2016-04-19 Birds Of A Feather

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-04-19 Birds Of A Feather
Date 2016/04/19
Location Eukaris
Participants Air Raid, Jumpstart, Lieutenant, Pipes, Ravage, Rodimus, Vortex
NPCs Airazor, Styleguide, Tigatron
Plot Colony: Eukaris
Scene GM Sao
Summary The Lost Lighters make some new friends

It's getting wetter.

Styleguide the screechy chameleonformer has led Ravage through the denseness of the forest and over a makeshift bridge crossing a river into a significantly marshier territory. Springy tufts of plants growing up out of the mucky earth provide for the most of the dry footing. Up ahead, the forest closes ranks again, with much thicker underbrush, denser foliage and harder going. It's hot, but the humidity is the worst part. The wet seems to sweat out of the air into the earth and back again. It's the kind of thing that makes fastidious bots concerned about rust.

The point where it's very clear that the trail has been rediscovered, though, necessitating a rallying of the troops that remained behind at Dinobot's camp and more of an en masse hunting party, is this:

There is a wrenched off, broken piece of somebody's landing gear, spotted with the pink crust of lost blood, left abandoned in the mud.

Plants and foliage is good enough for Ravage, the small robotic feline taking to the branches to avoid getting mucked down in the damp terrain. Moisture slicks down his sleek form as it condenses against black and grey armor as her perchs, eyes narrowing.

A chunk of kibble with dried energon marring it.

That's good enough for him to report in. Hopefully that beacon is still working so the others get the message to come before whatever ripped off someone's landing gear comes back looking for more trouble.

Jumpstart follows Ravage's path, though her altitude has climbed since the trail started. Still, with good optics and a little help from Ravage she can keep pace. The eagleformer notes that Ravage has stopped and so settles into a lazy gyration centered on his position. She looks this way and that, so as to catch anything that might be approaching. Well, that's the plan, anyway.

"One of Elita's, maybe?" Rodimus asks as the hunting party draws up alongside the landing gear. The trail continues on beyond. He's ordered weapons hot, but again told them to hold fire unless they're attacked first. In the pause, he leans down to pick plants out from between the plates of his armor. More than a few have gotten caught between the prongs of his toe, and he kicks them loose with a thump into the damp dirt.

Air Raid can't /stand/ the humidity. It makes everything squeak and grind in all the wrong ways. His optics continuously fog up. The springy plants wedge themselves between the seams of his armor. There's angry flailing at some buzzing insects that never seem to let up. "Or some shitty landing."

The climate can't dampen Pipes' enthusiasm. After arriving on the planet with a fresh shuttle of supplies and equipment, he wasted little time in his own roll-in-the-grass moment, the smell of organics wrapping around him. Now, he's enjoying this pleasant stroll through the muck, even each slight pulling and shhhhluk sound when he lifts a foot out of it. Hopefully when this is all resolved he can get in some offroading with Bulkhead. When they arrive at the ... clue, he says nothing, but moves around the immediate area, keeping an optic out.

The conditions don't really bother Quicksight. Oh, sure, it would probably be a bit nices if it didn't feel like the air itself was trying to stick to his plating, but it's bearable. He's not so snobby as to whine about a little dirt and moisture. He's quite fine with the terrain too. It's not like he has to get his feet wet walking on the ground, and the trees are really tempting him to get a little obstacle flying in. Later maybe. Right now, there's work to do, work he's pretty well adapted to, though the company could be better.

The chirring of a few noisy species of insects pollute the wet air around them, along with the further cries of birds and a few other chattery biological noises that could be anything. It's hard to pick out what's supposed to be here and what isn't, aside from the bloodied piece of somebody laying forgotten in the mud.

Airborne, Jumpstart has the best vantage for the glint of warm sunlight off of golden feathers as a lean, slim figure temporarily breaks the canopy of the forest ahead. The other airborne person seems to be moving with unusual speed, shedding leaves, twigs, but then brakes sharply in the air as if keeping pace with something necessarily slower far below.

Vortex still hasn't found anything to gore, not even on the trip over to the chunk of someone. Now that was aggravating- not the chunk, the lack of critters to stomp on. He sticks close to Air Raid mostly for some company, combat buddies right? Finally it seemed the real fun was gonna start. Well, it'd be real fun if his vents weren't huffing from all this moisture. Yegh, he could feel it inside of him... He looks eagerly at the kibble, pedes squishing into the earth as he bounces on his toes. "If it was that, there'd be more parts laying around." He asides to Air Raid, blaster held loosely in one hand. "I think it was ripped off."

There was nothing against organic planets, it just messes with Lieutenant's seismic sense. Ew. What a time for the oil baths to go up in smoke. He should have stayed back on the ship, but he wanted to see the planet, he wanted to assist. Also, staying back and playing video games is something he did not want to admit.

Jumpstart catches the golden glint in the distance. Anyone watching her would notice that she breaks off of her lazy course, angling to get a better view. Jumpstart beats her wings a few times to gain a bit of altitude. She switches to radio. "<<Rodimus, captain.>>" That's right, you have to call him that, even if the message is broadcast to everyone. "<<We have movement, probably natives. It looks like one flyer, and...he's in a, slowing down. Spooked, maybe? Point is we're not alone.>>"

"The most likely scenerio," Ravage replies drly to Rodimus being Captain Obvious. Ravage slinks along a thick branch, which barely jostles at all from his movements due to how light on his feet he was, before finally dropping back down to the ground. Ears click back and forth a few times as he shifts settings and filters to compensate from the humidity in the air, then puts his nose to the ground near where the landing gear lays bloodied. Paces a few times slowly, trying to pick up the trail. Either of the victim or whatever tore the wheels off. Which is of little concern to him, not with this many people with heavier firepower around.

<FS3> Ravage rolls Tracking: Great Success. (6 1 8 7 3 7 4 8 1)

"So where's the rest of him?" Quicsight wonders aloud, having droped down to earth to gawk at the lonesly piece of kibble along with everyone else. It's a rethorical question, mostly, since obviously no one has the answer to it yet. Plus, it appears that there's something a bit more interstng going on here. At least it seems to be moving, going by Jumpstart's report. That suits Quick just fine. It's an excuse to get a bit further away from this lot "I'll go take a look too" not waiting for a response to his offer, the scout launches himself up in to the air again, zipping up after the birdbot. Who'd argue that four eyes in the sky are not better than two?

Pipes has his pistols at the ready, although who knows for what. It's hard to see anything between wandering mists and thick growth. Something could sneak up and burst out at any moment without warning ... so he edges back a little to the rest of the group.

"<< See if you can get close enough to break through the interference and comm a friendly hello, >>" Rodimus says as he straightens away with a grimace. He drops his foot to the ground, and immediately digs up at least as much plantlife as he just dragged out of his armor. "<< If not, rejoin us. >>"

In the wet and mud, it's hard to track, because tracks plunge deep into the dark wet earth and then glop back into their normal configuration. But Ravage is able to find the blood trail by scent and seeming through the dark wet, another patch and splatter across one of the grassy hussocks in the swampy ground. There are trace elements of spilled energon changing the scent of the mud, charging the wet air with a predatory unease.

Further out, there's a raw broken branch that looks as though it was rent from one of the trees, and a few trailing crystalline threads of something clear and silicate that Ravage is able to find, a few meters off from the kibble.

The flyer swoops down beneath the treeline again, and then arcs out again. Catching sight of the other flyers over the swampy ground, she changes: it's hard to pick out for certain at this distance, but it does seem as though she may have changed to root mode in mid air and yet continued to fly. Hax birb. At this distance, radio shouldn't be a problem, but even with the booster working back at the landing site, there's still fuzz on the transmission that reaches the Cybertronian party, so that it basically comes down to: << ???? fzzzzt >> but it is an attempt to make contact.

Jumpstart glances towards Quicksight as he takes to the air. "<<Understood, Captain. I'll take the lead.>>" She signals to him, with no more explanation. She beats her wings to get more speed, drawing closer to the other avian. Seeing that she has transformed, Jumpstart decides to do the same: She turns over in the air and lets her wings spread far and wide, beating to keep her aloft. The Autobot raises a hand to the Eukaran and simply shouts: "Hello!" Jumpstart shows little concern for anything that might be in the foliage below.

Vortex leans forward a bit, examining the kibble a little more. The shove does little more than wobble him a little. If there was more, they could figure out how they died. They were definitly dead though. His gut just knew it. His vents huff and he gives a little stretch to keep loose in all this moisture. He shuffles close to Air Raid once, looking around him. "Think we're gonna finally be able to fight these monsters? Those guys sure were talking them up." Bet they were nothing. His rotors tremble anxiously. "Bet I can take more than you, Air Bud."

It takes longer than it should, but it's only visible in a few flicks of his tail before Ravage's persistance paces off. The cybercat lifts his head, optics narrowing again as they zoom in the direction the faint trail he's picked up. A a broken branch, could be more struggling. A few adjustments, and the glint off something in the damp air catchs his sight. "I've found something else," Ravage rumbles before taking off in the direction of the crystalline and silicate remains farther along. The business with the fliers in the air is ignored for the time being.

"<< And who made you the leader >>>" comes Quicksight's grumbled response, though he doesn't put up a huge fuss about it. He doesn't really stay behind Jumpstart either, at least, once he catches up to her, nor does he follow the trend of transforming in midair, pulling up alongside her, and then forward, arching a bit to the side of the incomming bot, and slightly down, trying to get a glimspe of whatever it is that keeps making them slow down. He doesn't follow this new trend of transforming in midair -- his root mode isn't exactly built for it.

Lieutenant takes note of the location. Anything from broken leaves, to marks on the ground, and foot steps aside from their own. He doesn't like the sights of this. One hand over his blaster holster. Was the tension getting to anyone else in the group or was it just him? Maybe it was the fact that he can barely sense his surroundings that were making him uneasy. He's not used to not knowing what's around him and more importantly, what might come towards him.

"Not everything is /fighting/, Vortex," Air Raid says despite the entirety of his character, "Sometimes there's just a lot of sniffing around and solving problems, y'know? Helping people? Like what Autobots do." Nod. Then Vortex boasts, and Raid squints. "Uh, no. You're a teeny chopper. Frag, don't call me that." Welp, the tension certainly wasn't getting to /him/.

"Man, I hope so." Rodimus rocks forward on his toes, echoing Vortex's eagerness. He looks back, glancing between Vortex and Air Raid. He grins. "My money's on Air Raid." Autobot bias. "No pressure," he says, "but you better come through." No pressure~. He looks back toward Jumpstart to see what she gets for her 'hello'.

"I don't know you," observes the golden flyer. She's mostly gold, though there's also grey and black darkening her slim lines, and her optics are wide and green. She glances down, and wings a little closer to Jumpstart as she tracks the progress of the big blue-green feline form visible as he leaps and bounds between trunks beneath. "Hello," she says. Her glance flicks between Jumpstart and Quicksight. She doesn't actually say the word standardformers, but goes: "More of you? This is new."

What Ravage finds, fallen amongst the muck, is another broken piece of metal that looks like it was once part of a Cybertronian. Dark red paint split off of someone's chassis, it looks crunched and rent as if ripped apart by something very strong. The coils of transluscent cord puddle around it, gleaming pale in the sunlight and spotted with mud. They look slightly molten on one end as though cut through with a welding torch or flamethrower, but otherwise appear to be lengths of ... some kind of rope? String?

Jumpstart is silver, for the most part. A few patches of matte white here and there, but a generally uninteresting color scheme. Blue optics, and the searing red of the Autobot badge. Her optics also flick to Quicksight, as if not terribly trust of the Decepticon as he crowds her airspace. Jumpstart has a little more difficulty maintaining her altitude in robot mode than the Eukaran. "Yes, I think we're bringing a lot of new things to your world." Is that...a note of apology in Jumpstart's tone? "We're looking for a group of offworlders like ourselves. Mechaniforms like that one." She gestures towards Quicksight, wings still beating. "Have you seen anything like that?" Jumpstart pauses. "We look terribly alike."

Pipes realizes the tension is getting to him too. He vents in some of that fresh swamp air and moves along with the rest of the party, keeping watch on their surroundings but actively trying to stay relaxed. As he looks around, he notices that he's probably the only one on the ground who isn't miserable. Except maybe Ravage. He does a little extra muck stomping. Hope nobody gets any splatter on them.

While Jumpstart chats with the other avian, Quicksight dips down a bit more, practically skimming the treetops in an attempt to get a better look. In the process, he diligently radios back to the main group "<< There's two of them. Other one's in the trees >>"

Ravage stops to inspect the bits of remains, flicking an ear to dislodge some of the moisture beading on it. "There has definately been fighting along this way." He shifts to point a paw at the bits of paint and molten cable-rope with a paw, for those that don't have the senses to pick it up. Flicks the other ear, resisting the urge to shake off his entire body. The environment was a bother but he's slogged through worse in his line of work. "This weather is a pain in the struts for tracking," that's as close as he gets to complaining.

Airazor smiles in a brief flicker, backwinging to hover in easy control of the airways as she measures Jumpstart with a glance. "Good taste," she suggests. "But yes. We have seen your strangers. We tribeless tried to help them, but we lost each other when the Crystalline attacked."

Below, the tigerform emerges from a break in the trees, splashing headlong into the mud. He climbs onto one of the tussocks and starts wiping himself off, tail lashing in hard, angry sweeps as he looks up and squints into the air to keep an eye on what Airazor is doing. Ravage is nearest him, but he's probably still in view of the other people who aren't flying, just because honestly how spread out do we need to be.

"Any clue what we're looking at?" Rodimus calls after Ravage. After a slight pause, he says, "<< That's not many, >>" to Quicksight. His gaze tracks over the few they see, rather less than the last tribe. "<< Injuries? >>"

Jumpstart quirks a slight smile at Airazor's compliment, but she soon hardens her expression. "The Crystalline?" Jumpstart glances over her shoulder. "I'm with a group. Cybertronians, if you can believe it. We ran into some scaleforms, they called them monsters." She looks back to Airazor. "I think we could be talking about the same thing, and..." Jumpstart beats her wings to get some altitude. "We're here to help, if you can show us the way."

Vortex's rotor putters a bit as he gets two very different responses. Rodimus wants a fight too! That's his pal. Air Raid seems... Testy. "Well then, it's on!" He laughs, not letting anything get to him- tension or boredom. "I can cut more down than you can even shoot with that lil bow, Air Dud." Well, he didn't call him Air Bud... His helm whips around as Ravage speaks, taking several steps that way. Yesss... "Guess we're for sure going the right wa-" His blaster is up and trained on the bot that just lept on outta the trees. You know, just in case.

"It would appear someone was tied up. Or tried fighting with some kind of... rope." Ravage's attention shifts when another form emerges from the wilderness nearby. But the newcomer merely stops to clean off the environmental much. Hey look, another cat. "Finally, someone with a decent taste in beastforms."

It's very difficult for Air Raid to keep from positively beaming as Rodimus talks him up. He'll take the pressure and more. Then the urge comes to grip Vortex's neck and sling him into the water, but the tiger springing up draws his full attention, and he whips his bow around.

This is why Lieutenant does not like being without his sense. He didn't even feel the presense of the other beastformer. His blaster is charged and aimed at the white cat within an instant. Really, he should have stayed on board, he was useless out here. No sense, unable to fly, but at least he can still shoot.

Pipes beholds the arrival of ... wow, he looks just like the pictures of Earth tigers! Except for the color scheme, but still! He wonders if there's some sort of relationship between Eukaris and Earth. While others in the group are about ready to shoot, Pipes wouldn't think of it. "Hello there, tiger!" he hails. Oh, hope that's not interpreted as a pickup line.

<FS3> Pipes rolls Friendliness: Great Success. (8 7 8 1 4 3 8 6 1 3)

Airazor tilts her head in the inclination of a nod, banking in the air as she sweeps on long sweeps of her wings to eat the last of the distance between them. She sails close past Quicksight and Jumpstart as she begins circling downwards. "We can try," she says, her glide angling lower as she sweeps toward the ground. "Things must have changed on Cybertron for you to fly freely with them."

The tiger looks up, eyes bright and alert in a flash of scarlet. His tail curls inward to loop around his forepaws as he tilts his head, watching them. There's a deep rumble inside his frame, but he does not sound particularly hostile when he says: "Hello, Cybertronian." He does look wary. Then again, there are a lot more Lost Lighters than there are of him. He flicks an ear, tensely aware of the weapon trained on him even at a distance, but like many cats would, he responds to tension with the body language of the extremely unconcerned.

Ravage is ... not entirely sure what to make of Pipes' greeting. That sounded... nah, couldn't be that sort of subtext in there. Best to not let it be a distraction from more important business. Ravage turns his attention to Tigatron with the same amount of feline 'look at me I'm in control of the situation' coolness. "We are looking for other offworlders that were attacked. Have you seen them?" May as well ask the locals while they are here. At least these ones aren't being jerks like the scalewalkers were.

Jumpstart holds her air, so to speak, letting the falcon get closer before Airazor breaks off and heads lower. Jumpstart follows, letting the wind get in her wings as she sweeps down. "I'll let them know." The beastformer switches to radio. "<< Rodimus, these two seem friendly and know something about the monsters. Well, the other avian call them 'crystalline.' I think we should follow them. >>" She doesn't hesitate to recommend before pulling up behind Airazor. "Yes, things have changed on's...not much to look at, these days. I was forged in Kalis, under the name...Flashwing." Rodimus pauses just slightly before answering Jumpstart. He casts a glance over the gathering to make sure that all are more or less accounted for. "<< Find out what you can about these crystalline monsters, >>" he says, before moving to catch up with the birbs. "Anyone else ever noticed we keep running into rock things picking fights? I don't know why we get such a bad reputation in the galaxy."

As Air Razor passes by him, Quicksight pulls away slightly. Of course, that might simply be because he's quite litterally incapable of staying still, even if he wanted to, lacking the hovering abilities of some other flyers. He doesn't go down after her, choosing instead to keep watch on things from the comfort of the air as he cricles above the group. It's totally to keep watch. Kindly ignore any sounds of shutters. That's just him surveying their suroundings! Really! Practical purpouses only, and not for any silly hobbies he may or may not have!

"Yes," the tiger says. His tail twitches. He still looks a little wary, watching with shoulders set. Predators do not make good prey animals, but the wary tension that limns his body makes it hard to dissemble. He picks some mud off of one paw, ear twitching again as he rumbles. A whisper of that tension fades as the golden birdformer circles into view. "They claimed to be archaeologists. Are you archaeologists?" He doesn't sound like he thinks so.

"I was forged here, in the heart of Chela. I am Airazor, of no tribe at all." Airazor dips lower, gold feathers gleaming a flash in the sunlight as she sails down into clearer view of the people on the ground. She touches down one tussock (with a T!) away from Tigatron and stands, facing them with wings still spread wide, balanced on the toes of her feet.

Vortex taps the trigger of his blaster with a very Blast-Off like huff. When were they going to get to the shooting and stuff? He glances over to Air Raid, grinning under his mask. "Nice reaction. Lil' slow but good." He teases a bit, liking this little friendly competition. And then there was another one. He pauses and then turns so the muzzle of his blaster is aimed at the newcomer. Its never a good idea to lower your weapon around a possible enemy.

"While I am certain we have one or two amongst this motely crew, no, not specficially," Ravage replies to Tigatron with a flick of his own tail. Clearly not intimidated despite being much smaller than the other predatory feline. He's killed mechs much larger than himself before. Hopefully this wouldn't come to such things. "We are explorers. And soldiers. And a lot of other things." Ravage gives his round shoulders a shrug like this wasn't really important. Captain, get your butt over here and do your captain thing, geez. Or get Pipes to keep being nice or something. Ravage dislikes having to be the one doing all the diplomatic shmuck.

Air Raid has an energy arrow nocked, and tilts his bow, just a little, so the faintly crackling tip singes Vortex right on his rotor assembly. "Shut yer' fraggin' face," he snaps, then squares his shoulders, peering grimly at the golden Jumpstart. Huh.

Jumpstart alights on the squishy ground, to the side of the two Eukarans. Unlike Airazor she settles a bit more heavily. She makes a face imagining all the muck and mire sticking to her pristine silver parts. Shouldn't stayed transformed and perched on someone. "I was glad to have met you." 'Flashwing' replies to Airazor before gesturing towards Rodimus. "Captain, I think if they will have us, we have our guides to what's been going on here."

And now a falcon! Majestic. Pipes continues to hypothesize internally about why it is that all the locals look so much like Earth animals. Still, there's a mission to accomplish here, so he refocuses on the task at hand. He uses a pistol barrel to prod a little at the weird cords around the rent bit of metal. "Anything that you might know about what happened to this poor soul would be helpful."

Rodimus is doing his captain thing over with the birds, showing up all nice and shiny (amd mud-splattered, with muck and plantlife buried in the seams of his armor) next to Jumpstart to welcome Airazor with a grin. "How about it? Feel like pointing us in the direction of trouble? You could call it our specialty. Anything you can tell us about the monster-whatevers that took the others like us could help, too."

"You may want to stop pointing your weapons at us." Airazor's hands fall to her hips. Her mouth tightens a little in a look almost like a suppressed smile. She does not appear afraid, despite the fact that they are clearly outnumbered. She looks poised, instead. Her head tilts, avian and interested as her green gaze narrows. "But if trouble is what you're looking for, Cybertronian, it will be easy for you to find."

Tigatron reverts to root mode, following her lead. He stands tall and solid, arms folding loosely over his chest as he keeps a steady eye on the ones whose weapons are still definitely out. "Cybertronian soldiers, here to fight? And the Scale Walkers let you walk?" He sounds almost amused, in the dryness of his voice. "The Crystalline happened. They're here to hunt, and unfortunately your friends were easier prey than the Fur Walkers they were chasing."

"We have a bigger and louder 'Scale Walker'," Ravage murmurs. Speaking of... he turns his head a bit, then snorts. Figures the chameleon would bugger off as soon as they found another tribe. Or tribeless, as the case may be.

Lieutenant slowly lowers his weapon and sighs. "Easy prey, that is a first." he comments more to himself. The lack of knowledge of these Crystalline monsters might be why they were easy targets. Still, Cybertronians were known to put up a fight.

Jumpstart folds her wings, clasping the ends in front of her. Being Flashwing again for about thirty seconds was fun, but it's time to go back to being Jumpstart. So the beastformer steps back, letting her captain speak to the tribeless and figure out where the fighters go from here.

Vortex makes a high-pitched squeal, jumping in surprise at the sizzle. Heat doesn't feel as good as the bite of a blade or the crunch of metal and that was quite a sensitive spot. His rotors spin a bit faster, almost in agitation. He turns to Air Raid, facemask pulling back so he could stick his tongue out at the mech, before his attention is pulled back to the beastformers. After a moment, he lowers his blaster just slightly mask snapping back over his face. They were talking about the monsters. Crystalline, whatever... Primus, he just wanted see one and he'd be happy.

Oh is that rude. That's just how they say hello: threatening. "Hey! Guys!" Rodimus is Very Official and Formal captain. "Stop it with the pointing weapons." He mimes a pow-pow of fingerguns in the direction of Air Raid and Vortex. Why he picks them in particular is a mystery. He turns his hands up, then, open and friendly. "Okay. Let's go save some -- what did you call them?" He pauses. "Let's save some nerds."

Air Raid actually cracks a smile this time, however haughty, when Vortex sticks a /tongue/ at him. "Yep," he says in response to Rodimus' fingerguns, his arrow melting into the atmosphere as he slings his bow back.

Pipes recalls Elita One's entreaty for help and is happy that these two locals seem willing to help. He holsters his own weapons, not that they were pointing at anyone. "We usually don't have a problem finding trouble," he responds to Airazor's comment.

Ravage just shakes his head at the whole lot of you. Almost starting to think Soundwave is -lucky- being stuck on the ship.

Airazor finally comes to rest on the tussock, her wings drawing in to a neat fold at her back as the weapons are no longer pointed at Tigatron, or herself. She says, "Your ... 'nerds' ..." Rodimus fingerguns; Airazor air quotes. "... were seeking a ruin they believed exists somewhere in the jungle. They were turned aside by the Fur Walkers and asked us for help."

Tigatron says with a deep frown setting his concerned features, "But the Fur Walkers were watching them. Redjaw and Cheetor led a patrol after us that was attacked by the Crystalline, and their battle drew them right into our midst." He hesitates for a beat, and then admits, "There were too many of them."

Ravage tilts his head for a moment at the mention of ruins, then turns back to the rest of the crew. "It would not be presumtious to consider that said 'ruins' are connected to this colony's Titan." Why else would archeologists be interested in it? "It would seem this 'rescue' mission drifts closer and closer to our own as well."

Air Raid perks somewhat. "He's got a point. Maybe we're not wasting our time after all," he adds bluntly.

"Not my nerds," Rodimus clarifies, because he has plenty of nerds that are very important to him, "but still nerds we're gonna help." Less interested in the ruins and more interested in the Crystalline whatsits, he says, "We'll take care of--" Then he breaks off to look back at Air Raid. "We're not wasting our time! They need our help! You heard Elita!"

Air Raid bites his lip, cringing. Then he sulks a little, wings drooping.

Oh no. Drooping. As much as he inflicts it on others, Rodimus is a little weak. He sends a follow-up smile: "Besides, it'll be fun, right?" Then he finishes his abandoned sentence, a little belated. What was he saying? "--it?" He doesn't even know.

Vortex tuts a bit with a small shake of his helm, looking at Air Raid as Rodimus calls him out. "It's okay, Raider. I know what you meant. Don't look so down, we're gonna go out and punch monsters." He leans in closer. "But you should definitly feel bad when I kill more Crystallines than you, okay? Okay." He shutters his visor in a wink before looking back up at where all the conversation was really happening. "Are we going or what, already?" They're just standing around rusting at this point.

Green eyes amused, Airazor says: "Very well. We will try to show you where we lost them. Tigatron, time to backtrack." She transforms, flipping into her bird form as she sweeps aloft. "Keep alert, Cybertronians. They are many, and they are hunting."

Tigatron's shoulders slump just a little as he turns to follow her, shifting back to his beastmode. Muscles bunching as he prepares to leap, he faces the forest. "Let them keep up, Airazor. Not everyone can fly."

Airazor's answer is a caw of a laugh as she wings for the foliage.

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