2016-04-09 Live Subject

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-04-09 Live Subject
Date 2016/04/09
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical
Participants Brainstorm, Vortex
Summary An innocent door gets wrecked as two enthusiastic mechs meet.

To one side, medical: often one of the quieter areas of the ship, Ratchet runs it with an iron, if somewhat rusted, hand. When a crisis breaks out, it transforms from silence to a hub of activity, carefully overseen and controlled.

To the other side, science: things explode with distressing regularity behind those triply-reinforced walls. Warning signs are posted prominently, and triply so around Brainstorm's Workshop.

It's not unusual for Brainstorm to be responsible for any loud, annoying noises that occur on the science deck. Usually, however, they emanate from his workshop. Not today, or at least, not at the present moment. Brainstorm isn't even in his workshop yet. He's still at the far end of the hall, near the elevator, pushing along a cart, stacked with a variety of bins, cans, and boxes -- recently acquired supplies from the latest stop. The cart itself is the source of the noise -- a high-pitched squeak from one of the wheels. The engineer is ignoring it, along with everything else around him, his optics on a datapad balanced on the handle and kept in place with the thumb of one hand. It's not like he doesn't know where he's going. He's been down this way hundreds of times -- he could find his door with his optics off!

Vortex has gotten himself into many situations that... were less than ideal. One time, Brawl shared something personal but he also said something ridiculously funny at the same time. Posed with the two options to pat his brother and support him or laugh, Vortex obviously busted a seam. Brawl did not take this well. Then there was that time he locked himself into the weapons bin. The time he tried to reach into Swindle's little dimension. Oh, and that time he felt like he /had/ to touch Soundwave's buttons. All of them. Case and point, Vortex always found himself at the mercy of his own curiosity and impulse. But this... This might be a whole new kind of low.

Maybe it was the burn out of reading ten datapads in one night. Or maybe he should have had that drink because the lack of energon short-circuited his processor. Whatever happened, he was now stuck. Vortex, after sitting and reading for many hours, decided to venture out to learn more things. Somehow, he found himself in the science wing after bouncing around a bit. It seemed most of the doors were locked- but he could just tell that, behind them, was something interesting. So, he tried hacking one. Several times. It didn't work. But, not one to be deterred, he pulled out two rotors and, quick as a whip, cut the door out. Which /seemed/ like a good idea at the time, until the door fell towards him and not away. Now he's supporting the cut out door and also trying to re-think exactly how he was going to get it back in place. But the worst part is that he can't even see inside because of this STUPID SLAB! Wait, nix that, he can hear someone coming. He looks around before going completely stiff and offlining his visor. They won't notice if he doesn't move. And as soon as they were gone, he'd weld this door back into place. The perfect crime.

At first, it looks like Vortex's plan might just work. Whatever it is Brainstorm's reading, it seems to be quite interesting, since he doesn't even notice the fact that there's a Decepticon holding up a falling door down the hall. It's not until he's practically uppon the would-be snoop does he finally look up, and only because one of the smaller boxes, previously perched on the edge of the cart, decided to try and make its own way, with a little help from gravity. Sliding the pad on top of the remaining boxes, the inventor turns to pick up the runaway and... "You know, most people try the access panel. Though I guess not on this deck. At least it's not mine this time."

There's a tense moment of silence. "Tried that. It was locked... These doors feel a lot heavier than other doors." Vortex reboots his visor, looking over. Oh, we-e-ell... What do we have here? Look at all that kibble... "... ... Which one's yours then?"

"That's to keep people from trying to get through them when they're locked" Brainstorm explains helpfully, setting the fallen box back on top of the cart. He makes no move to help the Con, but he's not running to call security just yet either. Leaning against the parked cart he simply watches him with a slightly amused look as he nods a bit further down the hall, towards his own door "Mine's the one that I've personally reinforced and reprogrammed after the last couple smart guys decided to try anyways."

ell, clearly these doors couldn't keep him out! Autobots zero, Vortex one. His head is slowly starting lean as gravity continues to push at the door, angling his helm so he couldn't turn it even if he wanted too. Good thing he wanted to look at this guy. "Sounds fancy, bet I could find a way in though. Not a thing I found that I can't cut through." Yet. "So, uh..." Hmmm... Pretty sure this door is getting heavier and heavier. "What do ya call yourself? I'm Vortex, pleasure to-" Turns out that reaching out to shake a servo was a bad idea. Buckling forward a bit, he quickly shifts his legs to keep the slab aloft. He would throw it aside but Brawl was the one with the massive dead-lift upper arm strength. "Erm, great to meet ya... Say, you look a smart- quitepossiblystrong- kinda mech. Think you could... You know."

"Brainstorm, weapons engineer, and ship's genius" the inventor introduces himself, accepting the offered handshake even as the door threatens to crush the other guy "Combaticon, right? Swindle told me about you" there's an amused gleam in his optics as he recals the merchant's pink motor oil story "You sure you need help? I mean, it sounds like you intended for this to happen, since you cut through the door and all. Still don't suggest trying it with mine, by the way." still, he doesn't make a move to try and help Tex throw the door off though, while he does move away again and step towards his own lab, he doesn't go for the cart's handle again.

Vortex makes a little finger fun at Brainstorm when the handshake is released. "You know it. Hehe, guess my brothers tell lots of stories about me." Maybe he should ask them about those stories... "Well, if you really would like to know, I thought the door would fall into the room and not, ngh... On me." Being weighted down like this was not a turn on. "What's so different about your door then? Looks a lot like this one." Pretty sure he could get in. There's a loud wheeze of his vents as he folds over a little more, widening his stance.

"It's composed out of a completely different alloy than the rest of these" Brainstorm waves his hand at the rest of the doors even as he steps towards his own. The cart remains parked where he'd left it "It's several times stronger, a lot heavier, gun, blade, laser, explosion, and corrosive resistant" he's not looking at Vortex anymore, rather, punching at the access panel next to the door itself "And rigged to electrocute anyone who tries to force it" with that, he disappears inside the doorway, but only for a short bit. When he comes out, he's holding a flat disk, the edge of it covered in a series of lights, and remote control, judging from the smaller size and buttons "I should probably calls security or something to deal with you, but I've been meaning to try this out with a live subject anyways."

Ooo... All very interesting. He felt like Brainstorm was issuing a challenge. A personal challenge. Vortex makes a small noise. "... Electrocute?" Primus, that sounded nice. He should try that at least once. Or twice. He would settle for multiple times. "... You still there?" With his helm forcibly facing the cart, he could not tell if Brainstorm had left him there or not. He heard a door open but... Hmmm... With his still outstretched servo, he makes a few swipes at the cart. Maybe he could pull it close and let it take the brunt of- oh, Brainstorm was back. The smallest shiver ran across his strained spinal strut. "Test? What'cha testin' there?"

Brainstorm's optics glow cheerfully as he approaches the trapped 'Con "It's a magnetic stickpeller. Ideally, on this setting" he holds up the disk, showing some of the lights along the edge, as if that's supposed to mean something to Vortex "it'll repel you and the door. It can also make things stick to you though! And I mean really stick. Here, hold it and put it under the door" he holds the gadget out towards Vortex's free hand.

"Ooooo- I like the lights. Those are a nice touch." Vortex murmurs as he looks at the disc as it slides across his view. "Alright, holding it..." He grabs it with his free hand. "But I'm pretty sure my knees'll give if I try moving... Maybe you can get on in here and put it between me and this slab. Also, 'stick-peller' isn't a very good word. Stickipeller, better flow I think." Four syllables, rolls right off the tongue.

"Stickipeller" Brainstorm repeats thoughtfully "Yeah, I like that! Thanks!" maybe this guy's not so bad after all, door busting aside "Just hold it up to the door... no, maybe you're right. It might just repel the edge that way" cycling air through his vents, the engineer takes the gadget back and steps around the Combaticon to find a convenient spot to wedge it in. Vortex might feel a slight push as it sticks itself to his plating to avoid sliding off. Brainstorm himself steps back, placing his cart between himself and his experiment "Here goes!" click

Vortex practically beams. Onslaught never liked his names and never let him name a job or mission or new toy. Felt good to get some respect. "Oooo- it tickles!" The device feels a little weird attached to him but he's always up for some weird stuff... Hey wait, was Brainstorm hiding behind his cart. "So, is this gonna-" No sooner does Brainstorm say 'goes' then there's a loud SMACK followed by a very jarring THUD. The good news, the stickipeller works! But Vortex ended up smacking face first onto the ground. "Holy shit... Can we do that again?" He laughs, going to push himself up and... And... Well then... Turning his helm to look at the scientist, he gives him a thumbs up with one hand. "Well, it works! A little too well. I don't think I can get up."

Vortex's responses to the Stickipeller leaves Brainstorm grinning under his faceplate. Too many people react to his inventions with suspicion and distrust but this guy, he gets it. Good taste. Must be a Combaticon thing. Stepping out from behind his cart, he looks over the latest complication, careful not to stick any part of himself between the downed mech, and the door, presently plastered to the ceiling "Hmmmm. Hang on, I'll just lower the power. You might want to move quickly though" raising the remote again, Brainstorm slides his thumb over a small wheel. Pretty soon, Vortex will find it a bit easier to move, and a bit darker as the door begins to slowly sink down again.

"Quick? Now that, that I can do." Vortex glances up, feeling the pressure begin to release. Still not enough to quite move yet though. And the door was coming down. It was a kind of an exhilarating sense of danger. "So, some questions, if I roll and the stickipeller faces the floor, I'm going to go up and possibly smack into a now falling slab. Am I getting the concept of the repellent right?" Just trying to make sure how he should try and get out from under this thing.

"Yep" Brainstorm nods, his voice cheerful, as if he wasn't talking with someone at risk of turning in to a metal pancake "I could turn it off completely, but then you'd have to move really quickly" he steps back again a bit, to give him space to maneuver, really!

Vortex grins under his mask, shifting so his he had his hands braced on the floor and feet in position. "Let's test how quick one would have to be, yeah? Turn it off- bet be sure to tell me when ya do." Let's see and... That would be out of the slab's range. All he had to do was jump there in about half a second. Easy.

"Well, if you're sure" standing at a safe distance, Brainstorm raises the remote again. He'd hold up fingers, but between that remote, and his briefcase, he's kinda out of hands. A count down will have to do "!"

Vortex lunges forward, a waft of air blowing against his sensitive rotars as the door comes crashing back down. He stays crouched for a moment before leaping up, thrusting both arms up into the air. "Yes! YES! Did you SEE THAT?" He's bouncing, a sudden bundle of energy that couldn't be contained. He felt so good right now. "That was the most exciting thing I've done in so long!" He bounces on over to Brainstorm, giving his arm a punch. "That was awesome, right? I think you gotta work on the device no affecting who or what its attached to but whatever the device is facing. Or! You can make that a setting so you can fling someone away or fling something else away. And can you imagine being able to make this smaller and sticking it to an enemy and suddenly they're stuck to a wall or something?? It would be so easy to cut them up then! Also, the briefcase is weird but I dig it. Goes with your look. Ah! Let's test this out more. Come on, come on, hit me with your best damn shot, Genius!" He was doing that semi-yell some people do when they're excited. But that felt so good, no lie.

Brainstorm flinches slightly at the punch. Though he's gotten used to living with Decepticons, the war is just barely over. Still, the Combaticon's excitement is infectious. It's always nice to meet someone who appreciates his work, and recognizes his genius. His optics glow a cheerful yellow as he listens to the other mech "This is just a prototype. I'm still working things out with it. I'm stealing those ideas by the way" he waves a finger at the helicopter "I was already planning on including some of them, but I like the miniaturization one. I should make it shootable too, so you don't have to get up close to the enemy for it to work." he holds the remote in front of himself again, looking between it, and Vortex "You want me to activate it again?" he sounds surprised, but not really against the idea. A willing volunteer is always welcome!

Vortex laughs. "Take 'em! So long as I get to test 'em!" Not many took his ideas outside of interrogation. Which they should. He was filled with great ideas! And shooting them! That would be the best fight. Imagine Boff shooting guys and him running out and just slicing. A miracle. "Heck yeah! Let's test this thing to the max! What do you want to test with it? Or maybe we can do something else? Do you got something I could drink that would make my insides glow?" He would be very interested in that.

Yes, Brainstorm is definitely liking this guy "I do, but it will eat a hole in your fuel tank, best case scenario. But I'm stealing that idea too." he looks pretty excited too, though his expression does falter a bit when his gaze passes his cart again "Actually, I have some things I need to get done right now, but you should drop by again later if you want to test something for me. I might have the Stikipeller updated by then" speaking of which. Stepping around Vortex, the engineer reaches to detach the device from him.

"Mmm... That could be fun if there was a back up fuel tank ready to replace it..." Vortex says idly, actually considering the idea. "Whoa, yeah? Really?" Like, hang out and do stuff and not be bored? He could do that. Plus, look at all thos biolights. Bet they feel so good... "Oh, hey! Watch your servos!" He slows his rotars when he notices Brainstorm going for the device. They always spin when he gets a bit... Overzealous. "But hey, that sounds good- fun, even! And if you ever, like, need to test the effect of a gun or a sword or anything that can be swallowed. Comm me. Okay? And don't worry about this door! I got it handled!" As soon as he left the science wing, he was never going to think about that door again. "You have a good day doing your science, Genius. Hmmm... I'll think of a better nickname, don't worry." He's starting to backpedal to the elevator. He was too excited to go to his room. Oh! He'd find Blasty and tell him all about this magical adventure.

"Sweet! I'll call you when I have something then!" Brainstorm gives Vortex a friendly wave before setting the Stikipeller atop the cart, and moving back to the handle to get it inside his door "And 'Genius' works just fine" it is the truth after all!

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