern and amusement. "So your plan is to find this Elita and hope they help us?" Gearshift asks, studying the map. She knows most she'll most likely be sent out to scout for her but she secretly hopes not. At least not without a partner.

Vortex's blade-less rotor spins idly. "Oh! Sorry! I mean Quicksight. It's just a nickname, heh... Like how I call you Cap or Fire Hazard or like how Blasty is Blasty and sometimes Shuttlebug... Anyways! Quicksight! Yeah, he saw more, I was too busy riding Skystalker. Guy took a bit of beating but I was super careful, hehe." He chuckles a little. "Anyways, you look pretty beat up too, what happened?"

"No. It's not Elita that they recognized. It's--" Rodimus pauses to shape a name that doesn't come easily to his synthesizer. "--Ch'thsia. Elita's one of us -- a Cybertronian. Neutral, I think. She has a team down here that the Crystalline have captured and we need to find them. Ch'thsia," he says, again careful in how he says it, "was someone we ran into a few months back. Long story." He says that in an 'ask me, I want to tell you' kind of way, and his lingering grin is leading.

Glancing at Vortex, Rodimus gives a curt nod and puts a message out to Quicksight for more information. Then, his smile widens again. With false modesty, he says, "Oh, you know, Lieutenant, Pipes and I ran into a half-dozen or so of them, including a few of the big ones, but I managed to hold them off and get them back okay." Again, this is not 100% true to reality.

Gearshift can clearly see what he's doing and with a roll of her optics, asks him "Please, Captain, I have plenty of time for a long story." She tries to keep the sarcasm out of her voice, but she can't help it as a grin tugs at her lips. Rodimus's playfulness is contagious.

Vortex has little interest in that old story but he does perk a bit. Are they bragging about their fights now? Perfect. "Nice. But did you ride one? I practically cut one in half, jumped off another and then rode the BIG one! Tried bucking me off too, hehe... But that didn't work!" His story was clearly the better of the two, Rodimus should be jealous.

"Well--" But before Rodimus can begin, Vortex is meeting and then raising the stakes with his story. Rodimus stares at him a moment. Then he straightens and rolls his left arm out so that Tex can get a good look at all the damage and marks that show an incredible determination on the spiders' part to tear off his arm. "See that? We fought five of them. Five! And I killed two of them by myself before the bigger ones took out Pipes and Lieutenant. Shot their legs right off! So there I was, all on my own, facing down two of the large spiders -- and they were mad." He grins. It's one of his better smiles. "See, I wouldn't go down, and I just kept badmouthing their Queen. So it's just me and them and who knows how many of the smaller ones--" Rodimus knows how many. Zero. There were zero left at that point. "--and I had to hold them both off."

Gearshift is caught between two big personalities peacocking and as much as it would be fun to believe they're both trying to impress her, she knows they're trying to impress each other more. She stifles a giggle as her gaze switches between the two. "One time on Earth a spider got into my home and I had to let it out" She shares, if only for the sake of sharing.

Skystalker had quite a few deep cuts to patch, and by the time that he is let out from medical, he knows all too well that he has to report to his Captain before anything else. Maybe make excuses for not coming to get them when they found the spiders. Maybe not. He has his reasons now. When Skystalker approaches the trio and the holomap, it is on silent steps; his back and wingtips are criss-crossed with field patches, basic but skillful.

Vortex's optics widen and then narrow. But in a playful sort of manner. Oh, its on. "Not bad, not bad... But-" And At this, Vortex reaches up tears the impromptu patch off his body. This does not seem to affect, however. "This is where the big one impaled me. You can see right out the other side. Hell, why don't you stick your servo through it? I was too busy killing the little ones to get damage from them. But her? Impaled me. And her head was dangling juuuust above me, all that venom dripping down. and you know what I told her? I dared her to bite me so my team could get away." Which they did. "I also cursed at Cyclonus." Which was honestly super bad ass. Gearstrip is ignored mostly because Tex is too busy on his tip-toes to try and be more level with the taller Rodimus. LOOK! HE WAS BIG TOO!

Rodimus's gaze winks in Gearshift's direction. "Pretty brave," he says to her, but then Vortex is all tip-toeing and one-upping so he has to get right back into it. "Guess you were moving too slowly then, huh? See this?" He gestures at the scuffs that mark the blaze of stylized flames on his chest. "That's the worst they managed, and believe me -- they tried. You should work on your reaction times, Tex. I was in and out and under them to shoot them from behind before they could even react!"

Gearshift 's optics flicker as a blush rises to her faceplates. She leans on the holo display to watch the two, waving at Skystalker when she notices him.

What. Skystalker's expression is caught in a storm of skepticism as he takes in the sight of Vortex showing off war wounds and keeping himself on his toes in front of Rodimus, and Rodimus all grinning about reaction times and gesturing at his own scuffs. His amber optics flicker down to Gearshift for a moment, the lines of his face caught in a moment of 'really?' at her.

"I can come back later if you two need time to get familiar." Skystalker is practically on the other side of the map when he speaks up, face lit by the display.

"My reaction is fine!" Vortex has indignation in his voice but its also... Warm. He's enjoying the friendly competition. "I was the first to even try and attack our giant. She went straight for Raider and I got her to get off. She even threw a part of him at me and that still didn't knock me off. Did shatter my visor but I never looked away. So, were you 'dodging and weaving' while the little guys ate up your arm or while the big ones munched on your pals? You should've seen the spider when I sank a blade right into her-" His helm whips to the side, looking at... "Oh, hey Skystalker! Tell me, is riding giant spiders for the greater good of your team more impressive than being eaten by tiny spiders and making a bit of 'pew pew'?" Clearly they need a referee on this.

Rodimus startles when Skystalker breaks in, and looks sheepish for about half a second before Vortex starts dragging him in. He gets into that quite quickly, calling on Gearshift too: "Or," he says to her, "maybe holding off two monster spiders all by yourself after they already took out the rest of your patrol, and that's after already killing a bunch of the smaller ones? And then! Dragging your patrol back! By yourself!"

Gearshift gulped. Oh Primus. Rodimus wanted her to make a judgement call on this? "I've never experienced either I- They're both very heroic acts" She rubs the back of her helm, looking down shyly from being put on the spot. "I suppose what you're saying IS a bit more impressive?"

"Riding giant spiders, or fighting off several?" Skystalker tries to summarize, mouth flattening across to the pair. "I-- You know what, no, I'm not going to answer that." Skystalker lifts up both hands, head tilting. "Neither are what I'd call impressive."

Vortex turns on his toes to peer right at Gearshift. E XCUSE?! "I was sacrificing myself so the team could get away while he basically allowed his arm to become a chew toy-" The words catch in his throat as he turns his helm to look at Skystalker. He almost seems to wile. "I... How is none of this impressive??"

When Gearshift leans toward his side, Rodimus turns up the pressure: his smile blazes into a grin, and he bomps her with a gentle jostle on the shoulder. "A bit," he echoes, looking at Vortex in triumph. "Please! I sacrifice myself for my crew all the time! Every day! There's nothing remarkable in that! It's just life!" He echoes Vortex, turning to Skystalker with a, "It's at least a little impressive, surely."

Gearshift looks up at Rodimus when he bomps her, and looks at Vortex. "I Never said what you did *wasn't* Impressive, I just. I'm really a bad judge for these sorts of things." She concludes.

"Other words come to mind. Maybe I'd use impressive if you ask me on a better day. One that isn't filled with waking up in a spider-filled dark cave wrapped in crystal silk." Skystalker purses his lips back at both of them, hands lifting to rest at his hips.

Skystalker makes a good point that almost seeps in... Almost. "Oh yeah. And I helped save Skystalker and Quicksight. That's four saves for me and two for you, Cap!" He grins back at the Captain, bouncing on his toes. His shoulder has started to bleed a little again but he pays that no mind. NO MIND AT ALL. "And I killed more spiders than Raid. Should've bet on me, Cap! I'm a natural born spider smasher. I'm so fearless, I flirted with my spider." He's beaming up at whoever said that. Him. "Yeah, we're both super impressive." He slings an around Rodimus's shoulders, which actually looks pretty awkward. "It's just a matter of who's more, right Rodster?"

"No, you're a really good judge," Rodimus reassures Gearshift. Skystalker's frown-face practicality drags him back to the point, and he crooks a gesture at Skystalker. "Speaking of waking up in a spider-filled dark cave--." He gestures. "Vortex said that Quicksight might have a better idea where you were, since he was being carried. What about you? Have an idea of how we can get back to where you where?" He walks toward-- okay, no, he doesn't walk toward Skystalker, because Vortex has his shoulders. He tips back in a startled back-step to and elbows Vortex in the side, unnecessarily close to his stabbing wound. "And we've established I'm more, but don't worry! You showed good initiative." Eh, he was almost productive.

"No, you're a really good judge," Rodimus reassures Gearshift. Skystalker's frown-face practicality drags him back to the point, and he crooks a gesture at Skystalker. "Speaking of waking up in a spider-filled dark cave--." He gestures. "Vortex said that Quicksight might have a better idea where you were, since he was being carried. What about you? Have an idea of how we can get back to where you where?" He walks toward-- okay, no, he doesn't walk toward Skystalker, because Vortex has his shoulders. He tips back in a startled back-step to and elbows Vortex in the side, unnecessarily close to his stabbing wound. "And we've established I'm more, but don't worry! You showed good initiative." Eh, he was almost productive.

Gearshift gulps at the thought of more of the spiders coming. She was curious about the story Rodimus had hinted at earlier. "Captain, what about that person you're hoping to meet? You were going to tell me the story?"

"Aren't we supposed to be doing something?" Rasps Arbiter, looking around. He shifts heavily from foot to foot, soil falling from the tracks on his legs. "I mean, we're all impressive, don't get me wrong, and none can compare to the good captain." It's unclear if he is being sarcastic. It can be surmised he is simply trying to move things along.

As Arbiter chimes in, Skystalker tries not to laugh, quelling a look of amusement at the commentary. His optics catch on Tex. "Ugh, put your patch back on... Vortex..." Skystalker isn't sure if he should be sounding concerned or a little grossed out, honestly. It mixes together. "Quicksight should have something. He typically does, when it comes to recon. In his blood, so to speak. I have some coordinates from our departure point, mileage stats. Without knowing the geography as well as the Eukarians, coordinates aren't much to us, so They can help."

Vortex looks... almost visibly deflated. Look at what you guys did to this precious little balloon. He doesn't even squeal happily as Rodimus elbows him. Blast Off will think he's impressive, probably... He glances at his arm and shrugs. "It just a little leak, I can close that up." He goes to fiddle with it quietly as everyone seems to get back to 'business'. Boring.

"Looks like it's a story for some other day," Rodimus says with a grin at Gearshift. He peels free from Vortex to go join Skystalker, shamed along by Arbiter. "Give me what you've got, we'll see how it compares with Vortex's information, then check it against Quicksight. You didn't catch any glimpse of Getaway, did you?"

Gearshift nods at Rodimus and watches the group as they discuss intel. She senses she might not have a place in the conversation anymore, but she sees Vortex and touches his good arm "What you did is very brave." She smiles genuinely, now that she's not on the spot it's easier to speak up "It's impressive as well." She giggles.

Arbiter nods, and turns to look toward what he hopes is what they're looking into. He may be facing the wrong way.

"He's the one that got Vortex loose. He was in there with us. He did something to get himself free, let Tex out, and Tex cut us loose. Getaway ran off before we could really do anything. He's probably in there somewhere, still." Skystalker drops his hands and lets out a small sigh as Rodimus edges closer. "Alright. We've got to get back as soon as possible."

Still fiddling, this would be easier if he could see the leak, Vortex follows Rodimus a little but he does manage to shoot Gearstrip a little smile. Thanks. But see??? He did save Sky and Quickie! He was a good lil' chopper. "Yeah! Air Raid is still in there! We should try and get back as soon as-" And the leaking energon suddenly becomes a gush as Vortex's blind claws cut a... Hmmm, that may be a very bad fuel line to cut. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Hey, Cap, I- whoop!" He turns so that gush stops spritzing onto said Captain. "Am I dismissed? I think I should see a medic again." He pressed his servo into the wound. If he presses hard enough, no one will notice and he's stay impressive.

Rodimus glances back at Vortex as Skystalker speaks for him. He looks a touch surprised, but soon wipes it in a grin. "Nice work," he approves, warmly and without reservation. He doesn't need to compete when he's in Captain mode. Turning back to Skystalker, he pulls out a datapad to input the information that Skystalker gathered and check it against Vortex's. It points to a fairly large region of jungle toward the more mountainous corner. "Quicksight should help narrow that down and then we're g--." His vocalizer hiccups into static at the spray of energon.

"Vortex!" Rodimus's voice is not filled with concern. It's there, don't mistake him, but that's 10% concern and 90% what-did-you-do-now and somewhere, Ultra Magnus feels the karmic scales tip. He claps his hand over Vortex's, pressing harder, then looks up at Skystalker. He tosses the datapad toward him and says, "Grab Quicksight when you can and finish up, would you? Arbiter, you wanna help me get this guy back to medical so that Knock Out can take his head off?"

Gearshift laughs and runs ahead of them to warn the medics that Vortex is coming back in.

Vortex's optics shutter a bit in surprise as the Captain sounds almost concerned. And then he puts his servo over his to help keep the energon from spilling through his finger. Whoa... He can't help but smile a bit. "Cap, you're over-reacting! It's just a mesh wound." And he suddenly falls forward, face hitting Rodimus's chassis. Huh... "Okay, maybe I need a little help to medical... But careful, Cap, you almost sound like you care." He teases. "But seriously, have the big guy grab my feet and let's go." This was quite the geyser.

"You heard him," Rodimus says with a tip of his head that suggests a roll of his eyes that the steady blaze of light just can't manage. What inconvenient body language. "Grab the feet." He shifts his grip on Vortex, one arm wrapped around him, and the other wrapped and pressing to slow the flow of energon. "I'm over-reacting? You're over-reacting! This is just because you're mad I won, isn't it? Attention-seeking behavior, they call it." Who is they and where could Rodimus have possibly heard that phrase? With Gearshift running ahead to warn them and Arbiter to help, he makes his way to medical with a re-patient for them, teasing Vortex the time. If he cares, he's a jerk about it. A friendly jerk.

Shrugging Vortex's limbs over his shoulder, Arbiter begins heading toward medical. "No problem, I can hear you, you know."

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