2016-04-14 A Promise Kept

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-04-14 A Promise Kept
Date 2016/04/14
Location Lieutenant and Penchant's Habsuite
Participants Torque, Lieutenant
Summary Lieutenant made a promise to Torque; he didn't think he'd need to uphold it so soon though.

Lieutenant sighs, regretting his choice to fight- sparr with Vortex. Most injuries he would have left untouched to scar, but his foot, his seismic sense, is not something he can afford to lose. It is part of the reason he is still alive.

<<Torque, Lieutenant here...>> he starts out before falling silent for a few moments. The avian doesn't really want her in the room, or near, but he gave her his word. <<You... You said if I think something is not right, to comm you.>> another moment of silence. <<I... I have an injury I cannot ignore. It- It is not large, but I think it is not right. I am in my hab, right next to Blast Off and Whirl's.>>

It's lucky for Lieutenant that Torque is in her room right now, so she doesn't have too far to go when summoned. She's actually in the middle of one of her little projects when he calls, perking up from the bit of scrap metal she's folding and answering. <<Hey there Lieu. ....Of course, I'll be there in a sec.>>

It isn't long before the avian hears a knock at his door, Torque standing there to greet him with a warm smile when it opens, though it drops the instant she sees him. With medical kit in hand she enters, smile betrayed by a worried frown as she steps towards him. "How in the hell did you end up all beat up?" She expected damage, but not that much! And certainly not that foot.

Lieutenant gets the door for Torque, and shuts it behind her when she it in. He glances over his new injuries when the medic's expression changes. He had gougings over his wings, left forearm, the top of the left foot, behind his left knee, and a single scratch down his chassis. His other foot had injuries over the bottom of it, which is what he was more concerned about but were not visible to the tow truck, yet. Quietly, the avian shuffles over to sit on his berth. "I was sparring to see what I needed practice it." By the looks of it, he needs a /lot/.

"This.. doesn't exactly look like sparring. You look like you went a round in the field with Ravage." Torque chides with a mildly frustrated sigh and opens her kit. "You mind telling me who did this to you..?" A slight glance to him while laying out her things tells she very well reprimand whoever beat him up.

But even if he doesn't tell her she still has a job to do. "Here, just relax and I'll get those gouges sealed up.." At the bedside now, she leans in to try and start patching up his forearm, unaware he only wants one thing fixed.

Lieutenant shakes his head. "I would rather not, but it was not their fault I ended up this way." He watches her, completely tense against the berth. So long as he does not cause her any more frustration than she may already have with him, she would leave quickly. Unfortunately he did not mention where specifically he needed medical attention. The mech is too fearful to speak up to her, so he let's her continue. "...My apologies."

Torque can sense the tension. Hell, she can feel it as she works, little sparks flashing with each small zap of her soldering tool. His apology has her stop a moment, however, and blink up at him, eventually melting into a kindhearted smirk. "Ah, no need to be sorry.." She has a seat beside him and continues, leaning over to fix his chest next after smoothing out the patch on his arm.

"I just worry too much about folks. It's kinda my biggest flaw, I guess..." Optics upon her work turn soft, if a little somber, and she adds. "Got me into more trouble than anything, honestly. Can't really change that now, though. ..Anyway, how'd you end up on this ship?" She glances up, smiling to try and lift the mood. "I swear, more people end up here on accident than by choice, is seems."

Lieutenant manages not to flinch at the sight of the sparks, although he did wish to pull away from her. Torque was trying to help, and he had called her over (even if it was only because he had given her his word). So he tries to keep as a model patient. To his credit, he thinks he's doing a pretty good job so far. At least he's not twitching or jerking like he does when someone touches him.

"There is no harm in worrying over others, so long as you can trust them to know their limits." Hint hint. The avian rubs at his audio fin as he considers Torque's question for a moment, "I came on purpose. I have grown used to living amoung the stars, visiting planets, and learning of other cultures." And hiding from Prowl's possible ire. "What about you? Did you have a purpose for coming or did Rodimus' speech ring you in?"

Torque is surprised how well he's behaving, given the last time she tried to help him. And yes, she gets the hint, to which she replies with a look that says 'yeah yeah, I get it'. His story gets an understanding nod, but when Lieu suggests her reasons she actually flashes him a grin. "I sorta just bumped into the Lost Light, believe it or not. The Good Intentions, my hospital ship with a few friends, needed a supply refill and they just happened to be within comm range. One thing led to another and I signed up."

After making sure the scratch on his chest is to her liking, she then moves to his feet, patting her lap to signal him to rest them there for easier access. "It's been an adventure so far, I'll say that. I don't regret coming aboard one bit."

"Ah, I did not know that." Lieutenant doesn't usually like to admit he doesn't know something, but he had thought Torque had been with them from the start. He sits there, glancing at the floor. "I should tell you, before you move on, I have something that is called a seismic sense. In short, this 'ability' makes me almost over sensitive to touch thanks to the mass amount of nerves in my frame. The main source of this comes from these pads on the bottom of my peds." As Vortex put it, they were his sweet spot. "So do forgive me ahead of time if I suddenly twitch or kick you when you touch them."

Torque is just about to touch tool to foot when Lieu says that, making her hold off a beat and look to him as a cheeky little smile starts to crawl across her face. "..So you're sayin' that's where you're ticklish? Heh, no worries, I'll try and be careful. Not the first time I've fixed a sensitive mech." Seriously, she's probably even invented some new hold moves to keep patients still.

She rests a hand on his lower leg to steady him before, as carefully as she can, she takes her tool to his foot. The top is where she'll begin, figuring it to be a bit less sensitive, but eventually she starts to zap the little undersides of his feet, sealing the leaks. "I've dealt with worse, really. The other day Vortex nicked my hand with a rotor cause he got excited. Heh, odd mech, but at least he was sorry."

Lieutenant narrows his optics indignantly at her before looking away, "I am not... /that/ sensitive." There were few words the avian would never let leave his lips: curse words, and childish ones such as /tickle/ or /fuzzy/. Weird, but that was just him. He bites his tongue as she works to fix them, twitching and almost yanking his foot away when she touches the underside.

"Y-Yeah... oddity." Vortex really does like pain, whenever he can get it, huh? Speculation, he may talk with his about it some other time.

Torque just stifles a snicker at that. "Sure, sure. ..Even if you were, you're going a really good job." Even though she has to hold him a little tighter to keep him from pulling from her grasp. "I won't take long, though. Try not to drag it out." Since she's knows it's uncomfortable.

Thankfully his foot isn't beyond her medical prowess, so it actually doesn't take her terribly long. With one last little zap she relinquishes his feet back to him and smiles bright. "Excellent! Now I need to do your wings. But first.." She holds up a finger in a 'one moment' gesture and digs through her kit before pulling out a small container. "I don't usually give these until after I'm done, but I figure you've earned it for not knocking me in the face." Torque chuckles and opens the top of the container and pulls out what appears to be crystallized energon on the end of a stick. In the shape of a star. With a little wiggle to entice him, the medic holds it out. "Want one?"

He puts his feet down quickly with a sigh of relief. "I may fear you but I do not intend to harm you." Lieutenant replies, knowing Torque would not do the same to him. Still, the fear does linger heavily. He will feel much better when they're not so close to each other.

The avian's fins slowly slide to a more erect position at the sight of the treats. He averts his optics from the container, but takes one... two of the star-shaped sweets. If he's daring enough to take a sip of a slushie, he's bold enough to take more than just one. It's for coping.

Torque 's own antennas perk in amusement at the sight of him daring to take two of the treats. Oho, a candy fan. Well then.. "Here, just take it." The container is set next to him on the birth and she smirks, moving to take a wing gently in hand while he enjoys. "Consider it a thank you for trusting me enough to help you out." That said, should he be less inclined to fidget, she goes on to patch up what's left. She never figured she'd get this far with him, so it's a major step, in her opinion.

Candy addict; considering he only gets sweet drinks from Swerve's it's not difficult to see. Lieutenant is surprised when Torque offers the entire container. He glances at it then, her before ever-so slowly -and not as subtly as he thinks- slides it closer to himself before tossing it safely in his sub space. "Thank you," he replies, "and about the other day, when you allowed me to go, it meant a lot to me. Thank you again for that." The avian hands her back one of the treats still in hand. "...for.. for being a medic I can trust."

Torque figured he'd go for it. A secretive little smile is given when she sees that, just about finishing up. But before she can put on the last touches she's presented with on of her own candies. She'll admit she feels momentarily disarmed at the gesture, not figuring him to do or say that.

But in a way she's grateful for it, even if it doesn't seem like much. It's actually quite a big step! So, with her expression softening into something far kinder, the medic gladly accepts the sweet and sticks it in her mouth, antennae twitching a little in delight. "Anytime, Lieutenant. I'm always here to help." And she means that, sincerity clear in her voice.

Speaking of help, though, Torque gives his wings just a few more touches before she's finished, to which she beams and sets her tool back into the kit. "And there we are, all done. How do your feet feel?" Hopefully good enough for his sensors to work again.

Lieutenant feels a bit relieved that she accepted the sweet. He sticks his own in his mouth, and knocks his visor over his optics. His spark was racing when he went to give it to her, not sure how she would've responded. Thankfully, it was positive.

The avian's wings twitch slightly as she finishes up with them. Can't be helped, it's just reaction. As for his feet, Lieutenant stamps on on the floor before nodding. "They seem to be in order. Thank you for your time, Torque."

Oh, the visor actually goes down! That's actually.. kinda cute, ha. Torque nods when he confirms his feet feel alright and packs up, closing medkit and standing to turn to him. "Ah, you know I've always got yah, Lieu. Just be careful with that sparring next time, heh." She turns to leave, but a thought suddenly sparking in her mind has her pause and pivot back towards him. "Ah, you know.." She begins, clearing vocals and smiling sheepishly while rubbing her neck. "Maybe you'll want to, maybe you won't, but I figured I'd offer. ..If you ever wanna learn some hand to hand moves I'd be more than happy to show you sometime." A good natured grin flashes. "And don't worry, I wouldn't beat you up or anything, just go through the motions." Unless he wouldn't mind a little contact, but of course she'd really reel back her strength.

"Anyway, it was nice seeing you again. I'd best be off, though, since my shift is soon. I'll catch yah later, Lieu!" Giving him a little salute with two fingers, Torque smiles wide and heads on out the door.

Lieutenant nods as he can feel her leaving (since his visor covers his optics), but lifts it curiously when she comes back to him. "I would like that." he replies with a short nod. The avian may not show it, but he shares her rather happy emotion. He gives a salute in return and watches her go.

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