2016-04-17 Two Cons and a Captain

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-04-17 Two Cons and a Captain
Date 2016/04/17
Location Lost Light Recreation- Practice Rooms
Participants Rodimus, Fulcrum, Vortex
Summary With some energy to burn and time to waste, Rodimus steps up his 'Con befriending game with a friendly spar.

The promise of adventure!! -- or, rather, a very serious rescue operation, definitely not an adventure, lives are at risk -- in the air and an enforced wait in place as the surveillance portion of the nav team does their surveying, Rodimus has energy to burn, and no good outlet with his favorite sparring partner trapped in medical.

Time to improvise. Rodimus heads for the practice rooms and, spotting the first available person who doesn't look like they are doing anything else in the hall, drops his hand on their shoulder to say, "How do you feel about refereeing a match?" He has spoken to Fulcrum before, sort of -- a few words, here and there, although he's mostly spoken with Krok when the Scavengers joined. They have barely spoken since, and certainly not in any way that justifies his easy, cheerful familiarity. Then he drops a comm in Vortex's direction: How do you feel about a sparring match, if you promise not to bite?

Fulcrum squirms startled under a sudden hand on his shoulder, his meditation on the wall in front of him deeply disturbed. It's a momentary squirm. He doesn't recover himself so much as tie down his fear of garrulous, presumably powerful Autobots and present a bold smile and a bolder chin. "Refereeing a match? I've been deciding victors for centuries. Fights, darts, footraces."

The comm hadn't even finished before Vortex was off. He's down the halls faster than a petro-rabbit, sliding underneath the big bots and vaulting over the small ones. All while leaving a trail of sparks for his rotors hitting the floor or ceiling. He springs into the practice room, arms held high above his head. "WOOO- Let's do this!!" He shouts... And then falls silent as he notices he's the first to make it to the practice room... Huh... "... Let's do some stretches- woo!" Nothing could dampen his spirits right now. Well, if this was just a ploy and no one showed up, he'd feel eviscerated. Or feel the need to eviscerate... Eh, what's the difference. Bounding over to the other side of the room, he begins stretching, armor loosening and beginning to gape more for flexibility. Now he just needed the Captain to show up...

"Perfect! Just what I was looking for, Flexor." Begins with F, right? Rodimus claps Fulcrum on the shoulder and then steps in to find Vortex present and ... enthusiastic. "Vortex! Good." He pauses for half a second as if to consider whether or not this is a good idea, then charges forward regardless. "Thought this might be a good time for us to work things out a little better than last time, yeah? Ground rules: no biting and no weapons, which might mean you have to drop your blades." He holds his hand up where he cut it only recently on Vortex's rotor blades. "They get pretty sharp. Just you and me and a couple of rounds until one of us taps out -- or gets knocked out. No major damage. Still up for it?"

"It's Fulcrum," Fulcrum says with rapid false pride (semi-false), and steps in after Rodimus. He restates the rules with a mien of authority, watching Vortex as he does. "Right, right! A good clean fight, punching and kicking only, first one to tap out or violate the rules loses!"

Vortex perks, rotors spinning. He did arrive! He wouldn't have to gut someone after all. Well, probably. He's still holding out hope for Eukaris. He pouts beneath his mask however. "Awww, you're no fun... But fine." Hand to hand. Or, well... Hand to claw, hehe. He reaches back and takes out each individual blade- Brawl, Blast Off, Swindle, and Onslaught... Yeah, he named his blades after his teammates, shut up. He holds out the armful of sharp to Fulcrum. "Here to are, ref! And 'course I'm up to it. Are you, Cap? I've sparred with Onsy and Brawler, so be sure to give it your all, yeah?"

Rodimus throws a cocky grin in Vortex's direction as he stretches, loosening the tight cables and allowing the plates of his armor to shift and resettle. He shakes his hands and arms loose, quivering to the tips of his spoilers, and then bounces on his toes. "I spar with Ultra Magnus and Drift. I think I can handle that. Just a nice friendly match, right?" His smile is a little aggressive, but he glances to Flex-- Fulcrum with an appreciative nod. "And a referee to keep it that way. Thanks, Fulcrum." His smile is warm, touched with apology for his earlier misstep, but he doesn't linger on it. He shifts, moving into a waiting position with his weight balanced and his mass settled low in a slight crouch. He crooks his fingers. C'mon.

Fulcrum is clearly hesitant to scoop up an armfull of sharp, but after a blink's pause, he does scoop, as cautiously and softly as possible. Leave them blades lax. "Thank you, thank you," he brights to Vortex. "Well named, your armaments! You're the kind of fellow who deeply impresses me, everything stunningly labelled." He backs up, back close to the wall. "Begin when ready!"

"And you're the kinda fellow with an impressive chin. Comm me!" Vortex says right back. Every step has a nice litte bounce as he proceeds to stand across from Rodimus. He rolls his shoulders, looking the Captain over. Expert eyes spot the weak points, the areas to go for first. Knees and elbows, obviously. Non-lethal so no neck but yes torso. Spoiler seems awfully sensitive and he really wants to touch it. Finally Vortex settles in a crouch, every strut tightening... And then he springs right for Rodimus, going in for a tackle from the mid-section.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Rodimus=unarmed Vs Vortex=unarmed < Rodimus: Good Success (5 6 7 6 2 1 5 7 3) Vortex: Good Success (8 8 8 6 2 5) < Net Result: Vortex wins - Marginal Victory

Rodimus's laugh becomes a startled huff as the slam of Vortex's tackle interrupts him and causes his vents to clear. He's forced back a step, and then another as he shifts his weight and braces to bring his arms underneath Vortex's to throw him back. "You're quick," he says as he moves to throw Vortex off. "I'll give you that much!"

With his arms full, Fulcrum is unable to massage his chin. He does stick it out a bit. "Nice work, throwing the Autobot off his guard," he barks to Vortex; it's almost like a cheer on, but he follows it up quickly with, "Amazing recovery from Rodimus!" wanna keep everyone happy.

Pft, this Autobot was a light-wight. It was like throwing down with Swindle! "And you can't deny how well I fit around you!" Vortex laughs, letting his grip loosen so he could be pushed off. But he bounces back, planting one foot and bringing the other around for a kick. This was a move he used to smash one of Swindle's eyes in, hehe... Good times.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Rodimus=unarmed Vs Vortex=unarmed < Rodimus: Good Success (4 4 3 4 8 1 7 6 1) Vortex: Good Success (7 4 2 8 5 8) < Net Result: Vortex wins - Marginal Victory

Rodimus casts a glance at Fulcrum, humor reflected in the shift of light: "Amazing commentary from Fulcrum!" he calls back. The laugh lingers in his voice as he answers Vortex. "No, I think I'm gonna keep denying that!" He brings his arms up in a crossed guard that keeps Vortex from smashing anyone's eyes in, but peels layers of paint, even metal from the side of his arm, and sets him back another round into pure defense. "You don't let up, do you?"

"I've been providing commentary since I could talk," Fulcrum says with great pride, and readjusts his arms so more of the sharp edges lay flat. Sweetly flat. "Good Decepticon hustle! Dogged to a heroic fault. Watch that Autobot, er, defense." He squints at the peeled paint and metal. "How long can Rodimus keep it up? Will he need new arms after this? Thrilling!"

Vortex get back into his crouch. Rodimus is bigger than him and maybe physically strong. He has to rely on his own speed and momentum to make every strike count. And he'd have to be unrelenting for a while. He snorts at Fulcrum's commentary. Decepticon hustle, heh... "Never do, Cap!" He uncoils like a cobra striking, a fist swinging for maximum impact.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Rodimus=unarmed Vs Vortex=unarmed < Rodimus: Good Success (7 4 7 3 8 6 5 1 5) Vortex: Good Success (6 7 5 4 8 6) < Net Result: Rodimus wins - Marginal Victory

"New arms? Over a little scratch like that? Taken worse from paperwork." This is probably literally true. Rodimus undoubtedly lets paperwork build until it forms an avalanche that can cause real physical damage.

Rodimus may be bigger than Vortex, but surely not by that much -- he's not all that big. His ego may be, but his frame is not. He's no more than average, but he has a solid strength. When Vortex comes lashing out for him, Rodimus is already in movement to do the same; he twists into Vortex's strike, taking it in a grazing blow, and brings his knee up -- pointy bits and all -- to hit Vortex dead-center. "Good. Me either!"

"Lost Light paper is made of flattened steel, confirmed here!" Fulcrum riffs as the battle continues, "Oh! Vortex strikes at jet speed, we're all in envy." Beat. "But Rodimus shows a Decepticon-like piece of twistery and, boom, solid hit."

Hmmm... Perhaps Rodimus is faster than he had first thought. Vortex grunts, optics shuttering as the pointy knee nails him. Hnngh... He does a little aerial move from the blow but when he lands, he rolls with it and pops back up. He's bleeding but seems, mostly, unaffected. If anything, he's bouncing more than before. "That's what I'm talking about, Cap!" Then he runs at Rodimus again, perhaps a little fool-hardy, springing up in the air with his pede snaking out for another high kick.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Rodimus=unarmed Vs Vortex=unarmed < Rodimus: Good Success (1 3 6 7 6 2 8 3 2) Vortex: Success (5 3 4 1 5 7) < Net Result: Rodimus wins - Marginal Victory

"Steel and dur--" Rodimus breaks off as Vortex recovers and launches again in another attack, moving faster than he anticipated and seemingly only energized by the blows he's taken. This time Rodimus manages to catch Vortex's foot as it curves through its arc and pivots through the blow, throwing Vortex dangerously close to Fulcrum in a toss. "Oops! Sorry about that!" he calls at Fulcrum in evident sincerity. It is just possible that has more to do with Fulcrum saying 'Decepticon-like' than actual random chance, however.

Fulcrum sidesteps with unbalanced speed, which is to say more unbalanced than speed. A couple of blades teeter dangerously close to falling from his arms. He's too busy righting himself with worried grumbles to call anyone names this time, at least (his quick glances at both parties weigh their current positions and, er, moods - can he run?).

Vortex yelps as his foot is grabbed and he's suddenly going the wrong direction. He spins through the air with a skeptical expression on his face before smacking into the ground. Hmm, alright... Time to unleash the claws. "Whew, you sure do know how to throw down, Cap!" He grunts as he picks himself up, strutting back over so he's across from Rodimus once more. Alright, let's see... There, an opening. "Alright, here we go." He springs at Rodimus once more, this time aiming to overshoot and go over the other mech. Vortex wants to claw himself a spoiler.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Rodimus=unarmed Vs Vortex=unarmed < Rodimus: Good Success (6 3 4 7 2 1 7 1 8) Vortex: Good Success (8 5 1 8 3 8) < Net Result: DRAW

"You good?" Rodimus glances at Fulcrum, a flicker of apology in the pull of his lip, but he doesn't have time to get it into words. He splits his attention only long enough to make sure that Fulcrum's not slicing up his arms with the blades before Vortex demands his full attention. He moves back, preventing Vortex from overshooting and getting behind him, with a quick pivot to catch his clawed hands in a strong grip and force him back. Neither of them able to get any leverage over the other, he breaks with the sweep of his leg, trying to catch and tangle Vortex's feet while he makes room.

Fulcrum shiver-shifts one last time. The blades settle. Nothing's actually nicked him, which allows him to flash a smooth, easy smile at Rodimus's flicker of concern -- concern reassuring enough that his commentary revives. Patter, patter, patter. "And we have a lock between two giants! Who will gain the upper hand, who!"

See? This is why he doesn't like a 'good clean fight'. Or a 'don't bite or do anything lethal'. And especially why he doesn't like not using his blades. They made this sort of things so much easier. And arguably more fun. Vortex can't help but giggle a little. "Hehe, you're holding my hands." He tells him before landing back on the ground. No wait, scratch that. The sweep catches on of his feet and Vortex lands hard on his back. Oof... He starts to push himself up with a grunt, watching Rodimus carefully... And then he lunges for a knee. Vortex is a scrappy hand-to-hand fighter.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Rodimus=unarmed Vs Vortex=unarmed < Rodimus: Success (4 1 8 3 6 3 5 6 5) Vortex: Success (2 5 7 1 3 3) < Net Result: DRAW

"Giants, huh?" Rodimus preens. He likes being called a giant. When Vortex lunges, he's nearly caught off-balance, and only just manages to get out of the way with a dodge to the side and a hop to bring his leg up and over Vortex. He hops, a little awkward, then squares himself. "Vortex, hear that? Clash of giants."

Fulcrum seems touched, a little wibble near that marvelous chin. "I am awed to be in your presence. And do I detect tenderness between you? I think I do."

Vortex's vents huff as he missed. Dang it! He picks himself up, hopping from pede to pede. "Huh? What? Giants? Us?" His visor shutters and he bursts into laughter. "If you wanna hear a Clash of the giants, you should stop by Whirl and Blasty's room one night- hah!" There's a pause and his shoulders droop a little. "It was an accident, I can't unhear it. I just wanted to ask Blasty about an old mission..." He whispers to no one... Then he raises his little fists like Brawl would. "Alright, your turn to come at me. I gotta save all the being thrown around for Eukaris." Gonna squish and slaughter so many things. So many.

Watching Vortex's shoulders drop, Rodimus bursts into an entirely unsympathetic cackle: "Oh, wow. No, I think I'll not do that." He watches as Vortex lifts his fists and grins, rolling his shoulders and starting to move in only to stop with a dropped shoulder-stall and a tilt of his head. His face falls. "Oh, scrap. One second." He moves back, hand up in a gesture for patience, trusting Vortex not to attack -- or maybe Fulcrum to referee if he tries.

Into his comm, Rodimus says, "Yeah. Got it. I'll be there." Fighting tension flows from his posture as he squares into command mod with a vented sigh. "Playtime's over. Might get your chance at Eukaris sooner than you think, Vortex! Thanks for going a few rounds with me, though." He steps forward, the hand he'd held up to stop the match now offered in friendship. "And Fulcrum--" He got the name right! He will never get it wrong again! (Maybe.) "--I appreciate your time. And commentary."

Fulcrum is all intrigue. "Really? I'll have to stop by." Maybe. From a long, long distance. And as Rodimus asks for a second, Fulcrum barks, "Time out! --Too bad. I was very invested. I hope to watch the both of you again." He careful-foots over to Vortex, lifting up that armful of knives. "If you please." To Rodimus, aside, "Anytime. My pleasure." And as soon as he's divested of sharp things, he's idling out of here, quiet.

Vortex makes a very Blast-Off like 'harumph!' as Rodimus laughs. Tch, maybe he'd record it and play it for Rodimus some times, make him suffer like he was! He's ready for one more go when- He hisses, bouncing to try and shake all this anxious energy. It was stupid agreeing to a fair fight. So stupid. But he perks as Rodimus holds out his... Hand... Vortex's visor widens and he jumps at it, shaking it happily. "Yeah, anytime, Cap! Does this mean you're not still mad about that thing? We should hang out more, you know! We can play games and drink and tell stories about some of our sick moves- you can't tell me you haven't got some great war stories." Vortex titters excitedly, taking all his blades in one arm. Were they cutting him? A little. But worth it to keep up this handshake.

Rodimus casts a last, amused glance at Fulcrum, then returns his attention to Vortex. He looks a little taken aback by the enthusiasm, and a touch wary, for all the warmth of their recent exchanges. An enthusiastic Vortex is a dangerous Vortex. Everyone knows that. "I wasn't mad. Not really. And you're probably right -- it might do some good for everyone to see us having a few drinks together in Swerve's once this rescue op is over." He presses, adding a competitive pressure the clasp off their hand -- friendly competition, but definite competition -- as he leans forward to say, "We'll see who has the better war stories, huh?"

Vortex grins under his mask, gripping Rodimus's hand tightly back. "I dare ya to even try and out war-story me." He releases Rodimus's servo and gets to putting his rotors back into place. "See you on Eukaris and when we get back, you and me are totally getting drinks. We'll get crazy, ehhh?" He offers with a chuckle.

"Sounds awesome." With that, Rodimus turns to jog off, activating his comm again to a nagging reminder: "Yeah, I'm on my way! Down on the rec deck, gimme a few," he whines off into the night. Adventure awaits them all.

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