2016-04-08 Informal Interview

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-04-08 Informal Interview
Date 2016/04/08
Location Tailgate's Office
Participants Tailgate, Vortex
Summary Vortex wants a new job and Tailgate's just the guy he needs.

The office is sparse, in the way of someone recently moved in. There is a large desk, orderly but full, and behind it a rolling chair to match. Facing the desk is a single chair for visitors. To one side of the office there is a vast wall made of a security terminal, controlling various security systems, camera feeds, records, and similar ilk. In terms of actual personal touches, there are not many yet.

Tailgate has taken his time in getting back to work; it's not because he doesn't want to, but because his nerves make sure that he does. He isn't the same person that took the role on-- not by miles. But he knows that it's still something he's proven he's good at. Even the others thought so. On a ship full of liars, his were the most innocent, even if it got him where he may never otherwise. Is that cheating? Maybe.

At the moment, Tailgate is at the security terminal, a datapad in one hand and the other diligently inputting something manually into the console. The cameras are live, and as Tailgate works on something he lifts his head periodically to skim the activities of bots here and there. It's a good day! A calm day.

Vortex had been contemplating approaching the head of Security. Maybe talking to them would let him avoid direct contact with those actually in charge. Finally, he was free to go and do exactly that! Nothing was going to stop this rotary! And with that thought, he bursts into Tailgate's office without so much as a knock but his arms are splayed for dramatic effect. "I want a job!" He declares, marching in and... Coming to a stop, squinting behind his visor as he loses all his previous momentum. "You're so much smaller up close..."

Maybe Tailgate's getting used to people bursting into his office, because he only startles a little bit when his door zips wide open. The minibot pivots on his chair to face the door, visor bright when he takes in the rotary mech and his outspread arms. Not the first one to come shouting this at him, either! He shouldn't be totally shocked, should he? Security's a good gig.

As Vortex loses momentum and gives him a squint, Tailgate seems to squint right back before sitting straight and squaring his broad little shoulders. "If that's what you think, then I'm definitely not getting out of this chair." Tailgate's voice carries an amused sound of a laugh with it, and he bobs one foot as if to make a point that his toes don't reach the floor. "Anyway, hello! Vortex, right?"

Vortex nods a little, still just starring... And then he shakes his head and walks the rest of the way to the desk. "No, no! I didn't mean anything by that- I got a brother who's a bit vertically challenged, you know? And I've been around the Cassettes! Just haven't gotten this close yet," he chirps at the minibot. Look at him, he's so /cute/. Could just eat him up... "But, yeah, yeah, Vortex. Probably know my brothers too! Blasty and Swin, ain't they just a pair, hehe..." He shifts and with a little hop, he's perched on the desk, leaning back casually onto an arm. "And I know your name too- Tailgate! Head of Security and owner of the finest pair of feet I've ever seen. Huge. I love it."

Those big baby blues don't help with the cuteness factor, for sure. Tailgate watches and listens, optics following Vortex as he fidgets about and then pops up onto the desk. "I definitely know them! They are! We're all a bunch of characters here, though, so they fit right in too..." Tailgate laughs, and then glances at his feet as they're mentioned. "Really? Finest? I've seen bigger. And Ambulon is, well-- anyway, nevermind that, what can I do for you?"

If you consider the body height to feet ratio, Tailgate's surely were fine. Vortex sits up, clapping his hands together. "Right! I've come here to off my service up. You see... I'm stuck in the completely wrong job." He tilts his helm in an amiable way, emphasizing how he's smiling under his mask. "I'm sure a great mech like you can help me."

Right. That's what the I want a Job was about. Tailgate watches as he explains. "You wouldn't be the first one to say you're stuck in the wrong place." Oddly enough, the last person to say that was... Whirl. Maybe he can figure out something similar here? "Prrrobably, but let's see--" Tailgate rolls his chair on over to the desk and closer to Vortex, bringing up his personnel file on the datapad in his hand. "Says you're in Combat section right now. What's wrong with that? Isn't that in your guys' name? Combaticons?" Also arguably the cushiest job around.

Vortex watches him wheel over, visor almost seeming to widen. He's so close now. And small. Possibly the most adorable thing ever. "Yeah, haha... It is in there, isn't it? Listen, I love fightin' as much as the next Combaticon- hell, we used to see who could tear a bot apart the fastest! There was this one time-" He cuts himself off, slowing his rotary that had started to spin at the memories. "Er- anyways... We Combaticons were great because we could do /everything/. We weren't just some warriors. Blast Off is in Navigation. Swindle is in Logistics... And I ain't a 'Combat' mech, that's Brawl. I'm not really Security either... But interrogation probably fits in there a lot better than in Combat, you know?" He beams down at the minibot. Even though his face is covered its obvious he's smiling.

Tailgate looks more disturbed than fascinated by the tease of a story and the movement of Tex's rotor. "Haven't met Brawl, but his name sounds about right. So your concentration was stuff like interrogation?" Tailgate does try not to think too hard on what this means when it comes to the war. Sides. Things he's probably done. "I see." The minibot runs a thumb over his datapad. "How are you with attention to detail, then?"

Vortex nods. Interrogation. Information extraction. Torture. All the same thing if you asked him. He pivots on his seat on the desk so he's facing Tailgate directly, leaning forward. It's almost predatory- anyone could see it like that- but also... laced with this genuine enthusiasm. And honestly, he just wants a closer look to peer in that massive visor. "Exquisite. You won't find anyone better at finding out what you want." Except maybe Soundwave but he was such a cheater at it, definitely not fair. No finesse. No fun...

Tailgate does give the leaning in a look of curiosity, but it's not the weirdest thing someone has done. Quirks, right? He does Vortex an unintentional favor by staring back up at him. "Oh?" The minibot makes a sound of consideration. "I don't know how you're used to doing things, but I'll say it for you now-- I can't condone risky or dangerous techniques without a pretty big reason. Knowing this, could you still say that?"

Vortex thinks over the idea of getting a bigger visor. You could just get lost in those things. He sits back up, putting his hands in his lap. He just wants to hold that head... "I hear you, I hear you. Look, I've been violence free for- mostly violence fr- I haven't initiated any instances that result in violence for a while. Orders. But trust me, I don't need 'risky' or 'dangerous' technique. All I gotta do is whip out my magnetic hook and let them see it. Suddenly that 'I'll tell ya nuthin', scum!' is 'Oh, well... Maybe I know something...' And I'll just tap-tap-tap the hook and ask, 'Maybe? I dunno if that'll cut it. Maybe sounds like a one-way ticket for a wild ride.' And suddenly they're spillin' their guts out! ... Figuratively..." Mostly figuratively.

"The thing is, if they say no the second time, there's not really anywhere else to go but further down." Tailgate is just a twee bit critical of the threatening techniques. If you use your threats too liberally, there's going to be the person who makes it go too far. "You'd need to learn where to draw new lines. This is just a ship, so whatever we do affects everyone. We want people to feel secure with us, not scared of us."

"And you can feel secure knowing that I can get information from anyone- vital security information." And, to be honest, Vortex was fairly certain there were quite a few bots who wouldn't say no. At least not twice. But he had otherwise of getting what he wanted. "Okay, you're questioning my ability to, hmmm... Restrain myself?" Like every moment of every day. Just earlier, this Autobot bumped into him rather hard and he didn't divorce the mech from his limbs. See? Restraint. "For exaaaaamplllle... I really want to hold you but I'm staying super- Oh hold on!" In an instant, he's off the desk and sitting in the chair meant for a guest to sit in. "Super professional. Drawing the line." He swipes the toe of a pede on the ground. Metaphorical lines. "And! I'm a team player. Ask my brothers!" How could anyone say 'no'?

"You really want to what?" Tailgate's visor lights with a brief flicker that spills at the edges of the tempered plate, motes of blue seeping out when he leans into his chair. It's not shocked, per se, just-- surprised. Not exactly offended. "I, er. Right. Okay. Yeah. Restraint. And I think I will talk to your brothers, come to think of it." Tailgate flusters just a bit more, setting his datapad down. "If you really want to try things with security, I can look into starting you on something like patrols or brig duty."

Vortex gasps, clamoring over to Tailgate once more. But this time he's on his knees so he's looking at the little guy at a more even level. "You mean it? This mean I'm outta Combat?" He looks brightly at Tailgate, red visor nearly as bright as his blue.

"I said I can look into it." Tailgate holds up a finger, gesturing for Vortex to slow down a little. "I'll ask your brothers for some reference here, because they know you best. For now you'll still be in Combat, but we're not fighting any battles right now so I guess you'll just... have to be bored until I get back to you. How's that sound?"

Vortex's optics almost twitch. But being bored was the absolute WORST THING. Maybe he could just spar... There was that one femme that wanted to fight! That could fill some time. "I guess... It's better than where I was..." And Tailgate really did seem like he meant to try and put him in Security. It's a definite start! "Actually, it sounds great! Hey, can I hug you- or maybe you me? Nevermind, going for it." And arms were around Tailgate. "Thank you!" His assumptions were right. This was a fun little mech to hold. He must try holding other minibots to see who was the most holdable.

Tailgate is still a bit taken off guard by the hug, even though Vortex warns him about it. He's small and easily encapsulated by the bigger bot's arms, laughing a small laugh in Tex's audials. Heh. "I'm almost always willing to see if someone works well-- I mean-- someone might be super good at something and not know it." Is given in some sort of explanation, despite not needing one.

Except that Vortex was super good at his thing and everyone knew it. The hug lasts a bit longer than it would for most- mostly because Tailgate wasn't telling him to get off but actually laughing! Imagine if he could just carry him around all the time... Well he could... And he'd be so easy to carry as just a head. The shutter of Vortex's visor is probably audible in the next room as he releases Tailgate, standing. He slows his rotary down once more. "Well, that's great. Universe could use more bots like you... It was good to meet ya, Tailgate. Don't be shy, yeah? If you need a favor or two on the hushhush, just comm me. I owe you one."

Tailgate loves hugs. Just don't try to steal him. He sits back in his seat again when Vortex lets him go. "Thanks. Nice to meet you too, Vortex. Glad to see you and your brothers have each other around again." Just missing a couple. "On the hushhush? Hah-- ah-- I'll keep that in mind."

Vortex shoots a finger gun at the mech. "We're buds now and I take care of my friends." The few he had. "You take care and hope to hear from you soon?" He's backing up to the door, looking at Tailgate for his answer first.

"I'll get back to you as soon as I can, yeah." Tailgate answers the fingergun with a short one of his own. What's with the guns? Ah well. "Don't get into too much trouble, huh?" He teases lightly before Tex takes off.

Vortex gives a salute as he turns to leave. "You got it! And you can call me 'Tex. Don't be informal now!" With a final wave at Tailgate, he leaves. Now what to do... He could go cut up a wall in the practice room. That, at least, could distract him... Actually, he'd go see Swindle! Make sure he puts in an extra good word for him.

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