2016-04-02 Plant Nerd

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2016-04-02 Plant Nerd
Date 2016/04/02
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical
Participants Drift, Skystalker
Summary Drift catches Skystalker sneaking around the science wing then proceeds to nerd out about plants.

Skystalker isn't long back on the ship with his Devisiun prizes before he decides to take matters into his own hands; he spends a shift at the bridge and then when it ends, he disappears into the ship.

Skystalker's presence in the science wing is not an expected sight. He is silently poking his head into unlocked labs to survey them visually, at least once disturbing a lab attendant who promptly dropped his samples across the table. Sorry, nothing to see there.

When Skystalker reaches the unused portion of the wing, it's a little more clearer that nobody is around to ask him questions. Most of the corridor lights are off on this end, and the lab windows are dark, the unsused spaces locked up. Not for long, though. Skystalker glides his way through after a short time hacking into the locks so that he might investigate the spaces for his own needs. He does not turn the lights on, and instead spends his time slinking in the dark. Minding his own business, not even closing the doors behind him until he leaves the rooms.

If asked, Drift would say he came to the science wing to go over some requisition forms with Perceptor and his lab staff but it's merely a flimsy excuse to bother the scientist while he's at work. Eventually it gets to the point where Drift is regaling Perceptor's assistants with stories from their Wrecker days but it comes to an abrupt end when someone brings up an unauthorized person poking around in the labs. Rather than get security involved, Drift takes it upon himself to talk to this unauthorized person and figure out what the heck is going on.

It doesn't take long for Drift to find this person, using Perceptor's key to get through any locks he encounters. When he finally reaches the room Skystalker is in, he announces his presence with a flip of the light switch. "What's up?"

Skystalker is so engrossed in crouching and examining some low cupboard space that the light and voice catch him completely by surprise. He startles and leaps onto his feet, appearing up from behind the solid counter. He clears a few inches of air below his heels when his wingtips spread out and his thrusters let out a panicked flame on the inside of their gullets.

Now that he's sufficiently had a spark attack--

"Drift--!" Skystalker exhales through his vents, amber optics settling down from the widened look of surprise.

If Skystalker is afraid of getting in trouble it's clear by the huge grin on Drift's face that there's nothing to worry about, clearly he thinks this is fantastic. "Whatever you're looking for, it'll probably be easier to find with the lights on." He steps further into the room, looking all around and trying to remember what, if any, purpose this room is supposed to serve. "What are you looking for anyway?"

Skystalker's wingtips tuck downward and together, his manner briefly flustered over being spooked like that. He adjusts himself after a second, shoulders back and feet moving a few inches more apart. "Maybe. I just didn't want to disturb anyone." Sky waves one hand almost dismissively, setting his palm down onto the lab counter and sidling out from behind it, fingers trailing with him. "Ah-- um-- an empty lab with the right hookups. That's all. I'm not looking to make off with anything, or something like that--" He totally doesn't STEAL, that would be ILLEGAL. (Except he has. and Does.)

Drift doesn't appear to be entirely convinced by Skystalker's claims that he had no intention of taking anything (why else would someone be sneaking around in the dark where he shouldn't be?) but he tries not to make it into a big deal. "Well, okay, but just so you know, if you ever really need something you can just.. come to me first, okay?"

He moves closer to Skystalker and leans against the counter he just popped out from behind. "An empty lab, eh? You can fly, you're gorgeous, you can sing and play instruments, and now you're going to tell me you're a secret scientist too? Are you even real?"

"I'm not used to being taken seriously when it comes to--" Skystalker gestures gently to the lab as Drift moves closer, and the starfighter seems to relax when it is definitely clear that he's not in trouble. One hand moves up to the incline of his collar, fingers drawing over metal in a quiet little fidget.

"I-- not a secret scientist. No. Yes. Sort of." Drift and his poor heart can't take this, clearly. Skystalker tries to break it gently, optics moving away from the command-mech and examining the windowless room. "Botanist."

"Oh my god! That's right!" Drift's entire face lights up and his pushes away from the counter to take on a more excited, bouncy posture. "You have plants, don't you? I can't believe I forgot to include that on my list of why you're so amazing." He clears his vocalizer and draws still. "Uh, not that I keep a list or anything it's just a uhm.. figureof speech. ANYWAY, so.. you want a plant lab, is that it? You have any special requirements in mind?"

The excitement that the word gets out of Drift brings an amused little smile to Skystalker's features, a laugh humming in his throat. Figure of speech. Of course. Of course. Skystalker tips his head, crossing one toe behind the other ankle. "I took a lot of samples from Devisiun. I had some ideas, and their crops are so-- geared to us! It's an important find! I knew I wouldn't be able to fit everything in my habsuite. Jumpstart would literally, straight-up, murder me." He plants one palm firmly against his chest with a pat. "Besides that, I have seeds and cuttings in storage I've never had a place for."

"I thought if I came to you all with a planned lab setting you'd be more likely to take my request to heart." Skystalker looks over his shoulder again to the walls. "Shelving."

Drift follows Skystalker's gaze to the wall, completely devoid of any kind of shelving. "Hm, yes, this room is very clearly lacking in that department. That's easy to fix though, it's not like shelves are a rare commodity in this world." He folds his arms behind his back and saunters around the room, imagining what it will look like once Skystalker gets settled. Just think of all the plants that will be in here! It's going to smell amazing. "Tell you what, you write up a list of things you'll need and I'll make sure to get it. I can't just hand you the keys to this lab right now, obviously I will have to bring it up to the rest of command, but I'm extremely confident that you'll get the green light on this."

Skystalker thinks his habsuite smells great, but there's the roommate who hates finding pollen everywhere. She has a point, though. There is an unbridled smile from Skystalker at Drift's middle ground, a spell of pure glee that writes itself across his handsome features and the light of his eyes. "Really? That would be amazing! Oh! There was actually another lab-- it's at the far end--" The starfighter steps across the floor with a light stride, holding out his hand to boldly snatch Drift by the wrist and tug him out of this particular lab. Come see! "It would need some rearranging, but the window space is fantastic!"

Drift can't help but feel just a little flustered at Skystalker's smile, he's still getting used to how damn charming this guy is. The fluster continues when his wrist is grabbed and he's tugged along to check out another potential botany lab. "Why not have both?" he blurts out like the infatuated dork he's feeling like right now. "Anything you want!"

Both? Anything? For a few moments Skystalker is so taken up with the fact that someone likes his idea that he only realizes Drift's fluster after he has pulled him along to the empty lab at the far end of the corridor. It's got some unfortunately placed cupboards, but those can be rearranged. The window sits along a counter space, with a view of the flaring sun of Devisiun still in the remote distance.

Skystalker is prompt in letting go of Drift when they get there, tucking the hand up against his belly and letting himself keep his smile on. Oops. "Just one would be fine. I am really good at space management."

Once his wrist is let go and he's no longer in physical contact with Skystalker, Drift's fluster starts to fade away and he remembers what they're even running around down here for. "Oh, right. Uh, I'm just saying IF you need two labs.. you know.." He walks over to the impressive window and the view it offers, a smile crossing his lips. "Whichever one you decide to go with is your choice but I have to say I highly recommend this one. Think of all the natural light you'll get in here."

"One is fine." Skystalker reassures the other mech again, optics moving to skirt the room before he holds out his hands expansively as he moves up to the window beside Drift. "I could set up a transparent thermal-solar cell here, and it could run a better filtration unit for irrigation-- one for energon filtration too, I bet Swerve has an extra, I'll have to find out if I'm going to grow the energon crops from root..." There is a moment of excited chatter there where it's possible that the starfighter has completely engrossed in the fact he can set up a botany lab. So much so that he may be forgetting there's someone else here, his hands on his waist and face turning here and there, his skin reflecting the faraway burn of sun. "It'll need some humidity control modifications, maybe--"

Drift turns his head just enough to watch Skystalker totally nerd out about plants. It's nice to see someone so passionate about something, it makes him smile. "Well, like I said, write up a list of everything you'll need and I'll make sure to include it in our next shipment." He turns back towards the window, gazing out into space. "There's only one thing I ask of you in exchange. I want you to teach me a little something about plants." He scratches at his cheek, slightly embarrassed as he goes on. "I know a little bit, I have a bonsai but.. I don't think it's thriving like it could be."

The stirring of thoughts about what he could do with a lab is brought back to ground when Drift speaks again. Skystalker turns his head back, angling his chin so that the ear-like kibble on one side seems to tilt in interest. "I could probably salvage a lot of it from other labs, or storage-- I've had to make do for a long time anyway, when it comes to a hobby." He's not cheap, just resourceful. Sky's interest perks again when there is a requirement for all of this. It turns out to not be as sketchy as it sounds.

"Oh?" Skystalker turns towards Drift with a pivot of weight on one heel. "It's not hard for most to keep something alive, but-- thriving is certainly something else. Bonsai-- those are-- miniature Terran decoratives, right? Woody species, mostly?"

"If you have some of the equipment already, or yeah, if you are able to salvage anything from our unused labs, that would be helpful." Certainly save Drift some money, not that he has any concerns about using his vast amounts of blood money for something positive and beneficial for everyone. He pulls his gaze away from the window to look at Skystalker, optics drifting over his body before he realizes what he's doing and snaps them up to his face. "Yeah, they're basically really tiny Terran trees. It's alive but.. like I said, I think it could be doing better."

Skystalker often knows better than to call attention to things that others may do around him-- at least most of the time. He definitely catches the wandering gaze, though when Drift adjusts his look, he smiles faintly. "I can take a look. Miniatures take patience, and they can be--" Sky pauses, warm amber optics thoughtfully moving away and then back to Drift's. "Sensitive."

"Sensitive, eh?" Drift looks thoughtful for a moment, then his expression turns to one of guilt, like he's remembering all the time he and/or Rodimus have knocked the bonsai right off his desk. He thinks he knows why it's not thriving now. "I would love for you to come by and take a look at it sometime."

There's a mild narrow of eyes when Drift looks guilty, though of course Skystalker is more curious than knowing of what happens to the tiny tree. Why so guilty, Drift? Huh, huh? "I don't have to prepare a lab request like I did an hour ago..." Sky holds out his palms and lets his face bend into a sheepish grin. "So I could do it now, if you want..."

Drift looks even guiltier at the narrow of Skystalker's eyes even though he really has no reason to, it's not like he knows what goes on in his personal life or anything. Thankfully Skystalker offers a distraction and Drift's expression brightens. "How convenient, I'm also free and yes, I do want you to do it now." Now it's his turn to drag Skystalker excitedly through the ship as he takes hold of his hand, his touch gentle and nonrestrictive should Skystalker decide he'd rather not be pulled around by an over excited Drift.

Skystalker is even more puzzled by the increasingly guilty look, but of course it passes soon enough. The brightening expression brings a small laugh to the spacer's chest, wingtips lying back in a relaxed tick of movement when Drift turns the tables on him and pulls him out of the lab by his hand. Much of this willingness to be led back out and towards Drift's office is simply to do with the lack of forcefulness shown him; just like bonsais, certain starfighters need patience with their sensitivity. Over-excited is something Sky seems to be feeling himself, given the green lights he's been given.

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