2016-04-05 Repairing Copters

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Repairing Copters
Date 2016/04/05
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Torque, First Aid, Vortex, Whirl, Windrose
Summary Torque is stuck in helicopter hell repairing Whirl and Vortex until First Aid helps out. Windrose is interested in meteor bits leftover from the surfing race.

Primus, it's been busy! Mechs with scorching or meteor chunks stuck in their armor have been coming in since yesterday, the reason to which Torque can only assume is one person. Rodimus. But the medical staff has been more or less on top of it so far, so she isn't terribly upset. At least it gives her the chance to tune up some extra things on those crewmembers who tend to be a bit lax on checkups.

Right now, though, Torque is between patients and biding her time until the next shows up by cleaning some medical tools and wiping down a few of the benches. She's not a clean freak by any means, but a spotless medbay is a happy medbay!

And the next patient shows up right on time, busting through the medbay doors and sauntering in like he owns the place. "YO, FIRST AID!" Whirl hollers before he even gets a chance to see who's on duty. "I GOT A PROBLEM AND YOU NEED TO FIX IT-Oh!" He stops when he spots Torque... and then casually slinks over to where she is, casually draping himself over a berth. "Hello."

Fortunately, Windrose is -not- one of the ones with burns and meteor potmocks. No, the navigator strolls into the Medbay for entirely different reasons. "Hey, have you guys been keeping the meteor chunks you've had to pull out of people?" Why pass up a chance to get some samples without it involving doing the insane stunt they pulled personally, right?

Vortex did not want to go to medibay, he could fix his chassis himself! But some were not so confident. After all, his front wasn't just dented but concave. Plus, his rotors were a bit bent. It's what happens when you enter an atmosphere and almost immediately, and violently, exit it. He pokes his head in before bounding in, looking around for any unattended laser scalpels. Or saws. A lot of his sharp things had been confiscated and slag did he miss them. Humming, he looks over a nice tray with an array of tools. Ah, sweet memories. He glances over and casually attempts to swipe a tool while the medics were distracted with anyone not him.

<FS3> Vortex rolls Deception: Good Success. (3 2 7 5 5 2 8 8)

Torque is just about finished wiping down the medical bench in front of her when a big lanky blue thing drapes across it and stops her progress. Antennas flick up and she gives Whirl a blink of surprise before expression settles into a smirk and a mildly raised brow. "Sorry, First Aid's on break, Whirl. What seems to be the problem?"

Standing up straight, the medic wipes her hands clean and looks over to spot Windrose when she enters, smile brightening. "Yep! We figured someone would wanna look at 'em. Got a few samples in that cabinet over there." A nod to the one in question. She's about to continue, but Vortex's state instantly catches her attention, the femme looking so alarmed that she doesn't even notice the missing tool he swiped. "Frag, Vortex, you got chewed up, huh. C'mon over and lemme take a look at you." She waves him over to the berth beside the one Whirl lays on.

"Don't be sorry, I'd rather have you poking your fingers in me than him any day," Whirl says. He straightens up and taps a claw where his fuel tank would be. "I don't know what's going on but I feel like I'm not getting as much out of fuel like I should. I drink and drink but I still feel kinda..." He makes a wishy-washy motion. "Maybe there's a blockage or something somewhere? I don't know, you're the medic." As others start to come into the medbay, he mostly ignores them because who cares about other people, right? But a certain name catches his full attention. "VORTEX?! Did you just say.." He turns around and sees two helicopters and gee, guess that scary looking with the Decepticon badge is him. "What the hell!? When did you get here??"

"Excellent! Glad someone can be so thoughtful around here." Windrose turns and strolls over to the indicated cabinet. "Rodimus' folly may have some use to it, seeing as meteors are a fine way to gauge what sort of cosmic generation process a sector went through." She picks out a few space rocks to look at, but pauses and glances over her shoulder as other names come up. "Vortex?" She tries to figure out which one is talking to who, she wasn't paying attention at first.

Vortex's helm whips around, thinking he's caught... But it seems like he got away with it! To his secret hoard it goes. "Oh, I /wish/ I got chewed up. But I'll take a love bump any day." His visor shutters a wink at Torque before coming over and hopping up onto the berth. He leans back, glancing over at the other 'copter. There's a grin in his voice. "A klik ago, when did /you/ get here, my dear Cyclops? Love the guns, by the way." They would make great grips... He kinda wants to touch one, see how sensitive it is. Later, Vortex. Later.

Torque puffs slightly with a mild sigh at Windrose's comment. "I swear that mech has no fear. Dangerous, but.. Well, it's fun sometimes." She manages a little smirk and shakes her head, looking back to the two damaged copters. Vortex's wink gets a pause, antennas twitching a little before she glances off and rubs her neck. "Ah.. right. Well, just get comfy, yeah? Let me set up Whirl."

To the blue chopper, Torque gives him an odd look, thinking. "You been ingesting something you shouldn't?" A valid concern. You never know what these mechs try to think they can eat. Either way she motions him to lay down and reaches up to swing over a machine hanging from the ceiling and turns it on. Once activated it casts Whirl in a soft blue light, visible scan line starting from his head and steadily working downwards.

As for Vortex, Torque pulls over her tray of tools and a stool, settling upon it and starting to examine the surface damage first. "I'm surprised you all came out of that contest as intact as you are." She muses from her work, though falters when she notes something on the Con. Something that has brows pinching slightly in concern when giving Tex a look. But she says nothing an continues with her work. "Who won that anyway? I didn't get a chance to see the results."

"I've been here since we left Cybertron," Whirl says, perhaps a bit smugly as if it was anything to be proud of. Considering how much Blast Off has talked about Vortex, Whirl may be feeling a bit.. starstruck? Does that even apply here? Whatever it's called, he is definitely very interested in Vortex and even though he's laying on a berth and getting scanned, he can't stop looking at him. "Thanks, Blast Off thinks they're pretty awesome too. Speaking of, he's told me SO much about you! I can't believe you're actually here!" At Torque's question, he just shrugs. "Not really. Just your typical 'shit that Swerve serves'."

"That leaves plenty of room for variance from what I hear," Windrose remarks flatly. Who knows what Swerve is experimenting with. Especially after seeing the energon-producing flowers and energon frozen yogurt the last colony had. Then sighs softly. Okay, admiring fancy space rocks will have to wait a few minutes, best to just ... Are those two flirting with each other? Or trying to be macho... it's hard to tell the difference. All the same she walks over, regarding the Combaticon copter. "So you're Vortex, huh?"

Vortex hears his name again. Wow, he felt so special, he might just give 'em all a kiss... So tempting. He salutes over at Windrose. "That's my name, don't wear it out. But you can wear me out, hehe." N ice. And then Torque has most of his attention. "Oh please, the surfing? It ain't any fun unless someone screams... But that guy- with the fabulous teeth... Riptide! He won. Grimlock got second- after cheating!" He would never forget such a travesty. Rolling his shoulders, he looks almost lazily, and playfully, at Whirl. "Lil ol' shuttlebug has been talking about me?" He fans himself off. "What an honor, hehe. Say, Cyclops, I saw you for the surf, didn't I? Aw man, how'd you do?" Vortex had been too busy crashing and spinning to actually watch.

Torque smirks at that. "Did he? That mech was too busy to complaining about his burns to boast about his win." She gives an amused hum and looks up from Vortex when the machine on Whirl gives a ping to signal it's done. Looking over her shoulder at the result screen, she has to do a double take. Did she just see...?

"..Whirl, why is there a small, coin shaped object stuck in your intake line?"

She can't even believe she's asking this question, sounding rather dumbstruck when turning away from Tex a moment to get a closer look. "Hrn.." Hand presses to the base of her audials. "First Aid, can you get in here, please? Need some extra hands." Meaning she needs FA to cut open Whirl while she's undenting Vortex and patching him up.

"Sorry-I-missed-my-shift-and-something-something," First Aid doesn't even try to come up with the rest of that excuse when he realizes Knock Out's not leering in his direction, or at least visibly. He sets his ener-latte down and frowns at Whirl's readout. "Are you /serious?/ Wh'... How long has that been in there Whirl!?"

Whirl rolls onto his side, propping his head up on a claw as he watches Vortex. "Yeah, he talks about you all the time. The other Combaticons too, but mostly you." His optic flickers as it scans over the length of Vortex's body. "I'm starting to think you're the reason for his little rotary fixation." The question of how he did in the surfing thing elicits a huff from the cyclops. "AWFUL! I was doing great until Air Raid decided to slam his meteor into mine. He did it on purpose, I just know it."

He startles at Torque's diagnosis. "WHAT!? Are you serious!? A FUCKIN' COIN?" He bolts upright into a sitting position, staring at First Aid. "I.. I don't know! Why is there a coin in there!?"

Windrose 's brow knits slightly more beneath her helmet at Vortex's remarks. This has to be some sort of cosmic joke. Oh well. The femme ahems softly, though can't keep the folded rotor on her back from twitching a bit. "Yes, anyways." She rubs her hands against her thighs to clean any meteor dust off them, then offers one to Vortex while trying to not look too hesitant. Or get in Torque's way. "I'm Windrose. We got assigned to share a habsuite together."

Vortex's optics lock onto Torque's tool array as soon as she looks away. No, Vortex. You got one, just be grateful. Huh? Oh, Vortex. Kudos and what-not. He gives Windroses servo a slap before he immediately slides off. He moves without much thought for his currently caring medic- he did not sit still well anyways. He now perches on Whirl's berth, legs crossed. He was laughing a bit but clearly excited as his vent but sharp rotaries were starting to spin. "Calm down there, Cyclops! Just a coin. Hey, hey, medic." First Aid, actually. He sorta ignores they're in medibay and the medics. The current high-level energy from the disbelief of Whirls predicament is just encouraging his Habits. "Where's it at. A friend of Blasty's is a friend of mine! And a friend helps a friend cut out lodges substances. I'll be ~suuuuper~ gentle. Just for you." He shutters his visor in a wink, leaning close to Whirl as a claw tip slowly glides towards the fellow 'copter. He's gonna touch the guns.

"How do you not know when you eat a coin?" Torque asks in exasperation, pinching the bridge between her optics. "You mind taking care of him, Aid? I've already gotta deal with this." She notes to Vortex, whom she turns back towards. Time to really get to work.

While Windrose introduces herself to her new roommate, Tex will find Torque setting hands upon his dented chest and working fingers under the seams to disengage the locks so she can lift it free and leave his internals exposed. "At least the damage seems mostly superficial. A few leaks I'll have to seal up, but for the most part I just need to bend you back into shape." Smirking, the femme sets the caved in chestpiece against the edge of the berth and uses her hands and tow truck strength to press it back into its original shape.

She isn't too fond of Vortex actually standing up after, but snorts faintly and just lets him for now. "Hands to yourself, Tex." She notes over her shoulder without looking, giving a grunt as she pops out a smaller dent with her thumbs.

"Sure Torque." First Aid drags a palm over his face. "Perhaps it's something that happened while you were overcharged. Okay. Just... Let's see if we can... get it out without doing anything too invasive." He reaches under one of the medtables to draw out a coiled up woven metal cord of sorts. It has some pinchers at the end. Naturally, he's oblivious when Vortex greets him. We're not all named medic, GOD. Though he /does/ take notice when Vortex offers to cut Whirl open for him. "Hey! C'mon now!" He tries to shoo Vortex away with the coiled cord.

Windrose just ... as Vortex just gives her five as the organics call it and sloths off to Whirl's berth instead. Oh, this is just going to work out wonderfully. And now everyone was focusing more on Whirl about... eating a coin? Her brow just flexes farther, though more in confusion than anything else. "... How did he swallow a coin? He doesn't even have a mouth!", she vents out in exasperation.

Whirl doesn't seem to mind when Vortex makes himself comfortable on his berth. "Oh, well, I mean.. Blast Off and I are good friends, yeah. REALLY good friends. We're actually- uhh.." He stops when he spots that claw tip coming for him and there's an audible click as his cooling fans kick in. "...You can cut me open, sure.." Too bad all the medics are jumping on Vortex's ass and making sure he DOESN'T do that.

"Oh come on, that's not fair! First off all, I can't eat anything so.." Whirl waves around vaguely with his claws. "OBVIOUSLY someone did this to me! I don't know who or how but.. IT'S OBVIOUS, ISN'T IT? I don't eat coins and trash, okay!? I'm not.. I'm not some kind of garbage bird!"

Vortex looks up sorta like a deer caught in headlights. Right... Not allowed to do that... He does ignore the hands off warning though, servo touching the undercarriage of Whirl's chassis and gliding a set of finger up a gun barrel. They felt so smooth. He does take his hands away to swat at whatever First Aid was shooing him away with, though. "Hrmph... Why don't you just comm me later? I know how to make rotaries really spin." He leans down. "And maybe we can tear each other apart." He stands back up with a stretch. "Alright doc, you can fix him up now All Noninvasive Tch, sound like another made up Autobot word. He mumbles, looking back at Torque fixing up his chassis. Oh, maybe he could ask Blast Off to help him buff out the repairs. Quality time with his teammate.

"Keep your head really still," First Aid murmurs, poking the pinchered cord tip just below Whirl's optic. "No tearing eachother apart, please!" he groans at Vortex, feeding that lengthy cord down Whirl's neck. It finally stops, and he looks over at a scanner. "There it is, lemme' just..." The pinchers snap, but grab nothing. "Hrn, hang on."

Well, thank Primus he doesn't press further. Torque really didn't want to have to drag his aft off the berth. "You." Optics level on Vortex once he's standing, tone calm, but suggesting he listen as she nods to his own berth. "Sit." If he doesn't listen she'll just pick him up and set him there.

Hand bracing on his shoulder, Torque sets his armor aside and picks up a soldering tool and leans in closer to exposed chassis. Little sparks fly as she welds closed the small leaks, figuring Vortex can endure the unpleasant feeling a few moments without a pain blocker.

Thankfully it isn't too long and Torque is soon snapping his chestplate back into place. "There we go. Look good as new." The femme smirks at her work and dusts hands off.

Whirl's cooling fans begin cycling even faster when Vortex pushes his luck and actually touches him. It's a nice touch too, one that sends shivers down his spinal struts and he finds himself leaning into it only for it to disappear. "I uh.." He just stares at Vortex as he's swatted away. "Y-yeah, that sounds.. uhh.. good." Then First Aid is shoving things under his optic and through his body and all he tries really, really hard to stay still and not freak out. "C'mon doc.. get it out of me!"

Windrose just shakes her head a bit at the going-ons. Why oh why did she decide she had to sign on with this crackpot crew?... Oh yeah, the actually getting to explore. And be around her own kind, even if they are crazy. The femme vents a sigh, the sound a bit more audible since her cooling ducts are part of her pauldrons. Points a finger at Vortex. "I call the berth by the window. I'm the navigator, I need to be able to see the stars." And with that settled, goes back to the cabinet to retrieve the meteor shards for research again.

First Aid has to get up on the medtable at some point, carefully angling Whirl's head via pedipalp. He finally manages to snag that damn shanix coin, and draws the cord out with a 'zip'! "Jeez. Here ya' go Whirl. It's a... well it's covered in grime. Don't get so overcharged next time, yeah?"

"It'd be faster to cut it out..." Vortex says under his breath, rather obediently going to sit on the berth in front of Torque. He's not sulking, not quite. But that familiar chill had come and not left. It makes his rotar blades were still shivering. He settles with just standing there, pede tap-tap-tapping the berth and claw tips pressing into his finger tips. He makes a small noise, a happy noise, as those sparks fly. "Ah, you sure do know how to cheer a mech up." His claws press harder, piercing the thinner metal. Mmm... He clenches his fist to hide it. "Much better, indeed. Quite a pair of hands ya got there, doc. Now my rotors need some straightening." He simply purrs, glancing back at Windrose. "Don't act like we won't share!" Haha, yeah... Share. Hmmmmm... He should leave, he is getting that itchy itch under his armor.

As soon as the coin is removed, Whirl's systems are already starting to operate at their normal levels. He definitely feels better. Physically at least, emotionally he is not so hot. "Give me that!" He snatches it out of First Aid's hand (rude) and holds it up for examination. It's filthy and has clearly been in there for quite some time. "I'm gonna find who did that and I'm gonna wring their neck!"

Torque isn't exactly sure how to feel while fixing Vortex, noting the way his hands ball up as she solders his insides. To make matters worse he compliments her hands, the medic idly fiddling fingers and clearing vocals as she sets tools aside. "Ah.. yeah, well, wouldn't be a medic if I didn't." Trying to change the subject, the femme fixes attention on his rotor blades. Yeah, they look pretty mangled..

"Right.. Gonna have to hold still a minute longer then." A bit hesitant to grab a blade, she makes sure to be gentle when doing so and working fingers against the thin metal, putting enough pressure on it to bend it as straight as possible. Blades are so easy to bend, but she swears they're one of the hardest things to straighten out again.

Windrose puts the meteor shards into a storage compartment (ie the cockpit of her altmode). Then turns just enough to glare over her shoulder at Vortex. "I find you in my berth without being invited and I'll shove my cyber-spade so far up your gyros that the next time you try to fly YOU'LL spin instead of your rotors!" With an extra "HMPH" for emphasis before she turns and stalks for the doors.

First Aid frowns at Whirl. "I don't know if... I mean, it was probably an accident. Look, I don't want to have to keep patching up your victims." He pauses, pondering. How to reach him... "What would Blast Off think!"

Whirl thinks about that for a long time when his cooling fans kick on again and he giggles. He giggles. It's as terrifying as you think. "Sorry, was that a real question?"

Vortex obediently sits still and tries to keep his rotors still as well. "Hnngh... Go a bit harder, doc. Straighten those blades- mind not to cut yourself." Or do. Aw, could you imagine if she did though? His visor shutters from the fantasy, watching Windrose take her leave. "... Okay..." He liked her. They were gonna get along fine. He perks, hearing one of his favorite teammate's names. "Hah! Blast Off would get a kick out of it! He'd never say, far too uncouth for a shuttle like him, of course." He snickers a bit, frame shuddering from his blade straightening.

Windrose leaves, heading towards the Science and Medical [SM].

First Aid's visor narrows a little when Whirl giggles at him. Ah right. They're all Decepticons. He regards Vortex with a troubled look, then decides that the chopper's getting a little /too/ into the rotor straightening. "Do you need some help, Torque..."

Torque just kind of gives Vortex a.. look at just how into this procedure he is, her brows knitting and lips pressing thin. "..Please tell me you're not getting off on this. It makes the job /really/ awkward." She can't exactly stop, though, which gets a defeated sigh from her. "Just.. try not to make too many noises, yeah?" To First Aid she gives an appreciative look now that Whirl is taken care off. "Sure. Grab another blade and we can get this done twice as fast." Double blade bending. Tex, you lucky dog.

Whirl gives Vortex a knowing nod. Yes, that is exactly what Blast Off would do. Well, seems First Aid is done with him so there's no reason for him to hang around so he gets off the berth and.. hangs around a bit to watch the medics tag team Vortex's blades. Just for a few minutes and then he's gone.

First Aid is pretty clinical about this, despite Vortex's comments. He wants to say he's dealt with worse. Possibly. It's a lengthy, careful period of working out the warped metal, and he has to pause from all of the damn scrapes he's getting. "Slag. Pardon my cursing. Must they be so sharp?"

Vortex's helm snaps up. "What? Of course not! Just saying... Don't be afraid to get rough. I can take it." Take so much of it. Not like it was his fault there were so many sensors in those blades! He really is trying though, evident by the little droplets of energon squeezing through his fingers as he clenches his fists further. Just, hnngh, distract yourself, he thinks, looking around. "Hehe, hey there Cyclops. Enjoying the view?" And then his visor flashes with clear amusement. "Of course! Imagine, I'm flying through the air and I tilt just right aaaand... A whole line of troopers' heads pop off! I sharpen them myself." All the time. Everyday. It's a habit that helps with his tendencies. "Just don't, like, spill your energon all over my back. That would be terrible." Just awful, really. He means.

"Making it weird again." Torque grunts at his comments, giving the blade in hand a hard pinch. "We don't get rough in the medbay, though. 'Course, if you wanna brawl I'd be happy to take you on in the training room." A bit of a smirk lights her face when finishing one blade and working on another. "I'm sure I can take you on. I'll even let you use your blades." No guns, though, that wouldn't be as fair. She's more a hand-to-hand sorta femme anyway. To First Aid she nods, "Almost done on this end, how're you doin'?"

Whirl was fine with just watching in silence but when Vortex addresses him directly and puts THAT mental image in his head. "OH, I THINK I HEAR BLAST OFF CALLING ME." He blurts out like a total fucking idiot. "I'M LEAVING NOW." And with that, he sprints out of the medbay.

First Aid finally finishes with his side, and shakes out his hands, a shiver going up his spine. He doesn't want to know how many heads have been severed with that metal. /Autobot/ heads. "Yeah. All done. I'm going to go finish my ener-latte. And wash my hands for an hour. Bye Whirl!"

Huh... Jumper than he thought he'd be. "Tell 'im hi! For me! And that he should buff out my chassis!" He calls after the retreating Whirl. Pretty sure he heard him. His shoulders relax a bit as First Aid finishes up. Now he is getting anxious. Are they finished? He wants to twirl them... "Huh, fight? You want to fight /me/?" He sounds surprised. Not many want to fight with him. This... This could be good! "Yes! Let's fi- hrk!" His excitement get the better of him, making his rotors turn. He stops them fairly quickly. "... Didn't get ya, did I?" He isn't sure which was worse- he got her or he didn't.

Torque smiles happily when First Aid finishes, actually chuckling softly at the hand washing comment. "Ah, c'mon Aid, I'm sure you've dealt with worse." Back to Vortex, Torque nods and tweaks the last bit of rotor into place, making sure they're all nice and even. "I sure do. Hell, I wanna fight everyone on this ship just to see how they fair. I know fighting doesn't matter much anymore but--Nh!"

Before she can pull her hand away, the chopper starts up his rotors in a moment of excitement and manages to nick her hand below the thumb. "Gah, damnit 'Tex.." She hisses under her vocals and presses other hand to the cut. It isn't horridly deep, but it's enough for a trickle of violent energon to well to the surface. She's tempted to yell, but she forces herself to calm and just sighs, frowning at it when lifting her hand. "Eh, I'll live.. Lucky I didn't lose a finger though, you gotta watch those blades a' yours." The medic steps aside and gets out an absorbent pad to stem the flow, making sure she doesn't make a mess, and glances to him with a little smirk. "You're all done, though. Maybe try not to get your chest caved in anytime soon, heh."

Vortex turns and lifts himself more onto the berth, legs tucked beneath him. Oh, he got her. Good? Bad? Somewhere inbetween. He grins beneath his facemask. "Oh, a finger is the least of your worries with these sweet things." He'd kiss them if he could. "No promises, doc. Hmmm, here..." He slides off the berth and next to Torque, taking her damaged servo in his servos. "Whoops! Hold on..." He got some of her energon smeared onto her, but he quickly wipes that away as he pulls the pad away. "Soldering a servo close is tricky with one hand. Good thing I got two, eh?" He looks around for a soldering tool. "Ah! Come on." He drags her along to where the tool is lying before picking it up. "Now it's your turn to hold still, heh..." This is a simple cut. Repaired one of these a thousand times over.

Torque is a tough femme, to be sure, but there's something somewhat offputing about being alone now in the medbay with Vortex. And even moreso when he moves to take her hand in his, the act forcing optics a hair wider and antennas to flick upright. Is that a little glow forming on her cheeks? "Er, h-hey wait, you--!" Her protest is cut off as he drags her along and he grabs up a soldering tool.

She's about to complain further, but Torque suddenly quiets when something clicks in her mind. Concern for herself steadily begins to melt away infavor of concern for him, worry slowly etching across her features when resigning to let him patch her in return. "..That explains the weld marks. I thought they were from the other medics, but they're all the same and don't match their technique." Looking to him now, Torque frowns and asks quietly, "..How long have you been doing this to yourself?"

Vortex tilts Torque's servo towards him so he could see the cut in the light. He brushes his thumb over the cut, getting a feel for it. Very clean cut, but the area was not clean. He uses the pad from earlier to clean the area some more before getting to work. "Hmm? Oh, don't let the other medics hear that! What an insult to their learning and healing, hehe." He hums to himself as he works, a catchy tune. It would be better if he could carry a tune in a bucket. "I dunno. Forever? They're just nicks, take the edge off." He lifts the soldering tool, thumb smoothing his work so far. "Don't worry your pretty, lil head, doc. Ain't nothing new." Just can't work problems out on others anymore. So he had himself.

Torque gives a little flinch every now and then when tool touches her hand, fingers twitching faintly against his grip. It's not an easy thing for a medic not to worry. Especially a medic like Torque. Worry is essentially her middle name. And so she visibly sulks a little at his dismissal of the subject. "Nicks can turn into stabs. I've seen it happen, Vortex." Optics flick sidelong and down a moment, a few thoughts passing through her mind until she sighs and looks back. "If anything, you should maybe talk to Rung. He's good at listening and I hear it's a big stress reliever. Or.." Dare she offer..? "Well, I guess if you don't wanna see him, I'm always open to just chat."

A hopeful little smile lights her features when extending that, going even further to assure him. "And much as I don't want to, I'll keep this to myself. Doctor patient confidentiality and all that. ..Just be careful, okay?"

Vortex laughs, grip shifting to hold her servo firmly and stop the little flinches. Really, she's acting like this sort of thing hurts. "Oh, is that a promise?" The smile can be heard in his voice. There's a flash of light beneath his visor- did he roll his optics or look up at her? Hard to say. "I don't need to see anyone and I don't care if you shout it over the PA. Told ya, nothing new." His voice is growler than it had been. Ugh, this talk was the worst. He doesn't care what he does to himself- if he wants to saw off his arm, he can. Hmm... He'd remember that idea. "So, you still wanna fight- er... What do you Autobots call it? Ah! Spar. We can spar but, uh... Bring someone to watch. So I can totally show off! Make sure they're hot too." Why else would you bring someone to watch a spar? Tch. He lifts the soldering tool away, smoothing the finished seal with a thumb. Still, there's a small seam. "Good to go, doc! So, ya soon? You and me and an extra- you can tap out with 'em even!"

Torque doesn't want to start a fight right here in the medbay so she drops the subject, not eager to upset him. "Fine.." She just mumbles, letting it slide. As for talk of the fight, she just snorts and glances up at him from his work, corner of her lips curling a little. "Personally I'd prefer a fight. No fun when people pull their punches." As for the 'bring someone hot' comment, her smirk widens and she snorts, flexing hand once he's done with it and giving the mech a rough little jab to the shoulder. "Sayin' I'm not?" She teases of course and proceeds to overlook his work. "Not bad.." He could probably be a medic if he studied hard enough.

Looking back, the femme smiles and nods. "I'll consider bringin' someone. If only to watch me beat your aft, heh. Thanks for this, though.." A gesture to the hand before she motions towards the door playfully, "Now scoot before I somehow end up with a missing hand. Comm me whenever you're ready to brawl."

Vortex's rotor spins lazily, helm perking. Oh... Oh, hah! Yeah, guess she is hot. Definitely not bad. "Oh, like you could even catch my aft." He cocks his hip for emphasis before turning to strut on out. "Get used to this view, all you're gonna see when we fight! Look forward to it, doc." More than she probably could expect. He easily deterred fighting partners- apparently some bots like keeping their heads on? Tch... Lame. "I won't be back anytime soon, promise!" Most likely. Now... Let's see what his newly snatched laser scalpel could really do.

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