2016-03-26 Vacation

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2016/03/26
Location Divisun
Participants Quicksight, Skystalker, Windrose
Summary Three flyers discuss the pleasantness of their latest stop. Skystalker gives Quicksight a lesson in botany 101

The skies on Devisiun are brilliant and cloudy, reveling in the sunlight and casting wide open spaces overtop the tiny cityscapes and fields of native life. Skystalker was first assigned to helping manage some orbital teams, but now that the planet is for now deemed safe and covered in wee allies, the need for guards around the planet is lessened. The starfighter is taking a break to careen through the alien skies, soaring over the geography and bursting through clouds. Here and there he encounters a native craft higher up, whistling past in a smooth blur of sun-tinted hematite.

At current, Skystalker sweeps down low over a ridge, cutting down out of the clouds and levelling out to glide over the rolling fields of flower crops.

Windrose was naturally doing her job as an explorer. Which also meant she got to enjoy the natural beauty from overhead while doing it, so win-win for her. The cybertronian helicopter was whpwhpwhping along at a lot more casual pace than the higher altitude craft, the camera module mounted under her nose constantly swiveling back and forth to record the view below

Quicksight is in a good mood today. Regardless of his oppinions on the reason that brought the Lost Light here, this feels like a vacation. There's no one trying to collar, or attack him, there's no sand in his wings, and he just beat an Autobot in a display of flying prowes. Plus, he can actually get some sight-seeing here, get some pictures for a journal he totally does not have.

Though the open fields don't offer as much in the form of sights to see, and obstacles to dodge, there's also something specatcualr about the oppennes, and how the flowers bend over as the little scout darts low above the ground.

Skystalker's flight path threatens to intersect with Windrose's, and for the sake of causing some playful surprise, the starfighter dives, rolls belly-up, and zooms underneath of the explorer femme, filling her camera modules with a shimmering frame for a fraction of a second. Boo! Whoosh. The air behind him rustles the field and ebbs the warmth of exhaust.

"What the.." Windrose stops, fortunately an easy thing to do mid-air for copters. She didn't even see Skystalker so much as feel the backwash of air movement in his wake. But the frame by frame of her camera caught everything of the sleek frame passing by. << I think that's the first time I've had a survey flight photobombed >>

The sound of other engines in the vicinity brings Quicksight to pull up again, and then wheel around when he spots the source. Gunning his engine, the little scout makes for the other flyers with a cheerful <<Hi!>> as he nears them. Technically, he moves more in Skystalker's direction, but he doesn't seem to mind Windrose's presense either.

Skystalker does not often have cause to laugh in the face of shenanigans, but when he does, the sound is as lovely and delighted as he is, a melody, joyful. He turns up in a spiral, wingtips spinning as Quicksight coasts nearer. The starfighter levels out again over the fields and u-turns gently back towards Windrose. << Really? I have to say it's not the first time I've been tempted-- Hello, Quicksight. >>

Windrose chuckles a bit herself. <<Though they're not very -good- shots with how fast you went by. Hi Quicksight.>> Though it's not her only means of 'seeing' in this mode the camera does often shift from one side to the other the same way someone's eyes would move between conversation partners.

Clearly they are all good shots. It's Skystalker. He's not the one that's going to think this, thankfully. He hovers nearby, the calm hum of his underside thrusters letting him linger. "They are quite charming, aren't they? You seem in a brilliant mood this afternoon, Quicksight."

"I've been around smaller races, but this is the first time I've seen decendants of Cybertron at this scale," Windrose chimes in. "Amazing that they use a kind of flower to harvest energon from."

Lacking the hovering abilities of the neutrals, Quicksight settles in to a lazy circling pattern above them "I finally have a chance to just look arounf and not deal with any aftholes" he agrees, before quickly adding "Not that I can't handle aftholes! It's just nice to not deal with them for once!" he can totally handle aftholes! "What about you?" the question comes as he nears Windrose again, and its not like he's using a private chanel, so it might as well be posed to her as well.

Oh! Skystalker abrupty lowers himself towards an empty space in the field, some Devisen workers in the distance working on a plot of crop and going about daily life. Quaint. He does not land so much as shift as he drops, folding into root mode and alighting there on the ground, toes in the softly glowing flowers. "I see. I am glad, then! You deserve a break too." He looks out over the field, considering the faraway workers before he reaches into his subspace and pulls out an unlabeled containment unit.

Windrose hovers down closer to where Skystalker descended. The fields briefly waff about in the rotorwash before she transforms as well to land lightly on the ground. "I'm sure it's great finally having a stop were everyone isn't trying to kill us. Or biased against us. Or insisting on some challenge to prove ourselves not to be hated."

As Skystalker, and then Windrose, land, Quicksight circles lower, before curiosity finally gets the best of him, and he follows suit, dropping down nearby "Now watch the Intergalactic Council pop in just as we're about to leave" he jokes as he moves up to Skystalker again, his attention on the objet the taller mech produced. "What's that?" he stops at a bit of a distance to avoid getting in the way of whatever it is Skystalker is doing, but looking never hurt anyone, right?

"Don't jinx it." Skystalker asides to Quicksight. Shush! He crouches down to open the box, which reveals itself to be... gardening tools. Don't judge. He pulls out another box, this one empty. "I'm absconding with some of their crop." Is the simple answer. Long answer is, Skystalker really loves plants, and these flowers are just pretty little things, and he cannot resist himself.

"Oh, he's taking 'samples'." Windrose surmises. "They'd probably give you a couple if you asked, anyways. Though now that you mention it." She takes a few steps away, and the module on one of her shoulder pylons hums to life softly. "Thanks for reminding me to take geological scans of the composition of this field."

The emrgance of the tools leaves Quicksight with an even more questioning look on his face, but he continues watching, looking up only when the subject of the legality of this action comes up "I don't think they'll miss a few" he observes as he scans the vast blueness around them before turning back to Skystalker "But why do you want them? We have plenty energon on the ship."

"I suppose I could ask." Skystalker pauses, glances up, but then shrugs his shoulders and continues to draw out some tools. "Yeah, ah, samples. Yes." For himself. "Maybe Swerve would like to see them. I have not tried their edibles, but I have heard good things." Skystalker begins taking soil samples and draws out several healthy looking plants in order to deposit them safely in the empty container. "I like them. You've seen my room. I may try to convince Drift to give me an empty space. I am running out and Jumpstart does hate the pollen."

Windrose rubs the side of her helm with one hand. "I really need to try this 'energon smoothie' as someone called. Once I am done with the necessary surveys of a newly rediscovered colony world."

Quicksight nods at this explination. There were some plants in Skystalker's room weren't there? He'd never really thought about them, in part due to a general indifference for plants aside from a tactical perspectivle, and in part because there were more important things on his mind at the time, and after that, he simply forgot about them.

The mention of Drift, however, causes the scout to tense slightly, and step back. Its possibly only Windrose's comment that cuts short the potential awkwardness "Surveys?" its a 'why are you taking surveys' sort of question, rather than a 'what are those' one.

Skystalker allows his gaze to travel a bit after Quicksight when he tenses, features neutral when he sits back on his heels, knees bending down to pin at the dirt. Hm. "We know very little about this place." He gives the beginning of an answer, smiling suddenly to himself and waving the small scout to come closer to him. "Do you want to help?" Getting in the dirt? Um--

Windrose starts ticking off on her fingers as she replies. "Geological, geographical; it's a means of gathering scientific data about this world. That can be later compared to how it is similar or different to Cybertron." She lets out a soft snort, resting one hand on her hip. "Really it should of been done on -all- of the colonies and most other worlds the ship has visited.... but considering how many of those involved us having to avoid being killed and leave as soon as possible, can't really blame the lapse... Oh, and the weather! This world has LOVELY weather patterns."

Windrose's explination also recieves a nod. This, Quicksight can understand somewhat, having been a scout his entire life. For a few moments, he even considers offering his own photos. Artistic the may not be, but they are very much professional as far as reconnaissance is concerned. Of course, that might mean explaining why he's still taking them...

Before he gets a chance to say anything else, however, his attention is drawn back to Skystalker, as the starfighter becons him over. Steping closer again, Quicksight looks between him, and his work "Help?" Its not that he minds getting dirty, nor helping someone he likes, but what exactly can he do here?

"I can show you how to, ah, take samples. And if you see any while you're surveying, you'll be able to do it yourself too." Skystalker puts one hand along his thigh, offering Quicksight one of the delicate, thin-nosed shovels, which seems more fitting for his own minibot hands. Skystalker is just very careful at what he does, the tools matching that. "This place is definitely worth a vacation, don't you think?" He asks of Windrose. "I passed through a massive cloudhead. Gorgeous."

"Maybe we'll get to see a storm while we're here. The contrast of bright lightning flashing against a cloud darkened sky, the cool feeling of rain dripping down your exterior plating. I've studied meteorology on many occasions in my time away from Cybertron, but understanding how that natural beauty comes to be only makes it more facinating to see..." And by that point Windrose has rambled off into some nonsequeitor reaccount that is just a backdrop to the two mechs 'playing in the dirt'...

Taking the shovel, Quicksight spins it inhis hands, looking it over briefly before looking back up at Skystalker "So do I just, uh, dig?" he points a finger at the ground. This go there?

He has nothing against Windrose, honest, it's just that his understanding of weather is more practical than theoretical or sentemental, like she's going on.

Skystalker listens as Rosie goes off on a tangent, the expression of reluctant attention one that isn't uncommon in this situation. It happens. "You want to be careful to get as much of the root as possible, you don't want to accidentally cut it off." He offers his hand out to take Quicksight's in his and show him where to aim the point of the shovel. "It's a bit like finding the best spot to knife someone, if that helps. Go in at an angle like this..." And if all goes well, Quicksight uproots a healthy blue flower, still with a muted glow in its petals.

Allowing Skystalker to guide his hand, Quicksight watches attentivley, nodding at the analogy. He can get that, though, in his oppinion, finding a spot to stab someone is a bit easier. He knows how to find joints and weak spots - they're right there! Plant roots are something entierly new to him. That's why, once the flowe is out of the ground, the scout bends down to peer at it curiously "They're like threads!" so thin!

"Mhm. And every type has a different kind. These flowers are all like this-- we've seen trees on worlds we've stopped at whose roots must have been as wide around as you are." Skystalker seems to content himself in teaching someone who has likely never otherwise thought about things like this. "They use these to get nutrients from the ground-- in this case, the energon from this world probably pulls up through. It's fascinating." Skystalker draws a finger along the bright petals of the plant they've pulled up, and on closer inspection the roots seem to contain miniscule metal nodules for filtering energon.

"I've seen those" Quicksight nods "My platoon was stationed on a jungle world that was covered in these huge trees. It was always fun to get Autobots to smack in to them. But these are just so -- " he tilts his head, trying to get a look at the other side of the plant " -- tiny! Are they even organic if they run on energon?"

Skystalker's optics narrow in on the tiny roots, his other hand bringing them closer, the pad of his fingers brushing debris off. "We'll have to find out, won't we? Maybe if I can wheedle out some lab space for myself." This time he does not mention Drift, instead recalling what he said earlier about possibly giving his subjects their own space. If it were to study these energon-fed flowers, wouldn't it be a good reason?

Quicksight continues statring at the flower for a while longer, though what he should be looking at escapes him "So, uh, now what?" his gaze shifts back to the taller mech "How do you plan to carry it?" organic or not, it looks as fragile as any tiny, organic plant. It doesn't look like You could just shove it in to subspace, or a storage compartment and be done with it.

"Ah, I've already got a case started." Skystalker turns at the waist to pick up a container that already has several plants and soil samples lined up inside, the former aligned in rows of tiny plastic sample pots. Also some seedlings, snuck in with them. He produces one of the empty pots for Quicksight. "Fill that with a scoop of the soil it came out of, tuck it in, and spread a little more soil on top." Quicksight can see how the end result looks.

Glancing at the already filled pots, Quicksight dips the shovel in to the hole from the flower. Sounds easy enough. A little dirt, plant, a little more dirt. The scout has a brief scare when a clump of the second layer nearly misses the poor flower, after which he shakes the rest a little more carefully. The end result likely doesn't look as neat as any of Skystalker's, but Quicksight still looks a bit pleased with it, though he does look back up at Skystalker to see his judgement of his efforts.

Skystalker doesn't seem too concerned when there is a hiccup, sitting on his heels, hands on his thighs as he watches Quicksight work. There are always more if he messes it up. Tiny hands make for nice work, nevertheless. When he looks up to the other mech again, Skystalker's features are warm, optics much the same. "Good." They can fix it up with the others when they get back. "Let's get a few more from some other spots, and then we can get out of this farmer's field." He clicks his cases shut and loops the handles into his hands, jerking his chin for Quicksight to follow on foot. It will definitely give them something to do, and the scout something new to try.

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